Chefs vs Normals: Reviewing Plastic Alternative Food Products

DIY 和生活百科

Today it’s about digging into the topic of single-use plastics in the food industry! Ben has a few samples up his sleeves for the gang to review and put to the test. Are they any good? Or not?
What are your opinions on single use plastic products?
Which of these products should we be prioritising the elimination of?
What will, or won't you be willing to compromise on?
Do you even care?
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  • TreyNitrotoluene
    TreyNitrotoluene7 天 前

    Straws keep acidic drink from hitting teeth first and help protect tooth enamel.

  • Silly Kitty
    Silly Kitty8 天 前

    I love that the bread wrap is palm oil free I'm allergic to the stuff and it can be somewhat of a gamble keeping it out of my life at times

  • Madeleine Karlsson
    Madeleine Karlsson9 天 前

    Cotton is a stupid material to use as a better product

  • Hannah Coates
    Hannah Coates9 天 前

    Toothbrushes are what piss me off. And online shopping doesn't really work in my country so alot of the time stuck buying plastic rubbish.

  • Ami M
    Ami M10 天 前

    I hate paper straws

  • John Drinks
    John Drinks10 天 前

    Mike should monologue more often.

  • Tariq Jacob - Rego
    Tariq Jacob - Rego11 天 前

    I love how passionate Mike is about eco-friendliness! And I agree with his point, each and every one of us has to take a stand. As far as compromise, I think if a product offers the same functionality, I'm willing to compromise and spend a bit more on it. I see it as an investment in my (and our) future, rather than an added cost.

  • Cheyenne Cookie
    Cheyenne Cookie11 天 前

    I prefer reusable clear acrylic straws

  • Darkmaster
    Darkmaster11 天 前

    Pla is actually not that biodegradable

  • Eva
    Eva14 天 前

    I appreciate your intentions, however "biodegradable" materials are not very sustainable given that they're generally not recyclable nor biodegradable (yet). Biodegrading facilities compost their green waste around 60 degrees Celsius over a specific period of a few weeks. This temperature is not reached in your home compost heap, and the biodegradable plastics take longer than the industrial standard period (something in the range of 2-3 months instead of 2-6 weeks). Thus they are not biodegraded in the facility either and will remain plastic. Bioplastics are not used enough either to make recycling viable. It's difficult to distinguish these green marketing terms from what happens in reality, hence you can stick to using what you have and buying products NOT made of plastic :) metal, wood, fabric etc. Do you really need it?

  • Alisa meiah
    Alisa meiah15 天 前

    on the wax cloths. there is youtube tutorials oh now to make your own using beewax cloth.

  • Claudia Trammell
    Claudia Trammell16 天 前

    You give so much to think about. I drink out of a glass. Not using a straw. If I have to, ive save plastic straws for a couple of year, have many

  • antiantipoda
    antiantipoda16 天 前

    I think plastic is a great material. Nothing intrinsically wrong with it. Single use items are a different thing - do you need a straw for your drink? Can't the restaurant wash cutlery and dishes? I do own utensils and containers made of plastic. They are great if they are not going to be heated. I am slowly buying glass containers to replace some of them. My main peeve is with food packaging. It used to be that bread was mainly wrapped in paper, now most bread has a layer of plastic. Flour in plastic. Jam in plastic. I could go on.

  • Kagome6691
    Kagome669117 天 前

    The bread wrap you can diy with cotton fabric and a bit of beeswax.

