Blind Tasting PREMIUM Ingredients vs BUDGET Ingredients | Where Best to Spend Your Money?

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Is splashing the extra few quid on your shopping really worth it? In this episode ‘normal’ home cooks Jamie and Barry see if they can “pick the premium” product just by taste alone.
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  • Fionn Ó hAlmhain
    Fionn Ó hAlmhain16 天 前

    This is brilliant! Do coffee and tea. But maybe... Cheap, mid range, premium because the premium of both gets ridiculous.

  • waywardaughter
    waywardaughter21 天 前

    We just gonna ignore that Barry willingly put on a blindfold without knowing what they’re going to do.

  • Steverino
    Steverino23 天 前

    Why is "One" on the right???!

  • faatman42
    faatman42个月 前

    I loved the emphasis on the NOT of the toilet rolls.

  • vaidish sumaria
    vaidish sumaria个月 前

    Grains ! .. there are so many .. and in so many different price ranges which I don't understand why. May be that's a direction to think about ?

  • Helen has cat allergy
    Helen has cat allergy个月 前

    What was the brand of premium chocolate please?

  • Robert P
    Robert P个月 前

    Why were they blindfolded? Did the products looks different enough? Or did you just want them to wear blindfolds to mess with them?

  • Ben Thistlewood
    Ben Thistlewood个月 前

    How to win 1

  • Dashie
    Dashie个月 前

    There should be more of these, this one was so good

  • Bun_i
    Bun_i个月 前

    Ahhhh I wish they'd actually compared the same products, like supermarket virgin olive oil vs premium virgin olive oil, tinned tomatoes vs posh tin tomatoes (not cherry tomatoes). Cos if they're different products they're just gonna be a totally different flavour

  • VinniethePanda
    VinniethePanda2 个月 前

    I'd love you guys to test fresh fish, i.e. cod, with frozen at sea fish.

  • Holly Brawner
    Holly Brawner2 个月 前

    As an American, the prices in pounds are pretty confusing to me

  • jharris947
    jharris9472 个月 前

    They didn't see the ingredients in its packaging so why did they need to do a blind tasting?

  • Laura Marschmallow

    Laura Marschmallow

    2 个月 前

    Look can influence taste. Also: for the lolz!

  • ireallydontcare
    ireallydontcare2 个月 前

    Fun fact: cheap olive oil is probably not made from olives, the Italian olive oil mafia repackages peanut oil or some other cheap oil and I sell it at a higher price. so just be warned if you have a peanut allergy to not get cheap olive oil.

  • A non mouse
    A non mouse2 个月 前

    Living in Canada; outside our relatively short growing season, all our produce is international. So all winter, I used frozen or canned fruits and veggies. It's cheaper and honestly tastes better than the "fresh" produce that's been shipped all over creation. Edit: except the things that keep, like onions, spuds, carrots and cabbage.... oh the cabbage

  • kevlar5150
    kevlar51502 个月 前

    Barry is an absolute douche

  • Molly Kisner
    Molly Kisner2 个月 前

    Could you do more of frozen vs tinned vs fresh?

  • Cunha e Silva Marcelo
    Cunha e Silva Marcelo2 个月 前

    Was it me or did you guys paid 70 pounds for olive oil "Gallo"? :O

  • Katie Griggs
    Katie Griggs3 个月 前

    I want to see more of this series!

  • A McConnell
    A McConnell3 个月 前

    14:29 OMG - they're going to do a cheap V expensive toilet paper comparison, aren't they? :o

  • How zer
    How zer3 个月 前

    I thought everyone knew that frozen peas are fresher than fresh. I know it sounds like it doesnt make sense but it does.

  • Jon C
    Jon C3 个月 前

    I love this idea for a series!

  • Isabel Large
    Isabel Large3 个月 前

    Watching them try to eat the chocolate fondant. I was wetting myself. The 'are you an only child?' comment really got me.

  • Isabel Large
    Isabel Large3 个月 前

    got a little catchphrase idea: one of u has the posh cloche and one has the tosh cloche. 😂😂😂

  • Sean Stanford
    Sean Stanford3 个月 前

    That shot you guys got in the beginning of the olive oil and the play of colors happening in the background was amazing. Also thank you for tackling the myth that frozen veggies are objectively worse then fresh veggies. It's something every cook should know.

