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From YOUR amazing comments last time, here’s another reaction video! The Sorted gang REACT to the latest Pass It On recipe relay challenge. Oh the sheer disappointment. How long ‘til Janice gets up and leaves?
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  • anny4lfe
    anny4lfe3 天 前

    make more reacting videos to pass it on please

  • Cyber Kirby
    Cyber Kirby个月 前

    I miss these. Not only for the fun reactions but for the neat conversations they bring about like on the chef's mindset or on Ben's idea of courgette in a burger.

  • Add E
    Add E个月 前

    Ben would be right about the courgette... if courgette actually tasted good.

  • ScorpionWarlock
    ScorpionWarlock个月 前

    10:01 need those 10min + LUL

  • Christine Ware
    Christine Ware个月 前

    More of these, please. You could even do via zoom.

  • scott ward
    scott ward2 个月 前

    What is it? do they have some sort of deal With Pineapple growers that they have to force a pineapple in the every meal they prepare.

  • Debb Curry
    Debb Curry2 个月 前

    This video is my spirit animal video. If I'm feeling down I come to this.

  • jm329
    jm3292 个月 前

    What happened to the other ones?

  • Alice Wynn
    Alice Wynn2 个月 前

    please do more of these! 💕💕

  • Jack L
    Jack L2 个月 前

    Late to comment but there's an idea, alphabet of ingredients. 26 ingredients in 50 minutes. All starting with a different letter of the alphabet. Each guy crosses letters off as they use them.

  • Cal H
    Cal H2 个月 前

    Now they've seen where each other went wrong, I think they should retry this pass it on to see if they could make it right ... In fact, I think they should now revisit every pass it on recipe they've ever failed and try to make it right in a replay!!!

  • Sheepdog Smokey
    Sheepdog Smokey3 个月 前

    Ummmm, @SORTEDfood - I would LOVE to see an un-edited, full 50+ minute, Pass It On video!

  • Christopher Van Meier
    Christopher Van Meier3 个月 前

    Idea Suggestion--Each of the normals, without an idea, must select two ingriedients, then the first chef must select meat (?), the second chef pust it al together into an omelette

  • Walter Cunningham
    Walter Cunningham3 个月 前

    Please react more

  • DatCreepyUnicorn
    DatCreepyUnicorn4 个月 前

    I love the reaction videos! But it's weird that pineapple seems to curdle American cheese?! Caus as a German u grew up with toast Hawaii, which is toast, ham, American plastic cheese and pineapple (and it's the only way I'll eat pineapple tbh) - and it works?! (Also Germans love toast Hawaii so much there's a whole song going "das ist der Hawaii Toast, Toast Hawaii schmeckt allen gut...")

  • tomtomkk
    tomtomkk4 个月 前

    Reaction for pass it ons and translation recipe videos would be sound!

  • Steven York
    Steven York4 个月 前

    Do this again. Then do a Drunk PIO

  • Mike Carfi
    Mike Carfi4 个月 前

    The fails are just as fun, if not more fun, to watch. Thanks guys!

  • C0unterP4rts
    C0unterP4rts4 个月 前

    please make the planned burger as leveled up =)

  • Matt Davis
    Matt Davis5 个月 前

    Oddly enough, in Australia, a burger “with the lot” has an egg, bacon, processed cheese, pineapple and beetroot. And it works beautifully.

  • Samara Bergstein
    Samara Bergstein5 个月 前

    Please do more of these. Even in quarantine

  • Imagen Larson
    Imagen Larson5 个月 前

    Please keep doing this!! This is great, and I love watching you guys see what the others did and laughing and/or judging them on it.

  • FD
    FD5 个月 前

    Where's James?

  • Ryan Eakins
    Ryan Eakins5 个月 前

    I also get confused between courgette and aubergine, because I call them zucchini and eggplant.

  • Shaun Oleary
    Shaun Oleary5 个月 前

    It never even occurred to me that some of you wouldn't have seen the final edit. I love this insight.

  • F F
    F F5 个月 前

    Oh god you guys are the best. Sorted Food is not just about food but most importantly about your friendship and team work. I believe this is the core of your channel. All love and respect form your little fan to you all and hope to see you with bigger achievements. Fatima from Oman 🇴🇲 🙏🏼

  • Rowan Tree
    Rowan Tree5 个月 前

    Love the reaction videos

  • R 85
    R 855 个月 前

    Barry hanging his head at the words "if you'd like to see more of these" 😹 aww buddy!

