A Chef Reviews DIY Food Kits Vol. 2

DIY 和生活百科

In the spirit of all things DIY and ‘Make Your Own at Home’, we have another crafty episode where James and Jamie get to play around with all kinds of exciting food kits. This is the perfect episode for anyone who loves to play with their food and experiment in the kitchen!
Make Your Own Haggis: ​bit.ly/2D310Rf
BottleBread: ​etsy.me/31BEpp9
The Artisan Cheese Maker’s Kit: ​bit.ly/2BVGkKv
Make Your Own Chorizo Sausage: bit.ly/2AmIG4s
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  • Melissa Lambert
    Melissa Lambert2 天 前

    Love the bread in a bottle. It's a not sweet quick bread, why you need vinegar as it has baking soda. I've got my G-ma's cookbook and it has a walnut quick bread that makes a lovely sandwich bread or toast.

  • Sheepdog Smokey
    Sheepdog Smokey15 天 前

    Don’t know much about making cheese? James, you did it without a kit!

  • Euminide Rubicante
    Euminide Rubicante28 天 前

    I worked in a cheese shop and was responsible for making mozz and ricotta burrata and mozz rollups. The way to prevent them from going flat is to shock the mozz balls in ice water right when you get their shape. I think they missed that step in the instructions

  • Windy Hawthorn
    Windy Hawthorn个月 前

    Non of the mozzarella cheese making looks like how I learned it in class except for the beginning part.

  • evenhasawatermark
    evenhasawatermark个月 前

    I'm gonna buy a chorizo kit because of this video. Like, I've got another tab open shopping for one right now.

  • turtles tinyturtles
    turtles tinyturtles个月 前

    I just keep giggling about the fact someone had already gifted James the Haggis kit

  • Elizabeth Cherry
    Elizabeth Cherry个月 前

    My partner loves chorizo, but can't handle a lot of spice. Making it at home would be a fun treat.

  • Ricardo Gouveia
    Ricardo Gouveia个月 前

    thats not the way to make chouriço come to Portugal to learn please stop ruining meat

  • Natalie Clements
    Natalie Clements个月 前

    Random question was the chorizo kit gluten free??

  • Natalie Clements

    Natalie Clements

    个月 前

    Thank you for replying.

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    We think so. But best to double check with the retailer before buying.

  • Chas 5696
    Chas 5696个月 前


  • Mark Campbell
    Mark Campbell个月 前

    You guys should check out the venimoo burger kit from Mac and Wild!!!

  • Sasha Von Kirsch
    Sasha Von Kirsch个月 前

    Or maybe pastimna making challenge 😉🤩

  • Sasha Von Kirsch
    Sasha Von Kirsch个月 前

    I really want to see you experimenting with curing meat at home. It's something nice to do in self-Isolation and fall /winter time. Really want to see you make some BALYK )))))🥰

  • darkandmercury1
    darkandmercury1个月 前

    mozzarella doesn t taste so much on his own ... dislike video

  • Aline Leitner
    Aline Leitner个月 前

    Test a cupcake jemma / crumbs & doilies Cookie Kit!

  • Suzanne Berry
    Suzanne Berry2 个月 前

    At 15:00 James waving a sausage and saying “It worked!” challenges the best Benuendo.

  • dylan foley
    dylan foley2 个月 前

    someone tell jamie youre not suposed to taste the booze in recipes its just there to add complexity lol

  • Jelleybean18
    Jelleybean182 个月 前

    Vegan haggis would be interesting

  • SJActress
    SJActress2 个月 前

    Our first Valentine's Day together, my fiancé and I (USians) attempted heart-shaped haggis. I learned to sew cow bung (we couldn't get animal stomach) into heart shapes. It was SO good! It was fun to make together, and I wish it were more popular here.

  • Deanna Martin
    Deanna Martin2 个月 前

    The problem with watching these videos is I want to buy things!

  • MJ Kessler
    MJ Kessler2 个月 前

    Haggis reminds me of Boudin you eat in Louisiana. It’s kinda similar

  • Wanda Pease
    Wanda Pease2 个月 前

    Can the Haggis kit be gotten in the US?

