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Chef Ben and ‘normal’ cook Mike are challenged to make the best sweet dish from a box of mystery festive ingredients. The world is their oyster. What will they cook up to impress the judges this Christmas?
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  • Thomas Clifford
    Thomas Clifford7 小时 前

    You can see that even if Ebbers won he doesn't feel satisfied with his win. That's true chef mentality.

  • mattrex94
    mattrex943 天 前

    Constructive criticism: it would be cool to see a timer on screen while they work like in pass it on

  • SORTEDfood


    2 天 前

    Not criticism at all... but comment noted.

  • Larl Sagan
    Larl Sagan9 天 前

    Luke Cage approves

  • GuardianKiss
    GuardianKiss10 天 前

    08:24 He tastes and uses the same item to stir. How fucking disgusting.

  • Roselle Ann
    Roselle Ann23 天 前

    Ben is the original le festin while mike is the tik tok version of le festin

  • Mark MacKay
    Mark MacKay个月 前

    I love when Brits react to eggnog like it’s made from entrails. There’s always a cautious sniff and occasionally the tiniest of sips.

  • shawnna Howald
    shawnna Howald个月 前

    why didnt you guys think of chocolate orange gateau with a egg nog cheese cream icing? That would have been @SORTEDfood

  • Faerily_Sylphy
    Faerily_Sylphy个月 前

    I was today years old when I realized/found out that eggnog is an American thing. Not surprised, yet still surprised! Lol

  • Issah Lilian
    Issah Lilian个月 前

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  • Josh Heckman
    Josh Heckman个月 前

    Ben and Barry are just the best

  • Josh Heckman

    Josh Heckman

    个月 前

    @SORTEDfood and omg they noticed me!!!!

  • Josh Heckman

    Josh Heckman

    个月 前

    @SORTEDfood Indeed they are, and my favorite part of Sorted. Love you guys

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前 of friends.

  • Jen Malcom
    Jen Malcom个月 前

    Egg nog martini! I think I'll try that, this Christmas!

  • Leilani Spendrup
    Leilani Spendrup个月 前

    Mike should have called his brownie gift a Swedish kladkaka:-) Crispy on the outside and soft and runny in the inside!

  • Bane71
    Bane71个月 前

    I would like to see a "fine dining" battle. The chefs are allowed to plan the menu. Advise on technique. But, not allowed to do any actual cooking. The "Normals" do all the actual cooking

  • Zia RDS
    Zia RDS2 个月 前

    I can't help laughing bc Mike said eggnog was catering to the US audience, which is strange since eggnog was invented in Britain. Do they not drink there very often anymore? Or is it simply not something they drink during the holidays?

  • spiderdude2099
    spiderdude20992 个月 前

    I learned that eggnog is not a thing in the UK thanks to this video. Very unexpected if I'm honest and also, y'all missing out.

  • Dr. Tanya Jay

    Dr. Tanya Jay

    2 个月 前

    spiderdude2099 Eggnogg was actually invented in England, it's just something that went out of fashion.

  • Emily Mayer
    Emily Mayer3 个月 前

    I’ve never had egg nog that color... even when it’s mostly bourbon

  • Bianca Malan
    Bianca Malan3 个月 前


  • ReaTrea
    ReaTrea3 个月 前

    It's been six months and I'm still crying over the slice your own brownie Christmas set

  • Violet None Of Your Business
    Violet None Of Your Business3 个月 前

    Its July and I want a a mincemeat bread and butter pudding now after seeing all those ingredients. Edit: who cares it's summer I'm just gonna make it.

  • Charinpat Saeheng
    Charinpat Saeheng3 个月 前


  • PostModern Fairy
    PostModern Fairy3 个月 前

    * flinches in Amarican southern at the boiling eggnog *

  • Oliver Twist
    Oliver Twist3 个月 前

    “Slice-your-own”, “snow melts doesn’t it” and ebbers pure shithousery makes this one of the greatest episodes to come out! World class👏🏽

  • darkadegeron
    darkadegeron3 个月 前

    I laughed so hard. When he picked up the glass and was staring at the contents like, "What is THAT?" and so tentatively took a sip and I'm sitting here going, "It's eggnog, clearly, has he never seen eggnog before???!?!!" and then from behind camera, "It's eggnog," and he retorts, "Catering to our friends from across the Atlantic." I hadn't realized eggnog was so...American. I love eggnog and yes, I'm an American. You can do some fun things with it cooking-wise.

  • slytown
    slytown5 个月 前

    I like how James still says "meese" for the plural of mouse.

