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  • Elizabeth Posivio
    Elizabeth Posivio13 小时 前

    Hey Ben women’s hands are smaller then men’s so how many potatoes? And what kind

  • Count Rye
    Count Rye13 小时 前

    Please do some mid-week vegetarian meals!

  • nem tudom
    nem tudom13 小时 前

    Like a chef is such a classic, back to the humble beginnings of the channel kinda thing. Something you'd have made when the channel began. I love it

  • Matheus Montalvão
    Matheus Montalvão13 小时 前

    "I think we're getting better" says Baz. Famous last words

  • Jill Maloney
    Jill Maloney13 小时 前

    The Americano has French fries on it?! I’m insulted and intrigued

  • Clara Paquerette
    Clara Paquerette13 小时 前

    yeah I also always have pickled lettuce laying around in the fridge all the time, or not I didn't even know it was a thing...

  • DantalianTheWise
    DantalianTheWise14 小时 前

    Really got scared when he chucked a whole bottle of dark soy sauce in. Usually 1 bottle last a long time.

  • Festus’s Mom
    Festus’s Mom14 小时 前

    I think the takeaway version looks not real; too red as in food coloring.. the butter chicken takeaway looks good but I think I’d prefer Jame’s version of Tiki Masala. ❤️🇺🇸🦠😷

  • TheJl4life
    TheJl4life14 小时 前

    Would you not (dry)brine this well in advance?

  • Robert Pirlot
    Robert Pirlot14 小时 前

    Health codes must be different in the UK. LOL Room Temp Poultry.

  • Katelyn Grace
    Katelyn Grace14 小时 前

    I don't even have an oven, but I'll watch anyway

  • Jacob Bengtsson
    Jacob Bengtsson14 小时 前

    I really love the channel and everything that it stands for! But when Ben throws away the neck i really feel that he has left a part of him self by not saving the "real" kitchen for a stock. ;) cheers from Sweden!

  • matpooh Applepie
    matpooh Applepie14 小时 前

    We don’t seem to get as many “this is how you cook this dish/recipe” videos as we used to so these are really refreshing

  • Matthew Beale
    Matthew Beale14 小时 前

    A whole chicken was a uni regular for me, cook it on a day with not a lot on and the eat it throughout the next week- great money saver.

  • Agitated in the suburbs
    Agitated in the suburbs14 小时 前

    Just invite uncle Rodger to come cook with you guys already!

  • lilykep
    lilykep14 小时 前

    A whole roast chicken is one of my favorite mid week meals because it tastes like it took forever but it's actually very easy.

  • FigJam
    FigJam14 小时 前

    I don't understand the appeal of fennel. Who wants licorice chicken??

  • RandomPerson1313
    RandomPerson131314 小时 前

    You missed the butter under the chicken skin though makes for such good chicken

  • Jonny9231
    Jonny923114 小时 前

    Would love to see how to level up all elements of Christmas dinner..and a Christmas feast pass it on!

  • Amaani Angel
    Amaani Angel14 小时 前

    Can u plz plz thank plzzzz do halal foods as well meaning no alcohol or pork plzzzzz

  • Leah Baker
    Leah Baker15 小时 前

    Could you do a similar video for cooking a turkey please? Lots of complicated methods and recipes online! 😭

  • Hope Fletcher
    Hope Fletcher15 小时 前

    Sitting here in Southern California at 4pm wishing I could hire Ben as a personal chef.

  • Rea Snakespeare
    Rea Snakespeare15 小时 前

    Or you could cook it in a Ninja Foodi (other brands of multi cooker are available)

  • kittenamy1
    kittenamy115 小时 前

    Let’s play a drinking game, take a drink every time Ben says “tray bake”

  • Daniel Pentecost
    Daniel Pentecost15 小时 前

    One note... Here in the States, thanks to our large amount of chicken production, at major supermarkets, it's usually quite a bit cheaper to buy a "whole chicken, cut up" - that's missing the back, neck, etc. It's a factor of how much chicken we process here.

  • Scynne
    Scynne15 小时 前

    >cuts out chicken spine "You can save it for another day" says Anti-Food-Waste Ebbers >throws spine in the bin Ben why? We know you have a fridge 7 metres behind you!

  • Lior Lim Jie Xin
    Lior Lim Jie Xin15 小时 前

    As le chinese asian here, just saying you don’t usually use seasme oil for frying off stuff esp on high heat, cause you’re not supposed to. Add it add the end usually.

