A Chef Tries to Bake This ICONIC Cake | Momofuku Milk Bar Birthday Cake

DIY 和生活百科

SO many birthdays have been spent during lockdown, but the boys at Sorted are determined to make sure that Ben has a birthday surprise to remember! In this episode, James tries to recreate Chistina Tosi’s birthday cake that’s famously sold in her bakery, Milk Bar. Does he get anywhere near close to the original? And does Barry offer any visual wisdom along the way? Have a watch to find out!
If you’d like to check out Milk Bar’s range of deserts, head here:
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  • A. Original
    A. Original天 前

    I love you guys but no videos with just him by his self he doesn't have enough energy

  • di butler
    di butler天 前

    Made my son a birthday cake once with the highest quality vanilla and ingredients. Everyone thought it was weird tasting. :DDD

  • Maria T. Herrera
    Maria T. Herrera天 前

    I tested this cake in one of her DC location and OMG I was so disappointed. The flavor is basically cheap vanilla and it is SOOOO sweet!!!

  • Nazir Young
    Nazir Young天 前

    you are the best

  • Nazir Young

    Nazir Young

    天 前


  • allison bishop
    allison bishop3 天 前

    So you Brits actually say "slither" instead of "sliver"? 🤣🤣🤣

  • Moonfire chan
    Moonfire chan6 天 前

    WYI cake flour is just all-purpose flour mixed with baking powder.

  • D J
    D J6 天 前

    I still can't believe Ben is a Gemini. He's so uptight I would've sworn he was a Virgo. Or a Capricorn like Jam....um, like a certain gorgeous ginger Scot. Lol

  • Jackie Hedges
    Jackie Hedges7 天 前

    lol, thats the worst one ive seen yet

  • Pooja Singh
    Pooja Singh8 天 前

    The way they photoshoped the sprinkles on their cake's photo at the end. I'm dying.😭 Lol. Cute.

  • KMichelle Argus
    KMichelle Argus9 天 前

    I feel like as an American I should say we DO have round pans

  • gudebro2000
    gudebro200012 天 前

    That was so sweet!

  • DrumRoody
    DrumRoody15 天 前

    Whats so special about that cake? It looks unfinished and messy

  • SurrealKit
    SurrealKit16 天 前

    I tried to make the cake (not from this video) for my birthday. It failed so hard.

  • uzbecka
    uzbecka17 天 前

    Re: low quality vanilla... I make birthday cakes for my colleagues at work, whatever they request, and I'm pretty good at it. One americal guy requests vanilla box cake. It's what his mum made when he was a kid, total nostalgia value.

  • Dora Eugenia Gasteazoro
    Dora Eugenia Gasteazoro19 天 前

    I feel so much better, now, because I can see I’m not the only one with poor baking skills. LOLOL. Kudos for going the distance, though! And happy belated birthday, Ben!!

  • Debb Curry
    Debb Curry20 天 前

    Sprinkles are hundreds and thousands, right?

  • Jennifer Renee
    Jennifer Renee20 天 前

    Happy late bday Ben! Did you all watch her make it on Netflixs’ Chef with those guys?-she just makes(has) more frosting! Thought of that part when I saw James show how little he has left lol!

  • camila fuentes
    camila fuentes22 天 前

    Siii al fin tenemos subtitulos en español! 💜

  • Schreckschraube
    Schreckschraube24 天 前

    Am I the only one who does not like the look of the original cake? All those sprinkles make it look cheap and it looks too simple/boring for my taste.

  • Susie English
    Susie English24 天 前

    I never thought I could dislike cake but this is an American bodge

  • Catsmaka
    Catsmaka26 天 前

    sorted food is cancer

  • Titytit Mk2
    Titytit Mk229 天 前

    you can get cake flour in tescos or just order it online from amazon.