  • Kayleigh Lehrman
    Kayleigh Lehrman5 个月 前

    I just noticed this but what's up with Business Barry? Red blazer over grey turtleneck?

  • Shadow Gamer
    Shadow Gamer6 个月 前

    Mike ruined it by putting out the pineapple corer.

  • Ole Palnatoke Andersen
    Ole Palnatoke Andersen6 个月 前

    Do a parallel relay.

  • Benjamin Li
    Benjamin Li6 个月 前

    They should do one where they all get the same ingredients and see what they make out of it (including the chefs!)

  • Cyber Kirby
    Cyber Kirby6 个月 前

    I think, if they ever do this Pass It On Reaction videos again, they should finish it by cooking or just showing off an 'ideal version' of the dish they intended to make.

  • A Fischer
    A Fischer7 个月 前

    Watching Barry chop mushrooms is so nerve racking. CLAW TECHNIQUE. They have James and Ben there everyday... How has this problem not been solved!?

  • AdraicStarks
    AdraicStarks7 个月 前

    I think the reason none of the rest of them thought to do the slaw was because each of the gadgets they were left forced them down a particular direction with adding an element to the burger, so doing side dishes was pushed further from their minds until Mike thought of it & brought out the pineapple slicer, so maybe a good chunk of the blame can be put on Jamie for that?

  • Lovely Ross Bartolata
    Lovely Ross Bartolata7 个月 前

    More reaction videos plssssss

  • Corman947072
    Corman9470727 个月 前

    I want more of these LMAO

  • Hlynur Kristjánsson
    Hlynur Kristjánsson7 个月 前

    what about an "uncut" pass it on. All 50 min

  • Bethany H
    Bethany H7 个月 前

    So glad you are doing these! So funny!

  • Flx
    Flx8 个月 前

    7:24 yes. yes it was.

  • Liz H
    Liz H8 个月 前

    I've recently noticed your tattoos.... you should to a pass-it-on with the order determined by number of tattoos.

  • Daniel Barabasz
    Daniel Barabasz8 个月 前

    You guys should review your "pass-it-on" more often. That would let you improve your performance a lot (I think... There's also a possibility it'll worsen)

  • Louie
    Louie8 个月 前

    In basic man's terms, Acid is what causes milk to curdle. Cheese = milk. Cheese on pineapple = curdled cheese. This happened in another video where (I think it was Mike? put lemon juice and milk together in something he was making (honestly who knows which video) and it curdled and he had to remake it.

  • Dameduse823
    Dameduse8238 个月 前

    Funny as this is I'd have loved to see James's reaction to this since he wasn't a part of it.

  • 09yulstube
    09yulstube8 个月 前

    Does any of the guys edit Pass It On?

  • Claire Pettie
    Claire Pettie8 个月 前

    The "FOOD TREND Recipe Relay Challenge | Pass It On Ep. 6" is the funniest one - I'd love to see a reaction to that. My other favorite is 2018's "5 Festive Foods Nobody Needs" (the one where Mike liked the dessert cheese platter,) which would also make for an excellent React video.

  • Lei Knudsen
    Lei Knudsen8 个月 前

    Ben is too pure for this world

  • Twistian Box
    Twistian Box8 个月 前

    Hey guys i would like to see a version of this where you each get 10-15 minutes to do a dish but not knowing what the others have made. just using a very loose theme. just to see what kind of a mess iit will be in the end.

  • Felicity Cook
    Felicity Cook8 个月 前

    I think doing an a b C's of food would be good. Each episode focus on a letter or 2 (a + z, b+y etc.) And try and create a dish with as many "a" foods/ingredients as possible!

  • Diana Giles
    Diana Giles8 个月 前

    Love how much fun you all have together! I saw a gadget I think needs testing: The Fred Pizza Boss 3000 Circular Paw Pizza Wheel. I saw it at a high end shop, but it's available on Amazon for 18.99.

