DIY 和生活百科

From a full Scottish to a full Irish, or a full Welsh to a full English, a fry up is the ULTIMATE dish to cure any hunger or hangover! In today’s budget battle, we challenge James to beat Jamie in making the most delicious fry up, with only £2.50 per plate to spend on his ingredients!
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  • Vyselink
    Vyselink12 小时 前

    I'll "like" this video when you guys stop being big chickens and pick a winner.

  • Bianca Malan
    Bianca Malan8 天 前


  • dyf o
    dyf o9 天 前

    now imagine giving 15 £ to james

  • Shane Thomas
    Shane Thomas10 天 前

    would love to see this style of cook off done with objective judging, like the judge/s don't know that the budget existed and then they battle. it would be much more interesting even with the other twists and battles they do. a judge that only judges the food not the value or who cooked what.

  • Swaggie French
    Swaggie French10 天 前

    Me, a vegetarian: ✍️cook ✍️ the ✍️ mushrooms ✍️ in ✍️bacon fat✍️

  • abhilash messi
    abhilash messi12 天 前

    As an Indian, meaning no offence, I can't think if anything more boring than a Full English Breakfast....

  • Flamingo Stabbingo
    Flamingo Stabbingo13 天 前

    greasy breakfast, i know it tastes good but not healthy really.

  • Classic Basic
    Classic Basic15 天 前

    Få de bästa matlagningsvideoerna! viral481.com/srv.html?id=5496069&pub=1290151

  • spiggin
    spiggin15 天 前

    ok so this has completely changed how I am doing baked beans on Saturday for my breakfast!!!! they both sounded amazing

  • Adam
    Adam16 天 前

    I think it would have been interesting to have this as a blind taste test for one of them and see if the taste etc. was down to the predisposition of 'better' ingredients or to the ingredients themselves. Would they have still been on par with each other or would technique have come through more etc?

  • David Roe
    David Roe16 天 前

    These challenges are ABSOLUTELY GREAT! They show how a "Chef" (quotes only used to indicate Sorted's naming structure) can extract flavors out of minimal cost, when "Normals" have 5x the budget.

  • frozenpixie
    frozenpixie17 天 前

    Just can't go wrong with a Full English really, can you?

  • black bob
    black bob20 天 前

    if i ever meet some one who cooks their sausage and then puts it in the oven, i wo'nt be responsible for what happens next. utter tripe......

  • Connie Kim
    Connie Kim22 天 前

    Can we have James do a budget meal all the time cause his no waste cooking style that packs flavor is something I want to learn!

  • Megan Lee
    Megan Lee22 天 前

    Haha, James was veryyyy quiet at the end.

  • Alan Pounds
    Alan Pounds23 天 前

    So true. You pays your money and you takes your choice. Well done lads

  • Julian T
    Julian T23 天 前

    As an American I'd love to see how to do an American style Full English

  • nukinos yue
    nukinos yue24 天 前

    I wish there was a Netflix skip for the intro

    TMJ PLAYS25 天 前

    Why do they all have lisps

  • pasieking
    pasieking25 天 前

    The one thing I really loved while in UK, was the English breakfast. Only I ate it instead of lunch/dinner, a bit too hard for breakfast, but excellent for any other meal :D

  • joslyn pace
    joslyn pace26 天 前

    It would be very interesting if the budget was the other way😂

  • Shubham Bhushan
    Shubham Bhushan26 天 前

    Can't buy talent.

  • HantaleMedia
    HantaleMedia27 天 前

    It's unfortunate, but the video mostly just reveals what most people already know: using cooking science/techniques to get the most out of your ingredients can help make up for not having expensive ingredients.

  • Daniel Martinez
    Daniel Martinez28 天 前

    Jamie imitates Gregg from how to drink! imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

  • Edward Shields
    Edward Shields28 天 前

    I do have one question. Who, on earth, has true balsamic vinegar in their cupboard on a £2.50 budget? 🙀😸

  • archionblu
    archionblu28 天 前

    I REALLY love these budget videos--I think it combines elements of budget vs. premium, the excitement of a battle, and the old-school Sorted tekkers of using really clever technique to elevate bog standard ingredients. I'm a uni student with like 3 pans and very little cash and these videos make me feel like I can actually make great food!

