2 Chefs Test a Halogen Air Fryer

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An incredibly requested review from the Sorted community- the halogen air fryer! James and Ben give it a go with an assortment of ingredients and a number of things. Will it pass the Cheffy test? Find out!
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Here’s the halogen air fryer we use: amzn.to/36Z7LNe
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  • Arinah 98
    Arinah 985 天 前

    I hate that my mom keeps buying these air fryer when she can just buy an oven 😥 and she didn't even use them now. Cuz mostly cuz they are REALLY noisy! Like a vacuum cleaner.

  • hugoforth
    hugoforth10 天 前

    What a couple of p**cks, specially the tall one, IT IS A OVEN and does everything an ordinary oven does, but, because of it's size.... much quicker and therefore, cheaper, ..for instance, you have to wait for an oven to heat up...with these, you cook straight away, logic tells you the rest, this was a very misleading review. and I'm annoyed at both of these Idiots.

  • mr snoop
    mr snoop11 天 前

    less mess, less smoke and quick cooking, great product

  • mr snoop
    mr snoop11 天 前

    negative nancy

  • outBound inBound
    outBound inBound11 天 前

    youtube pennies ???! more like youtube "phat stacks of 50ties" :D

  • ciawarhater
    ciawarhater13 天 前

    TIME is a huge factor here -you need to wait long time for oven to be heated up properly not to mention energy that goes for that.

  • Lilly Ess
    Lilly Ess19 天 前

    I don't know about the gadget but James' attitude is annoying. Get over yourself. Not everyone has access to ovens, grills, fryers, etc.

  • rabidsamfan
    rabidsamfan23 天 前

    As a person who lives alone these interest me because I want to cook smaller amounts than make sense in a full oven.

  • Pippi W
    Pippi W24 天 前

    Are you going to do a normal air fryer? They are all the rage in Australia

  • Deanna db
    Deanna db27 天 前

    I'm wondering if it could bake desserts(pies,cakes,cookies) like a regular oven because that would come in handy around the holidays when you have so many dishes going at once.

  • Barbara Muckle
    Barbara Muckle28 天 前

    How about this gadget - the Remoska oven from Lakeland?

  • vaidish sumaria
    vaidish sumaria个月 前

    How have you not given air fryer a try yet !!!!!!!? It could also be used in pass it on

  • vaidish sumaria

    vaidish sumaria

    个月 前

    But there are loads of different companies making them now..

  • vaidish sumaria

    vaidish sumaria

    个月 前

    @SORTEDfood Instant Vortex Air Fryer (it's the same company that makes insta pots, which is another think you guys would love .. since you tried using pressure cookers some time back.)

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Any that you recommend?

  • zeref
    zeref个月 前


  • KamikazeChicken X
    KamikazeChicken X个月 前

    This is literally just a big easy bake oven

  • Gitte Clausen
    Gitte Clausen个月 前

    Instant pot.

  • Kerry Food beauty life
    Kerry Food beauty life个月 前

    Would love to see you test air fryers 👍🏻

  • Илиян Хараланов
    Илиян Хараланов个月 前

    I have one of this back in the days, it's not perfect but do the job if you don't have space for real gril or oven

  • John Leach
    John Leach个月 前

    To do a true comparison between the gee-whiz toy and conventional cooking, you simply must include clean-up time. I wouldn't relish scrubbing a dry cooker's screen.

  • FollowingUsernamesR
    FollowingUsernamesR个月 前

    I think this might work for a dorm room...

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    It makes no sense in a kitchen that already has a hob and oven. But that's not what it's designed for. You're right... there are circumstances where it's useful. Just be careful cooking in any room with extraction and/or smoke alarms.

  • DRSNova
    DRSNova个月 前

    Call me pedantic, but I can't get over the fact that the name of this british product has a pointless umlaut over a 'C' of all the letters they could have gone with.

  • ajuk1
    ajuk1个月 前

    You're supposed you use an air fry adapter with vents to fry it.

  • Cynical Citizen
    Cynical Citizen个月 前

    This episode was the most combative views between the chefs

  • BlueBaron3x7
    BlueBaron3x7个月 前

    That looks more like a halogen oven. Not all halogen ovens are equal JML is the best one I've had and I've had four, they don't last long but JML as lasted longer than the others. Also I've found with about five years plus of using an halogen oven, if you want the best from it, don't use it as a speed cooker. But use a lower temperature and a longer cooking time for best results of even cooking. The bonus of an halogen oven over your standard oven in the cooker, is it uses less energy , and maybe easier to clean, that's all.

  • No Such User
    No Such User个月 前

    I have the BigBoss Digital display wave fryer and it works great! Browns things up nicely.

