Taste Testing Pretentious Ingredients Vol. 9

DIY 和生活百科

There’s nothing wrong with being a little pretentious from time to time, especially when there’s food involved! But the real question is, are these food products worth ‘showing off’ with, or are they just style over substance?
In this episode, we taste and review a selection of ingredients to see if they’re worthy of your kitchen (and your cash!)
You can find out more about the ingredients we've reviewed in the links below. Just so you know, some of these are affiliate links, which means if you buy something from the store after clicking on them, the store will pay us a percentage of your basket... This doesn't cost or change anything else for you!
La Molina 8 Layer Ottavia Gianduja Chocolate Spread 500g
Little Pod Natural Vanilla Paste 100ml
Seggiano Black Kale Pesto 200g
Flaked Black Truffle Sea Salt (140g)
White Balsamic Condiment Spray
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  • The Cigar Box State Street
    The Cigar Box State Street2 天 前

    all of the food was over priced

  • Shannon Hughes
    Shannon Hughes2 天 前

    honestly spray balsamic is a game changer, i remember finding it pretty cheap in italy when i was studying abroad and i was like? oh shit i didn't know i needed this

  • Eglah Georgina
    Eglah Georgina3 天 前

    Hey please guys , make some pass it on video !!!!

  • SORTEDfood


    2 天 前

    Okie dokie!

  • ozlekosusturu
    ozlekosusturu3 天 前

    I don't think they know the definition of pretentious. That vinegar is incredibly pretentious no matter how much they like it.

  • ozlekosusturu


    2 天 前

    @SORTEDfood I'm gonna say yes! Especially because you could attribute function to literally anything. Don't get me wrong, love the series but it does sometimes feel like it translates to "I like this so it isn't pretentious" when, for me at least, pretentiousness equates in part to the value of an item (does this need to exist? which is definitely the part you guys consistently hit) but even more importantly the marketing of the product (seemingly given more importance to the product through product design, labeling, price, etc)

  • SORTEDfood


    2 天 前

    We may well have lost sight of it over the years - but "attempting to impress by affecting greater importance or merit than is actually possessed" is one definition. If the greater importance also adds function (like with a spray) then is it still pretentious?

  • Daithi354
    Daithi3548 天 前

    Pretentious ad quantity!!!!!

  • TheAssassin409
    TheAssassin40910 天 前

    any company that advertises their charity affiliation is pretentious. theyre literally telling the consumer that their product isnt worth the price as compared to their competitor, and people still gobble that shit up.

  • **
    **16 天 前

    White balsamic is amazing I got some because my local store ran out of normal balsamic I use it for roast potatoes cook in oven half way bash or Jamie Oliver crush to get more crispy bits & spray them with it, omg they are amazing Also amazing for roasted Mediterranean veg & also to get amazing crackling on pork I also do half cherry tomatoes spray the with that roast them low & slow, they then keep in a jar & I use them in salads & veggie pasta for when u want the taste of tomato’s but not the juice I love this stuff & it has now replaced all my other vinegars

  • Dora Eugenia Gasteazoro
    Dora Eugenia Gasteazoro26 天 前

    I just recently found your channel. I really don’t understand how I could have missed it all this time, but now I can’t stop binge watching you. You guys are amazing!!! PS: I wish I could sit on that chair one day, lol, especially if there’s a charcuterie board involved, but I’d taste anything and everything!

  • 5il3nc3r
    5il3nc3r27 天 前

    I feel like we don't get enough of Ebbers on the "tasting" side. (I know he's on that side sometimes, I just feel it's not enough :) ) I wanna see Ben reacting to unusual tinned foods, more Pretentious ingredients, etc.

  • Jordan Tonsil
    Jordan Tonsil个月 前

    Y’all should make a dish with all the pretentious ingredients you have!!

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Like this: cnboth.info/dron/sh-p-n/dqaYfbGrosaRs6A.html

  • Mya Moran
    Mya Moran个月 前

    When you see that majority of the products are from Italy 🇮🇹. Does that mean Italy is pretentious? Lols 😂

  • Aussie Chunda
    Aussie Chunda个月 前

    The reason fake vanilla is cheap is because it comes from Beaver butts.

  • Hannu Ala-Olla
    Hannu Ala-Olla个月 前

    So.. ? Has someone made that meme?

  • Callan Nowacki
    Callan Nowacki个月 前

    bought that same brand of pesto when I moved across the country and didn't have the resources or time to make vegan pesto. It lasted for quite some time... the premium was worth having a quick and easy meal in a new place where vegan choices can be scarce

  • Wain
    Wain个月 前

    I think I'm developing a small crush on Ben... the chocolate spread dripping down his chin... the covid loneliness is real.

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    See... usually that all happens behind closed doors at home.

