Taste Testing Pretentious Ingredients Vol. 10

DIY 和生活百科

It’s time for another pretentious ingredients episode where we ask our normals, Jamie and Mike, to taste and review a selection of ingredients that may OR may not be… showing off! There’s nothing like a bit of glitz and glamour to spice up your Wednesday.
You can find out more about the ingredients we reviewed in the links below. Just so you know, some of these might be affiliate links, which means if you buy something from the store after clicking on them, the store will pay us a percentage of your basket... This doesn't cost or change anything else for you!
Glacé Clementines in Wooden Box: bit.ly/3iYT1Vb
Parmesan Tongue Biscuits: bit.ly/3j02zPQ
Gold Almond Dragees: bit.ly/3hY0bbb
Fortum’s Spiced Anchovy Relish: bit.ly/3kKsT16
The Original Gentlemen’s Relish: amzn.to/33XMdRo
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  • Andy M
    Andy M20 小时 前

    Titanium dioxide is used to give food or other substances an absolute pure white color. Yes, it is used in the paint for NASA rockets. It is also used in soap to give it a pure white color as natural soap is not a pure white. Any food that is a pure white color is either bleached, such as flour, or has titanium dioxide in it.

  • Cynicalschism
    Cynicalschism2 天 前

    I think my baseline for pretentious is "is this something Toff from MIC would buy sincerely?"

  • Bethany H
    Bethany H3 天 前

    Mike, it was so nice to hear you to defend mother in laws, it's a rarity.

  • SORTEDfood


    2 天 前

    He was scared of his! ;)

  • Reidlos Toof
    Reidlos Toof4 天 前

    I was actually going to order those clementines for my mom for Christmas, since she has a massive sweet tooth, but turns out shipping to the US is nearly as much as the box itself. Alas.

  • Aguy
    Aguy4 天 前

    Titanium Dioxide is also the white in wall paint. Because it's cheap, white, and isn't lead oxide.

  • sumiya hossan
    sumiya hossan8 天 前

    The brown in me thought they were gulab jamun for the first one..lol

  • paulmamoany
    paulmamoany8 天 前

    Have you looked at momofuku savoury salts? Very expensive but meant to make a huge difference to lots of dishes when just used as the seasoning.

  • Rohan Tanawade
    Rohan Tanawade9 天 前

    Ben's face at 9:17 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • R O X Λ S
    R O X Λ S10 天 前

    He just cringes when he finds out Ben used gentlemans relish when he cooked for the queen

  • Darth Gorthaur
    Darth Gorthaur11 天 前

    Wait wait wait....what's that about cooking for the queen...we must know more...

  • SORTEDfood


    11 天 前

    Ben spoke about it on a podcast we believe

  • abbykuria2112
    abbykuria211211 天 前

    Why then do I say 'dra-jees?' 😭

  • Spookay T'is Me
    Spookay T'is Me12 天 前

    Maybe you don't know, but calling that melted cheese (and other ingredients) "Welsh rarebit" is actually offensive to the Welsh

  • Luke MacInnes
    Luke MacInnes12 天 前

    I imagine eating a lot of those nuts could lead to you turning blue then if they've got that much silver in them

  • D Bone
    D Bone13 天 前

    I love how 83% of the comment section is either about cooking for the Queen, or overlooking that he did. Clearly some people don't know what the word "overlook" means.

  • D Bone
    D Bone13 天 前

    I could totally see someone having a bowl of the "gold" almonds on their desk in their office. Everyone just thinks it's for decoration, then one day the person randomly pops one in their mouth and eats it...

  • xx
    xx13 天 前

    you should do a score board of price-guesses over the course of a year, with the loser having to do some sort of forfeit.

  • Dougal McTavish
    Dougal McTavish16 天 前

    I think we need some new head to head to head battles, seems like the lads have learned a fair bit since the last ones. As for themes; most pretentious dish? Best cafe lunch? Most hipster recipe? Environmentally sustainable ultimate battle? Most expensive recipe? Exotic food? Modern fine dining? Pack lunch battle? I miss the battles and the banter, and sure I’m not the only one.

  • Jack Blacktose
    Jack Blacktose16 天 前

    Ya fed the boys poison nuts, Ben 🤦‍♂️

  • adamtilbury99
    adamtilbury9917 天 前

    could use the clementines as a fancy topper for a cake if you slice them

  • Phi Le Monse
    Phi Le Monse18 天 前

    "Cassaaandra" omg, I just love Jamie....

  • tim rundall
    tim rundall18 天 前

    Obviously the most pretentious ingredients on display are the presenters. But thank you for reminding me about Patum Pepperium, which I used to get every birthday from an aunt and rather miss. Also thank you for the Parmesan tongues which look wonderful. I'm not sure they'd work together though.

