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#AD | Today we’ve got an epic Beat the Chef Mystery Box Challenge for you, as James and Jamie celebrate the ancient ingredient that is wheat! With an ingredients box full of surprise items, we’ve challenged the guys to create something special to celebrate wheat. But before they get cooking, they’ve got to learn more from the experts about this classic ingredient to really show off what it can do in the kitchen.
They’re cooking up 2 very different dishes, but who will be the winner? Watch and decide for yourself!
You can also check us out Behind the Scenes with the experts here:
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Get James’s recipe here:
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Thank you to Hannah Darby and Alex Waugh for sharing their knowledge with us! If you want to learn more from Hannah then check her out here: @tedarbyandsons
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  • devin
    devin14 小时 前

    my celiac is acting up just watching this jfc

  • Kelly Keimer
    Kelly Keimer天 前

    That pie looks so good! You got my vote Jamie.

  • Suban Subz
    Suban Subz7 天 前

    I'm normal. These guys arent normal. Absolute beasts lads, come a long way

  • Riley W
    Riley W11 天 前

    I HAD TO WRITE A PAPER ABOUT NORMAN BORLAUG IN COLLEGE and how he revolutionized wheat crops.... just got flashbacks from wheat hell and food science lab

  • Joshua K
    Joshua K11 天 前

    So the video is sponsored by BASF that makes pesticides and starts with a interview with a farmer explaining how pesticides are good actually lol come on

  • GolfTube
    GolfTube12 天 前

    can we get a video with even less Barry please?

  • Faeza Khan
    Faeza Khan13 天 前

    Extremely sorry for being harsh but I got really bored watching this video too much talking makes me sleepy I like action..cause action speaks louder thn words 😜

  • Amelia Kolbusz
    Amelia Kolbusz14 天 前

    Y’all. Heard a lot about this ‘Food Team’ recently. I was a behind the scenes intro to not just them but everyone in your studio and what they do

  • VitaMita
    VitaMita14 天 前


  • Frank Simon Davies
    Frank Simon Davies14 天 前

    James workout program when???

  • Dougal McTavish
    Dougal McTavish16 天 前

    I think we need some new head to head to head battles, seems like the lads have learned a fair bit since the last ones. As for themes; most pretentious dish? Best cafe lunch? Most hipster recipe? Environmentally sustainable ultimate battle? Most expensive recipe? Exotic food? Modern fine dining? Pack lunch battle? I miss the battles and the banter, and sure I’m not the only one.

  • Vinayak Borwankar
    Vinayak Borwankar18 天 前

    Jamie you deserve more than peas..😂😎❤️❤️

  • Tiger Gray
    Tiger Gray18 天 前

    Jaime you got robbed

  • Carlos Robinson-Aguirre
    Carlos Robinson-Aguirre19 天 前

    How about a keto mystery box challenge?

  • Jake Fry
    Jake Fry20 天 前

    Pie wins everytime.

  • jellojello17
    jellojello1722 天 前

    This whole time I was thinking that was a damn clever recipe. Good job Mr Curry

  • Delta Deann
    Delta Deann23 天 前

    Jamie is my new favorite thing

  • Sven Lauke
    Sven Lauke25 天 前

    whoop whoop BASF!!! greeting from Mannheim, right next to BASF headquarters. My dad worked their all his life ans its fair to say we owe a lot to this company

  • Ruben Fugate
    Ruben Fugate28 天 前

    Anyone notice nobody even touched the peas?

  • Christian Storms
    Christian Storms28 天 前

    I would have picked Jamie's dish. Mostly because I love savory food and I didn't fully understand James creation. But also because Jamie was bold enough for this just in time cooking and managed to pull it off perfectly.

  • globaljabouble
    globaljabouble28 天 前

    I felt like Jamie's used wheat in more different ways.

