KITCHEN GADGETS Recipe Relay Challenge | Pass It On S2 E4

DIY 和生活百科

Here’s a Pass It On recipe relay challenge packed full of genius. There’s a new set of rules per contestant’s 10 minute turn… they have to make use of ONE kitchen gadget from the 2019 Sorted reviewed collection. Buckle up for a ride and a half….
AND don’t forget to check in here for the hilarious reaction video. The guys watch it back to see what each person got up to on their terrible turn.
Here’s the link:
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  • Peyton
    Peyton2 天 前


  • Dungeon Witch
    Dungeon Witch9 天 前

    wow Jamie is super frustrating to watch in the kitchen.

  • Andreas Högberg
    Andreas Högberg17 天 前

    wtf. get jamie on a cooking course. always same destroying food andd burgers...

  • Drok Myian
    Drok Myian20 天 前


  • lolal danee
    lolal danee22 天 前

    oooooh, don't call yourself a disadvantage, Mr. Spaff

  • Casandra Junious
    Casandra Junious26 天 前

    I am in the United States.. lol that is in itself a misnomer.. lol surgery and time on my hands .. leads me to my favorite team !!! You all make me laugh and smile.. I am in love with all of you !!!

  • Matthew Oldhaver
    Matthew Oldhaver26 天 前

    Are they not allowed to use *fucking egg timers*?

  • Callie Johnston
    Callie Johnston27 天 前

    Why Barry always has the confidence to slam Jamie during everyone of these "pass it on" vids is hilariously tone deaf of Barry considering how much he faffs around in these vids hahaha *cough*couldegg*cough*

  • Soph
    Soph个月 前

    Because James wasn’t here he should do a dish with mostly kitchen gadgets 🤍

  • linited
    linited个月 前

    The pineapple on a burger makes me really want an Aussie takeaway burger with the lot. Beef patty, lettuce, tomato, onion, tin beetroot, tin pineapple, fried egg, bacon, cheese, bbq and or tomato sauce, burger bun.

  • Simba1213
    Simba1213个月 前

    You should totally do a pass it on, in which whenever one of the guys names an ingredient wrong you secretly deduct 30 to 60 seconds. The order, least to most, gotten ingredients wrong over all pass it ons

  • Christina Lee
    Christina Lee个月 前

    Since american cheese is processed cheese made from a blend of milk, milk fats and solids, with other fats and whey protein concentrate, it would explain why Ben smelled vomit inducing curdled milk.,than%20not%20Colby%20and%20Cheddar.

  • Christina Lee
    Christina Lee个月 前

    I know this is a little late but, pineapples have special enzymes that make the milk curdle. The pineapple contains an enzyme extract called bromelain, which contains a protease enzyme that chops up the casein proteins, destroying their micelle structure.,proteins%2C%20destroying%20their%20micelle%20structure.

  • Christina Lee

    Christina Lee

    个月 前

    @SORTEDfood Yup!! Especially for pineapples! Bromelain is a proteolytic enzyme that breaks down chains of protein into shorter fragments. Bromelain breaks down the proteins on the surface of the lips, tongue and cheeks which can develop the tingling, raw or numb feeling in your mouth.,mouth%20feeling%20raw%20or%20numb.

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Is it the same enzyme that makes your tongue tingle?

  • LednacekZ
    LednacekZ个月 前

    the only way i can rate you on a scale to 5 is if it starts at -100

  • Marc Jones
    Marc Jones个月 前

    I'm watching this and when it got to Ben saying "I think that the pineapple has curdled the cheese" I lost it slightly. Especially when my wife said "Pineapple and cheese???" in the voice of the truly revolted.

  • HyperIon
    HyperIon个月 前

    Lol aye thanks for being honest this time Ben. Its annoying when you guys make something bad and try and stay positive. Be respectful but call a duck a duck.

  • Sir Zacharia
    Sir Zacharia个月 前

    I demand a redo

  • Sakura Home
    Sakura Home2 个月 前

    Hang on, what happened to Jamie’s caramelized onions, and isn’t Barry allergic to pineapple?

  • Brian
    Brian2 个月 前

    so no one's gonna mention there's only two sitting in the background and you can totally see Barry in the kitchen at 9:42 when it is Jamie's turn again and then it is Ben sitting down despite Mike being the one tapping on his shoulder?

