7 Time Saving Chef Hacks to Speed Up your Cooking | CBA 2 COOK Ep. 1

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Ever felt like you just CBA to cook? Well, we’ve got your back! This is our new series packed full of pro-tips and cooking hacks that’ll spice up your cooking skills.
In this episode, James challenges Barry to cook up a delicious, quick udon puttanesca and guess what, it’s so speedy, James made it first in just 8 minutes 28 seconds! Will Barry be able to beat James’ time or will he go into panic overload? Watch to find out!
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  • SORTEDfood
    SORTEDfood3 个月 前

    Pre-order your very own copy of CBA2 here! bit.ly/3h1VUDr

  • Erica Jaye

    Erica Jaye

    3 个月 前

    I can't find this recipe in the online book. Is it there?

  • Asher Paul Tan

    Asher Paul Tan

    3 个月 前

    Hello sorted. There was a thread in the internet regarding bbc food cooking rice. Seeing on the Twitter. I realize British doesn't know how to cook rice. It was an abomination. Disturbing to watch as an Asian. Please teach your fellow British, how to cook rice. Thank you.

  • ReznoV Vazileski

    ReznoV Vazileski

    3 个月 前

    ​@Violet None Of Your Business Food processors and mixers (you even have kneading hooks for those things they're amazing) are great devices to take over the physical exercise out of almost any meal. A lot of products don't actually need peeling and a few more peel much easier after cooking like tomatoes or potatoes. For the parts that do need chopping, get yourself a nice weighty knife with a comfortable handle and a razor-sharp blade. Keep up the sharpness of the knife every time before you use it and you'll find you only have to rest the knife on your product and it will slide right through with its own weight, all you gotta do is allowing it to go down. Works best on an angle even because it will make the sliding motion for you, saves you another part of the job. When it comes to cooking I find proper tools really are half the work if not more.

  • Wendy Lane

    Wendy Lane

    3 个月 前

    It's not letting me order them...any of them to be shipped to me.

  • Priyankita Pant

    Priyankita Pant

    3 个月 前

    Do you have e books?

  • Lindi Koroni
    Lindi Koroni27 天 前

    Another great way to speed up pasta is using fresh pasta, it’s starting to be available in a lot of supermarkets and only takes a couple to get ready

  • Chris Owens
    Chris Owens个月 前

    5 minutes in my microwave turned the sauce to charcoal.

  • wawrzys
    wawrzys个月 前

    do you guys not have garlic crashers up there or just dont use them and usually chop the garlic, crasher is even faster than grater

  • Nate D
    Nate D个月 前

    For those in the states..... This inspired me to seek it out, and there's a brand available in most every grocery store here that does shelf stable Udon and Hokkien Noodles that work for this. I'd suggest the Hokkien if you want something more akin to spaghetti. Not a bad thing to keep in reserve in the pantry for a late night snack. Rinse in hot water, combine with sauce, nuke it, and add some good quality cheese. Good to go.

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Thanks for sharing Nate - always good to hear how ingredients differ around the world.

  • Flufflebut
    Flufflebut个月 前

    Man all the udon noodles I find at the markets are either disgustingly plasticized udon that reeks of chemicals, or dried thin noodles that don't have half the girth that I'm craving for when I specifically want udon to sink my teeth into. And doing proper hand made noodles is tricky cause I love udon enough that I can tell and am dissatisfied if it is even just slightly off. :/

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Yep, they never have quite the same bounce.

  • John Baldwin
    John Baldwin个月 前

    Love this guys but who is washing up in the background? W can hear them!!

  • Tiger C.
    Tiger C.个月 前

    If only Kenwood sold to Canada on amazon. T-T

  • 1lizziej
    1lizziej个月 前

    Why not do it as a one pot meal?

  • Charly Hamlyn
    Charly Hamlyn个月 前

    Your kettle is incorrectly wired, the light should not flicker like that.

  • Mark Evans
    Mark Evans个月 前

    Love you guys and Barry is really funny, where can I get the CBATC books please?

