2 Chefs Test THE WONDERBAG: A Non-Electric Slow Cooker!

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Every now and then, we come across a gadget that really catches our eye. Whether it’s a stylish design, a functional purpose, amazing craftsmanship, sustainably made or has life changing benefits. And in today’s episode, we’re reviewing a gadget which ticks all of these boxes... Behold, the WONDERBAG!
This handy gadget has helped to improve the lives of many communities, particularly those in developing countries who spend endless hours collecting firewood and charcoal. We’ve decided to use our platform to raise some money so that more wonderbags can be made for those who really need it.
If you’re able to donate, please click here and comment ‘Love from Sorted’ in your donation so we can track it! bit.ly/sortedwonderbag
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  • SORTEDfood
    SORTEDfood个月 前

    Update on this - in the first 18 hours since the video launched, over *1,500 people have donated a total of more than $60,000 (£46,000)* !!! You are all unbelievable, thanks so much for working with us to do this... It's amazing!!! If you'd like to donate too, click here and leave a comment saying “Love from Sorted”: bit.ly/sortedwonderbag

  • flibbertygibbette


    10 天 前

    Donation: sorted.

  • hoilst


    12 天 前

    It's a fucking haybox, people. These have been around for centuries.

  • Fairfox


    个月 前

    @Prune Chat I tried to donate through PayPal as well but the payment can't be processed for some reason. I can't use the other methods because we don't really use credit cards here and thus I don't have one. :(

  • Casey Maxfield

    Casey Maxfield

    个月 前

    Donated! Love this idea and whilst I don't need one myself I can only imagine the impact it makes for those in need.

  • Warren Jordaan

    Warren Jordaan

    个月 前

    Donation done :-)

  • Lolita harlan
    Lolita harlan2 天 前

    why don't you guys make a school

  • Mrs Verve
    Mrs Verve5 天 前

    I en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solar_cooker I used to cook everything and bake bread in this when I was a young off-the-grid hippie mother in Canada in the 1970s and 1980s. This could really help out with the ladies and they're cooking problems en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solar_cooker

  • Daniel Emerson
    Daniel Emerson7 天 前

    Like a haybox, but with better insulation and more convenience. A great idea to get these out to communities who'll benefit the most.

  • Tiffany Shine
    Tiffany Shine9 天 前

    I love the purpose of this video. To shed light on a product that someone made to help others that need help due to the amount of resources they use and the health problems that come with it. I understand the second beef was used to try and stretch the boundaries, but I disagree with using this meat. The bag simply wasn’t made for hefty meats like that because people in less fortunate countries wouldn’t have access to that meat. Therefore, you guys using that meat and making it seem like the bag didn’t preform the job was a little disconcerting. The bag did the job it was supposed to do. It’s not made for hefty beefs like that.

  • bestnarryever
    bestnarryever9 天 前

    Jamie, I just like to point out that one of my favorite national meals of all time, is orange + cachaça pulled pork with bananas You should definitely try it Also, in Brazil a lot of people eat rice with beans and bananas, so I’m glad you went out of your comfort zone and you liked it

  • bestnarryever
    bestnarryever9 天 前

    This project is incredible, and the fact that you guys went the extra mile to promote, is just 💛 I would’ve never heard of this if you hadn’t shown it and now I can recommend it to so many people around me who will definitely benefit from it, so thanks

  • Mahogany_Hues
    Mahogany_Hues9 天 前

    We have been using these in Kenya since the 90s. She did not invent these!!!!! So shameful, I'm sick of people capitalising on African innovations, adding a marketing spin and suddenly, she invented it. SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amethyst Jean
    Amethyst Jean12 天 前

    I have been using my pressure cooker more than my slow cooker because I can't bear to keep it on for that long even if it is a low power. This may be its replacement.

  • dave barnes
    dave barnes13 天 前

    My nan told me she used a hay box during the war

  • Sandy Boyd
    Sandy Boyd13 天 前

    I love this channel but they need to do a lot more to highlight just how damaging meat consumption is to deforestation and biodiversity loss, forget fuel. But yeah this product is without a doubt great and the channel is fantastic.

