Reviewing Weird and Wonderful Spreads and Hacks for Using Them

DIY 和生活百科

Does anyone have any weird jars of spreads knocking around in their
fridge with no idea what to do with them? Then look no further,
because in this episode, we’ve taken a selection of interesting
spreads and created recipe hacks that’ll feed your foodie inspo.
You can find out more about the gadgets/ingredients we've reviewed
in the links below. Just so you know, these are likely to be affiliate
links, which means if you buy something from the store after clicking
on them, the store will pay us a percentage of your basket... This
doesn't cost or change anything else for you!
Raw Seed Spread:
Malt Whisky Marmalade:
Unicorn Blood Glitter Jelly:
Nonya Kaya Coconut Jam:
Espresso Martini Caramel Sauce:
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  • bobbler42
    bobbler4237 分钟 前

    4:15 I have and I’m only 30. Hashtag Paddington life.

  • Melissa Lambert
    Melissa Lambert3 天 前

    Coconut jam - I am so in!

  • SORTEDfood


    2 天 前

    It's so good right?

  • Keys
    Keys3 天 前

    “Start simple”... reveals something I’ve never seen

  • Sinthia Shabnam
    Sinthia Shabnam4 天 前

    omg where is this recipe for the cake!!

  • MaZEEZaM
    MaZEEZaM6 天 前

    I quite like Marmalade but like jams I rarely have it as its full of sugar and not exactly good for us.

  • ThePieNinga101
    ThePieNinga1019 天 前

    I love how they've made cranberries into a Sorted meme.

  • Song Sangwoo
    Song Sangwoo10 天 前

    Looks like Sam Smith.....................

  • Роман Жолобов
    Роман Жолобов12 天 前

    Okay, that grape on a cheese board looked perfect.

  • Supercalifragilisticthisbesuchadopekid
    Supercalifragilisticthisbesuchadopekid12 天 前

    Each time i hear espresso martini I think about Mike now

  • Nadhirah Nazri
    Nadhirah Nazri13 天 前

    I’m really happy to see kaya in the video, I looove kaya! It’s a super common spread/filling in Malaysia so it’s very interesting to see something so common to me being tasted & introduced for the first time. Love from Malaysia!

  • Tomislav Lazic
    Tomislav Lazic17 天 前

    Baz calling himself into doubt about being a normal, because he thought peanutbutter to be too sweet is my everyday mood xD

  • Rini GrandViper
    Rini GrandViper18 天 前

    D: "nobody under the age of 50 has gone out and purposefully bought a jar of marmalade." I've been doing it since I was like 24/25 :c

  • Ernest Choong Yian Yin
    Ernest Choong Yian Yin18 天 前

    Yes!!! Kaya!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  • Lister RS
    Lister RS21 天 前

    I’m 28 I buy this lovely local lime marmalade every few weeks

  • chris musson
    chris musson22 天 前

    just leaving 4:21 here as a reminder for myself

  • Hans Kruse
    Hans Kruse22 天 前

    40 something who has marmelade on toast for breakfast

  • DarthXerion
    DarthXerion23 天 前

    29 year old Canadian who regularly buys herself marmalade. And I will fight you about it.

  • Ashley L
    Ashley L25 天 前

    27 year old Australian and I love my marmalade on scones, toast, or crumpets or sometimes I put a bit in boiling water and make like a marmalade tea.

  • Mathusha Rao
    Mathusha Rao25 天 前

    Loved this one

  • jkl o
    jkl o25 天 前

    Yess kaya!!! It's best with soft butter and white toasted bread though

  • u2bAriel
    u2bAriel个月 前

    I've got date purée. Chocolate flavored sesame butter and carob honey!

  • coolcat Ali
    coolcat Ali个月 前

    Hey the marmalade thing is a bit wrong. I loved marmalade as a kid and I still love it. I'm 32 by the way.

  • Atlanta Hunter
    Atlanta Hunter个月 前

    I love that half this comment section is young people defending marmalade.🍊🍞

  • Pat Satji
    Pat Satji个月 前

    I'm gonna say...everything they ate looked delicious

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Any of the hacks you might try yourself?

  • Helen has cat allergy
    Helen has cat allergy个月 前

    Quince jelly with roast pork. Yum

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Oooooh, nice. An alternative to apple sauce.

  • DantalianTheWise
    DantalianTheWise个月 前

    Kaya and salted butter on waffle

  • Shimi Maniam
    Shimi Maniam个月 前

    As a Malaysian, I do put kaya and butter on pancakes sometimes...

