Blind Tasting PREMIUM Ingredients vs BUDGET Ingredients | Where Best to Spend Your Money? Ep. 2

DIY 和生活百科

You LOVED the last Pick The Premium episode so we’ve decided to treat you to another! In this episode, we ask ourselves the question, is it worth splashing the extra cash on premium ingredients when the cheaper alternatives taste just as good? Or do they? Watch our blind taste test to find out!
Nielsen Massey Vanilla Extract: ​
Daylesford Organic Tomato Basil Sauce: ​
Confi​ture Parisienne Coeur De Fraise Strawberry Jam​: ​
Tajimaya Sakura Wagyu Rib Steak: ​
This is the strawberry jam recipe that was used:
London’s Best Japanese Restaurant -
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  • heidi brunner
    heidi brunner3 天 前

    I agree with Jamie's takeaway of the video. Even though I know it is not always the easiest thing to do from a money standpoint.

  • Stephen Little
    Stephen Little3 天 前

    Love the Bread. Love Rib Eye. Would Love to try Wago. I've got some Cherrytree jam Blackcurrant and sloe Lovely Lovely 😃😃😃😃

  • Emily Griffiths
    Emily Griffiths9 天 前

    Sorted: *Compares sourdough loaves* Sorted: *Cost of spending £4.50 on a loaf is alien* Me: *Cries in gluten free* 😂 Seriously, us coeliac's get lower-than-average loaves and STILL have to spend nigh-on £4 a loaf 🤦‍♀️ Admittedly, they have improved.. but STILL.

  • abbykuria2112
    abbykuria211210 天 前

    "Yes! I shouldn't be a normal.." , but the hat says otherwise😄😄😄

  • Chrystalwater
    Chrystalwater14 天 前

    I need a Pick the premium Chef vs Chef. And maybe throw a curveball in with two basics or two premiums haha

  • Ray Bois
    Ray Bois23 天 前

    That's the guy who joined the Army and chickened out in the middle of the haircut...

  • Debb Curry
    Debb Curry24 天 前

    Why did Mike only get a spoont to eat his pasta?!

  • Jay-Lee van der Berg
    Jay-Lee van der Berg24 天 前

    More taste tests, please!

  • Natalie Jimenez
    Natalie Jimenez25 天 前

    Mike is a Deftones fan 😮 Why do I think its odd for Deftones fans to be in the UK?

  • Eva Verheij
    Eva Verheij26 天 前

    Making your own jam is so easy and much more delicious than anything you could buy in store.. I would never ever buy 'fancy' jam. Me and my mom make jam every summer and gift it to friends and family and keep some for ourselves so we have homemade jam for most of the year.

  • aalever
    aalever27 天 前

    My take-home: Worth spending extra on vanilla, bread and steak, not so much jam or tomato sauce. I'd venture that fresh vanilla pods are even better.

  • NOJ
    NOJ29 天 前

    These guys haven't got their masks on correctly.

  • Paul Schubert
    Paul Schubert个月 前

    Boys, I’ve watched this 3 times and I’ve had the same thought every time... instead of premium vs cheap... homemade vs can shop bought!

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Ahh - that's cool! And we could cost up the two... with the caveat of extra time for homemade.

  • Maria Silva
    Maria Silva个月 前

    so used to masks that for a second i thought jamie had one on the forehead 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • Melissa Cook
    Melissa Cook个月 前

    im only commenting to give homage to mikes white pony snap !! hahahha good vid tho

  • CignistBear
    CignistBear个月 前

    In the best possible way👁👄👁

  • Lord Williams
    Lord Williams个月 前

    Have you guys ever tried taste testing saffron? I love the stuff but lately it’s gone downhill. Unsure if we are importing the best or just the mediocre. Can you please give a definitive answer. Thank you.

  • yugi4000
    yugi4000个月 前

    man Wagyu steak. i got it once and it was the best steak EVER. nothing compares to the experience you get from Wagyu. the Jam i would like to see compared to other brands and such, would be really interresting to see which one is truly more worth it for them.