  • Kirsten Paff
    Kirsten Paff29 天 前

    As an agricultural engineer, I really appreciated the background information on wheat production at the beginning of the video. The average consumer knows so little about where their food comes from. I also had a massive super geek moment when the farmer mentioned semi-dwarf varieties. The development of those varieties was mostly the result of the research of Norman Borlaug and the semi-dwarf varieties were the cornerstone of the Green Revolution. Dr. Borlaug's research saved about a billion people from starvation. Of course on the flip side, you could also argue that Dr. Borlaug's varieties heavily depend on nitrogen fertilizer, which results in significant greenhouse gas emissions. The great challenge facing researchers today is how to grow more food with fewer inputs (and without expanding the amount of land under cultivation), while dealing with generally less favorable growing conditions thanks to climate change. Global wheat production is expected to drop by 6% for every 1 degree C increase in average temperature (Asseng et al., 2015), so we really have our work cut out for us.

  • Mimi de Seda
    Mimi de Seda29 天 前

    Her accent is heavenly. She should be an audiobook reader in her spare time.

  • Jacques McMaster
    Jacques McMaster29 天 前


  • Krabbymcnabby
    Krabbymcnabby个月 前

    Our boys deserve a shot. ThreeForAll League. The winner gains the title 'self-taught chef'

  • Shaynell Beeton
    Shaynell Beeton个月 前

    I am literally eating spelt flour carrot cake while watching this 😂

  • Darren Hilbert
    Darren Hilbert个月 前

    What happened to the social distancing?

  • Brandilyn Van Dolah
    Brandilyn Van Dolah个月 前

    Jamie won that one, his dish legit made me hungry enough I had to go raid my fridge. 🤤

  • Mahmoud Al-Maghribi
    Mahmoud Al-Maghribi个月 前

    14:15 - I made a pie =Oh boy what flavor? - pie Pie PIE

  • Caer Ibormeith
    Caer Ibormeith个月 前

    Yes, this is wonderful. Now to ruin the whole premise and try to make it gluten free.

  • princessrose17
    princessrose17个月 前

    Jamie all the way for me!!

  • sammiejo2288
    sammiejo2288个月 前

    How tall is James?!

  • Lizzy Seay
    Lizzy Seay个月 前

    AWWWW I love when James is truly proud and doesn't critique himself :)

  • Lizzy Seay
    Lizzy Seay个月 前

    James has been so innovative lately, especially with carrots. I wonder where his inspiration comes from?

  • Barefoot
    Barefoot个月 前

    I think this is one where we'll just have to take your word for it. I can't even imagine an anise-infused carrot cake with blackberries, beer caramel, citrus creme fraiche, and what looked like the foundation of a really great seedy sandwich bread smeared out on oil and dusted with sugar. From video alone, it was absolutely no contest. Jamie's dish looked delicious and _understandable._ I could imagine the flavors as you described it. James's... I dunno. It seemed like a disaster in a bowl from this angle, but then again, both of you who actually tasted it decided it won. I don't think the viewers can possibly make a call on this one.

  • Bethany Brown
    Bethany Brown个月 前

    That pie sounds amazing! I cannot wait to try it.

  • Lieyre
    Lieyre个月 前

    The first time that I see "includes paid promotion" and "AD" disclaimers and can't figure out which part is the add and how could the video exist separately without it

  • Jena Troelsgaard
    Jena Troelsgaard个月 前

    "perhaps rye"? Sitting here as a Dane; "you're damn right RYE!!" I bake a lot. Even if I am aiming for "white" bread, I still probably put half rough rye flour in it. And then of course if I make rye bread it's all rye and seeds and very dense.

  • Rose Mali
    Rose Mali个月 前

    I think the pie should have won, as a rustic celebration of wheat and its history. It's actually really cool that between the two of them though we got glimpses of both the past and future.

  • Andrew Rothman
    Andrew Rothman个月 前

    I never really noticed how buff James is before.

