DESSERT TAKE 2 Recipe Relay Challenge | Pass It On S2 E1

DIY 和生活百科

Pass It On, the ridiculous recipe relay challenge is BACK with a vengeance. This week we have an unusual theme. Are the chefs and normals going to pull off a spectacular dish to wow eyes and taste buds worldwide?!
Want to watch our very first reactions to finding out what we ACTUALLY each did in the kitchen when we watch back the final edited video:
Our previous dessert fail -
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  • Tiger Gray
    Tiger Gray13 天 前

    it's a tart shell just fill it with something!

  • Lennart Frommke
    Lennart Frommke21 天 前

    I had absolutely no memory of this episode when rewatching it just now and that's probably because it's the most infuriating of any of them. The idea was so good and everybody just goes 'what the hell is going on, I'm just gonna do something new for someone else to figure it out'! 😂

  • Callie Johnston
    Callie Johnston26 天 前

    Barry's plan of action, 100% of the time: I can see what they've set up, and now I"m going to do what ever the fuck I want to do.

  • sisterofpersephone
    sisterofpersephone26 天 前

    Barry is that one drunk friend that darts off on their own adventure, expecting or hoping you catch him. He gets panicked and darts off his own tangents and I love it

  • Alex Chan
    Alex Chan27 天 前

    I have never seen James brick like windows vista. Jeez.

  • Erlend Sandvoll
    Erlend Sandvoll个月 前

    When this covid thing allows it, I hope you will have another go at this 🤔😅

  • Chubba Hubba
    Chubba Hubba个月 前

    so we need a dessert take 3?

  • Jain Poovely
    Jain Poovely个月 前

    Can anyone find the reaction video that they did for this episode? I'm sure it exists but can't find it to save my life

  • GamerBear
    GamerBear个月 前

    I think it shoulda been an at least barely pass. lol I mean, I would've loved to eat it.

  • Dolphinman 300
    Dolphinman 300个月 前

    I hate James’ definitions for dessert. He doesn’t think cookies or a tart are dessert

  • allimac85
    allimac85个月 前

    The AUDACITY of James in this video... smh!

  • jonathan milton
    jonathan milton个月 前

    If Ben would stop talking he could get so much more done.

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    He can't help but share stuff...

  • The Warped Eyebrow
    The Warped Eyebrow个月 前

    "it's not dessert, it's patisserie" - this was Ben's fault for starting with pastry. Also, I feel like they could have just done a creme brûlée

  • dominic mazenko
    dominic mazenko个月 前

    I would love to see one of the chefs be in the middle of the pack and just make something extremely ordinary and remedial like a bowl of cereal or just like putting toast into a toaster and thats it. Just to see how the normals react when its thier turn.

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    There's enough chaos as it is! Ha

  • Jen Malcom
    Jen Malcom个月 前

    Why would you do cheesecake, when you have less than an hour, and it needs hours to set?!?

  • Housecat.
    Housecat.个月 前

    I want more of these sooooooo badly ;;;; o;;;;

  • Catnip
    Catnip2 个月 前

    seriously? James couldn't even think of making a filling after seeing the pastry crust? that's got to be a big fail for a chef

  • Helen has cat allergy
    Helen has cat allergy2 个月 前

    Jamie making a second cheesecake after tasting the first and deciding it was buttercream. 😆

  • Shadow Lenahan
    Shadow Lenahan2 个月 前

    Idea that might shoot Jamie in the foot. Order is Jamie, Bazz, Ebbers, Mike, James. Theme: Protein, your main dish has to be a protein but you can not fry, bake, roast, or leave it raw

  • MrZeplon
    MrZeplon2 个月 前

    Mike you earned a 10

  • D Z
    D Z2 个月 前

    What I learned from this is, when in doubt, whisk the egg, it seems to help pass the time

  • Leslie Neufeld
    Leslie Neufeld3 个月 前

    Better than rhubarb sauce with lime and some sad butter sugar mix 🤣

  • Cecilia Colley
    Cecilia Colley3 个月 前

    Did Ben call Janice Jamie!?!?!????