  • Experiment Eight
    Experiment Eight个月 前

    10:24 - Oh the innuendo

  • Jason Doakes
    Jason Doakes个月 前

    Edit: WTH, why do I sound so angry? What I mean to say; Sometimes we have the dilemma of using this herb or that herb, but sometimes herbs are simply not necessary. I recommend not to use any herbs in a simple sugo, just a tiny bit of garlic and a little onion will be enough to enhance and enrich the tomato flavor. A "fresh" leaf of basil before serving will give it a special note, but is totally optional. >>> Passive aggressive pseudo-recommendation deleted.

  • Laurenz Du
    Laurenz Du个月 前

    waitrose brand - ben: pretty basic super market range. me just getting back from Lidl be like...

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Ahhh - we meant the middle of the range within a supermarket.

  • Doc Dewrill
    Doc Dewrill个月 前

    Dont know why they got mad they got the tomato sauce "wrong" if the cheaper options is the tastier one, then the premium one is doing something wrong. you didnt choose wrong. you chose the better tasting product, which SHOULD be the premium. its the premiums failure to live up to the standart.

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Yep - like you say - all very subjective!

  • James Carr
    James Carr个月 前

    I totally agree with Jamie 100%

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Glad somebody does! ;)

  • How zer
    How zer个月 前

    My mams got me a waygu steak for my birthday the last 4 year and it is a taste sensation and totally different to normal steak. £90 for the last one it was 200gram of fillet.

  • tibbus
    tibbus个月 前

    Yeah, I'd probably become Public Enemy No. 1 in the steak world at a comparison like that. Because I refuse to eat one unless it's well done.

    MENACE EDD个月 前

    Its better spending money on a than b. Bezos: speak for yourself

  • Thomas K.
    Thomas K.2 个月 前

    Another couple of suggestions in addition to the hundreds already here: Dried pasta: comparison between Gragnano pasta and normal supermarket pasta Coffee: from a roaster and from the supermarket

  • yohanes suherman
    yohanes suherman2 个月 前

    the music really gives off persona 3 vibes

  • Chris Brinkley
    Chris Brinkley2 个月 前

    13:09 omg that is straight up food porn.

  • wolfman011000
    wolfman0110002 个月 前

    How about comparing value lines from asda/tesco/morrisons, or make a series comparing value/midrange / premium products from the major supermarkets. Thanks for the video it was fun, good point jamie about the tomato sauce. Take care God bless, One and All.

  • Monochrome
    Monochrome2 个月 前

    Him saying "quick maths" just makes my brain short circuit.

  • Michael Daunauda
    Michael Daunauda2 个月 前

    I need more of this series!!!

  • Helen has cat allergy
    Helen has cat allergy2 个月 前

    Please compare chocolate. Include Valrhona.

  • JJ Booster
    JJ Booster2 个月 前

    you lot need to do a video with guga foods

  • NiNi Na
    NiNi Na2 个月 前

    A good sparkling wine and Champagne would be interesting.

  • heckofabecca
    heckofabecca2 个月 前

    Okay I just watched this again, and I had to look... turns out there's a company that's going to start selling kosher wagyu beef later this year T.T I'm so so so ready (to have someone else cook it lol)

  • oldskooljules
    oldskooljules2 个月 前

    Love your work, guys, but Wagoo? Not Wagoo.. it's Wagyu!

  • Michael Bourke
    Michael Bourke2 个月 前

    Ben asks "How often doe you get to have a cake in each hand, and just chomp on it" Jamie "all the time"

  • Hallslys
    Hallslys2 个月 前

    I'd like you to test san marzano vs. generic tomatoes on a neapolitan-style pizza where everything else is the same. Dough, cheese, basil. The only variable would be cheap-ass tomatoes vs. real, expensive, fully fledged san marzano tomatoes made with only salt.

  • Wanda Pease
    Wanda Pease2 个月 前

    I’d buy both. Using the expensive stuff in cakes and the other in cookies where the vanilla flavor is incidental.

  • Aeilah Pi
    Aeilah Pi2 个月 前

    Can you get Wagyu steak in Australia? i'd love to try it.