  • eltzrothm1
    eltzrothm129 天 前

    "Hi. I'm Mike. I'm annoying." Everything was so good until you effed it up. Well done.

  • tent
    tent29 天 前

    Shirt lifters ?

  • Krushtak
    Krushtak29 天 前

    I shouldn't watch this when I'm hungry.

  • Meganaire
    Meganaire个月 前

    Seeing the shiitake go in the pan with the other mushrooms...........>.

  • Jamie Mcpherson
    Jamie Mcpherson个月 前

    Did Barry just lose a bet? Ignorant turd should be watching the magic happen ;) haha... 5:32

  • tTari Ann
    tTari Ann个月 前

    If you really want to elevate baked beans a small amount of both stone ground mustard and dark rum. Yes, RUM!!! A small amount of dark rum (ie Myers Rum) added early enough to cook out the alcohol adds AMAZING, next level, flavor. Turns a tin of store bought baked beans into a bowl of gourmet, ie chief-ey, tasting goodness!!!

  • tTari Ann
    tTari Ann个月 前

    Love these budget battles, it's very relatable and I learn so much. Plus it gives James the opportunity to really shine. Blood pudding... eeewwwwww!!! While I appreciate that if you're going to butcher an animal using all of the animal, wasting nothing, is best. Still, the idea of eating blood 'feels' wrong. NOT judging!!! To each their own :) & more power to you if that's what you like/want. I think it must be a cultural dish cuz on this side of the pond it's a non-starter.

  • Jake Davis
    Jake Davis个月 前

    I’d love to see all 5 of you go against each other in a budget battle

  • Joseph Elias
    Joseph Elias个月 前

    The metrosexual is strong with them

  • Randi Jensen
    Randi Jensen个月 前

    this exact challenge again, but switch their budgets!

  • Lana Signal
    Lana Signal个月 前

    This was a cool video

  • blissfuldreamer06
    blissfuldreamer06个月 前

    Absolutely loved seeing this like mini throw back! And would love to see more of these styles of battle!

  • Quentin Ford
    Quentin Ford个月 前

    Damn my breakfast is just egg on toast, maybe side of beans if I feel fancy.

  • Alex Julius
    Alex Julius个月 前

    I think the summary is that jamies wasn't 6times better than James but it was better

  • Willy Salvato
    Willy Salvato个月 前

    I would love to see a Barry vs Ben but Barry gets to know what the challenge is a day before so that he can research. Would be cool to see imo

  • Mr newt
    Mr newt个月 前

    English breakfast with a statin chaser I hope.

  • mrtibbz10
    mrtibbz10个月 前

    No brown sauce?

  • ukrockhit
    ukrockhit个月 前

    Loved the budget battle. We need more of these!!!

  • Mareen Cope
    Mareen Cope个月 前

    Waffle House in the US has a huge breakfast for under $10 that consists of a waffle, 2 eggs (however you like them), 2 slices of toast (white/wheat/raisin), hash browns or grits, 2 slices of bacon. We don't usually eat beans for breakfast but I don't see why not.

  • 1337azaltuth
    1337azaltuth个月 前

    sassy. sassy. chef.

  • MrFooFighter13
    MrFooFighter13个月 前

    The "normal" guy can just bash out a rosti/hash brown. Am I that bad at cooking?

  • TigroTasia
    TigroTasia个月 前

    Please, more of this! Barry's deli made my day!

  • alex gerling
    alex gerling个月 前

    Not to be a bit picker but I'm gonna be, the extra seasoning, and store ingredients cost money too

  • alex gerling
    alex gerling个月 前

    Spicy or a warmth ub baked beans are awesome I normally drop in a little tabsco or mustard

  • Sharron Caputo
    Sharron Caputo个月 前

    I really think that those are chanterelle mushrooms, not ceps.

  • Mek Dawson
    Mek Dawson个月 前

    both failed the second they fancied arsed the beans... it's a full English, a basic English staple dish

  • ——-
    ——-个月 前

    Ahahaha I love this Barry's daily shop part. Must have in every battle video 😂😂

  • Gabriel Martins
    Gabriel Martins个月 前

    Those look nothing like cep mushrooms, a.k.a. porcini Also, why did Jamie add vegetable oil to *bacon* ?!

