DIY 和生活百科

It’s time for another recipe-less cooking Battle, but this time, our ‘normals’, Jamie and Barry, are going head-to-head in making a Swedish Princess Cake! With alternating layers of airy sponge, pastry cream, a thick-domed layer of whipped cream and a smooth, rounded marzipan top, is this challenge going to push them to breaking point? We hope so! Have a watch to find out!
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  • Sylvia Fox
    Sylvia Fox天 前

    I'd love to see them try and make a Japanese strawberry shortcake, just to see what they'd do

  • Isabella Kilibarda
    Isabella Kilibarda3 天 前

    This reminds me so much of the technical challenge that they did with this cake on the Great British Bake Off!

  • SORTEDfood


    3 天 前

    Our normals ended up with some half decent results!

  • zaptronic
    zaptronic3 天 前

    It's not easy when they get an incorrect recepie? Cream goes on top, under the dome of marzsipan... there's no bread on top of that... or anything else for that matter. So since they were given the wrong recepie, it was VERY impressive they got it made!!

  • Daemos Kisame
    Daemos Kisame4 天 前

    so its been over a month still waiting on the chef's swedish princess cake battle

  • Corey
    Corey5 天 前

    We need the chefs to recreate a more difficult cake now!

  • Abl Belle
    Abl Belle8 天 前

    "Give me a hand Jamie!" "I have my own problems Barry!" Pure gold!

  • Georgia Makitalo
    Georgia Makitalo14 天 前

    I am (an American) in Sweden right now..and find the idea that Brits love Swedish Princess Cake fascinating in itself. And it looks so complicated. But...now I want to try making this. I hope I do half as good as the two normals. I am impressed!

  • Mary Udomah
    Mary Udomah15 天 前

    Man, Jamie, that marzipan - who killed Kermit?

  • Dougal McTavish
    Dougal McTavish16 天 前

    I think we need some new head to head to head battles, seems like the lads have learned a fair bit since the last ones. As for themes; most pretentious dish? Best cafe lunch? Most hipster recipe? Environmentally sustainable ultimate battle? Most expensive recipe? Exotic food? Modern fine dining? Pack lunch battle? I miss the battles and the banter, and sure I’m not the only one.

  • Anna Katarzyna Kolkowska
    Anna Katarzyna Kolkowska20 天 前

    As usual good job guys! :) As far as I am concerned, the Swedish Princess Cake cannot be 100% recreated outside of Sweden. The reason being is that the green marzipan is pear-flavoured and the red one is strawberry/raspberry. And I have never seen them being sold outside of Sweden.

  • Aubrey Johnson
    Aubrey Johnson22 天 前

    Sorted princess cake

  • hobojoker
    hobojoker23 天 前

    Ruined, you used fondant! You're supposed to use marzipan!

  • Sha Khan
    Sha Khan24 天 前

    Does Ikea sell this cake? I don't know where else to get Swedish food where I am, only Ikea. I'd love to try it it looks delicious.

  • Lilly Ess
    Lilly Ess25 天 前

    They did way better than I would have.

  • Zephyr
    Zephyr27 天 前

    How is it these guys do this on a daily basis, can't remember the method for creme pat while I can having never made it in my life xD

  • Vanessa Atalanta
    Vanessa Atalanta28 天 前

    wait since when do you put eggs in marzipan?

  • Kennie Frog
    Kennie Frog28 天 前

    Watching them both struggle at the same time, reminds me of when myself and the other kitchen hands at the pub haven't followed chefs instructions and we are looking ar each other like "oh no please help me."

  • Kennie Frog
    Kennie Frog28 天 前

    The music choices made this so funny. Well done.

  • Ben Nesbitt
    Ben Nesbitt28 天 前

    Alton Brown's Cutthroat kitchen had people forced to do things wrong. Hopefully there were things learned.

  • Woolymoth
    Woolymoth个月 前

    As a Swede and a princess cake fanatik, i feel amused but also very disturbed by their attempts to make it.

  • vaidish sumaria
    vaidish sumaria个月 前

    Chefs need to do the same thing ! Too many complains for something they have not done themselves LOL

  • William Doane
    William Doane个月 前

    I'd like to see more videos that address Ben's comment at about 16:20: you don't have to apply or even know all the proper methods; you can still produce something excellent. That insight opens up cooking to many more people who may be afraid of the methods or their lack of knowledge about them.

  • einfach nur Leo
    einfach nur Leo个月 前

    Jamie... I'd be very happy had I received yours as my birthday cake. You're the winner 😁

  • Kimmy Chuang
    Kimmy Chuang个月 前

    More Barry and Jamie cake experts! But maybe they can work together again like they did with the tennis cake...

