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#Ad | Sorted chefs Ben and James go head to head in the first Ultimate Battle of 2020 with the challenge of making a Chinese-inspired dish using oyster sauce. Which chef do you think won the battle?! Comment below!
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  • Jonathan Hubert
    Jonathan Hubert天 前

    Nobody gonna mention that char sui? Char siu is my way though

  • Courtney Rowe
    Courtney Rowe5 天 前

    The way Ben keeps saying "Yangshuo" drives me crazy throughout this video. A break down: yang= yong (yawn-g), shu (shoe) o (as in home). Then just blend together

  • Andrea Kwan
    Andrea Kwan17 天 前

    Lee kum kee is legit and is what I use back home in hk, I’m so pleased you guys did this!!!!! I am so happy to see a celebration of Chinese flavours that isn’t just Panda Express dishes or oily stir fry, thank u all I feel like my culture is being appreciated!!!!!

  • OhGodNo
    OhGodNo19 天 前

    Imma send a gif of what ben did to that aubergine to my bf next time he pisses me off

  • Debb Curry
    Debb Curry20 天 前

    How to win a challenge. Use all the hotplates even if you don't need them.

  • Debb Curry
    Debb Curry20 天 前

    First 6 months of 2020= shite. Find SORTEDfood and binge watch = oh my ribs hurt. "Whats a sleeping dragon? I will show you later" with cheeky grin. Ebbers 2020

  • 박순규
    박순규24 天 前

    With all that Lee Kum Kee, are you sure you haven’t raided my pantry?

  • A. P
    A. P个月 前

    I adore Teacher Ben, but Sassy James i can’t pass up lol

  • Shadow Gamer
    Shadow Gamer个月 前

    For those who complain about some of the sauces When was the time yall made your own worsteshire sauce?

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Homemade ketchups and the alike are amazing - but you're so right... we don't make them all the time. And never Worcestershire, or mustard for instance.

  • Khazandar
    Khazandar2 个月 前

    10:57 Ben needs to make advertisements. His slogans are amazing xD

  • J.R. Trevino
    J.R. Trevino2 个月 前

    I think Barry should have won and shame on Barry for not choosing himself! Also who's Barry?

  • niccc ccc
    niccc ccc2 个月 前

    The most sinful thing about this is,' Where's the white rice to eat with those dishes???' 😂

  • dee ttee
    dee ttee2 个月 前

    small inaccuracy with james' dish. he refers to the pork as char shu, but it's actually hong shao rou (red braised pork).

  • ID:N/A
    ID:N/A2 个月 前

    the graphic which shows the tongues is wrong

  • sharcalena
    sharcalena3 个月 前

    James' dish is actually not too off the path of tradition. There is a dish where the pork is served on a bed of bok choy in a sweet sauce made with soy, he just added in the heat.

  • junie
    junie3 个月 前

    do a filipino battle in honor of filipinos part of the nhs

  • mkjbjs jyyjbbyg
    mkjbjs jyyjbbyg3 个月 前

    Maybe next time number of dishes made by each chef should be the same, just to keep it fair to be judged. Anyway, those looks amazing!

  • Hamile muneeb
    Hamile muneeb4 个月 前

    I feel like ben is male version of me, he complicates everything and and tries to impart all the knowledge he have.... I can totally feel his excitement

  • iseeflowers
    iseeflowers4 个月 前

    Both chefs are good, but you can tell Ben are more skills with Chinese food and he made those dishes with ease. Ben is the winner.

  • Shiina Yuri
    Shiina Yuri4 个月 前

    *Confused Chinese screaming*

  • Hsinyi H.
    Hsinyi H.4 个月 前

    I'm so amazed by the techniques used here. It is the first time I see western chefs on YT bring the proper Chinese family dining style to the table, aka we usually have multiple dishes at the same time and sharing opposed to one single dish. And I'd say Jame's dish is also innovated within the Chinese cooking framework, and the dish could be count as what we called Kung-fu dish. Both look absolutely delicious. Good job!

  • Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein4 个月 前

    9:48 😂

  • PvMhijden
    PvMhijden4 个月 前

    i'm to familiar with this sauce, i've been working with it for 5 years. and they are a pain in the ass when they come in for a restock.

  • ntlespino
    ntlespino5 个月 前

    Confused!Mike collage at 0:44 should be a meme

  • 74bish
    74bish5 个月 前

    2:38 fave comment from Mike

  • x
    x5 个月 前

    Seems like a mandela effect kind of thing where everyone thinks it's called Char Sui when it's in fact Char Siu

  • gigantor94
    gigantor945 个月 前

    10:58 i reckon thats his motto in the bedroom too

  • Lynsy P
    Lynsy P5 个月 前

    JAMES.... my mouth is watering...

