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The bible of classical French cuisine is BACK! And thousands of the Sorted community commented with a very mature page number to help decide the recipe that the two chefs have to cook in a head to head battle. Tongue omelette anyone?
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  • Jay-Lee van der Berg
    Jay-Lee van der Berg17 小时 前

    Please do cook more from this book book!

  • Louis
    Louis3 天 前

    Xan you guys please do a competition and do eggs Woodhouse from Archer? I know babish has doe it but id love to see how that goes down lol.

  • pestbarn
    pestbarn13 天 前

    "And then just add some demiglace." Well, that was convenient, wasn't it?

  • Beyza Toptaş
    Beyza Toptaş20 天 前

    Amaaaaaaazing!!! You are the best sorted

  • Lutfiyya Timol
    Lutfiyya Timol22 天 前

    Please get your hands on the recipe book that has become a staple in every South African Indian's kitchen.. Indian Delights..

  • Audrey Laras
    Audrey Laras27 天 前

    I love cow’s tongue! I feel like it soaks up any sauces given to it😋

  • SORTEDfood


    27 天 前

    Yeah, we know what you mean. Although it also lends it's own something unique.

  • Caleb Harris
    Caleb Harris个月 前

    I feel so bad for Ebbers sometimes.. he’s just tryna be helpful and James just sasses him into a new dimension every time.

  • Mira Figueira
    Mira Figueira个月 前

    omelettes are just little egg burritos

  • ricardo ugalde
    ricardo ugalde个月 前

    In my family we usually cook cow tongue for about 4 hours

  • Sumaya Islam
    Sumaya Islam个月 前

    Amaaaaaaaazingggg ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Sumaya Islam
    Sumaya Islam个月 前

    Y’all are amazing 😉 ❤️

  • Amy Hatto
    Amy Hatto个月 前

    I love bens french!

  • Hans Christian Tankred
    Hans Christian Tankred个月 前

    Please do more of these

  • MrTargenor
    MrTargenor个月 前

    boil the tongue then remove the membrane :-)

  • JWhygant
    JWhygant个月 前

    I'd love another one of these old cookbook challenges!

  • Miguel Fernandes
    Miguel Fernandes个月 前

    Braised tongue is one of my favorite dishes that I often make at home. EASY way to get the skin out, boil it with the tongue for about 20 mins on a pressure cooker. Than the skin will easily peel away. Then you can put it on a tomato sauce for another 20-40 mins depending on consistency. Lingua estufada here in Portugal

  • karen1air


    13 天 前

    For variety. Add some pickling spice to the boil, and serve with horseradish and fried potatoes. Yum.

  • I AM GROOOT!!!
    I AM GROOOT!!!个月 前

    May I request page 66, line 6?

  • Vanessa Thompson
    Vanessa Thompson个月 前

    Get mike to do it!!

  • Je Or
    Je Or个月 前

    James you disrespectful nugget. BEN MADE YOU

  • Ayushi Kothari
    Ayushi Kothari2 个月 前

    One more of these please

  • Angel C
    Angel C2 个月 前

    I really like the shot of Ben explaining and james working.

  • Danilo Papais
    Danilo Papais2 个月 前

    20k likes? Why are you setting the bar so low?

  • Sean Stanford
    Sean Stanford2 个月 前

    Beef tongue is SOOOO underrated. Its my favorite taco meat.

  • Angela Cheng
    Angela Cheng2 个月 前

    you guys certainly have changed your tune about tongue now that its in a fancy french dish

  • J Z
    J Z2 个月 前

    You take the membrane off the tongue *after* it's cooked (you know stuff like that if you grew up in Poland)

  • Tanya Jeffrey-Pezeril
    Tanya Jeffrey-Pezeril2 个月 前

    Just for people wanting to learn, in French a LL is pronounced Y for examplample bouillon is pronounced bouyon.