  • TheKardaMome
    TheKardaMome2 个月 前

    I made a few ajustments to this recipe to fit my taste since this video came out, but tonight's variant is the best so far! I ended up using chopped bacon that I had precooked instead of anchovies, maple syrup instead of sugar, and ramen noodles instead of udon... It was AMAZING!

  • georgettedena
    georgettedena2 个月 前

    Made this recipe granted I was eyeballing the measurements and eh... I wasn't a fan I definitely know I put a bit too much tomato puree but I'm very confident in my eyeballing haha and yeah it's not for me. But I did love that even though it was a fail for me the clean up afterwards was suuuper easy!!!

  • Jeremy P
    Jeremy P2 个月 前

    "The microwave has a bad reputation." - I agree. It seems like most chefs don't have any clue how microwaves work, and refuse to learn because it "soils their traditional values". I think there's a lot of interesting things microwaves could be used for if you just know how they work.

  • Jef Bracke
    Jef Bracke2 个月 前

    Convinced. Bought a microplane. Awesome tip guys, thx! 😘

  • Dr Youtube
    Dr Youtube2 个月 前

    Pasta does not taste anything like udon noodles...

  • Sara Bland
    Sara Bland2 个月 前

    He grated that garlic and I nearly threw my phone. What witchcraft is that?! I had NO idea you could grate with the skin on! I’m questioning every garlic handling situation I’ve ever been in.

  • Sophie Martin
    Sophie Martin2 个月 前

    I make puttanesca with BOSH’s (vegan) recipe - it’s so tasty - but loved the hacks in this video!

  • Rich
    Rich2 个月 前

    Such a chin imbalance here.

  • Ed Bond
    Ed Bond2 个月 前

    Any chance you can share the recipe for this one - can see the taco one!!

  • Lorena Ann Hepworth
    Lorena Ann Hepworth2 个月 前

    You guys are great!! Better than anything here in America! Found you last week, and can't get enough!thank you so much for the information and entertainment!

  • Ginger-Ale
    Ginger-Ale2 个月 前

    You could do that in a dorm room!

  • Thomas Opent
    Thomas Opent2 个月 前

    I've been grating my garlic for god knows how long now, mostly for marinades. Garliccrusher is a b*tch to clean and always leaves so much garlic in the press. Chopping is to something fine enough for a marinade takes forever. Grating is king!

  • David Roshinski
    David Roshinski2 个月 前

    I thought Quick udon puttanesca was a recipe in the cookbook bummer..

  • Monarch AkA Too Wavey
    Monarch AkA Too Wavey2 个月 前

    One sheet pan meals please. I just moved and I legit only have a sheet pan and a fork

  • Tstormer
    Tstormer2 个月 前

    that was sick

  • Mathias Westerlund
    Mathias Westerlund2 个月 前

    The format was fun and gained an like. But the editing and transition cards and overly loud background music that is constantly changing volume is really annoying and just took the like away. Sorted used to be something i watched to relax but this just brings stresslevels up.

  • The Food Tailor UK
    The Food Tailor UK3 个月 前

    Bought CBA2 for this lovely puttanesca recipe....but it’s not in there lol! But the recipes in CBA2 are awesome. 👍🏻

  • Jetmorrison
    Jetmorrison3 个月 前

    3:57 barry goes full martin short.

  • Morgan Nichole
    Morgan Nichole3 个月 前

    I love this! Around here, people tend to just drop in and my husband could easily entertain folks for 10 minutes so I could plate up dinner that they thought I'd have been on for ages. Thanks, as always, fellas!

  • Nessiferum
    Nessiferum3 个月 前

    You could precook pasta, cool and store in the fridge ready to make this on a weeknight if udon noodles don't appeal.

  • Shan H
    Shan H3 个月 前

    The "I know" after Barry's "that's genius"...🤣🤣🤣

  • TheCrosshare
    TheCrosshare3 个月 前

    The part about cooking that's CBA isn't really the cooking bit, that's pretty sorted(eh? :p) once you have everything ready. It's all that's not shown here: Prepping the incredients, worse even shopping for them, sorting out what tools and bowl your need, cleaning up the kitchen, stuff, and dinner stuff after.

