£100 UberEats and Deliveroo Takeaway Battle

DIY 和生活百科

Put your hands up if you LOVE a takeaway as much as we do! In this episode, we challenge Mike and Barry to splash £50 each on popular food delivery apps to see who can bag the best of London’s food scene!
With so many restaurants now upping their game in takeaway, we’re on a mission to discover the best deliverable dish and to celebrate our local foodie heroes.
Check out the amazing London restaurants that we ordered from below!
Lahore Kebab House: www.lahore-kebabhouse.com/
Farmer J Finsbury: farmerj.com/
Burger and Lobster: www.burgerandlobster.com/
Bone Daddies: www.bonedaddies.com/
Dominique Ansel Bakery: dominiqueansellondon.com/
Pleasant Lady Jian Bing Trading Stall: pleasantladytrading?hl=en
Magic Breakfast Charity: www.magicbreakfast.com/
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  • SORTEDfood
    SORTEDfood2 个月 前

    To everyone that was served a GAZILLION ads in this vid - I'm really sorry!! They must have been automatically added by CNboth, it's not something we did... I've switched off all the extra ones now and will check the new uploads next week. I'm now off to Dominique Ansel's bakery in London to pick up a delicious cronut, I'm sure nothing else will go wrong today!! Jamie x

  • jules


    天 前


  • John Smith

    John Smith

    个月 前

    Should be the best £15 you've ever spent

  • Ley Punla

    Ley Punla

    2 个月 前

    Weird timing...Dominique Ansel posted on Instagram the closing of that location yesterday. Hope you got that last cronut in!

  • Hellblazer


    2 个月 前

    Wasn’t just you did happened to. Loved the video though and it’s made me hungry.

  • Benjamin Middaugh

    Benjamin Middaugh

    2 个月 前

    @InstantBear The general gist from those I've been following outside of CNboth is that CNboth has revised their midroll ad system to allow lots more ads per video (and then they went and enabled the new settings by default on everyone's monetized videos. I can't say that I've experienced it myself (I'm a premium subscriber), but it certainly seems like something CNboth would do these days.

  • Mylifeisaparody
    Mylifeisaparody18 小时 前

    It always makes me smile thinking of the restaurants watching these videos back, seeing people thoroughly enjoy their food and give it great reviews. 😊

  • Joffrey Van garderen
    Joffrey Van garderen2 天 前

    Pffffff instagram is controlling us alll to post nonsense .... cmon man

  • Z Licious
    Z Licious2 天 前

    Poke bowls , gotta eat it all

  • Kushagra Tiwari
    Kushagra Tiwari2 天 前

    The Nihari curry looks amazing. The colour, the way the oil separates into the edges of the container, the way the meat falls off the bone, everything. That Uber driver knows what he's talking about.

  • SORTEDfood


    2 天 前

    Yes, you're right - such a decent dish!

  • Hamna Zahid
    Hamna Zahid3 天 前

    It's amazing to hear about my city Lahore, well done Mike! But you missed some extra lemon and naan with Nihari 😊

  • SORTEDfood


    2 天 前

    Next time! Thanks for the tip!

  • Rioting Lunatic
    Rioting Lunatic4 天 前

    I love how all the videos have subtitles! makes it much easier for me to watch & understand. Mega love you guys and your videos. Especially when there is suffering. 🖤

  • SORTEDfood


    4 天 前

    Glad you love the subtitles. And thanks for watching and your mega love!

  • Ayesha Jogiyat
    Ayesha Jogiyat8 天 前

    Nihari: BEST DISH WHEN UR ILL N ALL BUNGED UP. Its guaranteed to open up ur airways

  • GuvernorDave
    GuvernorDave11 天 前

    1:31 wtf is going on left of camera and why is it blurred out?

  • Emmi
    Emmi12 天 前

    Let’s be honest this video was an excuse to spend money on takeaways.

  • Penny Goodhand
    Penny Goodhand15 天 前

    OOOOOOOH I've been to bone daddies before! their yuzu tonkotsu is so good O_O

  • Tatsu Kan
    Tatsu Kan15 天 前

    That kouign amann is not a true kouign amann. It's a speciality from Britanny (in France). You should order a real one from "Maison Larnicol" larnicol.com/15-kouign-amann Look at the pictures, yours was most likely a lighter (diet) version.

  • Eva Muhlhause
    Eva Muhlhause22 天 前

    Makes you want to live in London.

  • 100 Days MIC
    100 Days MIC25 天 前

    Saying you cater to your audience is a cute way to say "we do what is going to make us the most money" . I used to enjoy your channel, but it is getting to be more about indulgences than about eating healthy and learning techniques. So, I maybe need to find my food show fix somewhere else. I like adventurous food but more appreciative of people who promote healthy eating. This artery clogging stuff does nothing but disgust me.

