Chefs "REMOTE CONTROLLING" Normals!! | Indian Cooking Challenge

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We’re back with our favourite new format: Remote Controlled Normals! This time it’s Ben and Barry vs Mike and James to make the ultimate curry dish. AND we’ve thrown a curveball thanks to a suggestion from YOU.
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  • SORTEDfood
    SORTEDfood9 个月 前

    Nab the Packs Starter Kit here: and let us know if you have any questions about joining the club!

  • Sammy Blaze

    Sammy Blaze

    8 个月 前

    the bluetooth speaker is really really useless and the reason why i'd never buy this kit. Most people already have their bluetooth speakers.

  • AnimeCanuck


    8 个月 前

    @AnonEyeMouse Cool idea, but I see no need for red herring ingredients (or curveballs) being intentionally thrown in.

  • AnimeCanuck


    8 个月 前

    @SORTEDfood Thanks for the heads up! I'll look at the app again after it's gone live. :D

  • AnonEyeMouse


    8 个月 前

    Oh... and another idea. Like this video but with an extra twist. A chef uses the same ingredients to create two different dishes. A normal is given the dishes with no information, he just eats them and takes notes. He needs to work out what goes in and what is done to it to make the dish. Using JUST the normal notes, that normal must now guide the chef that didn't make the dish by giving him sep by step instructions without referencing the end dish. This chef has nothing but the ingredients used by the original chef, plus three curve ball red herring ingredients. Final Marks are worked out on correct process, correct identification of ingredients and, obviously, if the final dish is any good or remotely similar.

  • AnonEyeMouse


    8 个月 前

    I could have sworn that saucepan was Le Croisette until Barry tipped it bottom up. As a future video idea could you give us a bit of a tour of your equipment (down Ben) and explain where paying a bit extra is worth the money and where it doesn't matter. I recently bought an expensive wok and was a bit disturbed to find out that putting it on a medium to high heat could damage it!

  • Sumaya Islam
    Sumaya Islam12 天 前

    You all did a great job! 👌🏽👏🏽

  • SORTEDfood


    11 天 前

    Thank you!!

  • Shalu Ganguly
    Shalu Ganguly个月 前

    'Paanch Foron' (mixture of 5 spices) should've been put first in the oil before the onions. We put the spices first (absolutely in order) and then comes the selected vegetables! Enchances the flavour and also better in terms of digestion.

  • Shalu Ganguly

    Shalu Ganguly

    个月 前

    Yeah, mostly due to the heat of the spices here, if used in the wrong order and not cooked properly, can lead to a lot of digestive problems. And that's the major reason we get bloated or eve get heart burns from the fast food (as we cannot expect them to maintain all these processes). But traditionally, our mothers and grandmothers always used to follow the order of spices, seasonings and the veggies/meat.

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Ooooh - thanks. Didn't know about the digestive element.

  • Aliza Berk
    Aliza Berk个月 前

    Whats the music in this episode?

  • Helen has cat allergy
    Helen has cat allergy2 个月 前

    Please, instead of blindfold for this format, bring back the electric shock bands :-D.

  • Elizabeth Posivio
    Elizabeth Posivio2 个月 前

    I love seeing different things to do with pumpkin or any squash

  • Axiom Steel26
    Axiom Steel262 个月 前

    Oohhh Indian cuisine. Time for me to be all smug and shit like James.

  • sharcalena
    sharcalena2 个月 前

    Win-the-ingredient/heat/cooking method/vessel or get a curve-ball challenge. Basically lottery Cutthroat Kitchen where you either win or are punished with the result of who wins the challenge/quiz, etc. Could be Normals, Chefs, or pair-up. Can be free-style or specific dish.

  • sharcalena
    sharcalena2 个月 前

    Chefs and Normals controlling one another, but instead of through a screen and radio, they are literally tied or handcuffed together with one directing and the other working. Alternatively, 3-5 minute ring time rounds of two chef/normal teams at the same time where the sidelined mate has to give the instructions. Or a team-up of one chef/normal pair who are handcuffed and both can only use the free hand.

  • crimsonlilyfairy
    crimsonlilyfairy3 个月 前

    how has this NOT become ya'lls go-to, now that we're all stuck in quarantine?

  • Zzerna the zebra
    Zzerna the zebra3 个月 前

    Actually, this set up might be perfect for what we have to deal with this year. Any chance for another one of these?

  • Leviathan 77
    Leviathan 773 个月 前

    is it weird that ben giving instructions was a bit arousing for me?

  • Sue Rogers
    Sue Rogers4 个月 前

    You pronounce okra wrong.

  • Rachel ts
    Rachel ts4 个月 前

    It's be fun to switch chef's or like the other challenges curve ball and switch and ingredient

  • JanPospisil42
    JanPospisil425 个月 前

    Blowtorch, blowtorch?!

