CANNED FOOD | Taste Tests & Chef Hacks Vol. 2

DIY 和生活百科

Tinned food, do we love it or hate it? Or do we simply just not appreciate its full potential?
In this episode, our Chef, Ben, whips up a few tinned treats (and a couple of curveballs) for our normals, Jamie and Mike to see if they’re prepared to give the canned cuisine the attention it deserves.
A few of the specific products can be found here:-
Canned Cheeseburger: ​
Pulled Pork: ​
Jack Fruit: ​
Ackee: ​
Check out Chef Ricardo’s CNboth channel here:
Check out Chris De La Rosa’s CNboth channel here:
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  • SORTEDfood
    SORTEDfood2 个月 前

    Grab your copy of CBA2 here!

  • Isobel Higgs

    Isobel Higgs

    20 天 前

    @Katie Blasingame BTW this is coming from a Brit who has had to translate loads of American measurements and it has always been perfectly fine.

  • Isobel Higgs

    Isobel Higgs

    20 天 前

    @Katie Blasingame just look it up online or use their measurements??

  • Katie Blasingame

    Katie Blasingame

    20 天 前

    Isobel Higgs what does accuracy matter if it’s not useable? Since we use different measurement systems I have to make a lot of guesses and rounding in order to use their recipes making them even more inaccurate. I think you miss the issue.

  • Isobel Higgs

    Isobel Higgs

    20 天 前

    @Katie Blasingame 'American Measurements'? The measurements they use are way more accurate.

  • Linee DeMouy

    Linee DeMouy

    个月 前

    @Ozz Lee Ooh, that would be great. Thanks.

  • Matt Burgess
    Matt Burgess18 小时 前

    I was DYING for Jamie to say "Should meat squeak?" à la Adam from Friday Night Dinner damnnn

  • Димитър Иванов
    Димитър Иванов天 前

    You should try Bulgarian tripe soup in a can. This is one of the worst canned foods I've ever eaten, which is a shame because shkembe chorba (tripe soup) is delicious. link:

  • Mask
    Mask3 天 前


  • Denean Rowe
    Denean Rowe7 天 前


  • Ella
    Ella7 天 前

    As a uni student that loves to cook, tinned pulled pork is brilliant as Ben has used it, a burrito or wrap or pitta is exactly what I do with it because i don’t have the time or money to slow cook, and its a great sized portion in a tin, but would be too much if i used a whole pork shoulder. I it’s much nicer than they said it was (although i don’t buy that brand, ASDA’s is only 2.50) Tins allow me to be much more creative within a budget, especially because I can buy things like jackfruit and ackee and they wont go off if i don’t end up using them in a recipe idea that week :)

  • Matti Äikäs
    Matti Äikäs12 天 前

    Haven`t seen the vol1 and sorry couldn`t be arsed to search for it right now if it was mentioned already but in Finland probly the most used canned food is pea soup to the point of being the "instant ramen of Finland"

  • Zestric
    Zestric12 天 前

    "Christmas brings me joy." Says Scrooge Ebbers

  • Atmora
    Atmora12 天 前

    I like how so many items look like 'dog food' and i am laughing like, i would never feed my dog that hahaha! I love this channel!

  • Alexandria Green
    Alexandria Green13 天 前

    Oh my gosh your ackee and saltfish looked identical to mine! -Jamaican fan

    M S SHELLOCK17 天 前

    Ok, Gents---I haven't felt it necessary to write to you until now, but I saw a mortal sin against Burritos ...I'll continue....Barbecued pork with GUACAMOLE??? No. Guac goes with chicken, cheese , beans, but not with BBQ beef. The beef is too rich, the guac is as rich if not richer. Pair Beef with Refried beans in a burrito, and unless you are operating a shyster Mex joint, NEVAH put rice in a burrito. It's a FILLER. Not a food . Stick lettuce chiffonade in there, cheese maybe, but no guac, please. Also, to amuse yourselves yet further, fry up (well) some diced pork belly (chicharrones) and try that in a taco. YUM. . Remember, it's quite fatty, so no fatty stuff goes in a taco with it. Pickled red onions, lettuce, cabbage, no fatty stuff. I subscribe to your channel and am amused at you guys and your show. Well done.

