Chefs and Normals Review DIY Food Kits | Vol. 4

DIY 和生活百科

In this episode, we try out three amazing restaurant kits, and taste and review each of them to see if they’re worth recommending. Be prepared for your mouth to water!
Japan Centre’s DIY Shoryu Kits:
Pizza Pilgrims DIY Frying Pan Kits:
Passyunk Avenue’s Steak and Wings Love Bundle:
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  • MaZEEZaM
    MaZEEZaM17 小时 前

    They are great but you would have to be rich to have them more than as a rare treat.

  • MaZEEZaM
    MaZEEZaM17 小时 前

    All of them are really impressive, expensive but impressive.

  • MaZEEZaM
    MaZEEZaM17 小时 前

    ANYONE LIVING IN AUSTRALIA Know if we have any of these type of options in Victoria?

  • MaZEEZaM
    MaZEEZaM17 小时 前

    I really like the ramen kit though it would be darn expensive to have often, $20 AUD per bowl WOW. Still I do wish we could get it here in Australia.

  • Christine Ware
    Christine Ware5 天 前

    A cheesesteak isn't a hoagie, unless it's a cheesesteak hoagie which involves adding hoagie toppings (eg, lettuce, mayo) to a cheesesteak. A hoagie is a cold sandwich, often made with lunch meat. A cheesesteak is just called a steak or a cheesesteak. Just so you know. Apologies if someone else has already said this. I just couldn't get through all the comments.

  • Abl Belle
    Abl Belle7 天 前

    Ugh why do I binge watch these at 5 am?

  • Dungeon Witch
    Dungeon Witch8 天 前

    how is £10 a good price if that's what it costs in the restaurant? That's nonsense.

  • Jessica Eurice
    Jessica Eurice10 天 前

    That cheesesteak sub looks and sounds amazing. I'll just wondering how those from Philly feel about it.

  • bflower88
    bflower8811 天 前

    Do these restaurants overnight to America?

  • bflower88


    11 天 前

    ....South Florida specifically 🌴☀️

  • bflower88
    bflower8811 天 前

    Y’all need a skillet

  • Caleb Gray
    Caleb Gray13 天 前

    Your videos are great guys, but the amount of plastic is embarrassing honestly.

  • Alice Hone
    Alice Hone13 天 前

    Love this video, because of this we tried the same kit from Passyunk, and it was amazing!! Great date night at home whilst supporting a business in London ❤️ we're going to try the Ramen next. More of these please!!

  • Casy Banks
    Casy Banks14 天 前

    $10 for good ramen still sounds expensive to me, u can get good ramen in japan for under $7

  • charlotte stevens
    charlotte stevens18 天 前

    First kit looked amazing, I just went to order but the delivery was almost £7! Understandable because of the same day/chilled delivery but just slightly too steep.

  • Ruby Parthipan
    Ruby Parthipan18 天 前

    Love this! Can you please do more review kits? I’m curious to know what other kits there are in London. Ta! :)

  • Andy Jones
    Andy Jones22 天 前

    PLEASE make him stop singing.

  • Andy Jones
    Andy Jones22 天 前

    'I went a bit bigger than 10 inches' That's definitely going in the next Ebbers 'Innuendo' compilation. XD

  • Patrick Sechowski
    Patrick Sechowski23 天 前

    Being from the Buffalo area and working the Wing Fest 2 years ago...the wings made me sad. But they looked way better than many places here in America.

  • Kayleigh Mcloughlin
    Kayleigh Mcloughlin25 天 前

    Jamies face when he says shepards bush trying so hard not to giggle 😂

  • Douglas Young
    Douglas Young26 天 前

    If there's any more DIY restaurant kits out there could you do those too this was a great video

  • Jack TheDescendedAngel
    Jack TheDescendedAngel28 天 前

    I immediately b ought as many Ramen kits as they would allow.