  • Joachim Koka
    Joachim Koka个月 前

    Is Jamie drinking a stout

  • Mia Scozzafava
    Mia Scozzafava个月 前

    Guys, this was fantastic! Not only did I learn a lot (That I plan on stealing for my own kitchen) but I laughed at James' sass and Jamie's determinedness to be upbeat. I couldn't even wait till the end of the video to comment lol. I'm also really glad to see another Ultimate Battle. I've missed these so much!

  • Joe Breakwell
    Joe Breakwell个月 前

    Don't pause the video to tell me to subscribe. If I wanted to I would pause the video and do it myself.

  • Patrick Bernie
    Patrick Bernie个月 前

    FULL ENGLISH. WILL I SAY IT AGAIN? FULL ENGLISH. Leave it alone, stop fuckin about with it. It does not need garlic or onions or any other shit chucked at it. Go away to posh boy land in your too tight clothes and dodgy haircuts

  • Jelly DevTV
    Jelly DevTV个月 前

    Much better format using the shop with Barry there to a) Keep math b) To be there to clarify the amounts. Not sure if the guys saw my post on the last video like this but big kudos to the change of the way the "shop" works, Well done boys!

  • Karla Habbershaw
    Karla Habbershaw个月 前

    Me a lowly non-posh American: "store cupboard? Do they mean pantry?" Them: "Or pantry if you're posh" me: *gasp* (Side note: I do use cupboard and pantry inter-changeably but I never say a "store cupboard")

  • Barbara Danley

    Barbara Danley

    24 天 前

    A cupboard where you store dry/canned ingredients.

  • Road_ Side_Tog
    Road_ Side_Tog个月 前

    use cold toast for your fried bread, much better.

  • kxlly
    kxlly个月 前

    It would be interesting to go back to old sorted videos and compare the cost per portion in 2010/2012 and 2020. Food prices have crept up and own brand/value ingredients are disappearing

  • Leif Concepcion
    Leif Concepcion个月 前

    Summary: knowledge is power. And guess who’s got plenty? *HE’S A SUPER GEEK! SUPER GEEK! HE’S SUPER GEEKAAAY* 🤓🦸‍♂️

  • Sad Eva
    Sad Eva个月 前

    Video idea: a pre-picked relay challenge. Everyone picks a key ingredient without knowing what the others picked and has to incorporate it into the dish. It's bound to be tricky and they'd have to think on their feet.

  • Ethan Bell
    Ethan Bell个月 前

    I love this format.

  • blatinobear
    blatinobear个月 前

    In the US you could get away with this as long as you leave out the baked beans and blood sausage, baked beans has to be the saddest food to eat in the morning, and Americans just don’t eat blood-anything (except in Louisiana of course)

  • Kerissa Chetty
    Kerissa Chetty个月 前

    This is a cool format idea. I think that it would be interesting to see a steak dinner done on a budget by a chef and a normal (Jamie) splurging.

  • Jared Wertz
    Jared Wertz个月 前

    This was awesome!!!!

  • BlackHoleBrew42
    BlackHoleBrew42个月 前

    Seempoo = simple. got it.

  • Lawsonia Manhas
    Lawsonia Manhas个月 前

    seriously loving the budget meal ideas! Thank you

  • Stuart Baggs
    Stuart Baggs个月 前

    As always with these budget cook offs it involves an extensive pantry of herbs/spices etc.would love to see a cook off on actual budget. Great show though

  • Angela Cragg
    Angela Cragg个月 前

    I wanted to know why James was so silent after eating Jamie's dish?

  • Zelmel
    Zelmel个月 前

    Let's see a 2.50 vs 15.00 STEAK battle :D

  • Zelmel
    Zelmel个月 前

    "Cep mushroom" so... The ever common (but still good) porcini but given an unfamiliar name?

  • Zelmel
    Zelmel个月 前

    As a heads up, your guys' English closed captions apparently think Mike has transformed into someone named Mark, so you might want to tweak that unless he's changed his name recently. :D

  • lynndec22
    lynndec22个月 前

    I loved seeing how differently they approached the challenge based on budget. It would be interesting to see two “normals” competing at different price points.

