£22 Turkey vs £102 Turkey! | Chefs Recommend Christmas Ingredients

DIY 和生活百科

Is it worth spending the extra money on higher quality ingredients at Christmas? The Sorted chefs present two variations of some classic Christmas food, including smoked salmon... cheese boards and whole turkeys! What’s the verdict? Is it worth it?
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  • Joseph Bentley
    Joseph Bentley天 前

    I have to disagree with the Turkey. If you cook the Turkey good enough the people you are serving for will enjoy it ether way. Save you money on deserts and drinks.

  • SORTEDfood


    天 前

    Purely in terms of taste/texture... maybe. A lot of the process also comes down to animal welfare and subsequent nutrition.

  • aalever
    aalever4 天 前

    Fun fact: Honeymoon is named after mead :)

  • Valentina T
    Valentina T7 天 前

    Italian here use rock salt to put in your pasta water, you will more likely salt the water too much with table salt. Rock salt is also cheaper than table salt at least in Italy ;)

  • Tomislav Lazic
    Tomislav Lazic10 天 前

    Chef Ebbers = Chebbers... what is up with my brain xD

  • Windy Hawthorn
    Windy Hawthorn17 天 前

    I love turkey my mom would cook one once a month growing up. Hers was always juicy tender and full of flavor. I still follow her recipe because the ones I see on youtube just looks strange.

  • Liam Hunter
    Liam Hunter个月 前

    Okay, I do NOT believe that Barry doesn't really know what Mead is...

  • Jessica Fong
    Jessica Fong个月 前

    with the whole thing about sea salt as garnish, does that apply to himalayan salt as well?

  • Dea Wallach
    Dea Wallach个月 前

    Now I want roasted potatoes!! Good thing I haven't eaten dinner yet!

  • Claudia Trammell
    Claudia Trammell个月 前

    This was so great because my family dies a cheese board with our dinner. The turkey info was so great. Much to think of but the way you break it down helps so much

  • adamtilbury99
    adamtilbury99个月 前

    probably terrible idea but can you sous vide a turkey would it stay juicy?

  • Koele Kahuna
    Koele Kahuna个月 前

    Most table salt in the US is iodized vs Kosher will not and I assume sea salt is also not iodized. I would think that could affect the flavor.

  • derrick whittle
    derrick whittle个月 前

    What no Christmas pud?

  • Mick Denny
    Mick Denny2 个月 前

    Rock salt versus sea salt . Surely both are the same as rock salt is extracted from areas that used to be seas . Rock salt if anything is a more matured form of sea salt .

  • Helen has cat allergy
    Helen has cat allergy2 个月 前

    Please compare chocolates

  • Rob Brown
    Rob Brown2 个月 前

    I really want a cheese board battle or similar this christmas, follow around the normals to different markets/farms picking up obscure cheeses. Looking at that cheese board made me very hungry.

  • tepigtrainer33 YT
    tepigtrainer33 YT2 个月 前

    a 102 pound turkey? thats a big bird

  • DFox Review
    DFox Review2 个月 前

    It was quite obvious by the legs. Frozen one are compact, fresh one are straight almost always. Knew it instantly.

  • JanPospisil42
    JanPospisil422 个月 前

    "I want you to sample the flesh." - Bennibal Lebbers

  • Arisa Manay
    Arisa Manay3 个月 前

    in my country, Sea salt is cheaper than Table salt.

  • Larry Roux
    Larry Roux3 个月 前

    What I would like to see is a whole meal and which ingredients are worth spending the most money and time on. Frankly, turkey tastes like turkey. But do I go for premium home made stuffing or boxed? Gravies? Vegetables (obviously, frozen is better than fresh - especially in November when Americans have Thanksgiving) or December (when Brits eat turkey for Xmas) etc.

  • Leviathan 77
    Leviathan 773 个月 前

    just shows you that turkey is garbage meat when the properly reared one is barely better than the mass produced

  • max wimmer
    max wimmer3 个月 前

    Get different woman that cook, so men can dicid witch they want to get!

  • Kayleigh Lehrman
    Kayleigh Lehrman4 个月 前

    "don't use your fingers, now you've got fishiness on your hands!" "Got two hands dunneye?"

  • MagesEatAtJerrysTacos _
    MagesEatAtJerrysTacos _4 个月 前

    It is June and I returned to this video purely for Ben saying "sample the flesh." This is something i use anytime i talk about eating meat.