  • kathy quiroga
    kathy quiroga个月 前

    Native Texan here. Ive never heard of cutting circles out of sheet cakes haha but! Not a bad idea lol

  • a j l
    a j l个月 前

    I think he did an awesome job for an unnecessarily complicated cake When it comes to baking I think simpler is better

  • a j l
    a j l个月 前

    I think he did an awesome job for an unnecessarily complicated cake When it comes to baking I think simpler is better Using simple pure ingredients is key when I go to all the trouble to use all those complicated artificial ingredients right as well go buy yourself a hostess package cake which will probably taste better

  • GeorgeIII
    GeorgeIII个月 前

    Americans don’t use sheet pans and circles out of them. Christina Tosi does the cut-rounds-out-of-sheet-cakes, but she is literally the only chef I’ve ever heard of doing it that way regularly. She does it this way so the outside of the round doesn’t have that caramelized, darker edge. Much easier (and smarter and less wasteful) to use round pans with bake-even strips.

  • Sue A
    Sue A个月 前

    Aren't you wasting cake by baking it in a sheet pan instead of round tins?

  • itsmemeera
    itsmemeera个月 前

    Photoshop 😂 really

  • Siro Battaglin
    Siro Battaglin个月 前

    I made you a birthday cake, even though it’s not your birthday yet and you’re not here to try it, but I’ll cut into and eat it anyway without you. That’s friendship 😂.

  • Lola M.
    Lola M.个月 前

    I have made this cake several times; it’s fairly easy to make, but time consuming...

  • Toni P
    Toni P个月 前

    I really don't understand what's so special about this cake 🤷🏽‍♀️ im not a baker but idk seems pretty basic imo

  • Jaded Kate

    Jaded Kate

    22 天 前

    Clearly you are not a baker 😅😅 Layered cakes are an *absolute nightmare* ... Assembling a cake is not for people who can easily get triggered when things don't turn out the way they planned. And bakers are meticulous and finnicky and a bit OCD. Baking is a precise chemical process, measurements and weighing is important. Clearly the end result looks like a hot mess, the woman who invented it would throw that into the bin for not meeting standards. But us _normal people_ don't care either way. It also helps that we don't live in USA where there are Karens lurking behind every corner, unsatisfied and yelling when their cake looks like _that_ 😎😂 Thank Heavens.

  • Ash Choudhury
    Ash Choudhury个月 前

    Should have done a bit of research!

  • KyleCorbeau
    KyleCorbeau个月 前

    3:03 No no no no. Do not throw all of America under the bus for this one weirdo's idea of what we do. For round cakes we use round pans just the same as you (I should know, I work at a bakery😠). We even have ways to get precut parchment paper for the bottom of the rounds for the standard sizes _because_ that's the more common way to make cake! When we make sheet cake (exactly what it says on the tin) you'd usually just add risers to a sheet tray (that's used for cookies). Easier to de-pan and FAR easier to keep clean. I literally have never seen anyone use a sheet *pan* before to do anything but poorly made lasagna (because a pyrex will transfer the heat better and let you keep a better eye on things). The reason _THIS_ bakery does it _this_ way is because they need the scraps in order to decorate the top. If they used a round (properly) they'd have to bake off extra layers and turn them into scraps which (again for them) may waste more time depending on how often they use cake scraps in their recipes/decorations.

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Fair point! Pyrex always amazes me... feels wrong to bake in pyrex... but it's supposed to be better right? *science

  • ros
    ros个月 前

    That "are you happy?" And the yes so cute

  • ros


    个月 前

    @SORTEDfood Idk, I would say you are good

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    We're not good at affection...

  • Virginia Marcozzi
    Virginia Marcozzi个月 前

    I actually used to work at milk bar, and I have to say James did I really good job! Almost spot on to how we would have done it👍

  • Alex Pickle
    Alex Pickle个月 前

    Pretty confused about the sheet pan thing cause we do use round cake pans... like a lot?

  • Servius The Bear
    Servius The Bear个月 前

    Sorry never heard of this milk bar cant be that famous.