  • AZ N
    AZ N25 天 前

    Most of my wife's family lives in Lahore. We were very delighted to see the Nihari. If you can find it, also try beef siri paye (siri = head, paye = trotters). I think you well love it :D

  • DreamerXGX
    DreamerXGX28 天 前

    16 pounds for the jianbing and purple yam thing? Wow, that is sooooo over priced.

  • Bask3r
    Bask3r个月 前

    Damn I hate pokebowls. Pretentious crap that only exists to have alot of colours so Instgrammers have something shiny to post.

  • Oscar Gates
    Oscar Gates个月 前

    Gotta love the Radiohead meme with Barry 😂

  • Laurenz Du
    Laurenz Du个月 前

    do that again pls

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    So many more to choose from, we absolutely could!

  • evenhasawatermark
    evenhasawatermark个月 前

    3:36, that macaroni looks fucking horrible. I would be so mad if I ordered mac and cheese and that garbage showed up at my door.

  • Umairah Ja'afar
    Umairah Ja'afar个月 前

    got me at steak, lost me at kale mac n cheese, baz

  • Zifu
    Zifu个月 前

    A person: Ah yes, British accents are so sublime Brits: K W A S S O N T

  • Natasha Defries
    Natasha Defries个月 前

    Really enjoying the content from the last couple of weeks. Very interesting stuff!

  • Ella
    Ella个月 前

    omg I LOVE bone daddies 😍 Need to go back soon (just checked and it’s just out of my catchment for deliveroo 😫)

  • Ella


    个月 前

    SORTEDfood honestly for their bao, i would 😁 loved this video by the way!

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    move closer? Haha

  • Lavender Dreams
    Lavender Dreams个月 前

    well this is f#cked, being in Australia there is just no way I can ever taste these things and I SOOOOO need to.

  • Janell Kendall
    Janell Kendall个月 前

    Does anyone else miss the "but first...." 🍑

  • Olivia
    Olivia个月 前

    I love how Barry's pronunciation of "jian bing" changed everytime he said it 😂

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Cover all bases!

  • khuang96
    khuang96个月 前

    14:32 🤣🤣🤣

  • Mehreen
    Mehreen个月 前

    Did not expect the first dish served to be Nihari! Glad you guys liked it!!

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    So good!

  • m d
    m d个月 前

    Bone Daddies!

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Still so good right? Was one of the originals in London.

  • Arty Show
    Arty Show个月 前

    Moi qui pensais trouver au moins un breton en commentaire s'indigner qu'on compare un kouign amann a un croissant

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Désolé. Nos excuses.

  • Peter Gaudet
    Peter Gaudet个月 前

    Why give the publicity to the delivery scalpers ? involve local delivery services as well as the restaurants instead of these leeches..

  • Misty Wolf
    Misty Wolf个月 前

    God that lobster looked good, I dont live close enough to London to deliver so it will have to be a trip in personal visit but I AM going to go there !

  • crimsonpanthers
    crimsonpanthers个月 前

    The brown sugar DKA from Dominique Ansel is to die for. Jamie is winning at life. I'm lucky to live near Dominique's kitchen in Manhattan

  • toh ping Tiang
    toh ping Tiang个月 前

    "London is the best" other countries have stuff to say...

  • hayndaswhy
    hayndaswhy个月 前

    It kills me that they called that a "poke bowl". It's as far from a true poke bowl as possible. Still looks absolutely delicious though

  • Shauna XX
    Shauna XX个月 前

    “We’re really good at these battles...when we’re not cooking” anyone else wanna see the normals ordering food vs a chef making food battle now????

  • ShadowKeizer
    ShadowKeizer个月 前

    I just realized. Is Jamie not judging on if the food is tasty? You have story, Instagram, and originality

  • safiranugroho
    safiranugroho个月 前

    i legit thought Mike was going to take the win butt Barry threw a curveball on round #3!

  • Wynner3
    Wynner3个月 前

    I'm just thankful Deliveroo exists. I used their services when I stayed in Rome, two years ago. I didn't speak enough Italian to be confident enough to go out and eat on my own one night, so I used them, and ended up with a darn good meal, and way too much Tiramisu

  • Kieron
    Kieron个月 前

    I've been to burger and lobster and had their regular burger and it wasn't all that tbh

  • Kev Parkin
    Kev Parkin个月 前

    The chefs take a day off and they order takeaway.