  • Random Things
    Random Things4 个月 前

    Whenever ben explains somthing ..i feel like he should be professors 👩‍🏫

  • Kushagra Tiwari
    Kushagra Tiwari4 个月 前

    There's certain qualities that you can't judge just by taste: how humanely and eco-consciously the ingredient was sourced, the place where the ingredient came from (which dictates the wages and shipping the producer had to pay), etc. These things also contribute to price

  • Harvey Holmes
    Harvey Holmes4 个月 前

    Get you a partner that looks at you the way Jamie looks at roast potatoes

  • Gregor MacKenzie
    Gregor MacKenzie4 个月 前

    “Got two hands aven’t I?” 😂

  • Lucie Ciepka
    Lucie Ciepka4 个月 前

    I’m honestly not listening anymore to my butcher since last Christmas. We ordered a baby pig he said 10kg for 10 people (which is insane!!) but we agreed cause he is the specialist also he said that bones and head considered it should barely be enough. Now wait a second: we should have thought about it instead of trusting him blindly, but when you put 2,5 kg of sausage filling inside it’s belly and add rice and some figs and apricots and then realise, that more then half of that pig is actual meat. Trust me when I say that no 10 people can eat almost a kilo of rice + almost as much fruits or veggies and a whopping 8 kg of meat. All this after already eating some pistachios and crackers and an entre and you can’t make any one eat any cheese or dessert. The doggy bags were more like elephant bags. 200 gr of meat is a nice serving if this is the only thing you eat. When you have 4 course long meal, where people are talking and eating slowly, they will be pretty full before the dessert anyway.

  • Gunther Moes
    Gunther Moes4 个月 前

    I would still use sea salt for pasta boiling, parboiling veg....

  • Akniy
    Akniy5 个月 前

    "The fish that tastes less like fish is the more expensive one" Great logic

  • Doesn’t Care
    Doesn’t Care5 个月 前

    Lmfao, he’s trying to butter them up before their gay Brit thing. Tasting their flesh.

  • mgunter
    mgunter6 个月 前

    I thought the roasted potatoes were Red Lobster's Cheddar Bay Biscuits.

  • Elijah Brown
    Elijah Brown6 个月 前

    I now have a title for my autobiography: "Sample the Flesh"

  • Gareth Aled
    Gareth Aled6 个月 前

    They got the potatos out of the fridge???

  • Sheepdog Smokey
    Sheepdog Smokey6 个月 前

    16:04 - I'd suggest Otavio Olive Oil, but HEB, a Texas only grocer, buys out their entire stock, every year! Come to Texas and you can find it.

  • Mike Thomassen
    Mike Thomassen6 个月 前

    Baz just KILLED those drinks. Impressive and troubling at same time....

  • Goldenkitten1
    Goldenkitten16 个月 前

    Where's the Christmas ham?!

  • Mary, just Mary
    Mary, just Mary6 个月 前

    Oh Mike, you've broken my heart by not caring that the more expensive turkey had an actual life where death wasn't a sweet release like it would have been for the cheap lad.

  • Mary, just Mary
    Mary, just Mary6 个月 前

    I'd love you guys to come up with a non-cheese board option. Basically, what can I serve my guests when I literally cannot bear to have cheese in the house.

  • Maximilian Björsten
    Maximilian Björsten7 个月 前

    Very informative

  • Christopher Appleyard
    Christopher Appleyard7 个月 前

    Greetings from America! I'm trying to wrap my brain around paying either of those amounts for a turkey. I get mine frozen at the local grocery for $0.59 per pound before Thanksgiving. I get a huge 20-24 pounder for under $15.00 and then I brine it with homemade vegetable stock and spices, and it comes out amazing. The one year I did a fresh bird, it still cost me only $30 and it came out just as good. I don't know the husbandry and so forth, it was a store-brand turkey, but I've had nothing but praise for my turkey for years, and never a dry slice. That said, love this channel and keep it up, guys!

  • Leo Grey
    Leo Grey7 个月 前

    Ben the bronze turkey gets its name from the color of the feathers

  • T. S
    T. S7 个月 前

    Not a snowball's chance in hell that either of those turkeys serve 10 people 🤣😂 for Thanksgiving our turkeys are roughly 30lbs from a local farm in Michigan and they barely serves our 18 person get together for the holiday.