  • Beth Timbrell
    Beth Timbrell18 天 前

    Strange thing to spot. But do the guys have their wedding rings on their right hands? The video can’t be flipped because their tshirt logos are on the left, like normal, but the rings on the right... strange observation I know. 😂

  • Desiree Elise
    Desiree Elise19 天 前

    the irony in pretentious being a pretentious word 💀

  • Kristen Robitaille
    Kristen Robitaille19 天 前

    cnboth.info/dron/sh-p-n/aI2Od7RkjsmW33o.html to eventually watch Ben talking about cooking for the queen

  • SoulEdgeHarmonics
    SoulEdgeHarmonics19 天 前

    Too busy laughing about Gentlemens Relish. I am clearly pretending at being an adult.

  • Nathalie J
    Nathalie J21 天 前

    Mikes bit about subscribing to see his demise killed me! I’m very happy to see him in front of the camera again :)

  • spenchan
    spenchan21 天 前

    Not sure if it counts as “pretentious” but there is a limited time Pringles Fish and Chips flavor that’s almost $6 (5.08 euros)

  • crazykev07
    crazykev0722 天 前

    Preface my comment to say I haven't been watching every video. I watch selectively. I thought for a second, before watching this video, that something had happened to Mike because I hadn't seen him in a video in a while. Good to see him again. Mike, I always enjoy your takes on things.

  • Anton Camilleri
    Anton Camilleri23 天 前

    The Golden Almond Dragees is actually called Perlini. It's a Maltese Candy used for the carnival festivals in Malta, it got a bit thicker shell, so it starts by a crunch but you end up with a soft, chewy, nutty almond in the middle. If I'm not wrong it does comes in a mix of colours like, pink, blue, yellow, white and green. I know he directly read that directly from Wiki but even Wikipedia missed out Perlini which is one of the Authentic Maltese candies. Would be great if you mention that.

  • Waterflame
    Waterflame23 天 前

    Jordan Almonds are the epitome of the treat you get at a wedding as a favour, but not something you actually eat.

  • archionblu
    archionblu24 天 前

    Okay so you can. say 'they coated saturn 5 rocket with it' but also titanium dioxide is in tons of makeup products (as a white pigment) and in sunscreen. idk feels a little like playing into the ~~scary chemicals~~ trope. Next you'll be telling us we should be concerned about dihydrogen monoxide :p

  • XilverXoul
    XilverXoul24 天 前

    Wait, Mike said he has a nice mother-in-law... since when was Mike married?

  • lazymornings
    lazymornings24 天 前

    I can't believe that the first and second one are considered pretentious. They're both pretty common in Greece. The first is a treat that grandmas usually go for and the second is the traditional candy you give at guests after every wedding.

  • Alcadeias90
    Alcadeias9024 天 前

    The bag said "Pimp your nuts" XD

  • woolfel
    woolfel24 天 前

    candied fruit a glycemic diabetic bomb. No thanks to the candied fruit. those gold almonds are junk.

  • Lilly Ess
    Lilly Ess25 天 前

    Jordan almonds are usually kept in decorative candy dishes or are wedding favors.

  • P4ndora
    P4ndora25 天 前

    Those Glace Clementines could become useful if you had a low blood sugar..... or you're an American.

  • Nadja G.
    Nadja G.25 天 前

    That picture of Ben with his mother-in-law's tongue is so wholesome. I also have one at home.

  • Leila Chan
    Leila Chan25 天 前

    !!!! I can MAKE my own dragees for less than half that price >=( And without the adverse effects.

  • Cassie Ellison
    Cassie Ellison25 天 前

    I don't know why but the way Jamie said Cassandra (my full name) made me feel so uncomfortable 😂😂

  • CJ Matty
    CJ Matty25 天 前

    Perfect channel to binge on a sick day 🤒

  • BunnyChanX
    BunnyChanX25 天 前

    #2 is just Jordan almonds but shiny

  • Max White
    Max White25 天 前

    Just add msg if you want umami flavour

  • Felix Wong
    Felix Wong25 天 前

    Lmao Sarawak Pepper....we've got bucketloads of that in Malaysia hahaha

  • leon.
    leon.25 天 前


  • SORTEDfood


    25 天 前

    Really? That's a bit slow. You'll have to set yourself a reminder for Wednesdays and Sundays at 4pm UK time! ;)

  • Kyle Valenzuela
    Kyle Valenzuela25 天 前

    "Intimidating for something so small." Thats what she said!! "You've been dying for years to give us your gentlemens relish." She said that too. "May have adverse effect and activity in children." I wish she never said that....

  • Alfian Syaifudin
    Alfian Syaifudin25 天 前

    So the Goblin fund his glider and any of killer spider gadget with this Gantleman Radish.