  • Kyra T
    Kyra T个月 前

    Sorry what peanut butter are they eating that is sweet?

  • cherylandjimand
    cherylandjimand个月 前

    I would love to see y’all use some XO sauce. I actually picked up some in Hong Kong, but they had to unlock the cabinet to sell it to me. :). Hailing from The Midwest US: I also want to see how you would redeem any of the following: marshmallow fluff, strawberry flavored; velveta; hidden valley ranch. And I don’t think y’all can get a “medium” peach salsa, and it’s your loss.

  • MrAbletospeak
    MrAbletospeak个月 前

    Great to hear someone saying whisky instead of wisky.

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Are you a fan of whiskey or whisky?

  • Samara-Marie Cueto
    Samara-Marie Cueto个月 前

    Dear Basil, PLEASE pronounce the “G” in grapeseed because I swear you just said rapeseed. Sincerely, Samara

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Oh - we've come across this problem before. In the UK it is very much rapeseed, A vibrant yellow flowering plant. (Closer to canola oil)

  • libz c
    libz c个月 前

    My grandma gave me tiny pots of various jams and marmalades with various alcohol in them. I added it when I was cooking, I have a habit of adding honey instead of sugar. The marmalade was really good

  • Andy Jones
    Andy Jones个月 前

    As a 25 year old who loves the occasional slice of toast with marmalade on it, I'm offended by Jamie's ageist statement...

  • Dale Allen
    Dale Allen个月 前

    Marmalade is much better than Jam.

  • veenassa
    veenassa个月 前

    Kaya!!! Represent!!

  • Crazy Snake
    Crazy Snake个月 前

    I have bought marmalade very regularly Over the last 344 years of my life.

  • Erin O'Donnell
    Erin O'Donnell个月 前

    26 years old and love marmalade and when I was in college it was always in my fridge. Now I’m contemplating making my own.

  • Eric Baisden
    Eric Baisden个月 前

    Warmed marmalade over some vanilla bean icecream....yum😋!

  • chuck sellers
    chuck sellers个月 前

    Peanut butter must be different in the UK because, in the US, peanut butter is not sweet at all.

  • dlxe
    dlxe个月 前

    Barry didn’t just say meh to kaya 🥺

  • Daisy Elliott-Biddle
    Daisy Elliott-Biddle个月 前

    For any of you reading this so many months later, might I suggest giving marmalade a go on Rye toast? Just a thin layer, but boy are these two made for each other.

  • S. O Braonain
    S. O Braonain2 个月 前

    Combining seeds with a grain gives a full protein. Whisky marmelade is pretty popular in Ireland. Good combos. Great with kippers, cottage cheese and brown bread.

  • papnoche the Real one
    papnoche the Real one2 个月 前

    Im 24 and i buy marmalade for my self all the time i guess im old on the inside

  • Je Or
    Je Or2 个月 前

    everybody in the whole world: calls them the boys the boys: "Oh the 'boys' are we?? What's all this about 'boys'??"

  • Paula ll 폴라 ll
    Paula ll 폴라 ll2 个月 前

    Nonya Kaya is really great! Kaya Toast with soft boiled egg and teh is one of my favorite breakfast meals.

  • Axiom Steel26
    Axiom Steel262 个月 前

    Yeah....i dont buy marmalade. I make it at home...Im 21.

  • toh ping Tiang
    toh ping Tiang2 个月 前

    Try 2 slices of bread, 1 with kaya, other with butter or margarine. Smack together to form 1 sandwich

  • Wanda Pease
    Wanda Pease2 个月 前

    Ben is consorting with Voldemort!

  • PirateRadioDude
    PirateRadioDude2 个月 前

    When i was a broke college student 5 years ago, id make a Kaya and crisp sandwich, the sweet and salty combo is delicious. That stuff kept me up all night for my assignments and helps me sleep well in the day lol

  • Dynamic Unreality
    Dynamic Unreality2 个月 前

    "Lets start simple. Quails eggs..." lol

  • Creeper Steve
    Creeper Steve2 个月 前


  • shadowtheimpure
    shadowtheimpure2 个月 前

    My favorite use for the coconut jam is to mix it with a light cream cheese to make a southeast asian flavored cake frosting. Give it a go, it's really nice.

  • Joselynne C
    Joselynne C2 个月 前

    I got one! Ube Jam! You can use it as a spread, eat it on its own or add it into a batter for cakes or on frstings for a unique purple fair!

