SPAGHETTI BOLOGNESE Recipe Relay Challenge | Pass it On S2 E7

DIY 和生活百科

PREPARE to be entertained for another Pass It On episode where the boys are challenged to make a midweek, speedy spaghetti bolognese. Will they pull it off, or will Janice the sass-queen send them packing? Hit play to find out!
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  • Antoni
    Antoni天 前

    Chef provides two complimentary meats for the Bolognese, clearly demonstrating that both are required Barry " I'm going to leave that out " Later. " It needs more meat " FFS you bellend 🤣

  • Mads Feierskov
    Mads Feierskov2 天 前

    Oh God that looked horrible, when Barry was finished. Just like boiled meat with random bits in it.

  • Tor Arne Michaelsen
    Tor Arne Michaelsen2 天 前

    Coming into that kitchen it would have been so amazing if mike went "ha, spag bowl, that's pretty much good to go. I'll be bold and make fresh pasta with my time"

  • Bianca Malan
    Bianca Malan2 天 前


  • Keet Randling
    Keet Randling3 天 前

    "Janice" ragging on Mike is priceless

  • SORTEDfood


    2 天 前

    They get on each other's wick!

  • Martina B
    Martina B5 天 前

    I really needed a good laugh, and the boys never disappoint. Best episode yet! Haven't laughed this hard in awhile.

  • Miguel Custodio
    Miguel Custodio7 天 前

    The" that would be a sofrito" piss me off a mirepoix is a sofrito you dont have to correct him

  • Vasylb94
    Vasylb947 天 前

    I thought sofrito includes peppers and garlic, and they DID actually make a mirepoix..

  • Jennifer Rose
    Jennifer Rose8 天 前

    Did they even put the meat/sauce on top, or do I take mine too far

  • Kirstie Evans
    Kirstie Evans13 天 前

    We LOVE your show, but we really don’t like your new intro for pass it on 😭. Everything else is excellent and amusing as always 🥰

  • Leo Hautanen
    Leo Hautanen14 天 前

    Janice is really annoying in this one

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan15 天 前

    Soffritto pretty much equals mirepoix

  • Alec B
    Alec B17 天 前

    Im interested in the cookbook but 20lbs of what?

  • Mireille M
    Mireille M21 天 前

    A soffrittooo! AHHAHAHAHHAHA

  • Thommo
    Thommo21 天 前

    My rankings: James: 8 Barry: 5.5 Jamie: 6.5 Mike: 7 Ben: 8

  • Bork PomPom
    Bork PomPom22 天 前

    Well it’s not wrong to call that a mirepoix if my watching of Alex the French Guy has taught me anything.

  • waywardaughter
    waywardaughter26 天 前

    ‘I’m going to feed him that butter through every one of his orifices’ 💀😂😂 MIKE😂

  • Love Lou
    Love Lou个月 前

    Why they left the rubber spatula in the boiling pot the entire time? 🙄

  • FranuxuMusic12
    FranuxuMusic12个月 前

    "It's actually meaball sub..." JNFDKSJ james omg i love you

  • Lance Tucker
    Lance Tucker个月 前

    lol JANICE had me dying..

  • Maxwell
    Maxwell个月 前

    What's the difference between mirepoix and sofrito?

  • halfthefiber


    个月 前

    Mirepoix is French, sofrito is Spanish (soffritto is Italian). But they mean the same thing, that is to say, a flavor base.

  • Umairah Ja'afar
    Umairah Ja'afar个月 前

    ok just to be clear, james just adjusted the pot's position by TOUCHING THE HOT PAN NOT THE HANDLES??? ok terminator

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Chefs have asbestos fingers... fact

  • Gio Trevi
    Gio Trevi个月 前

    It's pronounced brusketta. You're welcome.

  • acolytetojippity
    acolytetojippity个月 前

    needed way more sauce on the pasta, imo. haha.

  • shit lista
    shit lista个月 前

    What do eggs have to do with bolognese? Also, why white wine?

  • Anu Boby
    Anu Boby个月 前

    You guys are awesome

  • Emma Harper
    Emma Harper个月 前

    The silly dad joke too lol!