  • Axiom Steel26
    Axiom Steel262 个月 前

    I lost it when Jamie threw some spinach to Barry in that other video.

  • Jessica Smith
    Jessica Smith2 个月 前

    Ben that is so not a French omelet

  • David Hinsley
    David Hinsley3 个月 前

    I use that book during my apprenticeship in the 1970's, it was a required book. I paid $6.95 C in 1977

  • How zer
    How zer3 个月 前

    Should of boiled the tounge then peeled it.

  • Mitten Ramos
    Mitten Ramos4 个月 前

    Ben always explains what he does. Meanwhile James is super concentrated.

  • Aidil Syazwan
    Aidil Syazwan4 个月 前

    What animal is this tongue from?

  • Richard Samuelson
    Richard Samuelson4 个月 前

    0:37 "The Bible of cooking" So it's filled with contradictions, genocides, slaughters, objectification of women, and bizarre myths? In other words, it's a cult book that should never be trusted?

  • J S
    J S4 个月 前

    Tongue is always slow cooked then totally cooled in the fridge overnight then peeled and sliced really thinly.

  • Forever
    Forever4 个月 前

    A tongue on page 69 is mainly used in mastercation, it’s a very important muscle and you must remove the membranes before use. How about we share the tongue. It requires twenty-five minutes of preparation to get full flavour out of the tongue.

  • Chris Evans
    Chris Evans4 个月 前

    The tongue needs to be picked for a week in brine, then cooked , then skinned once cooked. Skinning after cooking is easier and gives a better presentation with no loss of the meat.

  • Morgan Witherell
    Morgan Witherell4 个月 前

    Do something from a 1700s cookbook!

  • HappyCurmudgeon
    HappyCurmudgeon4 个月 前

    Professional Cooks know that par boiling cow tongue for 3 minutes is how you take the 'skin' off the meat. It peels right off if you do that.

  • edinhopacheco
    edinhopacheco4 个月 前

    Might be a little late, but i only watched the video today.... About the mirepoix thing, the way i learned in cooking school was that there are three types of mirepoix: the classic which is onion, carrot and celery; the white mirepoix which substitute the carrot for leek; and the fat mirepoix or matignon which is the classic one with the addition of bacon. So in the end, both Ben and James were right i guess

  • Leif Concepcion
    Leif Concepcion5 个月 前

    I don't know why but them suddenly cutting to exasperated Ben speaking French and then cutting back to Ben in his normal composed self got me laughing so hard :)) 3:58

  • dasfdas fadas
    dasfdas fadas5 个月 前

    I gagged at the tongue

  • Shannon Walls
    Shannon Walls5 个月 前

    My husband is a chef, still has his Repetorie from school, really enjoyed watching you grapple with it!

  • Nicole Jimenez
    Nicole Jimenez5 个月 前

    Caribbean dish battle

  • Anna B
    Anna B5 个月 前

    James regarding the tongue..."it's so delicately presented" it's just slopped across the platter and onto the counter.

  • videoqueen111
    videoqueen1115 个月 前

    Bring back this book for some isolation videos! It's a simple concept but leaves room for a lot of creativity.

  • Jerry Richard
    Jerry Richard6 个月 前

    Remember everyone, share the tongue.

  • Sheepdog Smokey
    Sheepdog Smokey6 个月 前

    Meanwhile, after 25+ years of trying, I can't make an omelette that doesn't end up just turning into scrambled eggs, with stuff in them.

  • What am I?
    What am I?6 个月 前

    As a Swiss girl from the French speaking part, I find the pronunciations hilarious

  • jordan
    jordan6 个月 前

    57k likes no video???,?,

  • Kataclysm113
    Kataclysm1136 个月 前

    jamie used two eggs in his omelette? that's hardly traditional. you only use one egg in a french omelette, because in france, one egg is un oeuf.