  • Noëlle Van Biljon
    Noëlle Van Biljon13 天 前

    So amazing to share this! One of the big issues here in South Africa is that for a large number of people living in informal settlements, they cook over open flames in very densely packed living spaces, and this often leads to fires that destroy so many homes. That's also why the wonder bag is amazing and literally saving lives. 👏👏👏

  • Trey Best
    Trey Best13 天 前

    “Saving women hours of unpaid labor” 😂 It’s called “taking care of the family” usually. They’re not privileged White women, they actually still think taking care of a family is more important than some soulless marketing job.

  • xtinneee
    xtinneee14 天 前

    Ben was so proud of his produce. That was just so cute!

  • chocchip187
    chocchip18714 天 前

    Okay I'm confused. it wants to stop deforestation and fires.... But you still have to make a fire to heat up the pot????? There's no induction stoves in tribal africa?

  • chocchip187
    chocchip18714 天 前

    Bananas with curry must be a african thing. My dad is south african and he eats bananas and raisins with curry. It's really good.

  • Honeya Fun
    Honeya Fun15 天 前


  • Sad Eva
    Sad Eva15 天 前

    I'm a bit late to this, but I just donated too, I paraphrased in my comment, I hope that it still counts :). This is a great idea. Thank you for raising awareness!

  • kokofan50
    kokofan5015 天 前

    This uses the same trick as hey boxes, which a lot of British families used during WW2 to cut back on fuel use.

  • Dougal McTavish
    Dougal McTavish16 天 前

    I think we need some new head to head to head battles, seems like the lads have learned a fair bit since the last ones. As for themes; most pretentious dish? Best cafe lunch? Most hipster recipe? Environmentally sustainable ultimate battle? Most expensive recipe? Exotic food? Modern fine dining? Pack lunch battle? I miss the battles and the banter, and sure I’m not the only one.

  • Austin Fu
    Austin Fu17 天 前

    Is it not just a soft version of Thermos vacuum warm cooker or what we called in Chinese a "闷烧锅"? Unlike this one, the vacuum warm cooker or 闷烧锅 comes with its own vacuum container and a pot which you can put on to the stove heat it up and put the pit into the container. It's also electricity-free and looks more like something belongs to the kitchen. You guys should totally test this next time. Just search for "Thermos Vacuum Cooker" on Amazon its the first thing that pops up.

  • knight daemon
    knight daemon17 天 前

    So, it's an insulator? Not a cooker?

  • Winnister
    Winnister19 天 前

    OK, straight off the bat, today's sexies are AMAZING.

  • whitevader007
    whitevader00719 天 前

    I have learned from a few olf ladys the use of a sort of wonderbag. Especially it was used by farmers. yjey used a wooden box and some straw and a good thick pan to use as a cooking tool. In those days coals were used as heating scource. But when something has to simmer for a few hours they put the pan + food in a wooden box and coverd it with straw. And they put the box under the bed (great heating scource when it is freezing outside.)

  • ExtremUnknownAl
    ExtremUnknownAl19 天 前

    I'm no expert, but putting the lid on the very last minute will slow your cooking, you should let it boil under lid for a while so the air inside the pot also gets boiling hot, the pressure will then help cook it better.

  • Boa-Noah
    Boa-Noah19 天 前

    So it's not a slow cooker at all, it's just a heat insulating bag, good to know.

  • Schreckschraube
    Schreckschraube20 天 前

    Here in Germany during and after World War II people had "cooking boxes", boxes that were stuffed with foam, newspaper and which ever insulating materials were to hand. The principle was the same, you started cooking something on a stove and then put it in the box for a couple of hours and the residual heat would do its work, so you would not have to use so many coals. It is great to see this idea having a comeback.

  • h
    h21 天 前

    This is a lovely video and I love that the sorted team repeatedly has used their platform to bring a range of issues to light. Jamie's comment about privilege was absolutely spot on

  • Khum Dhan
    Khum Dhan23 天 前

    a woman having to cut fire wood- unpaid slave labor. a man having to cut firewood- being a normal man. equality eh?

  • Astrid Grabner
    Astrid Grabner23 天 前

    My grandmother grew up with something working along the same lines (loosely translated as "cooking box") which is a massive wooden chest situated next to her stove stuffed with straw with indents for two differently sized pots. After been brought up to temperature the pots are being put into the boy and then covered with a massive pillow also stuffed with straw.

