Chefs and Normals Review DIY Food Kits | Vol.3

DIY 和生活百科

Supporting local food businesses around the world has never been so important, so in this episode, we’re celebrating the restaurants in our hometown city, London, who have managed to pivot their services during this tricky time by creating DIY meal and recipe kits! Get ready to be instantly ravenous, because these kits are delicious!
Shuk’s Chocolate, Hazelnut & Cookie Crumb DIY Babka Kit:
Island Poké Bowl:
Pleasecakes: Fully Loaded Build Your Own At Home Cheesecake:
Or scratch cook your own:-
Poke Bowl:
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  • Patricia Peart
    Patricia Peart6 天 前

    I have to say, you are all cute, fun and informative. I am waiting surgery on my back while covid is here. You make me laugh and smile while I am in pain. Thank you.

  • Brandyjtd Jallo
    Brandyjtd Jallo16 天 前

    why cant people just learn to get a rice, just a rice cooker, and the water you need is first knuckle on you pinky lvl of water, no need to spend time measuring

  • Rachel Topping
    Rachel Topping17 天 前

    Only know what a babka is cuz of bake ofr this week

  • Grecia
    Grecia18 天 前

    Restaurants in my area don’t do these things. Everything at the time had just shut down.

  • Wain
    Wain20 天 前

    Barry's reaction at "Do the maths..." has me rolling XD

  • Visal Sao
    Visal Sao24 天 前

    cadbury flake chocolate is the best ever

  • Kennie Frog
    Kennie Frog28 天 前

    3am again and here I am at sorted. Watching these blokes before bed has somehow become part of my nightly routine.

  • Transparent Reactions
    Transparent Reactions个月 前

    They did Jamie so wrong in that blooper...he is not a shuck!!! LMAO

  • John S
    John S个月 前

    For clarity.... While the please cake is £32.... You have to pay £8 for P&P. So Barry was right it's £40

  • Veronika Stávková
    Veronika Stávková个月 前

    Can you do review of boxed grazing platters, like for example Spreads and Breads?

  • Kimbo 363
    Kimbo 363个月 前

    That is Jamie's most flattering shirt!

  • Audrey Laras
    Audrey Laras个月 前

    As someone who lives in a developing country, it seems to be very expensive living in the UK. Here you can get a good quality loaf of babka for like £6.5...

  • Rusty Kinks
    Rusty Kinks个月 前

    Looking at the Babka and never having had it before, I did wonder if it was a chocolate pizza for a while there.

  • Tiberius Moon
    Tiberius Moon个月 前

    Pro tip: brush off the excess flour when spreading the chocolate spread. (Im making mine from scratch)

  • mirihugs
    mirihugs个月 前

    these are all so fun!

  • Leo Smith
    Leo Smith个月 前

    Their description of the cheesecake reminds me of how my mom make it, and what I recognize as cheesecake before "New York Style" got really popular here in Texas. Its smoother, softer, and usually much bigger. ......also I'm dying to try the babka. that looked amazing.

  • Loozer Tube
    Loozer Tube个月 前

    yum yum...just want eat right now! we film similar style video so i know what you guys feel when you make it! Wish you see my channel bro🍋

  • Kirsten Paff
    Kirsten Paff个月 前

    Babka is the food of the gods.

  • katarzynazofia
    katarzynazofia个月 前

    Well... about the grandma. Babka actually in Poland a type of a cake baked in a round, tall tin, kinda like a topped over small bucket, usually made for Easter. 'Babka' as a grandmother can be used, but it's rather contemptuous :/

  • Shelly Carpenter
    Shelly Carpenter个月 前

    Lid with a thin hand towel towel also works for the rice instead of tinfoil.

  • Shelly Carpenter

    Shelly Carpenter

    个月 前

    @SORTEDfood I do it all the time with both sticky and flakey rice. Barely absorbs any water, and the top of the rice doesn't dry out. Old tip from my Iranian ex step-dad, who learned it from his mom who always made tagid rice, which is the best 😉! The trick is the wrap it tightly around the top so the underside is pulled taught, and than slightly twist when putting it on the pot to seal it in.

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Ahhh - nice! I guess so long as the cloth doesn't absorb too much of the carefully weighed out water?

  • no
    no个月 前

    Barry just looks dead at the camera and says "Oh no." _later_ Ben: "Do you ever think less is more?" And Barry replies, "We're long past that, mate." I love him

  • Shontelle Hackett
    Shontelle Hackett个月 前

    I love this series!