  • Ketan Chachad
    Ketan Chachad2 个月 前

    Can we have some savory recipes that use one of these spreads?

  • Ketan Chachad

    Ketan Chachad

    2 个月 前

    Or another taste test but include James in it

  • Ketan Chachad

    Ketan Chachad

    2 个月 前

    Or a pass it on challenge featuring a spread of your choice with order of cooking as per birth month and day of month

  • Ketan Chachad

    Ketan Chachad

    2 个月 前

    Or a chefs battle where hero ingredient is the spread

  • Trianna Arianti
    Trianna Arianti2 个月 前

    Pls try kaya toast Barry. It'll be change your mind about kaya jam. 😌

  • errorsnide
    errorsnide2 个月 前


  • errorsnide


    2 个月 前

    I'm that type of friend too though. "I'd put it over" "THEN OVER YOU SHALL HAVE" "You didn't have to do that :("

  • Terrous Terry
    Terrous Terry2 个月 前

    Ooh that is interesting. Here in Czech republic we eat marmalade quite often. Breakfast without marmalade on bread is quite upsetting to me :D💙💙💙

  • Emma Flanagan
    Emma Flanagan2 个月 前

    21 year old American here who loves her orange marmalade 👀 Fight me Jamie

  • Kirsten Mcfarlane

    Kirsten Mcfarlane

    9 天 前

    sthawp it. no. jus. no.

  • Justin Law

    Justin Law

    24 天 前

    I like a nice orange marmalade sauce with a shrimp dinner

  • 5il3nc3r


    27 天 前

    @Rose Quill I love marmalade because it's not overly sweet. You get the tang of citrus as well. And there are plenty of different types that all taste amazing. Orange, Lemon, Lime Marmalade? Clementine Marmalade? Orange and Grapefruit Marmalade? heck yes! They've been my favorite "jam" on toast since I was like 16 (Canadian here)

  • Rose Quill

    Rose Quill

    个月 前

    I only tried orange marmalade because my sister used it in a cupcake recepie and we had extra and we're out of maple syrup so I put it on pancakes and now it's one of my favorite spreads and I'm an 18 year old American

  • Nakita


    个月 前


  • Zachary Sims
    Zachary Sims2 个月 前

    You guys should try canned huitlacoche. It's a corn fungus that has been used for a long time as a food in Central America.

  • Jessica Smith
    Jessica Smith2 个月 前

    I looked for the unicorn blood online and its a British product and you guys must love inicorns. You have unicorn gin, chocolate, jelly.

  • Emily S
    Emily S3 个月 前

    Hey! I’m under 50 and purposefully buy marmalade. I like it on plain biscuits.

  • Matthew Parrott
    Matthew Parrott3 个月 前

    Like it when Barry says am I normal

  • sueanna2
    sueanna23 个月 前

    Nonya Kaya, represent!

  • peace chan
    peace chan3 个月 前

    I didn't quite like coconut jam but sarikaya is a south east Asia spread hill that I could die on. Sarikaya taste is just glorious

  • XOXheartAmy
    XOXheartAmy3 个月 前

    Jamie: I know that flavour Me: I bet it's juniper Ben: Unicorn blood - it's gin and rose Me: You own me a hundred, Ebbers, I didn't even have to taste it

  • iana otu
    iana otu3 个月 前

    asmr roleplay

  • Jaroslav Charvát
    Jaroslav Charvát3 个月 前

    "Nobody under the age of 50 have purposely bought a jar of marmalade." Oh you silly Brits. Marmalade with yoghurt (or better, "acidified cream", something like creme fraiche, but slightly different, a typical thing for my arcane lands...), or simply on bread rolls with butter. My favourite sweet breakfast. But I think I noticed elsewhere that you are not very keen on sweet breakfasts, right?

  • Tori S.
    Tori S.3 个月 前

    I loves Bens sass “well if you’re gonna be rude about it” *makes them another cheese cake cup*

  • Kagome
    Kagome3 个月 前

    Kaya is so good~~~~~ butter and kaya!

  • CMDR W0lf
    CMDR W0lf3 个月 前

    Jamie "Nobody under the age of 50 have purposely bought a jar of marmalade" Me, 20 years old, eating a marmalade sandwich,

  • How zer
    How zer3 个月 前

    I love marmalade and im way off my 50s. The lime marmalade is exceptionally tasty i might even prefer it to orange.