  • Jenni Moon
    Jenni Moon24 天 前

    They used cooked beans beans from.a tin !!

  • ermennda
    ermennda25 天 前

    You made an important error when you put a cold lid on that pot, it should have been brought up to the sa me temperature as the pot. Also maybe a small increase in the time of boiling would produce a big effect, no need to go 50/50.

  • Melissa Ospina
    Melissa Ospina25 天 前

    In Colombia, well at least where I come from, we eat some savoury soups with banana too! Specially 'mondongo' made from cow's stomachs, sounds weird but really yummy

  • Terry Phillips
    Terry Phillips25 天 前

    my mum always used a hay box same idea less efficent inow use pot cozys when camping as always guys fantastic show love it learn so much CHEERS

  • Wonderbag World
    Wonderbag World26 天 前

    Thank you, SORTEDfood fans! The power of your community is awe-inspiring. Thousands of you are donating to help women in South Africa with the Wonderbag. Fans from all over the world are sending good wishes and funds. We'll get back to you soon with the latest tally. In the meantime, our South African factory is gearing up to produce thousands of Wonderbags on your behalf. Together, we can make a difference!

  • The Sleepiest Daves
    The Sleepiest Daves26 天 前

    Thank you guys for this one!

  • Kimberly Zager
    Kimberly Zager27 天 前

    Wait was ben’s peppers spicy peppers or just way undergrown

  • Matthieu Lagae
    Matthieu Lagae28 天 前

    Beef needs to be bleu or read, well done! Stop being so British. 😜

  • Ave_Muse_Mage
    Ave_Muse_Mage28 天 前

    Ive made some of these over 10 years ago, I had no idea you could buy them. lol

  • steve eccles
    steve eccles28 天 前

    Have you guys see Mr D's Thermal Cooker? Similar principal and takes up a lot less space mrdscookware.com/

  • otm646
    otm64629 天 前

    Unpaid labor? You mean providing cooked food for the family? Come on guys you are better than this nonsense.

  • SORTEDfood


    28 天 前

    In terms of hours of 'work' (labour) required to keep the fire fuelled. Imagine what that additional time could be spent doing?

  • Jayme McCann Nuttall
    Jayme McCann Nuttall29 天 前

    Is there an update on the sorted community donations? I have just donated too 🧡

  • Anders Nygaard
    Anders Nygaard29 天 前

    This method is mostly used to to slow cook large pots of traditional meals like porridge or stew here. You can use a regular winter down duvet or lots of wool blankets just as well. Or in summer, just bury the pot - anything that thermally isolates the cooking vessel. So my first thought was along the lines of oh, yet another unnecessary single use kitchen gadget. Why not just teach people the cooking method (and do people who cook over fire really not know about this)?

  • mark duffy
    mark duffy29 天 前

    Errr no thx

  • 1pandamanypanda
    1pandamanypanda29 天 前

    As someone who is currently living in South Africa, I really appreciate how you are bringing attention to this! There is a severe wealth gap in the country, and while some live with full houses in the cities, there are millions who live in destitute conditions. The Wonderbag is great for those who like to cook over fire for fun, sure, but how much work and resources it saves greatly helps those who need it most! Great video, guys!

  • Alexandra Valentin
    Alexandra Valentin个月 前

    I love how Ben is so proud of his homegrown babies ♡

  • Jake State farm
    Jake State farm个月 前

    There is an amazing series done by the BBC called The Wartime Farm. Its about the British farmers struggle to produce food during WW2 and in the program the hostess does the exact same thing with a box and straw. The farmers wife could then do all the other things around the house while dinner cooked itself without using the highly rationed cooking fuel.

  • Connie Doiron
    Connie Doiron个月 前

    So basically it is a world war 2 hay box as used in the show Make do and Mend.I do something similar I bring my potatoes to a boil turn off the heat but leave it on the hob and it will carry over cooking 20 to 30 mins later they are cooked, saves on electricity.

  • Windy Hawthorn
    Windy Hawthorn个月 前

    When I heard about it I thought that could save you money and make life safer and be able to cook or keep food hot for when your not able to go home for a hot meal. It's also an old idea from back in the day. I read about insulated box's you could make or buy to do fireless cooking at home for when away or to save time. And still have a nice meal. I want one.

