A Chef Reviews DIY Food Kits

DIY 和生活百科

Who knew that 2020 would be the year of DIY and Make Your Own food products? In this episode, we test, review and taste a bunch of food kits to see if they’re worth a dabble during lockdown. Have a watch to see how Ben and Jamie got on...
Make Your Own Halloumi: bit.ly/2XErAqw
Make Your Own Chilli Sauce: bit.ly/3gwfKHt
Make Your Own Gin Cookies: bit.ly/2XbFKjP
Homemade Curing Kit: amzn.to/3dawMZR
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  • Anduke #253MTG #253EDH
    Anduke #253MTG #253EDH6 天 前

    It seems like these aren't customizable at all. It's more of a make OUR product kit

  • FuzzFuzzzz
    FuzzFuzzzz14 天 前

    a tips on the "make sure that there is no air left inside the bag": dip the bag in a bowl of water. you will get out alot of more air from the bag //A normal

  • John Vittie
    John Vittie18 天 前

    Once again Job well done by the "S" Team! I would try all but the Gin Cookies. Also after your own bacon and put in a zip lock bag it's Squeal A Meal!! Another Great video learned a lot. Make your own Beer?

  • SORTEDfood


    18 天 前

    Great idea! We all love beer!

  • Xenotric
    Xenotric19 天 前

    the issue with some of these is that its not really "your own" its a "make our recipe only!" ideally I'd want to see the box come with everything needed to make basic recipes but in the instructions to tell you what you could try instead and why your using x here. The haloumi and bacon ones are good because they are as much a learning thing as it is a "heres a recipe to do!" but with the cookies and the sauces it very much felt like a "heres a recipe, go do it" for something thats kind of common for people to know how to do anyway. Just a few "you could try adding some X here for that extra little Y taste!" would elevate so many of these to a truely great introduction to making your own of the things. You either want something new to experience or something informative that you can use to develop your own stuff or something that is better freshly made. The cookies and sauce you could have just bought fully finished and have the same experience and end product :/

  • Melissa Ospina
    Melissa Ospina24 天 前

    I was obsessed with sorted when they first started, then I stopped watching them.for a while, but now I'm hooked again, really enjoyed this last couple of months videos 👌

  • modern people are fucked Kerrigan
    modern people are fucked Kerrigan25 天 前

    Out of curiosity maybe if you press it overnight it might have the consistency to release on the grill?

  • SpringMommy
    SpringMommy个月 前

    I'm sure Uncle Roger does not approve of the colander.

  • cantthink_ofname_
    cantthink_ofname_个月 前

    First one is just panner... No need to give 22$ just add lemon juice and it will work. I mean... I just said what the hell...

  • John Piccolini
    John Piccolini个月 前

    Yes, nothing says "chile" like "Upton Cheyney"?

  • ossiferfunk
    ossiferfunk个月 前

    Why am I sooooo attracted to Ben, why thoooooo

  • Vanessa Thompson
    Vanessa Thompson个月 前

    Would like to try the bacon curing

  • Kerissa Chetty
    Kerissa Chetty2 个月 前

    Ben: Luckily for us James has made all three flavours. Also Ben: I feel accomplished 😂😂

  • London Mechana
    London Mechana2 个月 前

    I’d love to see you guys make the gin cookies but better!

  • kristine may
    kristine may2 个月 前

    WoW ! Nice idea ! I tried www.amazon.com/bluekeyworld Cable Clips and it helped my organization

  • Ford Terrill
    Ford Terrill2 个月 前

    Food grade sanitizer is the way to go. My strawberry fig habanero preserves used to only last a year, max. Then I remembered from my beer brewing that food grade sanitizer was a thing. Now my preserves last upward of two years in a jar.

  • Austin Wilbanks
    Austin Wilbanks2 个月 前

    That play/pause button is perfectly centered on the Sorted logo on split screen. Kudos lol

  • James Buckland
    James Buckland2 个月 前

    Upton cheyny chili farm is great. Do tours aswell. Just outside Bristol

  • David Court
    David Court2 个月 前

    What would happen if you used beef (chicken, turkey) instead of pig?

  • Gen Doll
    Gen Doll2 个月 前

    I wish they had done Chef Bogarde pizza box kit!! I LOVE those! My whole family does! It’s one of the few pizzas that you don’t dare put ranch on because it’s just SO GOOD by itself! The kits use to include a packets of grated Parmesan but they just contain the ingredients to make the dough and the can of sauce which is SO DELICIOUS! You can buy the cans of sauce at Walmart only and we do! The pizza is so good! It’s the only “thin crust” pizza I’ll eat and it’s not a crispy crust which I love! I like soft crusts and just something about this pizza sauce is magical!