  • Jun Kitami
    Jun Kitami2 个月 前

    See.. That's why Barilla is the leading brand in store-bought pasta ingredients. Every time I make lasagna, spaghetti and everything pasta, I make my own ragu and sauce but the pasta itself are always Barilla cuz no matter how badly you cook it be it that it's overcooked or way under beyond al dente, it doesn't instantly turns to mush quickly like San Remo thus I always back them up.

  • brewski118sempire
    brewski118sempire2 个月 前

    Forty pounds a steak... man that is cheap for my area.

  • Nicholas Davis
    Nicholas Davis2 个月 前


  • Jay
    Jay2 个月 前

    Corona has infected my mind so fully that I thought they were wearing surgical face masks over their eyes lol

  • Riley Austin
    Riley Austin2 个月 前

    Talked the body part challenge 😂😂

  • MiniatureLabyrinth
    MiniatureLabyrinth2 个月 前

    Hmmmm never knew gloucestershire was in italy!

  • Je Or
    Je Or2 个月 前

    if Mike and Ben did a big travel vlog on their own I'd not be upset at all. They are the perfect foil for each other and are equally fun to watch for exact opposite reasons.

  • Filtees
    Filtees2 个月 前

    Thumbnail looks like Jamie doesn’t know how to wear his mask

  • Thothrax
    Thothrax2 个月 前

    What the hell. During the tomato sauce one they both talked about how A tasted better and they could taste more of the tomato in it, then when told that the other was premium went on about the virtues of the quality ingredients and what not. If A tasted better AND was cheaper, why would B be superior? Just because it's made by a smaller company? Because they "know what goes into it"? Here's a hint, read the ingredients, not to mention they were JUST told what went into. This all just sounded so scripted so as to make you guys sound more legitimate. Maybe for your next Pretentious or Not you should put this video on the chopping block.

  • Jena Troelsgaard
    Jena Troelsgaard2 个月 前

    Now see, I don't think a lot of work goes into making sour dough bread as soon as you get into the routine. But mine is the dense rye bread stuff. My sour dough is only made on rye and some grape peal (was attempting to get some wine yeasts in there for shits and giggles lol). It's keep the starter in the fridge and remember to feed it. But I just take an unmeasured blob of starter and mix with water and cracked rye, and enough rye flour to make it soupy. Just leave it out covered for 24hrs. Then add your seeds and whatnot and rye flour until it has the right consistency. Mix it with the handmixer dough hooks. Then leave it until you see some good action. Then scoop it into your tin. The bother with it is the same bother with normal bread. The clean up of the shit you've used. The time is nothing cos you aren't standing over it. The absolute best thing about sour bread is it doesn't go mouldy as fast as baker's yeast bread.

  • Abbey Murphy
    Abbey Murphy2 个月 前

    Wait, I don't think Mike got the strawberry jam wrong, I think it somehow got reversed between him and Jamie. B for Jamie was A for Mike and he voted A, he got it right. Y'all didn't just switch it in the edit to make the game not a tie right?? 😂

  • equitine _
    equitine _2 个月 前

    If they could tell the different between whyguu and normal steak I was gonna be sad.

  • Hannah Tudor
    Hannah Tudor2 个月 前

    I'd be quite interested to see this with actual cheap 79p tomato sauces!

  • HaydenX
    HaydenX2 个月 前

    I prefer to make my own stuff most of the time. With a few exceptions, I actually tend to prefer the cheaper ingredients (extracts versus flavorings is the really big exception...extracts always), because if you spend enough time working on and perfecting recipes you can make some of the cheapest ingredients into some of the finest food. Beef is an excellent example of this, as one of the best cuts of the cow is heart...if you are willing to spend a good half hour on prep, and 14+ hours in combination of slow cooking and marination (15 minutes of cutting, 10 minutes of searing, 5 minutes of making a marinade, 6 hours of slow-cook, and 8 hours actually marinating). Where I live, beef heart comes to about $1.20/lb, or, about 92p/lb according to Google currency conversion. The Wagyu is probably an exception (I don't know, I've never had it), but in general, it seems that the most flavorful cuts of beef tend to be some of the cheapest. Flank steak used to be really cheap like 12 years ago..but it seemed like everyone at once recognized that it's one of the tastiest cuts and it went way up in price.