  • Wally Fraser
    Wally Fraser8 个月 前

    Maybe a make it right video where after the reaction video you go back and make it how I should have been done

  • onequartercanadian
    onequartercanadian8 个月 前

    Cloud eggs and poached eggs, what’s Barry’s deal with eggs?? 🥚😂

  • faatman42
    faatman428 个月 前

    do a pass it on where everyone goes twice but half the time and where it goes up the order then down.... like 1,2,3,4,5,5,4,3,2,1

  • Nona Mackenzie
    Nona Mackenzie9 个月 前

    I love the shade at the pineapple and cheese, when McDonalds literally had a "burger" that was a slice of pineapple and a slice of cheese on a bun. I mean it didn't last long, but that made it to market.

  • Golden Polarbear
    Golden Polarbear9 个月 前

    I love there pass it on video's and it's great that they can just sit down as friends and have a good laugh about everything

  • Annie Laurie Nichols
    Annie Laurie Nichols9 个月 前

    Pass it on: Each person can send ONE text to the person after them, but it may only contain 5 characters and they must be emoji.

  • Bobbi Bridgeman
    Bobbi Bridgeman9 个月 前

    I would love it if you did a redemption video for this meal (NOT Pass It On style). When you heard Jamie's description at the beginning, you all agreed that it sounded amazing. It would be really fun to see it done right with a recipe added to the site.

  • Dee
    Dee9 个月 前

    Hey guys, I came across this video - you should test these products!

  • sunayna4sho
    sunayna4sho9 个月 前

    Can you do a pass it on with pretentious items only?

  • SâGâR Råwãt
    SâGâR Råwãt9 个月 前

    Where's the one missing??

  • Helen Lee
    Helen Lee9 个月 前

    I’m crying. Love the behind the scenes commentary and thought process explanation

  • Sophie Tucker
    Sophie Tucker9 个月 前

    Ben's face after Jamie trolls his courgette 😂😂😂

  • Lee -
    Lee -9 个月 前

    Another reaction!!

  • username_unavailable
    username_unavailable9 个月 前

    I love how Ben tries to be a little bit positive at the end by saying the flavors were alright but then proceeds to list like a dozen different things that were terrible. (Also, pineapple is very acidic. Acid and dairy don't mix.)

  • Sarah Mooney
    Sarah Mooney9 个月 前

    More of this!!!

  • Angelous Mortis
    Angelous Mortis9 个月 前

    More of these, I would LOVE more of these.

  • Rose Hill
    Rose Hill9 个月 前

    We need more reviews of pass it on love love loved it! Grilled pineapple on a burger works usually u have cheese with lettuce between them. We have them here in aus all the time Pass it on idea. Each must use a spice Each turn

  • flo
    flo9 个月 前


  • bloemundude
    bloemundude9 个月 前

    So, the lesson here is: Complete and utter failure will net you twice as much YT revenue and views. There's a message for the kiddies.

  • Archit Barve
    Archit Barve9 个月 前

    The order: Number of wins for each lad in Chef vs Chef, Normal vs Normal vs Normal and Chef vs Normal

  • Erica
    Erica9 个月 前

    Pass it on redemption! Same dish different order...maybe a pass?

  • Nuglar
    Nuglar9 个月 前

    Yeah. More of these please!

  • Alisha
    Alisha9 个月 前

    You guys should do a Throwback Thursday and watch old Pass It On videos

  • Randi Morse
    Randi Morse9 个月 前

    I LOVED the reaction video!! Please keep them coming!

  • alida flus
    alida flus9 个月 前

    I wanted James to react to this since he wasn't there

  • eveecooper
    eveecooper9 个月 前

    The moment all 3 shout at Ben 'you're holding it upside down!!' Oh what it is to be the knowledgable ones! ;)

  • ItsSjay
    ItsSjay9 个月 前

    😂😂 this is a crack up boys!! Bloody funny 🤣👌🏽

  • Lana Signal
    Lana Signal9 个月 前

    Haha love the break down. More pass it on and pass it on react

  • alida flus

    alida flus

    9 个月 前

    We need a vid with Ollie! See how much hes grown and if he likes Ben's vegetable crisps now!

  • Kaz Gator
    Kaz Gator9 个月 前

    Do a 2v2 Chef battle with a normal to handicap each of them

  • ConnorSinclairCavin
    ConnorSinclairCavin9 个月 前

    The specific acid in pineapple and the specific main protein in american cheese start a mild reaction, however this is accelerated by the temperature, and the lamb fat reacts in a similar way to the cheese and produces a byproduct that then speeds up the cheese’s reaction as a catalyst and additionally then reacts with that produced material to cause the flavor to become far more extreme through a secondary breakdown. Additionally charred american cheese tends to have a bitter acrid flavor unlike other charred cheeses, and this is enhanced not complimented by the reaction you caused. Further note: the capsaicin from the pepper likely reacted to the carbonic residue in the charred cheese to make the bitter notes even stronger yet.