  • Marka Biti
    Marka Biti3 个月 前

    That was a pass!

  • GigaBoost
    GigaBoost3 个月 前

    Such a great show, such a terrible narrator

  • Reg Memer
    Reg Memer3 个月 前

    50 minutes and they produced a tart case with pre-made pastry and a filling bashed together in 1 minute with some fruit on top. Ben says PASS!?

  • Violet None Of Your Business
    Violet None Of Your Business3 个月 前

    9 put of 10 times its actually Barry that messes these up not Jamie. Sometimes he does nothing but Jamie isn't usually the one to f@#$ it up.

  • junie
    junie3 个月 前

    this was so painful to watch 😂

  • Arpana Shrestha
    Arpana Shrestha3 个月 前

    Is James even a chef? Ben always takes charge of any situation.

  • Ella
    Ella3 个月 前

    Why is James, a chef, unable to understand what’s happening in the kitchen and work badly under time pressure? 😅 I mean not that I could do better, but I’m definitely no chef

  • Irene Magdalena
    Irene Magdalena4 个月 前

    Mike really did save the video. good job, mate!! it's a v solid redemption video

  • linda spenard
    linda spenard4 个月 前

    Pass it On videos are my favourites. Here is an idea I haven't seen used yet... A gourmet dinner made with ZERO fresh ingredients. All ingredients are processed in some manner; frozen, canned, dehydrated, pickled, etc. The order could be based on level of aversion to eating processed foods.

  • Yongguk Is Ultimate Daddy
    Yongguk Is Ultimate Daddy4 个月 前

    The moment Barry said "i'm gonna leave this for James and use my 7 remaining minutes to add my OWN component" is the moment I knew we were getting cloud eggs 2.0.

  • Adam
    Adam4 个月 前

    How do you mistake white chocolate cheesecake filling for butter icing? Like genuinely, Jamie's taste-buds belong to a Glaswegian Wetherspoons chip fryer!

  • brumsgrub
    brumsgrub4 个月 前

    I've just watched loads of these, they are brilliant,

  • May Kabir
    May Kabir4 个月 前

    Thoroughly annoyed by James at least Ben DID something. James was rubbish

  • May Kabir
    May Kabir4 个月 前

    Really annoying to see an indecisive chef

  • Meera Kumar
    Meera Kumar4 个月 前

    barry literally KNEW it was a curd and said “i’ll leave that for james” which makes sense if he doesn’t know how to make it but THEN he MAKES HIS OWN GODDAMN FILLING WHICH OBVIOUSLY CONFUSES JAMES. HE COULDVE MADE THE MERINGUE OR A COULIS TO GO ON TOP OR EVEN A BLOODY DECORATION. instead, he makes his own cheesecake filling for a TART and then says “but my filling is so good” like 6 times in the video. I love barry but barry in pass it on is infuriating xD

  • KyleWN
    KyleWN4 个月 前

    CEO'S of giving options for the next person

  • Renn Kazma
    Renn Kazma4 个月 前

    Should make a re-act vid for this episode so they can see how chaotic they are and how mike save the day

  • MIlo
    MIlo4 个月 前

    Is Janice just Mike with a voice filter or something?

  • GamerBear
    GamerBear4 个月 前

    I feel like James worried too much about what others were doing rather than looking at everything that was on hand and setting the direction he felt would work. If the cheesecake stuff doesn't fit, just set it way aside and work on the curd or drop both and make a filling you're happy with so actual progress is made and the path is clearer for the normals he knew perfectly well would need to bring it together. Leaving decisions up to non-chefs was just a bad call when even he was lost.

  • Walfred Lim
    Walfred Lim4 个月 前

    Barry is the worst of all... he is always the one who mess up. Really dislike him. Won't even let him near my kitchen.

  • Nathan
    Nathan4 个月 前

    I love James, his panicking is so adorable

  • Jynxxy13ravedoll
    Jynxxy13ravedoll5 个月 前

    Every time they don’t check the oven/fridge as soon as they get to the kitchen I die a little inside.

  • Sir Zacharia
    Sir Zacharia5 个月 前

    Y’all need to come back to this again.

