A Chef REMOTE CONTROLS a Home Cook!! | Handmade Ravioli

DIY 和生活百科

Who said self-isolation has to be boring?! In this episode, Mike is dared to better his skills in the kitchen by stepping up to James’ Remote Control Pasta Challenge. Does Mike manage to pull it off? Do our surprise guest judges laugh in the face of their video call cameras? Watch on to find out!
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  • SORTEDfood
    SORTEDfood6 个月 前

    We made this video to help explain our packs app. Head over and give it a watch! bit.ly/3a1o1P8

  • Ahmad Rashidi

    Ahmad Rashidi

    6 个月 前

    @Jeska they don't have to do it now more like after the quarantine is over

  • shit lista

    shit lista

    6 个月 前

    Can we freeze the uncooked ravioli or something? I made this, it was delicious but I live alone and ate it all so I can barely breathe know, please help

  • Lulu Huffington

    Lulu Huffington

    6 个月 前

    Do y'all have a video of what you think should be in every kitchen? Like "must have", "if you can afford it", and "oooohhhhh even I really want this" for both tools and food staples. If not, could you? I've got a lot of time on my hands....I may as well set up my rink kitchen right.

  • tommylover842


    6 个月 前

    I've been wondering about the packs app...can the recipes be converted to cups and pounds? I've made a few of the recipes shared on videos and it takes me a bit of time to convert it lol.

  • Andy Szlamp

    Andy Szlamp

    6 个月 前

    Can one of you make a goose, duck or lamb dish?

  • Macey
    Macey10 天 前

    Where did James get his internet from? Australia like the rest of us? 😂

  • 박순규
    박순규11 天 前

    The courage of this man to work in his kitchen wearing a white cotton sweater 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Alex Julius
    Alex Julius16 天 前

    Just how the Nona's make it a sarcastic ginger scott yelling at a afternoon tea englishman

  • Elizabeth Cherry
    Elizabeth Cherry个月 前

    That dish looks lovely.

  • Jennifer Dawson
    Jennifer Dawson个月 前

    Looks amazing

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    It surprised us all! Even with the "Huttle-storm" he created.

  • 525 Cooking
    525 Cooking个月 前

    James sitting pretty with a full Modernist cuisine set in the background. #jealous

  • 08marliesm96
    08marliesm96个月 前

    I just love James. He's simply adorable

  • Forever
    Forever个月 前

    @SORTEDFood, what are the proportions you use for pasta?

  • J.R. Trevino
    J.R. Trevino个月 前

    I don't want to see more of these only because I can't wait to see you guys together once again. Great video as usual, and thank you for your time and work.

  • Artie Pavlov
    Artie Pavlov2 个月 前

    the question that's bothering me. why is James sitting in front of a closet door and has a bookshelf in front of it. Is it propping the door so Ben can't get out? PROBABLY!

  • Batool Fatima
    Batool Fatima3 个月 前

    Did NO ONE notice Mike’s laugh to 6:58 🌚🤣🤣

  • stovap
    stovap3 个月 前

    Ya just make me happy!

  • Tanmay Datta
    Tanmay Datta3 个月 前

    Pass it on start and ending with Jamie

  • Si Blacklock Hughes
    Si Blacklock Hughes3 个月 前

    What is that set of books in the background? It looks like Modernist Cuisine but then titles aren’t long enough. Why am I obsessing about these things? Found it now - it’s Modernist Bread and it’s not cheap! www.amazon.co.uk/dp/0982761058/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_LjgcFbFKE96AK

  • QM Wang
    QM Wang4 个月 前

    awesome good job!!!!! i rarely comment but this is awesome!!!!!

  • Ching Dee
    Ching Dee4 个月 前

    I need James to remote control the rest of my life.

  • Ata Avrupali
    Ata Avrupali4 个月 前

    If we look at a graph of egocentrism vs achievements, James scores very well in being the most egocentric "chef" without any achievments. What a snob douche. All the others in the team are incredibly fun and interesting!

  • Julie Crawford
    Julie Crawford4 个月 前

    Would love to see you gentlemen make rum raisin Dutch Baby pancakes!!

  • Spookay T'is Me
    Spookay T'is Me5 个月 前

    That fake timing and fake panic was just a bridge too far for me.

  • Uwe Schroeder
    Uwe Schroeder5 个月 前

    He actually did season the filling. He used half a cube of chicken bouillon which is quite salty. He should have checked later though and adjusted. But for someone in panic mode it looks quite good. It's most likely much better than any ready made store bought ravioli - you know, like the "4 cheese" ones where you wonder what that rubbery so not cheese flavored filling it.

