Taste Testing The Latest Food Trend Products Vol. 7

DIY 和生活百科

Today’s episode is a special kind of food trends video where we highlight a selection of interesting products from young entrepreneurs who are changing the game in creating a sustainable future for our food!
If you want to find out more about these foodie pioneers and a whole bunch of others then why not follow 'Thought for Food' on Instagram and tune into the live broadcast of the 2020 Challenge Final on World Food Day. That’s on 16th October… all the links are down below:
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Watch the Live Stream on the 16th: thoughtforfood.org/
Rice inc: www.riceinc.com/
Jali Fruit: jalifruit.co/
Feitosa Gourmet: www.feitosagourmet.com.br/
Xilinat: xilinat.com/
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  • Andee McKenzie
    Andee McKenzie3 小时 前

    Love the thoughtful food products! Thanks for such a fun and insightful video.

  • Kdin legaspi
    Kdin legaspi18 小时 前

    James speaks so softly I can’t tell if he’s talking or whispering😂 adorable tho lol

  • xEmpty.Abyssx
    xEmpty.Abyssx18 小时 前

    I didn't know "ketchup" was an actual ingredient not limited to tomatoes.

  • Johneen Kelly
    Johneen Kelly天 前

    Great video; very interesting. But I think the bottom line for average consumers is price. That's the thing missing from consideration... your average low-modest income earners' food budget. Rich people can afford a lot of this stuff. Of course, they're also the people who could be (should be) campaigning for equitable living wages and sharing some of their wealth. Much larger political issue.

  • DmD
    DmD天 前

    If you brought that much rice onto the market wouldn't the price of rice decrease and plunge every rice growing area into poverty?

  • C L
    C L天 前

    Fabulous episode Sortedfood!Appreciate the effort.

  • Ada Norberg
    Ada Norberg2 天 前

    I dont really used rice because I like to use local stuff so I prefer locally produced oat-based "rice". Banana stuff I skip because I am allergic to bananas. Fruit thing is interesting although yet again I prefer local stuff like apples, strawberries and wild berries like bilberries and lingonberries over imported fruits. Xylitol alternative was interesting but the reactions made be a bit apprehensive.

  • fanatujax
    fanatujax2 天 前

    Just wanna say if Bill Clinton is your selling point I think you may have messed up somewhere lol

  • Bho Check
    Bho Check4 天 前

    More pls

  • TigroTasia
    TigroTasia4 天 前

    Love love love when you guys talk about sustainability, you should look up the Institute for sustainable food (IFSF) in Sheffield! We do great research on these things! :)

  • Anne Hätinen
    Anne Hätinen4 天 前

    In Finland we have ice cream made of leftover bananas from food markets. The ice cream is called Bananasajäämä and it's dairy free, gluten free and doesn't have any artificial color/aroma ingredience.

  • Melanie
    Melanie4 天 前

    wow jalico are doing incredible work! going from $2 a day to $15 a day is LIFE CHANGING!

  • DarkSouljah
    DarkSouljah5 天 前

    Thank you for doing this and bringing these to our attention.

  • Reality Isme
    Reality Isme6 天 前

    Ben: "You said it, that's banana ketchup" Me, a Filipino: "Uhhh no its not..." *skeptical eyes intensifies*

  • Katelynn Alexandrea
    Katelynn Alexandrea6 天 前

    They did not just eat half a spoon of raw xylitol. Oh. My. God. RIP your toilets and intestines.

  • Katelynn Alexandrea
    Katelynn Alexandrea6 天 前


  • Hanneke
    Hanneke7 天 前

    Pretentious/Premium ingredient suggestion: barrista milk🤔 also the vegan options like oat

  • Rowgue51
    Rowgue517 天 前

    Fruits and vegetables rot very quickly, and they do it regardless of whether you harvest the plant or not.