  • sushiquake
    sushiquake2 个月 前

    1:04 Is that a fucking Pertamina oil drum in the background?? How????

  • Karl Porter
    Karl Porter2 个月 前

    If you slice straight down on the pineapple coils while they are still vertical on the device, it makes perfect rings.

  • spiderdude2099
    spiderdude20992 个月 前

    Jamie was SURPRISINGLY not the weak link this time

  • Bearded Barista
    Bearded Barista2 个月 前

    How difficult is it to check your major appliances...oven, hob, microwave, blender etc. Will take you 10 seconds

  • Vesstig
    Vesstig2 个月 前

    The more I watch this, the more I realize how shitty their home cooking must be

  • A McConnell
    A McConnell2 个月 前

    Jamie will be first and last. Me: It'll be burgers or full english breakfast, then. Jamie: I'm going to make burgers.

  • Red Caster
    Red Caster3 个月 前

    Jamie is best when he goes first or last Mike is similar so i am happy with this.

  • Chris Burrow
    Chris Burrow3 个月 前

    That is Jamie's theme on Mike. How can you do that to him? 😂

  • ksuny
    ksuny3 个月 前

    When I realized that Barry did not take the burger out of the microwave and did not leave Mike any clue that there's a burger in the microwave, I gave this video a like. Hahahahahahaha

  • James Wambold
    James Wambold3 个月 前

    Just saw this, I feel like Jamie Earned an 8 or so. Mostly because he gave a solid plan with the layout, and did a good amount of prep work, which takes me about 10 minutes. And is the most important factor. Ebbers Definitely earned around like a 6 or 7, points knocked off for the Zucchini, but did contribute and followed through Barry is around a 7 or 8 because of the burger being cooked right, and I don't fault him for doing a poached egg and prepping mushrooms, Mike a 3, because it is kinda where it fell apart(I love Mike BTW), not because of the failure of a poached egg, but because choosing the pineapple corer, which means also Jamie got like a 3 or 4 the second time around, because of the curdled cheese, if they didn't do pineapple, then I'd say it would have passed.

  • glup12
    glup123 个月 前

    You should show all the food waste produced after.

  • Ben
    Ben3 个月 前

    Why is Barry dressed like a lame Steve Jobs

  • Stettafire
    Stettafire3 个月 前

    I think this is the first time where I saw Ebber's completely go, nope!

  • Bautzer 1
    Bautzer 13 个月 前

    Stop putting tekst on default on your videos please

  • Eileen The Crow
    Eileen The Crow3 个月 前

    Mike says smash burgers but those ain't smash burgers

  • Haggard4Life
    Haggard4Life3 个月 前

    Had to Google what courgette is. So they were confusing an eggplant and zucchini? Wow.

  • Christin Linde
    Christin Linde3 个月 前

    I'm allergic to Pineapple too! That look was 100% feels

  • J cooks love Family
    J cooks love Family4 个月 前

    Nicely done guys! Love watching the videos. Janice is hilarious and adds wonderful commentary!

  • Jenny Karpe
    Jenny Karpe4 个月 前

    I feel Barry so much when he isn't eating in the end. I can't eat pineapple either ...

  • ClippedWings22
    ClippedWings224 个月 前

    "He's got a runny bottom"

  • TechSquidTV
    TechSquidTV4 个月 前

    Idea: give them an egg timer to use to give each other hints

  • Mykasan
    Mykasan4 个月 前

    wow they had everything going and they ended up with that :(

  • Aaron Lujan
    Aaron Lujan4 个月 前

    After watching the newest Fish and Chips Pass It On, I came back to this one because I remembered pineapple on it. I didn't realize this before, but watching poor Barry sit there, unable to eat the burger because he's allergic to pineapple, is really funny.

  • Stephen Gheen
    Stephen Gheen4 个月 前

    Pineapple on a burger can be good do a juicy Lucy with crem cheese and jalapeno in the burger with grilled pineapple on it it's a jalapeno poppers burger

  • Robert Pirlot
    Robert Pirlot5 个月 前

    Zucchini or Eggplant?