  • Shontelle Hackett

    Shontelle Hackett

    个月 前

    Love seeing the creative ideas that restaurants are coming up with to help them through this tough time

  • Kristina Tomaszewski
    Kristina Tomaszewski个月 前

    I would absolutely love the babka. I don't like cheesecake due to my dislike of cream cheese and I don't like seafood at all. So babka absolutely wins plus it just looks amazing.

  • Kmann !
    Kmann !个月 前

    Plus it is a good way to teach children about food.

  • Honeycore83
    Honeycore83个月 前

    Almost 10 min in the video and already 5 ads ..

  • Honeycore83
    Honeycore83个月 前

    Why are the subtitles automatically on on every of your videos ? Pretty annoying to have to remove them every time

  • druskie4h
    druskie4h2 个月 前

    I love this series!!!

  • -FAZIK-
    -FAZIK-2 个月 前

    I'm Polish. This is not babka.

  • khuang96
    khuang962 个月 前

    The first is my favorite of these three 😊

  • khuang96
    khuang962 个月 前

    12:33 it's raining biscuits, hallelujah 😄

  • Justin Kuykendall
    Justin Kuykendall2 个月 前

    "Horrific" "Naughty" Jamie and Barry share my style of dessert descriptions.

  • Rebecca Henney
    Rebecca Henney2 个月 前

    Would love to see the guys come to Australia and try some of our food. I see a marathon coming😁😁😁

  • Lily Wieleba
    Lily Wieleba2 个月 前

    babka doesn't mean grandmother in Polish??? Babcia??

  • Alanna Gilmore
    Alanna Gilmore2 个月 前

    Shuk is pronounced like shook :)

  • Adam Kencki
    Adam Kencki2 个月 前

    i am sorry but the cheesecake thing is a complete bullshit

  • ftlouim
    ftlouim2 个月 前

    The song Jamie's referencing when reading "shuk", it's been driving me crazy the whole day today. What is that? And why can't I remember it even though I definitely know it from somewhere.

  • ftlouim


    2 个月 前

    @DigYourSumo Thank you so much. My brain can now calm down. 😅

  • DigYourSumo


    2 个月 前

    Its from Flash Gordon. Queen did the song.

  • toouncreativ foraname
    toouncreativ foraname2 个月 前

    I want the babka!!!! Looks Soo good. But sadly I'm from Germany

  • Esther Tudor
    Esther Tudor2 个月 前

    Ohhhh that is naughty

  • warriorwannab
    warriorwannab2 个月 前

    Wakame (seaweed) : pronounced wa-KAH-may, not whack-a-mi LOL

  • Fragile Kitty
    Fragile Kitty2 个月 前

    I had to stop watching at the Poke bowl - These establishments only deliver within 25 miles of the M25 so now I'm hungry AND sad! :'(

  • Jade T
    Jade T2 个月 前

    Normals cake decoration off! Best cake decoration wins. Most creative gets bonus points.

  • Mailys Harston
    Mailys Harston2 个月 前

    I would kill for that babka

  • Peanut Pie
    Peanut Pie2 个月 前

    Babka! Polish cake bread! Not enough eggs though...13 or don't even bother

  • robert zerrenner
    robert zerrenner2 个月 前

    'Tang' of cream cheese? Huh? 13:39

  • Jewl
    Jewl2 个月 前

    what music are they playing in the background????? it's stuck in my head

  • Cassa.Frassa
    Cassa.Frassa2 个月 前

    Aw the Shuk! great job on the babka!

  • 00Pati
    00Pati2 个月 前

    Babka in Polish is actually “woman” but not in a formal way, it can be insulting with the wrong tone. Babcia is grandma in Polish.

  • Caroline Sereno
    Caroline Sereno2 个月 前

    as a native hawaiian, this is not poke. BUT. as a millennial who loves fusion, that poke kit looks delicious.

  • Scurvy Dan
    Scurvy Dan2 个月 前

    "traditional" Polish babka with chocolate chips??? Heresy.

  • fovika
    fovika2 个月 前

    Don't think I didn't notice that the chef was gifted the only gift that required stovetop cooking (aka making rice)

  • Vanessa Davis
    Vanessa Davis2 个月 前

    Thanks to Jamie's singing I spent the first 2 min of this video trying to remember Flash Gordon's name.

  • Fraser Hutchinson
    Fraser Hutchinson2 个月 前

    The BIY packs from MyCookieDough were amazing!!!