  • Zandi
    Zandi个月 前

    This is simply amazing. I am proud to be African. Well done Sarah. Well done.

  • Eudaemonius MarkII
    Eudaemonius MarkII个月 前

    "Just like me.... Pow!"

  • Melissa Cook
    Melissa Cook个月 前

    mins 9.03 ...women and children collect the firewood!!! hahaha

  • Melissa Cook
    Melissa Cook个月 前

    i honestly struggle to see how over fire\flame\coal cooking is a massive problem in todays society. but still like this vid and content!!

  • Jentina Naude
    Jentina Naude个月 前

    "Communities that really need it" - literally everyone in RSA right now because we have power outages like crazy

  • TheAngryDanishViking
    TheAngryDanishViking个月 前

    Well since it's insulating it just stops the drop in temperature from happening (or rather it massively decreases the temperature loss) - it's not like you keep raising the temperature of something in the oven, you just counteract the loss of temperature by keeping it heated. So essentially an oven would keep the heat, the wonderbag allows a near no-loss heat (for a while) which would essentially allow for the same thing to happen. Just avoid thick-cut meats and such.

  • demoniack81
    demoniack81个月 前

    Neat idea but the 45cm one costs a whopping 80€... for two cotton bags stiched together with some recycled styrofoam inbetween? Come on. This should cost no more than 15€, 25 if we're being generous.

  • Hypertraxxx9
    Hypertraxxx9个月 前

    This is a really old technique. My grandparent used the same method (Netherlands). It's is called a "hooikist" (hay box). it was a woodenbox filled with hay which works the same as a wonderbag in terms of isolation. You can find building plans online if you want to try it yourself nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hooikist

  • Patsuchi
    Patsuchi个月 前

    Tbh, I'd also see my cats using this

  • AG92
    AG92个月 前

    Why does CBA2 sound like some sort of supplement/vitamin to me?

  • Shakes First
    Shakes First个月 前

    Years ago I was close to homelessness living in illegal boarding houses with minimal cooking facilities and spending more than I could afford on food having to cook single meals on the 2 hobs that worked. This would've been excellent for being able to use the hobs in the same amount of time letting others cook, but do several meals. Bulk cooking is always cheaper. Even spag bol would've worked.

  • SugarDotties
    SugarDotties个月 前

    Did you actually take the termp after the 6 hours? I'm wondering if it's safe, or how long it will be.

  • Row042
    Row042个月 前

    You guys need to visit us in South Africa.

  • Kathleen Lizarraga
    Kathleen Lizarraga个月 前

    Didn't Ruth Goodman have something on this in one of her farm series videos, but in a box filled with hay?

  • Peter Jacobsen
    Peter Jacobsen个月 前

    I think it's really cool when people grow their own veg/herbs. Always gives some additional tastiness to a dish, whether that's just from the freshness or the fact that a person has spent their energy, lovingly growing that ingredient.

  • Sam Hadden
    Sam Hadden个月 前

    They're using the RKG music!!

  • Will Green
    Will Green个月 前

    One question is do the bags keep things hot enough that you are not spending hours within the accelerated temperature danger zone? If they don’t we could be talking about loads of potential food poisoning from using these the way they are intended.

  • Gwen Jones
    Gwen Jones个月 前

    I am quite astonish how you call it innovative gadget - like in my country (in middle Europe) it is really common practice among older women to put pot with just cooked food on bed and cover it with dulvet (filled with feathers) as an isolation. According to some, this is the best way how to cook rice - you do not cook it completely on the stove, but when it is partially cooked you put the pot with rice on bed and cover it with dulvet/pillow.

  • mhn7700
    mhn7700个月 前

    I was really surprised to see that you (or at least James) seemed so completely unfamiliar with this concept. When I was a kid (more than 40+ years ago) my mum and all my friends' mums all made especially rice porridge this way: Before work, bring rice and milk to the boil while stirring occasionally. Then wrap the pot in a towel and stick it under the covers in bed. No need for electricity and constant stirring to keep it from catching on the bottom, no milk boiling over, and this way dinner was ready when we got home. Depending on when we ate, it may have needed a gentle reheat, but most times it was perfect eating temperature, ready for a knob of butter and cinnamon sugar :D To this day I only ever make rice pudding in bed, and so I was surprised to see that this method was so foreign even to chefs in a country that also eats rice puddings. You should try it in bed next time! By the way, I'm totally gonna try the chai white choco pudding cos it looked Divine. Anyways, good shout out about the Wonderbag donation. It's so heart warming to be part of such an amazing community.