  • Daniel W
    Daniel W个月 前

    For everyone commenting on the 'Sliver' vs. 'Slither' thing, the Oxford English Dictionary lists a matching definition for both words as "a piece cut or split off, such as a splinter or slice" Both are acceptable. Stop the pedantry. (It's only acceptable when I do it.)

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Ahhhh - see. We all learn from the comments. Didn't know that - thanks Daniel!

  • Scott Lewis
    Scott Lewis个月 前

    If you read her book, the first thing she stresses is the importance of her creaming step. That was nowhere near long enough lol.

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    It was only Ben's Birthday - he's not that special! Ha *but thanks for sharing, we didn't know.

  • PurpleMask131
    PurpleMask131个月 前

    Has anyone actually made this recipe? I’m curious as to whether it’s actually tasty.

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    The crunchy bits in the frosting is the game changer we think!

  • Flufflebut
    Flufflebut个月 前

    And this is why chef =/= pastry chef =/= bread baker. XD Pastry is almost more related to chemistry lab than dinner cooking. It isn't too surprising. I rarely see even pros who are equally good at bread, cakes/cookies/etc., and dinners. Usually everyone has one field they excel in. Which is fine cause I'd always rather order a curry from a guy who makes fantastic curry but sucks at cake, than from a guy who is just ok at making everything. Which makes it a little annoyingly unfair when you watch a cooking show on the TV and a chef gets eliminated because they struggle with princess cakes, but meanwhile they smash bread and meats out of the park. A certain amount of culinary range is appreciated since it shows the person has a healthy passion and culinary curiosity to try new things, but still.

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    So right! Wouldn't it be boring if we were all ace at everything. Instead, there's stuff we can all learn from each other.

  • foriamemma
    foriamemma个月 前

    they edited in more sprinkle colors into theirs for the final side by side at the end :|

  • Gabriela Machado
    Gabriela Machado个月 前

    i've made this and struggled way less than him wtf

  • Darlene Espiritusanto
    Darlene Espiritusanto个月 前

    What is "shortening" and how can I replace it in this recipe?

  • Lucy Brown

    Lucy Brown

    个月 前

    It’s just vegetable fat, if you’re in England (like me!) the brand trex is what you need to look for. It’s in the butter section usually :)

  • Maen M.
    Maen M.2 个月 前

    Sprinkles make the cake say: "birthday." 😋 But tbh I love carrot cake the most.

  • gregory carter
    gregory carter2 个月 前

    SURPRISE! Happy belated Birthday Wishes Ben.

  • Shabbir Saifee
    Shabbir Saifee2 个月 前

    hmm.. i think sorted could have made a cake 100X better than this one..

  • Ruthie
    Ruthie2 个月 前

    To create a pure white, you can add a tiny bit of purple/violet food coloring into the frosting.

  • Je Or
    Je Or2 个月 前

    Happy Birthday Benjathon! You are like a mom to all of us.

  • Alyx Anderson
    Alyx Anderson2 个月 前

    "americans use sheet pans its like a standard thing and they just cut out the rounds" we do???? i only have round cake tins in my house

  • FolkPunk MusicJunkie

    FolkPunk MusicJunkie

    23 天 前

    Minis N yeah but we don’t cut circles out of sheet cakes.

  • xXJokerAtWorkXx


    26 天 前

    Ah, see if you bake it in a sheet tin then you get to make lovely cake pops with the remainder of the cake.

  • Marie Garrett

    Marie Garrett

    个月 前

    I know right I've never done or heard of this.

  • Minis N

    Minis N

    个月 前

    Sheet cakes are less popular than round cakes but it’s a thing hah

  • ambrite
    ambrite2 个月 前

    You need to use US rainbow sprinkles/'jimmies'. The ones from Aus and the UK use natural colours and aren't as robust so the colours don't stand out and they melt.

  • Liza Poor
    Liza Poor2 个月 前

    “You got me balloons as well!” How cute is Ben???? Happy (super belated) birthday!