  • Kanza Riza
    Kanza Riza7 天 前

    it's fascinating to see different habit from different places. the fact that both normal and chef said they don't stock up on sugar is so different than my lifestyle in my country, which maybe can be seen as the variety type of food that is available in those country

  • Melissa Champagne
    Melissa Champagne8 天 前

    Amazing! More please. Extra points for country specific

  • Junior Claudiano
    Junior Claudiano8 天 前

    I live in Brazil and I’ve never seen that in any supermarket here, it’s so sad that we throw that much of food because it doesn’t look good

  • Megan Donovan
    Megan Donovan8 天 前

    “Cah-heh-tah” not “cujeta”

  • Kirby 149
    Kirby 1498 天 前

    I think they are all great, Paying $15 to the ladies is awesome. Giving the foodbanks a bag for everyone bought is wonderful , here in Canada 555,000 bananas wasted approximately . Sugar replacements can always help. Thank you for getting my mind thinking. Be well and be safe.

  • Tiffany Hunsicker
    Tiffany Hunsicker8 天 前

    My vote is for Jali Fruit, I love that is helps give better wages. The price is good as well and is comparable to prices I pay. A second vote for the rice since it helps the farmers with wasted product.

  • Sadia
    Sadia8 天 前

    Barry looking like a million bucks 😎

  • Kay
    Kay8 天 前

    How about taste testing insect protein? There's a lot in the news about it, and it's been much touted as a sustainable food source.

  • Ana Chavez
    Ana Chavez9 天 前

    I liked the 1st product the most

  • TheVerosyv
    TheVerosyv9 天 前

    Erythriol (sp?) has really taken of in Scandinavia, one of the biggest brand names are Sukrin (as in sukker - sugar, it also looks and feels like sugar) - and very few people have adverse reactions to it, I don't think a lot of people get ill from xylitol either? As compared to maltitol that makes me fart for 25 hours straight, and aspartam that gives me the shakes. I know there are organic versions too, which I guess the difference is how it's made? Several brands of chocolate, like Nick's in Sweden are making bars with mainly erythriol. Slight cooling taste, but I hate overly sweet stuff anyway, I like it. I think I've seen bags of Sukrin that supposedly can caramelize, wonder if its half erythriol and half something else? which is half the effect of just sugar. I also regularely buy their brownie mix - add eggs and bake it, and my friends with diabetes get no bad effects from it! Products like that are great because I can always just buy eggs, I don't need bags of various sweeteres in my cabinet and find the correct ratio for a good taste.

  • Mondvrr
    Mondvrr9 天 前

    don't call that "patatas bravas" :( the "bravas" means something like "brave" because of the spicy sauce, otherwise they are just patatas. anyways, nice video as always guys, you review some interestng things on this section, but bring more bloops!! :)

  • 蘇堯
    蘇堯9 天 前

    It's really nice of you guys talking about these things. Solving economical problems not only needs the science but also the changes in the way we live. Having people discuss these things really brings up the awareness and the possibility to make a difference.

  • Marwaan in Everything
    Marwaan in Everything9 天 前

    Food really has the power to bring everyone together. No matter what culture, everywhere around the world, people eat together

  • Emily O'Neill
    Emily O'Neill9 天 前

    My dumb brain thought the rice was in a cat bowl!!

  • Amanda Miller
    Amanda Miller9 天 前

    What about the food miles on these types of “pretentious” foods? I know you’re trying to get across that food is wasted but shouldn’t be we be buying local and only buying food we would consume per day/week

  • Matheus Balieiro
    Matheus Balieiro10 天 前

    As a Brazilian I'd just like to point how expensive that banana ketchup is for us. Just google it and it goes for R$ 16,90, the usual ketchup is somewhere around R$ 4,00. The most "premium" ketchup we usually find here is Heinz and that'd cost you around R$11,00

  • D4 Ditto
    D4 Ditto10 天 前

    Tried to order the banana ketchup. Doesn't ship to the UK 😟

  • Sarah Andrea Nielsen
    Sarah Andrea Nielsen10 天 前

    I love this!! :D

  • Dean C
    Dean C10 天 前

    Current exchange rate

  • Megan Behrmann
    Megan Behrmann10 天 前

    Do a Sorted-packs-in-action series! Show us examples of using the packs app? Show how the meals use shared ingredients or build on each other. Thanks!