  • Charley Carey
    Charley Carey5 个月 前

    Ben should have had to choose one of the 4 to present.

  • Jack Philpott
    Jack Philpott5 个月 前

    Where are the recipes for these ones guys? Really want to recreate James' recipe!

  • jewoo han
    jewoo han5 个月 前

    Excellent battle! I think Ben’s dishes really captured the essence of Chinese family style cooking, but I also want to give props to James for elevating the influences to a new level. Very impressed that two “Lao wai” were able to pull this off!

  • Liam McGregor
    Liam McGregor5 个月 前

    Everyone else: ah yes the food battle just one dish will do Ebbers: hold my beer ill do 36

  • mind the gap
    mind the gap5 个月 前

    James should have won

  • MrPakiman111
    MrPakiman1116 个月 前

    They forgot to add the bat meat for the authentic experience

  • Sss Ss
    Sss Ss6 个月 前


  • qzectbu145
    qzectbu1456 个月 前

    love that you're actually using a cleaver!

  • 呂海岩
    呂海岩6 个月 前


  • 呂海岩


    6 个月 前

    调料就像是乱放一样 传统的中国菜不是这样的

  • Edward Lowe
    Edward Lowe6 个月 前

    Essentially they are using these Chinese sauce to cook European dishes in European cooking style. We simply don't cook like this. Not saying they don't taste good, but they are not really Chinese dishes.

  • UTJ-420
    UTJ-4206 个月 前

    soul food cook off

  • eastportland
    eastportland6 个月 前

    Shame that Ben's not likable. He's educated, and of course he knows it.

  • Blargaha
    Blargaha6 个月 前

    "And he's been selling it ever since!" It was invented in 1888, I don't think Li is selling sauce anymore mate

  • Jake Wallace
    Jake Wallace6 个月 前

    Should kept the the actually food maybe some rat or bat type off soup finished off with a snake dish but cant go wrong with dog or cat

  • Miki BV
    Miki BV6 个月 前

    Probably the most impressive part, besides their cooking, is that as the final countdown is happening Ebbers work bench is absolutely impeccable.

  • Still Cousins VOVA
    Still Cousins VOVA6 个月 前

    watch someone whip out a bat soup

  • Annie E
    Annie E7 个月 前

    Nice to see James embracing the pressure cooker. See they do have a purpose 😁😉

  • Lirael Nix
    Lirael Nix7 个月 前

    James failing to use pressure cooker is like karma for him dissing all those kitchen gadgets lol

  • khuang96
    khuang967 个月 前

    As a Taiwanese person very (compared to the guys at Sorted) familiar with Chinese cuisines (yes, plural) I had been avoiding this video in fears of disappointment or any cultural atrocities 😅 but it's not bad in general, tho def still very western interpretations/understanding. One thing I'd like to point out specifically is that we actually don't use mushrooms for flavor that much, broths are usually made with chicken or pork bones as the base, and don't really cook/eat it with rice either.

  • Maegan Cope
    Maegan Cope7 个月 前

    I love this episode and as a two-for-one I'm using it as a timer for some pork buns I'm steaming 😂 i almost want to make Jamie's dish while cooking my lunch.

  • Nioka Gordon
    Nioka Gordon7 个月 前

    james made a dish ben made dishES

  • ksuny
    ksuny7 个月 前

    He had me at 'snoozing dragon'

  • Sgt_Kisse Katt
    Sgt_Kisse Katt7 个月 前

    That pressure cooked pork looked SO delicious!

  • Ariane Lim
    Ariane Lim7 个月 前

    This is actually one of my first few comments in YT for years but I just had to (spoilers)--can't believe an eggplant with giniling on it won it all. Albeit technical but dang.

  • Pratik Santani
    Pratik Santani7 个月 前

    Let's do a Indian food battle now :)

  • Gold 999
    Gold 9997 个月 前

    He fails the pork belly, needs more time

  • Gold 999
    Gold 9997 个月 前

    unless chinese cook it in the highest possible heat

  • shit lista
    shit lista7 个月 前

    I LOVE Ben for including so many veggies and so much variety!! Definitely a winner in my book! And I love that he's always teaching us!!