  • 124 421
    124 4215 个月 前

    What type of chopping boards are the ones you use?

  • Avidly
    Avidly5 个月 前

    Dearest Mike: Throwing eggnog shade??

  • Adam Sandin
    Adam Sandin6 个月 前

    Don't understand how the dishes gets served at the same time when they are not in the kitchen together at the same time?

  • Glenn Conner
    Glenn Conner6 个月 前

    Maybe allow the normal to get the non-competing chef for 10 minutes when there is 20 minutes left, so as maybe to fix something. Not add an idea but to fix something if needed. I like these challenges because of the side commentary and laughter from the crew.

  • Amrita Roy
    Amrita Roy6 个月 前

    How was she ahahahhahahaha

  • Masca Trails
    Masca Trails6 个月 前

    Beat the Chef: Pass It On Edition! 60 mins total in rounds of 10 min, so each normal goes twice and each chef 3 times... ie: Round 1: Mike & Ben, Round 2: Barry & James, Round 3: Jaime & Ben, Round 4: Mike & James, Round 5: Barry & Ben, Round 6: Jaime & James

  • Lesley Tran
    Lesley Tran6 个月 前

    But eggnog was invented in Britain?

  • Mary, just Mary
    Mary, just Mary7 个月 前

    Dear jesus shut up James!! He ruins these with loving the sound of his own voice.

  • Matthew Grant

    Matthew Grant

    6 个月 前

    He talks just as much as everyone else, only times he talks more is if he's asked to explain something

  • QB Livingstone
    QB Livingstone7 个月 前

    Love this video. Now im craving brownies

  • LednacekZ
    LednacekZ7 个月 前

    how about Ben just returns the chef license? that was embarrassing

  • Thomas Edwards
    Thomas Edwards7 个月 前

    James and Jamie had such a good time.

  • phatpharm06
    phatpharm067 个月 前

    I bet if those brownies were cooked in cupcake or muffin tin they would have been more cooked (and portioned-but not choose you own portion)

  • The_Kashka
    The_Kashka7 个月 前

    My new, favourite expression: "Foldy McGee"

  • zomginmypocket
    zomginmypocket7 个月 前

    is his espesso martini not just a black russian ? xD

  • Brian Essex
    Brian Essex7 个月 前

    Bain Marie = double boiler. I do believe that most of us normals would be lost looking for a Bain Marie. I must say that I thoroughly enjoy your videos and especially your camaraderie with your mates.

  • H. Troubetzkoy
    H. Troubetzkoy8 个月 前

    make mini inividual brownies in a madeline pan and get moe crispy crust, shorter cooking time and a lovely shell shape. ir use mini muffin tin, or your ever loving ramacans.

  • flowers
    flowers8 个月 前

    Barry’s such a positive and nice judge :)

  • Molly O'Hara
    Molly O'Hara8 个月 前

    Poor baby mike is so stressed out!

  • Sheepdog Smokey
    Sheepdog Smokey8 个月 前

    Here's an idea, take these Beat The Chef recipes and "do them properly," see what removing the time crunch allows.

  • slitor
    slitor8 个月 前

    HOW COME I Get these christmas feelies AFTER CHRISTMAS?!

  • slitor
    slitor8 个月 前

    "All the spices!"

  • Lily
    Lily8 个月 前

    I think i would have tried to make a chocolate baklava and add spices, clementins into the syrup. Then the eggnog custard/ cream

  • Gabriellla Rowe
    Gabriellla Rowe9 个月 前

    OMG, I just noticed James eye roll when Mike said he was gonna do an espresso martini 😂😂

  • Ghostly jester
    Ghostly jester9 个月 前

    For Vs chef : 2 normals vs 2 chefs, but here is the thing it has to be a full course meal, lastly here is the curve ball you must ask for a theme with no context on a social media platform of your choice (not on an account where anyone would know its sorted food) The food must follow that theme as much as possible.

  • Johandra Victor
    Johandra Victor9 个月 前


  • Ultimate fusionGaming
    Ultimate fusionGaming9 个月 前

    This is just a very good channel like extremely good

  • Patrick Kelly
    Patrick Kelly9 个月 前

    beat the chef or ultimate battle family guy

  • TheRedQueensChamber
    TheRedQueensChamber9 个月 前

    EGG nog love, you would want to thicken it with egg yolk not starch ♥

  • Sandra Lane
    Sandra Lane9 个月 前

    Love these too funny

  • Anon Ymous
    Anon Ymous9 个月 前

    I do not possibly see how "Egg Nog" is catering to Americans: While culinary historians debate its exact lineage, most agree eggnog originated from the early medieval Britain “posset,” a hot, milky, ale-like drink. Granted, we see it as the result of a successful farm at the height of Winter. Eggs, cream, spices and booze at Midwinter. Pretty much an obnoxious unspoken statement of success when a typical farm should normally be dormant and on winter rations of apples, onions, potatoes and dried beef. Ok, I can see why the Colonials would do it just out of spite to thumb the nose at our British cousins.