  • Sarah R.
    Sarah R.2 个月 前

    I do understand, what he said about frosting. Usually I do buttercream with pudding and butter. Or I just do a filling based on cream and fruit.

  • FHD فَهِد
    FHD فَهِد2 个月 前

    Ben, you look sexy af babe, don't let anyone tell you otherwise ;)

  • D Z
    D Z2 个月 前

    Thanks for addressing Tossi's weird stance on vanilla extract. When you do use that colourless vanillin thing, the cake ends up tasting like a box cake mix, at which point, it begs the question, why bother making your own cake if it's gonna end up tasting like the box stuff? It tastes better with real vanilla. I don't think I had a posh childhood, but fake vanilla wasn't the taste of my childhood...

  • Cynical Citizen
    Cynical Citizen2 个月 前

    Cake making is pretty much a perfect example of what chemistry is

  • Deborah S
    Deborah S2 个月 前

    I'm American and I only use a square baking pan if I want a square cake. I don't know anyone who uses the method you used.

  • Jordan Kaplan
    Jordan Kaplan3 个月 前

    you can correct the yellowness in frosting with a drop of purple food coloring

  • Bjorn Ronaldson
    Bjorn Ronaldson3 个月 前

    Happy Birthday Ben!

  • Liz C
    Liz C3 个月 前

    Lucky me milk bar is down the street from me

  • Dasfinc
    Dasfinc3 个月 前

    Happy Birthday Ben!!

  • MrGrimsmith
    MrGrimsmith3 个月 前

    It's impressive, I'll give it that! Not my sort of thing but then I'm really not much of a sweet things fan. My first thought on seeing the burnt sponge though was firstly "HOW?! Not burning it is the *easy* part!" followed by "Well, that's a do over" but my mother made primarily wedding cakes professionally so I was raised with the approach of if it isn't perfect you do it again, suck up the costs and learn from it :)

    ZIANA G3 个月 前

    yummy.. cnboth.info/dron/sh-p-n/eaWngbKfoLfNqI4.html

  • princessrose17
    princessrose173 个月 前

    As a normal, but avid baker, yes he is closer to a normal when baking. I am no chef but I could out bake him!

  • Maha
    Maha3 个月 前

    Is it just me or the music at 14:29 sounds very similar to the try guys podcast intro music? 🤔

  • Marbeth Joy Fara-on
    Marbeth Joy Fara-on3 个月 前

    Barry indeed is Sorted's cake expert.

  • Brian Stone
    Brian Stone3 个月 前

    Happy Birthday Ben!!

  • Sheepdog Smokey
    Sheepdog Smokey3 个月 前

    1:16 - Don't know if it's just me, as I'm coming back to this video, but at this point, Barry is saying "it looks incredible" and there seems to be a "jump" where the audio glitches.

  • Claudia Trammell
    Claudia Trammell3 个月 前

    Happy Birthday Ben

  • Terrous Terry
    Terrous Terry3 个月 前

    Its still pretty unbelievable Barry is a dad

  • Alicia Holmes
    Alicia Holmes3 个月 前

    I've never seen vanilla like that I'm amazed. Though the pouring gives me anxiety. I'd mess up and pour too much. 😩

  • Ellen Lightner
    Ellen Lightner3 个月 前

    Christina Tosi specifies the clear vanilla extract bcuz without it you will not get that “box cake” birthday cake flavor which is the nostalgia for most Americans. He is using what looks like a homemade vanilla extract which normally is good but the higher end more expensive vanilla bean flecks are not going to lend the desired result and your expensive vanilla will get lost in a cake like that...thats one ingredient it’s crucial not to substitute or there is not point making this recipe. Follow the recipe!

  • Eleonore Bon
    Eleonore Bon3 个月 前

    Oof, I absolutely hate baking because of the precision required.

  • C. Skeleton
    C. Skeleton3 个月 前

    Yikes sorry for the WAY belated birthday wishes but HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEN!!! I think the cake was a 7 out of 10

  • Isabel Large
    Isabel Large3 个月 前

    I think the cake looked great and I hope Ebbers had an amazing birthday. Happy belated birthday Ebbers! Hope it was a good one!