  • sumi


    个月 前

    Same, I thought that this was actually the "normal" way to make rice pudding (being in my mid-20s and from Germany)

  • Calico Orchid
    Calico Orchid个月 前

    Honestly, I just love the fact that they mention South Africa, You guys should do more South African food in your videos

  • Pedro lisbão
    Pedro lisbão个月 前

    Loved this video! Thanks for bringing sustainable technologies to us!

  • Gaurav Baindur
    Gaurav Baindur个月 前

    Chai tea bags 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • AtlanticStardust
    AtlanticStardust个月 前

    Time stamp 3:51 LOL you guys are great

  • Caroline Schmidt
    Caroline Schmidt个月 前

    Okay Sorted-guys I just have to say your amazement amazes me. I fully acknowledge the importance of the Wonderbag and it is a very important invention. However this method of cooking is very old. Seriously it's hundreds of years old. I'm from Denmark and in Denmark farmers in the 17th century (and i'm sure it goes back further) would start up a porridge in the morning, after cooking it a bit on the stove they would put the porridge in a box lined with hay or straw (known as a haybox) and it would keep the porridge cooking and it would still be warm when it was served for lunch and dinner. Just like the wonderbag does, only difference being the wonderbag is portable (which is a total win). I can only imagine that this way of cooking existed in England as well. Hayboxes actually became more popular during WW2 in Denmark because of rations on gas. My point is, looking at the historical facts the wonderbag isn't a non electrick slow cooker. The slow cooker is an electric haybox, and the wonderbag is a portable haybox. I know you guys can't know everything, but maybe you should consider doing som episodes with some food historians. They might be able to teach you a thing or two about the history behind the dishes you cook and your ways of cooking.

  • Molly Zeidler
    Molly Zeidler个月 前

    just donated a wonderbag, but I wrote love from a sorted viewer, I hope this still gets counted

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Yep - all is noted. Sarah goes through them. There has been a phenomenal response do far!

  • eyeam9key
    eyeam9key个月 前

    Just. Thought I'd mention this used to be very common in Norway... Hey crates and even beds were used for this method. Particularly during the war. My childhood saw this method in use.. (and we're not exactly short on wood.. or electricity..it was just a very old, tried and tested way to save some labour and money... ) Excellent to see it being put to good use 💗

  • Mark Dombrovan
    Mark Dombrovan个月 前

    gotta love stupid politics in my cooking show

  • JanPospisil42


    个月 前

    Which part, do tell, is "stupid politics"? Trying to help people and the planet? What a sad mad you are.

  • Sebastian Mortensen
    Sebastian Mortensen个月 前

    Actually, in Danish cuisine, wrapping food for slow cooking (especially rice porridge) in a duvet is a fairly normal practice. Are we the only ones? 🤔

  • Rich
    Rich个月 前

    Nothing quite as galling as a group of straight white dudebros with zero charisma talking about privilege.

  • JanPospisil42


    个月 前

    @Rich It would help the sharade if you actually understood the terms you're using. Nothing I said was whataboutism, or straightsplaining. It'd be hard to do that, considering I'm very much not straight. I'll wait for you to explain how my, or anyone else's sexuality matters to this video.

  • Rich


    个月 前

    JanPospisil42 Come for the whataboutism, stay for the straightsplaining! You’ve got it all!

  • JanPospisil42


    个月 前

    @Rich Back to your original comment - a) They're quite nice guys. b) I'm fairly sure at least one of them isn't straight. c) Jamie pointing out the exact way they're privileged and explaining how it relates to the topic of the video is completely appropriate. d) my race or sexuality is completely irrelevant to anything here, as is theirs. Your assholish assumptions aside, should straight white cis men NOT talk about privilege? Does it throw you off when THEY do it first, rather than you spitting it in their face while they're doing a genuinely good thing for other people? Either you're a concern troll putting on some kind of social justice warrior parody, or you're genuinely being a jerk for no reason whatsoever. I'd like to remind you that this is a video about a fucking insulated slowcooker, which made hundreds of viewers donate thousands of pounds and said slow cookers to people in need, as well as buy some for themselves with the intent of conserving fuel use. Is there really nothing else going on right now that deserves your snarky performative bullshit more than this?

