CHEFS "REMOTE CONTROLLING" NORMALS! | Leftovers Recipe Challenge

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What happens when a chef remote controls a normal in the kitchen? Do you actually reckon a decent dish can be made? Or will carnage ensue? See for yourself in this BRAND NEW format from Sorted. No pressure guys….
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  • Robin Finesilver
    Robin Finesilver3 天 前

    Is Ben old enough to do CB radio? This is hilarious 10:4 :D :D :D

  • Robin Finesilver

    Robin Finesilver

    2 天 前

    @SORTEDfood Next stop Ham Radio (dry cured,oak smoked and honey glazed - of course :-D )

  • SORTEDfood


    2 天 前

    Not really - I just geek out n that kind of stuff. Haha

  • Zevonfan524
    Zevonfan52426 天 前

    “Im running out of snacking turkey” Jamie is my spirit animal.

  • Add E
    Add E27 天 前

    Chef remote controlling another chef. I really want to watch Ben and James struggling to do what they're told.

  • HalfLife729
    HalfLife729个月 前

    For fun Mike controls james and jamie controls ben. For a battle Mike controls ben and Jamie controls james.

  • Hanifa Bibi
    Hanifa Bibi个月 前


  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Thanks 🤗

  • khaxjc1
    khaxjc1个月 前

    Now that they are back in the studio we need more of this series.

  • libz c
    libz c个月 前

    You should switch it around, normals control chefs. Except the chefs aren't allowed to touch anything without normal instruction. Every time the chefs give suggestion or do something without being told, they get an electric shock

  • Emma Calhoun
    Emma Calhoun2 个月 前

    I watched “very funny, love you” at least 50 times. Not exaggerating. Can y’all just make a video of James saying sweet endearments? I feel like we all need that in 2020

  • Emma Calhoun
    Emma Calhoun2 个月 前

    James saying, “stop panicking” is my 2020 mantra

  • Emma Calhoun
    Emma Calhoun2 个月 前

    This is the cutest James has ever been and I won’t apologize. If he encouraged me like he did baz, I could achieve super human feats. And you can quote me on that.

  • Axiom Steel26
    Axiom Steel262 个月 前

    Does Barry's sweater have "SEX&SNOW" written on it?

  • Esther Yoon
    Esther Yoon2 个月 前

    6:15 Barry having a stroke

  • Erica Mackenzie
    Erica Mackenzie2 个月 前

    A Pass it on where they pick a letter out of a hat before his turn. Then he can only use ingredients starting with that letter.

  • Rosalie
    Rosalie2 个月 前

    6:14 Did anyone understand what he said here? "Hshsb ejsne dodidbd in the machine!"

  • Rosalie
    Rosalie2 个月 前

    A cheese with a tan

  • Ludepanda
    Ludepanda3 个月 前

    This is an amazing kind of video to record right now

  • errorsnide
    errorsnide3 个月 前

    James, getting SO DAMN EXCITED when things go right with Barry. It's the best!

  • Kate Juri Castañeda
    Kate Juri Castañeda3 个月 前

    We need the audio for Mr. James Alastair Currie saying "stop panicking" for the next time I have an anxiety attack.. Thanks

  • popky101
    popky1014 个月 前

    its not burnt its blackened I'll have to remember that

  • Sam C
    Sam C4 个月 前

    I'd love to see some of these videos, quarantine style, but with the chef remote controlling from home!

  • Arcas Lane
    Arcas Lane5 个月 前

    It was hilarious seeing Barry going into full "Yes, Chef"-modus. But James is so adorable... as a really passionate hobby cook, I really wish I could invite him into my kitchen, so he could teach me some new kitchen skills over a couple of beers.

  • Sholeem Griffin
    Sholeem Griffin5 个月 前

    So when are the normal controlling the chefs.... this can be achieved by zoom!

  • Miguel Loncke
    Miguel Loncke5 个月 前

    Ben is cracking me up!

  • Jac B
    Jac B5 个月 前

    Loved this! So funny but amazing to see how a chef thinks. More please

  • Emily Janssen
    Emily Janssen5 个月 前

    I want to see the normals remote control the chefs. It'd be hilarious 😂

  • Kaylen Wu
    Kaylen Wu6 个月 前

    Can you make a video where there normals "remote controlling" chefs? That would be hilarious

  • Julian Bueno
    Julian Bueno6 个月 前

    I want more of this, and also with the roles reversed. I want to see the face of frustation and incredulity of Ben and James.

  • Ellie Beard
    Ellie Beard6 个月 前

    “What’s he up to silly monkey?” James is everything 😭❤️

  • robert zerrenner
    robert zerrenner6 个月 前

    Barry should be in charge of James-since Ben will just ignore anything stupid that Barry might say and do it his own way, and Jaime should be in charge of Ben since he will try and slip something Odd to rattle him.And throw in a Curve Ball right in the middle.

  • robert zerrenner
    robert zerrenner6 个月 前

    Cheese with a Tan?

  • Z Waug
    Z Waug6 个月 前

    What mixer do they use?

