Beat The Chef: Ultimate Potato Battle

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#Ad | Get ready because in this episode, we’re celebrating one of the world’s most staple crops: the potato, by challenging Mike to see if he can ‘Beat The Chef’ using this hero ingredient.
But first, Mike and Ben are sent on a journey to dig into the history of the potato to find out where it came from and how farmers use smart technology to produce the hearty spud on a global level. Along the way, they meet Angela Clutton, a food writer and historian, and Jacob Van Den Borne, a top potato farmer from the Netherlands.
Place your bets, because this is an ultimate cook-off that gets very competitive. Comment below to let us know who is your real winner and why!
Grab Ben’s recipe here: ​
Grab Mike’s here: ​
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  • Monkeymanbob
    Monkeymanbob6 小时 前

    Why's Matt Lucas in a wig?

  • Sissel
    Sissel2 天 前

    Oh boy I love the smell of english revisionism on the morning

  • simopen
    simopen7 天 前


  • SideshowBlob
    SideshowBlob9 天 前

    The Great Famine in Ireland wasn't so bad, we had wonderful neighbours to look after us...oh wait

  • MaZEEZaM
    MaZEEZaM11 天 前

    I like the inclusion of the history.

  • MaZEEZaM
    MaZEEZaM11 天 前

    I wish I was dutch, I'm a short arse twig. 😥

  • Kenneth
    Kenneth14 天 前

    Dear Evers! Instead of calling Stamppot "Schtomph", try calling it something more akin to "Stamp Pot".

  • Charlotte Matou
    Charlotte Matou18 天 前

    Ben! How can you call "aïoli" a sauce with no garlic inside? Garlic is the essence of aïoli, it's in the name even! ("Ail", pronounced "I", is the French word for garlic)

  • Eony Pony
    Eony Pony21 天 前

    Remember when the British shipped all of the Irish food their empires ? We got help from a native American tribe who we have helped financially since then. Our countries population was decimated by the British and we will never forget that

  • Helen Swan
    Helen Swan22 天 前

    those potato skins look fab. but TBH I'd only do that with organic ones. However much tech the chemical farms use.

  • Kennie Frog
    Kennie Frog27 天 前

    Potato battle = when my sisters and I get into an argument.

  • Tinfoilcat
    Tinfoilcat个月 前

    Ben trying to say stamppot might be my new favorite thing.

  • Haydxn
    Haydxn个月 前

    Am I the only one who skips past the learning bollocks and goes straight into the action?

  • Hybris51129
    Hybris51129个月 前

    "Why are we using potatoes instead of real grenades Comrade Commissar?"

  • Lady Romulus
    Lady Romulus个月 前

    Ben: The Journey of the Potato Mike: You ever seen ep1 of Food Wars? Like that.

  • Sulekh
    Sulekh个月 前

    Ben's gonna get fired😂😂😂

  • Sulekh


    个月 前

    @SORTEDfood hahahaha

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Game over!

  • Hannaaah @tigerlilyletters
    Hannaaah @tigerlilyletters个月 前

    I didn't see this episode when it came out. But I am Dutch. And I ADORE how you pronounced Stampot!! Amazing. I now know how other cultures/countries feel when Ben pronounces things wrong 😂😂

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    I get far too much wrong. The annoying thing was... I'm sure that's what Jacob said... we even played it back to listen.

  • Tiger Gray
    Tiger Gray个月 前

    Blight huh. How about the genocide? And the theft? And landlord corruption etc etc

  • Ssss 123
    Ssss 123个月 前

    Skinny chips is so British humor 😂

  • Carlos Acevedo
    Carlos Acevedo个月 前

    Mike's dish could kill any diabetic person lol. Not a single protein in sight

  • Sandra McLean
    Sandra McLean个月 前

    oh my gosh how tall are you guys, that Potato farmer was super tall

  • Blue Barney446
    Blue Barney446个月 前

    Jamie could’ve said take a spud back.

  • Tinna Gigja
    Tinna Gigja个月 前

    I'm sure this is being argued over somewhere down in the comments, but a quick look at CropLife's BOD is enough to make me highly suspicious of their motivations.

  • Tinna Gigja

    Tinna Gigja

    个月 前

    ~Liam Condon Chairman of the Board, CropLife International Member of the Board of Management and President of the Crop Science Division, Bayer AG ~James Collins CEO, Corteva Agriscience ~Mark Douglas President and CEO-elect, FMC Corporation ~Erik Fyrwald CEO, Syngenta International AG ~Vincent Gros President, BASF Agricultural Solutions ~Mito Nobuaki Managing Executive Officer, Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd.