  • nem tudom
    nem tudom7 个月 前

    7:57 The contrast between their reactions, LOL!

  • Akniy
    Akniy7 个月 前

    I like his logic. The salmon (a fish) that tastes less fishy is the one he thinks is more expensive.

  • Opinionated Bastard
    Opinionated Bastard7 个月 前

    Wouldn’t Spanish and Italian cheese be higher quality

  • Destiny kevin
    Destiny kevin7 个月 前

    Never consider the difference between sea salt and table salt. The price is just 10% off from where I lived. And that's only because the sea salt is from Japan instead of China. Why do you guys have 13 time the difference?

  • Multibeast32
    Multibeast327 个月 前

    Where in the world can you get that ice cider? In the US preferably 😁

  • Faiz Alqorni
    Faiz Alqorni7 个月 前

    barry looks so hurt sad :

  • Benjamin
    Benjamin8 个月 前

    I'm Vegetarian but have no problem with people eating meat if they want to. It's nice to see them take into consideration the welfare of the animal though.

  • Stirgid Lanathiel
    Stirgid Lanathiel8 个月 前

    The brown meat on the salmon might go off quicker, but it's also the best bit. It's nice and fatty and oily and full of flavour.

  • Neil Brewitt
    Neil Brewitt8 个月 前

    Very good advice regarding the cooking instructions for turkeys. I’ve cooked three in the last year and the second one was pretty much ruined by overcooking because I followed the instructions. Both the others were perfect and cooked for at least one hour less than the packaging said.

  • William Eldridge
    William Eldridge8 个月 前

    Sea salt and table salt are in no way different. They are chemically exactly the same, period. That said, table salt is better for baking because it tends to dissolve and blend into the food better due to its finer texture. Sea Salt is good for creating a crunchy texture on your food.

  • Tom
    Tom8 个月 前

    I'm confused by the sea salt/table salt comparison: I may be wrong but i believe table salt has added iodine effecting the taste whereas sea salt does not - so yes there is a difference between the two even if both are disolved in water?

  • Claire Pettie
    Claire Pettie8 个月 前

    I hope they do more of these - so helpful. This is one where you could easily translate the lessns to your personal shopping. Thanks SORTED!

  • Evie Addy
    Evie Addy8 个月 前


  • Road User
    Road User8 个月 前

    So what was the Chutney that everyone loved? Where can I buy it?

  • danteelite
    danteelite8 个月 前

    I always hated dark meat on chickens from the US and I never knew why until now but it makes sense... I'm Jamaican and all of our chicken is farm raised and free range and it makes sense that they walk around and build healthy legs and juicy meat. In the US the poultry is kinda like Hollywood stars.... fake, pumped up, big huge breasts, with nothing else really going for it. They end up just kinda sad with mushy gross dark meat or tough drumsticks. I absolutely love dark meat in Jamaica and brown stew chicken is one of my all time favorite meals, because of those juicy awesome chicken thighs and now I understand why. I've never been able to properly verbalize or understand what the difference was, even though I always knew... it just never clicked. Thanks!

  • Michael Griffiths
    Michael Griffiths8 个月 前

    And one is filled with chemicals and farmed. Poison inthe cheaper cuts.

  • Michael Griffiths
    Michael Griffiths8 个月 前

    Ivegot twofingers.

  • iluvdissheet
    iluvdissheet8 个月 前

    Is it just me or did James say absolutely nothing in this episode 🤔

  • erika2313tan
    erika2313tan8 个月 前

    How is Barry the one who "likes" pretentious stuff but keeps one picking the cheaper item🤔🤣

  • Verbruggen, Paul verbruggen
    Verbruggen, Paul verbruggen9 个月 前

    don't use sea salt in liquid products, but chocolate has a liquid consistency when they put the sea salt into it , why does it not dissolve ??

  • Ronald Minch
    Ronald Minch9 个月 前

    If I saw Sea Salt by the seashore - is it the same Sea Salt I see in them taste ?

  • KitsChannel
    KitsChannel9 个月 前

    Ice cider??? You mean applejack right?

  • Horse Nuts
    Horse Nuts9 个月 前

    This confirms what I have always suspected. Turkey is boring and people are wasting their money on expensive ones. The best Christmas turkey, in my opinion, is.... a rib of beef. And I agree with the comment that instructions should be ignored and to trust a thermometer. My brother-in-law only really cooks once a year and that is at Christmas. While I can't abide turkey, he insists on having one. Every year. And every year he overcooks it.