  • jennifer stewarts
    jennifer stewarts19 天 前

    LOL, seeing this... I keep thinking, Oh you need to inflect MRE's on these guys... or "russian style"... Start off inflicting something like... oh... Kasha and canned beef on them. THEN shift them over to something like The brittish MRE... And finish them off on a French RCIR maybe something nice like a 9: pork with rice and pineapple, duck cassoulet, deer pate or maybe 2: chicken couscous, salmon with rice & vegetables, tuna pate

  • Dylan Vickers
    Dylan Vickers19 天 前

    I don’t really know how applicable this is, but the canned cream of “X” soups, usually Campbell’s here in the US, are really good for slow cooks and gravies. My family slow cooks chicken in cream of chicken soup until the chicken just pulls apart like pulled pork. Then we’ll sieve off the liquid into a pot and boil it down to a thick gravy, and then serve the poached shredded chicken on American biscuits from a can (I think you call them scones? They come as dough in a can in the US and it’s easy to bake a sheet of them in about 20 minutes.) and it’s usually served with white rice, then the gravy is ladled over the top. The only fresh ingredient needed is chicken, rice is dry stored. Obviously you can spice it up with things like garlic, onions, veggies etc, but that’s not needed and honestly not usually done. Question to the comments section, or Sorted I guess: are there Crock Pots in the UK? It’s like a big pot with a glass that usually has a dial or buttons for temperature “low/med/high” and it is meant to slow cook food, or keep food warm while being served? They’re like, pretty common in the US but they seem to be pretty regionally favored in the Midwest where my mom is from.

  • Divya Shah
    Divya Shah19 天 前

    In South Asia, we have two kinds of jackfruit, one which is cooked as a vegetable curry (and looks like the tin one there) and one which is over-ripe and eaten as fresh fruit

  • Majime
    Majime22 天 前

    Dried, not tinned, but in my specific family region in Mexico, we love using dehydrated “dried” crumbled soy (tofu) to mix in with whatever meat drippings are leftover as a meat substitute, or filler, especially for things like hamburgers since red meats are considered a luxury. It does what tofu does to absorb flavor, but by already being dehydrated, it ONLY absorbs the moisture and flavors around it. Try using dehydrated tofu one day as filler for meatballs or hamburger patties or even taco beef recipes. One that my grandma always made for the entire family were empanadas, where she would take the fat drippings from the meat cooked the day before, clarify it, and then add I the leftover meat and dry tofu crumbles until fully hydrated and incorporated. Then, take the meat and tofu mixture and fill empanadas as per usual. You now have empanadas with a lot less cholesterol and the addition of soy protein and other vitamins, while using a lot less meat and therefore money.

  • Sian Nelson
    Sian Nelson22 天 前

    When I saw the ackee I knew the reaction would be extra. Also all that research and they don't know it's Ackee & Saltfish not Saltfish and Ackee. Ackee is not remotely cheesy or eggy

  • Ted Vandross
    Ted Vandross24 天 前

    how have u not had ackee before?? wtf

  • Aimee M
    Aimee M24 天 前

    So if you're hiking and camping you have to either pack up the can and trek it back out... or leave it in the previously-unspoiled wilderness?

  • BBFSGaming
    BBFSGaming27 天 前

    you say you wouldnt think of cooked bread in a can but what about russian black bread that often comes in cans as part of rations!

  • justjoline4
    justjoline428 天 前

    Around the world in 80 cans. Well, that may be a bit much. 8 cans.

  • Jerry Lin
    Jerry Lin28 天 前


  • Obamathanosgoku -Obamanosoku the final memélord
    Obamathanosgoku -Obamanosoku the final memélord28 天 前

    *"See if you can identify the meat."* That is all.

  • my back hurts
    my back hurts29 天 前

    Is the label made from somebody's garage? It's printed what looks like from an Inkjet printer!! 1:42

  • jackson brazelton
    jackson brazelton29 天 前

    Please make a video where you get James to eat the cheese burger

  • SORTEDfood


    29 天 前

    Can you imagine the reaction? Nose will be properly turned...

  • Tarun Sachdeva
    Tarun Sachdeva个月 前

    In INDIA we consume JACK FRUIT as a vegetable on side with indian bread named ROTI(CHAPATI).

  • 15drasedrase
    15drasedrase个月 前

    can we get that jackfruit recipe please????

  • May Subido
    May Subido个月 前

    Please build tabletop trebuchets and lob tins or ingredients at each other next time!

