ROTATING GRILL | 4 Dishes Tested by a Chef

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Ever seen a Chef push a rotating grill to its limits? No? Well today is your lucky day, because our resident Chef, Ben, whips up a rum glazed pineapple, delicious monkfish kebabs and some questionable bread items using this weird and wonderful rotating gadget.
Comment below and let us know what else we should try out next!
You can find out more about the grill we experimented with in the link below. Just so you know, this is an affiliate link, which means if you buy something from the store after clicking on them, the store will pay us a percentage of your basket... This doesn't cost or change anything else for you!
Kebab Vertical Grill:
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  • Allen Clark
    Allen Clark4 天 前

    If you had a mirrored or shiny half cylinder to close it off, would it cook more like a tandoor then?

  • SORTEDfood


    4 天 前

    It would help trap in more heat, but tandoor ovens operate at very high temperatures and it's a particularly dry heat due to the clay.

  • Thatcher_the_dispatcher
    Thatcher_the_dispatcher5 天 前

    "Would i create 7 skewers of dough balls. Yes i would." Never have i agrred with a statement this much

  • Joel Dundas
    Joel Dundas10 天 前

    How have I only found use now!!?

  • AksentNetharia
    AksentNetharia13 天 前


  • NightOwlAnna
    NightOwlAnna14 天 前

    "would I create 7 skewers of dough balls? Yes I would." I agree. Bread's great.

  • Sheepdog Smokey
    Sheepdog Smokey16 天 前

    I need more on this!

  • Aniruddh Thakar
    Aniruddh Thakar23 天 前

    come on ben has to be doing thee on purpose 😂

  • k333999 Smith
    k333999 Smith23 天 前

    Coconut ruins everything, besides that the pineapple looks awesome.

  • michaela gosmire
    michaela gosmire25 天 前

    I'm also allergic to pineapple so I was curious about how mango spears would taste

  • Karen Zhou
    Karen Zhou29 天 前

    Out of curiosity, does Barry have a reaction to cooked pineapple too? I remember him saying avocado gives him the same reaction. I can't eat certain fruits raw (watermelon, tomato, avocado, and one time with a peach), but have no problem once they're cooked.

  • Luke Womack
    Luke Womack个月 前

    You should do your favourite meals with a twist contest

  • Thies D
    Thies D个月 前

    the rum pinnaple reminds of rum ham

  • 15drasedrase
    15drasedrase个月 前

    Jamie looking great mate :)

  • Shelly Carpenter
    Shelly Carpenter个月 前

    If you want to get an affordable tandoori oven type barbecue, you should look into a green egg... Though those are pretty pricey too 🤷‍♀️.

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Excellent product... but not cheap.

  • Keriel Watson
    Keriel Watson个月 前

    Is there a benefit to using a green unripenned pineapple over a yellower one? I'd it because ripened pineapples are sweet and the glaze was very sugary??

  • IH Goldstein
    IH Goldstein个月 前

    Yes! Totally worth it

  • iWhacko
    iWhacko个月 前

    Poussin on Poussin.... a Poussintipede? :x

  • Ellen Karlsson
    Ellen Karlsson个月 前

    "What do you have to gain? You're not really going to have one of these and not an oven." Well, I had a tiled heater in my room at my parents'. I've grilled hot dogs, marshmallows and bread in that. What you gain is the experience.

  • Max lopolo
    Max lopolo2 个月 前

    I just love the natural laugh that comes out when the pineapple appears. Don't get me wrong: grilled pineapple it's GOOD. But..... cmon. Get out of here.

  • Jesper Olsson
    Jesper Olsson2 个月 前

    Me dangly, fleshy fish skewers. Really gets your mouth watering, innit?

  • Amanda M
    Amanda M2 个月 前

    ....the fact I got an ad for the "PrepDeck" thing from their crowdfunding video....😂😂😂😂

  • Roo Tehconqueror
    Roo Tehconqueror2 个月 前

    why do you not consider fish, meat?

  • Gem H
    Gem H2 个月 前

    Anyone think that their cat would love it if you got one of these and did a rotisserie chicken...

  • Robin Finesilver
    Robin Finesilver2 个月 前

    How do kebabs manage to stay upright? We don't really know How Gyros cope.

  • Gracie Vallee
    Gracie Vallee2 个月 前

    can't stop thinking about how Barry ate pineapple his whole life and just thought that having an allergic reaction was what happened to everyone when they ate pineapple until that one video when he talked about that and everyone was like "....."

