2 Chefs Review Kitchen Gadgets Vol.16

DIY 和生活百科

There’s nothing more satisfying than watching our resident chefs, James and Ben review weird and wonderful kitchen gadgets! Sit back, relax and watch us do the testing so you don’t have to!
You can find out more about the gadgets/ingredients we've reviewed in the links below. Just so you know, these are likely to be affiliate links, which means if you buy something from the store after clicking on them, the store will pay us a percentage of your basket... This doesn't cost or change anything else for you!
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Here are the gadgets we tested:
Joseph Joseph Push and Tear Kitchen Roll Holder: ​amzn.to/3cnTsEJ
MACOM Just Kitchen 860 mescolix Electric Mixer: amzn.to/2U18dH0
InnovaGoods Beer Tap: amzn.to/36TI6H9
Sage the Smart ToastTM 2 Slice Toaster: amzn.to/2XnUrjU
Hot Buffalo Sticky Wings Recipe - sortedfood.com/recipe/buffalowings
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  • SORTEDfood
    SORTEDfood4 个月 前

    As a heads up gang, if you’re on the fence with the Sorted Club, you can now join for free to see if it’s for you. More info this way-> bit.ly/3eTWUZo

  • Nicole Arber

    Nicole Arber

    个月 前

    @MaryKate Mest Schwartzthe is an an American film with

  • Nicole Arber

    Nicole Arber

    个月 前

    @acasc cseea6 5 is a 6I and a 9

  • Pip Elder

    Pip Elder

    4 个月 前

    I’m trying to find the risotto recipe on the packs app but I can’t seem to find it. Can you access past packs?

  • Ejaaz Idris

    Ejaaz Idris

    4 个月 前

    For the paper towel gadget, maybe test it when you are down to your last 10 squares. I find the vigorous tear does not work as elegantly with the "simple" holder. Either way thanks for showcasing the product. Did not know it existed. Probably will buy it, of it's sold in Canada.

  • Katharine Lynette Hansen

    Katharine Lynette Hansen

    4 个月 前

    Is there any one person recipes? For those who live alone.

  • John Cassidy
    John Cassidy2 天 前

    Could you do a side by side with toasters against toaster ovens? Side/cost/is it worth the space is takes up in the kitchen?

  • Billythecowdog
    Billythecowdog8 天 前

    @8:50 is pure Ben-desire

  • bestnarryever
    bestnarryever8 天 前

    to be honest that electric mixer would help me a lot due to my chronic wrist pain 😂 bc in this Italian household we have risotto every week

  • Pauline Smit
    Pauline Smit9 天 前

    The stir thingy sounds super handy if you've injured one of your arms or hands. I know someone who has and i'm going to recommend them this :)

  • DevilboyScooby
    DevilboyScooby11 天 前

    Ben: "I love a novel-" CNboth: "Discover Audible with an audiobook on us!" Ben: "-ty" 👏 😆

  • Brittany Crooks
    Brittany Crooks14 天 前

    Are we not gonna talk about the fact that the toaster looks exactly like the Breville toaster?

  • Juliana Angulo
    Juliana Angulo15 天 前

    Love my mom's Smart Breville toaster 🥰

  • Jasmine Privat
    Jasmine Privat16 天 前

    Anybody else here in October?

  • nastya chernomorchenko
    nastya chernomorchenko17 天 前

    I like wheat fingerprints on James' laptop

  • Lilly Ess
    Lilly Ess19 天 前

    Some people really love toast.

  • RoxyLuffer
    RoxyLuffer20 天 前

    I actually have a toaster just like that. It doesn't have an electro-magnet, so when you push the button, a little motor moves the toastable item down, and then back up, and Dings once to let you know your item has been toasted. My toaster does allow for much larger pieces of bread, or multiple regular sizes of bread. I'd contemplate that stirrer if it were on Canadian Amazon =T

  • Nicolás Girardi
    Nicolás Girardi21 天 前

    They should try the 1953 sunbeam toaster

  • Cynthia Tuck
    Cynthia Tuck21 天 前

    I want the MACOM mixer, but not finding it on Amazon US :(

  • PrismGuy
    PrismGuy24 天 前

    Today I learned that in the UK they call “paper towels” “kitchen rolls”. Which sounds much more delicious than it actually is

  • Uisce Preston
    Uisce Preston24 天 前

    No appreciation for James's proclamation that Ben is "particularly skilled at the one-hand tug"?

