Recreating Famous Chefs' Signature Dishes!?! | Thomas Keller's Oysters and Pearls

DIY 和生活百科

Today we challenge our chef, Ben, and normal, Mike, to recreate a famous chef’s signature dish. The michelin starred Thomas Keller has crafted his iconic Oysters and Pearls restaurant dish to perfection. Can we get close?
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  • SORTEDfood
    SORTEDfood7 个月 前

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  • Janani


    7 个月 前

    @Mark McGuire call them home cooks so they weren't professionally trained but they are still good

  • mathis urien

    mathis urien

    7 个月 前

    to keep it relevant as well as helping out people who need it, how about doing a video on cooking during the current panic buying. cooking a meal with whatever is left on the shelves of the local supermarket. my local supermarket has no eggs, pasta, rice, tomatoes(they are out of both fresh and tinned), no baked beans and the meat section only had smoked mackeral and a few ready meals left. i couldn't even put together a proper meal tonight due to an inability to come up a way of putting things together. i watched this video while eating a plate of lettuce, peas and white bread with mackeral, does that even qualify as a meal?

  • Austin Wilder

    Austin Wilder

    7 个月 前

    Hey can I send a cookbook to you guys to try?

  • Sheepdog Smokey

    Sheepdog Smokey

    7 个月 前

    I'd love to see a Chef and a "normal" (together or separately, no time limit) try to make a Big Mac, and compare it to one bought at McD's!

  • Lewis Maddock

    Lewis Maddock

    7 个月 前

    Who the hell was that with Mike, Ben and Barry?

  • gunna2cool
    gunna2cool7 小时 前

    We really need more of these recipes recreated... I thoroughly enjoyed this episode!

  • The Kirby T
    The Kirby T天 前

    Please bring this book and this calibre of recipe back. I realize the average viewer won't make it, but it's great seeing Ben get to flex his skills and seeing Mike actually contribute is extremely impressive.

  • Carlina T.
    Carlina T.6 天 前

    Jamie without facial hair is a weird adjustment after binge watching all your recent episodes.

  • Helen Lloyd-Williams
    Helen Lloyd-Williams11 天 前

    Hey! Loved your video reviewing Antoni’s cookbook, any chance you could look at Matty Matheson ‘Homestyle Cookery’? He’s the loudest chef on you tube. Be interested to see what you think!

  • MG182
    MG18215 天 前

    Please... PLEASE! dont let Jamie shave again...

  • Yanick Marti
    Yanick Marti17 天 前

    I'm rewatching and 10:07 still got me in stitches hahaha

    NXKDXR18 天 前

    Ben is always so sweet and complimentary! He's honestly just the best!

  • taylorrpanda
    taylorrpanda20 天 前

    Jamie shaved just makes me so uncomfortable lmao its just so weird and wrong

  • Priya Singh
    Priya Singh21 天 前

    Hell yes! some more video like this one

  • vaidish sumaria
    vaidish sumaria23 天 前

    Mike: "And it makes me feel worse (talking about the chives" .. Ben: "Right .... " LOOOOLLL

  • L Adams
    L Adams23 天 前

    Every time someone says “the normals are surpassing normal” I laugh.

  • Casey Gregori
    Casey Gregori23 天 前

    Anybody else get a Thomas keller masterclass ad on this video?

  • Chris M
    Chris M29 天 前 some more from this book...great vid chaps!!

  • Karen Bechly
    Karen Bechly个月 前

    Great series!

  • SORTEDfood


    29 天 前

    Thanks Karen... glad you like it.

  • allyournamesareours
    allyournamesareours个月 前

    Looks like Barry didn't like the taste

  • pomping14
    pomping14个月 前

    if they took used just regular cream and milk, and eggs and sugar on the tapioca pearls, then put some mangoes on it. that's an amazing dessert

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Absolutely... fruity in flavour... silky in texture.

  • Denis
    Denis个月 前

    I made turds that look more appetizing than that. No thanks.