  • Brother Gayhoops
    Brother Gayhoops个月 前

    I love Jackfruit! Especially making it with green chicken curry. Delicious

  • 1210 equals RIO
    1210 equals RIO个月 前

    When I was a kid, one of my fondest memories of summer was playing around in the riverside with my cousins. Before lunch we'd look for a jackfruit and cook it in a bonfire riverside as a curry with coconut milk, we'd flavor it with dried fish and/or shrimp paste. Cook rice in bamboo and voila, lunch. ☺️👍🏻

  • 1210 equals RIO

    1210 equals RIO

    个月 前

    @SORTEDfood It was ☺️👍🏻 And I was surprised on how jackfruit was cooked. I didn't know that it was considered as a meat substitute.

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Wow - that sounds like such a cool adventure! No tins required! haha

  • Nick Shannon
    Nick Shannon个月 前

    Jack fruit = duck sorry but shame on you !!! I choose not to use profanity at this time!! Shame!!!

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Side by side... nope. BUT... in a duck roll with all the other flavours... tougher to spot the difference.

  • falahnad
    falahnad个月 前

    Welcome to fridgecam......what? Where? Why do that bit if theres no fridgecam?!

  • Morgan Pearson
    Morgan Pearson个月 前

    I wanna go and find some random cans of food and see what I can make with them!!!!

  • Dale Harden
    Dale Harden个月 前

    The _last_ thing I would take on a hike is canned food in general (much less a canned burger). Not only is that a lot of added weight and probably awkward to pack, but you would also have to lug around a bunch of empty cans until you get to somewhere you can dispose of them properly at.

  • Amy Fluffyfluff
    Amy Fluffyfluff个月 前

    German here 👋: you could try Rollmops, Hackepeter and Kohlroulade

  • kaiser der variante
    kaiser der variante个月 前

    I like the guy in white he doesnt over react like the other guy

  • Sean
    Sean个月 前

    "This is why its great to have you on the other side of the camera!" I definitely thought you were about to say, "so we don't have to share!" LOL

  • rmkscrambler
    rmkscrambler个月 前

    For your next canned food episode Make sure to get the cougar gold.

  • Mae Wobniar
    Mae Wobniar个月 前

    ok but mike's hair makes me feel things..

  • Dakari Voident
    Dakari Voident个月 前

    Hearing the music for the third tinned item makes me a bit sad. It reminds me of a time where you guys had done Big Night Ins, still... Frankly, I'm sure that a good deal of us would love to see a return of the Big Night In!

  • Verbruggen, Paul verbruggen
    Verbruggen, Paul verbruggen个月 前

    Who can make the best croquet out of all off you 5 ( for Berry its with a proper roux And for James Currie, its with breadcrumbs or panco. Not a batter like with fish and chips 😂😂😂😂

  • T.C.J B
    T.C.J B个月 前

    From a Mexican, dont say "Guac". Its an awful bastardisation of a dying language. Plus the Mole part is the important bit. That language being Nahuatl.

  • Marcus
    Marcus个月 前

    Please, please make a show of cooking and trying foreign national foods you've never cooked or tried before.

  • sha skafunction
    sha skafunction个月 前

    Seen american eat GREEN jackfruit is like they eating GREEN durian to me. I never ever eat it like that, raw. Im asian and i have that fruit infront of my house, currently feeling wanna throw up🤮

  • iPoupon
    iPoupon个月 前

    Glad Mike has change his view about tin food.

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Think we all did a little bit - for some of the items

  • Hops
    Hops个月 前

    Would love to see like pick a random can and then having to eat it. Of course some are bad.

  • Beatriz Manguen
    Beatriz Manguen个月 前

    How many videos did jaime film with that shirt!?

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Too many or not enough?

  • Benlex
    Benlex个月 前

    For everyday household, it really is just easier to work with can from time to time to safe time from unfamiliar ingredients and pre-prep time.

  • Ludovico Maletti
    Ludovico Maletti个月 前

    You can't place so many ads, it's ridiculous

  • The Warped Eyebrow
    The Warped Eyebrow个月 前

    I think it's really interesting to see mike's progression from really young and pretty thin, to be being slight podgy and older, to losing weight, and looking a little older. But his humour has not changed, apart from the addition of Janice.

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Janice keeps him in check!