  • Momo .CatHead
    Momo .CatHead24 天 前

    “That’s quite good for you, James.”

  • nuttynut242
    nuttynut24228 天 前

    should review the mitsubishi electric bread oven

  • tadhgspiano
    tadhgspiano个月 前

    it's only been three months, and i already forgot that carole's husband was a thing... #whenwillthisyearend

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    It's been a long one!

  • William Brown
    William Brown个月 前

    Wish i could get the toaster here in the states

  • praveena muddam
    praveena muddam个月 前


  • Jake Spies
    Jake Spies个月 前

    Absolutely no to that toaster. Hamilton Beach toastation for life. Sorry you can't buy the OG any more buy I got mine for 25$ USD new. made my whole family get it. www.ebay.com/i/274476449522?chn=ps&mkevt=1&mkcid=28

  • Kirstena
    Kirstena个月 前

    Where did you find that Macom electric stirrer for 20 something pounds? The link has the price of almost 45 pounds! Which is a bit steep for something I am not convinced would work well.

  • Kurtis Adams
    Kurtis Adams个月 前

    I find it a little odd how you are advertising your paid app by saying it'll save you money.

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Valid point. But if you follow the meal packs you'll avoid any fresh food waste... easily saving £1.25 a week (£4.99 a month) in time, effort and food.

  • Trevor Brough
    Trevor Brough个月 前

    What is a pax app????? I've been trying to figure this out for ages now. you keep saying it and I have absofuckinglutely no clue what you are saying and its driving me nuts! Please explain to the non-brits what you are saying!!!

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Haha - sorry for the confusion. Our Packs app. Smartly bundled recipes into one Pack each week to save you time, money and food waste. Explained here: sorted.club/packs/

  • Squish
    Squish个月 前

    I kinda want the toaster. But really, peeking should be unnecessary once you get used to your toast settings...

  • huggledemon32
    huggledemon32个月 前

    “Creates the perfect head!” Now there’s a Bennuendo if I ever heard one!- nice work James lol

  • vfx creater
    vfx creater个月 前


  • robert gee
    robert gee个月 前

    Your risotto looks like a disgusting, barfy mess.

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前


  • John Leach
    John Leach个月 前

    You're missing the boat, Girls. The places to buy kitchen gadgets are charity shops.

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Handy tip!

  • Skyguy1944
    Skyguy1944个月 前

    Just noticed my parents have a breville toaster.... didn't think they were that posh

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前


  • Pilchard123
    Pilchard123个月 前

    This might be of interest - and maybe a vintage-kitchen-gadgets collab with Technology Connections could be amusing: cnboth.info/dron/sh-p-n/ZoScrc-KfJrSmpI.html

  • Benedict Claxton Stevens
    Benedict Claxton Stevens个月 前

    For a magic toaster that overdoes crumpets on a specific setting and under does toast I'm really not very impressed....

  • Thomas Camp
    Thomas Camp个月 前

    I'll admit this will sound like uncultured american talk but, is a crumpet like an English muffin?

  • onequartercanadian
    onequartercanadian个月 前

    I like James' apartment! Also lol that sign 😹

  • spaideri
    spaideri个月 前

    Maybe give the famous Mitsubishi toaster a go?

  • Jemma J
    Jemma J个月 前

    Love ben's reviews, he's smart and open minded, eloquent

  • Kostas Jarvis
    Kostas Jarvis个月 前

    The Sage toaster is pretty cr@p - I have the four-slice version and the browning is pretty uneven. But much worse, the toasting controls only just outlast the warranty: both of them now refuse to allow me to select a “full toast” and reset themselves to somewhere around 50% of the previously-normal time. It looks great but it simply doesn’t last or perform to its price-point :(

  • Chris Rush
    Chris Rush2 个月 前

    Just rip the kitchen roll off before eating

  • Keriel Watson
    Keriel Watson2 个月 前

    If I do the single hand tear paper towel, I end up dragging the whole lot on the floor, just at high speed. I'm legit going to look into that stirring thing though. I like cooking with cream and milk a lot and though I've not curdled anything yet...its always something I'm stupidly anxious about. Especially if I have otjer things on the go

  • boopaloop
    boopaloop2 个月 前

    Do look at the version done by Avante Garde Vegan (CNbothr Gaz Oakley). Really, a very interesting idea!