  • mattymerr701
    mattymerr70117 天 前

    The reusable wrap being made of cotton is a bit of a deal breaker. Cotton is pretty terrible for the environment

  • Kyle King
    Kyle King17 天 前

    1:32 the reason gloves are worn is to stop cross contamination most of the time. You use one pair of gloves per order, that way you only come into contact with things that the customer is able to eat (whether that be for medical reasons, religious reasons or whatever)

  • Jokerkat
    Jokerkat18 天 前

    Sometimes, disposable plastics are needed. Often in the medical industry, but also for folx with disabilities (plastic straws are a big one for many folks with disabilities that effect movement and coordination). But where they can be replaced or mimicked with biodegradable options... I'm all for it. I have the beeswax wraps. They are great for wrapping stuff going in the fridge, and upkeep is pretty easy. I put one on an opened can of soda and it stayed fizzy for a few days. 🤷‍♀️

  • Christine Cuneo
    Christine Cuneo19 天 前

    Isn't the replacement for cling wrap sort of like wax paper?

  • Mark MacKay
    Mark MacKay19 天 前

    Thanks, Mike. I want more products like the brush and straws. Really appreciate your highlighting this topic and alternatives that work. How about 3D printing objects at home and recycling them into new objects/tools. SortedFood can sell printable designs users can make at home. SORTEDhome.

  • Zevonfan524
    Zevonfan52421 天 前

    2:36 I don’t know why this killed me, but it did lol I laughed way too hard

  • Syed Munif Syed Mahmood
    Syed Munif Syed Mahmood28 天 前

    I'm from Malaysia and the funny thing is I've seen that kind of brush being used around the house since I was a toddler (I'm over 50 now). It's nothing new, but perhaps never sold over there. Incidentally I can buy it (without the wooden handle) for 60p...

  • AChromatic Mediant
    AChromatic Mediant28 天 前

    I think part of the reason for packaged single-use straws is to ensure that you are not directly contacting a can or glass that may not be fully clean. I personally don't worry too much, so I rarely use a straw, but I know some people from Brazil who always use straws for cans because a lot of storehouses have rat problems there.

  • Pat Zarzecka
    Pat Zarzecka28 天 前

    this is all well and good, but i don't think people no longer using plastic straws or cling film is going to really solve the problem. I work in a fast fashion store (which, fast fashion is a whole another can of worms when it comes to sustainability and ethics and everything) and the amount of plastic we throw out every single day just from unpacking new items coming in is honestly scary. Individually wrapped t-shirts or handbags wrapped within an inch of their lives. I'd wager just our single store throws out at least a couple hundred kilograms of plastic a year, and we're just one location of a whole chain.

  • Heaven Buckley
    Heaven Buckley个月 前

    The coconut said genuine coconut on it so why do I now think its fake when before I saw that I had no doubt about it xxx

  • Denzel James Lim
    Denzel James Lim个月 前

    They shouldn't use cotton cause the raw material uses so much water, time, and nutrients to produce. They can use cellulose from fibrous stalks instead?

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    A smart alternative. Thanks

  • Bernadette Brennan
    Bernadette Brennan个月 前

    Ben says that metal straws are harder to clean, but if you rinse it as soon as you are done with it so nothing dries inside, and use soap when cleaning it, it cleans really well. I find them easier to clean than bamboo straws. and as someone who is on a liquid diet due to health issues; I love me my straws

  • Wanda Pease
    Wanda Pease个月 前

    Love the idea of Apple straws. I live in Apple growing country. Plus I chew on things like this while thinking and like the idea of eating them! The food wrap isn’t interesting, because of the expense. I’m not in the money range where I can afford the amount that I use to keep leftovers for another meal, or munching on. The scrubbing brush is an old idea. You could buy them in Amish stores even now.

  • rl42382
    rl42382个月 前

    the wrap product is a big nut allergy issue.

  • KyleCorbeau
    KyleCorbeau个月 前

    5:52 Waste? The stone/pit in an avocado is the seed for a new avocado plant. How is the seed a waste? Just replant the fucking stone!

  • Alexander Pieman
    Alexander Pieman个月 前

    It would be good to know which are compostable at home! In the UK at least, "compostable" without the "at home" means that you can dispose of it specifically to be industrially composted.

