Home Cooks Attempt MACARONS Without a Recipe!!

DIY 和生活百科

Let the CARNAGE commence because here is another long-awaited, recipe-less challenge where home cooks Mike and Barry battle it out over MACARONS without a recipe!! Will Barry leave the hob on? Will Mike make a mess? Will Jamie find some snacks? Does poor Ben give up hope?! Watch on to find out!!
*This episode was filmed before lockdown*
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  • Houndy752
    Houndy75226 天 前

    I literally just made this comment because i saw the video had 699 comments xD. Great Video though!!!

  • Helen has cat allergy
    Helen has cat allergy28 天 前

    Idea: Normal, recipe less make and decorate a chocolate cake

  • Alex Tresadern
    Alex Tresadern个月 前

    Barry,Mike and Jamie are absolute nutters

  • BarkeepD
    BarkeepD个月 前

    quick tip: Add a tiny amount of blue for the brightest white. Nana told me that one

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Ahhh - we heard that once before. Does it really work? *Nana is always right!

  • mikhahahahahahaha
    mikhahahahahahaha个月 前

    Barry is the Dessert King!

  • Stereo
    Stereo个月 前

    What is that music during the sexies?

  • Rose Hill
    Rose Hill个月 前

    Mike Only you can screw this up Shows Burnt bottom Barry slow fall dying on the floor in laughter

  • yeng vang
    yeng vang2 个月 前

    I'm glad to see some pretentious ingredients making there way into some recipes.

  • Vanya Boon
    Vanya Boon2 个月 前

    Maybe make dutch Stroopwafels!

  • Vyselink
    Vyselink2 个月 前

    4:32 a physical example of "cheeky" lmao. That was the cheekiest eyebrow raise I've ever seen

  • Mr. K
    Mr. K2 个月 前

    Preferably I enjoy my macarons with a jelly/jam filling.

  • John Doe
    John Doe2 个月 前

    Is this really only from May? It seems so long ago.

  • Blackthorne369
    Blackthorne3692 个月 前

    This is another person’s suggestion that I think is wonderful. From Cameron Webster “Interesting recipe challenge idea: Give normals a cookbok they haven't seen before, lead them to believe they will be reviewing it. After ~10 tell them it's actually a recipe battle, and they have ~5min to pick a recipe from the book and write some notes before taking the book away. Give the normals 3-5 post-its to discourage copying the whole recipe. Have normals switch notes with each other. Normals cook recipe with the notes provided, and chefs judge them.”

  • sharcalena
    sharcalena2 个月 前

    The only thing I love more than Barry flailing: Mike in torment, especially when his hypocrisy is bared for all to see across the internet.

  • Nathalie J
    Nathalie J3 个月 前

    I miss them sitting so close together :,(

  • jonowee
    jonowee3 个月 前

    Ahh yes, the brown kirsch.

  • Layla Iam
    Layla Iam3 个月 前

    Recipeless: marshmallows😊

  • Alexander Esqueda
    Alexander Esqueda3 个月 前

    Mike was robbed!

  • Monika
    Monika3 个月 前

    As somebody who makes Maccarons about yearly (It's a very loved christmas-"cookie" in Switzerland, coconut ones that is), this hurt my soul. :D Basically what i do is: Mix Eggwhites and sugar, whip it up nice and stiff, pull the nuts under (carefully!) and then use two teaspoons to form even Maccarons. Oven on ~120°C and then bake a long while (I'd have to find my notes for the exact duration, but basically if the coconuts start to get the tips golden, you need to take them out). Carefully get them off the baking tray so that the bottom doesn't burn and let them cool. Bam, Maccarons. :D I usually go with 5 egg whites, even amount of sugar(crystal sugar) and nuts. (roughly 300g each) I gotta say this is a pretty old recipe, passed down from my Grandma.

  • Monika


    3 个月 前

    I just realised there's a kinda double-translation here. Maccarons can be the Maccarons that is mostly seen in confectionaries (what they did, we call it 'Luxenburger' here) and Maccarons (Makkrönchen) in Switzerland which i described.