  • Antony Lenton
    Antony Lenton5 个月 前

    Man these guys are gettin me through lockdown

  • Sophie valence-doucet
    Sophie valence-doucet5 个月 前

    Ben explaining things, wasting time, makes me so angry ! Love this series! Keep it up

  • Mykasan
    Mykasan5 个月 前

    poor jamie he never wants to do this callenge :D

  • MyddrinEmrys
    MyddrinEmrys5 个月 前

    LOVE the new opening.

  • Sunisha Pamnani
    Sunisha Pamnani5 个月 前

    Thanks Barry for confusing and overwhelming everyone!

  • Ei
    Ei5 个月 前

    1 was generous

  • Jerry Richard
    Jerry Richard5 个月 前

    Mike is the hero. He's the only one that did anything.

  • strain121
    strain1215 个月 前

    more chaos/pass-it-on please!!!

  • Rimmer D
    Rimmer D5 个月 前

    I love your Recipe Relay challenges but I can't help thinking that you may be better putting a chef at the start and end of the challenge. Maybe even a random chef friend or established CNboth cook to mix it up a bit occasionally..

  • LysolPionex
    LysolPionex5 个月 前

    Epic recovery at the end!

  • Professor Sypher
    Professor Sypher6 个月 前

    I was thinking of an upside down rasberry-blueberry cheesecake inside the pastry topped with a berry infused whipped cream. It's a shame Barry's mix didn't get used. He kind of threw them a curveball, though.

  • Elizabeth Bergenholtz
    Elizabeth Bergenholtz6 个月 前

    James excitedly: "I'm gonna be under a 5 in the first pass it on of the season!" That killed me lol!

  • christina belling
    christina belling6 个月 前

    "I had to dress a dog turd" Absolutely Love This!!

  • Kirelo
    Kirelo6 个月 前

    James flaming Ben about just rolling out pastry; *gets flashback to instagram pass it on*

  • Luna Mango
    Luna Mango6 个月 前

    Why is Mike still doing the Janice voice he should do new ones

  • Jerry Richard
    Jerry Richard6 个月 前

    Did jamie just stir eggs for 10 minutes?

  • thegoodbadmusic
    thegoodbadmusic6 个月 前

    Poor Jamie. Just poor Jamie.

  • Rachana Garre
    Rachana Garre6 个月 前

    New Idea for pass it on every get a different amount and pick it from a hat.

  • Annabel Rubio
    Annabel Rubio6 个月 前

    “I am Jamie Spafford” -James

  • Kieran Campire
    Kieran Campire6 个月 前

    Watching these videos I feel fine, but when Jamie and Barry come on I feel like I need to do before and after meditation to find my inner peace haha

  • Kieran Campire

    Kieran Campire

    6 个月 前

    Wow, considering how badly Barry and Jamie cocked it up, Mike did great!

  • Frooty Lachica
    Frooty Lachica6 个月 前

    Methodology... I'm an engineer and I like how Ben thinks.

  • LadyJAtheist
    LadyJAtheist6 个月 前

    total pass!

  • Laura Köhler
    Laura Köhler7 个月 前

    I think its a shame that in every Video everyone is working for themselves and Not as a team. You should taste and work with everything you’ve got. It is unacceptable that three people do the Same thing and barrys work does not end up on the Plate

  • Daedalus33
    Daedalus337 个月 前

    Wait lol jamie gave himself a straight up 0 how did Mike have a lower score???

  • Tatheer Fatima
    Tatheer Fatima7 个月 前

    Pls go in alphabetical order of names for next pass it on

  • Trey Best
    Trey Best7 个月 前

    Is Barry like a preplanned saboteur? Every time he just says "I'm not going to do that, I'm going to do my own thing".

  • ksuny
    ksuny7 个月 前

    I laughed so hard on this one!

  • Mcfries Mcfries
    Mcfries Mcfries7 个月 前

    Everyone missed Jamie's pun, "Berry Pretty"

  • kashi tachi
    kashi tachi7 个月 前

    I didn't understand why bake it with bean?