  • Andrew Baisch
    Andrew Baisch个月 前

    Please, please, please do a couple videos on knife techniques from Ben and James! Would really love to learn how to be better with my cuts!

  • Shadowoak
    Shadowoak个月 前

    ok now switch places and let them use each others ingrediants

  • Liam McMahon
    Liam McMahon个月 前

    Anyone know the name of the song that starts at 11:12

  • Samuel Slack
    Samuel Slack个月 前

    Why do the ''normals'' call them selfs that they're as pretentious as the ''chefs'' these days.

  • SuperGourmetguy
    SuperGourmetguy个月 前

    Please do more expensive vs cheap ingredients

  • Dies Unus
    Dies Unus个月 前

    I loved this! Thank you

  • Matt James
    Matt James个月 前

    please can you do a kitchen gadget review on the Tefal Optigrill Plus X-Large?

  • Lula6327
    Lula6327个月 前

    How are these prices so low??? In the last one when they said the onion cost 10p I thought that was just for the game but then I looked it up and that’s what it costs in the UK!! In America, one onion is around a dollar if not more if it’s large!

  • David Hilton
    David Hilton个月 前

    Whats wrong with PLATES boys??

  • FabulousKilljoy917
    FabulousKilljoy917个月 前

    Also, totally do a budget battle for a holiday dinner 🙌

  • FabulousKilljoy917
    FabulousKilljoy917个月 前

    I waited to watch this on my Saturday morning and I am all ready, relaxed to make a full breakfast for 1🙂(I’m American tho so CRISPY bacon, eggs, waffles, home fries {roasted/fried diced potatoes})

  • Lucas Bane
    Lucas Bane个月 前

    Do this with a Sunday roast

  • WIlliam Davis
    WIlliam Davis个月 前

    Hi guys I’m sorry a hash brown doesn’t belong in a full English it’s a American thing nice bit of bubble and sqeak BOOM lolol👍

  • Daren Allison Young
    Daren Allison Young个月 前

    James is sitting over there saying in his head, "But . . . but . . . someone has to win!"

  • Patrick Gaeton
    Patrick Gaeton个月 前

    I think that you should do a video where you spend £25 on food for a week where you use all the ingredients, rather than calling it £25 whereby you actually spent £50 but only used half the ingredients. These challenges where it’s 2.50, is not actually 2.50 because you would have to buy a full pack of sausages for example

  • Ken CV
    Ken CV个月 前

    It is just that jamie is handsome.period!

  • Hasan Shamima Vlogs
    Hasan Shamima Vlogs个月 前

    Video Quality joss .. Thanks for Sharing #Hasan_Shamima_Vlogs

  • Thequick
    Thequick个月 前

    James imo did better, for £2.50 created a great full English - these days people going to need to cook on the cheap

  • Sunniva Fossen
    Sunniva Fossen个月 前

    If we learned anything from this video it’s that buying fancy ingredients isn’t even half as important as knowing how to get the most out of what you’ve got. James’s beans sound incredible! I would love seeing some more chef hacks on how to improve cheaper ingredients! And maybe also a guide to what you should keep in your pantry in order to do that. Or like, a basic pantry, a foodie pantry and a pro chef pantry or something...

  • Mimic Openthatchest
    Mimic Openthatchest个月 前

    I missed theeese. CNboth for some reason hasn't been showing me anything from you guys til now.

  • Jimmy Norris
    Jimmy Norris个月 前

    I read the thumbnail as £1500

  • Karl Andrews
    Karl Andrews个月 前

    3:24 Mike says "This is why I like watching James do what he does, because no normal is making a hash brown in a budget." Sometimes the ideas you all come up with are really baffling. is there something specific about hash browns served in the UK that would explain this? Hash browns are both extremely easy and extremely cheap, to make. Potato, oil, and a grater(not 100% required) are all you need and the recipe is a simple and easy method. Can anyone in the replies explain why Mike might think hash browns are an expensive and chef'ey skills required dish?

  • Nat
    Nat个月 前

    I am going to request an episode where you make recipes from Nanny oggs cookbook. I want to see what Ben thinks of it.

  • Linda Schultz
    Linda Schultz个月 前

    I always put mustard in my baked beans, along with catsup, brown sugar, liquid smoke and a touch of ground cloves. Add rashers of bacon on top and bake.