A Chef Tests and Reviews TIK TOK Food Trends

DIY 和生活百科

It’s no secret that Tik Tok is packed with weird and wonderful food trends. From dalgona coffee to pancake cereal, there are tonnes of videos full of foodie inspo to keep you busy. In this episode, our resident chef, James tests a few of these trending recipes and adds his own cheffy twist in the process! Because after all, who says that you can’t play with your food?
Sending a shout out to these amazing Tik Tok accounts:
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  • gufsgrrrl19
    gufsgrrrl19天 前

    Jamie's face at 14:53-14:54 🤣🤣🤣 I fricken love him 😂

  • Ari-etta
    Ari-etta天 前

    Mini pancakes a new trend ? You're kidding right..... Never heard of Dutch Poffertjes? They even have special pans for that... Check this vid: cnboth.info/dron/sh-p-n/oo2OZbKkf5SZlaQ.html When it comes to toppings? At least 50 different versions of that.

  • Sheepdog Smokey
    Sheepdog Smokey5 天 前

    #2 - I worked at a Mexican restaurant in high school, and for a time, I was the only one making Sopapillas on Friday and Saturday nights. You can imagine I made a LOT of them. One week night, when NO ONE was there (the Fire Dept came by and ate, we loved that station's crews) so I made Tiny Sopas (think 1/4 inch squares) and gave them a big bowl of them, absolutely drowning in honey butter. THEY LOVED THEM! Once closing, I did one more bowl, and they went fast! If only I had a big deep fryer, I'd do them all the time.

  • Jeena Bains
    Jeena Bains6 天 前

    James: “Who am I to stop you- ok I’d stop” 😂😂

  • Jasper Adriaans
    Jasper Adriaans7 天 前

    just make some poffertjes next time, guys ;)

  • Sissel
    Sissel7 天 前

    Instead of making a bunch of small pancakes, could you not just make a couple of normal size pancakes and then cut out small ones with the wide end of a piping tip? 🤔

  • Jenn
    Jenn11 天 前

    I think you would have been better of plating it with a plating ring to build up the final dish in layers. Panna cotta as the first layer then the cereal brittle, the pancakes on that and then the mascerated berries on top with a little drizzle of the syrup. That way you have a nice pretty stack, and you can get a little bit of each component just by pushing your spoon down through it. But that's just my personal plating style.

  • DevilboyScooby
    DevilboyScooby11 天 前

    Tried the Garlic and Herb dip from Tik Tok, swear by it now 😂

  • Is Dominguez
    Is Dominguez12 天 前

    As a desi, those are samosas. People just don't wanna admit it

  • Nida Samad!
    Nida Samad!13 天 前

    "big Mac tortilla blah blah" That's a Lukhmi! Innovative? Lol it was probably first made at least 100 years ago

  • liquidformat
    liquidformat16 天 前

    Brek bourbon!

  • Sisko MaSu
    Sisko MaSu20 天 前

    How did they do it? Two men with moustaches and no cream on them??

  • illanna christanos
    illanna christanos22 天 前

    maybe for the 'pancake cereal' make large pancakes and cut them up???? that way James gets the 'fluffy' he wanted

  • Bork PomPom
    Bork PomPom22 天 前

    The pancake one would be really easy on a sheet tray. I’m aware that’s not technically a pancake but it looks the part.

  • 10enigma01
    10enigma0123 天 前

    Just a tip. Look up 'poffertjes'. They are an old Dutch kind of little pancakes (from a special pan as well). Delicious with butter and powdered sugar!

  • Bethebelle
    Bethebelle26 天 前

    I missed the pancake cereal trend, and I’m glad for it.

  • ryeinc
    ryeinc28 天 前

    Damn that panna cotta was one day from retirement too. R.I.P.

  • Kennie Frog
    Kennie Frog28 天 前

    I once bought the wrong gelatine sheets for my sisters birthday cake. Whilst the cake was lovely, the mirror glaze was so firm you could hold the thing upside down and it stuck to the plate much like the panna cotta, but it wasn't supposed to obviously. We didn't use a blowtorch to cut the shell though, just some good ol elbow grease.