  • Ab Cd

    Ab Cd

    6 个月 前

    it prevents the pastry shape from changing while its baking. without them the sides can fall in and the bottom can rise or warp a bit during cooking. By having them their the pastry is pushed into the tin until its rigid enough on its own to hold its shape.

  • Fred Firth
    Fred Firth7 个月 前

    Love James, but he does not react well under pressure!


    Can chefs cook a meal with their hands tied

  • Diffractie
    Diffractie7 个月 前

    Wathing the reaction video on the community tab gives so much more context to this lol. spoilers: Jamie was right to think it was a butter icing. because barry put so much butter in it!

  • Gli7cHy
    Gli7cHy7 个月 前

    I think barry confused james by making that cheesecake which apparently was really delicious on the side and I’m so sad for him that it didn’t make it

  • YawnBlue
    YawnBlue7 个月 前

    When no really does anything on the group assignment and leaves it all on one person to salvage everything...

  • Nokenify
    Nokenify7 个月 前

    Because dessert is SO boring, dull and non-interesting!

  • Joseph An
    Joseph An7 个月 前

    James: it’s not a dessert Baz: ??? James: it’s patisserie Baz: bruh

  • Beatrice Ojea
    Beatrice Ojea7 个月 前

    This hurt a bit to watch

  • ElvinSonofMad
    ElvinSonofMad8 个月 前

    Just discovered this channel. Ist video I saw was a kitchen gadgets review......It was hilarious, so I dug deeper. I'm completely hooked. Subbed and binging!

  • Peter Shanahan
    Peter Shanahan8 个月 前

    Do a pass it on where you have 20 minutes each fir a dinner party for people

  • Frankenstein's Dealer
    Frankenstein's Dealer8 个月 前

    Am I just tired or am I hearing James being naughty at 7:46? 😂

  • Hannah Giltrow
    Hannah Giltrow8 个月 前

    This was really frustrating to watch

  • epiccollision
    epiccollision8 个月 前

    You’re really not good at this, and it’s not stop making things that need to cool, no one has a 2-8 hours time slot.

  • Anne Kristin Sundal
    Anne Kristin Sundal8 个月 前

    2:07-02:11 "Im making a cookie" cracks me up everytime

  • Atlas Black
    Atlas Black8 个月 前

    You should do pass it on with, instead of chefs, fans. It would be terribly hilarious

  • Wendigo
    Wendigo8 个月 前

    Pass it on in the nutshell is "I gotta make something so that the next person has option" and the next person confused because there's so many option, rinse and repeat lol.

  • calsterman
    calsterman8 个月 前

    This format is so underrated

  • danteelite
    danteelite8 个月 前

    Not gonna lie, I feel like Barry has steadily improved and it seems like he's studied a bit and attempted to get better, whereas Jamie seems like he just doesn't want to do it. It's a damn shame because I'd like to see them improve together! Also, Ben needs to be a bit less "Chefey" and try to remember how flustered and confused the normal get. He and James can recognize most dishes by their constituent components and piece it together, but that comes from experience and education. The others aren't dumb, it's just hard to judge something with no context. Kinda like sipping a cup blind and expecting one beverage and tasting another, it can throw you way off! Water can taste like poison or coffee can taste like fruit juice for a moment depending on what you're expecting. Context is very important.

  • Jason Adler
    Jason Adler8 个月 前

    order from best to worst at pass it on:ben, jamie (yes jamie) and mike are equal, then barry, then james (A Chef is the worst at this)

  • Jason Adler
    Jason Adler8 个月 前

    james sucks at these

  • yyflower
    yyflower8 个月 前

    It's very telling that Barry scored himself higher on average than James, a classically trained chef

  • apatternedhorizon
    apatternedhorizon8 个月 前

    Barry sounds so much like joe Wilkinson

  • Marlize Cornelissen
    Marlize Cornelissen8 个月 前

    Please make a 'loadshedding' themed pass it on.

  • magsimags
    magsimags8 个月 前

    the intro to these is brilliant

  • mbrx5jk4
    mbrx5jk48 个月 前

    Its actually comical how bad Jamie is at Pass it on recipes, hahaha! :)