£25 Coffee Maker OR £350 Coffee Machine? | Chefs Recommend Kitchen Equipment Vol.3

DIY 和生活百科

With so much choice out there, finding the right kitchen equipment for you and your foodie lifestyle can be tricky. In this episode, our chefs recommend a selection of kitchen tools to get to the bottom of what makes a good, functional product.
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Philips Blender: amzn.to/3d03JZE
Food Ninja Food Blender & Soup Maker HB150UK: amzn.to/34tZHEN
Nisbets Essentials Whisk 12”: www.nisbets.co.uk/nisbets-essentials-whisk-12-inches/df117
Nisbets Schneider Stainless Steel 16 Wire Whisk 350mm: amzn.to/34sgwAf
Tillreda Ikea Portable Induction Hob: amzn.to/36C6HCg
Buffalo Touch Control Single Induction Hob 3kW: bit.ly/33BdCKi
Swan Retro Pump Espresso Coffee Machine: amzn.to/36BnJRa
Safe Bambino Plus Coffee Machine: amzn.to/3iu9orW
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  • Elissa Powell
    Elissa Powell23 小时 前

    I really like this series and the way it's done. Fun to see the chef chomping at the bit wanting to get his hand on some of they high end stuff, while the normie is like, they're all fine, I'll take the cheap one lol

  • Ankur Singhal
    Ankur Singhal天 前

    Just FYI, The Swan coffee machine is also sold by KMart in Australia for equal to GBP50. You guys are getting ripped off big time.

  • Sabrina Torgerson
    Sabrina Torgerson5 天 前

    I would love to see you guys compare electric pressure cookers.

  • Steve Bucsh
    Steve Bucsh6 天 前

    I think cookware in general would be a good one: skillets, saucepans, stock pots, etc

  • daveshook
    daveshook6 天 前

    Please test the instant pot

  • Doyle
    Doyle9 天 前

    A Roche spoon from therocherspoon.com vs a more standard spoon

  • Erin O'Donnell
    Erin O'Donnell11 天 前

    Maybe this is just me but I personally only want espresso every once in a while, so I’d personally invest in a French press and a pour over set (depending on how ambitious I’m feeling on a given morning) and go get an espresso a couple times a year if that’s what I’m in the mood for.

  • Asian Muffin
    Asian Muffin14 天 前

    all the frikin espresso machines were PRESSURIZED MURDER ME aLso preground coffee..... without a scale.... WITHOUT A SCALE- **Screams in Italian that I didn’t actually think I knew**

  • Will Drake
    Will Drake16 天 前

    Got the shark, it's awsome. The only downside is its a bitch to clean.

  • MrXaryon
    MrXaryon16 天 前

    Like I wrote to you some time ago - how about taking a look and testing a multicooker and a Termomix devices?

  • IIGrayfoxII
    IIGrayfoxII25 天 前

    The Buffalo Induction Cooker looks like it is more powerful. A1 500w Hob vs 3000w Hob is not a fair comparison.

  • Das Dovian
    Das Dovian25 天 前

    My mom has that ninja blender and hates it.😆 Apparently it doesn't get the right consistency for her sauces. She uses a cheap $20 for her sauces and uses the cinder block sized ninja for smoothies only.

  • Alacia Davis
    Alacia Davis26 天 前

    Gram scale Enamel cookware Zested/grater/mandolin Electric beaters

  • Sturla Jónsson
    Sturla Jónsson个月 前

    My dad bougt a 2000 dollar mashine. So worth it

  • Alex Julius
    Alex Julius个月 前

    When are we going to see ben testing kids kitchen gadgets for Tyrone ?

  • Abbas Bhaijibhai
    Abbas Bhaijibhai个月 前

    expected Breville's Control Freak, disappointed

  • Abbas Bhaijibhai

    Abbas Bhaijibhai

    个月 前

    maybe a new series called extraordinary equipment, and have the Mitsubishi toaster for ep.2

  • edwardk12687
    edwardk12687个月 前

    I can tell you this, my ninja has been phenomenal. I use it for damn near everything from smoothies, to sauces

  • rosiemills
    rosiemills个月 前


  • Barry ten Brinke
    Barry ten Brinke个月 前

    That is one of the saddest pours i have ever seen coming from an espresso machine.

  • PingWing
    PingWing个月 前

    6:52 = priceless 🤣

  • Bartas Kšivickas
    Bartas Kšivickas个月 前

    Milk steamer. NO. It's a Milk Wand!

  • lary lred
    lary lred个月 前

    Sorted please review kitchen gadgets from clean energy !