  • Sylphe
    Sylphe3 个月 前

    freaking hell 9:03 caused me to do a spit take

  • Zubiila
    Zubiila4 个月 前

    Mike: Is that true?! Barry: *shrugs and starts mixing*

  • Theresa Ruth
    Theresa Ruth4 个月 前

    I love you lads! Can I call you all my grandsons?

  • amana rasheed
    amana rasheed4 个月 前

    try a south indian biriyani

  • William Seo
    William Seo4 个月 前

    This format would be so fun if they brought back the wrist shockers

  • A non mouse
    A non mouse4 个月 前

    "How do you separate half?" .... pour it in a measuring cup... then pour out half of the measured amount.....

  • Geraldine Leuterio
    Geraldine Leuterio4 个月 前

    I just watched the choux challenge, Barry is a sponge, a creative sponge

  • Isabella Morris
    Isabella Morris4 个月 前

    Can I just say how impressed I was with Barry's macarons? They looked INCREDIBLE!

  • Anna Domingo
    Anna Domingo4 个月 前

    I'm about 99% certain Mike's shells got fucked up because of oven placement. If they both did one oven each and both at the center shelf, this would have been a more fair battle.

  • Maan Alaulaqi
    Maan Alaulaqi4 个月 前

    Does Jamie still think this is that 80's song, "Ayyee macaron"? :p

  • YaBoii P
    YaBoii P4 个月 前

    Why did the eggs look green, it's just something with the camera or the lighting or did you put like food coloring in it, just curious for all I know it could be my eyes.

  • TheDiscoMole
    TheDiscoMole4 个月 前

    12:00 mike is so fucking adorable, that genuine self-disappointment broke me

  • CatherineZ
    CatherineZ5 个月 前

    The name "macarons" always slightly confuses me, even though I should have learned by now. Because in Russian it sounds exactly like "pasta" (long noodly pasta, but who cares bc [pasta] is "paste", and that's all too fiddly to sort out 🤷‍♀️).

  • Danny Gregory-O'Shea
    Danny Gregory-O'Shea5 个月 前

    Just have to say that I really appreciate these mid-video reminders to like the video. I get "in the zone" sometimes and absolutely forget to do it. Please keep that up!

  • Sally Ann Stockman
    Sally Ann Stockman5 个月 前

    I don't know the science involved, but to make something a bright white, I've heard if you add a tiny drop of blue food dye in the mixture it makes it a lot whiter.

  • Veretta Swee
    Veretta Swee5 个月 前

    it hurts even more when i had no time limit and a recipe and it was an absolute failure 😪

  • Alaska Girl
    Alaska Girl5 个月 前

    Aren't you supposed to tap the sheet a few times before setting the skin? Or am I confused with something else?

  • Marie HP
    Marie HP5 个月 前

    No one : Ebbers @ 10:55 : "PIÈDE !" Frenchies everywhere : *audible gasp*

  • princessrose17
    princessrose175 个月 前

    recipe-less chocolate tart.

  • Cook With Pierre
    Cook With Pierre5 个月 前

    Who ever invented macarons was either a chemical engineer or bored. Hats off if you can recreate it successfully! Lol

  • Joy Johnson
    Joy Johnson5 个月 前

    I have nailed that. Lol

  • Dean Feldman
    Dean Feldman5 个月 前

    risotto. ben's heaven

  • Maisoon Almughairy
    Maisoon Almughairy5 个月 前

    Why are these guys still called normals when they almost perfected Macarons WITHOUT a recipe, I mean a normal person would struggle while making Macarons WITH a recipe🤷🏽‍♀️😂

  • Fiona Hitchcock
    Fiona Hitchcock5 个月 前

    Really enjoyed Recipeless! Can you try a Soufflé next time? Thanks for the content guys

  • chloee
    chloee5 个月 前

    watching this was... an experience

  • angel wlliams
    angel wlliams5 个月 前

    I want to see Jamie cook ratatoullie

  • F.P. Shapes
    F.P. Shapes5 个月 前

    Why were the egg whites neon green 🧐

  • Aimee VanLandingham
    Aimee VanLandingham5 个月 前

    So wouldn't putting the shock bands on Barry and shocking him everytime he leaves a hob on work to change that behavior? And maybe Mike too lol.