  • Tricia Tripp
    Tricia Tripp5 个月 前

    I made raviolis today from scratch for the first time inspired by you!! Thank you!!

  • Anusha Dommeti
    Anusha Dommeti5 个月 前

    You guys should do a challenge where a normal replicates a dish a chef is making simultaneously, but with the sound off so the chef can't explain the technique. Would work well with dishes which have complicated techniques!

  • Paopin
    Paopin5 个月 前

    Remote controls... more like "the ratatouille challange" really..

  • Leo Joey
    Leo Joey5 个月 前

    Mikey and Jazza are so bloody cute I can't

  • Saul Simon Tan
    Saul Simon Tan5 个月 前

    I don't know if this is safe, but what about a chef remote-controlling a normal... without getting to see what the normal is doing? Kind of like Keep Talking and No One Explodes... (Probably should have a third person watch and call out only if something dangerous is about to happen.)

  • Jac B
    Jac B5 个月 前

    awesome. Definite pass !! Good job.

  • jadalicious2
    jadalicious26 个月 前

    I love this. I was on the end of my seats.

  • Daniel Huang
    Daniel Huang6 个月 前

    One of the normals to "remote control" a chef and tech them to make one of their family recipes or a recipe that they would be more familiar with than the chef.

  • Alexy Shmaevitch
    Alexy Shmaevitch6 个月 前

    i used this video to guide me in to making my first ever ravioli . i forgot to seal with egg yok , but other then that it was good !!! Thanks !

  • Naabeille
    Naabeille6 个月 前

    Thank you guys for this video! I don’t think I would have had the courage to do my own pasta at home without this video. It took me much more time than Mike and I didn’t really rolled it thin enough, but it was a good meal and I’m really happy of how it turned out :D

  • Mark Dickson
    Mark Dickson6 个月 前

    Looks great. Lucky dude, haven’t seen flour in a shop for over a month!

  • Bronte Germain
    Bronte Germain6 个月 前

    I've been wanting to try making pasta at home but don't have a machine, so this was actually super encouraging!! (And lots of fun)

  • Claire Hale
    Claire Hale6 个月 前

    Please Please more Remote Chef!!! So entertaining and great to see others creatively connecting in isolation. Recipe suggestions - Pastries - Croissants, Pain au chocolat - or macarons!

  • Samantha Lanphar
    Samantha Lanphar6 个月 前

    You did a great job and you guys at Sorted and making my extended quarantine in Pennsylvania tolerable! I watch your reruns😊

  • Drew Stubblefield
    Drew Stubblefield6 个月 前

    Don't forget about the utility workers. Water, and Power especially. We're still here, at work, doing what we do, and making sure y'all can be comfortable at home.

  • Serena Bilich
    Serena Bilich6 个月 前

    Yes please do more of these!

  • Lohan Brown
    Lohan Brown6 个月 前

    I really enjoyed that 👏👏👏...Stay safe guys...👍👍👍

  • reapfield
    reapfield6 个月 前

    I assume the reason Ben isn't in this video is because he has neither a device with a camera nor Wi-Fi in his home

  • Kathy Nguyen
    Kathy Nguyen6 个月 前

    That is awesome. It was quite entertaining to watch him do something he never done before.

  • Josh Keating
    Josh Keating6 个月 前

    Tried this, wound up making German dumplings.


    Love the remote class challenge idea! Good video!

  • Rebekka Bräm
    Rebekka Bräm6 个月 前

    you could still do a "pass it on" in isolation! something with a lot of resting time between the steps. someone gets a parcel with some indefinable blob in it and has to do something with it - i'd watch that. :)

  • Ivon Granaldi
    Ivon Granaldi6 个月 前

    Please do more of these.

  • Ivon Granaldi
    Ivon Granaldi6 个月 前

    End result is beautiful!

  • Irish Nogal
    Irish Nogal6 个月 前

    I loooove this new idea. Make more of this kind.

  • Staph. Awreus
    Staph. Awreus6 个月 前

    Make wok fried rice

  • Lawrie Smith
    Lawrie Smith6 个月 前

    What’s with the time limit?? You’re stressing my girlfriend out on lockdown 😂

  • Maen M.
    Maen M.6 个月 前

    Shout out to 4.5 kg bags of flour at Costco. 😆 Never baked and cooked with so much flour in a weekly basis, in my life.

  • Carol Tucker
    Carol Tucker6 个月 前

    I'm so...so glad to hear from you guys ;_;

  • Devin Dabney (HHLH)
    Devin Dabney (HHLH)6 个月 前

    make gnocchi!

  • Pam Dick
    Pam Dick6 个月 前

    Great job, Mike. I would love to see you make a proper decorated birthday cake.