  • richard stevens
    richard stevens个月 前

    What more do you want ? its a hot light blub and thats it

  • DezzyTee
    DezzyTee个月 前

    What a massive waste of energy. All of the produced light is nothing but wasted energy.

  • Michael Gutierrez
    Michael Gutierrez个月 前

    We call this a turbo oven. We use it like an oven, for roasting chicken or pork belly. Its great.

  • GrWhiteHunter - Hunter White
    GrWhiteHunter - Hunter White个月 前

    ok, i have a question to pose... I'm from America, and i'v grown up saying french fries (or Fries for short) my whole life to describe chips. My question is, in the comments should I use chips, or french fries?

  • Jemma J
    Jemma J2 个月 前

    James is really prejudice, listening to his constant negative rant adds no value. This show would be a big fail without Ben.

  • Adam Poll
    Adam Poll2 个月 前

    They were sold ages ago as convection ovens - then air-fryers became trendy so they just renamed the products.

  • Caitlin Parker
    Caitlin Parker2 个月 前

    Watching James struggle through this episode brought a smile to my face!

  • Eric Thom
    Eric Thom2 个月 前

    Why is an oven called a hob?

  • AT Watkins
    AT Watkins2 个月 前

    So many people get into trendy devices without even realizing the capabilities of things their gran had

  • Ron Leedy
    Ron Leedy2 个月 前

    Had a friend get one from an infomercial chef for her Tiny House. She ended up tossing it and replacing with a Convention Toaster Oven which gives much better results.

  • Beatle4
    Beatle42 个月 前

    This is similar to the Flavour Wave Turbo Oven that I purchased about 20 years ago. Worked the same way and with pretty much the same results. I still have it but prefer my Cuisinart air fryer. Much better results.

  • ste prof
    ste prof2 个月 前

    Just buy a bench top mini fan oven if u can’t bent over to use a normal over and it’s a lot cheaper 👌

  • Chaz Madge
    Chaz Madge2 个月 前

    air fryer with rotisserie is what you need to try mine has a basket and kebab holder oh for chips frozen are great in any air fryer

  • Fog smog
    Fog smog2 个月 前

    I enjoyed that joke far too much, at the end I’m really awkward with new gadgets

  • robert zerrenner
    robert zerrenner3 个月 前

    High tech EZ bake oven

  • AleXandroX
    AleXandroX3 个月 前

    Sometimes you just dont wanna turn on your oven for some fries

  • Thomas Stewart
    Thomas Stewart3 个月 前

    I once convinced my parents to get rid of some halogen track lights by lighting a candle with them.

  • AsphyxiatingOxygen
    AsphyxiatingOxygen3 个月 前

    Well done on the Cats bell! xD

  • Sara
    Sara3 个月 前

    Ben desperately trying to be positive and James just dragging the hell out of this thing is just such a good representation of their dynamic lmao

  • Enrique DelSuave
    Enrique DelSuave3 个月 前

    Hope that they do this with a different air fryer one day

  • Violet None Of Your Business
    Violet None Of Your Business3 个月 前

    No it's not as good as deep frying but I find that chips come out much better than in the oven and frozen part cooked foods cook much much faster in it.

  • Tekknowgerl
    Tekknowgerl3 个月 前

    hey guys!! Both of you are way too sexy for an airfryer review!!!...that being said, have you tried the Tinychefs Multifunctional Airfryer? I was actually gonna buy the one you just reviewed until I saw this video...LOL, new subbie here! Sharing...be safe and take care 😊

  • Jessica M
    Jessica M3 个月 前

    That's why I like James, I'm annoyed by everything too lol

  • Tom Neilson
    Tom Neilson3 个月 前

    So the description was full of hot air?

  • Matt Fry
    Matt Fry3 个月 前

    I went to a dinner party once where the host was boasting all the previous week about how good their air-fryer roast potatoes were. Worst roasties I've ever had in my life.

  • emilia gutierrez
    emilia gutierrez3 个月 前

    They should do a real air fryer! I don’t like them but i wonder what they think!

  • pintlemounted
    pintlemounted3 个月 前

    How the fuck do you test a "fryer" and not do chicken in any way?

  • Harry Mcough
    Harry Mcough3 个月 前

    Man I bought one of these they are spot on

  • Foofoo The Great
    Foofoo The Great3 个月 前

    They literally reviewed the grown-up version of an easy-bake oven and were disappointed when it baked...

  • Bryce Larson
    Bryce Larson3 个月 前

    AirFryers are safer than Deep Fryers in a house, and its healthier for a still relatively similar result, and a very cheap price. Great for studio apartments too.

