A Chef Reviews Crowd Funded Kitchen Gadgets

DIY 和生活百科

The kitchen gadgets up for review in today’s episode have a slightly unique spin! They were all up for crowd funding! So expect some wacky, weird and wonderful inventions. It’ll be interesting to see what you think. Don’t forget to comment below! Useless or not...
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  • Jocelyn Reynaud
    Jocelyn Reynaud8 个月 前

    I was cooking from the Packs App for the first time a couple days ago. As the curry simmered I calmly began cleaning the kitchen. I have NEVER calmly done anything while cooking, certainly not clean! I typically just stare at pots in panic waiting to see what I screw up, how did you fix me? My lovely Sorted Chefs are MAGIC! And it was delicious. Thank you for the amazing cooking help, can’t wait to make another recipe!

  • Sheepdog Smokey

    Sheepdog Smokey

    个月 前

    Once I finish my house, I'm joining the club fully!

  • Sander Wrong

    Sander Wrong

    个月 前


  • 1kreature


    3 个月 前

    Here's a free tip: Read a recipe first, start the brain and then start cooking. If you think before cooking it's not as hard. And, it did not require a subscription to someone holding your hand.

  • monkeydomonkeyseee


    5 个月 前

    @Anna Watts - have you looked at the digital subscription? It is less than $7 a month and you have access to all the apps, packs, books etc. You can access 1 pack a week which is 3 meals so it literally pays for itself week one!! That being said, I have the book subscription and I love getting that beautiful gold-embossed box every 3 months but you cannot beat the value of the base subscription!

  • Rucha


    8 个月 前

    @Anna Watts you don't need to get the whole starter kit to get access to the app. Membership is less than $7 a month, which is what I have.

  • White92Guy
    White92Guy14 小时 前

    Plans to renovate the kitchen went out the window

  • Barbara Danley
    Barbara Danley2 天 前

    I got the outlery for work. It stays in my work bag. I have cut meat with the knife. Very happy with it. I believe it was $40 USD with knife/fork/spoon/chopsticks.

  • Mary Johnson
    Mary Johnson2 天 前

    Has anyone have or did use their app?? If so, what the pros and cons and would u recommend it??

  • Swati Singhal
    Swati Singhal2 天 前

    still planning the Kitchen upgrade, are we? and filming the entire process for us? Please Please Please

  • dierckeatlas
    dierckeatlas3 天 前

    How's a teasmade a new thing?!

  • dierckeatlas


    2 天 前

    Since over 1000 people backed the project you're clearly not the only ones. 😄 My mum's had one since the 90s so I'm very familiar with them. It doesn't have all the settings for different teas though.

  • SORTEDfood


    3 天 前

    I think we were born in the wrong era - news to us!

  • Nazamroth
    Nazamroth4 天 前

    ......Why is #3 even a new kickstarter or whatever... it already exists.... It is called a Spoon-machine over here, and consists of a spoon, fork, and knife slid into a housing that serves as a can opener... The military has been using it since the middle of the cold war and is about as compact as it gets while still being fully functional....

  • Dominic Crimmings
    Dominic Crimmings7 天 前

    I do love the idea of the Outlery cutlery to save on plastic etc - but there are a few problems. For example, if on a plane, unless you tell them in advance you have your own, they will still provide you with plastic stuff etc and if you don't use it, it will just go in the bin, so you've not actually made any difference to the consumption of plastics. Also, you wouldn't be allowed through customs with it as the knife and probably fork would be classed as dangerous. I can see how it would be great for camping or picnics though, especially camping - compact, easily washable etc.

  • Leah Nicole
    Leah Nicole8 天 前

    I got mine for $89 USD. GO PRIME DAY

  • Paul Stone
    Paul Stone8 天 前

    Unfortunately you've lost a subscriber

  • Equaldust 493416
    Equaldust 49341610 天 前

    Kick starter? Or show stopper? You’re welcome lol

  • Erin Smeaton
    Erin Smeaton11 天 前

    Very keen to see the videos of the new kitchen !

  • aaron paz
    aaron paz13 天 前

    I still want to see the kitchen reno

  • Xenotric
    Xenotric13 天 前

    "lets test this set of boxes to organize ingredients that is totally useless! heres a tray of organized ingredients in bowls!" >

  • Devin Villa
    Devin Villa15 天 前

    PLUG plug PLUG plug PlugPlug WOW honestly I love the jingle. Wouldn't be mad if you did more plugs just so I could hear it.