  • Tia Be-Trippin
    Tia Be-Trippin个月 前

    Are they putting the cloches on the floor?!! 🥺

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Hygienic right? 😬

  • Barbara Danley
    Barbara Danley个月 前

    Canned roasted green chiles. When I first moved back to MO, fresh chiles weren't available and there was no decent Mexican, or even Tex-Mex restaurants. You *could* find canned roasted green chiles in some stores, so I could cook some for myself. To be honest, it's very close to homemade roasted chiles and so much easier, so I still use it.

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Nice! Not heard of them here.

  • Barbara Danley
    Barbara Danley个月 前

    Jaime turned down a burger, must have been horrible.

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Pretty rough yeah!

  • Hybris51129
    Hybris51129个月 前

    The canned cheeseburger is best eaten stone cold. Heating it throws the texture way off and makes it much less palatable.

  • knight daemon
    knight daemon个月 前

    Jack fruit as a vegan meat?! Please don't ruin my favourite fruit....don't

  • S T
    S T个月 前

    South asia uses jackfruit too! It is Bangladesh's national fruit!

  • Katie Bland
    Katie Bland个月 前

    Simmentaal in Italy looks like cat food but Italians love it!!

  • Thiago Tavares
    Thiago Tavares个月 前

    Feijoada in a can from Brazil!

  • Christian Stonecipher
    Christian Stonecipher个月 前

    I feel like you guys don't understand the difference between camping and backpacking(I know it says trekking on the tin but 1. I'm more accustomed to what backpacking is vs trekking and 2. It would also work decently as a backpacking food). In that sure when camping you have no reason to eat poorly as you can easily bring most common ingredients with you, however, with backpacking you are only bringing what you can carry so extensive cooking kits are unreasonable in almost every scenario combined with the fact that refrigeration is also not an option makes the sorts of meals that you are comparing it to either completely unreasonable to make if not impossible. Thus easy meals where all you need is boiling water is a staple for backpacking (not to mention the fact that depending on your circumstances you may be tired enough where you don't have the energy to really cook anything more demanding than boiling water). And as a side note I have been on plenty of camping/backpacking trips where fires were not allowed due to the local area being too dry making fires a hazard and we were stuck using propane stoves which you couldn't really use for much more than boiling water (this doesn't apply so much for camping but for backpacking the backpacking stoves are tiny).

  • aviator61727
    aviator61727个月 前

    Having learned to make pulled pork in South Carolina, I declare the canned pulled pork is a work of Satan. No...just, no.

  • damien omen
    damien omen个月 前

    Wrong brand of ackee go for dunns river brand

  • Alex Ward
    Alex Ward个月 前

    Review Idea: The British Armed Forces MRE (Meal Ready-to Eat) boxes. Normally 12, 3 meal boxes in each big box. Some expectedly terrible, some surprising delicious. Loads of bits and gadgets in the box to talk about and I’d I’ve to see what all of you think of it. Not sure how easy they are go get old of for non-forces.

  • Naeem Halim
    Naeem Halim个月 前

    If you do get fresh ripe jackfruit(yellow flesh), the stones of the fruit should not be discarded. Dry, roast and peel. Very lovely chestnut like texture and the taste is a toasty sweetness that for me is very nostalgic. I've had this many many times in my childhood.

  • Claudia Trammell
    Claudia Trammell个月 前

    My grandchildren will eat Tim veg were they won’t eat fresh. So I have lots of tin veg

  • Catherine Turner
    Catherine Turner个月 前

    Do a whole roast dinner from canned food. You an get a whole roast chicken in a can

  • Tobiwolf
    Tobiwolf个月 前

    moew canned food please

  • Lunamonkey83
    Lunamonkey83个月 前

    Do the reverse... Present the prepared dish, and get them to guess the tinned ingredient.

  • Danielle Nolan
    Danielle Nolan个月 前

    Pass it on idea: All canned food 🥫.

  • nutmegstrachan
    nutmegstrachan个月 前

    Am I the only one who found Mike so loveable in this video? He’s just so positive and excited by everything. Also looking gorgeous but that’s a given :) x

  • Maen M.
    Maen M.个月 前

    I always use jackfruit ripe. 😲 Never thought to use green.

  • Isabel Egger
    Isabel Egger个月 前

    You can find loads of tasty tinned food in chinese supermarkets! I grew up on meat substitutes like mock abalone or mock duck but there are also full dishes like buddha's delight that are tinned.