  • Catnip
    Catnip个月 前

    cherub of joy James????? *eyes rolling*

  • JustGames19
    JustGames19个月 前

    Wait just wait a minute im from holland but baby pancakes!!! We call them poffertjes here 😂

  • __greg.k
    __greg.k个月 前

    There’s a machine for frappe jesus

  • brucasroxx
    brucasroxx个月 前

    I was today years old when I found out James' middle name was Alistair 🥰

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Welcome to the club!

  • James Lamb
    James Lamb个月 前

    Dear rest of the world. New Zealand just wants you to know we've have 'mini-pancakes' for decades. We call them pikelets. Kind regards.

  • Elizabeth Cherry
    Elizabeth Cherry个月 前

    I would never eat your dressed-up pancake cereal. I'm not sure how you could taste anything but alcohol in it. The dish was a bit busy already. You made me want a nice simple stack of pancakes with a splash of maple syrup. The video was fun to watch.

  • Andrew Grant
    Andrew Grant个月 前

    Cornish pasty samosas with no thousand island dressing = Not a big mac.

  • Tia Lee
    Tia Lee个月 前

    one - Dalgona (meaning 달고나) is korean (started on insta) and can also be done like a latte topped with the "whipped cream" two - I actually when i was little I ate something similar at a friends place, but just make big pancakes and then just cut them up, smaller (thin version, not american style) and then butter, sugar, cinnamon, raisins? nuts? (she said it was from a swiss recipe). three - Cool idea! but not gonna make that xD

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Making one and then cutting it makes so much more sense! Ha

  • 09yulstube
    09yulstube个月 前

    Sorted descubriendo el arlistan batido 🤣🤣

  • BlackAliss
    BlackAliss个月 前

    Try using almond extract instead of the everyday vanilla. The flavor is so much sweeter naturally that way. It's a nicer flavor profile as well. People never expect it.

  • BlackAliss
    BlackAliss个月 前

    Noooooo. Big Mac sauce is thousand island dressing. Mayo-ketchup-sweet pickles and a tiny bit of mustard powder for zing.

  • DeathRitual15
    DeathRitual15个月 前

    I think they ment to say fry sauce not 'burger sauce' lol. At least that's what we call it where I'm from.

  • Fahad Shahid
    Fahad Shahid个月 前

    You made a minced meat samosa. That's not innovative, you can get that all across Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bengladesh

  • Maartje Timpers
    Maartje Timpers个月 前

    the small pancakes are very similiar to a Dutch food called poffertjes (would love to see you guys try that). You'd need a poffertjes pan though ;)

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Love an excuse for a special pan! *notes it down

  • Tasha Elsnau
    Tasha Elsnau个月 前

    The big mac thing I think would be awesome as sloppy joes

  • Cytox
    Cytox个月 前

    James during coffee: "I like when I get a mouthful of..." (Don't say cream... don't say cream....) "...meringue stuff" James during Big-Macs about putting meat in a pocket: "Stuff it in mate"

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Behave! haha

  • Reidlos Toof
    Reidlos Toof个月 前

    If you were practiced at flipping them fast you could bust out a double burner griddle and do a whole bowl of those mini pancakes at once. I would probably use chopsticks for flipping rather than a spatula, takoyaki style. I imagine for a professional setting you could even use something like a metal bench scraper to flip entire rows at a time.

  • Reidlos Toof

    Reidlos Toof

    个月 前

    @SORTEDfood They are super fun to make.

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Oh no - now I have a craving for takoyaki! Must buy one of those pans.

  • Boyke van der borst
    Boyke van der borst个月 前

    We in the netherlands call it poffertjes and a special pan for it

  • igor golubovic
    igor golubovic个月 前

    hahaha. first recipe,it's plain nes coffee we drank it in 90s

  • Denise Stuur
    Denise Stuur个月 前

    The mini pancakes called Poffertjes in the Netherlands 😊😊

  • Denmark
    Denmark个月 前

    Breakfast or dessert? Me: ''Yes''

  • Sergiy Sev
    Sergiy Sev个月 前


  • Ali Fox
    Ali Fox个月 前

    Is James aware it's illegal to be such a handsome bitch

  • rasmuskp93
    rasmuskp93个月 前

    that presentation looked like someone just randomly threw all the stuff on the plate with no consideration for presentation :|

  • Suzette Calleja
    Suzette Calleja个月 前

    I would of used Dark Rum.

  • Paul Sampson
    Paul Sampson个月 前

    What's the deep fat fryer they use?