  • IH Goldstein
    IH Goldstein4 个月 前

    Hi guys I liked the video very much one curious question in one of the previous videos you have on here and you have edible bugs back in the eighties when I was a part of 4-H as a teenager which is basically an Agricultural Science Club what stem is nowadays one of the science experiments was whoop anybody be able to tell the difference between a chocolate brownie made with ants as one of the ingredients and a chocolate brownie made the regular way and which would be favored by those having tasted it. Ironically the hands-down favorite was the one with the ants I'd like the chefs a one of them at least to try this little experiment out and see which of the Norms can taste a difference now you can make it pretty one of them pretentious you know a fancy Brownie and with some fancy nuts in it and one with the ants and then one regular ordinary version of a brownie and see which of the three is the favorite I'm dying of curiosity to see if anybody even James could tell I know he's a chef if he could tell which one is the one with the ants. But whenever you do it you guys would have to figure one of you doing it and the other is of you trying it the reason being that having read this and I'm sure you all tend to read these comments you would all pretty much figure out the little surprise. By the way the classmate who made the ant brownies actually won first place for the experiment.

  • HaydenX
    HaydenX4 个月 前

    The more expensive tomatoes might be worth it for a simple seafood soup. Like...the sweeter tomatoes would do better for a mixed seafood (something like "Seven Seas"/"Siete Mares") tomato soup with tarragon and onion. Sweeter tomatoes would also be a good choice for making a tomato relish or jelly.

  • Emma Severson-Baker
    Emma Severson-Baker4 个月 前

    who puts cherry tomatoes in sauce?? forget expensive, they are too sweet!

  • ItsRaisu
    ItsRaisu4 个月 前

    Missed opportunity. "Went to the bank the other day to get a loan for my new small bakery business. Bank manage said 'What's your turnover?'. Well, my favorite is apple.....its all about the dough."

  • Alecto 79
    Alecto 794 个月 前

    Ben. Adding other ingredients defeat the point

  • Warren Lee Goburdhan
    Warren Lee Goburdhan4 个月 前

    My glasses broke the exact same way and in the exact same place.

  • Christian G
    Christian G4 个月 前

    Comparing chocolate by making a cake out if it? Not sure about that one to be honest... ;)

  • Heidi Reist
    Heidi Reist4 个月 前

    Love these! More please!

  • Emil Deilert
    Emil Deilert4 个月 前

    I would say the premium tomatoes can be treated like the olive oil or chocolate. Use that for dishes where the tomatoes need to shine. As a tip for better cheap tomatoes, I always buy cans of whole, because you generally get better quality. Pre crushed tins tend to be made from scraps.

  • MegaBrorsan
    MegaBrorsan5 个月 前

    Please compare Arugula chocolate chili with california reaper and ghost peppers from a taste perspective.

  • Tom Smith
    Tom Smith5 个月 前

    This is one of your best. Especially good bit on the peas. Most frozen veggies are better than fresh, and they don't go bad. The only veggies I buy fresh are root veg and things that you put on a salad without cooking - lettuce, peppers, etc.

  • Odoital
    Odoital5 个月 前

    So if you do another of these I'd like to see an in between option as well. Like with tomatoes how do the value ones compare to ones at double the price instead, or with the oils the store brand extra virgin olive oil or a premium non extra virgin.

  • Patrick nnt
    Patrick nnt5 个月 前

    Being from Spain and not knowing that extra virgin olive oil cost that much, shit. The premium thing here (and you usually know someone) is maybe9/10€ but we are talking one liter not only of extra virgin olive oil first press first harvest but unfiltered. Normally for me 5 liters of extra virgin olive oil first press first harvest would cost 22€.

  • Souchira
    Souchira5 个月 前

    Frozen vegetables are so underrated. You can buy a big bag of pre-cut mixed frozen vege that cooks in a few minutes and tastes as good as fresh while being cheaper, easier and faster to cook. If you have some cold rice in the fridge you can make a healthy meal in 5 mins that tastes great and requires almost no effort.

  • Jussi Hippi
    Jussi Hippi5 个月 前

    Why the blindfolds?

  • doctoryoinky
    doctoryoinky5 个月 前

    This channel is fking dope

  • Jac B
    Jac B5 个月 前

    More of these ones please :-)

  • Sheepdog Smokey
    Sheepdog Smokey6 个月 前

    On the Olive Oil, my local grocery store buys out a vineyard every year, very good oil, works out under $20US per liter, roughly.

  • Archergrl5
    Archergrl56 个月 前

    I agree with Jamie. More of these! Please!

