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Who else loves PORK PIES as much as we do? It’s a traditional English meat pie that’s filled with pork, surrounded by a layer of jelly and cased inside a hot water crust pastry. The perfect accompaniment to a cold pint of lager... and the perfect battle dish for our normals, Barry and Jamie.
Watch them go head to head in the ULTIMATE cook off and comment down below to let us know who your winner is!
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  • Kiro
    Kiro7 天 前

    7:29 **nods**

  • The Cigar Box State Street
    The Cigar Box State Street7 天 前

    Berry wins

  • Kmann !
    Kmann !19 天 前

    Recipe less cheese soufflé

  • Theo Roberts
    Theo Roberts21 天 前

    Jamie looked like Smeagol when the pie came out of the mold

  • 1KillerQueen3
    1KillerQueen321 天 前

    Pork pies are amazing with "Salsa valentina" 👍 just in case any mexican sees this comment hahaha

  • Michael Johnson
    Michael Johnson个月 前

    Took me to the end of the video to realize that by jelly, they meant gelatin

  • IceFIsh
    IceFIsh个月 前

    tiny tip probably know about it anyway add some lemon zest to the meat mixture brings out the flavours well

  • Squish
    Squish个月 前

    I had no idea pork pie was served cold with a layer of jelly inside. Neat. Have you Sorted boys ever had a Chinese baked cha sui bao (bbq pork bun)? I prefer the baked ones over the steamed ones. Same general concept of a baked good filled with pork that can easily be taken somewhere and eaten in hand, but worlds flavour, texture, etc.

  • New Roman
    New Roman个月 前

    "Biiiiiiig flour?" Im deceased

  • Lukas Brodérus
    Lukas Brodérus个月 前

    They are starrting at the same time why the fuck are u timing them individualy like WTF

  • Scott Part Time Chef
    Scott Part Time Chef个月 前

    looks great

  • Nilay Patel
    Nilay Patel个月 前

    Fridgecam... that's not in the fridge?

  • Sophia Petersen
    Sophia Petersen个月 前

    I like the idea of the jelly through the meat. Mind you in New Zealand we rarely eat pork pies. We do have a tradition of eating a lot of pies and the English pork pie is more like a pork sausage roll in a pie pastry.

  • Whistling Banshee
    Whistling Banshee个月 前

    I stand by, Jamie is the best at these Recipieless challenges and keeps getting fluked out of the win by Barry.

  • Thessarabian
    Thessarabian2 个月 前

    How about having them do a Swiss roll- the one that looks like a log with sugar 'cobwebs'

  • Timber Steamer
    Timber Steamer2 个月 前

    Lets ruin their day. Recipeless molecular gastronomy. Give them the stuff, and send em off to make whatever they want

  • Joe Roberts
    Joe Roberts2 个月 前

    I love these guys but the movements of Ben’s mouth when he talks grinds on me 😂 that said I do love these videos!

  • Chumbus Wumbus
    Chumbus Wumbus2 个月 前

    They should try to make Elvis Presley's wedding cake, it's in the recipe book "Are You Hungry Tonight"

  • 832JY
    832JY2 个月 前

    Why not make recipeless cronut?? Want to see their reactions 😂

  • Christian Slowik
    Christian Slowik2 个月 前

    What is cider ... apple cider?

  • Oskar Holm Beuschel

    Oskar Holm Beuschel

    17 小时 前

    yeah I don't think they make many other ciders.

  • Francesca Andreou
    Francesca Andreou2 个月 前

    Why do they have the pies cold ???

  • Patrick O'Donnell
    Patrick O'Donnell2 个月 前

    Is this recipe the same as their previously published one, simply substituting cider for the stock? I have a family member who will no longer use break rooms, and I'm looking for items I can send she'll enjoy cold or room temp.

  • Patrick O'Donnell

    Patrick O'Donnell

    2 个月 前

    I just answered my own question. Different recipes..... the old one includes a "disk of chicken for instance.