  • Mariposa en Peru
    Mariposa en Peru个月 前

    James: "Blenders: Although they're not essential, they're really, really useful." Me, living in Peru: A blender is one of the top 3 kitchen implements in this nation. 😂

  • Kyle Sinbry
    Kyle Sinbry个月 前

    After this vid I need another cup. Ah well I always need dat cup o caf in the morning or I dont feel myself at all but now I want some even now haha. That and some music that gets the pipes going like Enter Sandman by Metallica, Wasted by Delta Parole or Everlong by Foo Fighters! Then my day can start.

  • Joshua Woodcock
    Joshua Woodcock个月 前

    can i come show you how to use a coffee machine youl get alot better coffee lol love you guys

  • Lord of Heckfire
    Lord of Heckfire个月 前

    I feel like having a mid range item for more of these would add a lot to the price point videos

  • Leighton Edwards
    Leighton Edwards个月 前

    Is anybody else super distracted by the magical colour changing smoothie? 😅

  • London Bumpkin
    London Bumpkin个月 前

    coffee machine with capsules? perhaps? how about gadgets that chefs can’t live without?

  • waspbr
    waspbr个月 前

    Food processor

  • P ascal
    P ascal个月 前

    I got to experience a cheap induction hob and a much more expensive one. What did make a huge difference for me was the low end. Even on the lowest setting, the cheap one still immediatly boiled over when i tried to simmer milk.

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Interesting observation! So a lack of control across the spectrum of temparature.

  • Saso Mihailov
    Saso Mihailov个月 前

    You are doing espresso all wrong. Both of the more expensive machines are with a pressurized basket. You should have bought a machine with a non pressurized portafilter and a grinder and the difference will be immediate. And 350 GPB for Sage no way. You should have bought a Gaggia Classica Pro weight your shots time them and get a perfect espresso shot. Dammit guys get your homework done.

  • Freddi Jeffries
    Freddi Jeffries个月 前


  • Chrona Trigger
    Chrona Trigger个月 前

    Might sound basic (like the whisk here), but I would be interested in seeing spatulas. Plastic, solid metal, silicone, what would be recommended? What's best to look for in a spatula, size, rigidity, etc?

  • asjabluedog
    asjabluedog个月 前

    Those coffees were so badly made and was not a good show of those machines at all. If you would have tamped properly with the Sage or Breville as we call it in Australia you would have gotten a far better coffee.

  • Suzy Moore
    Suzy Moore个月 前

    I’ve been using the IKEA induction job in my caravan for a year and I didn’t get it new! It’s a good bit of kit

  • Chris Undery
    Chris Undery个月 前

    Sous vide perfect soft boiled eggs for soldiers - chefs vs normals

  • Ben Rawles
    Ben Rawles个月 前

    I'm a big fan of Sorted, but the coffee segment was painful to watch... 😬😭 You guys are big on fresh ingredients and doing a process right, so please go and do a good third wave barista course! No more pre-ground!! You owe it to yourselves ☕

  • Jelleybean18
    Jelleybean18个月 前

    I think you guys need to crack open more silly / fun cookbooks :)


    So for a cook book challenge. I almost want to see you all take on a recipe from a cookbook from the 18th century like Townsend does on his channel and how you'd put a modern twist on an old recipe.

  • Anthony Peters
    Anthony Peters个月 前

    on Oct 24 the the Bambino™ Plus is now listed for £399.95gbp and $499.95usd

  • Ben Steadman
    Ben Steadman个月 前

    Can you please review milk frothers?

  • Sambi Much
    Sambi Much个月 前

    I’d love to see the chefs discuss the different knives/ chef knives available. Specifically some of the styles coming from japan and how they compare to the European knives like wustoff and sabatier

  • Vrushi Patel
    Vrushi Patel个月 前

    Is it just me or did anyone else noticed the saturation filter and no filter green smoothie switches?

  • Mark Starr
    Mark Starr个月 前

    Crock Pots!

  • RimlandThesis
    RimlandThesis个月 前

    test home made ice cream makers!

  • Kyle Bartosiak
    Kyle Bartosiak个月 前

    You guys are great

  • Nertylle Blueberry
    Nertylle Blueberry个月 前

    Seeing James putting this little coffee in the mokka pot genuinely raised my eyebrows, do people in the UK really put this amount? I'm Bulgarian and make coffee for my partner, except if I don't fill the basket to the brim with ground coffee he doesn't drink it LOL

  • Laura Bloom
    Laura Bloom个月 前

    Obligatory engagement comment

  • J Cochrane
    J Cochrane个月 前

    Would love to see you guys using an ooni.

  • Riya
    Riya个月 前

    Mike here again when mike wasn't there to begin

  • Jonah Farrell
    Jonah Farrell个月 前

    Title made me think it was just about coffee. Glad it wasn’t 😂

  • Graham X
    Graham X个月 前

    Haha, I was just thinking "£350 for an espresso machine, that's a bit much", but then I looked over at my Technivorm Moccamaster that is £200 and only makes drip coffee, so who am I to judge. It does make really good drip coffee though.