  • JQ Dan
    JQ Dan个月 前

    13:25 savage

  • huggledemon32
    huggledemon32个月 前

    “Janice” was particularly sassy today!🥰🥰

  • huggledemon32


    个月 前

    SORTEDfood well yes that’s true!- but she was in fine form today in particular! My favourite might have been “I’m about to feed him that butter......through EVERY one of his orifices!”.........THAT was a visual I DIDN’T need 😱keep your kinks to yourself Janice!😏😘

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Today? Always! x

  • Sheepdog Smokey
    Sheepdog Smokey个月 前

    I've watched Sorted Food so many times, most if not all of their videos, that I recognize every single scene from the intro, even if I can't name the video each is from.

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Thanks for sticking with us! And yep - they were all pretty awesome times!

  • jonathan milton
    jonathan milton个月 前

    Just think one day someone will fined this and have to look up why everyone in the woarld was in lock down.

  • MeekoChan
    MeekoChan个月 前

    Order idea: the fafking order, review the last video and see how long each person faffed during their 10minutes, highest to lowest or vice versa

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    oh dear oh dear! Mike is in trouble then!

  • JanTheNan
    JanTheNan个月 前

    Culinary tweezers Mike.

  • Mamun Hussain
    Mamun Hussain个月 前

    I'm proud of Barry this time

  • LednacekZ
    LednacekZ个月 前

    what is it called?

  • Mary Shapiro
    Mary Shapiro个月 前

    I simply adore these lads but would someone please tell Baz to stop touching his hair and face when he is cooking.


    I thought Mike is younger than 33😂😂

  • Housecat.
    Housecat.个月 前

    I cant stop binging these pass it ons

  • Jack M
    Jack M个月 前

    "Another three weeks in lockdown" *laughs in American*

  • chen Wang
    chen Wang个月 前

    barry is such a baffoon

  • TheFats23
    TheFats23个月 前

    14:32 I can't Jamie😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 watched it five times over.

  • Alastair Butcher
    Alastair Butcher2 个月 前

    In Barry's defense: A mire poix is the french term for a Sofrito, so he did have it right. EDIT: and in Mike's defence, they both had the wrong right term for it!

  • richard stevens
    richard stevens2 个月 前

    Yeah but whats the point in cooking all that meat sause and only eating a small amount it doest make sence

  • SnakeofStone
    SnakeofStone2 个月 前

    Did James just pull the hot pot with his bare hand? 4:11

  • Helen has cat allergy
    Helen has cat allergy2 个月 前

    Janice and Jamie, It's a Sss. Nearly got it :-D

  • Jimmy10005
    Jimmy100052 个月 前

    Isn’t it a Miropoix not a Soffrito which i believe has tomatoes in it.

  • Sheepdog Smokey
    Sheepdog Smokey2 个月 前

    The ad timing is ON POINT!

  • Jeremy P
    Jeremy P2 个月 前

    I feel like you desperately need to upgrade your stove to gas. Electric is slow and not hot enough!

  • MickMaan
    MickMaan2 个月 前

    My mum puts Worcestershire sauce in her lasagna and it's bloody delicious!

  • Mason Wingate
    Mason Wingate2 个月 前

    Lol y'all heeeeeelp, is Janus just Mike doing a voice? Or is it actually a separate human? I can't quite decide and I can't find her origin video so I don't have evidence either way 😂

  • Mason Wingate

    Mason Wingate

    2 个月 前

    @ChaosFanGal bless your soul

  • ChaosFanGal


    2 个月 前

    It is Mike doing a voice! I believe that the "evidence" is in an old video of theirs . . . I don't know the specific video, but if you watch the Janice complilation, it should be on there?

  • BadYossa
    BadYossa2 个月 前

    Mirepoix ffs.