  • ayesnapsnots
    ayesnapsnots5 个月 前

    Why does everyone say "tumeric"? It's got a bloody "R"! It's not a tumor!(in my Arnold voice)

  • Je Or
    Je Or5 个月 前

    Hey boys! Just found the channel during The Stay-Home-or-Die Times and am so happy to see how generously you embraced the US and celebrated its beauty during your tour, I saw my own country through your eyes in a much kinder light :) I just wanted to say that this segment was one of my favorites! But nothing, absolutely nothing, beats when Ben and James play with toys that excite them *shifts glasses*

  • xxPorcupine
    xxPorcupine6 个月 前

    that S in the middle of the screen is annoying. As always great job boys.

  • Claudia Trammell
    Claudia Trammell6 个月 前

    I love this game.

  • Angela Cragg
    Angela Cragg6 个月 前

    We watch your shows every week and right now, they help us get through the day! We LOVED this one. Thoughts from today's show: we LOVE Barry's grading perspective (start at 10 then take marks off) and we think Mike is WAY to hard on himself. If he hadn't put the pasta in, there'd have been no dish! One last thing, we're now inspired to make our own spaghetti bolognese! LOVE YOU GUYS!!! 💜❤️ from Sidney, BC Canada

  • kain13
    kain136 个月 前

    You should do one of these where the normal has to choose the dish and make all of the decisions but the chef is there for technical knowledge. the chef has to guide them through their decisions no matter how bad of an idea the chef thinks it is!

  • Andy Warwick
    Andy Warwick6 个月 前

    Rather than blindfolf for 5 minutes, halfway through the process the chefs are swapped, so they have to finish a dish that they didn't start.

  • Last Firts
    Last Firts6 个月 前

    Know what would be better?? A recipe relay with chefs first, then normals, AND THEN everyone who've done cooking WATCH the next person cooks and the CANT say anything at all.. imagine the torture.....

  • Chris LeBelMusic
    Chris LeBelMusic7 个月 前

    Petition for the Chefs to remote control the normals while hammered drunk like absolute lads.

  • jerrome ching
    jerrome ching7 个月 前

    i choose both!!

  • june il lee
    june il lee7 个月 前

    This would be a great format to adapt to self quarantine

  • mlucas1919
    mlucas19197 个月 前

    I want to see this flipped. Normals remote controlling chefs, but the chefs HAVE to do what the normals say. The chefs expressions would be amazing.

  • Science Rules
    Science Rules7 个月 前

    I think it would be cool to see normals remote controlling chefs.

  • Keith Newton
    Keith Newton7 个月 前

    How about an episode where the normals remote control the chefs. The chef can't argue or make suggestions and have to do exactly what they are told. Could be fun. Thanks

  • Nymphscreations
    Nymphscreations7 个月 前

    need more videos like this, was so hilarious to watch. chefs are basically cuffed!

  • JanTheNan
    JanTheNan7 个月 前

    More of these please.

  • JanTheNan
    JanTheNan7 个月 前

    Mucky Pup Mike.

  • Czynx86
    Czynx867 个月 前

    Would love to see this flipped. Normals control the chefs

  • KidoGameplay
    KidoGameplay7 个月 前

    Do a battle food wars anime style that would 100 percent be the best video you guy ever done

  • Ciara R
    Ciara R7 个月 前

    Boss Move. “I’m going slow now”

  • Patrick Jarvis
    Patrick Jarvis7 个月 前

    I'd love to see this format combined with "le repertoire de la cuisine".

  • Justin White
    Justin White7 个月 前

    I like this new format. I honestly thought you were going to blindfold the normie for five minutes and have the chefs guide them around.

  • Cathy W.
    Cathy W.7 个月 前

    how about a new format to the new format? how about.. instead of a continuous feed to the chefs, the chefs only get picture updates every 10 mins. then the normals have to really describe everything and try to interpret what the chef wants.... then the chef will try to do damage control every 10mins lol basically recipe relay meets remote controlling lol

  • Notjune Bee
    Notjune Bee8 个月 前

    “I’m normal Ben, deal with that,” said he to the abnormal

  • Serena Akeroyd
    Serena Akeroyd8 个月 前

    Much as I love James, I'm always Team Ebbers 😂

  • Victoria Elizabeth
    Victoria Elizabeth8 个月 前

    I want the normals to control the chefs

  • KMart
    KMart8 个月 前

    Still wanna see the normals control the chef

  • Cedric Dallemagne
    Cedric Dallemagne8 个月 前

    Loved the format and agreed with the outcome

  • Who Cares
    Who Cares8 个月 前

    i love these ones more than the pass it on videos and i love those videos, I watched all of them in a day

  • Kavita
    Kavita8 个月 前

    James made phanu with pumpkin.. it is an uttrakhand dish

  • Stevie
    Stevie8 个月 前

    This video was great, will please make more. From Stephen in Dublin 🇮🇪

  • A Vikash
    A Vikash8 个月 前

    Guys I love you all but please don't mix the whole spices esp the seeds

  • mimi
    mimi8 个月 前

    As an indian, I'd like to help with the words a little bit :) The bhaji with the onions and gram floor is actually pronounced bhajiya which is just another name for fritters. Bhaji is actually the name for a generic cooked vegetable + spices mix.