  • Aarekk
    Aarekk5 个月 前

    Didn't Mike win a previous Macaron 3 way normal battle?

  • Chommy
    Chommy5 个月 前

    9:50 Barry did math there.

  • Mathilde Lundsberg
    Mathilde Lundsberg5 个月 前

    5:30 To make the batter look whiter try using a tiny tiny bit of blue food colouring - it cancels out the yellow beigey tones! Works for icing too

  • Bob Rogers
    Bob Rogers5 个月 前

    Everyone really seemed off in this one

  • Elizabeth Bergenholtz
    Elizabeth Bergenholtz5 个月 前

    This may sound stupid but what on earth is kersh?

  • Janosaurs
    Janosaurs5 个月 前

    EHHHH Where is my dad joke of the week?????

  • simon hoare
    simon hoare5 个月 前

    Timpano. #NeverGonnaGiveUp.

  • Kayleigh Mcloughlin
    Kayleigh Mcloughlin5 个月 前

    Can you plz plz plz come to Liverpool once the lockdown is over #FOODMARATHON 🤗🤗🤗

  • Zara Ahmer
    Zara Ahmer5 个月 前

    the real question is how do ben and jamie stay standing for 2 hours straight

  • Linnoff
    Linnoff5 个月 前

    how did Mike's turn out so much differently?

  • Lui
    Lui5 个月 前

    I love your fun facts, Ben! I care 😂

  • Blasiostar 007
    Blasiostar 0075 个月 前

    Tried cnboth.info/dron/sh-p-n/pWmhYpl8n7DXrKQ.html

  • Jamie Devine
    Jamie Devine5 个月 前

    how about ... Eclairs can make custom fillings and or toppings too

  • Shane Walta
    Shane Walta5 个月 前

    Noone mentioned that the brief was half a dozen, and Mike only plated 5?

  • Rosa Schlüpfer
    Rosa Schlüpfer5 个月 前

    They are enthusiasts, nor normals any more.

  • Rowan Streeter
    Rowan Streeter5 个月 前

    A Sunday episode without a Dad Joke? WHAT THE HECK GUYS!!!???!!!?!

  • Charlotte Bakker
    Charlotte Bakker5 个月 前

    Is there any chance you can make macarons nut-less??

  • Mum I'm Sick
    Mum I'm Sick5 个月 前

    awesome video again, always good to watch while my food cooks!

  • MisfitFox
    MisfitFox5 个月 前

    You guys should try to make recipe-less Lime Curd Pie!

  • Amigeo
    Amigeo5 个月 前

    Why did Mike's macarons turn out like that?? What did he do wrong??

  • Vaarel
    Vaarel5 个月 前

    Ice cream could have a lot of variation and is pretty simple to make without a recipe.

  • Mel Walmsley
    Mel Walmsley5 个月 前

    How is it possible that Barry Taylor wings it & nails macarons?! I breathe in the wrong direction & they fail 😆

  • Laylah Dabney
    Laylah Dabney5 个月 前

    i can’t even make macarons WITH a recipe

  • Cruxador
    Cruxador5 个月 前

    Between the glitter and the green and purple flowers, the lemon ones looked like something that you'd get at a mardi gras party. Those come around on one platter, other things come around on others, and Champaign comes around most of all, and all of it covered by the exorbitant cover charge. Been a while since I been to that kind of party. Also I was interested in Ben's Macaron/Macaroon thing.

  • kismeth blevins
    kismeth blevins5 个月 前

    Good old fashioned chest cake it was one of my favorite ones growing up as a kid my mother would make it through the holiday seasons.

  • Caerigna
    Caerigna5 个月 前

    Challenge yourself, go recipenis.