  • Morgan Taylor
    Morgan Taylor2 个月 前

    On the subject of a sweet recipe that may be complicated(!) - and if you're still looking for recipe books to dip into - if you can get hold of a copy of "A Year of Victorian Puddings" (originally published as "Everybody's Pudding Book" in 1862) by Georgiana Hill, I'd love to see something from that. It's got a touch of the 1914-cookbook about it, but it does actually have instructions... of a sort. Plus, it'd be interesting to see how the boys cope with imperial measures and Victorian terminology... ^^ Other than that; great videos! Do love a pork pie! ^^

  • Feez for Real
    Feez for Real2 个月 前

    Idk about this one I think the one that taste better should have one pork pies looked ugly anyway you don’t order them for looks

  • Kyle W
    Kyle W2 个月 前

    Jesus Ebers ever heard of sun screen lol

  • KirbyLonestar
    KirbyLonestar2 个月 前

    Have the lads done a recipe-less tiramisu yet?

  • Ainomaria Korhonen
    Ainomaria Korhonen2 个月 前

    Recipeless lemon meringue pie!

  • Ashley Zee
    Ashley Zee2 个月 前

    Do a recipe-less crepe cake!!

  • Oliver NP
    Oliver NP2 个月 前

    You should try creating mille-feuille

  • Charlie Mio
    Charlie Mio2 个月 前

    Cold pies!? Is that another british thing? I prefer the Australian way: Blisteringly hot pies and freezing cold beer to remedy burns to the top of the mouth.

  • FabulousKilljoy917
    FabulousKilljoy9172 个月 前

    Don’t we ALWAYS enjoy it more than you do

  • thelostzelda
    thelostzelda2 个月 前

    The look of "fuck you" on Jamie's face when they said his pie was the tastiest but he lost because of aesthetics . XD

  • Chooibah
    Chooibah2 个月 前

    From my numerous decades on this planet, I've realised that the primary role of a pork pie is to deliver loads of Colmans English mustard

  • Alfred Lawson
    Alfred Lawson2 个月 前

    Baked Alaska recipe less

  • Ave_Muse_Mage
    Ave_Muse_Mage2 个月 前

    I've never had a pork pie, that looks so good, I want to try it

  • Sterling Godwin
    Sterling Godwin2 个月 前

    Fun Pork Pie Fact: I use to work in a casino and the marker used to indicate the winning number on roulette is called a dolly, when pork pies are moulded they use a wooden mold called a dolly

  • Choco Late
    Choco Late2 个月 前

    English or British food is so weird

  • Sarah Bell
    Sarah Bell2 个月 前

    James and Ben are both burned... makes me think they went somewhere together

  • Miriam Gross
    Miriam Gross2 个月 前

    Is there a place where this recipe is posted?

  • Praveen Mathews
    Praveen Mathews2 个月 前

    Thanks Jamie, now every time my cat shoves her ass in my face I think of pork pies.

  • crosswarrior7
    crosswarrior72 个月 前

    Real Question: What distinguishes "chefs" and "normals" anymore? These "normals" have been cooking for a living for 10 years now. Isn't that a chef???

  • Bird on Buffalo
    Bird on Buffalo2 个月 前

    lemon meringue pie PLEAAAAASSSSEEE

  • PaxPirate
    PaxPirate2 个月 前

    YES to something sweet and complicated for next recipeless!

  • Stephanie Contreras
    Stephanie Contreras2 个月 前

    a traditional entremet

  • jonowee
    jonowee2 个月 前

    Is that a bucket in the sink? Really though, after all these years, plumb in your sink.

  • Kai Hennig
    Kai Hennig2 个月 前

    Jamie Vs. Barry - Charlotte Russe - Recipe less. Lets go!

  • Roger Boyer Jr
    Roger Boyer Jr2 个月 前

    Baklava!!!! Recipeless! Barry and Jamie!

  • Ben Nesbitt
    Ben Nesbitt2 个月 前

    Idk, is not a tapestry. If Jamie's tasted better then it's better.