  • Nilo Capovilla
    Nilo Capovilla个月 前

    Unfortunately Dominique Ansel Bakery just announced that they're closing. Sad AF. #coronacasulaties

  • Kara Griffiths
    Kara Griffiths个月 前

    Neither of my notifications on my CNboth channels have alerted me about your videos and I'm so sad I missed out on so many! Thought you all must have stopped cause of COVID 😭😍

  • Divvy
    Divvy个月 前

    i dont think you lot know what a blooper is!!!

  • inkasrain
    inkasrain个月 前

    No contest, Jamie is the clear winner here 😂

  • Georgia Michael
    Georgia Michael个月 前

    Jamie's just living his best life

  • R.S. Cornec
    R.S. Cornec个月 前

    cooineeng Amanne (closest to pronounciation i could come up with) was born out of lack of flour (either by mistake or actual shortage) in Finisère, France. its really excellent... :)

  • Yara Nieuwenhuis
    Yara Nieuwenhuis个月 前

    Here to appreciate the radiohead reference

  • Vice Versace
    Vice Versace个月 前


  • Sanya Anwar
    Sanya Anwar个月 前

    Did you guys not put the cilantro/peppers/ginger/lemon/fried onions on the nihari? That's literally like eating ramen with noodles and nothing else!

  • simon hoare
    simon hoare个月 前

    Just as well that first dish wasn't Instagramable. That looked like Dog ****

  • John Wickes
    John Wickes个月 前

    Deliveroo cyclist killed in Dublin....just another illegal Brazilian with no work visa so who cares shouldn't of been here anyway

  • Michael Daunauda
    Michael Daunauda个月 前

    To think... you guys eat and make sooooo much food yet still find new food. I can't even imagine the scope of what my noodle-eating-ass will never get to taste

  • Coline Le Roux
    Coline Le Roux个月 前

    Mike's pronunciation of Kouign-Amann was almost spot on ! And yes, it truly is a naughty boy when it comes to butter, even better when it's slightly warm and oozy ! And it is actually made from bread dough, and not croissant dough (puff pastry) ;)

  • A McConnell
    A McConnell个月 前

    IT'S NOT A POKE BOWL if it doesn't have POKE in it!!!! POKE is the cured tuna dish from Hawaii. If it doesn't have POKE, then it's a Buddha bowl.

  • Shabbir's Food stuff
    Shabbir's Food stuff个月 前

    If you guys liked the nihari you should come to Pakistan I'll take you guys out for the most amazing foods

  • Rafiul Haque
    Rafiul Haque个月 前

    nihari is one my fave dishes, we would for ours always have naan or even more delicious bosnian roti. We would also squeeze lemon into the dish and stir it as well to add added flavor. And if you like this dish you may like another kinda slimier dish called Paya a dish that is traditional done using hoofs of cows or goats sheep hence the name paya witch means leg.

  • Daniel Cohen
    Daniel Cohen个月 前

    Anyone else appreciate the couple seconds of radiohead that played in this video?

  • Francesca Andreou
    Francesca Andreou个月 前

    I love it when barry wins

  • angel wlliams
    angel wlliams个月 前

    No loosers... great looking food. Someday I may be able to go to London and I can try that Lobster Burger and that Poke bowl

  • Maja Brønniche-Lange
    Maja Brønniche-Lange个月 前

    This was awesome, would love to see more of this!

  • Nathalie J
    Nathalie J个月 前

    1. Things you shouldn’t put in a poke bowl? Cuz that’s not poke?? 2. when rona is over you guys should please come to Hawaii and learn about real poke!! Because no offense but whenever you talk about “poke” on this channel every person from Hawaii cringes. 3. I think mike should have won sorry Barry ❤️

  • Alexandrea Cook
    Alexandrea Cook个月 前

    It has gone midnight, and now I'm STARVING! Why do I watch you guys again? Torture.

  • ILHanbury .G
    ILHanbury .G个月 前

    You should try and do a similar thing but you order food based solely from instagram pictures with no context

  • Arthur Lindarp
    Arthur Lindarp个月 前

    Do this for Mike and Barry and maybe Ben and James too?

  • Ericmyrs
    Ericmyrs个月 前

    The big question is, will my foodora arrive before the video ends?

  • Matthew Simmons
    Matthew Simmons个月 前

    lahore is peng its the only curry eat i have had and it was so good

  • Philipp Classen
    Philipp Classen个月 前

    A bit sloppy editing here. You thought we wouldn't see that, didn't you? But we did. So no excuses, back to the kitchen and cook up another video because we are addicted!

  • Teodor
    Teodor个月 前

    Watching this while on a diet makes me sad

  • Thea Storvik
    Thea Storvik个月 前

    I need to try this lobster burger🤤

  • Kiran Samana
    Kiran Samana个月 前

    I am a Pakistani, and I have never seen anyone eat nihari with a spoon. Why did you not get a naan to go with it?