  • climid
    climid个月 前

    For the price of the vegan cling fulm, I'd just buy a breadbox

  • sunny
    sunny个月 前

    FORGET THE CLING WRAP REPLACEMENT get a pack of beeswax and some leftover cloth and make it yourself in a low oven for less than five quid

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Good point - exactly how it was originally done before becoming a 'product'

  • Leo Smith
    Leo Smith个月 前

    I'd love to see another video of this. The scrubber sounds awesome, especially as someone who is rough on scrubbers. Also compostable gloves!? amazing!

  • Chris Thomson
    Chris Thomson个月 前

    them gloves and cutlery are genious sadly we won't see them many places due to the cost

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Not yet - but hopefully the price will come down. You're right though, where they are really needed is where plastic is used in bulk... that tends to be canteens and cafes and street food options where margins are already tight.

  • Yvonne Winters
    Yvonne Winters个月 前

    I think it’s a good idea to replace things with more ecofriendly items. But, what cost does it have to ship it from the other side of the world? Because that is also an important part...

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    So true. You have to think end-to-end! Plus... no need to throw anything away until it's had it's life, then dispose correctly. I.e. keep using plastic if you already have it... don't change for the sake of changing.

  • Stacy Byrd-Everett
    Stacy Byrd-Everett个月 前

    I have watched this multiple times since it aired and I love listening to Mike at the end. He’s the best.

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Lol - don't encourage him!

  • Inganni
    Inganni个月 前

    Mike is a good boy.

  • Sixtybolts
    Sixtybolts个月 前

    Any other Malaysians who looked at the berus sabut and thought, I used to clean my school shoes with that?

  • Sharmila Paul
    Sharmila Paul个月 前


  • Jen Kingsley
    Jen Kingsley个月 前

    Dont care. Really your car puts out how much pollution so does the boats planes trains and things to ship this stuff but yet a plastic straw in the line in the sand hmm maybe it's your head in the sand as well

  • Ethan Robinson
    Ethan Robinson个月 前

    The thing to remember about plastic is if you already own some plastic thing that servers it’s purpose, don’t just throw it away because you can get a non-plastic alternative. That’s more wasteful. The idea is, when you need to buy a replacement, buy a more environmentally friendly option.

  • Black Rasputin
    Black Rasputin2 个月 前

    avocado stones are chock full of cyanide just an fyi...

  • U Cheang
    U Cheang2 个月 前

    Mike, that’s music to my ears, especially for people like us who doesn’t get our voices heard a little bit of hope knowing in the other side of the world there are people trying to make a difference

  • Nancy Walpole
    Nancy Walpole2 个月 前

    I keep seeing this video title in my CNboth feed and interpreting it as "plastic food alternatives", that is, plastic substitutes for food. I do a double-take, then realize that's not what you meant. How about "Alternatives to plastics for food handling"?

  • Jobelle Castro
    Jobelle Castro2 个月 前

    I can’t believe this was here the whole time

  • faatman42
    faatman422 个月 前

    Gloves, those are the worst style of gloves in the world I hate them so much always rip, never fit right, get in the way. The straw issue, why the fuck are you using a straw? Like Jamie said learn how to drink from a glass. Why are you using cling film? There are bread boxes that work better for bread, tupperware for regular food, and towels for everything else. The scouring brush is cool.

  • psrdirector
    psrdirector2 个月 前

    Avakado stone straws actually work a treat

  • Princess Foley
    Princess Foley2 个月 前

    The biggest problem for healthy food and for healthy products, including healthy for the environment, is these are treated and considered as niche items. They are not affordable. Most people can barely afford rent. Their house costs wipe out much of their income. So they have to comprise on everything else. Here's the issue NO One seems to see -besides the entire wrongness of it all- is if the well off are making changes but the majority cannot afford to then nothing will change. Like 1 person doesn't have a problem paying 2000 in rent and 1000 in bills and going all out on the posh environmentally friendly organics. But 20 people cannot afford 1000 in rent and bills combined and barely can afford cheap food and products that are toxic. See the basic math? But none of the well to do nor most of the middle to do even think about or advocate for change. True change means affordability for all.