  • webfox1
    webfox1个月 前

    Whatever happened to "Dad Joke Sunday"?

  • Amelie Cyr
    Amelie Cyr个月 前

    I am so in love with Ben! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Violet None Of Your Business
    Violet None Of Your Business个月 前

    I would pick Jamie as the winner purely because his was a true celebration of British food and wheat whereas James made a great dessert.

  • simon hoare
    simon hoare个月 前

    Ahh. . If it hadn't been for the whisky.....

  • alice hart
    alice hart个月 前

    You should do recreating an episode of bake off 👀👀

  • tastymedleys
    tastymedleys个月 前

    Damn, James made something truly unique but it almost hurts to not give Jamie's beautiful dish the win. They were both scrumptious looking, I would absolutely order one after the other.

  • libz c
    libz c个月 前

    Mike getting distracted while trying to learn from farmers.... That's just who he is

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    It was a donkey last time we were on a farm!

  • Lilli Edwards
    Lilli Edwards个月 前

    Love the fancy mould James! Also love that weird shot of his knee as he put the cakes into the oven.

  • Its Just Me
    Its Just Me个月 前

    *Idea* talk the whole episode with an American accent

  • Priyanka Bohre
    Priyanka Bohre个月 前

    Sorted food- How to use pressure cooker ? Indians - seriously we learned this in elementary school. We indian use pressure cooker to cook everything specially rice and potato but i have never seen anyone boiling potato and rice in pressure cooker dont you think its energy efficient

  • Allison Merz
    Allison Merz个月 前

    This was excellent! What rhymes with wheat? Mea-STEAK

  • Laureine Woo
    Laureine Woo个月 前

    Buy organic heirloom grains/wheat instead of genetically modified wheat sprayed with poison. It is so much better for the environment and your health. The modern wheat industry kills biodiversity and our land and it makes people gluten intolerant. Also did you know you can make “risotto” with wheat grains? I’ve soaked einkorn grains in water for a day and then made pumpkin risotto with it, delicious!

  • NekoHanyouHanaru
    NekoHanyouHanaru个月 前

    *cries in Gluten free*

  • Vampiredjinn
    Vampiredjinn个月 前

    As a coeliac and lactose intolerant person id love to see the sorted boys do a gluten free and dairy free challenge :)

  • Ccccvv Ccccvv
    Ccccvv Ccccvv个月 前

    Good sponsor, doesn't ruin the video like that asiam sauce one. Keep it up

  • crosswarrior7
    crosswarrior7个月 前

    Must be nice to be able to find ginger...

  • Don ́t feed jellyfish
    Don ́t feed jellyfish个月 前

    The recipies are GREAT! Very very well done!! But: Thanks for advertising the Chemical Industry. Again. Biodiversity goes down - no problem. These HERBIZIDES more and more show up in drinking water - no problem. Just a hint, again: all these substances work against microorganisms. The intestinal flora consists of bacteria, as you well know. And what do we also have especially in our large intestines in massive amounts? Lymphatic tissue. There are strong hints, that most allergic/immunologic diseases originate in the large intestines due to the long contact time of antigenes w said tissue. So, and NOW we THINK: disturbed/changed intestinal flora w therefore it´s changed products of metabolism + long duration of contact w lymphatic tissue. And now we WONDER: where the increasing numbers of Immunological Diseases, Chronic Intestinal Inflammatory Diseases, Food Intolerances, Cancer at young age etc. might come from. Just saying.

  • Symbro
    Symbro个月 前

    I want that pie... dang it looked good... and i need to learn how to make potatoes like that.

  • Weston Losinski
    Weston Losinski个月 前

    I think Jamie should have won. looked amazing. great job

  • Alexandra Grimshaw
    Alexandra Grimshaw个月 前

    Honestly that pie looks bloody good!

  • Starsky
    Starsky个月 前

    What a long winded, boring sponsor plug section. Yawn.