  • JanPospisil42


    个月 前

    @Rich You're just concern trolling. If you genuinely cared about what non-straight cis white men think about this, you wouldn't immediately go "No ur not!!!" when one disagrees with you.

  • Rich


    个月 前

    JanPospisil42 bahahahaha you absolutely are, which is why you’re being so touchy. You will never understand. Goodbye.

  • xoxoxo xoxoxo
    xoxoxo xoxoxo个月 前

    They kinda feel like the impractical joker's squad but u know there chefs instead

  • Bradon Hoover
    Bradon Hoover个月 前

    I don't like that they skipped their reaction to opening the bags, but that food looks great

  • Ccccvv Ccccvv
    Ccccvv Ccccvv个月 前

    Wouldn't just burying it do this? And better?

  • JanPospisil42


    个月 前

    Maybe comparable. Having a bag saves you the effort of digging a hole twice a day.

  • Brandilyn Van Dolah
    Brandilyn Van Dolah个月 前

    I’m not sure how I started on a Wikipedia page for WWII aircraft and ended up on the page for the Beatles...even for me the Wikipedia gymnastics involved there was impressive....but after seeing photos of George Harrison I’m now completely convinced James is somehow related to him. Seriously...toss a Jesus wig onto that man and tell me you don’t see it! 😂

  • wsievers22
    wsievers22个月 前

    When will we see a marathon Pass It On? 3 rounds. 3 course meal.

  • Cinder Block Studios
    Cinder Block Studios个月 前

    Just want to say that I don't think this is what it claims to be. It's a big thermos...that's it. You still need the open flame to get it started which kinda negates the product itself.

  • JanPospisil42


    个月 前

    It really doesn't? The actual duration of cooking on a fire is drastically reduced, as is the amount of fuel you need to burn. Like...did you watch the video at all?

  • GoldenGoose GG
    GoldenGoose GG个月 前

    "Wonderbag cooks without electricity and is useful for camping" - Watches every recipe require start up on a stove....yeah don't see how this helps at all. Cool idea though but you would still need a fire or electricity to get going.

  • JanPospisil42


    个月 前

    The actual duration of cooking on a fire is drastically reduced, as is the amount of fuel you need to burn. Like...did you watch the video at all?

  • Sarah Byrd
    Sarah Byrd个月 前

    Love that y'all are using your platform to give light to world changing products like this 💖 bravo, you are truly one of the best CNboth channels out there. Also just love the perfect cut off with Ben saying that the size doesn't matter 😂

  • Beauties & Foodies
    Beauties & Foodies个月 前

    Ok.....so if it cam keep heat like that can it keep cold as well????

  • Sebrina Shelton
    Sebrina Shelton个月 前

    I love how excited Ben was to show off his home-grown chilies!

  • Sreejita Bhowmik
    Sreejita Bhowmik个月 前

    Of all the gadgets reviewed hands down my favorite ever !! Am so proud of the sorted community and Sarah for coming up for this. As a physician, I have come across so many cases of respiratory illnesses in women using charcoal or wood because they inhale that smoke for such long hours so I would like to add not only will this save resources but also save lives !! It will definitely be life-changing for a lot of communities in India. In places like Sunderbans where they expose themselves to man-eaters daily to collect wood !

  • Pritpal Singh
    Pritpal Singh个月 前

    Everyone has been yelling, screaming shouting but white people still won't stop saying it Chai Tea... It's literally saying you Tea Tea... 😤😤

  • JanPospisil42


    个月 前

    It's become a term for spiced tea. Fruit, berry and other types of "tea" are not actually tea, but are called tea anyway. Do you also obsessively correct everyone who says "pin number", or "atm machine"? This is so petty.