  • Rebecca Altman
    Rebecca Altman个月 前

    Anyone else not know there's no running water in the kitchen? Oh, it's just me! I always wondered why they had a bowl of water to wash with..... Should've figured out out I guess

  • HyperIon
    HyperIon个月 前

    Its unfortunate that in your hundreds of videos you have only given a negative review to a few dozen dishes. I appreciate your "positivity", but think your dishonesty outweighs it. I dont actually know if this was good since none of you ever really admit when you hate or dislike something. No way you are all "wow thats good" on every dish.

  • Huia Webby
    Huia Webby个月 前

    "Every learning experience is fun Michael"... I can't decide whether it's the same vibe as parents using their child's full name in serious situations, or Mary Poppins going "Close your mouth please, Michael, we are not a codfish"

  • Katie Jarratt
    Katie Jarratt个月 前

    Mike tantrums are my favourite tantrums.

  • Peter Smith
    Peter Smith2 个月 前

    Cook from the book

  • Ashley Vairo
    Ashley Vairo2 个月 前

    I know its a simple format but, I love seeing Ben or James cook with the "normals" one-on-one. It's just so wholesome and entertaining to see the teamwork and difference in style and thinking. Great video as always!

  • Corey Jackson
    Corey Jackson2 个月 前

    What the hell is that oyster knife? Mine doesn't have that giant fucking guard.

  • Stardust Lady
    Stardust Lady2 个月 前


  • Dave Carlsen
    Dave Carlsen2 个月 前

    Is anyone going to mention the fact that Ben called the oysters mussels a bunch of times? :P

  • Claudia Trammell
    Claudia Trammell2 个月 前

    Yes. Make the Big Mac

  • Brandon Popson
    Brandon Popson2 个月 前

    You do need to stop using "normals". You guys are ALL fantastic cooks.

  • alice locked
    alice locked2 个月 前

    One of my fav videos, just Ben saying "it's always fun when you r learning Michael" is so formal and casual I mother flipping love it

  • John Vito
    John Vito2 个月 前

    Can you please try and make Pierre Koffman's pigs trotters please (if its there in the book)

  • Alexandre Trudeau
    Alexandre Trudeau3 个月 前

    My dad has made this dish a couple of times and it's honestly one of the most delicious recipes ever created

  • Nerdy_Beauty_Queen
    Nerdy_Beauty_Queen3 个月 前

    Ben is such a precious creature that we must protect at all costs.

  • rodepet
    rodepet3 个月 前

    What is the easiest and what is the most difficult thing you can make with tapioca??

  • Cassidy Mac
    Cassidy Mac3 个月 前

    Ben grabbing the plate to stop Mike from burning his hands was so wholesome.

  • Oneofdazzz
    Oneofdazzz3 个月 前

    Would love to see the normals do a Big Mac challenge.

  • Shelley Tamara
    Shelley Tamara3 个月 前

    Get the "normals" to create something from that book and see if they can make it look like restaurant quality like this one did.

  • Hayley Brown
    Hayley Brown3 个月 前

    I bought thr book and I cannot wait

  • Gemma Clark
    Gemma Clark3 个月 前

    I was SUPER impresses to see how labour intensive these "fancy" dishes are. Like you said, it gives you an appreciation as to why it costs so much / takes training etc to get it perfect. Had the wonderful experience of seeing how some higher end tapas were made in Barcelona & it absolutely made me appreciate how much work goes into everything :) Would love to see more of these :D

  • Terrous Terry
    Terrous Terry3 个月 前

    I need more of ben and mike collabs now ahab

  • Dragonfly
    Dragonfly3 个月 前

    Barry looks like he is suffering very time he tries something.

  • Alissa Harder
    Alissa Harder3 个月 前

    When’s the Mary Berry cookbook going to happen? Please do one of her cookbooks.

  • mccorama
    mccorama3 个月 前

    More from this book please!

  • J cooks love Family
    J cooks love Family4 个月 前

    Loved watching you cook it from the book. Also, really enjoyed watching the ‘Chef & Normal’ aspect. Keep them coming!