  • Marisa Clardy
    Marisa Clardy个月 前

    > Mentions Irish Potato Famine > Doesn't mention British influence on that potato famine at all... For those who don't know, the British rule required that a certain number of all potato crops be exported out to England. If demand couldn't be kept, they had to supplement with other food options with interest. While potato was a staple of Irish food, it wasn't what the Irish relied on. Only reason the Potato Famine killed so many Irish is because the Irish were having all of their food products stolen from them by the British.

  • J Smooth
    J Smooth个月 前

    All of a spuden ugh lol

  • Fred Dains
    Fred Dains个月 前

    When James says Mike is the winner, Mike looks like he's just witnessed the birth of his first child!!!!

  • Sellamani Mani
    Sellamani Mani个月 前

    This video have seen the future from the date it have been in youtube . Because it's happening now because of the covit19.

  • Steve Kim
    Steve Kim个月 前

    I love how they use some kitchen gadgets from other videos in newer videos haha

  • LednacekZ
    LednacekZ个月 前

    when celebrating the potato, mike made the dish all about potato. Ben made the potato be just a side to meat.

  • Kay Wade
    Kay Wade2 个月 前

    Decimated doesn't mean what that lady thinks it means...

  • sadaros95
    sadaros952 个月 前

    I straight up refuse to watch past the part where you just skipped past the English blame for the Irish famine, like it was just blight and nothing else that led to a million deaths

  • Matthew Lawrie
    Matthew Lawrie2 个月 前

    I think techno could beat you

  • NekoHanyouHanaru
    NekoHanyouHanaru2 个月 前

    As someone from the Midwest USA I have to keep reminding me that "interesting" doesn't have negative connotation in other cultures xD

  • miekAnn
    miekAnn2 个月 前

    I live in Eindhoven and it was a little bit of a mindfuck to hear you were here 😂

  • zeyele
    zeyele2 个月 前

    "because of blight" Don't be so british.

  • Ghostbeef
    Ghostbeef2 个月 前

    Using a Spanish influence as a nod to the Inca is a little suspect

  • R N
    R N2 个月 前

    Sorry Ben, but Mike truly celebrated the potato so he deserved this win.

  • monkeysnake77
    monkeysnake772 个月 前

    We need more of these celebratory episodes. Love the fact that you didn't go with the generic beef, pork or pawn and instead went with the spud. Here is to celebration of corn, aubergine or mushroom! (please)

  • Axiom Steel26
    Axiom Steel262 个月 前

    I dont know about the Irish Potato famine. Someone explain why they were dependent only on potatoes? Was it something with the soil?

  • Boris McFobio
    Boris McFobio2 个月 前

    sugar sugar

  • Srujana SH
    Srujana SH2 个月 前

    It's sad that most of British doesn't accept the wrong their ancestors did to the world on whole. Disregarding Britan's role in the Irish famine is just one of the many examples out there.

  • Sarah Bourke
    Sarah Bourke2 个月 前

    Famine is easier to pronounce then genocide by the English 👏🏼

  • Sergio Maldonado Delgado
    Sergio Maldonado Delgado2 个月 前

    As a Spaniard, mad respect for putting the effort of pronouncing chorizo and morcilla correctly. Thanks mate.

  • Stalwart Shinobi
    Stalwart Shinobi2 个月 前

    Potatos, like onions, get sprouts if kept too long, could you grow potatos on potatos with no soil!?

  • Stalwart Shinobi
    Stalwart Shinobi2 个月 前

    Fun fact, after the irish potato famine there was a village found where all the residents had droppes dead of starvation but all had green skin because they had resorted to eating high amounts of grass

  • WeebAiden
    WeebAiden3 个月 前

    God I love history and food. When the two come together? Fuck yeah.

  • Anna B
    Anna B3 个月 前

    Mike looked like he was about to cry when James chose him...

  • Evelyne b
    Evelyne b3 个月 前


  • Shannon
    Shannon3 个月 前

    What could you replace beef drippings with?

  • Celtic Echo
    Celtic Echo3 个月 前

    The red rooster is my favourite potato. I pride myself in my mashed potato and roosters are the only ones I use for mash now. They also make fabulous jacket potatoes!!!