  • Pixeltorch
    Pixeltorch6 个月 前

    at 5:45 i hear a wheelhaus song from Funhaus, nice

  • Farinah Mama
    Farinah Mama6 个月 前

    i love innovations you made in sorted club

  • Farinah Mama
    Farinah Mama6 个月 前

    i love innovations you made in sorted club

  • Emily Ferry
    Emily Ferry6 个月 前

    I think Jamie should control James and Barry should control Ben while Mike eats it all.

  • Cyber Kirby
    Cyber Kirby7 个月 前

    When you learn more about radio lingo than cooking.

  • EtwasMartin
    EtwasMartin7 个月 前

    Barry: "I am stressed. I don't want to disappoint you, James." vs. Jamie: "What I am not cutting, I am eating."

  • jerrome ching
    jerrome ching7 个月 前

    i'll say the both of you killed it :)

  • Lisa Roberts
    Lisa Roberts7 个月 前

    This is most certain my favourite sorted video. I have no idea how many time I watched it and pissed myself laughing.

  • Dishaa Mishra
    Dishaa Mishra7 个月 前

    normals controlling the chefs please!

  • Projects 101
    Projects 1017 个月 前

    Do more :)

  • Justin White
    Justin White7 个月 前

    Jamie needs to control James, james would be so frustrated.

  • Louie
    Louie7 个月 前

    Would one of these dishes not be stone-cold by the time the other is finished? They're using the same kitchen 30 min apart from what I can tell

  • Sabrina Torgerson
    Sabrina Torgerson7 个月 前

    Mike controlling Ben, and Jamie controlling James

  • BlueMasteress2012
    BlueMasteress20127 个月 前

    Melted cheese will always win.

  • Connor Sims
    Connor Sims7 个月 前

    Honestly I feel like Jamie Ben and Barry James would make for a funny normal controlling chef

  • Mel
    Mel8 个月 前

    Honey? Yes darling? BAHAHAH

  • CarnageMunky
    CarnageMunky8 个月 前

    what if you did normals remote controlling the chefs and anytime the chef doesnt listen to the normal, subtract 1 minute?

  • dottleddolly
    dottleddolly8 个月 前

    Ben, James, can you please show the normals (especially Barry) how to hold a knife whilst cutting, it scares me something awful, I swear he was going to accidently cut finger off. Your fingers should not be touching the blade!

  • Chris LeBelMusic
    Chris LeBelMusic8 个月 前


  • Michael Purtill
    Michael Purtill8 个月 前

    I never comment on... well anything but Jamie "im running out of snacking turkey" comment literately gave me a second life. My god man you're to good for this world.

  • Sheepdog Smokey
    Sheepdog Smokey8 个月 前

    Ah Ben, 10-99 is Wanted/Stolen Indicated

  • S k
    S k8 个月 前

    Christ that skillet out of the oven.... i'd need also need someone to constantly say "dont pick it up" "dont pick it up" "dont pick it up" "dont pick it up"

  • Cathy Gonzales
    Cathy Gonzales8 个月 前

    James : what’s he up to ..... what’s you up to silly monkey ! Is no one gunna say how adorable that was lol made my day thank you James

  • mystereit
    mystereit8 个月 前


  • Jennifer Cline
    Jennifer Cline8 个月 前

    Both looked yummy!

  • danteelite
    danteelite8 个月 前

    Barry and James are precious! ... In a totally *manly* sorta way, of course. Manly, masculine team work is super cute. lol Jokes aside, they honestly make a pretty incredible team. I'm surprised and very impressed. Barry is quickly becoming my favorite of the gang, followed closely and nearly tied with James. Everyone else is a tie. I hate choosing favorites, but Barry and James are very much like different aspects of my personality. I'm very quiet and awkward and a bit pedantic, but also kinda absent minded at times and tend to panic easily lol I typically sympathize with those two perfectly, and understand their choices and actions most of the time without issue. I'm least like Jamie, which is why I find him entertaining. I never know what is going on with him lol

  • Ricco
    Ricco8 个月 前

    Do chefs take the same stand with dishes as game Bethesda do with games, it's not a bug it's a feature -i say this as I love how the sprouts weren't meant to be burnt and you just present them as though that were the plan all along-

  • TacComControl
    TacComControl8 个月 前

    On what planet is 10-99 a radio code for Mission Accomplished? It either means someone's Wanted, or something's Stolen!

  • TacComControl


    8 个月 前

    Right. I see it now. You're going on civilian CB codes.

  • Nuke Hermaningsih
    Nuke Hermaningsih8 个月 前

    I'm with Ben and Jay 🤣🤣🤣

  • Alchemy by Shalini's Angels
    Alchemy by Shalini's Angels8 个月 前

    Jamie should control James and Barry, Ben because Barry and Ben are the best of friends and I haven't seen them be a team in a while 😅

  • James Pugh
    James Pugh8 个月 前

    Everytime I see one of your videos that I think, that won't be very interesting, it always is good. So just keep it up, make anything. My favorite though is probably seeing the chefs with gadgets, especially when they give super simple alternatives to make them seem totally useless.

  • Daniel Dionne
    Daniel Dionne8 个月 前

    If I saw that Cauliflower cheese dish on a menu, I’d definitely order it.