  • Madison Hertz
    Madison Hertz个月 前

    *nerd rant please ignore* this has the feeling of one of those things that says it solves a problem but wont actually do anything for it. also the bag is just a good insulator? im sure there are already alternative methods that exist but dont have the popularity. plus these still require fire wood to cook. yes its not as long but how often do you cook food for 6 hrs? I understand where this is coming from but I need more research on exactly what this is/will do. how long do they last? how often can you ship them? how many time will they be used and does it actually do more than just provide really good insulation? to me the only real way to solve this issue is money. "money can't buy happiness" but it puts water in the taps and food on the table. the problem is not enough infrastructure and you need money to build that. you want to solve the issue give money directly to the people who would build the infrastructure. also does it do what it says it does. actually slow cook the food? try a recipe before putting it in the bag is it under cooked? try leaving a recipe in a regular crock pot that has been heated up and then turned off and the same recipe in the wonderbag. or DIG A HOLE and put the covered pot in the hole and cover it back over with dirt. which one cooks the food faster, cheaper, and better. there seems to be many different ways to achieve what this does. please don't take this the wrong way i understand what they are saying but there is always more to the picture than just that. i am genuinely curious and would like this info. If the wonder bag works for you great but i dont think its solving the intended problem. someone below mentioned that it lets her food keep cooking during regular power outages and that is a great use! (but more reliable infrastructure would be a better solution)

  • Madison Hertz

    Madison Hertz

    个月 前

    @JanPospisil42 dig a hole and use the same hole everyday. Takes what 4 minutes... Plus what about the other methods of doing the exact same thing that already exist. And how often do you cook for 6 hrs. I said alot of words because I asked alot of questions. This doesnt solve deforestation. it merely delays it because they still have to gather firewood. Is this even a major contributor to deforestation. Certainly not on par with global warming. It may save people time to do other things with their lives but there are cheaper options that would work just as well. Im not arguing against it I just want more info on why this 'wonderbag' is the best solution. Too many products say they are the best solution to problems like this and global warming but dont actually solve anything.

  • JanPospisil42


    个月 前

    "Yes, it significantly reduces the amount of fuel you need, which then reduces the time you need to spend gathering the fuel. So you do get a bunch of free time you can spend on virtually anything else but gathering firewood or sitting next to a fire. But does it really do anything though?" "Why don't these people just..dig a hole twice a day every day? That's the same thing." (this is you, using a lot of words to say nothing of value.)

  • Bridget Boyle
    Bridget Boyle个月 前

    I've had one for 2 years. I uses it to insulate my sous vide. it helps reduce energy requirements. Amazingly good at keeping things cold too

  • Ema Boo
    Ema Boo个月 前

    I saw this same concept (except with newspaper and such) on Wartime Farm. So if the concept has been around since the 40's, it makes me wonder just how long it's been around! Probably forever! 😆

  • naomi hippauf
    naomi hippauf个月 前

    “Let the flavors get to know each other a little bit” #babish

  • Christopher Raff
    Christopher Raff个月 前

    I just now realized why you guys use two groups of people when presenting, and I have to say it is BRILLIANT.

  • Dissplacer
    Dissplacer个月 前

    Arnt they still using fire are around the world to brown off the lamb ans sweat the veg????

  • originalkhawk
    originalkhawk个月 前

    so the founder has donated in name of Sorted, your comunity has donated a bunch, but what exactly has Sorted done for this cause? sorry for being negative, i am all for giving to the less fortunate and helping out where you can, but when a 2.4 milion subscriber youtube channel launches a campaign to collect money, i expect them to contribute with their comunity

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Collectively we have raised a huge sum of money for the great cause and that should be applauded. Plus, you may have seen by the pinned comment... before we launched the video, oblivious to success it would have, we kick-started it with a £1500 donation ourselves. :D

  • Uncle Ben
    Uncle Ben个月 前

    is it just me or does james look extra beefy?

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Beefy Short Rib?

  • Jani Andsten
    Jani Andsten个月 前

    Test Ooni Pizza Oven! It heats up to 500C and makes pizza in a minute! Perfect to try with your pizza dough recipe! 🍕😍

  • Grünlilie
    Grünlilie个月 前

    Love the conecpt of this video!entertainment, information, charity all together! More!!

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Glad you enjoyed it!