  • Aaron Shelley
    Aaron Shelley2 个月 前

    They just ate the cheesecake and didn’t eat anything else on it. Didn’t really give a ... whatever it was a waste.

  • Fart Squirrel

    Fart Squirrel

    2 个月 前

    Because the main part of it was the cheesecake, that's why. If the cheesecake itself doesn't taste any good, what good would having the chocolate do?... 🤦‍♂️

  • SEBZED86
    SEBZED862 个月 前

    Mmmmm I'm getting me some shuk!

  • alex gerling
    alex gerling2 个月 前

    Anyone notice Ben said this is fridge cam 🤔😂

  • Steph J
    Steph J2 个月 前

    I wish I could get that babka kit delivered to the states 😭

  • Idan Portuguez
    Idan Portuguez2 个月 前

    The first one is pronounced with a u (like shook) it means market in hebrew

  • Lara Watrous
    Lara Watrous2 个月 前

    How do you find these different restaurant boxes? Like what google searches are you using or are you going to specific restaurants sites just to see if they do a box

  • Homemade by Gloria
    Homemade by Gloria2 个月 前

    Watch my delicious recipes of Italian food and let me know!!

  • Charlotte Tattersall
    Charlotte Tattersall2 个月 前

    Love this, please do more! Xx

  • Josh Pugh
    Josh Pugh2 个月 前

    3 fantastic choices, well done boys! I know they're a chain, but we did the Cute Brasserie one which was epic. Steak, Chicken Escalope, Dauphinour Potatoes, ice cold wine included. It tasted exactly like being in the restaurant!

  • Cathal Hayes
    Cathal Hayes2 个月 前

    Next up, Barry and Jamie remake these....recipeless

  • Aviva Goodman
    Aviva Goodman2 个月 前

    Love you guys, and babka is my favorite cake, but - Shuk is pronounced shook (like book) 🇮🇱💙

  • Julie Brooker
    Julie Brooker2 个月 前

    Try a crumbs and doilies kit!!

  • Yohara Ranasinghe
    Yohara Ranasinghe2 个月 前

    Do a collab with Uncle Roger 👀 (Nigel Ng)

  • tastymedleys
    tastymedleys2 个月 前

    Ben scooping the chocolate from his plate in the first one is so relatable. "Yum" indeed.

  • Y13dea
    Y13dea2 个月 前

    All I see is an awful lot of plastic wrappings 😅

  • Janine McGuire
    Janine McGuire2 个月 前

    try microwaving the spread for 10 SECONDS to soften repeat for 5 SECONDS at a time till you reach desired spreadability

  • Jane W
    Jane W2 个月 前

    10:27 I’ve never seen Jamie so happy. Adorable.

  • lumennuh
    lumennuh2 个月 前

    just fyi shuk is pronounced like 'shook' not 'shuck'. shuk means market in hebrew, and often refers to the open air mahane yehuda market in jerusalem

  • RoSeak Primitive skills
    RoSeak Primitive skills2 个月 前

    That was so delicious my friend,.🥰🥰😋😋😋

  • lulu Gregory
    lulu Gregory2 个月 前

    Love these... more please! 😊

  • Xaukilie
    Xaukilie2 个月 前

    Updated knife choices with brands at like 3 different price points

  • vaporeonqueen
    vaporeonqueen2 个月 前

    Would love to see a video on dishes originating in a country and how other countries have made it their own (I.e British meat pie recipe vs. Australian meat pie). Just want an excuse to see the boys cook Australian food!

  • Idol Reign
    Idol Reign2 个月 前

    Now that I know about Barry's pineapple allergy I can't stop noticing all the recipes that involve pineapple that they choose to make 😂

  • colleen jardim
    colleen jardim2 个月 前

    poke bowl: Jaimie i'm with you !!!!

  • di butler
    di butler2 个月 前

    I'd buy the babka, nothing else.

  • di butler
    di butler2 个月 前

    I NEED to hear that pronunciation of JICAMA, again. :DDD Hick uh muh turned into something very, very different, indeed.

  • Furious Imperator
    Furious Imperator2 个月 前

    A winery did a wine tasting to go. My parents loved it (was my birthday present to my mom)

  • amerykaniec83
    amerykaniec832 个月 前

    Just saying.... That's not a babka... Whatsoever 🙄

  • sijo69
    sijo692 个月 前

    Hi Guys I have idea for Hospital Food Challenge. I am currently in Hospital and I have had some bad meals, which is depressing when you are already low. Good food can lift your spirits. I understand it is difficult to provide consistent meals at volume and at low price. The challenge would be with the help of nutritionist to make delicious and uplifting meals which meet NHS specifications for calories , nutrition and price per person. Also your subscribers could send pictures of good and bad Hospital Food that they have had. Regards Simon

  • Andy Hoster
    Andy Hoster2 个月 前

    You don't need a kit to make "restaurant food". Simply make a regular recipe, but triple (at minimum) all the fat, oil, butter, sugar, and salt called for.