  • Alessandra Flores
    Alessandra Flores10 天 前

    Thank you for this informative video and for bringing awareness to those companies that propose a viable solution against food waste. Love the ideas behind those products.

  • Kat
    Kat10 天 前

    Could you do a food from ikea battle

  • theundeadchrist
    theundeadchrist10 天 前

    1.88 an hour for the women working for the fruit thing. how the fuq is anyone ok with this?

  • john brown
    john brown11 天 前

    Got to be rice for me. The other products I would be adding to my diet, so I wouldn't buy them to begin with.

  • Belle Smith
    Belle Smith11 天 前

    Xylitol is great for people with diabetes, I’m just here to remind you it is toxic to dogs so please please please keep your xylitol out of reach of your pooch!

  • Scuba Suzy
    Scuba Suzy11 天 前

    Any other Spanish speakers shudder a little every time Ebbers called it "caJeta"?

  • gregory carter
    gregory carter11 天 前

    great to see you continuing the better alternatives... keep it up.

  • Sara Galea
    Sara Galea11 天 前

    I’m a normal that only keeps sugar for the occasional chocolate fondant. Lol

  • Virgínia Jansen
    Virgínia Jansen11 天 前

    Just to let you know, xylitol is highly toxic for pets, dog specifically so if you're a dog or cat owner is good to be sure they won't be in reach of this sugar substitute

  • Zachary Snyder
    Zachary Snyder11 天 前

    You know why you lost viewers. Your constant promotion of causes. We want some good food not to be preached at. We get that everywhere else. Please. Let us have escapism.

  • Zachary Snyder
    Zachary Snyder11 天 前

    Having bill Clinton’s endorsement ain’t what it used to be.

  • Ray y G
    Ray y G11 天 前

    He should have used less Xylitol in the cake, it has a sweeter taste and that weird little feel (cooling, wet)

  • Ray y G
    Ray y G11 天 前

    As soon as he said "that is quite cooling" I thought of Xylitol. It was my only option for sweetner for a few years, and it was ok..but I like coconut nectar better by far. Also more gentle on the gut.

  • Gabby Bast
    Gabby Bast11 天 前

    Hey! Can you guys try the meatball tongs on your next gadget review!??!!

  • LoveMusicReplay
    LoveMusicReplay11 天 前

    I absolutely love these ideas. I tend to nag my parents about being more environmentally sustainable. However, when having this discussion with my family, if they have to choose between providing for their family and being environmentally sustainable, they’ll choose to provide for their family. I think the rice and the ketchup because they are cheap will take off because they aren’t as expensive compared to their popular brand counterparts, but I am not sure about the sweetener because it’s so expensive. Please keep making these videos though, with more videos like these people will think about making mini food swaps that will help the planet, and I might actually buy the rice and ketchup.

  • timothy naquin
    timothy naquin11 天 前

    I'm from south Louisiana where sugar is our cash crop and rice is also grown here... So the rice one is my choice

  • StorySpinner
    StorySpinner11 天 前

    Only one of these I was not interested in was the xylitol. Xylitol, like other sugar alcohols, can cause a lot of intestinal issues for people (another sugar alcohol, maltitol, is/was the culprit in the infamous sugar free haribo bears), in addition to, as someone already mentioned, being very toxic to pets. As one of the many people that is effected that way - hard pass on it.

  • bcgrote
    bcgrote11 天 前

    If you have IBS, try to avoid Xylitol, it can really make it worse! And of course, doggos can't have it.

  • Matt Allaire
    Matt Allaire11 天 前

    So glad this one didn't have a like/subscribe interruption

  • bcgrote
    bcgrote11 天 前

    These are all fantastic companies, ideals I can get behind!