  • Abbey Stratton
    Abbey Stratton9 个月 前

    How do you make homemade baileys Irish cream?

  • Kassie Prawdzik
    Kassie Prawdzik9 个月 前

    Mike is hella adorable.

  • C. Skeleton
    C. Skeleton9 个月 前

    Is Eggnog a North American thing?

  • Richard
    Richard9 个月 前

    Why everyone thinks Egg Nog is American? We got it in Eastern Europe for many years, we call it Egg Liqueur or Egg Cognac, you can find it in Slovakia, Hungary, Czechia or Poland and a few more countries. It slightly varies in ingredients, its more natural and more tasty and also stronger, and most of the people are making it homemade, whilst I am sure in US mostly its mass produced inferior ingredients and tastes like crap.

  • Cassie Hall
    Cassie Hall9 个月 前

    Can we please get tutorials on how to make the homemade Bailey’s (also James’ vanilla extract and other such things that have been mentioned from the SORTED pantry)!!!

  • kitty kat
    kitty kat9 个月 前

    FLAVOR! *Throws all the spices at the pot indignitley*

  • stapuft
    stapuft9 个月 前

    What exactly is "Christmas" about oranges?

  • stapuft
    stapuft9 个月 前

    "Mincemeat"? But there ain't no meat minced or otherwise on that tray

  • stapuft


    9 个月 前

    @Christine Morin yeah actually. Thanks alot.

  • Christine Morin

    Christine Morin

    9 个月 前

    @stapuft Historically, mincemeat started off as a meat-based filling, but over time (centuries, really) the ingredients evolved yet the name remained. :) And bread sauce is a bay leaf-infused cream and/or milk-based sauce that's thickened with (fresh) bread crumbs and served as a side with, say, chicken. Hope this helps! ^_^

  • stapuft


    9 个月 前

    @Christine Morin that's an odd name then but ok. you have any idea what "bread sauce" is?

  • Christine Morin

    Christine Morin

    9 个月 前

    Mincemeat isn't made with meat. It's fruit-based. :)

  • MissCoati
    MissCoati9 个月 前

    I think this may be the first time both the chef and the normal both had a panic attack. The normals should try a "cook like a (different) Normal" challenge where each of them randomly pick one of the other two normals to cook like and have one of the chefs guess who actually cooked the dish and who they were trying to imitate. Or all of them cook a sterotypical dish for one of the normals (steak for Jaime, chicken for Mike) and have a chef guess who cooked it and say who cooked it the best.

  • Andrew Littell
    Andrew Littell9 个月 前

    I feel like the eggnog idea with the brownies has a lot of potential as a recipe. Might try to do my own spin on it without a time limit

  • Henrique Bertuol
    Henrique Bertuol9 个月 前

    the “all we want for christmas is for you to leave a comment” thingy was too cute and it had me comment, so happy late christmas and new years ❤️

  • L. Dougherty
    L. Dougherty9 个月 前

    Looks like 2 Christmas winners!🎊🎉🎅🎄🎁 Happy Blessed New Year!🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊

  • stecky87
    stecky8710 个月 前

    I love seeing Mike, but don't like to see him struggle . . .

  • LednacekZ
    LednacekZ10 个月 前

    Ben being an actual chef is an embarrassment

  • MsJavaWolf
    MsJavaWolf10 个月 前

    You could have taken the skin off the clementine slices. It's a small thing but I feel that it really elevates them, the texture is much better and it's also something people usually don't do because it's too much work.

  • Little Prairie Library
    Little Prairie Library10 个月 前

    If you watch this video on 2x speed, Mike's panic becomes even more panicky, and thus more hilarious.

  • Shal Music FX
    Shal Music FX10 个月 前

    This was painful to watch. I feel so bad for both of the guys.

  • stavr 1
    stavr 110 个月 前

    Ugh i love watching your guys' videos!

  • M Baker
    M Baker10 个月 前

    Choclate coins are gelt, which is associated with Hanukkah

  • Persephone Winters
    Persephone Winters10 个月 前

    Recommendation for a place to visit - Grosvenor Fish Bar in Norwich. Amazing fish and chips, definitely recommend the squid, and you can bring your own drinks if you want them. You can eat outside or in the bunker (yep, a literal bunker) downstairs. Also won the Good Food Awards for a chippy in 2018.

