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#WithMe - In the last month, we’ve seen tinned foods disappear from our shelves like it’s canned gold. But, our question is, shouldn’t we appreciate tinned foods more all year round? In this episode, our Chef, Ben, whips up a few tinned treats for our normals, Jamie and Mike to see if they’re prepared to give the canned cuisine the attention it deserves.
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  • SORTEDfood
    SORTEDfood6 个月 前

    Our warehouse is back up running in action! If you missed out, you can now grab your copy of our new book, Cooking To The Beat here:

  • Alistair Bolden

    Alistair Bolden

    3 天 前

    I currently live up north, just south of New Castle. Up here people eat more corned beef than anything els. Greggs sells corned beef pasties and sausage rolls nothing els. Mike is effeminate sissy, he clearly lacked a father growing up thats its problem. Become a man Mike eat more tinned meat and while your at it grow some balls.

  • yourjoking Right

    yourjoking Right

    2 个月 前

    @Erin Howett have u tried frying them and making a Po' Boy?

  • yourjoking Right

    yourjoking Right

    2 个月 前

    You need to slice the spam thin, season it with cayanne, black pepper & all season spice (like Adobe) then fry it in a pan, take 2 pieces of bread put mayonnaise, a piece of cheese,lettuce & tomato then 2 pieces of crispy spam on there. And that's how u make a southern spam sandwich.

  • Heysauce Mikehere

    Heysauce Mikehere

    4 个月 前

    FigJam I’m almost positive they are not in control of the warehouse opening.

  • Eric Butterfield

    Eric Butterfield

    4 个月 前

    Erin Howett mmm. Mmm. In mom

  • Paul Grant
    Paul Grant22 小时 前

    Turn the can, not the key

  • My_ ChemicalEdgelord
    My_ ChemicalEdgelord天 前


  • Lorraine Graves
    Lorraine Graves2 天 前

    How about putting out different patés and meat spreads and sneak in a slab of spam. See if people can tell.

  • mathilde R
    mathilde R2 天 前

    duck confit is actually really popular in france!

  • Annalisa Lombardo
    Annalisa Lombardo3 天 前

    Watching this for the millionth time... Just caught Ben's "you CAN do with them" ( please tell me that was intentional) 😂

  • SORTEDfood


    2 天 前


  • Patrick Jarvis
    Patrick Jarvis4 天 前

    The editing on this is pure gold

  • SORTEDfood


    4 天 前

    Confit Chaos!

  • Sheepdog Smokey
    Sheepdog Smokey6 天 前

    You missed an opportunity there Ben, SPAM AND EGGS!

  • Bork PomPom
    Bork PomPom7 天 前

    Pan fried Spam is my guilty pleasure food. I cook almost every day but I just want to eat Spam sometimes.

  • Ella
    Ella7 天 前

    Does anyone know where I can get the crab recipe? Is it a sorted one or did Ben just make it up for the vid? :)

  • Ella
    Ella7 天 前

    Does anyone know where I can get the crab recipe? Is it a sorted one or did Ben just make it up for the vid? :)

  • Maxwell Fong
    Maxwell Fong8 天 前

    “Fresh fish doesn’t smell of fish. Cool with it, delish! Tinned fish smells of fish. Get it off my dish!” -Michael Brian Huttlestone, 2020

  • Tiberius Moon
    Tiberius Moon8 天 前

    I recently used tinned food as part of a dish: Pasta, tuna, cooked mushrooms, cream of mushroom soup, garlic and season. Tastes amazing.

  • Becky Mikkelson
    Becky Mikkelson9 天 前

    If Jamie likes spam, he’d love Hawaii’s spam musubi.

  • SORTEDfood


    9 天 前

    He's a fan of all of the uses... pretty much!

  • Elena Sabakuno
    Elena Sabakuno9 天 前

    I'm from Germany and in my family we only use corned beef(?) only for Lapskaus (potatoes, red beet, pickled fish, pickled cucumbers. All grounded and heated up with an extra pickled fish, cucumber and an egg) and for a korean army stew. (With baked beans, cheese, ramen noodles, kimchi, mushrooms and a lot other stuff)

  • Frank Ie
    Frank Ie10 天 前

    were you smoking or drinking?