  • bcgrote
    bcgrote11 天 前

    A ton of rice will feed 50 people for a month. So you can feed over one hundred million people for a year from the waste. That's the population of ALL of Vietnam!

  • Patty Quiz
    Patty Quiz11 天 前

    From highly agricultural country like Philippines, Rice Inc. will be a real game changer. Our farmers often sell rice harvest on a lesser price to avoid spoilage leading to profit loss and debt. So extending rice grains shelf life will help to increase market demand and competitive pricing. P. S. Its good to see Mike again!

  • Tito Pards
    Tito Pards11 天 前

    Here in the Philippines we have been using banana as our main ingredient in our ketchup... We have been doing it here since WW II.

  • lin r
    lin r11 天 前

    So this might be a dumb question/thought on the xylitol... I’m in the US and finding caster sugar can be a pain. So when I have a recipe that calls for caster sugar I just take granulated sugar and use a spice grinder to grind it down into a finer powder. Is it possible that grinding the xylitol so it’s finer will help how it behaves in cake? I guess I’m wondering if it’s a issue of the physical size of the granules or the chemical properties.

  • Malcolm Leader
    Malcolm Leader11 天 前

    My dentist told me to use Xylitol and I haven't had a cavity since. I put it in my tea and now I'm used to it. Sugar now tastes wrong.

  • Exayevie
    Exayevie12 天 前

    James' little patatas bravas quip reminds me of when my baby brother told my mom that he "liked the chicken but not the chilada" (he heard it as chicken and chilada lol)

  • Naz Vlogs UK
    Naz Vlogs UK12 天 前

    Wow very nice 👌 👏 👍

  • Atarah Rass
    Atarah Rass12 天 前

    If you have no sugar in your house, does it imply you never eat sweet things?

  • ProfessorRiffs
    ProfessorRiffs12 天 前

    Hey everybody - what are some other foods I can order that 1) give back to the farmers/workers, 2) won't break my bank, and 3) don't suck as foods?

  • Emily Robinson
    Emily Robinson12 天 前

    Woah wait. British English spells tons with an ‘e’ ?!?

  • Saint of the Honest
    Saint of the Honest12 天 前

    Ben: "We all eat three times a day" Me: "Bruh, I don't even eat two times a day that often any more. Usually it's one mega meal that fuels me for 20h or so."

  • Anika Lidke
    Anika Lidke12 天 前

    Wow, cool products, thanks for sharing with us 😄

  • dkaptivating
    dkaptivating12 天 前


  • Ilsen Leon
    Ilsen Leon12 天 前

    I think the one I will most likely use is the rice one and I really do think that one will be the one that gets to go mainstream due to its mission and helping the food waste problem. I also like the banana ketchup and the dried fruit but I eat a lot of rice in my family so I feel like that’s the one I will use.

  • Sadie C
    Sadie C12 天 前

    Can you do a kitchen gadget review thing for the Always Pan? It seems cool but I always get skeptical when someone tries to sell me a ”this will do it all” thing. Thanks!!

  • wordywolf
    wordywolf12 天 前

    ....all I hear is Satan. So they better cook the hell out of it. 😈😈😈

  • The Elizabethean
    The Elizabethean12 天 前

    So how many of these are available in the US? I'd love to try and find at least some of them. The rice in particular for me! Also, it's worth nothing that xylitol is lethal to pets. Don't have it around if you've got furry friends!!!

  • Mike Gray
    Mike Gray12 天 前

    1/2:1 is a better sub for Xylatol to sugar.

  • UnspokenOldOne
    UnspokenOldOne12 天 前

    I think the other thing people need to know when it comes to xylitol is that it is very hazardous to both cats and dogs. So if someone adopts it as a sugar substitute they need to know that it can easily kill their pets if they eat anything with it in it. I know plenty of pet owners who share food with their pets and if they aren't aware of this they could easily harm their animals. I think that more than anything may hold it back from widespread usage in developed nations.

  • Ire Sori
    Ire Sori12 天 前

    Cajeta, the sound is like when you say Hot.