  • filigrant
    filigrant5 个月 前

    How is it possible they can fuck up a burger .... everytime....

  • Eduardo Arancibia
    Eduardo Arancibia5 个月 前

    Say... what where they supposed to do with the pineapple?

  • Hanneke
    Hanneke5 个月 前

    Have you tried the sushi bazooka yet? It looks fiddly but it has really made making sushi more attractive to me

  • ShadowKeizer
    ShadowKeizer5 个月 前

    am i weird for liking an egg on my burger too? except i like it scrambled with some pepper on the top instead of poached

  • Rossco
    Rossco5 个月 前

    Ebbers absolutely sabotaged everyone in this one again; put chips on far too early, made Barry cook burgers far too early and put the courgette on far too early. Every episode where he goes early he leaves the other guys with absolutelyno room for manoeuvre so it looks like their fault when the wheels come off.

  • oooooooooorly
    oooooooooorly6 个月 前

    Jamie deserves more credit than he's giving himself, here. He had a good, direct idea and plated it well at the end.

  • Samantha Reid
    Samantha Reid6 个月 前

    Why does the burger have no lettuce? Every burger needs lettuce.

  • AdraicStarks
    AdraicStarks6 个月 前

    I think what ultimately threw this off was Jaime's second round. They could've recovered from burnt chips & overcooked corgette if the burger was good, but once the cheese met the pineapple, it was game over. Might've still been an overall fail, but it wouldn't have been as soul crushing as what actually happened.

  • Kieran Campire
    Kieran Campire6 个月 前

    Wow, Jamie actually did great for once bit gave himself no credit!

  • Gaius Ang
    Gaius Ang6 个月 前

    Jamie was the MVP here tbh, he picked a dish that could incorporate all the gadgets Edit: ahhh, what a sad ending despite a promising start

  • Austin Lim
    Austin Lim6 个月 前

    love how barry did all that work for nothing

  • Crymson Nite
    Crymson Nite6 个月 前

    Barry loves an egg on pizza and burgers? I think Barry just loves egg.

  • Ab Cd

    Ab Cd

    6 个月 前

    he tried to eat them during vegan day

  • Courtney Belz
    Courtney Belz6 个月 前

    Please do more of these, I live for them ♥️

    SNEHA PRABHU7 个月 前

    These courgettes have got Ebbers written all over them😆😂

  • Marieah
    Marieah7 个月 前

    You guys are amazing. If I owned a tv network I would give you a regular show on the proper telly.

  • Bianca Malan
    Bianca Malan7 个月 前


  • ToudaHell
    ToudaHell7 个月 前

    Can we get pass it on Kitchen Gaget part 2?

  • Rick Alexander
    Rick Alexander7 个月 前

    We love it when you succeed and we love it when you keeps it real and makes us smile! Keep it up! Thanks!

  • BrianD0313
    BrianD03137 个月 前

    I love this! Do more! Need more fails :)

  • Ishla Corrin
    Ishla Corrin7 个月 前

    You have to COOK the pineapple if you are adding it to a burger so it does not curdle the cheese. It also tastes better when fried than when raw lol.

  • Justin White
    Justin White7 个月 前

    Double trouble Barry will be chaos.

  • Joe
    Joe7 个月 前

    I honestly think the random order doesn't do this idea justice, I feel like it would be funny to have one of the pros start it and then have the other 3 "normals" try to figure out and continue what they were doing and then to end it have the 2nd chief come in to try and figure out what hell has happened since the the start XD.

  • MsJavaWolf
    MsJavaWolf7 个月 前

    There is a much easier way to cut the pineapple spiral into rings, you just cut down vertically in one place, no need to unroll the spiral first.

  • NothingXemnas
    NothingXemnas7 个月 前

    This video autoplayed and I wasn't paying attention. Right in the beginning I thought CNboth got me an English Heritage video lol Speaking of that, what if we got Mrs. Crocombe in this kitchen?

  • Wildcat
    Wildcat7 个月 前

    It's been 2 months and I'm still not over Ben wanting to put courgette on a burger.

  • Maddy Singleton
    Maddy Singleton7 个月 前

    Please, we need more pass it on! I love when they work as a team, even if they "fail" ❤️ It is so much fun to watch!!