  • VGMajor


    3 个月 前

    All at the expense of taste.

  • James Barisitz
    James Barisitz3 个月 前

    Try a couple of pork chops well seasoned on broil. 👍

  • grytshrt
    grytshrt3 个月 前

    "we've been on a journey, Ben."

  • Layn Waites
    Layn Waites3 个月 前

    So we don't have a stove or oven and we cooked thanksgiving dinner last year. We used the air fryer we have to cook an entire 15lb turkey and 10lb ham and they turned out perfect everyone loved them. On side notes we do used it for everyday use once and a while I mainly use a flat top that was given to us. But it is set aside every year not only last but 2018 and this coming up thanksgiving it will be used again

  • PurpleBubbles
    PurpleBubbles3 个月 前

    my air fryer seems to be a bit better, idk it does seem to give a more fried result than an oven...

  • Illona Vijverberg
    Illona Vijverberg3 个月 前

    Is it just me or is this device just an adult version of an easy bake oven ? Never had one of those, but from what I've gathered they also cool with a lamp don't they ?

  • LiGhTMaGiCk
    LiGhTMaGiCk4 个月 前

    That thing is like a supercharged easy bake oven.

  • Gentlemans Pattaya
    Gentlemans Pattaya4 个月 前

    I lived in an apartment in Thailand with limited cooking facilities. A version of this saved my life. from sausages to joints of roast pork. It was perfect.

  • Dostayer
    Dostayer4 个月 前

    I think you choose a bad model...

  • Kesh Aponso
    Kesh Aponso4 个月 前

    I always viewed these as a portable oven. Very useful when i had a stove top and no oven.

  • Dafoodmaster
    Dafoodmaster4 个月 前

    lead fryer next

  • ilwjasperdot8
    ilwjasperdot84 个月 前

    Those Halogens aren’t air dryers and I don’t know why it’s advertised as one cos it’s a halogen oven

  • Maria Josefina Montes
    Maria Josefina Montes4 个月 前

    Lol we have been using that for decades in the Philippines. My mom often cooks roast chicken in that. It is called a turbo oven and it is used where we dont have ovens.

  • Sylver Moon
    Sylver Moon4 个月 前

    When I was growing up in the Philippines, the air convection oven was already a thing (mid 80's). It was called a TURBO oven. Why has it just reached the western world now? Lol. Air Fryer? What? That's just a Turbo Oven -_-!

  • Eidenhoek
    Eidenhoek4 个月 前

    Halogen...Chlorine's a halogen element. fufufufu

  • Coen M
    Coen M4 个月 前

    James's permanent and persistant sceptical approach to new gadgets is a marvel to behold. I can feel his sceptical mood in my bones and I feel the same. It's lovely

  • Raeanne Bedard
    Raeanne Bedard4 个月 前

    I live in a one room apartment with no oven, but have an air fryer/convection oven that I cook in. There’s a communal oven in my building but it’s pretty spotty. I prefer my countertop oven. Especially since I live alone and don’t need to make large portions

    JULEMANDEN994 个月 前

    this thing is just an at home heating lamp you know the kind you find roasting either chikens roast pork or the american rotating sosages tingy.

  • dave k
    dave k4 个月 前

    I found this pointless dont know why i even bought it hahha

  • MrAbletospeak
    MrAbletospeak4 个月 前

    That is a halogen oven. Not an air fryer. They have been around for years and are actually quite good as an oven. They make a nice roast chicken.

  • nikkiwithfries
    nikkiwithfries4 个月 前

    My Mum used to use one of these all the time when I was a kid, but it was called a turbo oven, and she liked to use it in the summer because it didn't heat up the house as much as the actual oven.

  • Kay Si
    Kay Si4 个月 前

    When my kitchen was refurbished and I did't have a kitchen for four months, it was a godsend, but very much used it as an oven, not as a fryer, though I have seen other halogen fryers less rudimentary, and the food out of that one was a lot more liked fried food, so I think it is also down to the model and technique.

  • Chris Hon
    Chris Hon4 个月 前

    We have a similar device in the house. And we just treat it like a small oven. It's pretty good at cooking small portions and it probably uses less electricity than a normal oven.

  • Macinsocks
    Macinsocks4 个月 前

    Air Fryers are just convention ovens

  • Casey Alexander
    Casey Alexander4 个月 前

    Does anyone else miss the “I’m gooey in the middle” intro song?

