Poker Face Hot Sauce Food Challenge

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WATCH WITH CAUTION! We’re on a mission to find out who has the best poker face out of the guys, and there’s no better way to do that than challenging them eat the MOST FIERY HOT SAUCES we can track down. DO NOT try this at home!
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Flying Goose Sriracha:
Torch Bearer Zombie Apocalypse:
Blair’s Sudden Death in a Coffin:
Da Bomb Beyond Insanity:
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  • Alan Pereira
    Alan Pereira19 天 前

    Play the fermented foods poker challenge

  • B uppy

    B uppy

    2 天 前

    @SORTEDfood Contact Sandor Katz for some suggestions of unusual foods. He wrote a huge book on fermenting. Maybe you could even ferment your own. There is a beverage from fermented juniper berries which is quite good. No need to go disgusting.

  • Shara Tran

    Shara Tran

    4 天 前


  • Gaius Ang

    Gaius Ang

    7 天 前

    @SORTEDfood well could start easy with cheese tempeh miso tofu kimchi then slowly work up to surströmming!

  • 91anthonyD


    12 天 前

    @SORTEDfood obligatory sustroming and maybe the most instense cheese u can find. Search something called blue brain cheese

  • Hunter Davis

    Hunter Davis

    13 天 前

    @SORTEDfood Highly recommend seeing if you can get your hands on some Tai Pickled Mudfish for this, apparently the after taste slays.

  • Reaper4788
    Reaper47885 小时 前

    i worked in a kitchen where we used da bomb for our insanity wings that we even had a challenge for, but the hottest I have eve had was called The Source

  • Leslie Neufeld
    Leslie Neufeld17 小时 前

    With the chefs!!

  • DoctorMeatDic
    DoctorMeatDic18 小时 前

    Don't call chilli heat "spice". It has nothing to do with spice.

  • Robin Finesilver
    Robin Finesilver天 前

    Capsicum? :D :D :D That's not 42 Good Buddy, it's capsaicin. Jamie was the clear winner.

  • Kushagra Tiwari
    Kushagra Tiwari天 前

    The most frustrating part of eating hot peppers is that the entire sensation you feel is caused by a harmless chemical that ONLY EXISTS BECAUSE THE CHILI PLANTS DON'T WANNA BE EATEN. And we, as stupid humans, take joy in this and eat them anyway.

  • ValtorixAndSocion
    ValtorixAndSocion天 前

    prevent the capsicum he said lol.... its capsaicin lol

  • Christine Tuttle
    Christine Tuttle天 前

    Carolina Reaper or Scorpion Pepper

  • Ryan Hicks
    Ryan Hicks天 前

    Jamie was the only one who actually DRANK the bloody mary. Mike took like 3 baby sips and got the W. RIGGED

  • S Palmore
    S Palmore天 前

    Wait till the ring of fire later

  • Poloki Clash
    Poloki Clash天 前


  • Hafssana Habibo
    Hafssana Habibo天 前

    The cheffs should do it too

  • Debb Curry
    Debb Curry天 前

    Who else has watched this everyday since it was released. And more than one if feeling down.

  • Sandra Prz
    Sandra Prz天 前

    The hottest pepper I’ve ever had is a Peruvian rocoto pepper

  • Axel Lisenstain
    Axel Lisenstain天 前

    There's always someone on the table to talk about fat and capsaicin and I often make direct eye contact with them, not hearing a word and just wanting to rip my face off

  • Ivy Lilley
    Ivy Lilley天 前

    Mike becoming a We Happy Few character before our eyes

  • Ray19Ph
    Ray19Ph天 前

    anyone who watches "Hot Ones" will know that "da'bomb" chili sauce is just the sh*ttiest...

  • Nicole Brennecke Bienvenue
    Nicole Brennecke Bienvenue2 天 前

    That was actually not ‘pleasantly uncomfortable’ that was one of the funniest videos you guys have made! My cheeks are aching & I legit cried I was laughing so hard! TY three so much for torturing yourselves for our amusement! 🤣😉

  • Jess L
    Jess L2 天 前

    Beeeennnnnn it’s cap-say-sum not capsicum

  • Melissa Lambert
    Melissa Lambert2 天 前

    My Cable Co has a channel that has Happy Days show on. Have to tell you the theme song has a whole new meaning for me! I now always see Mike "Sunday, Monday, Happy Days...". So very funny!!!