  • Schbang
    Schbang7 个月 前


  • The Channel Previously Known As AWB
    The Channel Previously Known As AWB7 个月 前

    I know this is way off subject and no one fn cares. I work with a guy who look exactly like Jamie.

  • Fluency Grey
    Fluency Grey7 个月 前

    Talking about old recipes... Aspic?

  • Annie E
    Annie E7 个月 前

    comment ça va james - someone's not translating properly lol

  • Parker Kim
    Parker Kim7 个月 前

    can y'all please cook outta Mastering the Art of French Cooking from Ms. Child herself?

  • Justin White
    Justin White7 个月 前

    This is why I love the British. You can joke about ‘sharing tongue’ without feeling like your masculinity is threatened.

  • Carlos Acevedo
    Carlos Acevedo7 个月 前

    Hey there's this channel called Townsend who does 17th century cooking videos, like pretty well made stuff. He could get you to cook some weird stuff in weird ways

  • Carlos Acevedo
    Carlos Acevedo7 个月 前

    Cook tongue for a day? That's a bit excessive, it's only like 12 hours.

  • Uwe Schroeder
    Uwe Schroeder7 个月 前

    Soooo - does Mike do 2 videos now? We're at over 50k likes :-)

  • Lia Sarong
    Lia Sarong7 个月 前

    omelet, steak, gravy..... LOCO MOCO!

  • Who Cares
    Who Cares8 个月 前

    Are these guys all gay or is it just me? LOL

  • Jeeto
    Jeeto8 个月 前

    What kind of gherkins? Sweet, dill? In the US we have like 6 to choose from... usually sweet is the main kind of gherkin I think

  • John Baker
    John Baker8 个月 前

    With the tongue blanch it then peal the membrane just fyi

  • Dominik Senjic
    Dominik Senjic8 个月 前

    Does Waka Flocka start playing in the background at 4:54?!?

  • Zero the Wanderer
    Zero the Wanderer8 个月 前

    I'm used to cutting normal meats and such, but watching a tongue be cut up is making me wince a little.

  • Nicodemus708
    Nicodemus7088 个月 前

    "That's why I look like this" i feel ya man, i like snacking too

  • David Lewis
    David Lewis8 个月 前

    De membrane the tongue after in initial simmer in salted water

  • Fiona C
    Fiona C8 个月 前

    Tongue is usually skinned after slow cooking

  • john hudson
    john hudson8 个月 前

    Ben. That shit is burnt bro.

  • Ruthy0nfire
    Ruthy0nfire8 个月 前

    I am 100% here for Mike's solo... just saying

  • Lyssa Medana
    Lyssa Medana8 个月 前

    I know you sometimes like ideas about cookbooks. How about I hate to cook book by Peg Bracken? Fifties/sixties American

  • Andrea Sanchez-Deuer
    Andrea Sanchez-Deuer8 个月 前

    what about julia child and sorted, like the movie julie and julia

  • Andrea Sanchez-Deuer
    Andrea Sanchez-Deuer8 个月 前

    do a pass it on theme: festivities food ex christmas, easter

  • Bum52887
    Bum528878 个月 前

    A great April fools video would be “normals roast the chefs”. Instead of roasting them in the oven, the normals spend an episode making jokes about the chefs.

  • Saartex
    Saartex8 个月 前

    First you boil the tongue and then when its still hot you peel it. If you let it cool down then it is very hard to peel it off.

  • Lauren Chen
    Lauren Chen8 个月 前

    YESSS! Mike on his own, and might I suggest? No time limit. Let him really sink his teeth into the whole thing, and be as meticulous and he pleases (or not!), and see how he fares. I really would love to see how he does when the brief is getting it as right as possible vs. racing the clock.