  • sum124get
    sum124get个月 前

    Little pancakes? Dutch already mastered it. Called poffertjes. You're using the wrong pan :-p

  • Hannu Ala-Olla
    Hannu Ala-Olla个月 前

    You need to do a Tik Tok -video out of this.

  • Danae Wright
    Danae Wright个月 前

    LOVE the idea of making the panna cotta so you get the milk part without the pancakes getting soggy i also love jamie's deer in headlights look when james says they're making panna cotta 😂😂

  • the_ airplane_guy
    the_ airplane_guy2 个月 前

    We have had that coffee thing in Greece for many years and we call it frape it's instant coffee shaken with cold water

  • Nikolai Ivanovich
    Nikolai Ivanovich2 个月 前

    @SORTEDfood, you should try our the wonderful James Hoffman's version of the Dalgona Coffee: cnboth.info/dron/sh-p-n/jH2jpcqEqLuOxno.html . It looks incredible.

  • faatman42
    faatman422 个月 前

    I am embarrassed to say it took me FOREVER to realize that was Jim Carrey's voice for the tiktok clip

  • Tera Star
    Tera Star2 个月 前

    i would suggest using a toothpick or skewer to flip those mini pancakes

  • jongdaes_
    jongdaes_2 个月 前

    you guys should mix the milk and coffee in the cup then drink!! it tastes so different and thick, it’s amazing. PLEASE dont drink it without mixing....

  • Gianni Descalzo
    Gianni Descalzo2 个月 前

    Now I want to make some kind of bacon cheeseburger chimichangas.

  • Flavour Month
    Flavour Month2 个月 前

    "Small ones are fun." BIG ONES ARE MORE FUN! stuff them pancakes!

  • Stoner Kitchen
    Stoner Kitchen2 个月 前

    Just make regular sized pancakes and cut them out with a small round. You're welcome.

  • Joel H
    Joel H2 个月 前

    I wanted to try Delgado coffee, it seems interesting but too much prep. It is essentially iced milk with elite coffee flavouring

  • mixwell1983
    mixwell19832 个月 前

    My niece showed me the coffee method from the video but she whisks it less frothy and mixes it with the milk to make an iced coffee. Thats how I have been doin it for quick ice coffee

  • Jay-Lee van der Berg
    Jay-Lee van der Berg2 个月 前

    A comment for the algorithm

  • WreckitRaf
    WreckitRaf2 个月 前

    That actually looks good. I'd order it as a breakfast and/or desert just to know what it tastes like.

  • Dumpling Ally
    Dumpling Ally2 个月 前

    @newt120 @sabrinabui1999 @twisted Here are the @s for the orignal recipes Go check out Newt "This cooking stuff is easy" 😂 and his "PARSLEY" 😂😂

  • nikiichan
    nikiichan2 个月 前

    "I would be careful with using the word samosa" Aww James that made the Indian in me real happy xD

  • Vasin At-Bangkok
    Vasin At-Bangkok2 个月 前

    Fantastic Job. Hope you don't mind me Watching. Let's be friends O_O

  • Callie Greenshields
    Callie Greenshields2 个月 前

    Thanks for the 😁 and for making my mouth water.

  • Deanna Martin
    Deanna Martin2 个月 前

    I was hoping they'd work on the tortilla one because I need ideas of what I can put in!

  • R N
    R N2 个月 前

    I think you are drunk...

  • Katie Austin
    Katie Austin2 个月 前

    Y’all should try the Greek cookies! It’s a family recipe video with a really tender story and it’s got quite a lot of views. Here’s the tiktok: vm.tiktok.com/JjWoBQv/

  • General Penultimo
    General Penultimo2 个月 前

    Hey guys, I love your videos, but please stop advertising this tik tok platform, for it is in no way conform in order of our known rights of free speach or data savety. I wrote this under another video of yours with the "tik tok" Thematik, and I still humbly ask of you, not to give this platform any more exposure than it already has. Much love from Germany

  • HaydenX
    HaydenX2 个月 前

    I'm not into TikTok, but I am into small pancakes. I prefer small pancakes that are, maybe, the equivalent of 4 of the super tiny ones. I like to make a coffee syrup and put that on the pancakes with a bit of creme de leche.