  • Claudia Trammell
    Claudia Trammell15 小时 前

    Mike was doing stung Eric taught him but with the stuff all measured out he was going to be short on the Chou pastry. Ben and James should have helped him get measurements back up to what the needed to be

  • James Barisitz
    James Barisitz15 小时 前

    I like to add chopped celery, onion and summer savory with seasoning into the bird for roasting. Lemon - meh.

  • Marc Jones
    Marc Jones15 小时 前

    Drives me mad when I see people wasting chicken after roasting it but then only eating part of it. We roast a chicken, eat slices of the breasts with roasties, Yorkshires and vegetables, and then when the carcass has cooled a bit I strip it of all the remaining flesh. That can be (as Ben suggested) in a curry, or in enchiladas, or chicken fajitas, or anything we like. Use it people!

  • Heidi Williamson
    Heidi Williamson15 小时 前

    can you do some low sodium food/meal ideas? i was recently diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver and have been living off unseasoned steamed veggies salads n cucumbers and i want to eat real food lol

  • Nick Bussell
    Nick Bussell16 小时 前

    Guys piri-piri (or peri-peri) is a variety of pepper not a style of sauce

  • E Doug
    E Doug16 小时 前

    I really like the extra tips and tricks from Ben.

  • randyroo2
    randyroo216 小时 前

    I would have given it to barry, I think he had the best and most creative idea.

  • Lalatome1
    Lalatome116 小时 前

    Is there a written recipe for the roasted fennel, lemon, and potato chicken tray bake? I couldn't find anything on their website.

  • Silverstiletto
    Silverstiletto16 小时 前

    I would like to see them sit down at the table and try both dishes and give the tasting notes like they do during the challenges.

  • sperocras
    sperocras16 小时 前

    For someone who’s allergic to citrus, what can you put into the cavity of the bird to replace the lemon?

  • Telisha Garris
    Telisha Garris16 小时 前

    I think this is the first battle where I would actually want to eat ALL 3!

  • Joshua Little
    Joshua Little16 小时 前

    Hey... anyone else wondering what happened to the brownie leader board? Haven't seen it in awhile

  • Kira B
    Kira B16 小时 前

    Great ideas. But why add sage as a garnish, when NOT used in the dish?

  • ida svehla
    ida svehla16 小时 前

    Well, I am absolutly doing the first recipe this weekend.

  • Claudia Trammell
    Claudia Trammell16 小时 前

    Love these quick helps

  • Add E
    Add E16 小时 前

    How about instead of throwing out those scraps that are great for stock but you don't need today, you save them up and feed some people who need it? It might take a little of your time, but it's free. Unwasted meals: Sorted.

  • MR tojo
    MR tojo16 小时 前

    oh nice

  • Marque Philpot
    Marque Philpot16 小时 前

    I would try this but don't have a standard oven. I have a small convection style toaster oven. Do you think it would work with a cornish game hen? Do you know how the time would vary?

  • Juan
    Juan16 小时 前

    Are we still calling them normals after years of learning to cook? OK....sure.

  • Lady Mindkey
    Lady Mindkey16 小时 前

    Curious Ben... why don't you remove the feathers and such pieces the butcher didn't remove before cooking the bird?

  • Stomp Alomp
    Stomp Alomp16 小时 前

    45-60 minutes doesnt seem like long enough for a chicken. I was always told 15mins+20mins per pound; so a 2kg chicken would take roughly 1hr 35mins for instance. Is this wrong?

  • Telisha Garris
    Telisha Garris16 小时 前

    Ribs and curries with lentils are what PC's are made for!!!

  • Mait Kaasik
    Mait Kaasik16 小时 前

    What about torching the chicken skin ? To remove "featherlets" . :)

  • koesie1977
    koesie197716 小时 前

    How do you know when the chicken is done?

  • Vandirk72
    Vandirk7216 小时 前

    I love this series! Keep 'em coming please :)

  • Kimmy Chuang
    Kimmy Chuang16 小时 前

    I love how this series is different from other cooking recipes that tell you all the specific weights/measurements while Ben is really just showing us that cooking can intelligently improvised! Also, would love to see James do this series too!

  • Tori Clarke
    Tori Clarke16 小时 前

    How about a like a chef episode on stock?

  • Sune Lolholm
    Sune Lolholm17 小时 前

    I am in love with pass-it-on, but this is series is a close second

  • Sune Lolholm
    Sune Lolholm16 小时 前

    maybe add james for two competent people giving their views on how to cook

  • grahvis
    grahvis17 小时 前

    I have used one of those cheap peelers for many years with no problems. I also have a painted knife which holds its edge and I use it for cheese because it doesn't stick to the blade.