  • Paul2377
    Paul2377个月 前

    Are they taking the piss? This is a copy of the Princess Cake technical challenge from the GBBO a few years back.

  • Paul2377


    16 天 前

    @MisAnthropy I didn't mean it like that. :P The challenge part is the copied bit -- i.e. supplying a very basic recipe and letting the bakers figure out most of it themselves. That's literally how the GBBO's technical challenge works. I just thought it was a bit unoriginal.

  • MisAnthropy


    17 天 前

    Ah yes the GBBO, inventors of the Swedish princess cake. Never seen before or since that episode. What's next are they going to dare copy the show and make a biscuit.

  • seriomarkj
    seriomarkj个月 前

    Did Jamie actually have a better presentation than Barry?? What a day

  • Cam Davidson
    Cam Davidson个月 前

    now its time for ben and James to make it

  • Malaika Hussain
    Malaika Hussain个月 前

    Jamie won his decor was so nice

  • gritnix
    gritnix个月 前

    Felt a bit annoyed at this. Give the boys real instructions, real full recipes. This is like saying you’ll teach someone how to do a backflip by giving them instructions on a piece of paper and the paper reads, “Step 1: Do a backflip”

  • Insenna Kaisiepo
    Insenna Kaisiepo个月 前

    Lmfaoooooooo!!! Soo entertaining 😂

  • Ms Me
    Ms Me个月 前

    It did hurt a bit to watch, but they worked hard so with some training they can still there 😘

  • George Arnold
    George Arnold个月 前

    No guys, Footballs always the winner.

  • Akane Yakumo
    Akane Yakumo个月 前

    Jamie has my vote, tbh. But that's just me.

  • Sun Jin Lee
    Sun Jin Lee个月 前

    What happened to their new kitchen?

  • Charming nowhere to hide
    Charming nowhere to hide个月 前

    another person wrote a few lines.

  • Water Under The Bridge
    Water Under The Bridge个月 前

    0:31 “...It’s sweet (Swede)...” Okay, I’ll see myself out

  • Peter Schumacher
    Peter Schumacher个月 前

    Ok, it's not really fun watching these videos. Pass it on is difficult and is a sense watching normals suck at stuff, but they at least have the ability to make decisions and DO something. This is like taking a dude off the street and tell them to build a rocket. I don't know how to build a rocket, watching me not be able to build a rocket isn't fun. It's not worth waiting through a 1 minute video of me not being able to build a rocket to see the result.

  • Cassie
    Cassie个月 前

    Stockholm school were princesses).

  • Charming nowhere to hide

    Charming nowhere to hide

    个月 前

    9:09 “So many ballets were written about princesses” - I was fully expecting Ben to start giving us a list of them, complete with dates and composers.

  • Priya Grewal
    Priya Grewal个月 前

    Barry wins!

  • Maria Higgins
    Maria Higgins个月 前


  • soinhu foitu
    soinhu foitu个月 前

    Barry should win because he's basically the princess of Sorted. ❤

  • robspunk
    robspunk个月 前

    In the end they are both princesses.

  • Cassie


    个月 前

    they look like the hill in teletubbies 😭😂

  • Samuel Khasin
    Samuel Khasin个月 前

    James was so frustrated the whole time. xD

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Maybe got out of the wrong side of bed that day?

  • Sanna Vasu
    Sanna Vasu个月 前

    As a swede as well I wouldn't say they're the best looking but it is also a pretty hard thing to perfect so they both should be proud. But I was rooting for Barry and I think he did really well :))

  • soinhu foitu

    soinhu foitu

    个月 前

    I kinda want Ben and James to do this competition without any recipe.

  • Keetande
    Keetande个月 前

    All the swedes are snickering in a corner now. But tbh, very impressed! These are not easy to make!

  • None of your business
    None of your business个月 前

    Since James said, "I honestly couldn't be more glad that I'm not making this." means that the normals should have the chefs make this.

  • None of your business
    None of your business个月 前

    Since Jamie said, "You are sitting on the sidelines giving us crap for something you've not done yourselves!" should mean that there will be a chef vs chef Swedish princess cake challenge. Let's see if the chefs are up to the challenge of making this signature dish their own unique version.

  • Badguymik
    Badguymik个月 前

    How does our swedish princess PewDiePie react to this?

  • Badguymik
    Badguymik个月 前

    How does our swedish princess PewDiePie react to this?

  • Ailsa Ni

    Ailsa Ni

    个月 前

    the color?

  • Ailsa Ni
    Ailsa Ni个月 前

    “He’s been copying from you all this time, dude.” - James Alastair Currie, 2020. A line heard in Schools Worldwide.