  • Shauka Hodan

    Shauka Hodan

    25 天 前

    The first two look like something that would be found at a wedding

  • A Filthy Casual
    A Filthy Casual25 天 前

    Are wedding almonds not a thing in the UK then? They seemed confused by Jordan almonds

  • Shauka Hodan

    Shauka Hodan

    25 天 前

    your wedding which can be ridiculously expensive but very addictive for your guests ;)

  • jennayaadain
    jennayaadain26 天 前

    14:50 That’s called something like the... bus effect? If an essential employee, or even owner, were to get hit by a bus one day and couldn’t come in, whether it be for a day or forever, you want to have someone else in the company able to do their job in their stead. Otherwise you’re screwed.

  • Luci Mitchell
    Luci Mitchell26 天 前

    Maybe if you use the clementines as the sweetener in an ice cream base, that would be lovely!

  • R.E. Paredes
    R.E. Paredes26 天 前


  • Elizabeth Larson
    Elizabeth Larson26 天 前

    All you guys are great, but “pretentious ingredients” videos are really made for Barry and James.

  • Water Under The Bridge
    Water Under The Bridge26 天 前

    Sometimes I wonder whether Ebbers is actually a time-travelling lady of nobility in disguise

  • Tessa Maye
    Tessa Maye26 天 前


  • tips22
    tips2226 天 前

    When it paused (and Mike asked us to subscribe), I thought it was going to show us an outtake where they fed the almonds to Barry and recorded his reaction 🤣

  • abc stv
    abc stv26 天 前

    Love the music around 12:00 mark

  • ThechannelthatIusetowritepublicYouTubecomments
    ThechannelthatIusetowritepublicYouTubecomments26 天 前

    In Malta we call dragees 'perlini'. They are very popular as souvenirs for parties and weddings.

  • ODoyleRulz
    ODoyleRulz26 天 前

    “Oh my God, you gave the queen your gentleman’s relish...” 🤣

  • alida flus
    alida flus26 天 前

    This episode was sickly good...no no no no “Sumptuously” good

  • Nathan Perry
    Nathan Perry26 天 前

    More recipe relays please.

  • Thomas Pickens
    Thomas Pickens26 天 前

    "Pimp Your Nuts". 🤣

  • Mutotoru Colfer
    Mutotoru Colfer26 天 前

    More facts about the Gold Almond Dragees: as the video also said, in Italy they're called Confetti. They're very simple treats, as old as the Roman Empire, and they're used as a gift to your guests in many occasions, mostly weddings (which are traditionally served in form of white coated confetti), baptisms (baby pink or baby blue), bachelor degrees (red) and wedding anniversaries (silver and golden). The golden ones can also be gifted during special parties like New Year's Eves and so on. Confetti are fancy looking but usually not extremely expensive. But, since they're so hard to bite and not so tasty, the Confetti tradition was slowly dying until someone has decided to created a candy similar to original confetti but way softer, and most importantly, FLAVOURED. That new kind of confetti can be REALLY expensive tho, and is getting really on trend to buy a Confetti Bar for your wedding which can be ridiculously expensive but very addictive for your guests ;)

  • alida flus

    alida flus

    26 天 前

    impeccable taste or are more well heeled than we actually are. The products themselves are always secondary, which by definition makes anything from Fortnum's pretentiou

  • Rainy Day Reviews
    Rainy Day Reviews26 天 前

    The first two look like something that would be found at a wedding

  • 小井津野梅
    小井津野梅26 天 前

    Abolish the monarchy

  • Gregorius Daneli
    Gregorius Daneli26 天 前

    _"A dragée, sometimes known as a confetto or Jordan almond, is a bite-sized form of confectionery with a hard outer shell, often around nuts..."_ PEANUT M&Ms ARE TECHNICALLY DRAGÉES, THEREFORE PEANUT M&Ms ARE FANCY AND PRETENTIOUS.

  • Daemon Ember
    Daemon Ember27 天 前

    Are the chefs the only single ones? All the normals are married.

  • Travis Schneider
    Travis Schneider27 天 前

    If an Englishman says they're pretentious, they're EXTRA pretentious. Only a Frenchman can out-pretentious an Englishman.

  • mmaaxx1198
    mmaaxx119827 天 前

    Pretentious almonds

  • sandy9064
    sandy906427 天 前

    Love the pretentious ingredients eps. Love the pass it on eps. Would love to see another cookbook video, maybe "Thug Kitchen: Eat Like You Give a F*ck". More than anything, I miss the costumes. It's nearing Halloween again. Could we get a throw back costumed cooking video again? Pretty please!