  • Grog Vaughan
    Grog Vaughan2 个月 前

    over the last couple of years i've bought 4 of the "ronco" rotisseries at yard salse or thrift shops for about $15 US each i use them about 2 times a month and can make 8 5# chickens at the same time. also have a 5 gallon electric deep fryer that i use at least once a month that can cook a 10# turkey.

  • MirkaHK
    MirkaHK2 个月 前

    Is there is big difference between the amount of electricity a big oven uses compared to the rotating grill? ~ Honestly curious :)

  • Aimee M
    Aimee M2 个月 前

    That's a really under ripe pineapple.

  • Tom Halsted
    Tom Halsted2 个月 前

    No weights and measurements for the recipes, gentlemen??

  • Cider Fan
    Cider Fan2 个月 前

    Have you tried the Ronco "Set it and forget it!" ?

  • chris marsh
    chris marsh2 个月 前

    I'm actually allergic to pineapple

  • Sacha Janssens
    Sacha Janssens2 个月 前

    the skewers might be nice for a dinner party

  • HyTricksy
    HyTricksy2 个月 前

    Wondering why make a pineapple dish in an episode with Barry... he won't be able to try it...

    BEES AND TOAST2 个月 前

    I feel Barry on his allergy to something he really likes. As a kid I was allergic to shellfish, and shrimp was my favorite food. Good thing allergies can change every 7 years. Sorry Barry, try again in a while.

  • Ong Hui Wen
    Ong Hui Wen2 个月 前

    When Jamie said steamboat, was I the only person that thought about the asian-style steamboat that you have at family gatherings and Chinese New Year, and not the steamboat Willy steamboat? Just me?

  • Shamus Sweeney
    Shamus Sweeney2 个月 前

    I work in a kitchen store here in Canada ppl are all hunting this down :P

  • D Star
    D Star2 个月 前

    I love my pinapple allergy as I don't like pinapple. 🍍👻

  • John Vanhorn
    John Vanhorn2 个月 前

    Only Ebbers could say this was a very smart idea about his own idea without irony.

  • Axiom Steel26
    Axiom Steel262 个月 前

    The bread looked pretty banging tho!

  • Selina Snowdon
    Selina Snowdon2 个月 前

    Did you say pisco? If so the Chileans won’t be too impressed saying it’s Peruvian. Love pisco

  • patricial1231
    patricial12312 个月 前

    What would you serve at Ben's midlife crisis dinner? (Assume he's accompanied by a really fit babe).

  • holybeernutz
    holybeernutz2 个月 前

    Peaches would be good instead of pineapple

  • Alea
    Alea2 个月 前

    A wrongway "baumkuchen" might be worth a try. Oh god, now I crave Baumkuchen. :-(

  • lynndec22
    lynndec222 个月 前

    The bread was looking quite naughty...

  • rodepet
    rodepet2 个月 前

    I hope you do something to explore goulashes, just look at this list of goulashes!!!

  • Elfryanne
    Elfryanne3 个月 前

    Just curious, can you turn this on its side and have a rotating spit?

  • simon hoare
    simon hoare3 个月 前

    Take a wonderful, delicate flavoursom ( not to mention v expensive) fish like Monkfish and obliterate it with strong spices.. Shame..

  • Jeff Miller
    Jeff Miller3 个月 前

    why did you not just turn the skewers 180 degrees every few minutes or get a Kabob It like this

  • Savannah soul
    Savannah soul3 个月 前

    These look amazing but sadly i cant eat meat or pineapple they both make me sick but would definitely try something similar if i could

  • TheMissBuzzBee
    TheMissBuzzBee3 个月 前

    So they’ve done bread dough balls, but what about donut holes? 🤔

  • Corbin the Intern
    Corbin the Intern3 个月 前

    So the reason that the vertical rotisserie exists is because several cultures in the middle east realized that if they take the standard horizontal spit and tip it up on end, the meat would baste itself in the rendered fat instead of just dripping off into the coals.

  • Kasey Price
    Kasey Price3 个月 前

    Y’all cracking jokes on the side while Ben cooks reminds me of your old school videos! Classics never die

  • Amadea Weber
    Amadea Weber3 个月 前

    This feels like the tool James or Ben would use at the beginning of a Pass It On challenge so no one after could ruin it.

  • E. Eastman
    E. Eastman3 个月 前

    I don’t know if it is as big of a craze in the UK, but here in North America there are blenders (ex. Vitamin and Blendtec) that you can do all kinds of things in. Make Ice cream, hot soups, and all other types of things. Would be an interesting episode.