  • Bean & Potato
    Bean & Potato3 个月 前

    "All this geeky tech, and your more interested by the ass in the corner." Oml I'm dying 🤣😂

  • Jeroen Jansen
    Jeroen Jansen3 个月 前

    jacob van den boom or jaycup fan den born?

  • Tiger C.
    Tiger C.3 个月 前

    Seeing the thumbnail and knowing the results make watching this for 5th time? So good. XD

  • Etienne Daniel Dodge
    Etienne Daniel Dodge3 个月 前

    My Celtic blood is drooling at this right now.

  • strawberrykicker2
    strawberrykicker23 个月 前

    Pronounced the Irish 'famine' incorrectly though, it actually pronounced 'g-e-n-o-c-i-d-e'

  • AmeliaRose169
    AmeliaRose1693 个月 前

    Why does Ben have a way strong lisp in this? Has he always had one? Have I never noticed it before?

  • Joe Ees
    Joe Ees3 个月 前

    "Fun" Fact - while Ireland was undergoing the famine their British overlords were exporting food from Ireland.

  • Tabitha Fox
    Tabitha Fox3 个月 前

    Is Ben using Spanish chorizo to bring in Latin American flavors? Because....?

  • root23
    root233 个月 前

    just mike running after all the animals in the potato farm XD come on give him credit he made a steak out of potato the absolute madman

  • QuirkyQuillify
    QuirkyQuillify3 个月 前

    More Beat the Chef videos. These are proper cooking, instead of the endless gadget reviews, which is just mindless capitalist catering.

  • Eric Thom
    Eric Thom3 个月 前

    Mike seemed to take the challenge more seriously than Ben. I give my vote to Mike

  • Fulano de Tal
    Fulano de Tal3 个月 前

    Just hearing the word "potato" until it loses all meaning

  • Ethan Mahase
    Ethan Mahase4 个月 前

    The British also took almost all of Ireland’s other food supplies. There was never a cure found for blight there was just enough to people who died that there would be enough food for the survivors. The famine was more of a genocide rather than a disease that killed off potatoes

  • mrjules2008
    mrjules20084 个月 前

    Yeah slightly glazed over the potato famine but I’ll forgive you. As Alan Partridge said “it’s what you get if you’re a picky eater.”

  • Icrine Arcura
    Icrine Arcura4 个月 前

    All of a spudden hahaha

  • Moses Leyson
    Moses Leyson4 个月 前

    Lol all the historians seem to have come out just for this episoded

  • Katie Russell
    Katie Russell4 个月 前

    Its very disappointing to see the English once again gloss over their crimes against people they stole land from. Never disliked a video before but this upset me too much.

  • oyinolavic
    oyinolavic4 个月 前

    I'd love to see zucchinis/courgettes 4-ways!

  • Heysauce Mikehere
    Heysauce Mikehere4 个月 前

    I used to think of farmers like they were decades ago, no new technology, just picking up some potatoes. Seeing the farmer use so much technology, drones, cameras, scanning fields for yield potential, etc. was really interesting. I never gave much thought to how much technology can actually help farmers. It really changed the way I see where my food comes from.

  • Thu Nabs
    Thu Nabs4 个月 前

    How about creating some recipes that would strengthen our immune system for nowadays. That would be great!

  • Feisty Kraken
    Feisty Kraken4 个月 前

    Man I would have loved to have eaten either of those meals. Those looked amazing!

  • PlaneSpotter54
    PlaneSpotter544 个月 前

    @15:03 ... “Aoooli” it’s “ay-o-li” 😂😂😂

  • Jon Annett
    Jon Annett4 个月 前

    christ easy with the music man jesus

  • PyroSparton117
    PyroSparton1174 个月 前

    Love to see Ben’s sportsmanship. He was the first to clap when James said who won. GG Ben. Much respect. Great dishes by both guys!! Proud of you Mike! Great job!!

  • Irene
    Irene4 个月 前

    I. M mdjfkqlq crying “SHtamP” im crying in dutch

  • MegaBrorsan
    MegaBrorsan5 个月 前

    Finally a properly sized Dutch potato man gave away the culinary midgets on the show. Double entendre, yes. Jokes aside, love your show.

  • Tom Leonard
    Tom Leonard5 个月 前

    Did he really garnish with poisonous flowers?