  • Chris LeBelMusic
    Chris LeBelMusic7 个月 前

    I know there are obvious safety concerns but I dream of you guys doing a Food Battle drunk or at least tipsy. Just an idea.

  • Sophie Jackson
    Sophie Jackson7 个月 前

    LEE KUM KEE SOY SAUCE! Omg it’s by far the best.

  • Dark North
    Dark North8 个月 前

    Did ben make 4 dishes? And james made 1?

  • Amingo Huang
    Amingo Huang8 个月 前

    Snoozing dragon are like pineapple in a pizza

  • Stella Simons
    Stella Simons8 个月 前

    You really should do chef vs chef battles based on countries!!

  • JoAnne Hickey
    JoAnne Hickey8 个月 前

    I'd say James won... Benn's dragon would have killed me.... I'm anaphylaxis to eggplant, otherwise known as aubergine. You guys are hilarious and relatively informative. I wonder what you would make of indigenous inuit cusine and its flavours. No Benn, Bannock doesn't count. .. it's too widespread.

  • Rishinder
    Rishinder8 个月 前

    I stay in Singapore and chinese dish is like everywhere.And no one puts that much sauce in their dishes.Its extremely high in sodium thus only a tea/table spoon is used typicaly in a dish.Just my 2 cents

  • Bannin William
    Bannin William8 个月 前

    What about peranakan dishes? They're very interesting considering they are essentially the combination of many cultures

  • 白马赛
    白马赛8 个月 前

    "How do you know it's good oyster sauce?" "It's thick..." 大家好! Let me stop you right there: If you ever made oystersauce yourself (and yes you can do that its not that hard) you will find that it never gets as thick as the store bought one without a strong thickening agent in it ... soo actually the really good ones have less of a pasty texture and more of a sirupy one. Just sayin'

  • Ξανδρος Peaches
    Ξανδρος Peaches8 个月 前

    I wonder how well a spiral cut snoozing dragon would work in comparison to the way it was cut here.

  • GunnySGT1911
    GunnySGT19118 个月 前

    How about a Cajun Food Battle. Or more specially you could do a Gumbo Battle.

  • Keng Oei Quek
    Keng Oei Quek8 个月 前

    IIRC China has 165 regional cuisine, stretching from sub tropics of Yunan to the tundra of Beijin, coastal cities like Guangzhou to inland cities in the west. As for the "claypot style" rice, do again come to Singapore (a former British colony) and try out the famous actual claypot rice :D Other dishes, like laksa which Gordon Ramey admitted he couldn't replicate and of course chilli/black pepper/white pepper crab

  • Such Fallout4
    Such Fallout48 个月 前

    Can't imagine this particular video will be popping on the algorithm

  • Roybot
    Roybot8 个月 前

    So what separates clay pot rice from fried rice or stir fry which is what Ben made, is that when you cook rice in a clay pot, the rice on the sides begin to really brown and crisp up. Apart from the rice absorbing all the flavors that are in the pot, the magical key is the delicious browned crispy bits you can scrape off the inside of the pot and mix up with the rest of the ingredients. It not only deepens the flavor of the dish, but it adds texture and a bit of crunch. Also some people would argue that a clay pot rice just doesn't taste the same without lap cheong, which is a Chinese sausage. When you cook it in the clay pot, all the fat and juice from the sausage oozes into the rice, and is key to giving it the proper clay pot flavor, regardless of what other ingredients you put into the clay pot dish.

  • Roybot
    Roybot8 个月 前

    James says he doesn't know much about Chinese food, but he got the lard part right. One of the secrets to Chinese food being as addicting as crack (other than their liberal use of MSG) is use of LARD! People shy away from lard but, if you've been going to traditional regional Chinese restaurants (szichuan, xian, etc.) you've been eating a ton of lard, my friend.

  • Daniel
    Daniel8 个月 前

    I loved the snoozing dragon. So neat.

  • k3ntris
    k3ntris8 个月 前

    I love how they’re using meat cleavers exactly what would be used in a Chinese kitchen.

  • Andi Yu
    Andi Yu8 个月 前

    I can only say most of these are "Chinese styled"

  • Michael Cheng
    Michael Cheng8 个月 前

    I really like the char siu, as my late grandpa (my father’s stepdad) is from Sichuan and I currently live in Hong Kong, and it just mix the 2 in a very unconventional way, plus the pork belly is mine and my grandpa’s favourite dish

  • James Chan
    James Chan8 个月 前

    PLease don't bastardised chinese cooking just because you used all chinese ingredients

  • Cai Allin
    Cai Allin8 个月 前

    This is how you do adverts. Awesome content!