  • Cogworth Needlebottm
    Cogworth Needlebottm2 个月 前

    Dalgona Coffee can be made with fresh espresso. Tastes much better lol

  • Alexander Boeve
    Alexander Boeve2 个月 前

    Baby pancaces is pretty much dutch poffertjes turned into a breakfast-y thing.

  • Aeilah Pi
    Aeilah Pi2 个月 前

    just don't eat ur pancake cereal take before going to work, u'd be drunk mate!

  • Mckayla Medina
    Mckayla Medina2 个月 前


  • Ramo Calisto
    Ramo Calisto3 个月 前


  • Glimmery Snake
    Glimmery Snake3 个月 前

    imagine naming a beat after salsa cnboth.info/dron/sh-p-n/p2Kci6-qatu3mqA.html

  • Jt Zoonie
    Jt Zoonie3 个月 前

    what utter shit

  • Kaz Saeteria
    Kaz Saeteria3 个月 前

    It's not a real big mac without that cold shitty lettuce and crappy chopped onions. It... I don't know why, but it adds so much to the big mac.

    KILLERTX953 个月 前

    Im just saying.. But mini pancakes would be alot easier in a sandwich press.

  • Kyaw Thwe
    Kyaw Thwe3 个月 前

    me burining my bacon watching this video. ohh i could dip it in bourbon as well

  • Cassidy Post
    Cassidy Post3 个月 前

    Please uninstall TikTok immediately. It is a security nightmare.

  • Steve Brettell
    Steve Brettell3 个月 前

    Stir it in a bit. Much better.

  • Vicky Taylor
    Vicky Taylor3 个月 前

    The meringue bit of the coffee is good for a quick dessert if you shave some chocolate on top it is like a quick mousse.

  • Zubiila
    Zubiila3 个月 前

    I love James, no matter his mood.

  • Euminide Rubicante
    Euminide Rubicante3 个月 前

    I just got back into the kitchen at my company a few days ago after 3 months of no contracts. My best friend and I have been creating new recipes and volunteering around town to feed people. It's the best feeling to walk outside in my chef clothes and my knife roll

  • Taoxlegion
    Taoxlegion3 个月 前

    We make the ''baby pancakes'' poffetjes for hundreds of years... They have ther own pans and everything cnboth.info/dron/sh-p-n/bqJpbNiRrJnRlZI.html

  • Dragonkazzof
    Dragonkazzof3 个月 前

    Weeeeeeel nice but I'd do it with Rhum

  • Jim Roloff
    Jim Roloff3 个月 前

    The breadth and width of sous vide

  • Mr. K
    Mr. K3 个月 前

    I'm sorry but wasn't that cornflake panna cotta Mike's idea?

  • Fred Dains
    Fred Dains3 个月 前

    Sloppy Joe with jalapenos and cheddar cheese would be an amazing filling for those triangles!!!!!!!!

  • Nicole James
    Nicole James3 个月 前

    Just discovered this channel and just 😍

  • Emma Harper
    Emma Harper3 个月 前

    Jamie at the end and James reaction 💓

  • Sandy Mergui
    Sandy Mergui3 个月 前

    Booze for breakfast 🥞

  • J R
    J R3 个月 前

    Buy a poffertjespan!!!

  • Redds
    Redds3 个月 前

    James: we didn't do much we kept it quite simple Jamie: (ಠ _ ಠ )

  • Jason akamrdaddy
    Jason akamrdaddy3 个月 前

    Im probably not the first but i swear jamie sounds exactly like james corden lol

  • Seeky Unbounded
    Seeky Unbounded3 个月 前

    How can you be so opposed to cannabis but tiktok is ok smh

  • zealiux
    zealiux3 个月 前

    You know the pancake cereal kinda reminds me of a Dutch dish called poffertjes (no clue if there is an English translation) you should look it up it’s pretty cool to see them flip a whole table sized kind of grill

  • Carl Mustard
    Carl Mustard3 个月 前

    I heard the words masturbate and blueberry cumpot in this video

  • Mohammed Ali
    Mohammed Ali3 个月 前

    Hand pulled noodles please

  • Jeordie Ghoul
    Jeordie Ghoul3 个月 前

    "Pancake cereal" is just Dutch poffertjes but way less neat and added milk.. we have special pans for that

  • udcaps
    udcaps3 个月 前

    bro be honest pudding was poor, accompaniments were well concepted.