  • Deepti Menon
    Deepti Menon2 个月 前

    Is there anything better than excited Ben? His excited sounds are just too lovely. 😃

  • william botner
    william botner2 个月 前

    I am a yank And love u guys But lose that cheesy corny intro

  • Feli El
    Feli El2 个月 前

    pour beer in glass leaving a sip in the tin. shake tin. pour foam. done. zero money spend.

  • nikiichan
    nikiichan2 个月 前


  • Lady Typhon
    Lady Typhon2 个月 前

    James: “Ben has mastered the one hand tug”. 😈🤣

  • Hugh Chan
    Hugh Chan2 个月 前

    can you review dutch ovens at some point?

  • Susie English
    Susie English2 个月 前

    To stop any tubed item unravelling just squash the tube slightly

  • Sheri Omozokpea
    Sheri Omozokpea2 个月 前

    You should totally review the Salad Shooter!!

  • Jimmy puffbuz
    Jimmy puffbuz2 个月 前

    Enough about the app!!

  • Axiom Steel26
    Axiom Steel262 个月 前

    I really gotta ask...is Ben gay? I really wanna know. Btw yes Ben you're particularly very skilled at kitchen roll tearing.

  • Moose
    Moose2 个月 前

    3:43, what's is the background song called?! I think it's a version of a song called professor klon. Someone pliz help

  • Caj N
    Caj N2 个月 前

    Gotta say I've never drunk a beer outside the pub and thought "I'd like this to have more foam", seems like an utterly pointless product for 95% of people

  • Nico ConCellas
    Nico ConCellas2 个月 前

    Another ‘chef’

  • Monahan Family
    Monahan Family2 个月 前

    Bread maker

  • Andy P
    Andy P2 个月 前

    You'd need 2 toasters, unless you lived alone.

  • Jen Malcom
    Jen Malcom2 个月 前

    "Smart" toaster....🤦

  • Ben Brotherston
    Ben Brotherston2 个月 前

    Love the wee cheeky brewdog

  • Cunha e Silva Marcelo
    Cunha e Silva Marcelo3 个月 前

    Would be interesting to see a "only for Microwave" gadgets video. Specially on a small studio apartment most of those gadgets sure do wonders, I've got a pressure cooker and a rice cooker and they're amazing but what about the other ones?


    Desteğe geldim destek bekliyorum sizden saygilar

  • Marius Cheek
    Marius Cheek3 个月 前

    You need to review AppKettle - I really love mine!

  • Kelley M
    Kelley M3 个月 前

    I've never made a risotto, so that gadget just might do the trick for me! Also keen on that toaster, but mine has lasted all 23 years of my marriage and only just starting to go wonky on one side...hard sell on that one.

  • Prime Matt
    Prime Matt3 个月 前

    100% pointless, just put your elbow on top of the roll like anyone with half a brain does 🙄

  • Steven York
    Steven York3 个月 前

    Not enough mike

  • David Simmons
    David Simmons3 个月 前

    I bought the four slice toaster sage one and it works brilliantly for me as I am blind it’s easy to get the crumpets and stuff out

  • bellefire
    bellefire3 个月 前

    ao.com/product/sg6bu-cuisinart-style-collection-choppers-and-grinder-grey-75339-74.aspx Have a look at this gadget, i could see the chefs having a meltdown over it lol

  • Eleanor WIlliams
    Eleanor WIlliams3 个月 前

    Could you test a soda stream?

  • Marquis Charlemagne
    Marquis Charlemagne3 个月 前

    Not to burst your bubble, but that risotto would not pass in Italy. :D that looks so runny and clear.