  • ferri indra
    ferri indra8 个月 前

    always love ben :D

  • Abhi's food planet
    Abhi's food planet8 个月 前

    Nice video #abhisfoodplanet

  • Aussie Country
    Aussie Country8 个月 前

    I'm kind of curious who Ben thought was easier to control, Jamie or Barry

  • shanees kitchen
    shanees kitchen8 个月 前

    Super... new friend.. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Pls stay vonnected.. 😍😍🙏🙏

  • Juggernaut Jared
    Juggernaut Jared8 个月 前

    Heres a curveball idea: Have the chefs switch normals for 5 minutes.

  • Mac Kettner
    Mac Kettner8 个月 前

    All of you (separately) prepare the exact same written recipe. One of your crew collects the finished dishes from each of you, making note of which dish belongs to who. Then you all sit down taste all the dishes and attempt to deduce who made what (you'll recognize your own dish but not the others). 1/2 a brownie point per correct guess.

  • Adam Broussard
    Adam Broussard8 个月 前

    graham flour is chickpea flour? since when?

  • Rufino A Mendoza II
    Rufino A Mendoza II8 个月 前

    I thought you were going to blindfold the normals. It would not have ended well.

  • danteelite
    danteelite8 个月 前

    Hey guys, I'm interested in buying your kit for my mother for her birthday. We live in the US in Florida and I'm curious how localized or universal the recipes are? A while back I bought her a cookbook from one of her favorite restaurants in my home of Jamaica, but a lot of the recipes required ingredients not common or available here. Some of the spices, fruits, and vegetables are harder to find and expensive here. I'm really hoping it will work for her because she loves to cook but she's messy and easily flustered and leaves the kitchen looking like a tornado came through! Haha Love the content and looking forward to supporting the channel anyway I can! Keep up the amazing work! - Dante Antonio

  • 12346unknown
    12346unknown8 个月 前

    If you could sprinkle that a little bit quicker that’d be youu 😂

  • Christine Chau
    Christine Chau8 个月 前

    The normal should control the chefs and the chefs can't argue with it :)

  • Julio Gonzalez
    Julio Gonzalez8 个月 前

    What about if chefs switch in the middle!

  • Jura Juju
    Jura Juju8 个月 前

    Vid idea: Remote Control Blindfolded recipe relay?

  • hannasimone
    hannasimone8 个月 前

    Swap chefs for 5 minutes

  • Andrew Salamoun
    Andrew Salamoun8 个月 前

    These would be better if the chef couldn't see what the normal was doing generally, instead of as a curve ball.

  • MissNovel
    MissNovel8 个月 前

    Based on how Ben refuses to react, I'm almost sure he says these innuendos on purpose

  • Nimisha
    Nimisha8 个月 前

    Panch phoron ♥️

  • Kristi Shevkun
    Kristi Shevkun8 个月 前

    Curveball idea: blindfold the normal for 5 min

  • GLEEKlexxie
    GLEEKlexxie8 个月 前

    Normals control chefs !! But chefs can only do what normals say !!

  • Patsuchi
    Patsuchi8 个月 前

    More recipes with paneer please!

  • Shelby Urbanek
    Shelby Urbanek8 个月 前

    Should do the whole thing without the chefs able to see the kitchen. Radio-control!

  • Anson Mansfield
    Anson Mansfield8 个月 前

    What about a food preservation challenge? Where you have a lot of time up front to make whatever you want, but you then have to can it up and pasteurize it, have it sit for a week unrefrigerated on a shelf, and then at the end have only like 10 minutes to reheat and plate it.

  • treevus
    treevus8 个月 前

    How about a chef telling a normal on the radio who tells the normal who is cooking, a game of telephone if you will. Perhaps the chef can't watch, only gets description from the radio normal.

  • Robbinio2
    Robbinio28 个月 前

    Maybe add a soundboard to the Remote Control challenge? So the other team can add a vocal cue to completely change the dish. i.e. have 3-5 instances where the opposing team can press a button which says “all of it”, “large dice”, “thick slices”, “more butter”, “add some chilli pepper” or something that would change the proportions or flavour of a dish, the chef would then have to roll with it without making corrections, the kicker is that the normal won’t be allowed to know about the alterations until the very end!