  • countryside_guy
    countryside_guy3 个月 前

    What on earth is cheese salt? Salt is salt isn't it?

  • Kyle Shanebeck
    Kyle Shanebeck3 个月 前

    Lol ONE chipotle??? Those are barely even spicy guys 🤣🤣🤣

  • Vixey Teh
    Vixey Teh3 个月 前

    Jamie: "I'm here on a zoom call watching my friend..." Ben: "seperating curds and whey." ...oh Jamie... you poor thing... it gets worse... you end up watching your friend eat bacon! On a zoom call! XD

  • Vixey Teh
    Vixey Teh3 个月 前

    Ben: "finally after 8 weeks I've put the chef jacket back on." Jamie: "still no trousers though." Ben didn't deny it... and oofff Jamie's been in qurranteen too long, he's thinking about Ben being pantless! Oh dear! Lol XD

  • SinisterMD
    SinisterMD3 个月 前

    DIY homemade whiskey kits. Seems right up your alley.

  • dottleddolly
    dottleddolly3 个月 前

    You could try a make your own gin kit, I would love to see Ben's reaction when you start with a bottle of Vodka lol

  • Thomas Huisman
    Thomas Huisman3 个月 前

    Absolutly love Ben's reaction to the cookies. So harsh, but oh soooo true. The legend :P

  • FireofDawn
    FireofDawn3 个月 前

    Honestly you can replace the gin with water and get the same taste lol

  • Erin O'Donnell
    Erin O'Donnell3 个月 前

    Kind of want to see Ben make his own boozy gin cookies now.

  • Michael Brocklesby
    Michael Brocklesby3 个月 前

    1+ 2- 3-- 4++ my potential to try.

  • CLD
    CLD3 个月 前

    Really unlikable hosts

  • Elle_223
    Elle_2233 个月 前

    Ben is my fav

  • jongdaes_
    jongdaes_3 个月 前

    i really enjoyed this!! you guys should do a part 2

  • Wraithe
    Wraithe3 个月 前

    Some of those are banging value, while others seem a bit steep. Great all round though. The ideas are awesome.

  • william mcneil
    william mcneil3 个月 前

    i am puzzled, i know a friend who makes bacon, it normally takes 14 days, how did you get it to take less days ?

  • kytis13
    kytis133 个月 前

    Bacon one was cool but really, the only "unique" ingredient there is the sodium nitrate. Got a good sized bag for under $10 online and its lasted me quite a while. Made over 10kg of bacon and I still have more than half of the salt left :) Just diy the seasonings and pick the flavours you want

  • J cooks love Family
    J cooks love Family3 个月 前

    I would enjoy the Halloumi as a diy. Thanks for testing! Love watching the videos.

  • mark totton
    mark totton3 个月 前

    Hang on, this is just milk and rennet?

  • Isabel Large
    Isabel Large3 个月 前

    I can just imagine Ben making hos own gin cookies like a child making a chocolate cake. 😂😂😂

  • Wade Patterson
    Wade Patterson3 个月 前

    Jamie can take the time to pile his hair like a skyscraper but can’t learn that it’s not pronounced “imfinitely”

  • Tyler Joseph Schommer
    Tyler Joseph Schommer3 个月 前

    This uses US measurements. In case people are wondering, a shot of alcohol is typically about 1.5 fl oz. 2 teaspoons is .33 repeating fl oz.

  • Wondergal C
    Wondergal C3 个月 前

    Bilatong ...... Ben is bil and then tong there is no a... Biltong. Haha

  • Jefferson Fjeld
    Jefferson Fjeld3 个月 前

    I would love to see you try out the Umai Dry Bags.

  • Just A Someone
    Just A Someone4 个月 前

    At Harrods we bake it

  • Just A Someone

    Just A Someone

    4 个月 前

    I meant the halloumi

  • Scott Porter
    Scott Porter4 个月 前

    These kits were all wildly overpriced. I can confidently say that 20 minutes of googling/youtubing, and a trip to your local grocery store will save you 75% or more on any of them (you're going anyways, seeing as half the ingredients weren't provided), and better yet, you'll be able to reproduce it and tweak it any time you want. This video watched like a sponsored ad as it wasn't nearly critical enough of what was provided, and the value for the money.

  • HaydenX
    HaydenX4 个月 前

    "Make your own! Only we select every single ingredient for you..." Really, only the cheese one looks decent to me. The chili sauce one was unbelievable...they give you a secret spice mixture and then you say "I made this". No. That's utter nonsense. If the kit was just the bottles and a bunch of lids for multiple batches with a book explaining the sanitization process, a list of suggested recipes, and a fundamental list of general ingredients commonly added to hot sauces and what they accomplish when used, that'd be great. I do my own canning of salsas, chutneys, and sauces, as well as ferment my own foods and beverages...and having an all-in-one startpoint from an authoritative source would have been nice...but just being given a bag of powder and told to mix it with stuff from cans to "make your own" is fake as hell. There is a point at which guidance becomes hand-tying, and the chili sauce one is just flat out a set of handcuffs.

