Reviewing Christmas Pretentious Ingredients

DIY 和生活百科

You may well be completely astounded by the new level of pretentious-ness that some of these ingredients go to. Minds were completely blown. Would you ever consider purchasing any of these? Comment below!
Pretentious Ingredients Links:
Christmas Mini Merry Go Round Musical Biscuit Tin, 130g -
Bushido Coffee 24 Karat Gold Instant Coffee -
Pheasant -
Esthechoc Beauty Chocolate Box of 21 Chocolates -
Marshmallow Advent Calendar -
Golden Panettone Italian Christmas Cake 1.2kg by Sal De Riso -

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  • Spegy N Merbles
    Spegy N Merbles7 天 前


  • Jacqueline Peskett
    Jacqueline Peskett10 天 前

    Can we get more for 2020 Christmas? 😊

  • Steverino
    Steverino18 天 前

    Wait a minute! Brits have Thanksgiving?! I'm Pawnee Indian and understand why we have it...

  • katydid5088
    katydid508820 天 前

    Hunting has a very different connotation than in America.

  • khorney202
    khorney20223 天 前

    I’m look at these vids as well as the gadget ones to get some good ideas for Christmas gifts 😁

  • andrex1999
    andrex199923 天 前

    Britain really has a weird connection to eating game, in Sweden its seen as a sort of luxury sure, but its the countryside "farmboys" that eat it

  • clmbheat.322
    clmbheat.32224 天 前

    Every time I look at this I want to buy that panettone but I also don't want to spend $300 on it.

  • 5il3nc3r
    5il3nc3r个月 前

    I think you guys should include this episode in your Pretentious Ingredients Playlist, but that's just me :P

  • Kirstena
    Kirstena个月 前

    I'm not going to purchase the golden panettone, but I will order panettone this year from them! Yes it's a bit expensive, but it sounds so much better than the mass, factory produced versions.

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    You'll love it!

  • Blumen Seele
    Blumen Seele个月 前

    This channel brings me so much joy Can’t wait for this year’s Christmas videos and James unwrapping some present 🎁

  • Bubbz The Awesome
    Bubbz The Awesome个月 前

    Last year I had a spare panettone, I chopped it up and made bread and butter pudding. 🤤

  • siusi
    siusi个月 前

    2nd of January!! They mentioned my bday!

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    It's like we knew! Haha

  • Mokko
    Mokko个月 前

    I am currently eating artisnal marshmallows right now. These ones are watermelon lemonade, I've also got bourbon, black currant, rum and coke and raspberry rose marshmallows in the kitchen. The texture is better, the flavour is better, the overall enjoyment of just a single marshmallow is better. Once you have a good marshmallow, you never go back to those horrible, flavourless, gelatenous cylinders you buy in the regular grocery store.

  • poppy field
    poppy field个月 前

    Why are you looking up there! Cause it smells nice 🤣🤣🤣 killing myself laughing over here late to this vid I know but has to be said you guys are awesome!

  • VinniethePanda
    VinniethePanda2 个月 前

    I always have a game bird for Christmas dinner, Pheasant, Partridge, Quail etc.

  • Scott S
    Scott S2 个月 前

    Should set up a whitetail hunt for Jamie in US.

  • the darkomen
    the darkomen2 个月 前

    All pertencence

  • Fog smog
    Fog smog2 个月 前

    “Tinsel in the coffee” I love the humor, it’s so refreshing and on center

  • Barbara Danley
    Barbara Danley2 个月 前

    When I was young my single father of four with a middle class job hunted to help with food costs. When I brought game birds/venison/frog legs in my lunch the other kids called me poor. Smh.

  • Fulano de Tal
    Fulano de Tal2 个月 前

    *Biscuit tin starts playing music* Barry: child-like delight Jamie: we've walked into a horror movie

  • A McConnell
    A McConnell3 个月 前

    I so want to see all of these (well, not the chocolate or coffee) on a table as a Chrismtas feast. Brace of roasted pheasant, scatter of little boxes of marshmallow, golden panetone (well, buy the £30 one, and a can of edible gold spray and a bit of edible gold leaf and decorate your own), plate of roast potatoes, roast mixed veg....

  • A McConnell
    A McConnell3 个月 前

    Wrong about the gourmet marshmallow advent calendar. That looks genius. :D

  • Eidenhoek
    Eidenhoek4 个月 前

    7:19 Barry says, "not owl." No, it was pheasant.

