Mystery Box Challenge | Recreating Famous Signature Dishes: Omelette Arnold Bennett

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“SURELY an omelette can’t be that difficult to make?” These were the famous last words of Barry Taylor as Ben challenged him to make an Omelette Arnold Bennett in the way that it was once created in 1929, by Jean Baptiste Virlogeux, a chef from London’s Savoy Hotel. Be prepared for lots of flapping and kitchen chaos!
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  • Gayle Haeffner
    Gayle Haeffner2 天 前

    Barry did an outstanding job.

  • Jelleybean18
    Jelleybean188 天 前

    A comment for the algorithm :)

  • Ision Ensor
    Ision Ensor15 天 前

    Time pressure is an abomination to cooking..... removes all interest and learning ability. Think of how much you could have educated both Barry and us without all the flapping and time pressure rubbish.

  • Jennifer Renee
    Jennifer Renee22 天 前

    Barry saying at the end “you know what, it’s not just an omelette” lol

    BBNUNOY个月 前

    Can Jamie create a signature dish? All of the normals did! Good luck Jamie👍🏽😁

  • DrBadFish1
    DrBadFish1个月 前

    Cheese and fish just don't go together imo

  • Coffee Holic
    Coffee Holic个月 前

    I need more from this series

  • Peter Smith
    Peter Smith2 个月 前

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  • gregory carter
    gregory carter2 个月 前

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  • Richard Barrowclough
    Richard Barrowclough2 个月 前

    The french chef was Auguste Escoffier. The first and original celebrity chef.

  • cillian lehmann
    cillian lehmann2 个月 前

    What about a signature dish ultimate battle? It would be chaos, maybe there arent enough bowls in the studio

  • Tim Kattevilder
    Tim Kattevilder2 个月 前

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  • 1chellamae
    1chellamae2 个月 前

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  • Stenly Tryskacz
    Stenly Tryskacz3 个月 前

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  • khuang96
    khuang963 个月 前

    Is it mean of me if I miss seeing Barry being a mess and find it entertaining? 😅

  • Douglas Chapman
    Douglas Chapman3 个月 前

    You guys need to try to be more like 5 years ago---less drama (fake drama?) and more enjoyment.

  • Kekkelpenney Peckeltoot
    Kekkelpenney Peckeltoot3 个月 前

    We don’t like haddock, we make our version of this with pancetta! Great job!

  • Matt Marshall
    Matt Marshall3 个月 前

    To be fair Baz did a great job 👏👏

  • DD S
    DD S3 个月 前


  • mushi753
    mushi7533 个月 前

    Good work Barry!

  • D Thornton
    D Thornton3 个月 前

    The way those chives are cut makes me angry 😂

  • Kozack
    Kozack3 个月 前

    I think he made an absolute mess, but he did do it lol

  • sodapopmermaid
    sodapopmermaid3 个月 前

    you can see him, like a minute and a half in, go “oh, it’s just an omelette! I’ve made Omelettes before! this’ll be easy.”

  • Mel Walmsley
    Mel Walmsley3 个月 前

    Yummmm. Never heard of this omelette! Do more vids like this!

  • Debasmita Paul
    Debasmita Paul3 个月 前

    Jaime should do one of these now... it will be utter chaos....🤣

  • Rae Lewis
    Rae Lewis4 个月 前

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  • Helvetica09
    Helvetica094 个月 前

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    Stuart John4 个月 前

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    Mary Robinson4 个月 前

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  • Glen Pritchard
    Glen Pritchard4 个月 前

    Watching Barry trying to negotiate all the cookomg steps makes me think of silent movie comedies wher the hero is being overwhelmed wirh everyday demands.

  • Darcy van de Laar
    Darcy van de Laar4 个月 前

    that fridge being wobbled was trying me up the wall

  • MechaEmperor7000
    MechaEmperor70004 个月 前

    *Hears Bayleaf* *Boris Intensifies*

  • Issy Cho
    Issy Cho4 个月 前

    Totally read that as an omelet Benedict Arnold and was very curious how they made an omelet defect to the British

  • MintPanda
    MintPanda4 个月 前

    I wanted to laugh at the Barry bowl count, but then I realized that I literally am that person 😓sooooo… no comment

  • Meia
    Meia4 个月 前

    Why am I, a vegan, watching this? (Because it's entertaining, clearly)

  • barkergirl33
    barkergirl334 个月 前

    I'm worried Barry's bowl counting is going to turn into a regular thing. Sorry boys lol. Seriously though the omelet looked amazing, incredible job and please more challenges from this book.

  • stecky87
    stecky874 个月 前

    I like Ben's asides XD

  • sunflower
    sunflower4 个月 前

    Please do more things from this book! Really great to see how our "normals" have grown

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    sunflower4 个月 前

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    Eve Falla4 个月 前

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    Nicholas Hejmadi4 个月 前

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  • Saxe Coburg Gotha
    Saxe Coburg Gotha4 个月 前

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  • Saxe Coburg Gotha
    Saxe Coburg Gotha4 个月 前

    Woah great job Barry!

  • Gabriel Martins
    Gabriel Martins4 个月 前

    Fun fact: contrary to mayo, hollandaise emulsifies perfectly if you just dump all the ingredients in at the start and just whisk over simmering water. No need to drizzle the melted butter.