  • Philip Craven
    Philip Craven2 个月 前

    love the basic supermarket jam - from waitrose lol

  • AZNnarutoXnoobSLAYER
    AZNnarutoXnoobSLAYER2 个月 前

    Is Mike anyone else's favorite?

  • Salty Seawitch
    Salty Seawitch2 个月 前

    That strawberry preserve just sounds hella pretentious. I agree.

  • gabbysway2
    gabbysway22 个月 前

    Oh Ben, you planned that blooper! Strategic placement of jam, giving him spoons for the pasta...😂😂😉

  • Ben
    Ben3 个月 前

    The worst thing money was spent on in this video is Mike's Polo hat

  • dottleddolly
    dottleddolly3 个月 前

    I'd like to see you's compare cocoa powder, is it worth it buying the more expensive ones?

  • thecandieshop
    thecandieshop3 个月 前

    How about Wine next time

  • Gundorf
    Gundorf3 个月 前

    Crack your eggs Bake

  • Foobar
    Foobar3 个月 前

    I had A5 steak in Japan once, it was like beef flavored fatty salmon that melts in your mouth. Best shit ever. But I'm not spending 100 bucks on a steak ever again unless there is a Very special occasion

  • Erin O'Donnell
    Erin O'Donnell3 个月 前

    As far as the bread, I love bread. It is one of the great joys of the food world. I would pay that much for a loaf on occasion to enjoy and savor. Probably wouldn’t buy it every week to make toast. It sounds wonderful right now though.

  • simon kenson
    simon kenson3 个月 前

    Am i the only one who is slightly bothered by that hat

  • draxxion
    draxxion3 个月 前

    Other items to compare: 1. Butter - high end cultured vs ordinary table butter 2. Chocolate - fancy brand vs single origin small batch artisan 3. Coffee - starbucks blend vs local single origin roaster 4. Cheddar - supermarket brand vs artisan 5. Tea - tea bag vs quality loose-leaf

  • Theresa Ruth
    Theresa Ruth3 个月 前


  • OmgDisfunny
    OmgDisfunny3 个月 前

    Standard strawberry jam Is waitrose *Cries in asda jam*

  • Tomek Stec
    Tomek Stec3 个月 前

    Lol I knew the bread, tomato sauce, strawberry jam, and meat just from looking at them (I'm a vegetarian and have almost no idea about steak).

  • Charmaine Eng
    Charmaine Eng3 个月 前

    Nielsen Massey vanilla is EASILY worth your while, we got it once to try and it was fabulous. Vanilla extract shows up poorly in baked good cos the heat destroys the flavour. Also, good job Jamie, agree with your takeaways from the experience, and lucky boys who got to eat that wagyuuuu

  • psychotimo
    psychotimo3 个月 前

    to be fair, the steak one is.... anyone who has had wagyu can probably detect it instantly, it's so different from regular beef when it comes to texture. even when comparing to other high end beef. whether it's worth the crazy amount of money it costs depends on who's eating it though xP but to be fair, for any steak lovers out there, the more agreeable prized A4 wagyu is pretty damn good too :P it's expensive, but good for sharing/splitting over smaller portions. for me personally I usually buy wagyu for new years, I have a bit of a steak buffet with dry age, semi dry aged,... fancy meats, and then some wagyu in there too. wagyu fits really damn good for something like that IMO, set up a sharing environment, and everyone gets a piece of every steak :P

  • Kirsten Bloodworth
    Kirsten Bloodworth3 个月 前

    Mike is my favourite normal, funny watching him in these kinds of videos plus he likes deftones!! 😊

  • Annie Yu
    Annie Yu3 个月 前

    I love how Jamie still wears his glasses over his blindfold! lolol

  • Shammy Boy
    Shammy Boy3 个月 前

    Both of them need a serious haircut lmao

  • abingleyboy
    abingleyboy3 个月 前

    2:15 at this current time Mike here just looks like he's wearing his face mask on the wrong part of his face😂

  • Bean & Potato
    Bean & Potato3 个月 前

    My favorite part is that Jamie wears his glasses over his blindfold.