  • Jaime Price
    Jaime Price2 个月 前

    When your uncooked pork pie looks a bit short, stout and pornographic 😳

  • All The Artsy
    All The Artsy2 个月 前

    Wait, do you eat pork pies cold? Out of the fridge? That seems stupid. Or, are they left in the fridge only for however long it takes the jelly to set, and then taken out, left and eaten at room temp? They're not eaten hot?

  • Macey
    Macey2 个月 前

    I like how they didn't talk about the result and just said it. Makes it more fun! Should do it more often

  • Khara Brown
    Khara Brown2 个月 前

    recipeless macarons

  • MysterioMask
    MysterioMask2 个月 前

    This is supposed to be about food. If Jamies had tasted better how was it that he did not win? Im a bit confused on that.

  • RoysFlameKitten
    RoysFlameKitten2 个月 前

    A recipeless Swedish Princess Cake. Those things are so daunting I can imagine it being even worse without a recipe!

  • Chris Wheeller
    Chris Wheeller2 个月 前

    Excellent challenge, I really enjoyed this one and well done to both of them. How about next time they try Pastel de nata?

  • Handrup
    Handrup2 个月 前

    Balck man

  • Handrup


    2 个月 前

    Blak man*

  • Handrup


    2 个月 前

    Slack man*

  • Danie Weaver
    Danie Weaver2 个月 前

    Make an giant snickers bar!!!

  • Steve Brettell
    Steve Brettell2 个月 前

    SPAM is spiced pork. The gelatin cooks out of the SPAM as it cooks. Bet it does here too.

  • Michael Phillips
    Michael Phillips2 个月 前

    Japanese Strawberry Shortcake. i tried this recipe and it failed AMAZINGLY ... would love to see your guys attempt and/or recipeless attempt haha

  • bottled teardrops
    bottled teardrops2 个月 前

    Get the guys to make a Bedfordshire clanger

  • 2008 Sonja Niederer
    2008 Sonja Niederer2 个月 前

    How about letting them try making a Baumkuchen?

  • Mr Krimson
    Mr Krimson2 个月 前

    was thinking they spoiled the vid int he thumbnail, chuffed to find out thats just the example =p

  • elania is loving life
    elania is loving life2 个月 前

    beans on toast

  • tsin ning lau
    tsin ning lau2 个月 前

    I want to see Mike in there!

  • Living Dead Cakes
    Living Dead Cakes2 个月 前

    Oh Ben

  • Matthew Butner
    Matthew Butner2 个月 前

    Have the normals do something from the book Ratio: The Simple Codes Behind the Craft of Everyday Cooking . It will give them the foundation to make something but then have them get creative with the fats, flour, flavors, etc.

  • Lizra66
    Lizra662 个月 前

    I cringed seeing Jamie work food with a cut on his hand.

  • John Doe
    John Doe2 个月 前

    On the one hand, I thought that traditionally the jelly was made specifically from the pigs’ trotters, but that could be my memory failing. On the other hand, thank you guys for making the continuing lockdown a little less oppressive (do you boil hot-water pastry🤣) More of: pass it on, recipe-less, pretentious ingredients, gadgets, and blind tasting of ingredients, please. Thanking you in advance. P.S. Did anyone else think Barry’s looked a bit . . . dirty? Or do I just have a filthy mind?

  • Pigdogg24
    Pigdogg242 个月 前

    I'd like to see them make a flaming bomb Alaska

  • Reehana Taj
    Reehana Taj2 个月 前

    "It looks like a mud hut" hilarious!

  • Nanometer Bee
    Nanometer Bee2 个月 前

    South African Milk Tarts!!! They are delicious.

  • Annabel Smyth
    Annabel Smyth2 个月 前

    For the next recipeless cook-off, how about jam doughnuts? Of course, they have to make the jam, too.

  • andro fanatic
    andro fanatic2 个月 前

    I don't know why I'm watching this I. Can't even eat pork

  • Nikki van Zanen
    Nikki van Zanen2 个月 前

    How about you guys try that layered chocolate cake recipeless? That'll be fun to watch

  • Kit Ten
    Kit Ten2 个月 前

    9:06 check out the James’s biceps tho 🥰

  • sanabachi
    sanabachi2 个月 前

    A pass it on where 1 person has to change what the dish is without being caught at the end!