  • Ailsa Ni

    Ailsa Ni

    个月 前

    Ben and James --- the face my home ec Teacher had when we now started to cook and nearly burnt the school kitchen to a crisp

  • Doc Dewrill
    Doc Dewrill个月 前

    with october closing in more and more, id like you guys to try yourself at a North German Speciality so people stop ascociating Germany weith nothing but Bavaria. the Dish in my mind is "Grünkohl mit Pinkel" which is Kale,Potatos, a Pork cut called "Kassler", and a very gritty Juicy sausage called "Pinkel". non-northern germans will claim "mettwurst" is ok too as chocie of sausage, but those people dont know what "Pinkel" is. (also dont get confused by the Sausage name, sinc eits very close to a german word for "having a wee" the "pinkel" is a seasonal Sausage ussualy only avalible in the north western areas of Germany (east Frisia, Bremen, Oldenburg etc) during late September through October. so if you want to give it a go, you have to make preperations now. alternatively, i'd like to see you guys having a go at "Labskaus" which is a northern germanic (not german, Germanic, so northern germany, denmark, sweden etc) comonly served by and for Sailors since it covers everything the body needs in harsh cold days on the Sea. its Red Beet, Cornedbeef, Potatos, a special picklled Herring called "ollmops" which you can make during/before the video yourself. sunny side up Egg, Pickles and MUST be served with a Beer (sailor habit, dont know about landlubbers) Both dishes that are easy to do but hard to get right.

  • Tobias Frick
    Tobias Frick个月 前

    There has never been a princess cake with fondant anything on it. It's marsipan yao.

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Ahhh - we were taking our lead from a UK recipe. The green was marzipan, only the rose and leaves were fondant.

  • soiung toiue
    soiung toiue个月 前

    9:09 “So many ballets were written about princesses” - I was fully expecting Ben to start giving us a list of them, complete with dates and composers.

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    I wish I could - ballet and opera I'm not nearly as hot on as musical theatre or classical orchestral pieces.

  • GrebbChannel
    GrebbChannel个月 前

    The marzipan "lid" is a b*tch and a half to get it looking good. Since you need to stretch it without it breaking. I've worked as a chef/pastry chef in Sweden and at one place we occasionally made cakes at order. Let's say that it was not my favorite days when I had to make Princess cake.

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Good to know even pro pastry chefs struggle - we think our normals did okay!

  • Nikki Heinrich
    Nikki Heinrich个月 前

    Always comes down to taste for me. I’ll eat something ugly that’s tasty, but I will not eat something beautiful and gross..... while neither of these look gross, I am unable to decide who’s is better. Which was gone first? Lol

  • Ailsa Ni

    Ailsa Ni

    个月 前

    Sad Swedish Noises

  • Hayley Richardson
    Hayley Richardson个月 前

    they look like the hill in teletubbies 😭😂

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Haha - now there's a throwback!

  • Sir Zacharia
    Sir Zacharia个月 前

    Would love to see food battle that forces everyone to use a skill they have failed at in the past. No clue how to make that happen tho

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Sound like you love to see pain! Haha

  • Bo Carlsson
    Bo Carlsson个月 前

    I didn't think princess cake was a thing outside of Sweden.

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    We must have a lot of Swedish peeps in the community!

  • Geoff Pritchard
    Geoff Pritchard个月 前

    I kinda want Ben and James to do this competition without any recipe.

  • soiung toiue

    soiung toiue

    个月 前

    I think the comment "they might not be Swedish Princess Cakes" is the most fitting one here :)

  • gabrielandlukas
    gabrielandlukas个月 前

    OH HELL NO! This is NOT a Swedish Princess cake... No, No and No Lmao

  • simon hoare
    simon hoare个月 前

    Is Barry wearing nail lacquer?

  • Bartek Staniak
    Bartek Staniak个月 前

    "Looks like a vomit cake" ahhh the memories

  • Walbe 123
    Walbe 123个月 前

    I think you should use the original cake when comparing at the end

  • Keon Greene
    Keon Greene个月 前

    Ben and James --- the face my home ec Teacher had when we now started to cook and nearly burnt the school kitchen to a crisp

  • John Kristian Aasen
    John Kristian Aasen个月 前

    the color?

  • Lizzy Seay
    Lizzy Seay个月 前

    Love the channel: just some constructive criticism- I don’t like the crazy music. Distracting.

  • Layla Iam
    Layla Iam个月 前


  • TheAngrySwede
    TheAngrySwede个月 前

    *Sad Swedish Noises*

  • joyousjamaican
    joyousjamaican个月 前

    James with the classic hand over mouth "This is terrible" expression

  • Ilsen Leon
    Ilsen Leon个月 前

    Jamie’s cake wins for me. Even if the structure isn’t exactly right, the flavor is there and he did get better on decorations!