  • Lemonie Lala
    Lemonie Lala2 个月 前

    You can make the wax wraps yourselves really easily and cheaply with cotton cloth and some beeswax.

  • bean g.
    bean g.2 个月 前

    You can actually make the bread wrap thing at home

  • Kekkelpenney Peckeltoot
    Kekkelpenney Peckeltoot2 个月 前

    I bought several different plastic wrap alternatives and none of them seal well after 2 or 3 washes. As for shoe brushes being posh? No way, we have them at the front and back doorsteps and we’re definitely not posh.

  • Jena Troelsgaard
    Jena Troelsgaard2 个月 前

    It's easy enough for me and you lot to say how stupid straws are in the first place cos we don't wear lipstick. (or at least I don't lol). Now we are at drinking techniques. How about people learn to drink out of cans and bottles? Having to clean glasses is more waste of water and detergent. I bought a box of plastic straws over 10 years ago and it's practically full still. I think I am set for life there. But you just know there have been people who threw away their plastic straws to buy some more environmental ones. That's so dumb. So I am keeping that box of plastic straws I have. And some little ecowarrior can give me all the dirty looks they want, if i shove one in their drink.

  • abgbdwlf
    abgbdwlf2 个月 前

    The avocado straws are probably made out of a avocado oil, just bypassing the petroleum product but not any more compostable. In fact if just about any product is buried in a landfill with no air, it will not compost effectively, no matter its nature. Even newspapers, which are very compostable will not break down. The compost industry needs to be rethought

  • Bracken Dawson
    Bracken Dawson2 个月 前

    PLA will not biodegradable on your compost heap, or in landfill, it needs very specific conditions you'll only find in industrial processing.

  • Stefan Louw
    Stefan Louw2 个月 前

    Once again....I love your channel....upon which I relate....honestly the veg gloves and most of the items on this show is B.S.! Drink you drink....strawless, and wash your hands

  • R
    R3 个月 前

    Avocado Jamie.. you can make avocado with their stones

  • Paul Cullen
    Paul Cullen3 个月 前

    I went to one bar that had signs up saying they had replaced their plastic straws with paper ones. The paper straws were individually packed in wrappers made of plastic film.

  • musthavemoxie
    musthavemoxie3 个月 前

    I LOVED this video and your message. YES YES YES. Please keep it up!

  • dariusda1st
    dariusda1st3 个月 前

    It would be great to see how u use them and if they make a real alternative. More like the kitchen utensils than the straws

  • Eloise Cheyne
    Eloise Cheyne3 个月 前

    Those wax wraps are super easy to make at home, all you need is old rags and bees wax, honestly a super cheap and fun alternative

  • scott mabel
    scott mabel3 个月 前

    do more plastic substitutes - they are the world's biggest problem .....outside of humans !!!!!

  • Sheepdog Smokey
    Sheepdog Smokey3 个月 前

    I'm with James and Jamie, there are things I won't compromise on, like the bread wrap due to it's very high price, for straws I don't really use them any more, as I just drink from the can/bottle/glass, but things like the brush or gloves, I'm very ready to go for those next time I need to buy them, as Jacqueline said, throwing out plastic just to switch just puts more into the environment all at once.

  • iwillbat
    iwillbat3 个月 前

    PLA isn't actually compostable at home, it will only degrade in an industrial composter at over 50 or 60°c

  • Shearper2
    Shearper23 个月 前

    though metal straws can be less hygienic because it is hard to see inside them. i prefer them over paper straws because the taste of paper straws just ruin whatever you are drinking. though like they said most of the time we don't need to use straws eat-in restaurant drinks and bars.