  • kemalasari dina
    kemalasari dina4 个月 前

    I'd sell a gold coated bread when my mother yeast reaches 60yo

  • The G Bear
    The G Bear4 个月 前

    Fuck gold leaf in food. Its one and only purpose is to artificially raise the cost, it does nothing for the actual dish, it’s flavourless

  • gh0nzha
    gh0nzha4 个月 前

    The funhaus wheel music in item 2 xd

  • Lucie Ciepka
    Lucie Ciepka4 个月 前

    I’ve worked with en italien baker in Paris and he was selling his panettone at 70€ per kilo with noting pretentious in it. Just a good quality products and the occasional dry fruit here and there, and he was selling it almost at a loss. So that it’s artisanal, luxury quality ingredients, award winning, gold plated, shine box wrapped with a plate... yea 200 is honest.

  • Cliff P
    Cliff P5 个月 前

    Why didn’t these guys just buy the 30lb cake and paint it with editable gold!

  • Cliff P
    Cliff P5 个月 前

    I love love the giggling! At 13:00

  • ward campbell
    ward campbell5 个月 前

    Is it pretentious? well, is it gold leafed? if so - yes, the perfect gift for someone desperately common pretending to be posh. The very definition of pretentious. Gold should be banned for use in food.

  • Disordely
    Disordely5 个月 前

    "Pairing us two together? We're definitely going to argue" ------.. (proceeds to agree on literally everything)

  • Garrett Kajmowicz
    Garrett Kajmowicz5 个月 前

    I"m amused that wild game is considered posh in the UK, whereas it's considered low-class in the US.

  • Fulano de Tal

    Fulano de Tal

    2 个月 前

    It's the implication of who hunts. UK: posh, US: rural/country people

  • Alisha Rani
    Alisha Rani6 个月 前

    That panettone looks like a Ferrero rocher

  • thegoodbadmusic
    thegoodbadmusic6 个月 前

    “The fact that we’ve been paired up will cause arguments”.........end up agreeing on pretty much every point.

  • Joel H
    Joel H6 个月 前

    £30 on instant coffee! It would need to taste phenomanal for that to ever be worth it.

  • ami hodges
    ami hodges6 个月 前

    As soon as I saw that cookie tin I immediately went to buy it, but they were sold out. I am very blue.

  • Cindy
    Cindy6 个月 前

    Just over here quarantined and watching happy christmas videos.

  • Cecelia Kra
    Cecelia Kra6 个月 前

    Hold on, at 30 quid for 21 bars? That's just about $55/month supply! They don't even mention the calories, would eating a not very yummy chocolate bar be worth the cash and calories? And an entire bar every day, I'd be more worried about it going to my hips.

  • Sam Farmer
    Sam Farmer6 个月 前

    Would be good if they had to predict pretentious or not when they first see the product. Both said they liked the pheasant and it wasnt pretentious, but i think they thought it was at first glance

  • Ole Palnatoke Andersen
    Ole Palnatoke Andersen6 个月 前

    An episode on yeast spreads would be interesting: Marmite, Vegemite, NZ Marmite, Cenovis, and Vitam-R. Compare, contrast and see if you like them. :)

  • Carolyn Murtaza
    Carolyn Murtaza7 个月 前

    I know this is not food wise but... At Christmas time there was a jewellery shop in the uk selling limited edition advent calendar for £100,000

  • Janani
    Janani7 个月 前

    I felt very pretentious asking for dried mango in a m and s petrol station and then buying a vegan chicken bacon pasta lunch thing

  • TheBluebel95
    TheBluebel957 个月 前

    Someone please give Barry some vitamin D!!

  • T. S
    T. S7 个月 前

    Wait hold on... Rewind... Stop the tape...... Jamie has a wife? And not well.... Uhm.... You know?

  • Linsey Dutcher
    Linsey Dutcher7 个月 前

    I miss cheese plater from last Christmas one

  • Sammie G
    Sammie G7 个月 前

    I just want the biscuit tin...

  • L L
    L L8 个月 前

    That panettone is the fun kind of pretentious though - Italian, over the top, ridiculous, but good results to stave off that buyers remorse

  • William Eldridge
    William Eldridge8 个月 前

    73% is very weak dark chocolate.

  • Eric Barker
    Eric Barker8 个月 前

    The real question here is...Did Belinda Blink??