  • Clara Paquerette
    Clara Paquerette2 个月 前

    Is it me or Ben left the hob open …

  • Eglah Georgina
    Eglah Georgina2 个月 前

    Ben and Jamie at last order please

  • Sicarious
    Sicarious2 个月 前

    I think mike is too harsh on himself

  • PrettyH8Mach1n3
    PrettyH8Mach1n32 个月 前

    I'm definitely one of those people that loves more sauce than that. I love chunky components in the sauce.

  • PrettyH8Mach1n3
    PrettyH8Mach1n32 个月 前

    SpagBol. I swear the UK has some of the most interesting methods to shorten teems and names.

  • felicia tan
    felicia tan2 个月 前

    rewatching and i still absolutely lov Janice's sass!

  • Philipp
    Philipp2 个月 前

    4:48 Barry calls it mirepoix, which is totally correct, its just the french term for it. sofrito is the italian name for it.

  • Tacobell1384
    Tacobell13842 个月 前

    James: I don't know how anyone wouldn't get that this is a spaghetti bolognese. Also James *Doesn't bring over spaghetti*

  • Arne Mortensen
    Arne Mortensen2 个月 前

    only took them a season and a half to get a 5 man pass xD

  • Gamerluna
    Gamerluna2 个月 前

    I could sense Mike and Barry's hearts nearly stopping when James said "Actually it was meatball sub."

  • Lovisa Rosengren
    Lovisa Rosengren2 个月 前

    Imagine a long pass it on where they have 20 minutes each

  • Benedict Hart
    Benedict Hart3 个月 前

    Why is Brian Badonde narrating this?

  • cheeto man
    cheeto man3 个月 前

    6:14 Some Ehhhhrbsss!!! xDDDDD

  • R
    R3 个月 前

    If all of them had their own restaurants i would prefer Jamies (glasses guy) he seems to have my taste in food even though im vegan

  • Galvius T
    Galvius T3 个月 前

    It’s definitely a Mirepoix, at least by American classically trained definition. We define Mirepoix as a vegetable base of Onion, Carrot, and Celery. While Sofrito is peppers, garlic, onion, and tomato. Maybe they’re defined differently in the U.K.

  • ludde sundström

    ludde sundström

    2 个月 前

    An italiy soffrito is onion carrot and cellery. In the spanish one is peppers garlic onion and tomatoes. In older recepies can mirepoix also have things like ham.

  • Li Lin
    Li Lin3 个月 前

    hilarious. imagine without help from the chef xD

  • ThatOne Human
    ThatOne Human3 个月 前

    I don’t think I will ever forget what a softito is 😂 thanks Janice

  • Sassy Winter Fox
    Sassy Winter Fox3 个月 前

    Ben cutting those herbs made me bite my lip in anticipation. I wish he'd cook me a meal I could watch him all day xD

  • Clouds And Days
    Clouds And Days3 个月 前

    It’s nice seeing them undoubtedly succeed for once.

  • MooSaDoFamily
    MooSaDoFamily3 个月 前

    I do like to watch these and can overlook the mispronunciation, as it is VERY entertaining. But all these beautiful Italian word butchered, made my heart ache a little.

  • derkregin
    derkregin3 个月 前

    This one's always a bit painful to come back to rewach It IS a mirepoix not a sofrito

  • Ben
    Ben3 个月 前

    Its ridiculous how annoying Barry is...

  • Redwinger14
    Redwinger143 个月 前


  • Danilo Papais
    Danilo Papais3 个月 前

    Milk into Bolognese? Disgusting! What's up with people in other countries doing garlic bread for Italian dishes? I thought it was an American thing to think garlic bread was an Italian staple, I was expecting more from British people. But again, Gordon Ramsay is British and he f'ed up a couple of Italian recipes and offended enough Italian people so what did I expect.

  • Shannon Carroll
    Shannon Carroll3 个月 前

    Virtual pass it on/recipe telephone: everyone has the same ingredients at home, order is based on most tech savvy to least, the first person does what they want with the ingredients in 10 minutes then emails directions- leaving the names of each ingredient out- to the next person. They recreate what they thought the last person did then have 10 minutes to add something to the dish, then follow the same format of typing directions. At the final stage, the last person’s family decides if it is a pass or a fail.