  • Fat Panda
    Fat Panda个月 前

    Canned but brined jack fruit? Shudders. Sweet canned jack fruit? 😃

  • neo geo
    neo geo个月 前

    The bigger guy amongst them should loosen up and enjoy things more, no need to be a picky eater

  • Abbie Myrie
    Abbie Myrie个月 前

    When I saw the ackee I got so happy lol

  • Tashanea Taylor
    Tashanea Taylor2 个月 前

    I love mikes hair :)

  • Sylvia Peacock
    Sylvia Peacock2 个月 前

    'GWOK' 😬

  • Andreas Liebhart
    Andreas Liebhart2 个月 前

    Heston Blumenthal created amongst others a tinned bacon sandwich for uk astronaut Tim Peake.

  • Juuk
    Juuk2 个月 前

    Never tasted ackee but now I want to lol

  • Charlsie Fowler
    Charlsie Fowler2 个月 前

    "American Style Barbeque Sauce" is such a hugely devisive statement. You have no idea

  • Czynx86
    Czynx862 个月 前

    A kilo of pork is 2.2 pounds Mike....

  • YES
    YES2 个月 前

    Ackee is not only a little poisonous, you can actually die from it..

  • OhWell123
    OhWell1232 个月 前

    Pork brains in milk.

  • sepths
    sepths2 个月 前

    Oh you definitely need to try out a Bruneian south east asian dish called "Ambuyat". It is the literal imitation of eating glue on a stick. Primarily eaten as a starch component on the table, I'd be interested how you would "sort" it out. Extra tip: Works well with spicy condiments/sauce i.e chili +lime +soy sauce, mixed in a small saucer.

  • hellomynameisjo
    hellomynameisjo2 个月 前

    The unripped jack fruit in a can is convenient cos where we are its rare to get a whole fresh fruit. I use it in a lot in coconut based dishes, south east asian curries, stews, stir dishes... as an added veg, goes with banana blossom (also mostly bought in a can unless you’re in tropical climates).

  • Rhythmia / Ren Quion
    Rhythmia / Ren Quion2 个月 前

    9:50 High yield information.

  • Payne Summer
    Payne Summer2 个月 前

    Tin ackee is nasty.

  • Hannu Ala-Olla
    Hannu Ala-Olla2 个月 前

    If you ever get or do something from Finland, it should one of those that don't really have names in other languages. Like kalakukko(lit. fish rooster) or lihapiirakka(lit. meat pie - meat and rice filling in deep-fried doughnut dough). I think there even is kalakukko in a can.

  • Hannu Ala-Olla

    Hannu Ala-Olla

    2 个月 前

    "deep-fried doughnut dough" sounds a bit redundant, does it not. How else would one prepare it?

  • Sylas Grayson
    Sylas Grayson2 个月 前

    "Hunger Breaks: It certainly does." - Ashens

  • MK Gru
    MK Gru2 个月 前

    In Filipino food we use the canned jack fruit in stews it really reminded me of my childhood

  • P C
    P C2 个月 前

    Gents, there's a significant difference between what you called "camping" and what that German company calls "Trekking". You brought a boiling pot, imagine carrying that on your back 40km.

  • Martyna Lis
    Martyna Lis2 个月 前

    Try some Paprykarz Szczeciński from Poland 👌

  • 7Ghos
    7Ghos2 个月 前

    What! No Spam!?

  • Jeremy Govender
    Jeremy Govender2 个月 前

    try making bunny chow

  • shadow renamon
    shadow renamon2 个月 前


    BBNUNOY2 个月 前

    I like this episode but can you guys do the Weird tasting food again? That’s definitely one of my favorite videos where the normals try it and try to guess what there gonna eat!

  • Abimanyu B
    Abimanyu B2 个月 前

    Yaelah nangka coy - random Indonesian

  • InviDoll
    InviDoll2 个月 前

    Sorted Fruit episode! Get ripe jackfruit, for instance, it's magic.

  • Caroline Sereno
    Caroline Sereno2 个月 前

    HAWAIIANS & SPAM!!! spam musubi, fried saimin with spam & fish cake. hawaiians are the Best with spam.

  • Donald Cake
    Donald Cake2 个月 前

    do a home canned version with pressure canners etc

  • Dreadnaught1985
    Dreadnaught19852 个月 前

    The burger in a can: if you're camping, you can take bread/rolls with you. And canned burgers in gravy. So you could heat up the burgers in water. Then make burger rolls.

  • Mimi Sau Connor
    Mimi Sau Connor2 个月 前

    16:10 You and me both Mike