  • LordPhiliam
    LordPhiliam2 天 前

    I enjoyed the I liked...but you gave Mike the point for the bloody Mary so I''m sending an unlike in spirit #jamiewasrobbed

  • stapuft
    stapuft2 天 前

    actually owning all these sauces (except the zombie one) i am also getting sympathy guys have my condolences for your taste buds.

  • stapuft
    stapuft2 天 前

    IMO "blairs sudden death", is almost worst than "the last dab"

  • Nickle
    Nickle2 天 前

    I have some dragon's blood. That's pure bio warfare.

  • Sc4rfch0mp
    Sc4rfch0mp2 天 前

    Anyone else wanna see Ben try a Carolina Reaper?

  • A non mouse
    A non mouse2 天 前

    Mike proves he's the most british of them all.

  • B uppy
    B uppy2 天 前

    Barry at 13:35, and at 18:07.

  • B uppy
    B uppy2 天 前

    Doing this to the normals, lol.

  • fudgepie94
    fudgepie942 天 前

    Do this with sour food!!!!

  • Erik Strömbom
    Erik Strömbom3 天 前

    Jamie won not mike

  • Benjamin Glaubinger
    Benjamin Glaubinger3 天 前

    The judging was so subjective (and frankly wrong). If you ever do a follow-up, a better way to set this up would be to have 3 of each thing per round labeled A, B and C, of which 1 is spicy and 2 not. It would be randomized so that neither the judges nor the contestant knows ahead of time which is the spicy one. Then, if the judges can't guess by the contestant's reaction which is the spicy one, a point is scored for each judge who is fooled.

  • Taco Burrit0
    Taco Burrit03 天 前

    Hottest ive had was a Carolina reaper hot sauce. Problem was it was much more liquid than most hot sauce, so when I went to put it in my noodles, I ended up with half the bottle. Still ate it but damn

  • Benjamin Wight
    Benjamin Wight3 天 前

    I would argue that Mike was not doing a proper Poker face. Jamie was.

  • beachmagnolia
    beachmagnolia3 天 前

    13:40 Me too buddy 😂🤣😂🤣

  • waspbr
    waspbr3 天 前

    Get the last dab sauce

  • TatoMaster
    TatoMaster3 天 前

    I couldn't stop laughing watching Barry laugh.

  • Rena Barker
    Rena Barker4 天 前

    omg thanks guys

  • Dave Winterbottom
    Dave Winterbottom4 天 前

    Is it okay that I skipped past Mike's promo interruption because I rewatched Baz farting about 10 times?

  • mez90b
    mez90b4 天 前

    My problem with dabomb is that it taste like shit. It's heat for the sake of heat with no real flavours that make it enjoyable.

  • Jaymes Peddie
    Jaymes Peddie4 天 前

    asking out of ignorance. Does the bell give Sorted any extra support on its own? I want every video already, so idk if the bell will add support.

  • Warren Huber
    Warren Huber4 天 前

    We have a bottle of Da Bomb sauce in our kitchen. We've had this bottle for 3 or 4 years now. It's about 1/3 gone. Because ALL you EVER need in any dish is to put a toothpick in the bottle and take it out smoothly (don't "scoop"!) and stir that into your dish. For a dish for 3 or 4 portions, that's plenty. For a dish for one, you'll want to do this near the beginning of your cooking process so it cooks off a bit more... and it may still be too much. I LOVE hot food - if it doesn't bite back it's not worth it! - but this stuff is /insane/.

  • Albin Lundholm
    Albin Lundholm4 天 前

    Jamie was easily the winner

  • Alex Johnson
    Alex Johnson4 天 前

    I can't wait for Part 2

  • Bangz Gritty
    Bangz Gritty4 天 前

    This is the funniest video I’ve seen from you guys

  • SORTEDfood


    4 天 前

    We're planning another with people's suggestions for other extremes.

  • Grant Butler
    Grant Butler5 天 前

    Mike barely even drank any of the last one while Jamie nearly finished his

  • Jessica B.
    Jessica B.5 天 前

    OMG i laughed so hard!!! Please do this again soon!