  • Uwe Schroeder
    Uwe Schroeder8 个月 前

    The way you cut the aubergine is actually how someone in Bavaria (Germany) would cut a radish. Try this with a lot thinner slices on a Daikon or similarly long shaped radish, spread open, salt heavily and let sit for a while. The salt will draw out moisture and the radish will have a yummy slightly rubbery texture. You can get this type of radish (not a daikon, but a bavarian variety of radish that has a bit more bite) at the oktoberfest or pretty much anywhere in Bavaria for breakfast or a good "Brotzeit".

  • Joel Ong
    Joel Ong8 个月 前

    13:42 "char swee" i almost cried

  • T W
    T W8 个月 前

    Honestly as a Chinese viewer I am so impressed with you guys work!! I love how Ebbers combined different styles of Chinese food i.e. Cantonese clay pot rice, snoozing dragon probably from higher North. Love the amount of effort put in! xxx

  • Amber Morgan
    Amber Morgan8 个月 前

    My husband Ed went to the Yangshuo Cooking School as well! No one else showed up that day, so my husband ended up getting a one on one lesson! We stayed at the Giggling Tree bed & breakfast and I would highly recommend it to anyone! (I went to the fan painting class because I prefer when my husband cooks for me.) 😁

  • shophysun
    shophysun8 个月 前

    Pressure cookers are dangerous, but you guys do not know how to use them. Right way is watering the hot pressure cooker with cold water and wait the pressure valve open, then open it carefully.

  • deadman omega gaming
    deadman omega gaming8 个月 前

    can you do a new series that is chef v normal v fan

  • Karen I
    Karen I8 个月 前

    Ben hands down. Other guy often talks of flavour, colour & texture but this time little effort.

  • A Vikash
    A Vikash8 个月 前

    This video took longer to watch because I kept going back to "What's a snoozing dragon?" And then "I'll show you later 😉"

  • william mcneil
    william mcneil8 个月 前

    um can any one tell me the names of their dishs so i can look up the recipes for them thank you

  • Raph G
    Raph G8 个月 前


  • yinuo zheng
    yinuo zheng8 个月 前

    It is really interested to see how chef uses all the premixed source , me as a Chinese never thought to use. For example, I always mix my own Char Siu source. There is nothing wrong using it, really helpful to get cooking start easily and fast. It’s just a little disappointment of seeing a chef using industrial premixed source. It’s like using canned pasta source. Butttt! maybe this channel can make video of student(rookies)cooking using all kind of premixed source and stuff.

  • Emily Morrison
    Emily Morrison8 个月 前

    Can we get the boxing ring back for the battles?

  • Leila Chan
    Leila Chan8 个月 前

    Anybody else Chinese and be like, "BEN SAID FOUR DISHES. BAD LUCK!!"? Just me? Okay.

  • Michael Davis
    Michael Davis8 个月 前

    A Native American cook off would be really cool to see. It isn’t a cooking group you see often and it’s truly heart breaking, Native American flavors are incredible.

  • bryce Salt
    bryce Salt8 个月 前

    Isn't making 4 dishes cheating

  • Gabriel Martins
    Gabriel Martins8 个月 前

    What is Ben doing chopping vegetables with a meat cleaver?!

  • Duncan Shelton
    Duncan Shelton9 个月 前


  • Hannu Ala-Olla
    Hannu Ala-Olla9 个月 前

    Mike "Is using all of these sauces cheating?". Would you ask same about Worcestershire sauce or even mustard?

  • Just Winks
    Just Winks9 个月 前

    I think you all need to do an outdoor competition. It'll be interesting to see what you guys would do over a campfire. Or even a barbecue. Maybe an unplugged, no electricity challenge.

  • Storyteller 說書人
    Storyteller 說書人9 个月 前

    It's not fishy, it's delishy!! lol I wanna marry Ben!!

  • Lewis Maddock
    Lewis Maddock9 个月 前

    I feel like James always plates very well, and creates a very well balanced and avant-garde dish, that's supposed to wow you. While Ben does a few dishes, so that you can go on a conceptual journey with him, with culture and tradition.

  • Somar Jela
    Somar Jela9 个月 前

    Don’t use bats

  • rob_jojo1
    rob_jojo19 个月 前

    I have a gluten intolerance, allergic to sunflower oil (which most gluten free food is cooked in) can you help with some recipes please. Much love to you guys. Mike, congrats on your wedding!!