  • MissSneakyNinja
    MissSneakyNinja2 个月 前

    Ya'll should have Barry do this homemade gin kit!! www.uncommongoods.com/product/homemade-gin-kit

  • Tara Boii
    Tara Boii2 个月 前

    Can anybody explain to me what seut is? Please, it would be appreciated.

  • Tim Christiansen
    Tim Christiansen2 个月 前

    They can't call it a autentic haggis kit when there is no sheep stomach for caseing...

  • corvus13
    corvus132 个月 前

    "Citric acid and rennet are really easy to get a hold of." Not for this American, they aren't.

  • greenjedi8
    greenjedi82 个月 前

    James is Scottish? He doesn't sound it!

  • GigaBoost
    GigaBoost2 个月 前

    "I'm Scottish" he said in a very non-scottish accent. I'm missing the joke here, aren't I?

  • William Carruthers
    William Carruthers2 个月 前

    Prices are ridiculous,

  • countryside_guy
    countryside_guy3 个月 前

    It's pronounced choritho 🙄

  • brielle kysar
    brielle kysar3 个月 前

    They need to battle only using kids utensils! Like the easy bake oven 😁

  • John Uferbach
    John Uferbach3 个月 前

    7:00 noice, apparently German bread in a bottle company didn't bring shame on their country :D

  • Laire Aganessi
    Laire Aganessi3 个月 前

    Just here to say that cured cold meats are not supposed to be cooked. We cook fresh chorizo in cocido or BBQs but you never ever cook cured chorizo, why go through the curing process (which ensures preservation and also is technically a way of cooking like the citrus in a ceviche) if you're going to cook it. And please do not get Spanish ham (jamón serrano) near any kind of heat source. Give a try to that chorizo without cooking and tell us what you think

  • kasa
    kasa3 个月 前

    Cheese is so easy to get wrong so I think that kit is pretty much worthless.

  • Miguel Angel Cortes Delgado
    Miguel Angel Cortes Delgado3 个月 前

    Is James getting... Softer?

  • Debb Curry
    Debb Curry3 个月 前

    Chorizo mmmmmm

  • khuang96
    khuang963 个月 前

    12:42 😊😄

  • TheAngryDanishViking
    TheAngryDanishViking3 个月 前

    Who else had issues not laughing at James stuffing his spicy meat into a fake intenstine? cuz I was half-snickering all the while. add in Jamie's side glance that the camera..... XD

  • stephen larson
    stephen larson3 个月 前

    beer bread kit from the uk www.thejarhouse.co.uk/product/beer-bread-kit-3/ not sure how it compares to the us kits in a bomber

  • Jessica Hartung
    Jessica Hartung3 个月 前

    Uncommon Goods has some amazing kits I'd love to see you try! The Soup Dumplings one looks really interesting, and I'd love to see you gents try the make-your-own hot sauce and infuse your own gin kits! www.uncommongoods.com/kitchen-bar/food-drink/diy-kits

  • Madlib
    Madlib3 个月 前

    I think it would be absolutely awesome if there was a timelapse of the chorizo hanging, always would like to see the full process with some of these products that have to go away for a few days.

  • Layla J
    Layla J3 个月 前

    No, not Haggis! Yuck. I’m Scottish too, but yuck!

  • Teddy Nebel
    Teddy Nebel3 个月 前

    Wo sind die anderen deutschen?

  • TamaraAura Vlogs
    TamaraAura Vlogs3 个月 前

    can you please try making a meal in an E-Z-Bake oven?

  • Uwe Schroeder
    Uwe Schroeder3 个月 前

    If you buy someone a nice gift as in "bread in a bottle" maybe the bottle shouldn't be for mother's day and say "for the best mom in the world" :-)

  • I Need The Krup
    I Need The Krup3 个月 前

    Oh man, now I am left with a cliffhanger... I want to know how the Chorizo James made turned out.

  • Richard
    Richard3 个月 前

    Please, make some kind of sketch, where James talks in proper Scottish accent.

  • errorsnide
    errorsnide3 个月 前

    Chorizo sounds good, and fun.