  • khuang96
    khuang963 个月 前

    Tips 1. Preheating (kettle on) 2. Grater (garlic with skin on) 3. Stock up on flavorful ingredients 4. Substitutes (noodles over pasta) 5. Microwave timing noodles 6. Mini chopper 7. Tongs over colander (pasta/noodle water)

  • khuang96
    khuang963 个月 前

    Very little washing too! 👍

  • khuang96
    khuang963 个月 前

    New intro music~

  • caustic
    caustic3 个月 前

    I'm really excited to try this, but before I do I need to know... how bad does your microwave smell after microwaving anchovies?

  • MrTargenor
    MrTargenor3 个月 前

    Omg why the music change ?

  • Wendy Guthrie
    Wendy Guthrie3 个月 前

    I am NOT a good cook. Which cookbook is best for beginners?

  • alberta weddington
    alberta weddington3 个月 前

    "2:10" When someone wish somthing only use *nGDK.dlam.uno* It is fascinating on all devices! axx සෑම කෙනෙකුටම පරිපූර්ණ ක්රමය

  • Roger Fowler
    Roger Fowler3 个月 前

    "2:10" Whenever anyone want somthing simply consider using *1C7z.dlam.uno* It is a solution for all people() είναι ένα εργαλείο εργασίας για όλου

  • Juul Beckers
    Juul Beckers3 个月 前

    Tried the recipe: awesome

  • Reign Lorem
    Reign Lorem3 个月 前

    i dont know about over there, but here in canada there is fresh made egg pasta in the deli section that you just throw in boiling water for 2-4 minutes that would also work for alfredo or spaghetti

  • Tayla Rae
    Tayla Rae3 个月 前

    Could you guys do an episode where you each have one type of pot of kitchen equipment ( ordinary pot, instant cooker, hydrogen air fryer ) and you have to make a meal only using that. My dad suggested this lol x

  • Simon Watten
    Simon Watten3 个月 前

    More of these “ovenless” recipes please 👍🏼

  • Street Believers
    Street Believers3 个月 前

    Hmmmm udon + puttanesca still can't imagine that it would be good

  • Raoof Korabi
    Raoof Korabi3 个月 前

    for baba Ganoush: instead of roasting the aubergines in the oven to cook them, put them in a bowl and through them in the microwave for 5 min, and you get cooked aubergines in a min, then peel them, mix them with the rest of the ingredients and you're done. (EXTRA TIP: if you want extra charred smokey flavor in your dish, you can char the aubergines over the stove or with a blowtorch before placing them in the microwave, no need to remove the charred bits beforehand)

  • Keriel Watson
    Keriel Watson3 个月 前

    I'm tempted to get the book... But my fam is so fussy with food I'm wondering if it's worth it e.e no spice food, no garlic, no tuna, no fresh tomato's... *sigh*

  • Leo Tipler-Taylor
    Leo Tipler-Taylor3 个月 前

    James "It's not burnt its flavour " I have been saying this for years. Glad a chef backs me up.

  • Malaika Hussain
    Malaika Hussain3 个月 前

    I'm sold, I'm buying it!!

    ZIANA G3 个月 前

    good.. cnboth.info/dron/sh-p-n/eaWngbKfoLfNqI4.html

  • alex lane
    alex lane3 个月 前

    Can I just ask if you could do video on using Beanies flavoured Coffee? For example a Coffee cake and if the Flavours of the coffee come through???? As you get many different flavours Irish Cream,Amaretto etc..

  • Silver
    Silver3 个月 前

    Another pro-tip. Save your excess pasta water and allow to come to room temperature. As long as salt or flavor has not been added, this can be used for watering house plants.