  • Christie Periman
    Christie Periman5 个月 前

    Reci-penis!! HAHA

  • Ceridwen Mitchell
    Ceridwen Mitchell5 个月 前

    The blooper 😂

  • Alexandra Rosilius
    Alexandra Rosilius5 个月 前

    Do Macroons next

  • Tripolar M Disorder
    Tripolar M Disorder5 个月 前

    Albert Einstein on a bicycle!! Barry is actually remembering to turn the hob off?!? Truly all that time at home has changed him. He obviously cares about his family and their safety and well being more than his mates'.

  • Brandon C
    Brandon C5 个月 前

    ultimate idea: every so often maybe 10 minutes the people cooking lose an ingredient

  • Nurse Lucy
    Nurse Lucy5 个月 前

    Mike will always be my champion

  • Laksh C
    Laksh C5 个月 前

    Please let Mike rest now hahahaha

  • Asher Fallen
    Asher Fallen5 个月 前


  • Kilgor4
    Kilgor45 个月 前

    How the hell do you spell the name of that liquid ingredient that they kept saying that begins with a K? The one that jamie thought he gave mike but it was soy sauce

  • PlaneSpotter54
    PlaneSpotter545 个月 前

    This video reminds me of The Eric Landlard Video. “NO” 😂

  • Grace B
    Grace B5 个月 前

    lol oh Jamie. The shade when Ben was talking of the history if the macaron "nobody cares"

  • Maddy Phillips
    Maddy Phillips5 个月 前

    Wait, what was the end of the blooper?! Is it macaron or macaroon...

  • dhin
    dhin5 个月 前

    "hmmm...yolkie." thank god they're turn out good baz.

  • Sir. Raids
    Sir. Raids5 个月 前

    6:59 when someone says you will lose, 12:17 but you smack him with the result

  • Stacy Hata
    Stacy Hata5 个月 前

    I made macrons too!! haha looks great. I want to try this ginger flavored one!

  • 0ArmoredSoul0
    0ArmoredSoul05 个月 前

    How about trying to make something like chicken corden blu or braised beef stew? Something savory with lots of little techniques and twists to really go whole hog on.

  • MatrixRetoastet
    MatrixRetoastet5 个月 前

    The Macarons looked so delicious! I'd eat both of them =) Next time you could bake a Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte (Black Forest Cake) Greetings from Germany

  • Novacification
    Novacification5 个月 前

    I have a great idea: You gather everyone in a tent with individual cooking stations. The chefs have prepared something, maybe a cake, that the normies will have to replicate. Then the chefs judge the cakes at the end. I guess you could also have the normies prepare a cake with their own personal twist that they prepare for and then make and have judged by the chefs but I'm just riffing here. Eventually you might invite some celebrities or something. I think this could be a real hit.

  • kura-chan 13
    kura-chan 135 个月 前

    I love how the eggs look like cartoon poison

  • Just Jester
    Just Jester5 个月 前

    Ben: *explains chef things to jamie* Jamie: yes, yes i know some of these things...

  • Morrigan Liban
    Morrigan Liban5 个月 前

    I know why Barry won. BUT personal taste. I would rather eat Mike's. (not a lemon/ginger fan)

  • KuroChiShikaku
    KuroChiShikaku5 个月 前

    Recipeless gumbo?

  • MintPanda
    MintPanda5 个月 前

    Does anyone else love Ben’s random facts? I like being informed and learning random new things. Bring on the linguistics/ history/ science/ math (even though I don’t understand it)

  • tyunik
    tyunik5 个月 前

    Barry is aceing the recipeless dessert challenge and i'm so happy for him! Im always rooting for him and his crazy ideas 🙌

  • John Holland
    John Holland5 个月 前

    Recipe-less battles would be a lot more interesting if the ingredients weren't weighed out in advance

  • Hayley Serres
    Hayley Serres5 个月 前

    The normals have to try to recreate a recipe they made from a cooking battle a long time ago without a recipe.

  • Elizabeth PenaMaslow
    Elizabeth PenaMaslow5 个月 前

    I love your vids!!!!!! < 3 TODAY'S MY 22ND BIRTHDAY FAM!!!!!!!!