  • Joseph Reilly
    Joseph Reilly3 个月 前

    I really want to make my own chorizo and smoke it on my grill and see how it turns out. Sounds awesome!

  • Dogaru Gabriel
    Dogaru Gabriel3 个月 前

    Can we take a moment and realize that this man power at guessing prices is wow

  • Caerigna
    Caerigna3 个月 前

    Kits! Also, they were all fun but the chorizo feels the most impressive. Personally I'd prolly get the bread one, though. Breeeeaaad!

  • alex hutchings
    alex hutchings3 个月 前

    This looks a lot like boudin blanc. The only reason I added the blanc part is because I know you non southern United States people won’t know what that is so you’ll google it and get it wrong.

  • Prabhat Goyal
    Prabhat Goyal3 个月 前

    The one on thumbnail looks like Linus from Linus drop tips.

  • Lunaire
    Lunaire3 个月 前

    These bottled mixes are available in all sorts of varieties here in Germany...Cupcakes, Cake, bread, pancakes, cookies...

  • Antonio
    Antonio3 个月 前

    The editing makes me doubt if they are really in the same room or not.

  • NerdyChat
    NerdyChat3 个月 前

    Yay they gave us more DIY kits.

  • Edward
    Edward3 个月 前

    this just popped out in my suggestions, I finished it and I'm like, where can I get a DIY James kit ...

  • Manuel
    Manuel3 个月 前

    He is Scottish? Gosh, never noticed. So that is, why I want to see him in Doctor Who

  • Candy Scott
    Candy Scott3 个月 前

    I want all of these other then the cheese

  • Scotty J
    Scotty J3 个月 前

    Way too much liquid in that cheese

  • Katrina
    Katrina3 个月 前

    Ok, this made me buy the chorizo kit for my parents, if they don't like it I'll be blaming you guys 😂😂😂

  • Gerardo Anguiano
    Gerardo Anguiano3 个月 前

    Chorizo, because I’m Mexican

  • pamelamathilde
    pamelamathilde3 个月 前

    That bread reminds me of the one sold in a carton at IKEA. Now I wish you'd do a GOURMET IKEA food challenge.

  • Violet None Of Your Business
    Violet None Of Your Business3 个月 前

    I was sceptical of that bread because I bake no knead bread (chronic pain makes kneading hard) and it takes 12-24 hours usually with all the proving to make up for not kneading it but that turned out quite good for rye bread. It must have some bicarbonate of soda in it and that's why it needed vinegar. Also I have a cheese kit I've been meaning to do but it cost me £8.95 not £20. I don't live in London though everything is expensive there.

  • Jonesymango
    Jonesymango3 个月 前

    Really wanna see some budget stuff being looked at. Like how LIDL compares to Waitrose and stuff, what to look for etc.

  • pookapy20
    pookapy203 个月 前

    Wine and bacon lardons in chorizo? No way! As someone who used to do them the traditional way I have never seen those ingredients!

  • Punt 1971
    Punt 19713 个月 前

    My marvellous wife just bought me the chorizo kit for my birthday today. Looking forward to giving it a shot, especially after seeing your results with it :)

  • Magnus Bergner
    Magnus Bergner3 个月 前

    You didn't show it so I don't know if you did but I think maybe you should have placed those formed balls into cold salted water? Think I remember something like that from another youtube video.

  • Pippa GT
    Pippa GT3 个月 前

    More TikTok recipe inspirations and testing!!

  • Dorota Karska
    Dorota Karska3 个月 前

    Hold up, I’m binging on Top Gear UK, as one does during a pandemic and have watched 22 season backwards. Season 1 Episode 5, 20 minutes in they’re reviewing a Peugeot 206, the voiceover is Jamie. Has to be, I’ve listed to this three times now and can even hear him chewing on some snacking meat in the background. Someone confirm this please.

  • Wilan Hez
    Wilan Hez3 个月 前

    Quality, quality thumbnail there lads

  • Gerald Cedillo
    Gerald Cedillo3 个月 前

    "Mozzarella is HARD, man!" - - hippie james

  • Selawen
    Selawen3 个月 前

    Happy mother's day James!