  • Minimalined1
    Minimalined110 天 前

    I need Gordon Ramsey to try these dishes urgently

  • VAnessa de jong
    VAnessa de jong11 天 前

    I’m with Jamie! I grew up with Spam, Corned Beef and tinned fruit. Husband and sons refuse to eat it. My guilty pleasure

  • cass12234
    cass1223412 天 前

    Mike has never had a spam masubi?!!

  • Lisa J Burden
    Lisa J Burden12 天 前

    Looking forward to the tinned food recipes

  • Shadow Gamer
    Shadow Gamer15 天 前

    The white stuff on the corned beef is fat and gelatin. You see spam is emulsified, like sausage, which means the fat and gelatin is incorporated with the meat, while corned beef isnt

  • Jay Meep
    Jay Meep16 天 前

    Can we see ya do frozen foods or cook with dehydrated veggies

  • Xenotric
    Xenotric18 天 前

    pass in on relay idea: Fallout Feast, they have to make a meal entirely out of long lasting preserved food such as tinned goods, dried, salted, cured etc.

  • John Vittie
    John Vittie20 天 前

    Once again the "S" team job well done. I laughed and learned a lot! canned meat does well in the US due to long storage. Canned corned beef is great and try to fry the spam!

  • Terra Kitten
    Terra Kitten20 天 前

    I love that I get an add for tinned yellowfin right after the tinned meats

  • organicgrains
    organicgrains21 天 前

    Mike's Dr. Suess style fish rant is THE BEST!

  • Nichael Hernandez
    Nichael Hernandez23 天 前

    When Jamie bit into the spam. (italian finger kiss action thingy) mwah perfect.

  • MadamFoogie
    MadamFoogie24 天 前

    Why does the canned elk have a picture of a moose on it? Get your ungulates right, guys. As someone on a pretty tight income, I use canned foods all the time. Various casseroles, corned beef hash, deviled meats for ploughman's lunches, and especially fish. Can't go wrong with tuna salad, but I'll often just eat it straight out of the can if I want a snack with zero effort put on. Aside from fighting off my cat, of course.

  • linus nordlander
    linus nordlander24 天 前

    hejsan. which prosecco do you use ?

  • Jacob Wilson
    Jacob Wilson25 天 前

    Try fring the Spam with some eggs.

  • Eugenia Lassaque
    Eugenia Lassaque26 天 前

    Question, it's pate, canned meat? Like it's spam, pate?

  • Thomas Sargant
    Thomas Sargant个月 前

    I have literally started buying spam again following this video....dry fry chopped up pieces in a pan, mix through basically any pasta with sauce.

  • Animan 86753
    Animan 86753个月 前

    im no Jamie's side with the canned meats since i grew up eating spam and corn beef the corn beef tho my mother would make corn beef hash with eggs for breakfast same with the spam with my father and with the canned tuna or chicken to make chicken or tuna salad sandwiches for lunch but canned food plays big part in my shopping list

  • siusi
    siusi个月 前

    Wow!!!!!! Do people really eat spam and corned beef out of the can without cooking it??? I always fry it up first

  • Aussie Chunda
    Aussie Chunda个月 前

    City people discovering that tin food can still be good is interesting... Does living in a city really make you too good for tinned food lol? Ever seen the air you people breathe?

  • Dale Harden
    Dale Harden个月 前

    For me, I think spam _tastes_ fine, I'm just not a fan of how soft it is.

  • B molitor
    B molitor个月 前

    for my future reference - the directionality of the corned beef key is ably demonstrated by J at about 10:00.

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    No mechanism will prevent Jamie from getting to meat... he's a dab hand at the key!

  • Cynical Citizen
    Cynical Citizen个月 前

    Good on you, Jamie. Canned meat, when properly prepared, is awesome.

  • NonsensicalVids
    NonsensicalVids个月 前

    Had those infusions at Uni, really good. Infusion of your choice Mayo Nandos sauce bit of seasoning Pasta Nice flavourful tuna mayo and pasta

  • BlackAliss
    BlackAliss个月 前

    Hash is supposed to be finely chopped and crisper on the edges. That's just chunks.

  • Jack Wiebenga
    Jack Wiebenga个月 前

    After having a delicious microwave duck kit and seeing this I'm blown away how well duck can be prepared for long shelf life.

  • Randi Jensen
    Randi Jensen个月 前

    I have rewatched this video over 20 times, and I keep coming back to it! More canned food please! Fish, meat and .. vegetables?