  • Violet None Of Your Business
    Violet None Of Your Business3 个月 前

    That stirrer would do nicely for porridge and other things like that too from the look of it and as someone with chronic pain and fatigue 30 minutes of stirring is a lot for me and I'd begin to get tired and painful. With that I could have a little break in the middle.

  • Ennarcia
    Ennarcia3 个月 前

    that stirrer thing would have been great for the risotto pass it on

  • doitokatuki
    doitokatuki3 个月 前

    Love this channel and format

  • Captain Falcon
    Captain Falcon3 个月 前

    I can't believe I am trying to defend that crazy toaster, but if you are the kind of person who eats toast (or something you can toast in a toaster, like those crumpets) for breakfast at least 4 times a week, then it might be a good investment. I've had some cheap toasters that just fall apart over time and if this can hold up to that, then we would be in business.

  • Princess_Vipsan
    Princess_Vipsan3 个月 前

    Im still waiting on the amazing gadget called osthyvel (in swedish). You guys need to try it out.

  • The Underground
    The Underground3 个月 前

    They should've got the like 2000 dollar mitsubishi toaster that makes perfect toast

  • Rachael
    Rachael3 个月 前

    Saw a dumpling mold/ maker on Amazon for under $10. It's a plastic form with holes. Might be worth a review.

  • Vampire Bunny
    Vampire Bunny3 个月 前

    I’d love to see if that stirrer would work on a stew or soup or something you can slow cook all day on the hob if you don’t have a slow cooker

  • حلو وحادق مع يودا
    حلو وحادق مع يودا3 个月 前


  • princessrose17
    princessrose173 个月 前

    Toaster so not worth it! I am a total fan of toaster ovens and for about $75 CND you can get a great one!

  • James Laforme
    James Laforme3 个月 前

    Maybe it's just me or I'm just misunderstanding something but I'm kind of confused at what he said @2:43, wouldn't a non-stick surface mean that it actually would be slippery or slide around...? If you want something to stay in place, you'd usually want it to grip or stick to surfaces.

  • James Laforme
    James Laforme3 个月 前

    As someone who's actually from the literal home of the hot wing Buffalo,NY, I have to say those wings look nothing like a "real" hot wing. Don't get me wrong, they look and probably are delicious but just as I wouldn't go around saying a Chicken pot pie is a English meat pie, you can't really say those are hot wings. (Might not be the best example, but hopefully you get the idea) To be a bit more specific, Hot Wings traditionally are deep fried chicken wings that are usually cut into two pieces (Or"the flats" and "drumsticks" as they are more colloquially known in Buffalo) and then after frying, they are then dropped into bowl into a very simple yet amazingly addicting sauce consisting of only two things...Hot sauce and melted butter. Depending on how spicy you want it, you add more better and or less sauce, but usually 2 parts melted butter to 1 part hot sauce is the norm. If you want the most authentic tasting wing sauce, you really got to use "Frank's hot sauce" but any similar simple or basic hot sauce would be fine. Anything else isn't really "Hot Wings" they're just Wings...That doesn't mean they aren't good or tasty and/or that you should only cook wings one way. Nearly every place that sells Wings here, sells a variety of different kinds but if you ask specifically for Hot Wings you'll get what I described above. Chicken wings are truly amazing, my personal favorite part of the Chicken, and they're just so many unique and down right delicious ways you can prepare them. I just really wish more people around the world knew exactly what the original Hot Wings are and had the chance to try them out for themselves. I've known so many people who thought they knew what they were or tried them before, but when they actually got to try the "real" thing were just so surprised and shocked by how different they were to what they've had before. I would love to one day see you guys cook'em on one of your videos and to find out what you think of them!