  • den525
    den52528 天 前

    Really impressed with the Ramen!! Decently impressed with Pizza!! Not so much with the philly cheesesteak and wings... 1. Ramen of that quality will just be impossible to make at home.. cheap too!! 2. Same with the Pizza... think the dough would be the hardest to make at home... but it's decently priced! 3. Just not that impress with the steak, onion, bread all simple ingredients you can get at the supermarket. It's too expensive... chicken wings look more impressive

  • den525


    28 天 前

    @SORTEDfood Think overall apart from the bread... everything else can be purchased easily at a supermarket or butcher... so personally I don't find great value in that food kit. The wings aren't the hardest thing to make... buy wings... baking powder... bake in low heat... then bake in high heat to get crispy skin... it's literally the most highly voted buffalo wings recipe... But compared to Ramen... the broth alone is worth it... as bones veggies time... same can be said about the pizza... dough takes skill and time to prepare... and both are decently priced... complicated

  • SORTEDfood


    28 天 前

    The wings were also precooked (steamed or confit maybe) so the end result in a home oven was spot on!

  • cakes
    cakes29 天 前

    "definitely quicker than if you have one delivered" is a strange plus point when reviewing something that is delivered

  • JD Woodworking
    JD Woodworking个月 前

    Does the Roman peace deliver to theUS?

  • Razid
    Razid个月 前

    Not from UK or even London, but LOVE this concept from the restaurants. Would be amazing to see this trend spread to my own local restaurants.

  • elphbwckd
    elphbwckd个月 前

    I shouldn't have watched this. None of them are available in the US and now all I want is that ramen and pizza 😭😭

  • Darth Evader
    Darth Evader个月 前

    As if I didnt think me and Jamie were kindred spirits enough with the whiskey and steaks, he then goes and busts out an Archer reference mid video. Danger zoooone

  • Michael Cheng
    Michael Cheng个月 前

    If you are not making noise eating your ramen, you are disrespecting the chef by essentially implying he didn’t cook it well

  • Elissa Powell
    Elissa Powell个月 前

    On the pizza: maybe heat a cast iron skillet on a charcoal grill and cook it in there to get the "smoky" flavor?

  • Stephen Little
    Stephen Little个月 前

    I so what all of it NOW. GIVE ME GIVE ME GIVE ME. NOW. 😈

  • Joey C
    Joey C个月 前

    Ugh that pizza dough looked horrible. I've worked in 3 pizza restaurants and a dough sent up front looking that sticky means someone in the back is getting their balls busted hard.

  • Curtis Baker
    Curtis Baker个月 前

    This is produced so well it needs to be on day time television.

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Awwww - thanks Curtis! Will pass your thanks onto our production team.

  • Cosmonaut123
    Cosmonaut123个月 前

    I really don't know why I'm watching this.. I don't even live in England

  • Taikan Fujii
    Taikan Fujii个月 前

    why have to say "raman noodles", thats same thing as noodle ramen so stupid

  • Lorna Danylchuk
    Lorna Danylchuk个月 前

    who in their right mind gives these videos a thumbs down? So glad I found you guys

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Thanks Lorna - it's fine. Your thumbs up counterbalances it!

  • John Uferbach
    John Uferbach个月 前

    Man, that Ramen looks tasty :D

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Proper slurp-able!

  • sara choate
    sara choate个月 前

    I just can't do blue cheese. Ranch is better, maybe not "traditional" but better.

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    I (Ben) scoffed it though with the celery. ;)

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Nor can Mike - it's why he pushed it away! Haha

  • ramiro ritmo
    ramiro ritmo个月 前


  • No Name
    No Name个月 前

    Cheesesteaks are for tourists, get good with the roast pork sandwiches.

  • Christopher T
    Christopher T个月 前

    I have missed Mike. It's good to see him again! ✨✨✨

  • Darren Henderson
    Darren Henderson个月 前

    No green peppers can't call it a Philly cheesesteak

  • Alexander Boeve
    Alexander Boeve个月 前

    Absolutely love the concept of getting these wares to cook at home. Dislike the amount of plastic though...

  • Erin S
    Erin S个月 前

    I love this vein of video but it makes me so sad I am not in the UK and SO VERY VERY Hungry! XD

  • Axver Ender
    Axver Ender个月 前

    Kinda sad I can't aquire any of these looks great though

  • Dave G.
    Dave G.个月 前

    Cheez whiz does not belong on a cheesesteak, its all tourist crap, but now its tricking philly natives too. Such a shame...