  • Rebecca
    Rebecca个月 前

    Spectacular video. Truly appreciate how you included climate change and how farmers adapt. Absolutely brilliant. Dessert won btw.

  • Miriam Thie
    Miriam Thie个月 前

    Sorry James, maybe if I tasted it I would say otherwise... It looked fantastic! But with everything you did I thought ' noooo' ! Where as Jamie's... Oh man... Yes!!!

  • Chasmodius
    Chasmodius个月 前

    At this point, they're no longer "normals," right? Maybe we should call them "foodies" now?

  • Not Wednesday
    Not Wednesday个月 前

    I like to think this is secretly a jab at all the fad following idiots who lie about having a "gluten sensitivity" so people won't bash them for jumping on the anti gluten bandwagon.

  • Ghost Nappa
    Ghost Nappa个月 前

    Would be fun to do a beef centered episode (production of sort of thing) crossover with Tom from Pemberton Farms

  • Carrie Ullrich
    Carrie Ullrich个月 前

    Jamie's I would order at a restaurant, James's I wouldn't want to try.

  • traveller28
    traveller28个月 前

    the pie!

  • simon2411
    simon2411个月 前

    I don't agree!

  • Sarah Byrd
    Sarah Byrd个月 前

    Ben's jokes give me life

  • Eddy S
    Eddy S个月 前

    I always thought BASF made cassette tapes. Great. Now I feel old.

  • hypnotherapy69
    hypnotherapy69个月 前

    I would love a video chef vs normal make Swedish "sandwich cake" :)

  • Alxmir23
    Alxmir23个月 前

    do think using specific flavors of beers would be nice for caramel?. right now im thinking of beers with notes of chocolate,coffee,tea and fruits like blueberry

  • Peter LaFrance
    Peter LaFrance个月 前

    The Beer Caramel is inspired!

  • Otis Harrison
    Otis Harrison个月 前

    Sorted Food low key advertising herbicides 🤢 live this channel but so disappointed by environmental/sustainability standards

  • Marco V
    Marco V个月 前

    What the heck is vanilla "paste"?

  • Christiån Kirkenes
    Christiån Kirkenes个月 前

    It's amazing how they changed clothes just to go to the farm and then changed back !

  • jumpingantelope
    jumpingantelope个月 前

    For many years now you have kept my lunch breaks filled with joy! And the sheer amount of laughter you have brought to me is amazing. But I need you to know how important you all have been to me during this pandemic. I live in NYC and it's been a long 7 months. I came down with shingles on my face from stress and your channel is what got me through 2 weeks of unbelievable pain. I would watch you for hours. The videos were just what I needed. I just want you all to know that what you do means so much more than you can ever realize. I will be eternally grateful to all of you! Thank you for everything you do and thank you for the laughter!

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Thank YOU!! What is so great is that we rely on you all just as much. The kind words mean a lot and having you guys so involved with us on our journey is one of the many things that make us such a fortunate bunch of goons!!

  • Tiah Antcliffe
    Tiah Antcliffe个月 前

    Love this! It’s nice to see where the meals come from - farm to fork!

  • Kacey O' Riordan
    Kacey O' Riordan个月 前

    Whaaaat Jamie celebrated wheat way more boo

  • BlackAliss
    BlackAliss个月 前

    I need that pie in my life.

  • Debbie Hargreaves
    Debbie Hargreaves个月 前

    Sorry James, you lost me at Pernod.....bad teenage memories 🤢

  • Scott Martin
    Scott Martin个月 前

    What a meal that would have been.

  • schwarck
    schwarck个月 前

    A conventional farmer making global warming sound like something they had no hand in is a little painful

  • diynevala
    diynevala个月 前

    I know this is a bit 2010's comment, but please, what is that track starting at 14:40? Instant house dance party!

  • diynevala


    个月 前

    @SORTEDfood Well, I did stop watching youtube and went on to find me some party music instead! Also, I got quite hungry watching that pie and caramel.