  • 6laderunner
    6laderunner10 个月 前

    It's only a matter of time till one of the normals turns in a 'Cook Your Own Dinner Dinner Kit'

  • 6laderunner
    6laderunner10 个月 前

    It's only a matter of time till one of the normals turns in a 'Cook Your Own Dinner Dinner Kit'

  • 6laderunner
    6laderunner10 个月 前

    Imagine trying to cook under pressure while your friends mock you and point out everything you're doing wrong hahaha... I'm afraid I would end up doing something bad with a kitchen knife under those circumstances

  • m E
    m E10 个月 前

    Can you please do another 360° battle but make it longer I found it fun that I could move around and see what everyone was doing

  • Vir LFC8
    Vir LFC810 个月 前

    This video has definitely made evident every single reason why Mike's my favourite (and Ben a close second) 😂

  • Riza Melendez
    Riza Melendez10 个月 前

    Where's your new video? I know you all are having a break, you deserve it, but still waiting for the video

  • Keb EightyFour
    Keb EightyFour10 个月 前

    Can we get just an outtakes video? That seems like it would be hilarious.

  • Adri Wiratama
    Adri Wiratama10 个月 前

    Where is new video T_T I've been hospitalized for a week and eager to see new video. Sad.....

  • Mark Lagatao
    Mark Lagatao10 个月 前

    Where’s this weeks vid?

  • Jordan Bryan
    Jordan Bryan10 个月 前

    Veganuary recipes please!!!!

  • Dan Asghar
    Dan Asghar10 个月 前

    I put the Mandalorian on pause to watch 2 hours of these guys....THE MANDALORIAN!

  • Nour
    Nour10 个月 前

    Am I the only one who noticed the Madden 20 holiday theme music in this video??

  • Tiana Bakker
    Tiana Bakker10 个月 前

    Can y'all do an episode where you just read thirst comments 💁‍♀️

  • Margaret Wilson
    Margaret Wilson10 个月 前

    Did Ben just use the eggnog by drinking it? Or did I miss him using it? 😂

  • Sam Johnson
    Sam Johnson10 个月 前

    Sorted food please help?! I have got the song about Barry and ben stuck in my head but I've forgotten the words and it sounds odd when I'm repeating it. By my recollection it goes "Barry and Ben are the best of friends they live together in their stately cottage, they eat together, and they share bathwater, do do da do do Barry and Ben" see my issue

  • code 61
    code 6110 个月 前

    Boys can we bring back big night in. I loved those and maybe you could get more of the crew involved with them.

  • Astaroth713
    Astaroth71310 个月 前

    I would be interested in y'all doing biscuits and gravy. I am from Door County in Wisconsin. I make mine with Jimmy Dean sausage, one pound regular and one pound hot, brown in a pot, don't drain, add milk and all purpose flour until thick and whitish gray/grayish white. Pour onto ripped up honey biscuits. Add two slightly runny fried eggs. Growing up in the country, this meal would keep you full most of the day to keep working without having to stop and eat. Probably why my metabolism is non-existent.

  • Christine Lewis
    Christine Lewis10 个月 前

    Love seeing mike in the hot seat. He’s so funny because it seems he learned the least in the last decade

  • Missmethinksalot1
    Missmethinksalot110 个月 前

    5:22 Jamie: "Essentially what he's now doing IS the mixer's job..." Nailed it

  • Laura Wilson
    Laura Wilson10 个月 前

    James and Jamie were so mean, I bet Santa left them coal in their stockings!

  • Desiree Espinosa
    Desiree Espinosa10 个月 前

    Confession... I have the biggest crush on James. I’m positive I’m not the only one! So dreamy!!!! Xoxox that sweater is SO ON!

  • Fay Taplin
    Fay Taplin10 个月 前

    am I the only person who doesn't know what eggog or whatever its called is

  • Jaime Bellon
    Jaime Bellon10 个月 前

    Go Ben!!

  • Mhyreade
    Mhyreade10 个月 前

    Was James in a particularly bad mood this day? He seems to have wanted to throw Ben under a bus.

  • Honey the spitz
    Honey the spitz10 个月 前

    I’m sexy and I snow it - James

  • August Brown
    August Brown10 个月 前

    Never realized how shady Barry is, but I'm so here for it!! Barry reads Mike like the new sorted cookbook and drags Ben like a mop through the Sorted studio. 😂😂