  • Cooking up a feast UK
    Cooking up a feast UK6 个月 前

    Your pasta looked on point mike

  • Ambika Kumar
    Ambika Kumar6 个月 前

    You should get one of your viewers (or get everyone involved using Zoom!) to also do this! Then everyone can send in pictures of how it turns out. It'll be really funny and great for those self-isolating.

  • Patrick Leahy
    Patrick Leahy6 个月 前

    Hey hey, late to the train, only been watching for a few months. First comment, had to, Great great job Mike, pasta in an hour is nuts, well done man.

  • Abbey Stratton
    Abbey Stratton6 个月 前

    Suggestion remote control one of the normal but from the Packs App.

  • Shostakovich33
    Shostakovich336 个月 前

    6:50 ...swoon. Also, I spy Modernist Cuisine books in the background.

  • Shostakovich33


    6 个月 前

    10:43 is so cute as well D-: James is the best LOL!

  • draxxion
    draxxion6 个月 前

    You could try your hand at making japanese dashi maki for a challenge

  • AlecBergstrom
    AlecBergstrom6 个月 前

    A video idea that can be done both like this video and in the studio: Two normals and one chef. One normal is cooking, one normal has the recipe and the chef has a bowl filled with suggestions on how the normal is going to read. The recipe steps are covered so that the normal can't cheat and read ahead. The normal can only read the recipe step once so the other normal who is cooking has to pay attention and remember everything. For example: Barry is cooking, Jamie reads the recipe and Ben picks from the bowl. Jamie can read the first step like normal, for step two, Ben draws a paper/card that Jamie has to read the step while spinning around. For step three, Jamie has to read from a distance. For step four, Jamie has to read while the recipe is upside down. And so it continues until the recipe is done. I feel like this could be pretty challenging for the guys and very entertaining for us! Also, finally the guys know how we feel watching all of their amazing food and not being able to smell or taste it!

  • René Nissen
    René Nissen6 个月 前

    Thanks to this video, I tried making homemade pasta for the fist time in my life and it went great!!

  • Barton Jones
    Barton Jones6 个月 前

    Potato Gnocchi with sauce...?

  • Robins Girl
    Robins Girl6 个月 前

    This was cool. Do more of these please. It shows what you can do in a real home kitchen. Not a kitted out one like your studio.

  • Anthony F.
    Anthony F.6 个月 前

    this was great! Would love to see a normal guide a chef or do one where you cook w/ gadget substitutions!

  • Anton Magnusson
    Anton Magnusson6 个月 前

    Does Mike have camera crew at home?

  • LysolPionex
    LysolPionex6 个月 前

    Loved it! Next do something with fire, a brulee or flambe or caramelized something!

  • Keely
    Keely6 个月 前

    I love this! Expansion idea for future episodes: contact a fan and do this with a patron (?) or a random sub of the channel.

  • The TadPole Named Matt
    The TadPole Named Matt6 个月 前

    I'd like to see this type of video but without the time limit

  • Salsagirl66
    Salsagirl666 个月 前

    You should do one of these as a give away to your subscribers!

  • Dre
    Dre6 个月 前


  • Laura Rogers
    Laura Rogers6 个月 前

    Does normal have no one to eat the ravioli?

  • chezzy g
    chezzy g6 个月 前

    Come and look at this food and I'll tell you how it tastes. Welcome to our world spaff

  • Catherine Jacobs
    Catherine Jacobs6 个月 前

    Next time have the Mrs. do the taste test. There is nothing sexier than a man cooking for his lady!

  • cockleships
    cockleships6 个月 前

    More more more! Shepherd's/Cottage Pie? Yorkshire pudding? Something made with rough puff pastry?

  • Gianni Descalzo
    Gianni Descalzo6 个月 前

    This makes me want the Sorted boys to do a collab with Bon Appetit, and do a mash up of Keep Up With a Professional Chef/Recipe Relay, where they have to keep swapping out cooks on both sides. Start with Carla choosing the recipe and giving instructions, then swap HER out with another bon appetit chef who has to continue giving directions to one of the boys, who are also swapping out, but Carla is the only one that knows what they're making.

  • thargor2k
    thargor2k6 个月 前

    When this is over we need an episode of the chef's cooking from the modernist cuisine books behind James!

  • kuumcick
    kuumcick6 个月 前

    Really great video, I had a lot of fun watching it😁

  • Christina Stracquodaine
    Christina Stracquodaine6 个月 前

    Omg this is adorable. I've actually been teaching my friend to cook remotely for the last few weeks, so it's nice to see it's not just us. Definitely keep doing more of these. I'm not sure the time limit is necessary, because it's just nice to be an example to people how they can cook food with simple stuff in their pantries. The next one should definitely be very heavily focused on whatever crap people have lying around. I really liked that about this one.