  • Brett Rodgers
    Brett Rodgers3 个月 前

    9:32 "i know it isn't really necessary but could you kill an animal to make these, please?" lololol

  • ksuny
    ksuny3 个月 前

    Love, love, love this episode! These items may be a bit pricey now, but the more people buy these alternatives as opposed to non-biodegradable materials, the greater demand will force competition and drive costs down. I'm buying those coconut straws and bio-gloves!

  • Kelly Astleford
    Kelly Astleford3 个月 前

    The wrap substitute makes me pause. Cotton is not environmentally friendly. It requires massive amounts of water and fossil fuels to grow and process. It seems like a wash. I disagree that we need to act without thoroughly investigating the replacements. It it only makes us feel like we are doing good for the environment, but isn't actually better, or quite possibly worse, that is not ok just for the sake of change.

  • Olga P. Granados
    Olga P. Granados3 个月 前

    Woah, why was your waxy wrap so expensive, was it becasue it was vegan? I bought a set of differently sized ones from etsy, handmade and for a great price! But they're definitely made with beeswax

  • 1kreature
    1kreature3 个月 前

    PLA straws have been around for a while. The problem is not plastics but what we do with them when we are done. And come on, the paper shit sucks. Nobody wants to sip their drinks out of a soggy napkin.

  • Thea Marie
    Thea Marie3 个月 前

    I have a different version of the wax paper (made from beeswax) and it's SO NICE. And it smells really good.

  • Eidenhoek
    Eidenhoek3 个月 前

    How did Jamie not eat the gloves?

  • Eduardo Arancibia
    Eduardo Arancibia3 个月 前

    "I hate wooden cutlery". Yep, I'd guess just about everyone will agree with James there, Now, for the part I hate ... the price comes later and I don't think it'll be cheap.... otherwise I would've heard about them by now. EDIT: What's the price of the cutlery?

  • feiaiwen


    3 个月 前

    I’ve seen the cutlery used a lot in my large midwestern city (USA). A lot of festivals and outdoor events use them.

  • Jeff Wells
    Jeff Wells3 个月 前

    The bread wrap - wax impregnated cloth - is actually a medieval technique, and has no business costing $20 per sheet. Mix one part bee's wax with 3-4 parts oil, heat until melted and mix thoroughly, then submerge a thin sheet of dense cotton and bob's your uncle. You'll need to tweak the ratio of oil to match the temperature in your house so you get a texture that softens quickly but doesn't slough off.

  • nohsara
    nohsara3 个月 前

    this video gets a like just for that dad joke

  • indian economy
    indian economy3 个月 前

    Coconut fibre brush is available in India for ₹30.

  • katherine the mouse
    katherine the mouse3 个月 前

    "i'd like (the replacement clingfilm) not vegan" at this point, James, you're just being reactionary and negative on purpose, and I can't for the life of me understand why. When it comes to food, you obviously want things that taste good, and for some reason don't believe that vegan things can taste good, but this is a fucking bread wrap. What possible reason could you have for not wanting a bread wrap to be vegan? You've never thought about veganism or looked into why people do it, or thought about it at all beyond hating it for absolutely no reason. Literally the entire point of veganism is to make the world better, and you have decided to be vehemently opposed to that without even stopping to think why you feel that way. And I don't understand. By the way, I'm not vegan or vegetarian. I just have common sense and the ability to question and change my outdated views and biases.

  • Tyler Joseph Schommer
    Tyler Joseph Schommer3 个月 前

    I bought a collapsible silicon base, metal exterior straw (basically a tent pole). Not bad

  • theytookmyname666
    theytookmyname6663 个月 前

    I just don't buy scrub brushes. I feel like I can never keep them clean, not at least since I started living with roommates. Food and hair get trapped in them. We use wash rags, because to keep those sanitary I just put them through the washing machine.

  • Jillian Antunez
    Jillian Antunez3 个月 前

    Thank you Mike for what you said. Very very well said!