  • Luis Perez
    Luis Perez3 个月 前

    Here's a "Would you rather?" for the chefs and normals alike (this is gonna hit Jamie close to the heart): Would you rather, - never eat any meat/fish for the rest of your life or... - never be allowed to cook or eat with any version of salt again ( including any salted spiceblends, sauces etc.)

  • Luis Perez
    Luis Perez3 个月 前

    Here's a "Would you rather?" for the chefs and normals alike (this is gonna hit Jamie close to the heart): Would you rather, - never eat any meat/fish for the rest of your life or... - never be allowed to cook or eat with any version of salt again ( including any salted spiceblends, sauces etc.)

  • Celtic Phoenix
    Celtic Phoenix3 个月 前

    Question: can one make haggis with zero organ meat? My gout would not allow it.

  • Familyhelpdesk helpdesk
    Familyhelpdesk helpdesk3 个月 前

    wouldn't thank you for any of them. they just aren't worth the novelty premium!

  • Rachel Black
    Rachel Black3 个月 前

    Chorizo and cheese😁

  • MN37
    MN373 个月 前

    Wow James looks like my history teacher in the thumbnail.

  • Ben Gladston
    Ben Gladston3 个月 前

    £12 for a Loaf of bread!

  • Tyler
    Tyler3 个月 前

    You guys should do one of the home meal kits like hello fresh

  • M.A.H videos
    M.A.H videos3 个月 前

    cnboth.info/dron/sh-p-n/rK2XlNV8a9HUsag.html 🧐😎😎

  • Felix
    Felix3 个月 前

    Ofc the bread thing was from Germany

  • JOB'd Out Wrestling
    JOB'd Out Wrestling3 个月 前

    2:30 - it's not stock if you boiled meat in water - it's broth. Stock would be boiling bones.

  • cheddar and pringles
    cheddar and pringles3 个月 前

    why did the baker have brown hands ? He kneaded a poo

  • Yorarashi
    Yorarashi3 个月 前

    Can we put James on a cheese making course?

  • Jrowme92
    Jrowme923 个月 前

    Prices should also factor in cost of ingredients :) I don’t want to buy someone a kit that will cost them twice as much to enjoy.

  • boreas777
    boreas7773 个月 前

    i need that chorizo

  • Mikaili Lee
    Mikaili Lee3 个月 前

    James pulling out his best Ramsay Bolton impression at the end of the video. Love it

  • Britney Pong
    Britney Pong3 个月 前

    did i hear someone saying soRtEd meMeS

  • Paul Buehler
    Paul Buehler3 个月 前

    In your next gadget video, you should try the Ninja Foodi Grill. It claims to be an oven, grill, air fryer, and dehydrator

  • iluvdissheet
    iluvdissheet3 个月 前

    Sorry.....James gets freaking sexier every video 🤤

  • Elizabeth Black
    Elizabeth Black3 个月 前

    The chorizo because chorizo is love

  • Misha L
    Misha L3 个月 前

    Rye bread in American isn’t dense!

  • jennifer stewarts
    jennifer stewarts3 个月 前

    actually the viniger makes sense as a leavening agent. If the bread had baking soda and or baking powder, the Viniger would have activated it and it would have risen like it did...

  • Amanda Byrd
    Amanda Byrd3 个月 前

    I always have the best intentions to try new things, like cheese, but if I had all the ingredients and tools in one package, I'd be more apt to make it. Judgmental James was very kind in this video.

  • Mandar
    Mandar3 个月 前

    I don't like the inserted reminders to "like, subscribe" etc. It makes the channel seem like one of those crappy clip show channels that don't make their own content. I hope you know what I mean. The videos are still excellent, but those inserts seem cheap, almost?

  • Amethyst Jean
    Amethyst Jean3 个月 前

    Did you put your mozzarella balls in ice water? If not no wonder it has melted

  • grain the 2nd
    grain the 2nd3 个月 前

    hate how loud this video is compared to most videos on youtube

  • Thu Nabs
    Thu Nabs3 个月 前

    btw... I love how you got James bread for Mother's Day (what it says on the bottle)