  • Pose83
    Pose832 个月 前

    I live in Birmingham and we tried the Fat Snags kit quite early in lockdown. It was amazing. I still think about those hot dogs a lot.

    RATTLING2 个月 前

    Babka also means grandmother in russian but in more offensive way. You can say that towards a rude old lady for example

  • Mitchell van Schelven
    Mitchell van Schelven2 个月 前

    I'd love to see you compare the taste of dishes prepared with real butter and with plant-based butter.

  • Kirsty Duffy
    Kirsty Duffy2 个月 前

    You didn't comment on the packaging waste once?

  • Rae Peronneau
    Rae Peronneau2 个月 前

    Love these boxes! Wish I could get the Babka in the US.

  • Fairy Fox
    Fairy Fox2 个月 前

    I didn't get the kit I'll be speaking on myself but I did eat the remaining scraps of it. The Barrio mealkit is great, they send you the meat, the cheese, the tortillas, the lettuce/tomatoes, salsa, and slaw. It's very good, my sister and her bf got it for their anniversary while locked down with the family at my parents' house

  • Travel Photos
    Travel Photos2 个月 前

    For those people stuck in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (part way through Stage 4 lockdown), I can highly recommend the following DIY restaurant food kits: 1. Atlas Masterclass (website: CNboth: - they do a 3 night meal kit exploring a different cuisine each week; and a favourites box. They also deliver in various other locations in Eastern Australia (Sydney, Canberra, regional Victoria and NSW). Price is excellent and there are ample ingredients - you will have left over ingredients to use in dishes of your own devising. I've just done the Italian meal kit - easy, tasty, and have learnt a few things. 2. Monroes Burger's (based in Healesville, Victoria, Australia; website: do burger meal kits delivered throughout Melbourne. I've done this one a couple of times. There's a selection of different burgers and "hot dogs" to choose from. Read their instructions a little more thoroughly because grammar issues can cause confusion (not what you need when cooking :-). However, once you've understood the cooking method, it's simple and you'll end up with great quality burgers at home.

  • stecky87
    stecky872 个月 前

    I've never heard 'babka' to mean 'grandmother' in Polish. It's 'busia'

  • Jason King
    Jason King2 个月 前

    Jamie with the Flash reference...

  • Yair Ron
    Yair Ron2 个月 前

    Great video. I do have to say, I'm from Tel Aviv and I've never heard of this "Babka" business, but the end dish does look very similar to a common dessert called a "yeast cake", or the even more common Rogalach.

  • deavle3
    deavle32 个月 前

    Just watched your videos from ten years ago. How does Ben look so different yet Barry looks the exact same.

  • charlielou995
    charlielou9952 个月 前

    hey guys im in a wheelchair could you do some gadgets please like can openers stuff like this please

  • Alfie Curnow
    Alfie Curnow2 个月 前

    We never see Mike anymore.

  • theKettleXBlack
    theKettleXBlack2 个月 前

    I really like these videos! Thanks!

  • Masia Maksymowicz
    Masia Maksymowicz2 个月 前

    Do you know that in Warsaw (Poland) Shuk is one of the best restaurants serving Middle East food? Just a fun fact :P

  • garry dibley
    garry dibley2 个月 前

    Love watching been binge-watching recently. I've been supporting my locals all through the lockdown. My Fav is my local butcher. As a BBQ nut would love to see some more outdoor cooking. Loved the Brisket you guys did, got some short ribs going on the Kamado for 8 hours tomorrow. Love how you guys bounce off each other, epic.

  • Liana Apuli
    Liana Apuli2 个月 前

    i just wanna know when the sorted boys are going to open their own restaurant

  • Helena Smagala
    Helena Smagala2 个月 前

    I'm really intruiged by the first recipe! Traditional Polish Babka is in a dome shape with a dip in the middle and is more often plain than chocolatey. Is this a more traditional Israeli version? I can imagine there is a lot of cultural cross-over between Polish and Jewish cuisine such as pierogi so this is very interesting to me! Also Grandmother in Polish is usualy spelled Babcia but there are variants I guess!