  • Jessica B.
    Jessica B.5 天 前

    i thoroughly enjoyed this video!!!

  • WarhammerGeek
    WarhammerGeek5 天 前

    I've seen Hot Ones. I know what that Beyond Insanity sauce does. Also, I know the comments are already filled with it but Mike did not have a poker face. The dude was freaking out. Doesn't matter he was pretending to be happy.

  • Mishy
    Mishy5 天 前

    Mike really doesn't deserve that win.

  • Ella S
    Ella S5 天 前

    Love this video

  • CrossRoad Art
    CrossRoad Art5 天 前

    If i could have liked this twice I would have. So I’ll comment instead. I needed that laugh 😂😂😂

  • Oktober
    Oktober5 天 前

    also a fun idea around this, only one of the meals is spiked each round and the contestands have to gues who has the spicy dish by looking for someone breaking pokerface.

  • Ms This is not it
    Ms This is not it5 天 前

    This is one of the most hilarious things I have seen on the internet.

  • Tanya Volansky
    Tanya Volansky5 天 前

    Your turn Ben 😈

  • Leila Simon
    Leila Simon5 天 前

    My aunt and uncle grew the Dorset Naga, which was the first to open up the world records for chilli heat back in 2005. Previously the record was about 500000 shu, but the Dorset Naga was over 1mill. It had now been beaten, but I feel no need to try any others! My brothers made hot sauce out of some, and the curry we made in the pan after it had been rinsed out was still the hottest I've eaten. ETA that these guys are a. crazy and b. very brave.

  • JackyLeags
    JackyLeags5 天 前

    That Da' Bomb sauce really knows how to tear a person apart from the inside, in a very extravagant way

  • Dennis Dawson
    Dennis Dawson5 天 前

    Their guts will thank them and their last sphincter will be dead!

  • Dennis Dawson
    Dennis Dawson5 天 前

    Where’s James at?

  • Dennis Dawson
    Dennis Dawson5 天 前

    Jaimes white scalp on the sides give his pain away. His forehead and cheeks are very red.

  • guitarherocloud
    guitarherocloud5 天 前

    I never comment on CNboth but just had to after watching this. I haven't laughed at 3 poor guys misfortune so much in my life! Keep up the fantastic work guys, I love your channel Now let's see the chefs do the exact same challenge!

  • Mimi Sau Connor
    Mimi Sau Connor6 天 前

    19:21 I'm loving it

  • Samantha Lanphar
    Samantha Lanphar6 天 前

    Mike was so funny!

  • Neptunes Rage
    Neptunes Rage6 天 前

    So, I have to disagree with some of those rulings. Should be going to whoever shows the least emotional response of all. Not just pretending to be happy lol

  • Hannah Cabage
    Hannah Cabage6 天 前

    Mike's performance in Round 3 is the best thing I have watched in a while.

  • Agent Arachnid
    Agent Arachnid6 天 前

    Century egg challenge next xD

  • Mireille M
    Mireille M6 天 前

    Since this video came online, I've at least came back 4 times to watch it again! Great job guys, thank you for all the laughs :)

  • sierra k
    sierra k6 天 前

    Dude I love spicy food, love the pain of the spice. It's funny that it's a poker face challenge cause I love not showing the spiciness on my face. Probably helps I have RBF 😂😂

  • Cheryl
    Cheryl6 天 前

    Jamie should’ve won that last round!

  • Sadia
    Sadia6 天 前

    Okay now we need the chefs to do this on Sunday 😂

  • RiTcHiE Rich
    RiTcHiE Rich6 天 前

    Should have went for the lemon slices to cancel out the heat with Da Bomb drink.. it's the Ultimate heat cancellation that's why gordan Ramsey uses it.. PS: Da Bomb and the previous one is just pure trash in terms of flavour...

  • Rebeca Stanca
    Rebeca Stanca6 天 前

    I haven't laughed so hard in ages! Thanks guys (especially Mike)!!

  • Sazime
    Sazime7 天 前

    Wait, where are you getting sweet sriracha? The original from Huy Fong isn't sweet at all (it's what we see in the US, primarily). And I really don't mean to be pedantic, but do you mean Capsaicin? Capsicum is the plant genus for peppers, Capsaicin is what causes the feeling of heat.