  • Zubiila
    Zubiila4 个月 前

    Now I'm hungry for halloumi and bacon.

  • aalever
    aalever4 个月 前

    Bacon and halloumi ones are inspiring. I wouldn't buy the gin one for any of my gin-loving friends as I think they'll be disappointed that it doesn't taste of gin. I already have all the stuff I need to make home-made chili sauce (it's simple enough without a kit, IMHO.)

  • Justin Coleman
    Justin Coleman4 个月 前

    I love cooking but wouldn’t do any of them. I really enjoyed watching someone else do it though. More please.

  • Eidenhoek
    Eidenhoek4 个月 前

    If you use a quarter of a tablet, why not make the tablets one-quarter the size?

  • Eidenhoek
    Eidenhoek4 个月 前

    Did one of those DIY things have a pig on it? DID IT HAVE A PIG *INSIDE* IT?

  • Anth Trueman
    Anth Trueman4 个月 前

    Try Angus & kink stuff out

  • Heavyweight camping
    Heavyweight camping4 个月 前


  • Silver
    Silver4 个月 前

    Chili sauce kit was too much. The ingredients are very affordable and easy to make. I've been seeing ads for this product called spike your juice which takes a simple store bought juice and turns it into booze. I'd like to see you guys have a go at it.

  • Samira Peri
    Samira Peri4 个月 前


  • Bayley
    Bayley4 个月 前

    what the hell is halloumi

  • Velva Hampson
    Velva Hampson4 个月 前

    "When has two teaspoons ever been a generous glug of gin?" Ben is me in this moment.

  • tsuchan1
    tsuchan14 个月 前

    I think I'd only go for the Haloumi... and mainly because of the re-usable components. That looked pretty good.

  • Cameron Eridan
    Cameron Eridan4 个月 前

    why's everyone calling brown sugar "demarara" lately what's up with that

  • Marwa alhumaidan
    Marwa alhumaidan4 个月 前

    Ben getting more and more grumpy about the cookies is the best part of the episode hahahahaha

  • Emma Millband
    Emma Millband4 个月 前

    I dont know how much this pack is but you can achieve the same thing with 4 pints of full fat milk and lemon juice

  • Jean-Francois Quesnel
    Jean-Francois Quesnel4 个月 前

    have done the bacon at home, but I also raised the pig myself, so a little more DIY.

  • Jyl L.
    Jyl L.4 个月 前

    It's too bad they didn't give you a bunch of ancho and guajilla chilis and tell you how to make chili sauce the right way. It's much better than powders and one measly chipotle pepper. Smoked, properly dried ancho that smells like raisins and tastes quintessentiallt like Mexican chili sauce is 1,000,000 x better than 1 dried chipotle pepper any day of the week. That's my only gripe.

  • Maxx B
    Maxx B4 个月 前

    Ben it's pronounced Bill-tong not bill-a-ton or however you said it.

  • Loren Blake
    Loren Blake4 个月 前

    Bilitong? It’s Biltong

  • hetspook666
    hetspook6664 个月 前

    Make your own beer kits are a thing that's something you should try, it will take about 4 to 6 weeks of waiting. So that might be a bit unpractical for the channel. You get a 25L bucket and a can of malt, you add water and measure the sugar content, add yeast etc.

  • Claudia Trammell
    Claudia Trammell4 个月 前

    I’d love to try those. Can you get them in the states?

  • Paty González
    Paty González4 个月 前

    oh no, please do not spend that amount of money in a DIY box for a sauce, just search for a recipe and experiment yourself... also, the tiny amount of chili peppers made me cry in Mexican

  • VAnessa de jong
    VAnessa de jong4 个月 前

    NO one is wearing trousers right now. At a meeting I wear a blouse and a no pants. They don’t see the panties

  • Marie Lawson
    Marie Lawson4 个月 前

    Not a fan of the prices but the bacon and the cheese kits were fun

  • Shawn Hunter
    Shawn Hunter4 个月 前

    do more diy food kits please

  • Richard Samuelson
    Richard Samuelson4 个月 前

    Halloumi...I used to enjoy it, until I went overboard and ate too much at once. Now I'm quite hesitant to eat much of it. Shame. As for the chili sauce, I really cannot stand overly-pungent sauces. I prefer a mild pungency.

  • mutefeed
    mutefeed4 个月 前

    12:44 RUB YOUR PORK

  • Dillon T
    Dillon T4 个月 前

    Since I'm an American idiot lol, is quid and pounds the same????