  • Jussi Hippi
    Jussi Hippi16 天 前

    Tea is the worst hot beverage.

  • Bubblybrunnettebeth
    Bubblybrunnettebeth16 天 前

    Prime day discount on the prep desk and the price has gone WAY down. Tempted :). Thank you 🙏

  • HardStyleGamerz
    HardStyleGamerz17 天 前

    Never knew you could burn your tea

  • Hannu Ala-Olla
    Hannu Ala-Olla17 天 前

    Of course you have to keep cutlery with you always. What if cake?

  • CymbalLetsPlay
    CymbalLetsPlay17 天 前

    yeah, show us the kitchen build! ..... And than Covid happens. rip

  • Olivia Miller
    Olivia Miller18 天 前


  • Mireille M
    Mireille M20 天 前

    I think there was quite a demand for the cutlery because of people working in offices. When they bring their own food, it's easier to carry your own cutlery in a small posh box I guess. Plus it's cute

  • Ryarios
    Ryarios22 天 前

    I will admit that I hate the knives I find at steakhouses. They are usually so dull that they destroy the steak instead of cut it, so I carry a folding steak knife from Shun when I’m going out to steakhouses...

  • Zevonfan524
    Zevonfan52423 天 前

    James is Scottish? What part of Scotland is he from? Essex?

  • Tatiana
    Tatiana23 天 前

    For organising whilst cooking I put my chopped vegetables in reused plastic containers from tomatoes

  • Andrea Gillette
    Andrea Gillette25 天 前

    Rewatching in October... and waiting with bated breath for the kitchen update video!!!

  • Kmann !
    Kmann !25 天 前

    But where will Ben hide his home brew?

  • Alex Puffinburger
    Alex Puffinburger25 天 前

    See i would love to get the outlery i work out of my truck so they would be awesome to just keep in there

  • CKBR
    CKBR27 天 前

    I can totally see this working if you're teaching a kid to cook. You can prepare everything for them in the beginning so big meals don't look so overwhelming. Also for myself - I don't always have the energy to make a whole meal and cook. So I can prepare when I have the energy, and then cook at a later time when I have more energy ☺️

  • dierckeatlas


    2 天 前

    That's a good point but you could get a set of Weck jars or something comparable instead. They can go in the dishwasher, take up much less space in the cupboard as you can stack them, spare parts can be bought separately and will likely be available for the next decades, the lid seals tightly, you can put them in the freezer if you change your plans or lose motivation, they store leftovers and the best thing - they're about 3€ including the lid.

  • elh93
    elh93个月 前

    Are you still building the ultimate smart kitchen? I presume it's stalled because of COVID

  • Zach Clayton
    Zach Clayton个月 前

    people who dont finish all the food on their fork or spoon after the bite gross me out lol

  • Marina Katsir
    Marina Katsir个月 前

    "It burns tea, same thing with coffee".. me 😱🤯

  • Doctor Winchester
    Doctor Winchester个月 前

    btw where is that video of them building the "ultimate smart kitchen"?

  • shit lista
    shit lista个月 前

    All of these are extremely expensive. BUT WHERE IS THAT SMART KITCHEN VIDEO? Oh, corona perhaps?... :/

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    We did have to put it on hold sadly... we'll get there though. So many likes. We can't ignore it! Just the timing was really unfortunate.

  • Chris Thomson
    Chris Thomson个月 前

    I always find these Kickstarter products are so expensive

  • Chris Thomson
    Chris Thomson个月 前

    that prep deck is absolutely ridiculous over 200 pound for some plastic boxes etc

  • Rini GrandViper
    Rini GrandViper个月 前

    I want to see the renovation D: Also I liked the cuttlery, reducing waste is great and the old set I had and was given was plastic so this seems quite nice actually.

  • Sheepdog Smokey
    Sheepdog Smokey个月 前

    19 Sept 2020 - Still waiting on the ultimate kitchen.

  • The Warped Eyebrow
    The Warped Eyebrow个月 前

    Are we still going to get this video of the ultimate foodie kitchen renovation?

  • FollowingUsernamesR
    FollowingUsernamesR个月 前

    Liked, where is remodel video? 😀

  • Will McGuire
    Will McGuire个月 前

    Episode idea: Mike just stares into the camera looking stunning for 20 minutes.