  • Azraa
    Azraa3 个月 前

    Please start making tiktoks

  • magsimags
    magsimags3 个月 前

    gotta say, i love the quarantine beards

  • Sop LV
    Sop LV3 个月 前

    I don't see why you don't just use fresh pasta instead of udon noodles? Fresh pasta literally takes 1-2 minutes to cook!

  • Kath Harnett
    Kath Harnett3 个月 前

    8 and a bit minutes cooking - 20 mins at least clearing up the chaos left in the kitchen

  • Coloris
    Coloris3 个月 前

    Might there be an affiliate link for the mini chopper?

  • Mona Gee UK
    Mona Gee UK3 个月 前

    "always get something preheating before you start" is imo BAD advice. i've just had to STOP doing that bc my parents told me i was at risk of setting the kitchen on fire. (in case anyone fancies using a particular r slur to describe me, i literally am disabled (: )

  • Hajirac Hajirac
    Hajirac Hajirac3 个月 前

    "I'm learning and panicking at the same time" haha

  • Fuskobot
    Fuskobot3 个月 前

    10 min dish, 20 min dishes and cleaning up

  • Ørjan Steinsvik
    Ørjan Steinsvik3 个月 前

    I'm getting really sick of the prompts to like, smash the bell and subscribe......

  • Kaitlin Waldera
    Kaitlin Waldera3 个月 前

    microwave cooking/baking challenge

  • Debbie Hargreaves
    Debbie Hargreaves3 个月 前

    My hubby says he doesn’t like pasta but eats udon noodles 😆 I can sneak a few dishes in this way!

  • Brian Genthner
    Brian Genthner3 个月 前

    Put all of the pre-measured ingredients away. This is pretty unrealistic

  • Philip Smith
    Philip Smith3 个月 前

    Flabre is my new favourite word

  • Ben Quigley
    Ben Quigley3 个月 前

    I often use soy sauce or marmite(usually marmite) to replace anchovies in dishes as a vegetarian option. Do you guys have any better recommendation?

  • Sibbs Urlish
    Sibbs Urlish3 个月 前

    Love puttanesca, now I can make it in 8 minutes.

  • noemi giambattista
    noemi giambattista3 个月 前

    Please never follow the pasta cooking instructions. If you cook the pasta 10 minutes or more it is overcooked, it becomes glue. Fresh pasta no more than 3 minutes dry pasta no more than 8 minutes.

  • Liam Pasley
    Liam Pasley3 个月 前

    this actually looks horrible and the tips were basic af

  • Draugo
    Draugo3 个月 前

    "Nothing's on right now" What have you done to Barry? Blink twice if you're held hostage.

  • Ryan Kelley
    Ryan Kelley3 个月 前

    Are Brits short in the head? These short cuts are weak

  • Asher Paul Tan
    Asher Paul Tan3 个月 前

    Hello sorted. There was a thread in the internet regarding bbc food cooking rice. Seeing on the Twitter. I realize British doesn't know how to cook rice. It was an abomination. Disturbing to watch as an Asian. Please teach your fellow British, how to cook rice. Thank you.

  • Ian Ward
    Ian Ward3 个月 前

    What make is your Food Chopper or do you recommend alternatives?

  • Lotty Large
    Lotty Large3 个月 前

    I love how Barry was so excited about a mini chopper at one point. 😂😂❤️❤️

  • Mike Emma
    Mike Emma3 个月 前

    love your channel and what you do but this try hard acronym for this new book, and even the title itself, is frankly just kiiinda bad. But I love you gents. Keep doin you.

  • Maddy Broedel
    Maddy Broedel3 个月 前

    These episodes are always my least favorite. I enjoy this channel, and I’m happy to support its various ventures, but these videos are always just 10 minute long ads for the new products. It feels less like a cooking channel, and more like those baking channels that are just trying to sell mediocre baking supplies. I miss the casual channel, rather than all the forced “like and share” pauses these days. It feels less like a group of friends and more of a front for a business. Am I the only one who feels like that?

  • Vincent Brinegar
    Vincent Brinegar3 个月 前

    Totally a straight guy but, James....