  • Conrad Cole
    Conrad Cole8 个月 前

    Pheasant is very expensive in and he US

  • Svetlio Popgeorgiev
    Svetlio Popgeorgiev8 个月 前

    Coming from someone who spent £300 on a Nintendo Switch to play Diablo 3 in the toilet: Only the coffee was truly pretentious IMHO =)

  • Kellan Cathal
    Kellan Cathal8 个月 前

    Amusingly, the Bushido coffee is actually not Japanese. It's made in Switzerland. The bottle is made up to look like it came from Japan but there is no Bushido coffee in Japan. At least a few Japanese people have reviewed them as...just okay. Not good. Not bad. Not as good as actual Japanese instant coffee. Of course, instant coffee doesn't hold up as well against normal coffee. Instant does have some charm to though. Most popular in Japan is probably the Nescafe Gold Blend series. Maxim has a new line that is picking up in popularity though.

  • MrWarptime
    MrWarptime8 个月 前

    "Independent" research does not mean proven to work, it means the opposite of that.

  • myHuge249
    myHuge2498 个月 前

    i call bullshit on the chocolate shit. 10 Years of research does not mean its ten years of good quality research. Its most likely in house "research" that is subject to a lot biase, p-hacking and other ways of conjuring up outcomes. Health science is already bullshit enough, and anyone who buys this is stupid.

  • Pia Ibenfeldt Olesen
    Pia Ibenfeldt Olesen8 个月 前

    Love the christmas jumper 🐧 + 🦞-jumper and elf-outfit = 🥰 ... and of course the chef, to keep us grounded 👨🏻‍🍳 LOVE ❤️

  • Luca Meloni
    Luca Meloni8 个月 前

    Btw, regardless of the golden one which is of course a joke, 30 quid for a panettone made by Sal de Riso is 100% worth it. He's a panettone superstar

  • Jennifer Cline
    Jennifer Cline8 个月 前

    That musical tin I might have to buy...

  • Ann Nicholls
    Ann Nicholls8 个月 前

    Loved the humour and to have it based around kitchen gadgets and so on!

  • LoryLilyBomber
    LoryLilyBomber9 个月 前

    It’s interesting that they didn’t really argue that much about the pretentiousness of the stuff!

  • Emily Treacy
    Emily Treacy9 个月 前

    My grandparents have a story of my uncle trying to shoot a pheasant in the front yard. Pheasant hunting is a serious sport in Wisconsin.

  • Jaz Taylor
    Jaz Taylor9 个月 前

    please make more of these and the gadget videos

  • Lunay LeZarde
    Lunay LeZarde9 个月 前

    What's funny is that in the UK, pheasant hunting is considered posh and upper-class, whilst here in the States, it's considered low class by city folk. Then again, that lot is so insular, they tend to be entirely ignorant about anything that happens outside of city limits.

  • Prune Chat

    Prune Chat

    3 个月 前

    Lunay LeZarde Depends where in the UK you live. Here in North Yorkshire game bird shoots are certainly not the reserve of the rich. Most years we are offered birds for free if we are willing to accept them in their feathers. Amusing to know however that visitors here on corporate away days will be paying more than £600 in order to leave with one brace of pheasants, regardless of their personal shooting skills. They will of course be fed, watered and transported during their day out. Perhaps friends at Sorted might visit North Yorkshire to unravel this part of the “hospitality” industry. I’m sure a shoot lunch would at least be copious...

  • Commando303X
    Commando303X9 个月 前

    5:15: "Super simple," followed by a bunch of crazy-complex steps.

  • Jack Dunn
    Jack Dunn9 个月 前

    pheasants eating acorns REALLY HaHa

  • Geo
    Geo9 个月 前

    Anything made with gold leaf is automatically pretentious regardless of any other factors.

  • AussieAnnie62
    AussieAnnie629 个月 前

    Love Mike's jumper of Christmas lobsters

  • Super Nintendo Chalmers
    Super Nintendo Chalmers9 个月 前

    Tobacco flavored chocolate sounds like a better idea... 😂

  • Super Nintendo Chalmers
    Super Nintendo Chalmers9 个月 前

    Does anyone want to go biscuiting with me this weekend? My biscuiting partner bailed on me... 😓

  • Super Nintendo Chalmers
    Super Nintendo Chalmers9 个月 前

    How come the captions come on for every video? Lol, Americans can't be THAT bad at understanding proper English right? 😂

  • Don D
    Don D9 个月 前

    Jamie too the cake literally on the Pantone

  • Eleanor Hughes
    Eleanor Hughes9 个月 前

    Can you do another pretentious ingredients please? They’re one of the best videos that you do.

  • David Mahoney
    David Mahoney9 个月 前

    wish people would stop being pretentious with their gold added food/drink items. It adds absolutely nothing but the price.