  • Daniel Hauswirth
    Daniel Hauswirth个月 前

    i would like you guys to test the Volcano waffle iron by chefman

  • Mishawn McKinley
    Mishawn McKinley个月 前

    A convection microwave please

  • Diary of madness
    Diary of madness个月 前

    So, can you buy a milk heater/ milk wand that works by itself?

  • Rory Pyrke
    Rory Pyrke个月 前

    YOO that shot was soo fast :0

  • Thomas Granzow
    Thomas Granzow个月 前

    Why do the British call stoves "hobs?" Where does this come from?

  • BelaayyasMusic
    BelaayyasMusic个月 前

    Uhhhh, my blender was almost $600 from Blendtec. I definitely don't consider 150 to be anything more than mid-range. It took me 8 months to save up for my blender.

  • Buggles Kent
    Buggles Kent个月 前

    I'd like to see you give the actifry the once over please, love your gadget vids,

  • Tom Weston
    Tom Weston个月 前

    the number of James Hoffman based comments has restored my faith in youtube

  • Dan Thomas
    Dan Thomas个月 前

    The difference in coffee flavour was the grind, if you use a cafetiere grind in an espresso machine, it will not taste as good. You need a much finer grind for a portafilter based machine.

  • Mackenzie Reeves
    Mackenzie Reeves个月 前

    I have more ways to make coffee at home than I’d care to admit, the best cup still comes from that same exact stove top Moka Pot.

  • katinkasirena
    katinkasirena个月 前

    Meanwhile I am down here trying to remember when I last used my whisk....

  • MrBojangles447
    MrBojangles447个月 前

    oddly enough the moka pot is really good for butter infusions. it's odd but if you put cracked whole spices and herbs in the part where you put coffee it works

  • Bazbond
    Bazbond个月 前

    Please could you try Orblue Professional Danish Dough Whisk and the Brod & Taylor Folding Proofer

  • Aisyah Izhar
    Aisyah Izhar个月 前

    I almost cried seeing the espresso shots

  • Bryce Walburn
    Bryce Walburn个月 前

    James' reaction to being called a chef is interesting

  • Christina Stracquodaine
    Christina Stracquodaine个月 前

    Is the Buffalo induction one of the ones that will control with a feedback thermometer in the pot? Some do. I think there are some like that which are a totally different beast that just a plan hob like the Ikea one.

  • Mikey Cheung
    Mikey Cheung个月 前

    I would've gone for the cheapest one of all of these. Nice list.

  • David Willis
    David Willis个月 前

    Fab - great to see you guys reviewing, moka pot wins and so cool used on a campfire (join me in the woods again sometime - on me this time!!). Reviews of chefs knives and chopping boards would be cool - cheers

  • Rice&beans &rock&roll
    Rice&beans &rock&roll个月 前

    I dont feel it fair comparing blending kale to froozen berries, its Far simpler getting a nice smooth smoothie from berries. Any type of kale, lettuce etc is notoriously hard to blend.

  • jjaus
    jjaus个月 前

    I've had gas, old style electric and induction. Induction rules. It's so fast and so easy to control. You have to get used to is and expect a few burnt pans though.

  • crosswarrior7
    crosswarrior7个月 前

    I think we all can see why Ebbers was not involved in the whisk challenge.

  • bella
    bella个月 前

    I have always wondered how do you guys decide who gets what gadget or ingredient or whatever you're testing ?

  • Xerxes Ashleyy Tv
    Xerxes Ashleyy Tv个月 前

    Sortedfood is the underdog of cooking channels with lots of variety too, i swear. CNboth is seriously messing up their algorithm here

  • Jay Kay
    Jay Kay个月 前

    Can you do a mitsubishi electric bread toaster review please

  • Jay Kay

    Jay Kay

    个月 前

    Also can you do one with thr revolution cooking R180 toaster too.

  • Anita A
    Anita A个月 前

    Hi guys, would love for you to review a Sage Kitchen Wizz Peel and Dice. especially the dice function, and any compatable products on the market that dont cost £500. thanks! PS: love your videos!

  • 小井津野梅
    小井津野梅个月 前

    Watching the shots pour in b-roll I immediately winced. When you get redirected from a James Hoffman video you can immediately see if someone isn't a competent brewer. Lol. I liked it though because it made me feel like I'm good at making coffee.