  • dlxe
    dlxe4 个月 前

    Mike: I’m a mothershucker 😂

  • Ella
    Ella4 个月 前

    3:43 “you’re whelk-ome” if you want to carry on the pun 😁

  • Connor Logue
    Connor Logue4 个月 前

    You know what Mike, I was thinking it. Genius 😂

  • tomtomkk
    tomtomkk4 个月 前

    Mike punching his chives 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jan H.
    Jan H.4 个月 前

    Mike wants to Grab Plate. Ben: "No Its Hot!" Mike: "Yeah Its hot!" Ben *Grabs Plate und put it on the Place. Mike: *Am I A Joke To You?*

  • Joe Griffiths
    Joe Griffiths4 个月 前

    Beardless Jamie is horrific

  • Stella Mandeville
    Stella Mandeville4 个月 前

    could we get a new "Normal" come in and do a comparison with the Chefs the OG normals and the new Normal?

  • Woosan thrives
    Woosan thrives4 个月 前

    I swear Mike getting passive aggressive with food. raising his voice at food. basically yelling when things don't go his way. telling food off is the best thing ever.

  • Mat Lachapelle
    Mat Lachapelle4 个月 前

    I dinned at the the french laundry with my chef friend. Two chefs dining THE french laundry... was a superb experience.

  • Jason Power
    Jason Power4 个月 前

    Can we make this a series and like Ben did here take note of what you can learn from each dish.

  • Koalan Krister
    Koalan Krister4 个月 前

    0:20 just me who heard Barry bump his head in the door?

  • Moselle K
    Moselle K4 个月 前

    Yes! I love seeing Ben sweat

  • Shawn Jones
    Shawn Jones4 个月 前

    I like seeing this

  • deavle3
    deavle34 个月 前

    almost 2.4 million subs and they still dont have running water in their show kitchen? Put they youtube money to work.

  • Aaron D
    Aaron D4 个月 前

    8:33 - Actually the truest thing said on this channel ever probably

  • BuckeyeBeaute
    BuckeyeBeaute4 个月 前

    OMGOODNESS!!!! YES!!!! Please keep doing more of these, this was great!!!!

  • Al N
    Al N4 个月 前

    You look great Jamie, don't even worry about it brotha. The man makes the beard, the beard don't make the man.

  • B Bowman
    B Bowman4 个月 前

    One of the funniest videos ever created

  • Ben
    Ben4 个月 前

    The only normal left is Barry

  • Ben
    Ben4 个月 前

    Barry should not comment on what Jamie thinks is posh... Coming from a guy that has turned his home into a rose gold princess castle I'll always question your taste.

  • R. B. Rozier
    R. B. Rozier4 个月 前

    what asshole said "you wanna know how to really seem like we are high class? lets stack a bunch of useless plates!"

  • Vandirk72
    Vandirk724 个月 前

    Please cook more recipes from this book

  • Sarah
    Sarah5 个月 前

    I'd love to see more of these uber cheffy dishes so we can see the behind the scenes of restaurant standard food, as well as seeing how far everyone at sorted has come in terms of skill & knowledge

  • Lauren Wilde
    Lauren Wilde5 个月 前

    I watched mike punch his chives at least 10 times. 😂 9:37

  • Samantha Lanphar
    Samantha Lanphar5 个月 前

    I’ve had it several times and yours looked as good as his. Only difference is that I got to eat his 😏😜😋

  • jimlyn rafer
    jimlyn rafer5 个月 前

    Jamie is right there lookin like a baby 😂 👶🏻

  • ross brown
    ross brown5 个月 前

    This is not how you shuck an ouster

  • T.a.r.t
    T.a.r.t5 个月 前

    Sometimes I rewatch this video just to see Ben’s face when Mike punches the chives

  • Ted Marris
    Ted Marris5 个月 前

    I was thinking it

  • MizzNijna
    MizzNijna5 个月 前

    That was a reused dad joke!