  • Maddy A. (she/her)
    Maddy A. (she/her)6 个月 前

    More of these videos, please!

  • Cathy Nguyen
    Cathy Nguyen6 个月 前

    I really want to know which Chocolate that was that cost 107/KG

  • elMetusalem
    elMetusalem6 个月 前

    I think a great benefit of ‘premium’ tinned tomatoes is the fact they are not harvested by exploited illegal immigrants working 84 hour work weeks, earning £1 an hour...

  • micheallenik
    micheallenik6 个月 前

    Please do more!!!!!!!

  • Barbara Danley
    Barbara Danley6 个月 前

    Fresh can actually taste worse because it takes time to transport fresh produce to market. Frozen produce is hours from field to frozen. Unless you pick it from your own garden, fresh is not always better.

  • Mike Thomassen
    Mike Thomassen6 个月 前

    The last quote from Ben and Jamie were SO good points, and these videos could be a real gift to the viewers. PLEASE keep these coming... "Don't be handcuffed by the preconceptions of premium", has to be one of the best quotes in modern time....

  • Masca Trails
    Masca Trails7 个月 前

    Along the same lines, I'd love to see a blind taste test comparison between ORGANIC vs CONVENTIONAL produce. I'm especially curious about blueberries and potatoes.

  • Sarah Dillon
    Sarah Dillon7 个月 前

    Real vanilla vs imitation.

  • Divvy
    Divvy7 个月 前

    should do a waitrose v aldi/Tesco/asda/lidl test

  • Brian Olsen
    Brian Olsen7 个月 前

    Take a look at how Rhett & Link do this: little flags with their names on them instead of the whiteboards, an overlay to identify which product is which for the viewers more of the time, maybe a scoreboard if you want to make it into more of a competition. I do enjoy many of the videos on this channel and I think this could be an entertaining new series.

  • Seraph
    Seraph7 个月 前

    canned peas > fresh peas > frozen peas fite me

  • Markus Wallin
    Markus Wallin7 个月 前

    What would be nice to compare... Beans? Rice? Pasta? Paprika (Bell Pepper), meats and stuff maybe?

  • Pierre Nicolin
    Pierre Nicolin7 个月 前

    "Terroir" doesn't just mean "earth, soil" it's a difficult word to translate in english, but it also refers to traditions, landscapes, peoples, climate ... When you say something is from the "terroir" it means that the product has been made by the people living there according to the traditions and that the product is really typical of that place.

  • Jack jb Burton
    Jack jb Burton7 个月 前

    Can anyone ID Mike’s Jumper for me?

  • StefanZink
    StefanZink7 个月 前

    What is that 7.5£ chocolate bar!? The most premium of premium Austrian chocolate is not more that 3.5£ and its slightly bigger, Fairtrade, Biological the cocoa comes from wherever you imagine that good one comes from.

  • boa c
    boa c7 个月 前

    I would love to see more of this!

  • RompersDub
    RompersDub7 个月 前

    Why put the premium in the same spot every time though?

  • SoundsOfSushi
    SoundsOfSushi7 个月 前

    Farmers markets are some of the best places to get premium ingredients at a fraction of the price. Just watch out for scummy repackers who dont even grow their own food.

  • BobanPlaysGames
    BobanPlaysGames7 个月 前

    Should you use the premium olive oil to make pesto or is it a waste to use it?

  • Jason Kovald
    Jason Kovald7 个月 前

    No.. hell no! Nothing, abso-fucking-lutely nothing can justify a 17x increase in price for the same piece of food, not in a normal world anyway, some of those "premium" foods are just like those designer purses for women.. it's undoubtedly better, but like 3-5x the worth, not bloody 17 times more..

  • hanaAKAbaka
    hanaAKAbaka7 个月 前

    More of these :D Pleeeeease :D

  • kyrotenkaithescarred
    kyrotenkaithescarred7 个月 前

    How about a frozen vs unfrozen. Frozen food has a big stigma but sometimes is better than what is available "fresh" due to season.

  • Sharon Douglas
    Sharon Douglas7 个月 前

    More blind taste test please

  • 3lla
    3lla7 个月 前

    I've legit had that happen with glasses before 😂

  • LJ70
    LJ707 个月 前

    LOVED this, please do more!

  • lliisann
    lliisann7 个月 前

    AGAIN!!! Loved it.

  • Hans Wurst
    Hans Wurst7 个月 前

    Those peas opened my eyes. Same goes for off-season berries.