  • dcm 80s
    dcm 80s个月 前

    Fried slices of spam, sunny side up egg with rice. Best meal ever.

  • Joep
    Joep个月 前

    Was hoping I could find the recipe for the tinned crab pasta somewhere online/this video :(

  • misterpancake27
    misterpancake27个月 前

    Does anybody know if there's a recipe for the crab cheesy thing? I need iiit!

  • Cincy Stone
    Cincy Stone个月 前

    The editing is fantastic!

  • Neal Sollywood
    Neal Sollywood个月 前

    Yes, more of these please!

  • Me Here
    Me Here个月 前

    Through this entire video: ads for canned cat food.

  • Nathan Brown
    Nathan Brown个月 前

    The Duck Leg Confit was used in Mike's duck with waffles in one of the 15 (=14:30) minute battles.

  • Grog Vaughan
    Grog Vaughan个月 前

    sardines packed in yellow mustard on salted crackers.

  • Joonha Shcal
    Joonha Shcal个月 前

    Mike: Kinda hates the duck leg, but then uses it in an Ultimate Battle.

  • Donald Cake
    Donald Cake个月 前

    should do a hawaiian spam episode

  • VinniethePanda
    VinniethePanda2 个月 前

    The corned beef hash looked awesome...but let's have it was 1992, three single guys in Gray's Essex, worked all day, partied all night, every night. The Essex boys hash was a saucepan you add your diced corned beef, a tin of beans and a tin of spaghetti in sauce, salt and pepper, then serve on toast with brown sauce. Guaranteed to give you a full belly, lot's of energy, protein AND fiber, and above all heartburn for 24 hrs...that's how we rolled!

  • Animan 86753
    Animan 867532 个月 前

    I can 100% relate and agree with Jamie canned meat is amazing

  • Angie P
    Angie P2 个月 前

    Corned beef and white cabbage stewed down and basmati rice - my Saturday go to lunch with a cucumber and tomato salad - yummy.

  • MtG Infinity
    MtG Infinity2 个月 前

    I love spam.

  • Stambay Heere
    Stambay Heere2 个月 前

    I don't understand the hate Spam gets. It's really good! Try frying them first though. Don't just eat them straight out of a can. Thin spam strips fried to a crisp are great!

  • Claudia Trammell
    Claudia Trammell2 个月 前

    Fried spam is great

  • XenQ7
    XenQ72 个月 前

    Do this again but have them guess what the tinned bit is

  • Dark Thandar
    Dark Thandar2 个月 前

    Corn beef hash is my favorite.

  • faatman42
    faatman422 个月 前

    Spam musubi... Spam cooked in teriyaki sandwiched between two sushi rice buns topped with sesame seeds and wrapped in nori..... Excellent nutritious and cheap

  • B O'R
    B O'R2 个月 前

    You should see what a WHOLE canned chicken looks like fresh from the can...

  • Aimee M
    Aimee M2 个月 前

    Portuguese sardines are delicious! Spanish sardines too.

  • Eoin Doyle
    Eoin Doyle2 个月 前

    Its crazy how instantaneously the duck stopped looking disgusting once I knew what it was. What was disturbing about it was the mystery of it.

  • Helen has cat allergy
    Helen has cat allergy2 个月 前

    I agree with Jamie, Mike has never lived without opening corned beef

  • Helen has cat allergy
    Helen has cat allergy2 个月 前

    Mango Lassi. Canned, just as tasty, less stringy

  • Cary Mcbroom
    Cary Mcbroom2 个月 前

    Nobody eats cold spam! Fried is so good, look up spam musubi, perfect snack for hiking or just lazy days! STOP eating it raw and saying “it’s gross!” Of course it is, so is raw chicken!

  • Rebecca Dunkerton
    Rebecca Dunkerton2 个月 前

    I am Jamie when it comes to spam...

  • Jean B.
    Jean B.2 个月 前

    Spam is amazing. And corned beef is amazing. The absolutely amazing.

  • Manuel
    Manuel2 个月 前

    I agree. I always have tinned tuna in the house to add it to salad or fresh pasta (one company even already cans is especially for pasta, with oils and herbs)

    BEES AND TOAST2 个月 前

    Food snobbery is classist bullshit. You can make any food taste good with effort.