  • Oneofdazzz
    Oneofdazzz3 个月 前

    i giggle every time I hear videos talk about wagu, I was in a super market just 2 hours ago here in Japan that had steak that looked better than the cut shown in this episode that was about $20 for a 1 inch thick cut that was larger than my hand can't recall the weight but I would guess it was over 200 grams. One thing to keep in mind about this type of meat/cut is fat weights far less than muscle so a 1 kilo portion if good wagu will be much larger volume than a 1 kilo cut of a standard prime grade.

  • Dolphinman 300
    Dolphinman 3003 个月 前

    That premium steak is insane looking

  • Marcus Whitfield
    Marcus Whitfield3 个月 前

    Is that a Deftones hat????

  • 쀵쀵귀염이
    쀵쀵귀염이3 个月 前

    Did Jamie really just say " Number A "? Lmaooo 😂

  • 쀵쀵귀염이
    쀵쀵귀염이3 个月 前

    The way Mike pushed all the pasta off of the plate buahaahahahahaaa

  • JessicaLarsenHair
    JessicaLarsenHair3 个月 前

    I spend about $7 a loaf for the Gluten Free bread we eat. It's worth it, of course.

  • Jef Bracke
    Jef Bracke3 个月 前

    Was watching this video at lunch, clicked on a gaming add where you can slice fruit for the lolz and 12 hours later... No fruit. At the tomato sauce, I was thinking about having a slapchop in the game... #rant okbye

  • Flyin43
    Flyin433 个月 前

    Who else here has watched so much Guga Foods that the moment they showed a picture of the Wagyu steak you knew what it was?

  • Violet None Of Your Business
    Violet None Of Your Business3 个月 前

    Spices are in general the only place I'm willing to spend extra unless it's a treat or a present for someone else. I'm disabled and can't work so money is tight and I can't really afford premium foods but I do love to cook and have a lot of time on my hands so I can make jams and bread and sauces that would be much costlier in the shops but the one thing I think is worth paying extra for on a regular basis is spices. You can make bread at home using the cheapest ingredients you can find and it'll still be better than almost any bread you can buy because nothing is better than bread you made yourself an hour ago but just the difference in taste between pre ground black pepper and whole peppercorns is immense.

  • Vivian Leung
    Vivian Leung3 个月 前

    You should try butter, milk and chocolate chips cookies/any other biscuits that has cheap supermarket own brands, oh and custard!!!

  • Joanne
    Joanne3 个月 前

    This makes me realise how developed Jamie’s palette is

  • Sheepdog Smokey
    Sheepdog Smokey3 个月 前

    The big question, is there a video of Jamie cooking his premium steak and his reaction eating it?

  • TifA101
    TifA1013 个月 前

    peanut butter! (price, natural, and powder!)

  • hanniwe
    hanniwe3 个月 前

    Why aren’t you testing real vanilla beans? Why an extract when you can have the real thing as a ‚premium’ product? I don’t get it ...

  • Roy Cruse
    Roy Cruse3 个月 前


  • Scotty J
    Scotty J3 个月 前

    Products advertised as organic will cost more doesn't mean it's premium. Extracts and flavourings are different. Wagu will cost more because of import.

  • bmofano
    bmofano3 个月 前

    thats why you put cream on top ben

  • Paul Bolander
    Paul Bolander3 个月 前

    Wagyu is nothing less than magic meat butter.

  • How zer
    How zer3 个月 前

    Why is Mike wearing a hat 4 sizes to big for him?.

  • Bill Angell
    Bill Angell3 个月 前

    When it comes to steak I'm a big fan of dry aged which is cheaper than wagyu. But there's so much complexity and flavor added because of it.

  • Caleb Kam
    Caleb Kam3 个月 前

    As a chemist who worked with vanillin for a little while, I’m glad I’m not the only one who struggle to say “vanillin” 😂

  • Whitney S
    Whitney S3 个月 前

    Jamie: During lockdown, a lot of people have taken up making sourdough Me, while eating homemade sourdough: Wild

  • music blaster
    music blaster3 个月 前

    8:44 barilla is not premium in italy , dont know the other brand but probably cost less just because barilla is trendy ... barilla is a 6/10 for almost all their products , from pasta to sauces , sadly many non-italian associate the "italian quality with it" , thats a big loss in my opinion ...