  • Doesn’t Care
    Doesn’t Care5 个月 前

    Population England 55.98 million Edible dishes ever made by English people: 0

  • Danny Groocock
    Danny Groocock5 个月 前

    I'm living for Ben saying Chorizo 😂

  • Izak Kertznus
    Izak Kertznus5 个月 前


  • Kevin CinnamonToast
    Kevin CinnamonToast5 个月 前

    Potato blight or English landed gentry caused the famine,YOU DECIDE.

  • Michael Masica
    Michael Masica5 个月 前

    13:15 song?

  • Phill Ambrose
    Phill Ambrose5 个月 前

    These guys are just amazing and i love their videos. They always bring a smile to my face. Keep the good work up guys.

  • S W
    S W5 个月 前

    Wow. She really glossed over details about the great famine didnt she? Starvation was not actually the main cause of death as one would expect with a 'famine', illness was. Workhouses were set up by the British government and were overcrowded and ran rampant with disease. They were separated into men, women and children. Families were separated and lucky to ever see each other or their personal belongings again. People, yes even children, were put to manual labour for hours from sunrise to set for poor, non nutritional meals and to 'earn their stay'. Thousands died from malnutrition and disease in these government funded workhouses. The British government actually denied outside help from other countries on multiple occasions. Also they continued to harvest and export crops from ireland during this time. Emigration efforts kills thousands also. Over a million immigrated on 'coffin ships' which were referred to as such because they were completely overcrowded and had such high death rates and illness spread. In conclusion: the great famine was not a famine, it was a genocide by the British government on the irish population, which was nearly halfed in that 5 year period btw. This history played a huge part in the fight for independence. Sorry i went off on a real tangent there, also i did not go into a lot of vivid detail but if this is new information to anyone, you can easily look it up to verify/explore it further.

  • Denmark
    Denmark5 个月 前

    7:41 Mate, don't go there. You're practically asking for it.

  • PhantomGamer28
    PhantomGamer285 个月 前

    The historian left out the fact that the blight was only so bad because Europeans (including the English) used only one strain of potato so when that strain got hit, it hit much harder than it would now with a variety of potato strains.

  • Tannaz Nikouzad
    Tannaz Nikouzad5 个月 前

    im twelve min in and I’m thinking lob the rose potato skin things mike did last time they had a potato battle in the bin. I haven’t seen the end result yet and I’m already impressed!!

  • Tannaz Nikouzad

    Tannaz Nikouzad

    5 个月 前

    Saw the end result, I would devour those tatos 🙏🏼🥔✨

  • Nimbob94
    Nimbob945 个月 前

    The famine was a genocide and the English are to blame.

  • Cynical Citizen
    Cynical Citizen5 个月 前

    The potato expert forgot to mention the fact that king George made it a whole lot worse because he said that the export crops were to continue to be sold and NOT be consumed for survival

  • Riv Rammington
    Riv Rammington5 个月 前

    Elon Musk of potatoes? Elon Spud

  • Living My Day Today
    Living My Day Today5 个月 前

    Need to study or ask an Irishman about Irish history and what happened during the Blight, not the English as they were part of the problem

  • Phoenix Anam
    Phoenix Anam5 个月 前

    Have you tried pre-packaged freeze dried emergency foods and what can be done with them?

  • MrSpooky520
    MrSpooky5205 个月 前

    Ben is a real sport when the outcome came out.

  • Shawan Kumar
    Shawan Kumar5 个月 前

    can James like ....... xd xd

  • Peter Fabian
    Peter Fabian5 个月 前

    @6:20 Wonder if Ben realizes what a meta-joke he is making. Stamppot, or more properly the closely related hutspot, was invented literally when Spanish soldiers brought potatoes with them and left them behind after siege of Leiden. #nerdout

  • Jade Jade
    Jade Jade5 个月 前

    song at 0:55?

  • Dags.
    Dags.5 个月 前

    Mike and Ben trying to pronounce Dutch things is my new favourite thing and it's now my life aspiration to meet the SORTED crew and have them pronounce my (very Dutch/Germanic) name

  • Tijs Wittermans
    Tijs Wittermans5 个月 前

    Baseert het op stamppot maakt soep

  • M
    M5 个月 前

    Ebbers... stop saying ‘choritho’. Nobody cares for your proper pronunciation, we are British and it’s choreetzo

  • Etania Karina
    Etania Karina5 个月 前

    Cool intro!!