  • Lyn
    Lyn9 个月 前

    I have loved your videos from the beginning, since I wanted to know how to cook a Full-English Breakfast and I still watch your videos as often as I can, because you have fun, educate the community and are British

  • mamadu47
    mamadu479 个月 前

    Love when Ben talk in French. His accent is beautiful 😃

  • Barbara Rodriguez-Zamora
    Barbara Rodriguez-Zamora9 个月 前

    When you’ve boiled tongue that membrane just peels off. My family is from Nicaragua and we make in lengua en salsa. It’s a fav.

  • beachmagnolia
    beachmagnolia9 个月 前

    Hold up. So you mean the recipe on page 69 calls for a tongue and gerkin?? Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

  • Archie Mitchell
    Archie Mitchell9 个月 前

    they should do a video on that ramen joy cookbook! or microwave dinners for 1

  • dottleddolly
    dottleddolly9 个月 前

    I would like to see a cook book challenge of a cookbook that is a community coming together to help each other out. I suggest the Island Kitchen Volume two. I am a little biased since the restuarant I work at is featured (Tanroagan). But since there is limiited resuarants on the Isle of Man, when we eat out we eat at the other featured and they are amazing.

  • Commando303X
    Commando303X9 个月 前

    Ebbers's in no way is a French omelette.

  • Cindy Espíndola
    Cindy Espíndola9 个月 前

    54k likes... Mike, good luck😅

  • TheWhiteCrest
    TheWhiteCrest9 个月 前

    the innuendos~ hahaha question: demi glace, can it be vegan?

  • Rich Mosley
    Rich Mosley9 个月 前

    Tacos de lengua? :D

  • Cilir Hammersteel
    Cilir Hammersteel9 个月 前

    I'd like to see them cook from either the world of warcraft cookbook page 199 and page 137 or the elder scrolls cookbook.

  • bloemundude
    bloemundude9 个月 前

    Yeah, Mike! I'm sure you'll do great! (TRANSLATION: Everyone else, twist the blade. Make Mike bleed!! figuratively)

  • SilverGamer J
    SilverGamer J9 个月 前

    I have an idea for a chef vs chef battle. Each chef has to find a cooking book for the other chef to use in their cooking battle. That might be fun.

  • XOXheartAmy
    XOXheartAmy9 个月 前

    Page 153, line 7 for Mike to take on, methinks

  • Graham Johnson
    Graham Johnson9 个月 前

    I see a lot of people suggesting this but you guys should do a series called a taste of history and just make dishes from classic sources like you did with this video.

  • Sarah Starke
    Sarah Starke9 个月 前

    I thought a mirepoix with bacon or ham (or salt pork) was a matignon. Also you need to buy a copy of la rousse gastronomic and try cooking directly out of that. It's got an entire paragraph on cooking with armadillo. ...But maybe don't cook an armadillo

  • PanzerX Tream
    PanzerX Tream9 个月 前

    So short but I love this channel !! and can't stop watching...... Good job guys !!

  • Bianca McMaster
    Bianca McMaster9 个月 前

    Do the "Unexpected Cookbook" - a tribute to The Lord of the Rings.

  • Gabi Gavin-Hanner
    Gabi Gavin-Hanner9 个月 前

    Series cooking recipes from old cookbooks we think of as weird now.

  • dranor44
    dranor449 个月 前

    either its this vid or my headphones just broke and im hearing echos

  • 5567 5555
    5567 55559 个月 前

    This is the funniest vid yet

  • Danielle May
    Danielle May9 个月 前

    "If ben wants small little bowls, I want small little bowls"

  • Alice Gibson
    Alice Gibson9 个月 前

    Video idea: who knows me best-ish. Someone for example Barry is the first person, he picks out the ingredients and makes a dish. However long he takes is the time the others get, they are all presented with Barry's ingredients + a few extra. They all get the allocated time to make what they think Barry will have made with the ingredients. At the end they all see all of the dishes, whoever is closest to what Barry made (taste, appearance etc) wins. It could be a 5 part series with each one of them being the first on an episode.

  • Jason Young
    Jason Young9 个月 前

    Have you ever read the bible? that nickname is spot on.