  • B Bowman
    B Bowman4 个月 前

    Ben's wobbly fridge Im loving in

  • simon hoare
    simon hoare4 个月 前

    Top work Fella.

  • Alice Maggio
    Alice Maggio4 个月 前

    I want to see an "Instant Pot" week of meals. That would be wonderful! They could be complicated meals made easier and faster because of the Instant Pot. Thanks for considering this.

  • timothy naquin
    timothy naquin4 个月 前

    5:28 minutes in... This whole video is to make fun of Barry... Should have gave the simple man an hour instead of 30 minutes... Still luv ya Barry

  • timothy naquin

    timothy naquin

    4 个月 前

    12:01 minutes in... This is the first challenge that others will be able to try to say if it is a pass or fail 😂😂😂

  • timothy naquin
    timothy naquin4 个月 前

    "made with precision and excellence" why did Barry get chosen for this? Jamie would have been a better choice to start this... Be advised I'm only 2 minutes in

  • scott rhodes
    scott rhodes4 个月 前

    Poor Barry-he always seems flummoxed when he is making a new dish but he manages to make meet the challenge. That omelette looks so delicious I have got to try to make it..

  • Garth
    Garth4 个月 前

    This is easy and Barry did okay however he didn't read. Yet this isn't the real dish :-(

  • The Food Tailor UK
    The Food Tailor UK4 个月 前

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  • zaubergarden
    zaubergarden4 个月 前

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    traveller284 个月 前

    Barry is da man, he slayed it!

  • Bones4Tank
    Bones4Tank4 个月 前

    So.... I bought this cookbook based off the guys' recommendations.... Could not be a more rediculously posh/useless cookbook. 80% of these recipes are purely the author's sole opinion that they're "essential recipes." So insanely, minutely regional. Maybe 7 recipes will be recognizable by the average person. $75 CAD for a book that honestly will not add anything approaching what I'd hoped to my repertoire.

    TEE DEE4 个月 前

    Good to see you guys are back.. Well kinda almost...😁🚶‍♂️ 🚶‍♂️ Should be counting the "Oh crap, Oh NO & Oh great" Lol! 😂 How many eggs did you use in there? All 12?? Thanks for the laughs! ♥️ Stay safe..

  • Allen DeWitt
    Allen DeWitt4 个月 前

    Also, you couldn't pay me to eat raw egg, not with the risks.

  • Narb
    Narb4 个月 前

    Please do a compare video. Compare your mid week packs app to other midweek meal products and bundle things

  • TheBigH
    TheBigH4 个月 前

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  • philippe valence
    philippe valence4 个月 前

    i've got to say, this is freaking hard to do for the first time in 3min :P

  • philippe valence

    philippe valence

    4 个月 前

    but he could save 5min on his hollandaise with just the gas burner and no hot water

  • Vestria
    Vestria4 个月 前

    Always love the Iconic Dishes! They're fascinating to watch and discover what dishes have been given the title :)

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    Watching Barry honestly makes my anxiety worse lol

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    PsychoArse4 个月 前

    Get the chefs and the normals to try out an instant pot

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    roseyapple914 个月 前

    Sorted you are absolute TONIC for the soul. Thank you so much to the team - this lock down would have been a heck of a lot different without you.

  • Jesse Dodkins
    Jesse Dodkins4 个月 前

    “A french chef” you mean Mean THE french chef, Escofier

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    Lila Jackman4 个月 前

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    teacupoctopus4 个月 前

    Barry's face at 4:00 is priceless. Lad knew he was in way over his head.

  • Arianddu
    Arianddu4 个月 前

    Weirdly, I can see this becoming Barry's personal signature "oo la la" dish: now he knows he can do it, and he's got an idea about how much needs to be done, and doesn't have a time limit to worry about, I can see him making this again and again, and getting really good at it.

  • Heysauce Mikehere
    Heysauce Mikehere4 个月 前

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    DigitalDistribution4 个月 前

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  • Peter Bright
    Peter Bright4 个月 前

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  • MsSupermegaawesome
    MsSupermegaawesome4 个月 前

    Ben's new sassy, no nonsense approach is the mood I'm adopting for the rest of this year.

  • Rachel Frumkin
    Rachel Frumkin4 个月 前

    Benjamin Ebberell being so judgy and shady on the sidelines, I'd to see you do the next one with a complicated dish and see how easy it is. Tsk Tsk Benjamin. Tsk Please read this with a huge dose of fake of....i can't think of the damn word right now but I hope you know what I mean.

  • obaroya
    obaroya4 个月 前

    What a great recipe! Barry did pretty well. He could've watched the omelette a little better as it broiled so it wouldn't get wo dark, but other than that, well done!

  • Patrick Burns
    Patrick Burns4 个月 前

    Berry did well, Ben is hilarious 😘

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    Tom Dupree4 个月 前

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    Barbara Danley4 个月 前

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    Matt Watkins4 个月 前

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    Blake Evans4 个月 前

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  • Ghouls Fury
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  • heckofabecca
    heckofabecca4 个月 前

    This was fantastic! I've never heard of this dish-I would love to see some more less-well-known dishes done in this format!

  • heckofabecca
    heckofabecca4 个月 前

    This was fantastic! I've never heard of this dish-I would love to see some more less-well-known dishes done in this format!

  • heckofabecca
    heckofabecca4 个月 前

    This was fantastic! I've never heard of this dish-I would love to see some more less-well-known dishes done in this format!