  • Baby Spongebob
    Baby Spongebob3 个月 前


  • Kenneth Cory
    Kenneth Cory3 个月 前

    Janice feeding Jamie butter “through every one of his orifices” is the content I’m here for

  • David Davidson
    David Davidson3 个月 前

    My boys gonna pretend that the angelic noise they added for Ben's intro wasn't the sound from the opening of Smash Bros for the N64

  • The Cigar Box State Street
    The Cigar Box State Street3 个月 前

    Pass all of you

  • lindsay Clarke
    lindsay Clarke3 个月 前

    I want to see a video based around clotted cream and clotted tea

  • Insomnia4thoughts
    Insomnia4thoughts3 个月 前

    Damn Ben is such lovely and professional dude. Wish I could have some friends like that. I'm a chef myself and I almost need to beg to have people come over for dinner. Ofc not now, we are in quarantine hehe.

  • Mario Nicolini
    Mario Nicolini3 个月 前

    Great video!

  • MissTongCY
    MissTongCY4 个月 前

    1:23 James was quiet because he had seen it allll 😂😂😂

  • Dave D'Video Maker
    Dave D'Video Maker4 个月 前

    Barry has dissolved the stock pot directly into the pot like Marco Pierre White does.

  • Matthew Bowers
    Matthew Bowers4 个月 前

    We have got to be due another Janice sass video, i'm crying here, Mike your timing is amazing. I've come here off the back of a Jimmy Carr video and I'm laughing more at this.

  • Samira Peri
    Samira Peri4 个月 前

    You put the salt in the pasta boiling water *near the end*. It's also not for seasoning, it's for preventing the pasta from getting soggy. Water follows the salinity gradient -> water gets sucked from the pasta.

  • Paige Derhammer
    Paige Derhammer4 个月 前

    I’m getting 8.50 an hour for this 😂 oof I felt that

  • Callie Johnston
    Callie Johnston4 个月 前

    Ben's self score getting hidden behind the Sorted logo is a hilarious Mike Wazouski moment, and I love it.

  • TTmusic
    TTmusic4 个月 前

    You should revisit an old pass it on dish using the same order and see if you improve. Only tell the first person the dish.

  • Eidenhoek
    Eidenhoek4 个月 前

    Mirepoix is pretty close to a sofritto, to be fair.

  • dxelson
    dxelson4 个月 前

    4:10 did he just move the pan by not using the handle?!

  • TheFates222
    TheFates2224 个月 前


  • Windy Hawthorn
    Windy Hawthorn4 个月 前

    When I make spaghetti with meatballs I usually have to make a eggplant parmesan to go with it., garlic sticks, thin crust veggie pizza with sausage and pepperoni, vegetable soup and a salad. And I only have 4 or less hours to cook it all from scratch and make a dessert. And sometimes I also have to make fried squash as well. And then there is tea or lemonade.

  • Sheepdog Smokey
    Sheepdog Smokey4 个月 前

    I'm still hoping for a pass it on German, order, birth month, either direction.

  • MrSanchez159
    MrSanchez1594 个月 前

    why did they start doing that deal where they stand there and call out the next person to go up i thought them all sitting behind whoever is cooking and then fucking with the next person was a perfect way to briong the next person on

  • Tathagat Tyger
    Tathagat Tyger4 个月 前

    Okay, is it me or is Janice really Mike with a weird voice ?

  • Cereza
    Cereza4 个月 前

    Swear at this rate, I'm gonna get the word Safrito tattooed on me

  • mr no one
    mr no one4 个月 前

    Guys i love you, all of your videos are funny, and the recipes are yummy in my tummy, But!!!!! A soffritto is from Spanish cooking- onion garlic and tomatoes. Mirepiox is from french cooking- onions carrots and celery.

  • ludde sundström

    ludde sundström

    2 个月 前

    italian style of soffrito

  • Timmo Warner
    Timmo Warner4 个月 前

    Mirepoix! So glad someone said it! =oD

  • ludde sundström

    ludde sundström

    2 个月 前

    italian have this version of soffrito