  • mr8ball1st
    mr8ball1st8 个月 前

    How about restricting for 5 minutes that each minute the chefs can only say 3 words...

  • K. Schothuis
    K. Schothuis8 个月 前

    Ben wins cos he’s a snack.

  • Gert Eckhart
    Gert Eckhart8 个月 前

    This is so much better than the electric shock concept; I just felt that was cruel and stopped watching.

  • Pickled Potato
    Pickled Potato8 个月 前

    There should be a challenge where its the normals controlling the chefs, and the chefs have to do what the normals say and only what the normals say

  • Matt Miller
    Matt Miller8 个月 前

    I really want the normals control the chefs episode.

  • tkdbige
    tkdbige8 个月 前

    Hearing James say “that looks really good!” At same time as I’m pulling a frozen pizza out of the oven made me feel like a real chef 😍😂

  • DinosaurPotato
    DinosaurPotato8 个月 前

    Do a cross between pass it on and chefs control normals, where the chefs switch normals in the middle.

  • spicer878
    spicer8788 个月 前

    The one with the lisp comes across as a knob

  • Dani Marko
    Dani Marko8 个月 前

    Sugestion, the chefs give the orders via instant messages and the opposing chef can send 5 messages to try to sabotage the dish

  • Jon Wilson
    Jon Wilson8 个月 前

    What does "spaff" mean? Why does Jamie call himself this? Is it a Britishism?

  • Don Stagg
    Don Stagg8 个月 前

    Try this with each group restricted to the same two pans or pots

  • princessrose17
    princessrose178 个月 前

    same idea, chefs instructing normals, but halfway through the normals switch teams or halfway through the chefs switch and have to complete the dish the normal is working on. Winner is whoever finishes the best dish. Twist, is that the chefs don't know there is going to be a switch halfway through, but the normals do.

  • Tyler Garrett
    Tyler Garrett8 个月 前

    This video was great!

  • Vandirk72
    Vandirk728 个月 前

    Can we do this same challenge but with a couple of Jamie and Ebbers teachers on the walkie controlling Ebbers and James

  • Vandirk72
    Vandirk728 个月 前

    How about a challenge where you give the norms all the ingredients weighed out and a chef the recipe and they cant see each other. But they still have to make the same dish based off the chefs instructions even though they have no idea what's going on behind them

  • ConnorSinclairCavin
    ConnorSinclairCavin8 个月 前

    Start the controllers room with a bowl of dry wasabi powder off to the side, each minute have a squirt of hot siracha sauce enter the bowl (machine, the judge, something) as time goes on the gas will slowly make their eyes water and their noses run and sneeze. So the later they go the less they can control or reply. Added bonus to this the chefs will have super cleansed noses by the time they get to go eat A less painful but not as fun version is slowly turn the screen brightness and microphone gain/volume down as the competition goes on.

  • Elizabeth Small
    Elizabeth Small8 个月 前

    A few of them have mentioned having kids. My 3 year old loves helping in the kitchen, which is equally adorable and frustrating at times. I'd love to see them do a chefs vs normals with kids, not necessarily their own depending on their age.

  • Ishan Wadhwa
    Ishan Wadhwa8 个月 前

    Hate the new intro. Don't really know why. Just seems preachy.

    DOLAN DUK8 个月 前

    Suggestion for curveball - for 5 minutes the chef can only communicate via voice Google translating English to (Korean? Thai?) and the normal has to Google translate it back to English.

  • DevilboyScooby
    DevilboyScooby8 个月 前

    "Stop stroking it and squeezing it and put it in!" 😂

  • Yunakura
    Yunakura8 个月 前

    You should do an episode where the only view the chefs have is the ingredients and the face of the normal. They cannot see what they are cutting or cooking.

  • Iraz Rana Zeren
    Iraz Rana Zeren8 个月 前

    I loooove these vids hehehehe

  • Ann-Marie Coughlan
    Ann-Marie Coughlan8 个月 前

    Barry won for me

  • Ann-Marie Coughlan
    Ann-Marie Coughlan8 个月 前

    Barry won for me

  • /
    /8 个月 前

    You can get rid of the intro. Just start. The viewer will figure who you are. This challenge was a fun watch. I'd like to see more

  • Seamus Mac
    Seamus Mac8 个月 前

    Has anyone noticed how like Sir Anthony Robinson young Barry sounds?

  • bo riri
    bo riri8 个月 前

    What if you make a video the normal remote controlling the camera peeps i.e Ed and izzy Would be interesting to see

  • R Uk
    R Uk8 个月 前

    Nice format, This would be even better live XD