  • Will McGuire

    Will McGuire

    个月 前

    @SORTEDfood Everyone has their perks... I'm also quite ready to settle down with James whenever he's ready.

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Have you got a favourite Sorted crew member then?

  • andysbg77
    andysbg77个月 前

    Seeing today 99.217 likes on this Video but didn't see a Video about the renovation!! Did Corona delayed it??? Just asking!!!

  • Timothy K Streb Sr
    Timothy K Streb Sr个月 前

    What's the update on the kitchen reno?

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    To be honest... it's still on our agenda. Lockdown and a few other things kind of moved it down the priority list. But we haven't forgotten!

  • Maciej Manna
    Maciej Manna个月 前

    The way they are trying so hard not to laugh at these miserable items (last one is a great idea, but the pricetag is outlandish) makes my day... Never back anything on KS - lesson learned!

  • Maciej Manna

    Maciej Manna

    个月 前

    @SORTEDfood Democracy with your wallet, I guess... Still, great vid!

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    They were all a little steep - but people bought into them!

  • Nathan Black
    Nathan Black个月 前

    Phone wallet keys mask cutlery -2020

  • 78vintages
    78vintages个月 前

    "Making a great cup of tea is never easy" , yes it fucking is, yorkshire teabag, hot water, sugar, milk, can't get much easier than that

  • Christian Dever
    Christian Dever个月 前

    Any update on the smart kitchen???

  • poppy field
    poppy field个月 前

    Love this channel!! 😄 delighted to have found it

  • sebeckley
    sebeckley个月 前

    You guys missed the whole point of this product. You're supposed to use it for food prep for the week. So each container has several days worth of each item. So on Saturday, you fill up the bins and on Monday you dish out each ingredient as you need it. Monday's dinner is now tossing a few things together and cooking them right away.

  • Amanda M
    Amanda M2 个月 前

    Okay. I'm doing a mini marathon while I'm doing grad work...and I've gotten the PrepDeck ad 3xs. 😂

  • wolfman011000
    wolfman0110002 个月 前

    £40 for the knife fork spoon set ? I just use surplus German army KFS set stamped 1967 that cost me a fiver, new modern sets are much lighter/thinner gauge stainless and can be had for had new for the less than £5 price delivered off fleabay. Just search KFS set [nato version includes a can opener], or search your preffered chinese retail website.

  • Nicola May
    Nicola May2 个月 前

    I would love to have your app but I am in New Zealand and its not available here :(

  • Louis Chris
    Louis Chris2 个月 前

    Pluggy Plug Plug

  • Trishna Chandarana
    Trishna Chandarana2 个月 前

    I'm so confused. The tea thing already exists? My friend has something that's nearly identical (as far as I can remember) and she's had it for at least the 5 years I've known her...

  • MJ Kessler
    MJ Kessler2 个月 前

    The prep kit thing looks stupid af

  • toh ping Tiang
    toh ping Tiang2 个月 前

    Isn't it just a prove of concept for these products?

  • Sack Road
    Sack Road2 个月 前

    So. Uh.. How's uh. That smart kitchen coming along.

  • MrGrimsmith
    MrGrimsmith2 个月 前

    Late to the party but confirmed Scottish heretic. Tea is only ever made with boiling water, for coffee the water needs to be off the boil for a minute or so. Don't need a gadget for that, it's easier to just do it right. Definitely no need for a gadget. Prepdeck? Feck off. I'm a reasonable cook, not a chef, but even I chop things in the order they're going in to the pan. Occasionally slightly hurried when I realise I've left something a smidge late but less mise en place than seat of the pants.

  • Kekkelpenney Peckeltoot
    Kekkelpenney Peckeltoot2 个月 前

    Hard pass on the Qi and the prep deck. Tea isn’t hard to make and I’m with James on the deck thing, more mess more dishes. The cutlery is a pass too. The only place I’d need my own cutlery is camping and I have a set of regular ol stuff that goes with us every time.

  • jharris947
    jharris9472 个月 前

    Blimey! How hard is it to make a cup of tea to suit you? It's not rocket science. The best cup will always be in a teapot and using tea leaves not tea bags. Don't try to reinvent the wheel. You don't need technology to help you make a cup of tea.

  • Mahirimah
    Mahirimah2 个月 前

    I like the prep deck. They were supposed to use the chopping board that came with it and slide the scraps in that little hole. If you’re one to pre-measure your ingredients, it’s way better than having a bunch of little bowls everywhere.