  • CthulhuWorshiper
    CthulhuWorshiper9 个月 前

    i mean there's what 25 high end marshmallow for 30 it's not that bad of a price, it's a fun little thing

  • Tia Lee
    Tia Lee9 个月 前

    I guessed the gold cake right 😂

  • NightAngelus
    NightAngelus9 个月 前

    £30 for 25 marshmallows equals about £1.2 a marshmallow not the worst

  • Bethebelle
    Bethebelle9 个月 前

    Out of the truly pretentious gifts, the marshmallows are worth it. They’re handmade. The panatone is just ridiculous, but sounds like it’s worth it to order an original.

  • Zachary Waxman
    Zachary Waxman9 个月 前

    262 usd....... lol

  • Daniel Dionne
    Daniel Dionne9 个月 前

    I mean now you guys have to try and recreate that Panettone.

  • GamerBear
    GamerBear9 个月 前

    Coming from a country with a lively hunting culture, pheasant doesn't seem pretentious at all.

  • Atlanta Hunter
    Atlanta Hunter9 个月 前

    Who did the subtitles for this?🤦‍♀️

  • Missing all my Marbles
    Missing all my Marbles9 个月 前

    Pheasant is tasty, I’m considering raising some. I hadn’t thought of cooking it quite like that though. I may have to try the dried fruit with chicken since pheasant is a bit harder to come by here.

  • Emma Fitzpatrick
    Emma Fitzpatrick9 个月 前

    Do a challenge to bake or cook complex things using an Omnia oven!! (Look it up theyre awesome gadgets i use it to have an oven while living in a van!) Or create some recipes for it ?? Think youd find the challenge of it enjoyable!

  • L3mi3
    L3mi39 个月 前

    Its marshmallow not marshmellow

  • Acura TL GTLM
    Acura TL GTLM9 个月 前

    Jamie said he and Barry would be arguing the whole video, instead they basically agreed on everything. Also, Jamie talking a bit out of the panettone to Barry's dismay was hilarious.

  • Emily Duncan
    Emily Duncan10 个月 前

    Always love these!

  • Dobby
    Dobby10 个月 前

    Really interested in some pheasant recipes... I've eaten more ostrich meat than pheasant . Very interested in what the guys would come up with.

  • Mimi Zilliacus
    Mimi Zilliacus10 个月 前

    Fun fact: There are actually some very large pigeon species in Papua New Guinea that grow to around 70-80 cm long. They are mostly tame so get kept as pets and also hunted for eating

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel10 个月 前

    That expensive cake looked so delicious

  • Bethany Hanna
    Bethany Hanna10 个月 前

    Why do I expect to see the chocolate featured on one of those Asian videos that are like soap operas that are really tiny, beauty product, infomercials. 🤣

  • Bethany Hanna
    Bethany Hanna10 个月 前

    I've never seen a raw pheasant. Are they supposed to be colored that way? Honest question.

  • Bethany Hanna
    Bethany Hanna10 个月 前

    Music boxes alone, usually cost more than those cookies in a music box tin. 👍 👍

  • Michelle McIntosh
    Michelle McIntosh10 个月 前

    Now we need to see the guys baking that Italian dessert!

  • Makam Ebrahim
    Makam Ebrahim10 个月 前

    That golden panettone is about 1000 SAR, it would cost me my entire income for a month. Looks good though.

  • Mate Safranka
    Mate Safranka10 个月 前

    I'm going to argue that the marshmallow advent calendar is _not_ pretentious. If you break it down, each marshmallow comes to 30/24 = 1.25 pounds, which is about what a macaron costs. Plus, there's the presentation, the wide range of flavors, and fact that it's handmade. It's pricey, but not unwarranted.

  • Angel Nichols
    Angel Nichols10 个月 前

    I was not prepared for this level of agreement between these two.

  • Becca
    Becca10 个月 前

    all kof themyummmmmmyyyyl

  • Tyler Clark
    Tyler Clark10 个月 前

    Thank god i live in america. Imagine thinking hunting is "posh" lmao

  • Megan Bruggeman
    Megan Bruggeman10 个月 前

    Do British ppl say Happy Christmas instead of Merry Christmas

  • Zakiry


    10 个月 前

    Either of them are fine here

  • JulyUnicorn
    JulyUnicorn10 个月 前

    that moment when your eat a mini Panetone and then they have it with gold o:

  • hermest99
    hermest9910 个月 前

    Whoever did these english subtitles did quite a poor job. Get your ears checked mate.