  • Aussie Country
    Aussie Country5 个月 前

    The real question is how did Thomas Keller come up with this recipe and how to make it in the first place

  • AdraicStarks
    AdraicStarks5 个月 前

    11:39 I'd never noticed how beautiful Barry's hands were until they put up that shot, & I wondered "when did they add a woman?"

  • Matt Mohler
    Matt Mohler5 个月 前

    I like seeing Ben cook with the others. He always tries to be positive and helpful teaching the others and judging their food. Even when he's doing a chef vs chef, he has no problem losing and congratulating to the winner. All this even when they tease him. I'd love to have a teacher like him when I decide to go to school! Love all guys and love the show!

  • Christophe Germe
    Christophe Germe5 个月 前

    When are you guys getting running water and drainage?

  • Rodolfo S Filho
    Rodolfo S Filho6 个月 前

    I've eaten this dish in Per Se. It was the one I was most excited about and I was very curious about how it's made. I wish I could go to New York right now to have it again. Of course, nobody can go nowhere.

  • joybrouillard
    joybrouillard6 个月 前

    Throughout this video I have realized I have the same chef persona as ebbers 😂😂

  • Miss Informed
    Miss Informed6 个月 前

    8:33 finally, someone said it.

  • Joni Munukka
    Joni Munukka6 个月 前

    9:12 is literally me and my sister cooking XD

  • TiaIsMe A.
    TiaIsMe A.6 个月 前

    Jamie: my favorite videos are the ones when Ben has no idea what’s going on Barry: yeah well I like the ones where you had stubble Me:💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  • Gareth Keane
    Gareth Keane6 个月 前

    Mike was so disgusted at his own "dad joke" he slammed that door HARD 😅

  • Gauri Budhe
    Gauri Budhe6 个月 前

    Who knew Mike punching chives could look more adorable than any puppies and kittens videos on the internet 🥰😘

  • Lipstick_Liz
    Lipstick_Liz6 个月 前

    ben: it's hot! mike: it's hot! . . . ben: touches the hot dish with bare hands 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Caerigna
    Caerigna6 个月 前

    I WAS thinking it. ty Mike!

  • Aaackermann
    Aaackermann6 个月 前

    Awww, Bens appreciation of the guys not beeing normals anymore and is humble support was so heartwarming and nice to watch! Well done, boys!

  • Chrystalwater
    Chrystalwater6 个月 前

    Mike looking confused and asking Ben if he's going to mince that Butter is my favourite part :D

  • Lasse Kyed
    Lasse Kyed6 个月 前


  • Dayneee
    Dayneee6 个月 前

    This is like a pressure test from Masterchef Aus. When the contestants have to recreate a chefs ultimate dish. I love Masterchef Australia so much.

  • Marcela Sanchez
    Marcela Sanchez7 个月 前

    more recipes from this book!!

  • Emma Ruscher
    Emma Ruscher7 个月 前

    When Ben said “you guys are far from normal now” I got in my feels. That was so sweet

  • Thomas Whitelegg
    Thomas Whitelegg7 个月 前

    Would love to see more videos with this book. Have a copy myself and I think it’s brilliant. Would be a good idea if either the normals or the chiefs pick from a hat a decade or a century from the book and then go head to head to see who can recreate the best dish @SORTEDfood

  • كريم إسماعيل - Karim Ismail
    كريم إسماعيل - Karim Ismail7 个月 前

    This book is amazing

  • Mellchiril
    Mellchiril7 个月 前

    Why is a comment of 'you're not normals anymore' followed up by Ben showing off perfectly chopped up chives next to Mike's really nicely chopped up chives? It feels a little backstab-y

  • Marecification
    Marecification7 个月 前

    Please cook more from this book

  • EcthrisDevestatia
    EcthrisDevestatia7 个月 前

    More recipes from the book: I would like to compare the oldest recipe to the newest to see how much has changed

  • Carina Gonzales
    Carina Gonzales7 个月 前

    Yesssss!!! More recipes from that book!!!!!!!!

  • Vanessa Do
    Vanessa Do7 个月 前

    Ben is so cute in this episode. The way he encourages and supports Mike is so sweet!