  • Obsidian 999
    Obsidian 9993 个月 前

    13:13 SunBeam auto toasters from the late 50's through 80's cry out "Amatures!" XD

  • Daniel Osborne
    Daniel Osborne3 个月 前

    That sage toaster is just a rebranded breville

  • Aaron Regisford
    Aaron Regisford3 个月 前

    If you think that toaster is over the top, have a look at Josh Weissmans new toaster 😅 it’s got a touch screen 😂

  • Gdrad
    Gdrad3 个月 前

    The cordless stirrer may be slightly overrated. In that "gentle steady stirring" isn't a common application to start. Let alone encouraging walking away and potentially allowing burning. Risotto is kind of a perfect application for it. Be interesting to see it get its own video where it's used for several different dishes to see how it does. Only slightly overrated because it feels like it'd be useful to have despite the limitations. Toasters are one of those interesting appliances that cost a bunch for fancy integrated gizmos. Alongside other daily use gadgets like coffee machines and rice cookers. The range of price could be as low as $20 for a barebones cheap model to $500+ for the top of the line variant. The reason I call them interesting though is that sometimes you get what you pay for with these appliances. Going cheapest means a plastic piece of junk that's likely to break after a year of poorly cooking your food. Going to a midpoint price range, researching the product, and asking if you'll use it heavily enough to justify it's features can get you the best value. For example,, the toaster in this video. Just taking whats in the video. Only 2 slots which may be a bit short. Apparently decent performance/heat applications. Price is about $150 US, which combined with not being a 4 slot toaster suggests it's selling on gizmos. I don't go for toast often enough to justify this kind of toaster for myself. A cheaper toaster without the gizmos but keeping the performance would suit me far better.

  • Linsey Dutcher
    Linsey Dutcher3 个月 前

    the toaster needs to talk

  • Harry
    Harry3 个月 前

    You guys know the arm on the top of the regular holder does the exact same thing...

  • FanFicnic
    FanFicnic3 个月 前

    This is genuinely the most well managed, delightful, high quality channel out there.

  • Morgan LeStrade
    Morgan LeStrade3 个月 前

    the stirrer seems like it would be great for someone with arthritis or some other disability that makes stirring difficult

  • Charles John Thompson III
    Charles John Thompson III3 个月 前

    Don't let @technologyconnections see that toaster or he will go bankrupt

  • A Endo
    A Endo3 个月 前

    you guys need to review the Mitsubishi $350 Toaster

  • Jennifer Eisenberg
    Jennifer Eisenberg3 个月 前

    Why does bread need luxury accommodation to cook? Never mind my stomach told me “happy food, happy you”.

  • Jennifer B
    Jennifer B3 个月 前

    You guy should review this smart toaster! www.revcook.com/

  • Kailan Yoder
    Kailan Yoder3 个月 前

    Hhahaaa . Fed him to the tigers now they're snackin...lmao

  • Emma Hague
    Emma Hague3 个月 前

    Could you guys do a disabled friendly kitchen gadgets review, I've tried some insane useless ones but some are amazing, sometimes things that are easy for most people are impossible for others. I'd love to see you guys try to cook with one hand, or at an always seated position, or maybe needing to use a perching stool? Love these videos, and your easy recipes make life tastier and a lot of fun 🥰😁

  • Violet None Of Your Business

    Violet None Of Your Business

    3 个月 前

    Ooh as a person in a wheelchair I'd love that. It's such a nuisance to cook sitting down but I'm not steady on my feet so it's not safe to stand. I'd love to see them try. Also limited hand strength & dexterity or shaky hand tests so they can't use a knife or maybe even use a tens machine so their fingers are tingly + they can only use a food processor and gadgets to cook a meal ect. It'd be funny and helpful.

  • Bigglesworth Red
    Bigglesworth Red3 个月 前

    All the sorted promo ads shoved in are getting a bit much

  • Michael
    Michael4 个月 前

    As someone who owns the 4 slice version of that toaster, the "have a look" button is really useful! Thankfully, we got it through a rewards program :P

  • S Brooksie
    S Brooksie4 个月 前

    Would love to see you guys review the ninja grill

  • Team GhostHat
    Team GhostHat4 个月 前

    Hey you should check out the brew cube

  • dizzygunner
    dizzygunner4 个月 前

    I'm just glad ebbers packed that "you decide" shit in.

  • Danielle Knottenbelt
    Danielle Knottenbelt4 个月 前

    Please review the Bamix blender vs others? Some people swear by a Bamix, but is it really better??