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    We can ask our editing team - but we use so many across the edits. You like it?

  • Christiane Schulze
    Christiane Schulze个月 前

    And once again a terrible choice of sponsor. I feeling like I need to unsubscribe despite the fun content

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Do you not think it's important to explore large scale agriculture too? To understand it. It currently feeds the vast majority of the world... in the short-term without it, we'd be in big trouble. Is there another way for the long term future... probably... things constantly evolve and change with science.

  • wizard926
    wizard926个月 前

    If anyone is interested in the seeing the process of wheat being grown and being transformed into a lot of different recipes, look up Liziqi - life of wheat. It's super interesting and very aesthetically pleasing. Just make sure to turn on subtitles because it's in a chinese language (not sure which one lol).

  • Noneofyour Business
    Noneofyour Business个月 前

    This might be the first time that the meal Jamie prepared looked better than what James did (at least at first, before you remove the bread-pieces)

  • Alice Renner
    Alice Renner个月 前

    i would love it if you guys could do a glutenfree challenge, i recently found out i'm intolerant and am still struggling with cooking :D

  • I AM GROOOT!!!
    I AM GROOOT!!!个月 前

    Jamie at least scared James on who would win

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    A close call right?

  • Never Assume a Spherical Cow
    Never Assume a Spherical Cow个月 前

    Honestly I'd order Jamie's every day of the week. James' would be occasionally.

  • trowabarton101
    trowabarton101个月 前

    Calling a chef's dish clever is definitely a huge compliment

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Food to please the brain as well as the tongue.

  • Alxmir23
    Alxmir23个月 前

    i tried making guiness caramel sauce and it worked out well. i cant describe the taste or smell,but its one of the best caramel i have tasted

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    A savoury and bitter sweetness... smart!

  • Jack Lee
    Jack Lee个月 前

    Do more educational videos like this!

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Thanks Jack - glad you liked it. Did you see the ones we did on edible insects, the gut biome, potato farmer and sake? They all have some extra learning in 'em outside of just cooking.

  • David Kemp
    David Kemp个月 前

    Why didn't you visit an organic wheat farm. One that could be using Regenerative Agriculture putting the climate first !!

  • David Kemp

    David Kemp

    个月 前

    @SORTEDfood I think that depends on the location. We have got organic potatoes so there must be natural ways. There is also ways of crop rotation with and without animals, No till drills, cover crops etc there is ways of doing it to scale but it needs real change ! If you do a beef episode please look at A Greener World UK

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Hannah does also do lot of work in regeneration and re-wilding on her farm to protect the land for future generations. And she rotates wheat with the likes of sugar beet, oats and field peas. The legumes chosen to fix nitrates. It's about balance... balance for the crop, the consumer and the farmer. However, we think it's important for people to see and understand large scale conventional farming too... it's what feeds most of the planet as it stands. It wouldn't work if the planet went organic overnight... too much risk. We also heard that when speak to a potato farmer earlier in the zero... he'd have zero crop without plant protection.

  • Jani Andsten
    Jani Andsten个月 前

    Test Ooni Pizza Oven! It heats up to 500C and makes pizza in a minute! Perfect to try with your pizza dough recipe! 🍕😍

  • khuang96
    khuang96个月 前

    Chefy doesn't always equal good/better, but I love seeing James design and craft such intricate dishes, and present such pleasant plating 😊

  • Kr Jr
    Kr Jr个月 前

    James’ dish is something i’d want to eat but never try making myself. It looks like what would be in the finals of those head to head cooking shows and loser goes home. Jamies dish looks amazing and i am going to attempt! I would vote for Jamie!

  • Daniel Sampiero
    Daniel Sampiero个月 前

    15:07 Ben admits he talks too much...

  • Rachel Cerys
    Rachel Cerys个月 前

    are the normals even normals anymore? 😂