  • Erin Carter
    Erin Carter个月 前


  • Miss_Kisa94
    Miss_Kisa94个月 前

    James: smoothies are quite popular 😂 my mom bought ours because she likes margaritas

  • Christian Storms
    Christian Storms个月 前

    big thing about induction hobs: how well do they do with small pots like milk pot? Even if it is capable of induction, some hobs (not only portable ones) won't detect it. Other thing, how well does it keep the heat. My portable hob (bought for high volume cooking on christmas) did a good job cooking. Then I made it go 30°C, as you could do that, and used it to keep my perfectly rare roastbeef warm. Guess what, it went up to 60°C periodically and the meat I had slow cooked for the last 12 hours went grey.

  • Kushagra Tiwari
    Kushagra Tiwari个月 前

    My grandma has an induction cooker that's at least 15 years old now. It was very cheap, even cheaper than what you got at IKEA. She uses it every day to make tea because it's the fastest way, and it's still perfectly good after 15 years

  • mist dragon
    mist dragon个月 前

    the coffee one is interesting as most people buy one every day. that can be loads of money. in Melbourne, Australia an average cafe coffee is around $4-6 having one of those every day adds up to $1460. this would make buying a coffee machine at $300 relatively reasonable, especially since in other parts of the world* homemade coffee is likely to be much better than barista if you put a little effort into learning the skills. (*I say this because Melbourne is obsessed with coffee and have a serious cafe game. so it is incredibly hard to be a barista here. most have qualifications) edit: these are in AUD

  • Kira Small
    Kira Small个月 前

    I think we all know why Barry has looked at buying g an induction hob 🤷‍♀️ insert mike and Jamie yelling about a hob being left on

  • LuckyDragon
    LuckyDragon个月 前

    Quality of coffee beans > quality of the grinder > quality of the espresso machine. If you're using supermarket pre-ground, it's not worth it to buy something like the Sage because, as shown, it doesn't taste much different from the moka pot, because you've skimped on the lowest common denominators. May I kindly direct you to James Hoffmann's review of sub-£100 and sub-£500 espresso machines: cnboth.info/dron/sh-p-n/lquDYruqlrijrpw.html and cnboth.info/dron/sh-p-n/bH1_fMeQrpnQy20.html, respectively.

  • little bitty
    little bitty个月 前

    Can one be addicted to kitchen appliances tools and gadgets. I think I am. Question about the hotplate hobs or whatever they're called. I need one but was told I'll need to upgrade my pots and pans from what I understand if a magnet sticks to it your pretty much right to go. Mine don't could you confirm this please. Also I would like to see themo cookers comparison.

  • Carly Strang
    Carly Strang个月 前

    I've had my IKEA induction hob for 3 years, and use it at least twice a day every day (I also have an electric cooker, and use the induction in preference).

  • Nicole Walter
    Nicole Walter个月 前

    Love the comercial for Meal Packs app at the end!

  • Lal Soong
    Lal Soong个月 前

    I found the real test for induction tops has been boiling water, some cheaper ones take for fucking ever to come up to a boil...if ever

  • BubblyBrainiac
    BubblyBrainiac个月 前

    So I am taking Mike's advice to pause the video. Not to subscribe and ring the bell. I was already a subscriber who watched every video when it was posted. Due to the frequency of the commercial breaks, I've actually reduced how frequently I watch your videos. It takes away from the viewing experience and invalidates those who have already completed the call to actions you are requesting. Just some feedback. Have a great day.

  • Anthony Ellison
    Anthony Ellison个月 前

    Blendtec or Robo coupe are the go to blenders for chefs chaps.

  • junie
    junie个月 前

    We deserve more bloopers! I DEMAND MORE BLOOPERS!

  • Raeanne Bedard
    Raeanne Bedard个月 前

    I argue that a whisk and blender are essential due to how easy they make cooking and preparation . Saving time is essential

  • robin z
    robin z个月 前

    Anyone wanting to get a moka pot: check your local outdoors shop, they do em for a lot less than 30 =)

  • Lionel Peer
    Lionel Peer个月 前

    Wow. Your espresso game is sacrilegious af. NONE of those were espressi.

  • Marcus Osborne
    Marcus Osborne个月 前

    £100’00 blender vs £10 blender 🧐

  • veterinaren
    veterinaren个月 前

    Do a full "blind test coffee". Filter coffe, French press, mokka, expensive. All of the ways :)

  • Hildigunnur Rúnarsdóttir
    Hildigunnur Rúnarsdóttir个月 前

    More coffee things! The ROK espresso maker, the Aeropress, the Chemex drip, that sort of stuff. Especially the ROK!

  • AJ
    AJ个月 前

    They really let Jamie say "firmality of the spindles" and put it in a video.

  • kevgrohl
    kevgrohl个月 前

    It's a good job James Hoffmann isn't dead because he'd be turning in his grave