  • Shareen Shah
    Shareen Shah3 个月 前

    We have one and we will be using it for the first time tomorrow. As part of our Eid (New Year) celebration. Plan is to make are kebabs, whole chicken, chicken wings. Lets home it turns out as well as yours. We have a portable tandoor, as some point we plan on using that as well. See which one taste better. Ps I will be going out to buy a pineapple in the morning, as it looked amazing and i bet it tasted even better. Btw what can I replace the alcohol with?

  • Lotty Large
    Lotty Large3 个月 前

    ‘Are you sure you don’t want some? There’s a hospital right there.’ ***points at wall. Aaaaa what a wonderful friendship. 😂😂

  • Boyan Novakov
    Boyan Novakov3 个月 前

    Try the uniquely Bulgarian kitchen gadget, called the Chushkopek! Its like a tiny vegetable kiln but meat experiments are not excluded. We use it to char and preserve red peppers and aubergines. Available even on amazon, or in a Bulgarian shop near you! Find your inner slav and squat some meals boys!

  • Rowan
    Rowan3 个月 前

    I miss the 'I'm gooey in the middle so let it bake' intro. I used to jam to that

  • Rebecca Coeyman
    Rebecca Coeyman3 个月 前

    After Jamie’s comment, I’m starting to think that Mike owns Sorted, or at least is the dad of sorted. Like without mike it would dissolve into chaos. Mike is a hero.

  • Kelly McP
    Kelly McP3 个月 前

    As someone who also has a weird food allergy (Capsaicin aka any pepper) this was like cooking with my friend 'just try it. you'll be fine'. No friends I'll either need the emergency room or need benedryl and then will be in pain followed swiftly by sleep.

  • Joey Schroeder
    Joey Schroeder3 个月 前

    I can't eat pineapple. I thought it was very strange thing to be allergic to, but nice to know there are other people who feel my pain. Summer fruit salads are a landmine, lol

  • Liz Kerr
    Liz Kerr3 个月 前

    Is Baz pregnant?!?!?!?!?!?

  • Sadie C
    Sadie C3 个月 前

    I like the moment where Jamie realizes its probably a bad idea to tell viewers its worth the allergic reaction to try the pineapple. Nice save.

  • Nightmare Lover
    Nightmare Lover3 个月 前

    Knife sharpeners for normals

  • Bearded_Pixels
    Bearded_Pixels3 个月 前

    Looks great as always. I want that grill lol. Oh what's the recipe for that salad u made for the fish?

  • Jilly Bean
    Jilly Bean3 个月 前

    Probably not worth it when newer air fryer ovens will do the same.

  • Ya6mine
    Ya6mine3 个月 前

    You should use the grill on a challenge👍

  • Oda Rygh
    Oda Rygh3 个月 前

    The bread dough can be wrapped around a hot dog on a spit. A norwegian camping classic

  • Josh Charlebois
    Josh Charlebois3 个月 前

    Someone needs to tell Jaime that they have skewer holders for when you put fish and stuff like this on the grill so it doesn’t stick.

  • Joe B
    Joe B3 个月 前

    For the kebabs, could you start with the skewer hooks angled to the right and then about halfway through use the handle of a fork or something to rotate them on their axis? I would think that if so (it was a little hard for me to see how they were set up on top because the CNboth menu overlaid the picture when I pressed pause) that might help cook them more evenly.

  • Levi Moore
    Levi Moore3 个月 前

    What brand of rotisserie is this because I want one and my kids yelled over what the brand was

  • TotallyAwesomeMcknz
    TotallyAwesomeMcknz3 个月 前

    7:19 why is Barry eating from a dog bowl?

  • Ivy Lee
    Ivy Lee3 个月 前

    1:50 was anyone else surprised by that lime? Also love how no one said anything either and it just reappears where it was. Meanwhile I'm like "You're a wizard Ben"

  • takemetoglasgow09
    takemetoglasgow093 个月 前

    Ben’s arm gesture when he was talking about basting the bread had me tickled pink and i don’t know WHY

  • Siberian Orange
    Siberian Orange3 个月 前

    I really wanted to see gyros done on those... Maybe a creative application for steaks

  • My True Love is My FR-S
    My True Love is My FR-S3 个月 前

    Yeah spatchcock that poussin, daddy

  • Jennifer Presley
    Jennifer Presley3 个月 前

    i got a rotissory but my stove died

  • Lifeshock60
    Lifeshock603 个月 前

    Wrap the dough around a hot dog and cook

  • HaydenX
    HaydenX3 个月 前

    I bet a pork tenderloin crusted with some kind of crushed nut and affixed with an egg wash would be great...I'm thinking a moderately sweet nut like cashew or pistachio. Another interesting thought I had was a whole zucchini/courgette brushed with red wine vinegar and oil. Finally, I was trying to think of other fruit aside from melon and pineapple for this treatment, and I settled on semi-ripe d'Anjou pears basted with a brown sugar glaze then topped with a hit of pecan oil just before serving.