  • Barbara Danley

    Barbara Danley

    2 个月 前


  • Batool Fatima

    Batool Fatima

    3 个月 前


  • nina92ize
    nina92ize4 个月 前

    I have the Philips air fryer and it's awesome really, I made donuts in it just brushed them with oil before putting'em in the air fryer and it came out amazing you can't even tell that it's not deep fried !! I guess the problem is this one you're using because mine (the Philips) is amazing I can't imagine my life without it, I even bake cakes in it the only problem is that it's really small even the big one is still pretty small.

  • Able Reason
    Able Reason4 个月 前

    But how did the self cleaning go?

  • UnfoundHopes
    UnfoundHopes4 个月 前

    Adults putting ketchup on fish makes me a little sad inside...

  • Rafael Jericho Orozo
    Rafael Jericho Orozo4 个月 前

    This is a luxury appliance here in the philippines and it's used mostly for ONLY roasting chicken during occasions, often called turbong munok . As this is called a turbo here xD

  • Shelley Dawson
    Shelley Dawson4 个月 前

    One of the key advantages of the halogen oven is the saving of energy. It’s smaller and heats up faster than a standard oven. It’s not an air fryer, I agree, but it’s an eco and purse friendly method of cooking. Mine has a rotisserie function and cooks delicious chicken!

  • Grace King
    Grace King4 个月 前

    This is still really useful for people who live in small flats or bedsits without ovens. Allow them to cook properly not just microwave or boiled or fried on a hob

  • christoph !!
    christoph !!4 个月 前

    That little geek guy dont let snyone talk

  • TheOrangeFox96
    TheOrangeFox964 个月 前

    James: maybe you don’t need a desk lamp if you have it next to you on your desk 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Reaper
    Reaper4 个月 前

    I would like to see the boys test an air fryer or cook food using a coffee maker.

  • den li
    den li4 个月 前

    I wonder if you could do one with cake.

  • 2wice4RICE
    2wice4RICE4 个月 前

    my eyes, its so damn bright

  • MrChris8162
    MrChris81624 个月 前

    Feel this is bit unfair to halogen ovens. My mum has one and you do have alter time and temperatures a bit but overall it really good. Does bacon really well. Self clean doesn't quite clean it but all you need is a cloth and its done. Compared with cleaning a standard oven its a breeze. It doesn't do everything but it better than this video makes out On the disability side its excellent for those that cant takes things in and out of oven and you can use it single handled as well.

  • Matt Smith [mattsmithlon]
    Matt Smith [mattsmithlon]4 个月 前

    I Love my H/O don't see what the problem with light is! Somethings like bread and meat you have to cook for slightly longer for better results! But as a food hack if you need to prove bread put the H/O on the wash setting for 30min and bread dough on the bottom shelf! They are also really useful if you are in a hurry and say want fish fingers etc... after the pub!

  • kathy quiroga
    kathy quiroga4 个月 前

    Its a glorified easy bake oven

  • Matt Ayaz
    Matt Ayaz4 个月 前

    We call this "turbo broiler" like a portable ish oven. I made lasagna and cookies and brownies here also breadee chicken works here too. A little time consuming but atleast your not splattered with oil and your using less oil

  • Edward Villarreal
    Edward Villarreal5 个月 前

    How about trying a Japanese fish grill. cnboth.info/dron/sh-p-n/bXqqfNmaidDGyYo.html

  • slientkill li
    slientkill li5 个月 前

    It's a goddamn flavorwave, with mr.t in the infomercial. The kind of ads that gets aired after midnight in local channels.

  • Nathraichean
    Nathraichean5 个月 前

    I was able to find this same item (different brand, same oem) for about 15 pounds, shipped, new. For 15 pounds its great. It is more convenient than an oven, you can more easily see what is going on inside and it can be cleaned easier than an oven because essentially, only the lid is the oven and the big pot is... well just a big glass pot.

  • Ysa Paez
    Ysa Paez5 个月 前

    In the Philippines, we call this a turbo broiler. My family uses it to cook a whole roast chook since we don't really use the oven all that much.

  • Rhys B
    Rhys B5 个月 前

    Surely the amount of light given off by that thing means it's horrendously energy inefficient? It's like a star.

  • Oddballkane
    Oddballkane5 个月 前

    Modern living people having to live in a small space might not have space for a full oven so the air fryer is a good gadget. Used to have one cooked in it often then we upgraded to a full sized oven

  • Simon Fabre
    Simon Fabre5 个月 前

    My grandFater bought that many years ago when my grandma had a stroke, he never cooked in his entire life .. and out of nowhere, one day, he had to learn how to cook stuff .. he was able to feed my grandma and himself for 5 years before they passed away .. it might not be a chef's tool but it surely is a great device for many people !

  • JayBeh Kay

    JayBeh Kay

    28 天 前

    Same my granny bought one when she was no longer able to bed down to use her regular oven