  • jan Kinney
    jan Kinney7 个月 前

    Courgettes? Not slices. Zucchini...

  • jan Kinney
    jan Kinney7 个月 前

    I had to look up gorget. Good thing someone in the comments mentioned courgets

  • Mo Karney
    Mo Karney7 个月 前

    13:10 - Mike realizes he fucked up lmao

  • Hunter Egesdal
    Hunter Egesdal7 个月 前

    Pass it on Idea, Theme : Retro Order : number of times someone hid a part of a dish in the last season. (most times hid goes first / least times hid goes last)

  • Kaylah Fidge
    Kaylah Fidge8 个月 前

    real miffed you guys keep dissing pineapple on a burger, that shit can be good

  • S Crossley
    S Crossley8 个月 前

    Is it weird to say that Ben's knife skills are hot?

  • JM T
    JM T8 个月 前

    Can you give them as a theme: one of the dishes from Food marathon

  • changnsty
    changnsty8 个月 前

    Have u done a Mexican food relay?

  • Uwe Schroeder
    Uwe Schroeder8 个月 前

    It seems to be an ongoing problem that they should have realized by now: every time it's your turn, first open all doors in the kitchen: oven, microwave, fridge...

  • Ahnii
    Ahnii8 个月 前

    Kitchen Gadgets: Lurch RazorTech Gourmet Slicer

  • retartedseal
    retartedseal8 个月 前

    I'm so happy right now! I totally forgot about this channel because I watched these with one of my best friends but he gave up and I've been depressed for a while. But seeing this instantly put a smile on my face 💖❤💖❤💖❤💖 thank you guys for making day great!

  • DevilboyScooby
    DevilboyScooby8 个月 前

    I think leaving gadgets for each other actually helped with the direction of the dish...shame about the execution.

  • Jordi Vidal
    Jordi Vidal8 个月 前

    Anybody know the brand of the pan and pot (single handle) they are using? Been trying to find those!

  • Sammy Blaze
    Sammy Blaze8 个月 前

    who puts a courgette in a burger? *puts a slice of PINEAPPLE on the burger*

  • FabulousKilljoy917
    FabulousKilljoy9178 个月 前

    I’m going to volunteer an idea: Mike is worse than Jamie at pass it on😂

  • Jānis Rutkovskis
    Jānis Rutkovskis8 个月 前

    this one was one of the best episodes you've done guys! had a good laugh. And yes - Do one with kitchen gadgets AND pretentious ingredients. :D

  • A Fischer
    A Fischer8 个月 前

    Should have quick pickled the zucchini/courgette.

  • 1968SBL
    1968SBL8 个月 前

    I wanted to buy that mayonnaise maker for my husband for Christmas, but you can't buy it in the US. Since you all hate it, can I have yours?

  • Gregory Shilov
    Gregory Shilov8 个月 前

    Honestly, Jamie should have been in the kitchen for the entire 50 mins.

  • Thomas Spratling
    Thomas Spratling8 个月 前

    Order: Shirt colour lightest to darkest Theme: Barry (Things that Barry has made in previous videos)

  • Wally Fraser
    Wally Fraser8 个月 前

    James needs to do a reaction video

  • Ann555
    Ann5558 个月 前

    Does Jamie understand numbers? 6.23 is a 6... So is 5.97 😂😂😂

  • Memoryburn
    Memoryburn8 个月 前

    I think yall need to do a version of Doorknock dinners an old Food Network show!

  • confused dullahan
    confused dullahan8 个月 前

    I kinda need them to review and eventually use a piggy pop tray 😶

  • 58Kym
    58Kym9 个月 前

    should have grilled the pineapple!

  • Abi R
    Abi R9 个月 前

    Not as much of a disaster as expected 😂

  • 1001crystals
    1001crystals9 个月 前

    When he said "we've got an aioli maker back there" I didn't know if it was a gadget or Ben

  • Karl Mckinney
    Karl Mckinney9 个月 前

    Pineapple curddled cheese? Oh! No! I didn't expect that

  • Ola74
    Ola749 个月 前

    I saw this clip and I couldn’t resist posting it here 😊 Pretentious gadgets??

  • Syrnian
    Syrnian9 个月 前

    8:12 ha ha ha