  • Knight of YouTube
    Knight of YouTube4 个月 前

    When Ben said rub your pork.... I already did that.

  • NonsensicalVids
    NonsensicalVids4 个月 前

    two teaspoons of gin....woah slow down now

  • Rich Wood
    Rich Wood4 个月 前

    The gin one is a waste of money. You can find a recipe anywhere and just add some gin and save yourself over half the cost of that kit to make many more biscuits than 9 or so 10-12 according to them. All the rest look fun and you can learn something by using them.

  • Ann Other
    Ann Other4 个月 前


  • Ann Other
    Ann Other4 个月 前

    I've noticed most of the halloumis in my local Turkish food shop arent actually called Halloumi. Its something like Shaped Animal Rennet or something

  • MrGameadd1ct
    MrGameadd1ct4 个月 前

    I've done brines for bacon never did a dry cure. I wonder how they differ.

  • yazzaroo
    yazzaroo4 个月 前

    I love these kit review vids, keep them coming :)

  • Jonathon Schwendler
    Jonathon Schwendler4 个月 前

    Bacon threw me for a loop until I remembered Brits don't call streaky rashers bacon.

  • SHN Vlogs
    SHN Vlogs4 个月 前

    i thought that was Stephen Hawking in the thumbnail

  • Joel Myers-Burton
    Joel Myers-Burton4 个月 前

    Love the idea of the Halloumi and Bacon kits, definitely would give those a go, chili sauce quite cool too, think I'd give the gin biscuits a miss tho

  • Anssi Nokelainen
    Anssi Nokelainen4 个月 前

    Wait what? Someone's a musician? There's a Soundcloud account?🤔

  • Miss Communication
    Miss Communication4 个月 前

    Do you think the haloumi texture was a draining issue, a compressing issue, or something else?

  • Lee0nie
    Lee0nie4 个月 前

    Did I hear 'billetong'? It's BILTONG - no e in there at all.

  • Geraldine Leuterio
    Geraldine Leuterio4 个月 前

    Wait....... never... in my life have I thought to use my thermometer like he did with the milk for the halloumi... O_o

  • SheWolfiie
    SheWolfiie4 个月 前

    Any South Africans cringing at the way he pronounced Biltong? 😂 love you really though Ben haha

  • soinu foig
    soinu foig4 个月 前

    SORTEDfood> "Make your own halloumi" Me> "I've got some Lunchables Pizza. That is basically a DIY"

  • Katraca Leigh
    Katraca Leigh4 个月 前

    Would love to see you guys do some of Cupcake Jemma's cookie kits!

  • bowen voowy
    bowen voowy4 个月 前

    Could you imagine the havoc if Jamie had been the one in the kitchen 😂😂

  • Katharine Lynette Hansen
    Katharine Lynette Hansen4 个月 前

    2 teaspoons of Gin is absolutely nothing. Ben make your own Gin cookies please

  • soinu foig

    soinu foig

    4 个月 前

    is it bad that i have this intro memorised word-for-word and say it along with them?

  • Salima Sweet
    Salima Sweet4 个月 前

    We have made cheese a lot, and meat curing is always rewarding. The great thing about these kits is that you gain a skill that you can use again and again.

  • bowen voowy

    bowen voowy

    4 个月 前

    If you guys made a make your own cookies kit, I'd buy it!

  • turkeypaz
    turkeypaz4 个月 前

    Great episode just like all of the others! Keep it up guys! I think Hot sauces or chili type food should be more of a thing? Better yet: Hot ass sauces, self made or premade/premium, and chili based foods from around the world.

  • Maurits Folmer
    Maurits Folmer4 个月 前

    Anyone knows what brand Ben's cutting board is?

  • bowen voowy
    bowen voowy4 个月 前

    SORTEDfood> "Make your own halloumi" Me> "I've got some Lunchables Pizza. That is basically a DIY"

  • Catherine Reed
    Catherine Reed4 个月 前

    Yea, you probably guessed this, but I came back and am now subscribed again. It's like a bad addiction, I can't stay away.

  • bowen voowy

    bowen voowy

    4 个月 前

    Ben's comedic timing was on point in this one 😂😂 I loved when he said only he was the lucky one. P.S. Ben, the pronunciation of biltong is as straightforward as it's spelled!

  • Андрей Шаповалов
    Андрей Шаповалов4 个月 前

    Comment on the guy from Russia, should he continue to continue to cook and shoot the video. Let's give the guy a mark !?cnboth.info/dron/sh-p-n/r4amm7CIqqvLm4I.html

  • Ben Nesbitt
    Ben Nesbitt4 个月 前

    The bacon one sounds cool. I'm making Orange blossom Mead right now.

  • bloemundude
    bloemundude4 个月 前

    They pretty much all amount to "make your own lobster" "just add lobster".