  • Theo the Derg
    Theo the Derg2 个月 前

    Kickstarter or Nixstarter?

  • Koele Kahuna
    Koele Kahuna2 个月 前

    The prep thing would be nice if you were going somewhere else to cook. Do all the prep at home and bring it all to your significant other's place and cook a meal. Take the stuff home leave no mess.

  • Jen Malcom
    Jen Malcom2 个月 前

    That caddy thing would be great for storing the ingredients, if you prepare them in advance. Otherwise, it's not very helpful, at all, unless you're cooking outside. It could work well, for that, as well.

  • Alicia Stephenson
    Alicia Stephenson2 个月 前

    "Enchanting" hahahahahaha

  • Andres Borrero
    Andres Borrero3 个月 前

    Well, why in the world did he use his own cutting board? You can't give a chef a product like this ... it throws them off their trained minds. For a home-cook like me, this is going to help immensely.

  • Who Cares
    Who Cares3 个月 前

    "Making a cup of tea is never easy". Yes, dunking a bag in hot water is just so much work.

  • Sue
    Sue3 个月 前

    I think PREPDECK: MEAL PREP SYSTEM helps people who cook or prepare the meal ingredients, for the whole week. It's popular these days if you watch Korean cooking videos you'll find they have garlic cubes stored in the fridge with chopped vegetables. It's cheap, efficient, and healthy, if you do it this way.

  • thetiniestpirate
    thetiniestpirate3 个月 前

    Did they ever do that kitchen renovation video?

  • Christi Johnson
    Christi Johnson3 个月 前

    I like how Jamie didn't use the phone stand on the prep deck but just left it on the table

  • Jef Bracke
    Jef Bracke3 个月 前

    Where's the kitchen project at? Perhaps a sneak preview of the planning stage? 😇

  • How zer
    How zer3 个月 前

    No james boiling water doesnt burn tea boiling water is preferred by tea tasters. Coffee can be scorched with boiling water the perfect temp for coffee is 97°C according to Gale from breaking bad lol.

  • senoB
    senoB3 个月 前

    Most of these are way underdesigned and way overpriced. I hope they cleaned the portable cutlery very well since a lot of Chinese-made items like that are coated in non food-safe rust preventatives.

  • Al Capwn
    Al Capwn3 个月 前

    "Burns the coffee" Some chef that doesn't realise coffee beans are roasted at nearly 200 degrees C but thinks water at 100 would "burn" it.

  • Mao Momi
    Mao Momi3 个月 前

    I wonder where is the vlog of the studio renovation sorted told they would release of this video got 50’000 likes, it got currently over 90’000.

  • Connie Martin
    Connie Martin4 个月 前

    Anyone get randomly triggered when James was eating with the spoon and not taking all the food off the spoon with each bite? Or am I alone? 😂

  • Techno Ira
    Techno Ira4 个月 前

    Couldn't the prep station be used so that you prep your meals in advanced if you don't have enough time to do the prep only to cook and eat

  • Toby Cubbin
    Toby Cubbin4 个月 前

    I hope the "Rebuilding the studio into a big smart kitchen" video mentioned at the end is still coming and has only been delayed by COVID and not canceled.

  • Leif Concepcion
    Leif Concepcion4 个月 前

    I’m really excited by the smart kitchen you guys will be building now that quarantine might (big *MIGHT* ) be ending soon in the UK. Can’t waaiit to see what you guys will do 😖

  • Fairy Fox
    Fairy Fox4 个月 前

    That second one is literally just Tupperware and things you likely already have in your kitchen if you like to cook already

  • Paul Quinn
    Paul Quinn4 个月 前

    The prepdeck is a genuine disgrace. There's some old saying about a fool and their money... It's not particularly good at the job it's doing and even if it was.... More than £200 is a fucking con and a half. Even at a quarter of the price it would be pushing it. Fucking £200 for some Tupperware. Christ.

  • Croaklikeatoad
    Croaklikeatoad4 个月 前

    I’m a college student and at school I am ABSOLUTELY like “phone, wallet, keys, cutlery.” I had a normal set of silverware with me at all times.