  • Felipe Proto
    Felipe Proto9 个月 前

    Adds 63.9% more fun to the original video

  • Bronte Germain
    Bronte Germain9 个月 前

    Love this! I always think how funny it will be when you guys watch back and see each other totally misinterpreting where you tried to direct the recipe. More pls!!

  • YouWalkedBy
    YouWalkedBy9 个月 前

    Wonderful! I think you should do this again maybe with a Beat the Chef.

  • Dean C
    Dean C9 个月 前

    Barry looking like a 70’s spy inspired H&M mannequin

  • natascha tänzer
    natascha tänzer9 个月 前

    Hi Boys! I Love your videos! My idea: Create a menue of leftover food. Maby of the meat and vegetables on holiday. You always coock with fresh things. Take well coocked and create something different. Would this be a challange for you? Greetings 👍🙋🏻‍♀️💋 from Berlin!

  • JannieJubille
    JannieJubille9 个月 前

    This is a video I would like a re-do with all the ingredients but with a recipe cause it sounds good!

  • Buttered Toast
    Buttered Toast9 个月 前

    Do more of these! It was hilarious

  • aola wili
    aola wili9 个月 前

    Pass it on idea: Jamie's daughter comes in and choose 15 ingredients that the guys should be cooking.

  • Laura J W
    Laura J W9 个月 前

    Yeah. This funny. Do more. Woop

  • sierraseven
    sierraseven9 个月 前

    I really should NOT have watched either of these videos today ... two days after injuring a rib. I had to pause the reaction video - I just had to rest from laughing for a minute.

  • sierraseven


    9 个月 前

    @aola wili Who, me? Did you mean that SortedFood should do a video like that? Try adding a new comment, rather than replying to someone else's, if you're making a show suggestion. I really don't agree with your idea, though. If a procedure more common to a lab than to a kitchen actually makes better food, great. But doing play-science does not, in my opinion, make better food.

  • aola wili

    aola wili

    9 个月 前

    Please do a "science-food" themed video. With liquid nitrogen (if cryogenic liquids arent to dangerous), Erlenmeyer-flasks, pipetts, pure citric acid and all the fun equipment

  • Cats Lover
    Cats Lover9 个月 前

    We need a vid with Ollie! See how much hes grown and if he likes Ben's vegetable crisps now!

  • BDBD16
    BDBD169 个月 前

    That burger should be made for real now.

  • Gareth Keane
    Gareth Keane9 个月 前

    An extra dose of Sorted? I'm a big supporter of that. #moreplease

  • William Doane
    William Doane9 个月 前

    I'd love to see a version of pass it on based on something Ben hinted at years ago: Gantt Chart cooking. Have a pass it on where each person tries to work to plan, rather than the chaos of "what's going on here?!"

  • William Doane
    William Doane9 个月 前

    I enjoy the pass it on videos, but wish some habits would show up: each person ALWAYS check the oven, stove top, microwave, and fridge; so often one of you misses something offered by others.

  • Talatharas
    Talatharas9 个月 前

    Wanna see the food gadgets.. except the chefs pick the gadgets and get the others to guess/decide :D a revenge episode :D

  • Prettipanda
    Prettipanda9 个月 前

    Random side request Please bring back BUTT FIRST 😂🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾🤗😁 Just once or always 😟🥺😋 Thanks Nat Nat

  • bilinas mini
    bilinas mini9 个月 前

    Pass it on idea: Jamie's daughter comes in and choose 15 ingredients that the guys should be cooking.

  • Riley Parham
    Riley Parham9 个月 前

    You should make a new series from pass it on videos where you take the "recipe" from old, failed pass it on's and try to make it work as a new, complete dish

  • stecky87
    stecky879 个月 前

    I like how they *all* have the same reaction when Ben says he has the cleanest mind XD

  • bilinas mini

    bilinas mini

    9 个月 前

    Wow! English twits who think they know something about cooking and or gadgets, do they think there english accent makes them sound smart no it doesn't how sadd.