  • Jessica Cook
    Jessica Cook17 小时 前

    I feel like the music is Mike’s love song to the 1st chicken dish

  • Pontus Olin
    Pontus Olin17 小时 前

    Pass it on Valhalla, all random!

  • Jessica Poulsen
    Jessica Poulsen17 小时 前

    I am from Alberta, Canada. My 4 year old son insists that you guys are called Salted Food. I keep telling him its Sorted, but he says "no mom, see they said Salted!" I've tried to explain that you guys have an accent so you say it differently but he isnt buying it. 🤣

  • Todd Minert
    Todd Minert17 小时 前

    How would butterfly cutting the chicken change the recipe? More crispy skin = better.

  • Oliwia Fanslau
    Oliwia Fanslau17 小时 前

    Jamie has SUCH cheshire cat vibes i cannot

  • Hana Cicic
    Hana Cicic17 小时 前

    Oooh for the love of everything - PLEASE CONTACT ME, you guys need Croatian ''MLINCI'' in your life for a chicken bake like this!!!!! You have to try ''mlinci''! <3 <3 <3

  • Ciprian Grosu
    Ciprian Grosu17 小时 前

    Good content, but for this one i can't not give the dislike for throwing away food, yes it's bone but you don't throw away food for any reason except it has spoiled. Sorry.

  • Broklond
    Broklond17 小时 前

    Why, oh why did you have to slow down and zoom in the part where Ben rubs the chicken with butter? :D

  • Allonsy_Miami
    Allonsy_Miami17 小时 前

    Me, realizing that I have my inner uncle roger say: "HAIYAAAA" & "Why use colander?"

  • Taslima Rahman
    Taslima Rahman17 小时 前

    genorous seasonally 🤣

  • Nancy Walpole
    Nancy Walpole17 小时 前

    This was an interesting video. For the first time in my (long, so far) life, I roasted two whole chickens (slightly above 2 kilos each) for our (US) Thanksgiving dinner. I watched a load of CNboth vids on what technique to use, and followed kind of a hybrid of those. I stuffed the birds per Gordon Ramsey and put a half lemon in the neck end, did not tie the legs together, though they all said to do that, put a layer of potatoes quartered or smaller, carrots, and onions on the bottom, rubbed butter and herbs on the skin and under it, and roasted for two hours at 450F. The chickens came out slight underdone and the potatoes were not nearly cooked through. So I wonder at your cooking times -- most of the videos said one to 1 1/2 hours but they were mostly unstuffed. Gordon said stuffing it would help cook it from the inside out. Yours was the only one that said not to tie the legs together, also. Why did mine need so long to cook?

  • No Name
    No Name17 小时 前

    Promoting West Taiwanese products? At this point in time? Not a good look.

  • zDiegoChz
    zDiegoChz17 小时 前

    I was hoping He made peruvian style roasted chicken

  • Franklin VanSant
    Franklin VanSant17 小时 前

    This video is perfect timing. I just bought a whole chicken for a weekend roast family meal and was looking for ideas. Thanks guys!

  • Jen Kingsley
    Jen Kingsley17 小时 前

    I am just wondering why is chicken so hard for a midweek meal is that a country by country or regional thing cause where I live in the usa we have chicken all the time midweek start of week and end so not sure why it's such a big deal this time

  • bapp0485
    bapp048517 小时 前

    You should also try dry brining. My chicken comes out moist when I dry brine.

  • Steve Sanchez
    Steve Sanchez18 小时 前

    Mercers are underpriced and recommended for any non commercial kitchen

  • Duck_yuckington🦆
    Duck_yuckington🦆18 小时 前

    Those crisped carrots look more like sweet potato fries than bacon

  • Running Planets
    Running Planets18 小时 前

    What is it with white people and seasoning their chicken 5 minutes before cooking it?

  • DonPandemoniac
    DonPandemoniac18 小时 前

    I do love these extra bonus and to the point videos, smack full of good tips!

  • T
    T18 小时 前

    Idea/theme. Water (ie only allowed to use water based cooking methods such as poaching, steaming, boiling, etc. Would be interesting to see where the flavour comes from when you're not using direct cooking methods.

  • Chuck
    Chuck18 小时 前

    Can always freeze parts of the chicken carcass (e.g. like the spine of the chicken that was discarded) to save for broths down the road!

  • Rillka
    Rillka18 小时 前

    I love those videos! Originally I thought I'll get bored with things I already know BUT the recipes on top of the skill presented are making my day! 🧡 (And my shopping list longer 😃)