  • Thom Grotto
    Thom Grotto个月 前

    Am I the only one that is bother by the amount of plastic waste on this kits?

  • Thomas Lashbrooke
    Thomas Lashbrooke个月 前

    I've been following you guys for a while and love all your videos. Something about this one just really made my day. Thank you for endless hours of entertainment and helping fuel my own passion for cooking.

  • taaanichka
    taaanichka个月 前

    Received the diy kit from pizza pilgrims today...absolute 💩💩💩 🤦🏻‍♀️ can't believe you would recommend this product

  • KeesaRenee
    KeesaRenee个月 前

    Aww, I love seeing Ben so excited!

  • david mahoney
    david mahoney个月 前

    I want to dislike this but it's so hard Japan Centre’s DIY Shoryu Kits not available in the US?

  • One Campania
    One Campania个月 前

    I'm kinda glad to not to live in London because otherwise I would only buy those amazing tasty food kits... I mean just look at that steamy ramen and bubbling pizza 😍 and that juicy cheese steak sandwich...🤤 Okay never mind. Does anyone know how to travel to London during a pandemic?

  • Bill Towns
    Bill Towns个月 前

    Phenomenal! I love the DIY cooking kit videos.

  • khuang96
    khuang96个月 前

    Now I want pizza 😅😥

  • SV Lagonda
    SV Lagonda个月 前

    9:54 You can buy a pizza from the supermarket though for £5 or even less. Okay its not as good but £15 seems excessive for flour, water, tomato and cheese!

  • TPanax
    TPanax个月 前

    Tons of plastic.

  • Spoon John
    Spoon John个月 前

    Anyone else notice Jamie's wearing the same shirt as he did in the DIY 3 video?

  • Ben Hillard
    Ben Hillard2 个月 前

    What's the deal with the counter top on the main front view of the kitchen?

  • Vesstig
    Vesstig2 个月 前

    Slurping ramen is a compliment in Japan

  • Timothy Keck
    Timothy Keck2 个月 前

    Ebbers, It's not a hoagie. Not complaining, just correcting the slang.

  • barn kil
    barn kil2 个月 前

    13:16 Mike's Gordon Ramsay impression

  • cms 186
    cms 1862 个月 前

    More of these would be great, I've had the Pizza from this (and the Ramen is coming on Friday) plus I've had Patty and Bun and Montys Deli meal kits, all were great, more recommendations would be brilliant! (Especially for kits that are deliverable outside London)

  • Kristina Cabello
    Kristina Cabello2 个月 前

    Wen Ben said “I’ll eat it” and looked into the camera, that was sexual

  • saxyrocks
    saxyrocks2 个月 前

    Love how you guys continue to support local. Keep it up!

  • Kat D
    Kat D2 个月 前

    I love these videos, but when everything is back to normal I’d love if they did some things like this from different cities around the UK. Pretty shafted if you don’t live in London

  • Nick noor
    Nick noor2 个月 前

    idk bro collagen dissolves in water and doesnt make it cloudy... dissolve a bunch of gelatin in water and its clear

  • Jeremie Dela Cuesta
    Jeremie Dela Cuesta2 个月 前

    Is Ben using a Pixel phone? A classic gentleman, I see.

  • DamascusTheyFell
    DamascusTheyFell2 个月 前

    Could you do a vegan version of this please!? There must be some good stuff out there

  • lolasoc131
    lolasoc1312 个月 前

    Lol at Mike not liking Ben slurp the Ramen even though slurping is encouraged with Ramen and other type of noodle dishes.

  • Savannah Henley
    Savannah Henley2 个月 前

    I've started this video six times since it was posted, never got past the first dish always is being called a way to do something, it was worth it for that 7th view just to see Ebbers gets so excited over a pizza dough

  • thekrillsta
    thekrillsta2 个月 前

    Adult lunchables 😂

  • M E
    M E2 个月 前

    Fun video! I like watching you make American foods (or your take on them). Also, quick tip as someone originally from Philly: Passyunk is pronounced "Pash-unk". It's a Lenape word meaning “in the valley.”