  • akrylamid
    akrylamid个月 前

    I think the comment "they might not be Swedish Princess Cakes" is the most fitting one here :)

  • Foxy
    Foxy个月 前

    me a swedish watching this: 👁️👄👁️

  • stapuft
    stapuft个月 前

    jamie hands down.

  • seeni gzty
    seeni gzty个月 前

    I really want to believe Jamie is deliberately saying “Meshuggah” instead of “my sugar”

  • Jessie Leask
    Jessie Leask个月 前

    Chefs version!

  • Harpreet Saini
    Harpreet Saini个月 前

    JAMIE ! ! !

  • Kim Soer
    Kim Soer个月 前


  • Nivad Darwin
    Nivad Darwin个月 前

    Ah yes, nothing says princess like a well trimmed lawn.

  • seeni gzty

    seeni gzty

    个月 前

    Barry's the winner, hands down. He deserves it!

  • Forging Strength
    Forging Strength个月 前

    Those cakes sexies look like me trying to be sexy 🤣.

  • Warlundrie
    Warlundrie个月 前

    Is it just me or does that homemade marzipan look a bit like it split? Also working Swedish Chef here, and this is the first time I've seen a cake go over the cream. What we do at work is whip the cream hard, shape the dome then drape the marzipan over it and gently and I really mean gently tug the marzipan a bit to get the air pockets out and get it nice and smooth. Also no sugar paste ever on a Princesstårta! James, Ben, the time has come for you to take responsibility and show the boys how it is really done. Do your research and do a proper nice Princesstårta :)

  • Geech6
    Geech6个月 前

    Personally, I think this one was just being a dick. While they produced something that worked and might have well been tasty this was nothing more than the two 'A' students making fun of the guys who don't know anything. I miss the early battles where the guys went wild and all did something different with a special ingredient or theme, i.e.: the "Mac and Cheese battle", or the infamous "Ultimate Burrito battle." You gave two guys a dish that neither have any idea how to make and gave them an unnecessary time limit. If I would go about something like this I would give my contestants time to research so that they aren't forced into incompetence. Just because someone "should" know something doesn't mean that they remember or have it ingrained into their memory the way James and Ben have. TL;DR: give them time to research first, and get rid of the time limit (or count up and then give them a "par" time)

  • Elina .T
    Elina .T个月 前

    As a swede I'm sorry to say this but both cakes looks worse than when me and my little sister made one the first time 3 year's ago ( I was 11 and she was 6)

  • beeclan50
    beeclan50个月 前

    Without tasting I agree with draw

  • Eivind Lystad
    Eivind Lystad个月 前

    Whole eggs in the marzipan? That's... new. It's normally made with just egg whites. Also, just skip the sugar and use icing sugar instead. It's much simpler and you get a smoother texture in the end. For an even better result, you can add a little tragacanth powder as well. That just makes it a bit smoother and more elastic, and thus easier to work with.

  • Ottawa3453
    Ottawa3453个月 前

    Today you're all princesses!

  • Janine Perrodin
    Janine Perrodin个月 前

    I'm a pastry chef and I'm SMH just like Ben...

  • First To Infinity
    First To Infinity个月 前

    How do y'all work in a kitchen WITHOUT running water???

  • Micheli rana
    Micheli rana个月 前

    As a swede myself i am very impressed. Good job 👏👏

  • lovfro
    lovfro个月 前

    Can't you poor Brits buy cooking marzipan in the shops?

  • m4554k3r
    m4554k3r个月 前

    I kinda like the rough end results, even though being brought up on these in Sweden.

  • Kobrona
    Kobrona个月 前

    Barry's the winner, hands down. He deserves it!

  • Isak Nilsson
    Isak Nilsson个月 前

    As a Swede I'm so offended by the colour of the marsipan

  • Ray y G
    Ray y G个月 前

    Jamies looks better wow

  • Caitlin P
    Caitlin P个月 前

    My daughter( age 9 ) would like you to do a vegan thanksgiving meal as a challenge.

  • Henry Smith
    Henry Smith个月 前

    Jamie’s looks better

  • Sam Bailey
    Sam Bailey个月 前

    Jamie embodies everything I love about cooking.

  • tetsuei
    tetsuei个月 前

    Less a princess cake and more a lad cake then eh boys?

  • Oliver Rockets
    Oliver Rockets个月 前

    I want to see Ben and James do this. This is a difficult traditional recipe. Put their money where their mouth is

  • C. R. E.
    C. R. E.个月 前

    This cake looks familiar. Was it on GBBO?

  • Sebrina Shelton
    Sebrina Shelton个月 前

    My vote is for Jamie.