  • Holy_Mess
    Holy_Mess2 个月 前

    I'm so thankful that you type out the captions instead of using voice recognition software like other channels do. It's much easier for me to focus when there aren't as many mistakes in the transcript. I think of the deaf community often because of this and, if they're here, then I hope they feel welcome. Big love to whoever does that for us and everyone else who may be hiding out of sight. 😊 Later! 💜💚

  • Vickie Detjen
    Vickie Detjen2 个月 前

    The guys should make opera cake without a recipe!

  • Nikkosol
    Nikkosol2 个月 前

    Can you guy try and make some KETO food?🤪 Would be soooo fantastic motivation for people on that diet (like me)

  • Sam Butler
    Sam Butler2 个月 前

    Both did a cracking job! Fair to say they're pretty far from normals now

  • macbaar
    macbaar2 个月 前

    Ben... sun burn or lobster fan?

  • Daniel Hauswirth
    Daniel Hauswirth2 个月 前

    Recipe less very cherry ghirardelli Chocolate cheesecake, made at Cheesecake Factory restaurants

  • sheccabaw
    sheccabaw2 个月 前

    *Ben:* Here's a clue. It's the first five steps of the recipe.

  • gigi
    gigi2 个月 前

    i want to see a pass it on but like pikicast! where they can’t exceed 70 decibels and if they do there’s a penalty

  • Scott Ott
    Scott Ott2 个月 前

    Have them make candies. Divinity, Truffles, Caramel Corn, etc. Barry did win this one clearly, but I'd eat Jamie's too.

  • PirateRadioDude
    PirateRadioDude2 个月 前

    Im just going to state the obvious but Barry’s pie look like a penis. The hole at the top and the seepage that came out thru it doesnt help.

  • Xeno
    Xeno2 个月 前

    Barry struggling to speak because the pastry is dry @12:41 🤣

  • Benjamin Klahn
    Benjamin Klahn2 个月 前

    Next challenge: chocolate covered honeycomb candy. It involves hot sugar and a candy thermometer for the honeycomb and tempering chocolate for the coating. Lots of precise temperature control required.

  • Chow Tak Wei
    Chow Tak Wei2 个月 前

    Old Sorted Recipes turned vegetarian/vegan, please!

  • randomdogdog
    randomdogdog2 个月 前

    A sweet thing recipe less... Sweet and sour pork is sweet...

  • Xanthopteryx
    Xanthopteryx2 个月 前

    Next: Swedish meatballs.

  • Trick S.
    Trick S.2 个月 前

    A face-palming James would be great as motivational poster in the kitchen of a lot of us normals / home cooks. (and one of Izzy somewhere else, to cheer you up, when your dish tastes ok but looks a mess)

  • dystopika
    dystopika2 个月 前

    British Topher Grace pulls out the win...

  • Tamarra Angelstyles
    Tamarra Angelstyles2 个月 前

    so u eat them cold??

  • Lynn Luna
    Lynn Luna2 个月 前

    I often make hot water crust pies and I always add a small amount of icing sugar to the pastry as it adds an extra crispness to it and the tiny amount of sweeteness improves the flavour against the spiced pork.

  • Daniel Ellis
    Daniel Ellis2 个月 前

    Did Ben fall asleep in the sun? #sunburnt

  • Charmaine Eng
    Charmaine Eng2 个月 前

    gosh I do love myself a pork pie

  • BlackCat2
    BlackCat22 个月 前

    Sweet and complicated brings only one thing to my mind and it is one of my favorites - Tiramisu - Heidi

  • Maple Chan
    Maple Chan2 个月 前

    Ben...I don't know if it's the video camera...but you got some sun! 😳😳

  • Anna Meyer
    Anna Meyer2 个月 前

    testify equal exist flame store administrative properly appreciate everyone.