  • kipset87
    kipset873 个月 前

    At what point do I stop basting in the Salmonella glaze?

  • killer2030 heYzUse
    killer2030 heYzUse3 个月 前

    do u have a spot open for a teenager home cook? 30%chef 60%normal 10%"extra" (i grow a lot of plants,tomatos,garlic,vegis,etc. from seed to plate) i did see a 3 year old vid BBQ night

  • khaxjc1
    khaxjc13 个月 前

    When it comes to grilled fruit I always think first of grilled mango with mint. Place the mint leaves on the slices, cook, yum.

  • khaxjc1
    khaxjc13 个月 前

    When it comes to grilled fruit I always think first of grilled mango with mint. Place the mint on the slices, cook, yum.

  • Jonathon Cornforth
    Jonathon Cornforth3 个月 前

    Love your videos and the information one can actually get from them. Funny, fun and insightful; I'd love to see more of the comparison of "cheap vs expensive ingredients" and "reviewing kitchen gadgets". They're Definitely my favorite of the your videos. Looking forward to more great content.

  • Sean Nel
    Sean Nel3 个月 前

    Why are you using an unripe pineapple?

  • Danny S
    Danny S3 个月 前

    I don't know if it's worth the risk, but in China there are two variables of pineapple that I can buy; buo lou and feng li, maybe Barry would only be allergic to the one available in the UK!(probably not but you never know) feng li is much sweeter and doesn't leave that "fuzzy" feeling on the roof of your mouth

  • L McGlinchey
    L McGlinchey3 个月 前

    You guys always abbreviate things. toms. Spag bowl. At least this time you picked up a tomato when you said toms. I’m catching in. BTW. I’ve started leaving the “hob” on. 🤦‍♀️ Barry, what have you done to me?’

  • poulsonarrow
    poulsonarrow3 个月 前

    Just have to say does anyone think Baz sounds like Sir Tony Robinson from time team ? New to channel and enjoyjng your content and delivery.

  • Luis Carlos Burgos
    Luis Carlos Burgos3 个月 前

    Lol I am allergic to Pineapple too! Awesome to know that I am not alone.

  • Josh Wood
    Josh Wood3 个月 前

    Heyyyyy we want some Pousan

  • Fredrik Gustafson
    Fredrik Gustafson3 个月 前

    I suggest that you get some 70's recipe cards (they were sold in boxes, and can nowadays be found cheaply second hand) and follow the recipes - quite a lot of them were trainwrecks, as can be seen in this example: (OK, that example isn't actually from one of those boxes, but you get the idea, the boxes were often worse. Like hollowing out a cabbage head, filling it with minced meat and then baking it in the oven without any further ado.)

  • MintPanda
    MintPanda3 个月 前

    It’s like the meat equivalent of a chocolate fountain

  • Josua
    Josua3 个月 前

    Totally worth it. Also... KEBABS!!!!

  • Arialie Meru
    Arialie Meru3 个月 前

    Wedding theme recipe relay challange would be cool..🤔..starting from who got married first to the one who is single😁

  • Richard
    Richard3 个月 前

    I never heard of pineapple allergy, and I studied this shit. Are you sure its not just an intolerance? Its not pleasant, but its not deadly :D I dont think pineapple allergy exists.

  • Arman Talwar
    Arman Talwar3 个月 前

    That bread one was fabulous! I have to try it.. maybe ill stack some bacon on top so it drips and I won’t need to baste it constantly 🤔

  • TheN00bmonster
    TheN00bmonster3 个月 前

    This definitely makes me want a rotisserie grill. My fiance's been wanting to make pastor for a while, this would make it actually possible.

  • FHD فَهِد
    FHD فَهِد3 个月 前

    Ben is quite possibly the sexiest man I have ever seen. The way he talks, the things he says, the way he moves, that face and body. So sexy to watch him work in the kitchen as well. I mean, Ben you're killing me here. Meanwhile, yes, I came to this most recent video purely to make this thirsty comment. Ben, if you're reading this DM me ;)

  • Clayton Cull
    Clayton Cull3 个月 前

    Pineapple is common in a lot of tacos with chicken

  • Courtney Belz
    Courtney Belz3 个月 前

    Could you do pork on it and make crackle?