  • Anas Malas
    Anas Malas27 天 前

    The coated almonds are available here and used for our holidays. They are very cheap and non pretentious lol

  • Ariel Long
    Ariel Long27 天 前

    I almost always see Jordan almonds at either weddings or baby showers... didnt know silver ones are deemed inedible

  • dndragoi1
    dndragoi127 天 前

    All the Americans pausing to Google Welsh rabbit

  • Cassandra Hall
    Cassandra Hall27 天 前

    (walks off with clementines)

  • Nan Volentine
    Nan Volentine27 天 前

    The anchovy pastes looked like tins of cat food.

  • Ronny Kay
    Ronny Kay27 天 前

    You might get this a lot but what was Ben and James last actual Chef job?

  • chooheon
    chooheon27 天 前

    Titanium dioxide is also in some sunscreens and makeup!

  • Spencer Wilton
    Spencer Wilton27 天 前

    Let's be honest, the only reason any of us buy anything from Fortnum's is for the packaging, which we can casually strew about the kitchen to make it appear we have impeccable taste or are more well heeled than we actually are. The products themselves are always secondary, which by definition makes anything from Fortnum's pretentious.

  • Shauka Hodan
    Shauka Hodan27 天 前

    “I have a mother in law’s tongue at home in my flat already” Why would you say it like that Ben!?

  • inele
    inele27 天 前

    a idea for a episode will be if all chefs and normal's do a taste test blindfolded see who will find more ingredients , fruits, meats, etc

  • Chiara Napolitano
    Chiara Napolitano27 天 前

    Have they never had sugared almonds before? They are really common in Italy (and they are called confetti).

  • David Hoffman
    David Hoffman27 天 前

    That meat, cheese, olive, fruit board looks great.

  • Shauka Hodan

    Shauka Hodan

    27 天 前

    wtf is "anti-pastey"? do you mean anti-pasta/anti-pasto?

  • David Hoffman
    David Hoffman27 天 前

    M&M Almonds

  • David Hoffman
    David Hoffman27 天 前

    Clementines are perfect fresh from the tree. No need to candy them.

  • Tim Riehl
    Tim Riehl27 天 前

    I want to see them attempt to make something delicious out of something disgusting, i.e., durian fruit or eels---

  • Felicity Hayes
    Felicity Hayes27 天 前

    Currently visiting London and went to 'Where the Pancakes are' for breakfast and also Crosstown doughnuts, both recommended by you guys. And both utterly delicious! The pancakes royale with streaky bacon and hollendaise is amazing. Visited Borough Market too and loved every minute. Thanks for the recommendations!

  • Genevieve S
    Genevieve S27 天 前

    I love anchovies, i put so many on my pizza 🍕 😋

  • 13thMaiden
    13thMaiden27 天 前

    Jordon Almonds are pretentious?? Dude my grandfather would be so upset to hear that since they were his favorite candy 😂

  • Xhangjay Sagsagat
    Xhangjay Sagsagat27 天 前

    Big fan of your channel guys. Try to cook filipino food sometimes. :)

  • Céline M
    Céline M27 天 前

    Dragées can be found on tables, as a gift for guests during weddings in France. It’s traditionnal. They can be made of almond or chocolate (my personnal favorite 😇).

  • Juanita Harris
    Juanita Harris27 天 前

    Anyone else remember Jordan Almonds?

  • Toby littlejohn
    Toby littlejohn27 天 前

    Ebbers seems like the kind of friend that stays single when the rest of the gang has all grown up, and they see him and are like "wow, you're so lucky you're single, going out every night, no commitments..." and he just sits there thinking about what an amazing meal him and mister teddy bear are gonna have once they get back

  • Shari Herding
    Shari Herding27 天 前

    We need more gadget reviews and more pretentious foods! I have binge watched all of both videos in 2 days!! New subscriber here and I love your content!!

  • MissPopeyes22
    MissPopeyes2227 天 前

    I like the second sweet❤️❤️❤️

  • alexis perez
    alexis perez27 天 前

    I love the reaction for clementine... As a French person I can't understand why they can't eat it all xD

  • stapuft
    stapuft27 天 前

    wtf is "anti-pastey"? do you mean anti-pasta/anti-pasto?

  • stapuft
    stapuft27 天 前

    .....DAMNIT! why'd you have to tell me to subscribe? now i have to unsubscribe........

  • Areum
    Areum27 天 前

    Man whenever the word umami comes up I know I'm looking at fish or mushrooms and I steer clear -- kid's palate. That is outrageous.

  • Saba Amini
    Saba Amini27 天 前

    11:44 my cat looks and sounds exactly like that when he's hacking a hairball

  • Emily Frey
    Emily Frey28 天 前

    are jordan almonds not a common thing in the UK? They're on the table of like every wedding or celebration I've ever been to here in the U.S.

  • kris renat
    kris renat28 天 前

    I am so jealous of mike pink stripes shirt, looks so good on him