  • TheOriginalSHEBULK
    TheOriginalSHEBULK2 个月 前

    Would love to see you all do surstruming as a surprise canned item.

  • cherry.chu
    cherry.chu2 个月 前

    I used a can of garbanzo beans to make a sweet bean filling for some homemade steam buns. It was a lot easier than going through the process of cooking sweet beans from dry, and it was super quick.

  • t k
    t k2 个月 前

    Dorian and Jack fruit? no? 3:20

  • Marjo N
    Marjo N2 个月 前

    My dad used to make tinned fish and elk meat himself. They were delish! The elk meat here triggered a lot of tasty memories. :')

  • Dan G
    Dan G2 个月 前

    They should do canned food cooking challenge with the normals.

  • It's Sian not Sean
    It's Sian not Sean2 个月 前

    Mike should try spam kimchi fried rice and filipino corned beef

  • Gravesnear
    Gravesnear2 个月 前

    Spam is fucking great

  • Keriel Watson
    Keriel Watson2 个月 前

    I frequently use tinned corn, chick peas and beans in salads. They maintain all their flavour I can buy in bulk where they're on sale, and they won't go off. Also, no need to prep and cook so massive time saver.

  • Angry Dergon
    Angry Dergon2 个月 前

    i eat ravioli out of the can.

  • Tara Boii
    Tara Boii2 个月 前

    And then you see me watching a sortedfood's video at 4:30 in the morning while munching on carrots and cucumbers

  • Madness madiline
    Madness madiline2 个月 前

    hay why don't you try to take an MRE and try to make a new tasty palatable meal out of it

  • Linda Schultz
    Linda Schultz2 个月 前

    Fried spam and eggs, bbq spam, spam spaghetti, spam chili, it's all yummy!

  • Chathrine H
    Chathrine H2 个月 前

    That canned Tuna is great for fu yung hai. Save the hassle of hand picking each crab meat out

  • Michael Leung
    Michael Leung2 个月 前

    Pan fried spam and fried egg sandwhich

  • hood954
    hood9542 个月 前

    As a filipino, please look up how we do corned beef. You'll thank us later

  • comebackkid 100
    comebackkid 1002 个月 前

    Whats the song used for the duck confit

  • Philip Craven
    Philip Craven2 个月 前

    Corned beef rocks

  • Therese
    Therese2 个月 前

    Fish smells like fish to me- in a can or fresh from the ocean. Ppl say my nose is bloody annoying cause i smell stuff a lot better then my friends and loved ones

  • Christopher Gibbons
    Christopher Gibbons2 个月 前

    Spam is the pinacle of human ingenuity. We will never do better than this.

  • Jack Delaney
    Jack Delaney2 个月 前

    Please do a cook book for canned based recipes. It would be amazing!!!!

  • MichiCommander
    MichiCommander3 个月 前

    I know I'm a few months late commenting but at the start of the video in Ben's place, do I spot a World of Warcraft Pandaren plush next to the YT pillow? It looks a lot like the Lil Chen Blizzard had a while back. I knew Ben got hooked into the game and dressed up as a Pandaren but I didn't think it would amount to this.

  • countryside_guy
    countryside_guy3 个月 前

    I'm new to these chaps. They're rather entertaining I must say. The duck legs were hilarious!

  • I AM GROOOT!!!
    I AM GROOOT!!!3 个月 前

    9:52 When Jamie took a bite straight off of the spam, he lost all credibility with me

  • Txomin Abel
    Txomin Abel3 个月 前

    3:58 that's what she said 😅

  • thepartnerincrime
    thepartnerincrime3 个月 前

    Would love a series or book entirely of Ben cheffing canned food. Would be really handy, particularly in these weird Covid times!

  • Ashawyn
    Ashawyn3 个月 前

    I love spam...fry it up and it's delicious in scrambled eggs, or mixed with mac and cheese, or even just a sandwich. Spam musubi is delicious too! Too much stigma against canned drives me nuts.

  • Vesstig
    Vesstig3 个月 前

    6 months into lock down, the taste of burgers cant compare to a nice can of soup or beans.

  • Patrick Sechowski
    Patrick Sechowski3 个月 前

    I am a chef and I love Spam

  • Stormee Gabriel
    Stormee Gabriel3 个月 前

    They should make spam musubi, that was what finally convinced me that spam could be delicious.