  • Jon Coxon
    Jon Coxon3 个月 前

    You guys are chuffing hilarious, subbed :)

  • ryeezy
    ryeezy3 个月 前

    Any Asian viewers here that saw the "Kaya" and was like yassss 😎😎😎?! childhood staple

  • Callie E. Covington
    Callie E. Covington3 个月 前


  • Jonathan Collins
    Jonathan Collins3 个月 前

    I'm sick of seeing you guys "double dip" when tasting food , It is so gross watching you share each others germs, especially in these times. As a cooking show you should set a good example.

  • Charin Lam
    Charin Lam3 个月 前

    I was pretty friggen proud of my country when the kaya came on screen and when he said we spread on bread or put it in pastries, I was like yassss, that's my childhood...

  • Pow Hwa Chan
    Pow Hwa Chan3 个月 前

    Nonya kaya is so underrated. Good on toast but try eating it with roti canai. It is delicious.

  • Kratokian
    Kratokian4 个月 前

    Ben's words at the end were really cool, maybe you could try getting the Normals to copy him next time, and the chefs can grade their sense of flavor

  • Sarang Cooking
    Sarang Cooking4 个月 前

    The kaya wasn't even an authentic kaya (how it even spelled the word 'Nyonya' wrongly), but Jamie's already liking it. Jamie, let me get you an authentic one and you will love it.

  • Evie Addy
    Evie Addy4 个月 前

    ... Unicorn blood. HP fans I would imagine would have a lot of fun with that.

  • Gerry Ong
    Gerry Ong4 个月 前

    That Kaya Spread looks like been kept for ages... as an Southeast Asian, I think there's a lot of better Kaya brand like Singapore's Killiney

  • HaydenX
    HaydenX4 个月 前

    I love orange marmalade as a sauce base...especially for meat glazes, so the whiskey marmalade makes perfect sense to me.

  • Todd Cooper
    Todd Cooper4 个月 前

    I have some Prickly pear jelly from New Mexico in fridge. It's tart and sweet, wonderful on toast but I have also made a pork roast out of it.

  • Please Give Me Death
    Please Give Me Death4 个月 前

    My mom is a health nut so I don't get the sweetened peanut butter thing. I only had the one with just peanuts

  • carlos hudson
    carlos hudson4 个月 前


  • Elizabeth Eastman
    Elizabeth Eastman4 个月 前

    Ben's Cheesecake was probably amazing... Barry and Jamie probably aren't used to full-body flavour😂😂😂. Gonna try it!

  • Olivia Brigdale Mekarnia
    Olivia Brigdale Mekarnia4 个月 前

    I am 25, I buy jars of marmalade. I like it

  • VAnessa de jong
    VAnessa de jong4 个月 前

    But Jamie how would you use Unicorn Blood in an abnormal sense? Naughty!

  • Robert Struder
    Robert Struder4 个月 前

    Ginger marmalade and chunky peanut butter on toasted bagel (or any toast) at any age. Best with strong English Breakfast tea.

  • Mighty Druss
    Mighty Druss4 个月 前

    Marmelade like that works on stilton..

  • clandestinexluv
    clandestinexluv4 个月 前

    Idk if the brand is available in the uk but id love to see what the guys do with a whole bunch of stonewall kitchen sauces and condiments

  • Raymond Randall
    Raymond Randall4 个月 前

    They wonder if more people in the US by Marmalade at a younger age. Also if you love Marmalade you should try cloudberry jam.

  • Emma Jenkinson
    Emma Jenkinson4 个月 前

    I went a step further, I'm 17 and i not only purposefully get marmalade i made some kumquat marmalade yesterday 😂

  • arcaneProgrammer
    arcaneProgrammer4 个月 前

    Grumpy Ben is so funny omg

  • jordan
    jordan4 个月 前

    Had to turn on captions to understand Jamie at points

  • Cadmus Crow
    Cadmus Crow4 个月 前

    For kaya, you should try its variety, like Pandan Kaya or Durian Kaya

  • Kya Sherret
    Kya Sherret4 个月 前

    I straight up thought when I clicked on this that this was from last year, but this was like 2 weeks before lockdown happened.

  • Grace King
    Grace King4 个月 前

    I am 26 and frequently buy marmalade, in fact I bought a litre jar for lockdown in case I couldnt get more

  • Jamie S
    Jamie S4 个月 前

    me watching them eat the coconut jam like 👁👄👁. that would kill me 😂

  • Isabella Morris
    Isabella Morris4 个月 前

    Sitting watching this thinking "oh my god, I need to try ALL of these..." PARTICULARLY the espresso martini spread - I LOVE coffee in sweet things.