  • Kiran Samana
    Kiran Samana个月 前

    I am a Pakistani, and I have never seen anyone eat nihari with a spoon. Why did you not get a naan to go with it?

  • Kiran Samana
    Kiran Samana个月 前

    I am a Pakistani, and I have never seen anyone eat nihari with a spoon. Why did you not get a naan to go with it?

  • Haseeb Durrani
    Haseeb Durrani个月 前

    Who eats Nihari with a spoon?

  • del dunworth
    del dunworth个月 前

    "I recommend this guide: *atte.best/uber-guide-041* So grateful it exists." 1:39 Η τέλεια μέθοδος για όλους

  • Archie Sykes
    Archie Sykes个月 前

    Diiiiiid somebody say JUST EAT!!

  • Chris Parker
    Chris Parker个月 前


  • Aubryella Otero
    Aubryella Otero个月 前

    I just absolutely love Mike’s reactions when he eats something delicious 🥺🥺

  • Stefan McCabe
    Stefan McCabe个月 前

    Both were amazing, but Mike won that

  • Shawn Andrews
    Shawn Andrews个月 前

    Not that they're not delicious, but haven't Kouign-amann's been around for a while?

  • Monica Santos
    Monica Santos个月 前

    This is a cool format! Some ideas for the next version - looking for places with sustainable containers, a vegetarian or vegan round!

  • callum betley
    callum betley个月 前

    Watching this video made me miss London so much, can't wait to go out for a food day around the city

  • 0MissKarisa0
    0MissKarisa0个月 前

    “The best possible way possibly possible.”

  • Rob Klarmann
    Rob Klarmann个月 前

    Wow! How are you guys not the size of a house with so much amazing food around you?! London truly has such great takeaway choices. Thanks for sharing!!! Alas, I must visit again...and find that Uber driver!

  • Ra’s al Ghul Reborn
    Ra’s al Ghul Reborn个月 前

    You guys really do Mike a disservice. Not only is he the ‘good-looking one’, but how in HELL did a Pokebowl outweighed a LOBSTER BURGER? It’s crazy. Unfathomable. And just like Brexit - we demand a recount 😁

  • Rachel Frumkin
    Rachel Frumkin个月 前

    I have to find Jian Bing now in LA. If anyone in the comments lives in Los Angeles and knows of a place let me know.

  • Lucy Bull
    Lucy Bull个月 前

    mike likes that lobster burger place so much hes out it in two videos! now i really want to go

  • loceph
    loceph个月 前

    Kouign amann, a croissantin a muffin shape? Oh god you guys are getting in trouble

  • Ben Payne
    Ben Payne个月 前

    Title : "£100 ...." "In this episode, we challenge Mike and Barry to splash £50 each " Which is it?

  • Ben Payne

    Ben Payne

    个月 前

    @Framlii but they showcase three dishes?

  • Framlii


    个月 前

    I gonna suprise you... 50+50=100!

  • Kyra T
    Kyra T个月 前

    I really liked this video!! Its like the food truck and the night out videos but good for covid times 😊 id love to see another like this!

  • Nokenify
    Nokenify个月 前

    I really thought Mike was vegan.

  • Jason Young
    Jason Young个月 前

    Poke bowl - umm where is the raw fish? that's just a bowl of veg with fried chicken on it. Lobster Royale "burger" - That's not a burger, it's a sandwich - wheres the beef?

  • kaato112487
    kaato112487个月 前

    Suggestion: Side-dish battle. A normal reveals a main dish that they have made and each chef must, on the spot, come up with two or more side dishes to complement it.

  • Jeslyn Sama
    Jeslyn Sama个月 前

    Im not sure if this is relevant any more but.... I NEED THE 3 OTHER MEMBER'S DNA RESULTS DISHES VIDEO!!!!😭😭😭😭 we only had jamie's version!!!

  • TPanax
    TPanax个月 前

    Yeah let's do advertising for companies who don't care about the work's rights of their employees....

  • Tom Maier
    Tom Maier个月 前

    I agree there are no losers here, but Jamie is the clear winner here

  • Kitchen AAN RAY
    Kitchen AAN RAY个月 前

    Hey there, I've started a food channel which focuses on the ways of making different kind of international food. So can you give it a quick chick and I appreciate any kind of feed back

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    ThessaStybe个月 前

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    Rexzilla4508个月 前

    I’d love to see either a Chef vs Chef or Ultimate Battle where they use traditional Ashkenazi flavors 🤤 My grandmother’s stuffed cabbage recipe always makes my mouth water, I’d kill to see what they’d do with great Jewish food.