  • Mesia Sharp
    Mesia Sharp7 个月 前

    More videos like this please

  • Bianca Malan
    Bianca Malan7 个月 前


  • Necroes 2000
    Necroes 20007 个月 前

    Really should have asked 'Is it better?' instead of premium.

  • Rishinder
    Rishinder7 个月 前

    Wouldnt it be easier if someone just fed them.

  • Sherryn G
    Sherryn G7 个月 前

    Some ideas for things you could try: milk/cream (huge differences in prices in NZ, I assume it's the same there?), coffee/tea, vanilla extract vs pods

  • Damaged262
    Damaged2627 个月 前

    Add a few micrograms of citric acid and the cheap tomatoes would be worth every penny (and flipping then some) of the 5 times tomatoes. Don't believe me? Do it yourself. I've rocked my entire families lives with this one small change. I normally use Ratatouille and challange family members to replicate what I've done. It's been almost 30 times now. Edit, I had to change life with lives, a simple typing error. Still learn from others as the citric acid can be bought for a penny or less for any serving.

  • Jennifer Ballard
    Jennifer Ballard8 个月 前

    More of these!

  • chuck sellers
    chuck sellers8 个月 前

    the only time Americans talk about kilos is when talking about the weight of drugs found by the police.

  • Czarki
    Czarki8 个月 前

    whats up with the "did you guess correctly"? i havent developed online taste buds yet.

  • Cornish pixie 123
    Cornish pixie 1238 个月 前

    Can you guys do some healthy recipes again?

  • Andrea Sanchez-Deuer
    Andrea Sanchez-Deuer8 个月 前

    do a pass it on with this ingredients

  • Darryl Doerksen
    Darryl Doerksen8 个月 前

    Omg the peaness

  • Seth Marton
    Seth Marton8 个月 前

    Love you guys!

  • zedalba
    zedalba8 个月 前

    I frown on frozen because the breaking down process turns some vegetables to slimy mush when you might want a more firm crispy texture.

  • alya Mufida A
    alya Mufida A8 个月 前

    sorted food is the only yt vids that i dont skip, like i watch every minutes of it, its that enjoyable and all of the guys personalities are very fun to watch:) please make these premium vids againn!!

  • Carla
    Carla8 个月 前


  • Keriel Watson
    Keriel Watson8 个月 前

    More of this! Cheap cheeses vs premium cheeses! I can never decide if I should fork out extra for the fetta cheese I'm adding to salads or stick to the cheep store brand. I've only paid for the cheep chedders... Unless I'm buying smoked in which case I go for a middle of the road brand.

  • MissRora
    MissRora8 个月 前

    Wouldn't cook with the expensive chocolate? I suppose that depends on whether making homemade truffles constitutes "cooking".

  • KSMA
    KSMA8 个月 前

    Tasting salt and pepper could be very interesting

  • ninia johannsen
    ninia johannsen8 个月 前

    i have never thought of that i did not have to buy expensive everytime ,perhaps because i sucks in cooking (

  • Shieldmaiden Sanctuary
    Shieldmaiden Sanctuary8 个月 前

    I agree with Jamie I would love to see more of these pick the premium videos!

  • Abyssic1
    Abyssic18 个月 前

    You totally need to test cheap and mid range and not expensive! That would be much more relatable for many!

  • Undermanned
    Undermanned8 个月 前

    Get them Rhett and Link style masks

  • Imran Bin Azhar
    Imran Bin Azhar8 个月 前

    You guys should cook same dish without tasting it and then everyone should taste all of them and label who made which one :P :D

  • Amy Atkins
    Amy Atkins8 个月 前

    To make 'picking' quicker you could go with the Rhett and Link way. They've been doing blind taste tests for yonks! Love this though.

  • Cobb
    Cobb8 个月 前

    The premium was always #1, they should have caught on and the premium should have been swapped occasionally.

  • Aarekk
    Aarekk8 个月 前

    Jamie hit the nail on the head, I also hope we get more of these so that we can see "Hey, for this, it doesn't make sense to pay so much more."

  • syrinx32
    syrinx328 个月 前

    In my boyfriend's family, we play a game that is similar to this, but instead of comparing "raw" ingredients, we compare processed foods like chocolate bars or fruit yoghurts. There are quite a few cheap versions that taste a LOT better than the expensive original (e.g. Ferrerro Rocher don't hold a candle to their discounter counterparts)!