  • kopite12
    kopite123 个月 前

    So Barry's job in this video is to sit there and whine about things that he can never do?

  • Angie C
    Angie C3 个月 前

    I don't get the hype, it's like a souped up funfetti, I'm sure it's good, I just don't get what makes this more famous?

  • heritageofhastur
    heritageofhastur3 个月 前

    You should try a Smith Island Cake - uses 10 round cake pans....

  • Luxury Lure Official
    Luxury Lure Official3 个月 前

    I’m so curious why citric acid and baking powder would go into BUTTERCREAM? What would that do for it? It’s seems like it would add an odd flavor without being cooked. Yes please let me know. 🎂

  • Tiffany B.
    Tiffany B.3 个月 前

    belated happy birthday KING 🥳🎂

  • DJI Weston
    DJI Weston3 个月 前

    Sadly I disagree with James on the waste thing, if your making a circular cake the best way to not have waste is to bake in a circle not have to cut it out which is what leads to the waste ahaha

  • Mary, just Mary
    Mary, just Mary4 个月 前

    Note to self - don't ever call Barry if things go wrong unless you want to up the flap factor.

  • Aaron Stroud
    Aaron Stroud4 个月 前

    I have been wanting to make this cake for a few years.. thank you for showing me it can be done

  • Nevinnaz Kaplan
    Nevinnaz Kaplan4 个月 前

    happy birthday ben i love u!!

  • Heather Correll
    Heather Correll4 个月 前

    What the hell do you mean, you can't get cake flour in the UK????

  • Liz Hill
    Liz Hill4 个月 前

    Happy belated birthday, Ben :)

  • Kim
    Kim4 个月 前

    You can get cake flour in the UK. Homepride do it, although it may be difficult to find, I do know that Tesco usually sell it. It's more expensive than regular plain or self raising flour.

  • Rosalie Ramos
    Rosalie Ramos4 个月 前

    You've introduced me to a new cake, and with my birthday coming up in less than a month, I kinda really want to try to make it now!

  • Health Food Fitness and Fun Secrets
    Health Food Fitness and Fun Secrets4 个月 前

    Happy birthday

  • Lizzy Seay
    Lizzy Seay4 个月 前

    “It’s ok, no one can see it!” “ITS IN A VIDEO EVERYONE CAN SEE IT” haha Barry with the reality checks.😂

  • M. O.
    M. O.4 个月 前

    Does it bother anyone else that they keep saying "slither" instead of "sliver"?

  • Bravo Alley
    Bravo Alley4 个月 前

    Happy birthday

  • Zarzar
    Zarzar4 个月 前

    7:45 perhaps one of the best moments in recent SORTED history. Barry's reaction to that ridiculous claim was well-justified hahaha

  • dlxe
    dlxe4 个月 前

    I feel like Barry has a lot of beagle energy 😂 also for James, this is quite a shit job 😜 being savage like him

  • Georgina Hewitt
    Georgina Hewitt4 个月 前

    Happy birthday Ben!

  • Yume No Kaze
    Yume No Kaze4 个月 前

    Happy Birthday Ebbers!!

  • Megan Havern
    Megan Havern4 个月 前

    The frosting isn’t as white because of the regular vanilla extract. Milk bar uses clear vanilla extract. In the US, grocery store bakery sections use clear vanilla so that’s why it reminds people of childhood!

  • Mandy
    Mandy4 个月 前

    Loved this vid 💜💜🥳🥳

  • Christina Gutierrez
    Christina Gutierrez4 个月 前

    I had the real cake for my birthday, and I have to say, this was pretty damn impressive. Amzing job. FYI if you live in the US you can order from the Milk Bar website. 🥳

  • Thessarabian
    Thessarabian4 个月 前

    Happy birthday, Ben! I think I want to try that cake now.