  • Alex Langevin
    Alex Langevin3 个月 前

    I'll try this out

  • heritageofhastur
    heritageofhastur3 个月 前

    I have an out of print cookbook from the 1980's that I keep for the tips on how to use a microwave effectively. So much can be done without creating "rubbery chicken". It was called the "Goofproof Healthy Microwave cookbook". Mostly based on the low fat craze...

  • Thyria _
    Thyria _3 个月 前

    That looks like an amazing and easy recipe. 😊 Too bad there are no written instructions yet, since the book isn't released 😢 But I'll try to eyeball it. I really like that you don't have to use the stove for it. I love cooking, but I can't stand the heat in the kitchen while the summer heat is already killing me. 😅

  • grouch314
    grouch3143 个月 前

    If you're going to me melting a cheese like parmesan that you would normally be using a fine grater for, you can use a course grater instead. It'll still melt into a sauce just fine but grates in a fraction of the time. Other cheeses can also be roughly chopped instead of grating into a sauce

  • Forest Aller
    Forest Aller3 个月 前

    I feel like you really missed an opportunity in not naming it Still Can't be Arsed.

  • Drackar
    Drackar3 个月 前

    Angel hair takes about the same time as those pre-cooked udon, and that's generally the direction I go. Angel hair, bottom of a skillet, add a couple inches of hot water on top, done in four minutes or so.

  • william mcneil
    william mcneil3 个月 前

    dear sortedfood i was just watching your video about the 5 part, conpartmented frying pan, what do you use it for? i dont really need a full english bretfest what else what i use it for, i was looking online but there doesnt seem to be a recipes for devided frying pans. thank you

  • Robin
    Robin3 个月 前

    Thank You

  • kalopsia10
    kalopsia103 个月 前

    Is there a vegetarian substitute for anchovies?

  • Arianddu
    Arianddu3 个月 前

    Smiling delightedly as he says "look at me, I'm learning and panicking at the same time!" is possibly the most Barry thing ever.

  • PaxPirate
    PaxPirate3 个月 前

    I really love this concept! Looking forward to the next challenges and tips!

  • SamwiseThePippin
    SamwiseThePippin3 个月 前

    I'd like to see a microwave only battle between the chefs. Only heat from the microwave.

  • Brian Ellison
    Brian Ellison3 个月 前

    democratic debate

  • someedgykid
    someedgykid3 个月 前

    I don't know there might be religious and/or ancestoral ramifications to me putting Parmesan on udon

  • Ebba Wilson
    Ebba Wilson3 个月 前

    I have a battle idea: Canned food, but the labels are off, the first person picks a can and works with what is inside, you can end up with multiple proteins, or chickpeas when you wanted tomatoes. It will force the guys to maybe make more than one dish as some things don't work together. plus how do you work fruit cocktail into a savoury dish?

  • Debb Curry
    Debb Curry3 个月 前

    I am not saying I've watched a lot of SortedFood ... however I dreamt i am part of the team last night 😄😄😄

  • solterocaballero
    solterocaballero3 个月 前

    I prefer your work on Sillicon valley

  • gloriakmm
    gloriakmm3 个月 前

    You could just pulse that sauce in a food processor.

  • Aimee Lambert
    Aimee Lambert3 个月 前

    The grating of garlic. Barry: Why have we not done that before? Me: WHY HAVE WE NOT DONE THAT BEFORE?! Seriously, that's gonna save me so much time and effort in life. How have I come this far without knowing? Also, "It's not burnt, it's flavour" has always been my mantra. Thank you for validating!

  • CrazyLittleWorlds
    CrazyLittleWorlds3 个月 前

    Great choice to do that with Barry, but I try to imagine it with Jamie

  • Murrrr!
    Murrrr!3 个月 前

    Most of the time in cooking goes to prepping the ingredients and cleaning the tools, and none of that was counted in the time :)

  • shit lista
    shit lista3 个月 前

    If only there was vegan substitute for anchovies :(