  • MorkSal
    MorkSal7 天 前

    You should have had each person try a different one at the same time, not knowing how spicy it was and then have them rank each item based on the others poker faces.

  • Erthe
    Erthe7 天 前

    Mikes like and subscribe interruption almost sounded like Janice

  • MaZEEZaM
    MaZEEZaM7 天 前

    Mike shouldn't have won the last round he barely had any of it.

  • Maykko
    Maykko7 天 前

    I once ate a naga chilli.. raw.. just.. straight off the plant... it hurt... a lot. Also Sour poker face challenge?

  • Mackenzie Reeves
    Mackenzie Reeves7 天 前

    I want to see the Chef's do the Fuego Box Choco Challenge. Having done it, it'd be interesting to see their opinions on the flavour composition of it.

  • Thenobletraveler
    Thenobletraveler7 天 前

    Ben a spastic..Mike should’ve gone extra round not won.

  • Witchslap
    Witchslap7 天 前

    funniest video of the year

  • Cameron retason
    Cameron retason7 天 前

    The music is annoying.

  • Randunu Fernando
    Randunu Fernando7 天 前

    We need more of these !!!

  • James Salazar
    James Salazar7 天 前

    Jamie drank the whole damn bloody mary

  • Urban Penguin
    Urban Penguin7 天 前

    I had to have a bottle of "The Last Dab" from Hot Ones. I recommend NOT eating a tablespoon of it in one go, like I did ☠️☠️☠️

  • YasminAmer
    YasminAmer8 天 前

    I need more of these! I cried laughing 😂. Maybe with the chefs next?

  • brandon hopfensperger
    brandon hopfensperger8 天 前

    Raw Carolina reaper. Wasn’t too bad.

  • QuiRkyyness
    QuiRkyyness8 天 前

    Ben and Jamie have to do this too. It's only fair.

  • Sherwyn Mathias
    Sherwyn Mathias8 天 前

    I laughed soo much whenever Mike was on. Also couldn't laugh out loud cuz it 4 am.

  • Shadewe
    Shadewe8 天 前

    That is a great Bloody Mary drink. I added Siracha Vodka with the pepper.

  • HearthJunkie
    HearthJunkie8 天 前

    18:32 comedy gold 🤣

  • AzEd Gaming
    AzEd Gaming8 天 前

    aight so every time i watch this and i watch this alot ... i cant wrap my head around siracha on eggs ....

  • Kay X.
    Kay X.8 天 前

    Try a sezchuan pepper chili mix, a lot of both... it’s awesome and deadly. And plays this funny trick on you’re tongue where everything tastes a lot more salty.

  • Sam boulton
    Sam boulton8 天 前

    Best content for a while!

  • MeekoChan
    MeekoChan8 天 前

    capsaicin is pronounce like cap saya sin xD ben kept saying capsicum xD

  • Hannu Ala-Olla
    Hannu Ala-Olla9 天 前

    About the first round - if there's nothing to hide, it's just a face.

  • Hannu Ala-Olla

    Hannu Ala-Olla

    8 天 前

    @SORTEDfood There probably should be some variation of this for chefs. Might not need to be with hot sauce, but some other challenge.

  • SORTEDfood


    9 天 前

    If Ben was eating it - there would still be stuff to hide!

  • Taylor Gault
    Taylor Gault9 天 前

    Y'all should do a crossover with Sean Evans from Hot Ones. I want to see Barry try The Last Dab.

  • khuang96
    khuang969 天 前

    19:22 🤣 Literally tears coming out of my eyes, also involuntary, no spice involved 😁

  • khuang96


    8 天 前

    @SORTEDfood indeed~ 😄

  • SORTEDfood


    9 天 前

    Haha - happy tears!

  • vterpan
    vterpan9 天 前

    Please put more hot stuff in Jamie's mouth!

  • khuang96
    khuang969 天 前

    11:59 that background music 😄 Mike absolutely powered through 👍

  • Taylor Downs
    Taylor Downs9 天 前

    I have some of "Da Bomb" at home after watching Hot Ones. It's one of the worst things you can eat... completely not worth it lol

  • SORTEDfood


    9 天 前

    Never worth it! The pain!

  • anonymousMist
    anonymousMist9 天 前

    I am in tears lol. Mike! Lol