  • Sharaya Lee
    Sharaya Lee6 个月 前

    This was a really cool format, would love to see more! Maybe also try some baking, I tried making crackers the other day because the line outside the grocery store was so long and all I wanted was crackers for a snack.... they were horrible, put them on my patio for the birds

  • Jessica-Marie Gervais
    Jessica-Marie Gervais6 个月 前

    You don't know how much these videos mean to so many people in this insanity-inducing time. You've checked all of the boxes: Humour✔️ Education✔️ Empathy✔️ Understanding✔️ Rising to challenges✔️ Easy, affordable in-pantry dishes✔️ Cost-effective alternatives✔️ I'm seriously going to try making the pasta tonight! Ok, I don't have 00 level flour, but, 'needs must when the devil farts in your general direction'. This at-home format is fun, and you're doing an absolutely phenomenal job. I'm off to binge more episodes now!

  • Inevitable fitness
    Inevitable fitness6 个月 前

    this would be fun to try, I love cooking and would love to have a chef walk me through making something like this. Great video!

  • Marka Biti
    Marka Biti6 个月 前

    Good except the olive oil on top at the end: unnecessary. Other than that, good :)

  • Joseph Bell
    Joseph Bell6 个月 前

    Where the hell did you guys get a bag of plain flour??

  • eviemayl
    eviemayl6 个月 前

    Could we have a video where each of the Sorted boys cook a meal for their household chosen by another of the boys? Loving how you’re utilising this situation ⭐️

  • treizeheures
    treizeheures6 个月 前

    this was sooo entertaining lmao

  • Samuel Abernethy
    Samuel Abernethy6 个月 前

    This was a really cool video. I would love to see a chef do the same thing but it be a fan or viewer they remote control. You already know how your team work now so why not throw an ultimate chef vs chef remote control viewer video. Gets the fans evolved to.

  • MeekoChan
    MeekoChan6 个月 前

    who got tilted when mike cut the mushroom along the cap? :U just me ? ok

  • Anthony Cutajar
    Anthony Cutajar6 个月 前

    Gf- Lava cake Me- They've done that

  • Francesca Andreou
    Francesca Andreou6 个月 前

    I am making this

  • Dollee Mixtures
    Dollee Mixtures6 个月 前

    This is a great idea ❤ thank you for keeping vids coming even though there's the pandemic

  • Auroara
    Auroara6 个月 前

    Whatever that huge face behind Jamie was is damn terrifying. lol

  • Rachel Crabbe
    Rachel Crabbe6 个月 前

    Any ideas of veggie fillings for this recipe??

  • Holy_Mess
    Holy_Mess6 个月 前

    Came out looking great, Mike, fantastic work. Of course, some great commentary and advice from James, as well. 🙂 Mike's kitchen looks very pleasant and well organized. I loved the bouncy video lag sound that came through when James was speaking sometimes lmao. 😂 I've been noticing some tension in your videos for a few months, is everything alright? I hope you guys all talk it out and get reacquainted when you have the chance, if I'm right. 💜💚

  • Wictor Sundström
    Wictor Sundström6 个月 前

    I love this. I would like to see Ben or James, has to follow the other (Ben or James). Seeing as they are such different chefs i think it could be interessting to see how their skills/knowledge clash.

  • globaljabouble
    globaljabouble6 个月 前

    "That's something learned" ... 10+ years in, Mike learns to season his food.

  • Wes VZ
    Wes VZ6 个月 前

    Love it guys, keep it up, and stay safe!

  • Stormchaser 007
    Stormchaser 0076 个月 前

    Know whats brilliant! I literally have half a thing of pasta dough in the fridge right noe

  • TinkerbellKat
    TinkerbellKat6 个月 前

    My husband has been experimenting with making homemade pasta and it ended up being REALLY thick... I see you cut it into smaller pieces before rolling it out which I imagine helped thin it out. I'll be sure to suggest that to him!

  • whynot131313
    whynot1313136 个月 前

    Idea: spruce up ready to cook meal kits! For a delicious example, Vigo's paella Valenciana, the product that made me think of it. (Not to insinuate anything about your paella track record ;P ) Lots of us have this kind of thing as a common addition to our diet these days, and I'd love to see what creative twists you came up with!

  • David Tennies
    David Tennies6 个月 前

    Why don't you remote control members of the Sorted club?

  • Anton Becker
    Anton Becker6 个月 前

    Okay. I want a display in my kitchen with a live James feed when I cook. Striving for excellence, with a black top on and all that gorgeousness... that'd be brilliant. Mike is so lucky.