  • Sam Butler
    Sam Butler2 个月 前

    Ramen, I'm like, soup good, noodles good, but I don't want them at the same time

  • Jordan Pasch
    Jordan Pasch2 个月 前

    This isn't a criticism (especially since you just followed the instructions as listed) just a tip: when you're making philly cheese steak, refrigerate the steak before cutting, which will make it easier to cut into even thinner ribbons. And at the end, cover the steak/onions in cheese sauce on the pan, cover with the bun for a few seconds, then flip into the bun, so that the bread steams with the onion/steak/cheese.

  • InCon
    InCon2 个月 前

    this is slow torture for someone living in America (Mexico), i want to order those kits!!!!!!!!

  • Jo Watson
    Jo Watson2 个月 前

    Missed this one earlier but it has made me plan to order from pizza pilgrims next week!

  • Daniel White
    Daniel White2 个月 前

    I really dont get the pizza kit. Pizza dough and sauce are so easy to make and way cheaper than this..

  • Alex Montrose
    Alex Montrose2 个月 前

    These all look amazing! Would love to see some more revisiting your old recipe videos!

  • Dessydd
    Dessydd2 个月 前

    Hit me

  • Rob Klarmann
    Rob Klarmann2 个月 前

    This is just amazing! Nothing like this in Munich, Germany. Thanks for sharing this...I feel like Jamie...really wanting that Philly Cheese Steak now! :)

  • llarmer Farmer
    llarmer Farmer2 个月 前

    Love the OG Spiderman PizzaTime

  • Suzanne Berry
    Suzanne Berry2 个月 前

    Watching from the States and looking up butchers in Annapolis.

  • Draconous101
    Draconous1012 个月 前

    Do one on American food kits.

  • Megha Paul
    Megha Paul2 个月 前

    I have been watching you guys fr years now.. still dont get bored a bit.. love love love the videos..

  • Rebecca Maud
    Rebecca Maud2 个月 前

    why can you not just save a pot and water and cook the noodles in the broth?

  • Atheena
    Atheena2 个月 前

    ever since i found out about this channel i can't stop watching it's just so entertaining

  • Hellenden Gamer
    Hellenden Gamer2 个月 前

    I have an idea for a video All 5 of you are given identical ingredients and have 30 minutes to make something using all of them, with a panel of blind judges to test them

  • Menuki
    Menuki2 个月 前

    The jar Cheez Whiz that’s be used in philly was originally made to replicate Welsh rarebit. That can only be better

  • Jordan Meyerl
    Jordan Meyerl2 个月 前

    Ben: okay excitement over, couple of things I want to talk about Also Ben: gets more excited about the double fermented dough than he does about anything else the whole video

  • Raun The Wanderer
    Raun The Wanderer2 个月 前


  • EcoLynn
    EcoLynn2 个月 前

    Why do I always what these when I'm hungry?!

  • DaltonOB
    DaltonOB2 个月 前

    there was not enough cheese on that cheesesteak

  • Juan Oliveira
    Juan Oliveira2 个月 前

    Oh Man! I wish I could find those here in the US. That tonkotsu ramen looked yummy.

  • Burdy L
    Burdy L2 个月 前

    I had an idea for a pretentious ingredient! Have you ever heard of crystallised rose petals or violet petals? They are a kind of sweet made out of real rose and violet petals. You can even order whole rose flowers crystallised online.

  • Kekkelpenney Peckeltoot
    Kekkelpenney Peckeltoot2 个月 前

    It’s not a philly cheese steak without the wiz! You’ve got a wiz with sandwich there and it looks great!

  • DirtyWhite_
    DirtyWhite_2 个月 前

    Ben and James should have a competition where they make DIY kits for two normals. Normals shouldn't get instructions, just the kit that the chefs made.

  • Izabela Santiago
    Izabela Santiago2 个月 前

    I love Mike coming through behind the camera.

  • comedyflu
    comedyflu2 个月 前

    I love you, Jamie

  • R Sandbo
    R Sandbo2 个月 前

    You guys don't put nearly enough cheese sauce on your Philly Cheese steak

  • Catherine Turner
    Catherine Turner2 个月 前

    I'll pass on the pizza and the steak and wings but that ramen looks so good. I'd even add some raw prawns to cook in the hot broth

  • Jemma J
    Jemma J2 个月 前

    He kept talking until it got freaking cold