  • libz c
    libz c12 天 前

    The sorted club food app thing, some of your recipes use wine and I was wondering what you could swap it for if you're not someone who buys alcohol

  • Appollochan
    Appollochan12 天 前

    I'm loving the videos that discuss sustainability, I think it's suchhc an important issue we should be thinking about right now. My favourite product was Rice inc. That scale of rice waste is heart breaking especially for such a staple food and of course the farmers themselves lose out on earnings as well.

  • tenderpoison182
    tenderpoison18212 天 前


  • Felix
    Felix12 天 前

    Mike has been working out

  • Sarah Barnes
    Sarah Barnes12 天 前

    My mind has just been blown 🤯

  • FanFicnic
    FanFicnic12 天 前

    Be warned: some people have bad reactions to Xylitol, including myself

  • Kate Kitten
    Kate Kitten12 天 前

    Hey guys! I'd love to see you try Vegan Zeastar products. They make vegan tuna & salmon sashimi, shrimp, calamari etc and they look amazing. I've recently moved from London to the Netherlands and you can get them in most big supermarkets here. Apparently, they've also launched in the UK recently. vegconomist.com/products-and-launches/vegan-zeastar-sashimi-finally-lands-in-the-uk/ veganfinestfoods.com/

  • Ben R
    Ben R12 天 前

    Xylitol is a GREAT sugar alternative, but if you buy it, KEEP IT AWAY FROM YOUR PETS! It's extremely toxic to animals

  • Laura Matisone
    Laura Matisone12 天 前

    Xilinat would be best in all sugary drinks then. Coke, pepsi, tango etc

  • axlearyakia
    axlearyakia12 天 前

    Having used xylitol solely as sweetener in the past few months, I was not aware of its sustainability issues in making it! Xilinat is super interesting to me for that reason.

  • Suzan Dragon
    Suzan Dragon12 天 前

    i really miss your early videos guys, the over-editing really makes me not want to watch.

  • Neville Longbottom
    Neville Longbottom12 天 前

    Was that nasi lemak?

  • Matt Winterton
    Matt Winterton12 天 前

    Sniff it, lick it, nibble it. Yes please .

  • 박순규
    박순규12 天 前

    Banana ketchup has been the default ketchup in the Philippines for decades

  • Mel the Redcap
    Mel the Redcap12 天 前

    Definitely never put xylitol in anything you're going to feed other people without warning them - if somebody has IBS or related conditions, or just doesn't react well to it without having a specific diagnosed condition, you're signing them up for days of serious pain and inconvenience.

  • Joi Itapson
    Joi Itapson12 天 前

    The crows feet James is getting when he smiles is giving me a major case of the warm and fuzzies.

  • Shawn Stratton
    Shawn Stratton12 天 前

    I love that you guys are doing something about food waste, though, I'm a little disheartened that only two products here really have a chance to make an actual difference at scale, the rice and the sweetener. The problem I see with the other products is they're still more "niche" and while they certainly have value, I'm not certain that even if they become significantly less niche that it's really going to make a difference. For a hot minute, I tried Soylent as a meal replacement, I wonder if some of the food waste (unusable produce specifically) could be used to come up with something similar as a way to provide raw nutrients without necessarily being a flavor centering ingredient, food for though.

  • TheFormalMooshroom


    11 天 前

    Yea, the sweetener will solve obesity as everyone will be too busy shitting their guts to gain any weight. :P