  • Nurul Nadelia
    Nurul Nadelia4 个月 前

    I'm still waiting for the making smart kitchen journey video. I hope you guys still be able to make a dreamy kitchen despite the condition we lived in now

  • Charissa
    Charissa4 个月 前

    The outlery thing is already a thing in asia and you can get them cheaper than 40 dollars

  • Mr. Fixit
    Mr. Fixit4 个月 前

    There is a great Mexican food place around the corner from me. I love the food, but they must pay like $4 per thousand for the plastic eating utensils. They are total crap. I use a camping utensil set that has a large spoon with two rivets in the handle. The fork snaps onto the rivets via a "keyhole" shaped hole, and the knife snaps on last. They stay together pretty well. As an added bonus the knife has a built-in bottle opener notched into the handle. They cost $3 per set and include a vinyl pouch. When finished, I wrap a paper napkin around the set and put it in the pouch to be washed later. No assembly required, very sturdy. As good as most cheaper restaurant flatware. I could easily fit four sets in the space of two of those tins. Just sayin'.

  • Lipe Kit Rinehart
    Lipe Kit Rinehart4 个月 前

    I know it's an old video but... have you guys released the video of the filiming process of the smart kitchen?

  • Alpha_ Synergy
    Alpha_ Synergy4 个月 前

    I can see the mobile cutlery being useful for explorers and the like who have to carry everything on their back. Having full sized cutlery that takes up so little space would be very nice for that purpose.

  • Dredd Mau5
    Dredd Mau54 个月 前

    I can't imagine unpacking that shit in front of any of my colleagues, are you mad? Camping. That's the only use I understand here

  • govindaraj anitha
    govindaraj anitha4 个月 前

    We don't understand your English better ingredients in English

  • charlieorsomething
    charlieorsomething4 个月 前

    5 virgins make a cooking show.

  • DragoonDante
    DragoonDante4 个月 前

    This is my first time seeing any video of this channel and ever seeing the people in it and i have a question ... which admittingly might be rude but i´m not from scottland so i´m curiouse about it. Does the man, that is more chin then man, have a medical condition or is it normal for scottish people to be chin then person?

  • Ashley Guillot
    Ashley Guillot4 个月 前

    I wonder if the prep deck might be good to prep everything and then bring the whole set up to someone else's house to cook. If it travels well, it might be ideal for those types of situations.

  • Sparkley Pegs
    Sparkley Pegs4 个月 前

    Prep deck = way too much washing up.

  • Knutstrand
    Knutstrand4 个月 前

    At 02:50 you see him give the finger, accident or on purpose? :U you decide.

  • R. B. Rozier
    R. B. Rozier4 个月 前

    So, A break down... tea pot - an average investment of £111.87 (or $140.42) per person The box of useless boxes - an average investment of £120.21 (or $150.88) per person Cutlery - an average investment of £55.96 (or $70.24) per person The tea pot and the cutlery are the ones that I would actually use.

  • Bubbz The Awesome
    Bubbz The Awesome4 个月 前

    I take flip open/closed cutlery set with me in my purse that cost me aud$9 for the fork, spoon & knife with carry pouch. £50 is a bit pricey. I love the tea brewer though

  • Carlos Acevedo
    Carlos Acevedo4 个月 前

    I'm honestly curious, if anyone out there backed up the fancy Tupperwares. Why? And I'm even more curious if you bought it for 227£ after launch. Why would you buy this? Go to a supermarket and you can buy the same and save 200£. Edit: OR WHY WOULD YOU PAY 40£ FOR PLASTIC CUTLERY IN AN ALTOIDS BOX????

  • Brad Scarp
    Brad Scarp4 个月 前

    I think that, for the PrepDeck, it might have been a better test if James didn't have a bunch of his mise en place already set out. If he had to prep absolutely everything, it may have been more useful to have containers to put everything.

  • Helloweener
    Helloweener4 个月 前

    1st: We used a normal cheap coffee machine for making tea. Today I use an eletric kettle and boil the water. Depending on the tea I let it cool down and than I brew the tea. I see no point in such a device. Maybe it would be even esier to use an espresso cooker or a french press. 2nd: Lots of money for so little plastic. You can get Tupper boxes for the price that will do the same and we all know that Tupper is not pricy. 3rd: Nice outdoor cutlery. Some people wil like it buit there are already different types of outdoor and camping cutlery for mich ess money, that do the same work. It is like an Enterprise pizza cutter. Nobody needs it but some peoole will want it.

  • Mamun Hussain
    Mamun Hussain4 个月 前

    The Packs app is sick because i lose my shit when cooking