  • Dailyson Lier
    Dailyson Lier9 个月 前

    Whisper Challenge pass it on! Have the first person make up a dish, once their turn is finished they whisper the name into the next person's ear. They only get to do it once! In the end, let the first and last person reveal what they heard/what they meant

  • emjayay
    emjayay9 个月 前

    Re turkey: in the US anyway, anything from Butterball on down is injected with a salty broth. So you are getting a little less actual turkey. But also in the US you can spend 5x more for a gourmet version. Maybe if it's organically fed there is a good reason for buying an expensive one. Meanwhile DO NOT BRINE a cheaper turkey. It is essentially already brined and if you add salt it will just be way too salty. Their point about the dark meat and texture being better because of more running around is a good one. Also the point about how turkey is served: some cranberries and gravy and no one will know what's what. How it's baked is most important - oven temperature, internal temperature, browning, etc. Extra hint: if you slice into it for serving and it's too pink and undercooked seeming for you, or just getting cold on the platter stick it in the microwave oven for a couple minute. No, the microwaves will not ruin anything. Hot food is good. Same thing with the gravy: stick that (ceramic) gravy boat in there and get the gravy hot.

  • emjayay
    emjayay9 个月 前

    He's right. Recipes are always calling for sea salt or kosher salt when the salt is going to dissolve anyway. No point in using the expensive stuff. The trace minerals that may be in expensive salts are insignificant, and they aren't iodized.

  • Miss Flowerpower
    Miss Flowerpower9 个月 前

    Concerned that your turkeys are so horribly expensive! Frozen turkey in America at Thanksgiving… $.99 per pound ($1.98 for comparable weight of 2lbs or approx 1 kilo). You basically paid double for a frozen turkey! That concerns me for your population. 😢 I always buy a huge bird [20 lb+) and never spend more than $25!

  • Herbert Erdferkel

    Herbert Erdferkel

    8 个月 前

    These cheap US turkeys are walking medicine cabinets, full of hormons, antibiotica to deal with the horrendous conditions of mass production and raised with processed food (some of it genetical manipulated even) ... they have a high potential to actually harm you over time, if you ate them regulary. In europe turkeys are more expensive, sure, but they are hold up to much higher standards when it comes to food safety, production oversight and legal limits for harmful substances are far lower in general. (Something which became very obvious in trade agreements when the US was trying get easier conditions for importing food to europe) As with most food items produced in the US the average quality difference is huge compared to europe (the FDA is heavily manipulated by lobbyists and years behind european standards) and I dont mind one bit that it is more costly to have more natural, healthier and safer food. If your food is dirt cheap then you pay for it in another way eventually, and I am not even talking about taste.

  • live4bass
    live4bass9 个月 前

    can you review knife sharpeners, or maybe teach us to use a sharpening stone?

  • stapuft
    stapuft9 个月 前

    "bread sauce" Wtf is bread sauce???

  • Ja M
    Ja M9 个月 前

    9:30 That sounds like Brexit

  • tritaeus
    tritaeus9 个月 前

    can you do a recipe so i can get potatoes like that?

  • Swara Bendre
    Swara Bendre9 个月 前

    They should have been offered potatoe skins!

  • tsuchan1
    tsuchan19 个月 前

    Ok, I can't not make comment about the 'spend 80% of your budget on the turkey... the rest is just rootveg' thing. On so many levels: - If I did spend 80% of my budget on the Turkey, it would be around £40. But I wouldn't. I could get a nice 5-6kg turkey from Aldi for £16-18. - It's not all about root veg: it's about sausages-in-blankets and stuffing which really need good ingredients - It's not all about root veg: it's about Christmas pudding; it's about Christmas crackers and a nice table cloth/serviettes, candles, and something nice to drink. - It's not all about root veg: it's about sprouts, cauliflour, red cabbage, and chestnut sauce, fresh cranberry sauce. - And the part about root veg: We need some good potatoes, carrots, parsnips, chalottes... worth devoting some budget for good ones. Anyway, I'll take a budget of £48 to do all that, and feed 10 people to the point of bursting if they like. That's about half the portion price of your expensive bird... for the entire meal. I think you'd be hard-pressed to get all the other components of my meal for 20% of your £102 bird (£20.40). I'd have to be pretty careful with my £30-£32 budget for the remainder.