  • Whistling Banshee
    Whistling Banshee8 个月 前

    You be very fun if the chefs couldnt see the Normals and they just had to trust audio guides and talking to eachother

  • Robin Rochelle
    Robin Rochelle8 个月 前

    James is such a gem

  • Vixey Teh
    Vixey Teh8 个月 前

    James: Well done Baz: awww... a little compliment goes a long way Ben: Well done Jamie: condescending dick! Lol

  • Barbara Danley
    Barbara Danley9 个月 前

    We use walkies at the hospital where I work to communicate. Some weird stuff gets said. I'm gonna start using some of the codes like Ben does here. It will be fun!

  • Steven York
    Steven York9 个月 前

    Do a Duck Ultimate battle!!

  • Margaret B
    Margaret B9 个月 前

    Saw you've uploaded the 2nd one... and realised I forgot to watch this one! LOVED it a whole lot!

  • Fiona Clapham Howard
    Fiona Clapham Howard9 个月 前

    Great to see you guys devising recipes and cooking! I've been missing that. And please keep this format this way round... Nothing good can come from normals remote-controlling chefs!

  • Menno van den Bos
    Menno van den Bos9 个月 前

    Stalin is quite Russian. Or did I completely misunderstand that Dad Joke? Anyway, amazing new format this is. Loved this video.

  • Robin G
    Robin G9 个月 前

    Next time a crossover of series: the normals guide the chefs, but whenever the chefs do their own thing or don't do what the normal says, they get shocked.

  • C Alison Powers
    C Alison Powers9 个月 前

    Why did I see goatse before teddy bear looking at Jamie's sweater. Yikes.

  • InstantBear
    InstantBear9 个月 前

    This was the video I didn't know I needed until I saw it. I'd love to see more of this!

  • Glamour N' Nail
    Glamour N' Nail9 个月 前

    Cheese with a tan lol

  • LednacekZ
    LednacekZ9 个月 前

    Ben+Jamie = dressing up a turd

  • Joanna Luiza
    Joanna Luiza9 个月 前

    I really enjoyed that :) I would like to watch second episode, in the same teams :)

  • Freya Green
    Freya Green9 个月 前

    No cap I got a mid roll after Ben said mayday and it was for easy jet

  • Martin Leipold
    Martin Leipold9 个月 前

    The pairing threw me off which is incredible. First time I didnt know who to root for. James is my favourite chef but Jamie is my favourite normal

  • NerdySphinx 0552
    NerdySphinx 05529 个月 前

    I just love how Ben's accuracy absolutely confuses Jamie 😂

  • Ramya Giddaluru
    Ramya Giddaluru9 个月 前

    Pair up Jamie & James Barry & Ben

  • 서수빈
    서수빈9 个月 前

    Are they married to one another?

  • crystal blizzard
    crystal blizzard9 个月 前

    They should do one of these remote control videos with electric shocks too

  • Tracey Granter
    Tracey Granter9 个月 前

    there needs to be some kind of punishment for talking back during the next one- to stop the chefs trying arguing or simply ignoring instruction. Shock bands perhaps?

  • Koneko Ray
    Koneko Ray9 个月 前

    I may be a lesbian, but I would be damned if I didn't admit to I absolutely loving James.

  • Matt U
    Matt U9 个月 前

    Id like to see this when the chefs can’t see anything that’s going on

  • Cheryl Reilly
    Cheryl Reilly9 个月 前

    Come to my house and do that! I live in Paris...Texas! Oh well it was worth a try! God bless!

  • Brad Scarp
    Brad Scarp9 个月 前

    How about this for a twist: Normals Controlling Normals

  • Charlotte Brett
    Charlotte Brett9 个月 前

    They need to do a chefs controlled by normals and the chefs not allowed to do what they know is best and having to follow what they are being told.

  • Sadie McKenzie
    Sadie McKenzie9 个月 前


  • samantha glover
    samantha glover9 个月 前

    Mike >>>> James Jamie >>>> Ben

  • donavan tshuma
    donavan tshuma9 个月 前

    3:04 .....hilarious

  • khaxjc1
    khaxjc19 个月 前

    Pass it on with Jamie in the kitchen and the others controlling him for their turns then leaving him to finish under his own devices. >:) mha-ha-ha

  • Wannabe_Baby
    Wannabe_Baby9 个月 前

    Give Ben a walkie-talkie and he thinks he's a tank commander. :D

  • Raice
    Raice9 个月 前

    Can't believe I missed this when it came out! Super fun to watch!

  • NazgulWitchKing
    NazgulWitchKing9 个月 前

    They should do this more again but switch sides

  • Umbra1219
    Umbra12199 个月 前

    I’d love to see the chiefs give instructions without seeing the normal at all

  • Tia
    Tia9 个月 前

    Everything is funnier when I played it 1.25x!!

  • Lance Summers
    Lance Summers9 个月 前

    “Anything that hasn’t been diced, I’m eating” caught me at a spiritual level

  • gamrage
    gamrage9 个月 前

    I really like how respectful Barry is to James in contrast to how silly Ben is to Jamie.