  • Jessica Pestana
    Jessica Pestana12 天 前

    Another great video guys

  • No Akomplice
    No Akomplice12 天 前

    Real quick, that guy is lying. They've been making xylitol from agricultural waste (corn, wheat and rice) for decades now. Specifically corn and corn cobs that would otherwise be wasted. Wood is also a source but less common than the ag waste.. That guy from Mexico absolutely didn't discover the process, technique or even come up with the idea. He's dishonestly trying to appropriate and claim credit for things that he had absolutely no part in. I'm genuinely confused why he's getting away with it and why he's being grouped together with those other people/companies who are actually doing great things. "He discovered a cheaper and easier way of making it" (Citation needed.. He didn't discover or create anything)... Then you say "It's a lot more expensive than sugar because of it's innovation, the way they're doing it and the small scale their making it at.." What he actually did was take processes, techniques, ideas, etc... that other people discovered and developed, that the rest of the developed world (and China) has been using for decades, and started using them in Mexico. i don't get it, maybe he's just really good at talking or conning people into whatever it is he does. He makes a lot of claims, all over his website, in interviews, etc... Most of which aren't true. Even if you ignored the dishonest claims he makes about everything, his Xilinat is also more expensive than the Xylitol you can buy on Amazon right now, so I don't understand the point. If it's cheaper and easier, using his (supposed) novel technique, he's just collecting a greater profit then? Xylitol isn't new or rare, it's in everything from toothpaste and mouthwash to baked goods, drinks, yogurt, gum and candy. Pretty much the majority of "sugar free" products on the market use xylitol, especially if the end product is a mint/cooling flavor. The chewing gum industry accounts for nearly 70% of all xylitol used annually. It was first created/discovered by 3 men in 1890, Fisher and Stahe in Germany and simultaneously by Betrand in France. However it remained a research chemical until rationing during WWII, when it began being used on a larger scale as a replacement for sugar. In the late 1960's/early 1970's xylitol was created from birch trees in Finland. In the 1970's xylitol started being used on an even larger scale as a "sugar free", diabetic, 'low calorie, etc... option. Danisco (a major global supplier of xylitol) recently developed Xylitol XIVIA using a more sustainable process with an integrated approach with the pulp and paper industry. Not only does that guy from Mexico's name not appear anywhere significant involving xylitol, the entire country of Mexico doesn't even factor in to the xylitol supply chain. I'm not trying to be rude or anything but to be honest, Mexico isn't really known as an exporter of invention/innovation, or anything other than Mexican food and people. I know that sounds harsh but I'm just being frank.

  • Javier Larragoiti Kuri

    Javier Larragoiti Kuri

    7 天 前

    @No Akomplice hey there, not lying about anything. I invented a fermentative process instead of the chemical hydrogenation method in with xylose is reduced to xylitol through catalysis. We are still producing on a lab-scale and trying to grow to start industrial manufacturing. You can learn more about our process here: solve.mit.edu/challenges/circular-economy/solutions/9224 It's important to note we never claim we invented xylitol, we created a cheaper method with a unique yeast strain. It's funny you looked up for other methods but didn't find our patent. Cheers mate

  • In Li

    In Li

    12 天 前

    This also bothered me. In no way could anyone claim that this was a new thing, I'm clad you wrote it out so clearly. Also following things about xylitol where left out which bothered me. Xylitol has a lot of great health benefits. Finish studies have shown it to reduce ear infections in children. It reduces caries when used regularly after eating (only with high xylitol content gum and pastilles -at least 70%). It even has been shown to reduce the transference of mouth bacteria from mom to babies if mom is using high xylitol content gum regularly (and there for increasing babies dental health). But it cannot be used as a sugar substitute (it doesn't obviously behave in the same way as sugar- it is more difficult to use) mostly because too large quantities of it will cause laxative effects. 45 g for children and 100 g for adults are considered too much. (With pets and specially dogs you should be super careful as it is toxic to them. Do not leave it anywhere where a pet could reach it!) Erytrol which is often known as "carping sugar" does not have the same high laxative effect and could be a better substitute for sugar. It also has even lower calorie count than xylitol.

  • MrBluerex
    MrBluerex12 天 前

    Guys, just a caution on the Xylitol front - it is deadly to dogs. www.snopes.com/fact-check/xylitol-danger/

  • Marling McReynolds
    Marling McReynolds12 天 前

    I am allergic to xylitol and I am not alone.

  • TreyNitrotoluene
    TreyNitrotoluene12 天 前

    Xylitol KILLS dogs and cats, that disclaimer needs to be in here somewhere.