  • Arisa Knightengale
    Arisa Knightengale9 个月 前

    I'm late, but tbh I could tell which bird was the fresh one cuz of the dark meat. The darker the meat, the more active the bird! Frozen birds tend to be from mass production farms where the goal is to fatten them up before slaughter, so the dark meat ends up lighter since they aren't as active as free range birds. Perks of growing up literally right in front of a chicken farm I guess!

  • Shamir Patel
    Shamir Patel9 个月 前

    For me, lads there is a handful of CNboth Channels that for me have formed a diverse category group called the Best Of British and you fine gentlemen are amongst that category without a shadow of a doubt. Now on the culinary standpoint, I’m a Waitrose person and everyone can say whatever they want about Waitrose as much as they want but allow me to explain why as there are several reasons: 1. I was brought up in London to a family who have been shopping there long before my own existence in particular my father who grew up near one. 2. Quality as I’m someone who will spend more for quality as quality doesn’t come cheap and Waitrose has a reputation for good practices when it comes to sourcing of meat, fish and the fruit and vegetables a lot of it coming from Prince Charles’s company or whatever you wish to call it as I’m not exactly a 100% what to call it either.

  • Keven Jones
    Keven Jones9 个月 前

    the potatoes on the salt one at min 3:50 look really good how are they made

  • noein road
    noein road9 个月 前

    Olive oil would be a good one. When should you be willing to splurge?

  • Anne Whiting-Kapsoff
    Anne Whiting-Kapsoff10 个月 前

    Try american style meals

  • Anne Whiting-Kapsoff
    Anne Whiting-Kapsoff10 个月 前

    Sea salt has a better taste

  • Edison Barrera
    Edison Barrera10 个月 前

    Do a christmas leftovers pass it on

  • Demon Eon
    Demon Eon10 个月 前

    Well the actual difference between a £22 and a £102 turkey is that the £102 is much larger. No clue why you got practically the same turkey.

  • benanderson89
    benanderson8910 个月 前

    I'm not a fan of turkey. We always get a frozen one every year and I just tuck into the pigs in blankets, but this year we spent an _eye watering_ £90 on a bird that was locally sourced and hand delivered and DAMN, I actually liked it! Good texture, good flavour, juicy, little fat. Perfect. With meat I feel you get what you pay for.

  • Jane West
    Jane West10 个月 前

    In the New Year a trip to Brussels to try the fries and the menu of sauces for them www.brusselslife.be/en/article/which-sauce-to-choose-with-your-fries

  • Adam Poll
    Adam Poll10 个月 前

    Props for the animal welfare message. Just because we enjoy eating meat doesn't mean we shouldn't care about the well-being of the animal prior to giving up its life. I personally am always happy to pay more for free-range produce (also benefits the smaller producers in some cases).

  • Charles Lucas
    Charles Lucas10 个月 前

    Compare salamis

  • Nudoc PRIME
    Nudoc PRIME10 个月 前

    Wow is today's video late . Think it's a first

  • Amanita Virosa
    Amanita Virosa10 个月 前

    Vinegar, pasta, sushi,

  • entZEROspawn
    entZEROspawn10 个月 前

    "What the hell is mead" I see it's time for another Viking invasion......

  • 2Sucubi1Chalice
    2Sucubi1Chalice10 个月 前

    102 pound turkey is a big turkey

  • Amanda Moore
    Amanda Moore10 个月 前

    Whoop, whoop... oh, my heart❤❤❤

  • dallama182
    dallama18210 个月 前

    Wasn't impressed with the sparkling mead.

  • Jelly DevTV
    Jelly DevTV10 个月 前

    Christmas day arrives and i find myself back here at sorted food. Just wanted to drop a note of thanks to Ben for his mention of cooking times. I had a turkey crown with the recommended cooking time of 3 hours, The actual time was 2 hours 5 minutes. Had i not watched this we would be looking at a cremation instead of turkey dinner. Thanks Ben and SORTEDfood!

  • Orange_sauce
    Orange_sauce10 个月 前

    Sample the Flesh

  • Alex Qu
    Alex Qu10 个月 前

    Pass it on based on whoever lives the northest

  • localcaitortot
    localcaitortot10 个月 前

    I'm actually really curious about price comparison of cooking oil.

  • onequartercanadian
    onequartercanadian10 个月 前

    4:40 Jamie couldn't resist that dad joke!