  • sakuraihikari13
    sakuraihikari133 个月 前

    South Asian have used that brush even before it was "discovered".

  • Elliot Hield
    Elliot Hield4 个月 前

    Loved the message at the end. Thanks for caring!

  • Sarang Cooking
    Sarang Cooking4 个月 前

    10:50. We used coconut fiber brush to scrub toilet floor and that cost less than USD2 here. LOL

  • Callie Johnston
    Callie Johnston4 个月 前

    Okay... but how long has Jamie had a tattoo for??

  • thewanderingsambal
    thewanderingsambal4 个月 前

    Mike must be feeling sexy

  • dlxe
    dlxe4 个月 前

    I’ve used the coconut bristle type brushes before and it’s actually really good. I use a different shape to wash dishes and pots and pans with and it works really well

  • Gucky
    Gucky4 个月 前

    The biggest change those Straws could make it is by putting them in Fast Food Restaurants...

  • HaydenX
    HaydenX4 个月 前

    Steel straws are a health problem only because people can't seem to remember to wash them properly (though, steel has a much higher heat tolerance than anything organic that will make you them). That said, there is a metal material that is superior to steel for health reasons: brass straws have a hardness on par with the steel ones, but with the antiseptic properties of copper (the same reasons why doorknobs are often made of brass or brass-coated).

  • Daniel Williams
    Daniel Williams4 个月 前

    Why no links to the products?

  • Polyphonic Gherkins
    Polyphonic Gherkins4 个月 前

    The cling film alternative might be a good consideration for chefs working on a larger scale than the home kitchen, such as caterers. Since it’s reusable, it can still help reduce waste.

  • Justin
    Justin4 个月 前

    Exterminate China and the 3rd world before you expect me to do without.

  • MrWolf1133
    MrWolf11334 个月 前

    please do a video like this again. we need more alternatives and more ideas of how we can make small differences like this.

  • Sue Rogers
    Sue Rogers4 个月 前

    too preachy.

  • Azhray Harris
    Azhray Harris4 个月 前

    Y'all, please just make your own alternative cling wrap using cotton and bees wax! It's super easy, and more importantly so much cheaper!!!!

  • Ron Leedy
    Ron Leedy4 个月 前

    We have Hay straws here in the US. They make them in different diameters. I’ve been using them at my bar for the last year.

  • GVMgaming
    GVMgaming4 个月 前

    PLA only really breaks down under labconditions and will creat micro plastic

  • BDOLanni
    BDOLanni4 个月 前

    there is also a company cocobowls. they make bowls, forks, spoons, chopsticks, straws ect all from coconuts, defo worth checking

  • Sonia g
    Sonia g4 个月 前

    I am very happy with my metal straws honestly and while plastic is an issue if your straw is reusable even if it's plastic I think it's fine. But the production of multiple use plastic straws could be an issue. Super market sells biodegrade straws that I got for guests so the won't use mine. I'd be interested in reusable freezer bags and ziplock baggies. They are very handy for marinating stuff and freezing my soups and meats flat, gaining space in my tiny freezer. Haven't seen any good alternatives yet.

  • Akane Yakumo
    Akane Yakumo4 个月 前

    I was never a fan of metal straws. Cleaning them has always been an inconvenience. The apple straws are amazing, however.

  • Troy Farrington
    Troy Farrington4 个月 前

    I actually had a straw that solves all the problems. Cheap to make, no terrible taste. Widely available. They were plastic straws. So useful.

  • Ata Avrupali
    Ata Avrupali4 个月 前

    A bit disappointed with the disregard of climate protection in this video. Like, "it's a pass" to a perfectly good avocado stone straw because it doesn't feel 100% like plastic? How ignorant of the state of the planet can you be?

  • Ata Avrupali

    Ata Avrupali

    4 个月 前

    And the fact that his wants for the cling wrap alternative was that it's more simple, cheaper and... not vegan?? What bad does it make to you life that a product is vegan??!