  • Kevlodin
    Kevlodin个月 前

    why yhe pretentious things are more and more becoming italian ? As one myself i never saw those product in that form, i can say that all of those are pretentious , i don't know if the cost is so high is because you are in the UK and there are spedition costs but it's really a lot for those.

  • Kristín Helga Sigurðardóttir
    Kristín Helga Sigurðardóttir个月 前

    Have you tried the Saltverk sustainable salt? It's an Icelandic production and they make a few flavours like licorice salt, birch smoked salt and arctic thyme salt

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Nope - but thanks for sharing! Noted... will see if we can get some for a future episode.

  • Kelley Dawne
    Kelley Dawne个月 前

    I have that black truffle sea salt! I use it on eggs, steak and with popcorn. The popcorn is the best. I do a garlic butter, add that sea salt and sprinkle on Parmesan. It's amazing.

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    On popcorn sounds like a simple but super clever application!

  • Cathi Palmer
    Cathi Palmer个月 前

    I'm pretty sure that putting vinegar in a perfume bottle makes it pretentious. Practical, perhaps, but pretentious.

  • Robert Mair
    Robert Mair个月 前

    This isn't in the pretentious play list

  • Bichael Stevens
    Bichael Stevens个月 前

    What happened to the whole "don't know what you're tasting" thing? No more guessing what it is?

  • Hamzah Mohammed
    Hamzah Mohammed个月 前

    I think Barry’s reasoning for why everything is not pretentious is a pathway into his brain for understating why he sometimes is :’)

  • Jade Rogers
    Jade Rogers个月 前

    The spray would probably be so good with fresh mozzarella prosciutto or turkey on fresh Italian bread like ciabatta

  • Sharmila Paul
    Sharmila Paul个月 前

    Wow just rediscovered y’all’s channel and it is making my quarantine!

  • Julien Mack
    Julien Mack个月 前

    I also have a Truffel salt like that and on the package ist a advice from the producer that says it's ideal for salting your pasta water

  • LinzBelle
    LinzBelle个月 前

    Try Asin Tibuok, IP8 Beer Vinegar, Black Garlic Molasses and Truff hot sauce.

  • Kathryn Hartman
    Kathryn Hartman2 个月 前

    Ok guys, here is a challenge! Please recreate the layered chocolate spread! I want to make this!!! and I imagine getting the consistency is tricky? 😘

  • vampjoseph11
    vampjoseph112 个月 前

    I laughed so hard when Ebbers sprayed the balsamic condiment in his mouth

  • Jeff Shewmon
    Jeff Shewmon2 个月 前

    "Responsibly Sourced" Vanilla is nothing more than utter and absolute, Pretentious Marketing BS. If you knew ANYTHING about growing Vanilla Orchids, you would understand that. The cheapest Real Vanilla Extracts are "Responsibly Sourced".... Heck even the wood pulps used in making Vanillin and Ethyl Vanillin, aka 'Artificial Vanilla Flavoring' are usually "Responsibly Sourced".

  • Elizabeth Posivio
    Elizabeth Posivio2 个月 前

    Is there such thing as truffle cheese and would love to see that

  • Killian Jones
    Killian Jones2 个月 前

    I never could’ve predicted how satisfying it would be to see Ben actually say yes or no to things instead of ‘you decide’.

  • Abbie Smith
    Abbie Smith2 个月 前

    Please try tanghulu in one of these!

  • DevilboyScooby
    DevilboyScooby2 个月 前

    Might just be me, but these days even a cheese board seems a little pretentious.

  • Samantha Gaydos
    Samantha Gaydos2 个月 前

    Anyone else think the first one was peanut butter and jelly? 😂😂

  • Momnah Yasin
    Momnah Yasin2 个月 前

    Its not pretentious but a lovely ingredient roh afzah its a rose syrup used in pakistani deserts and drinks like falooda or nimbu pani

  • Kamal Bhatt
    Kamal Bhatt2 个月 前

    Not sure if this is the right place for this, but can I make a suggestion for a new taste testing ingredients segment where you guys try products with scary names? Things like Gellam gum, methyl cellulose, xantham gum, etc. The chefs could create dishes with these ingredients and provide some background on what these ingredients do and how they are sourced. Basically, Ben can geek out for 15 minutes...

  • Daniel Sceberras
    Daniel Sceberras2 个月 前

    Went to buy the balsamic and couldn't find the spray listed on the website

  • JenRenePhoto
    JenRenePhoto2 个月 前

    James, I'm going to need you to cook some of that mac and cheese for me. You can even leave out the fancy truffle salt. I just need that mac in my life.

  • Sarah Couchman
    Sarah Couchman2 个月 前

    You should make Barry do blind tasting of pretentious food he has in his house compared to a cheaper alternative.

  • tran truong
    tran truong2 个月 前

    Also sour mango dip from different countries

  • tran truong
    tran truong2 个月 前

    You should do taste test of southeast Asian dips. Nouc mam sprinrolls. Mam nem harder version of fish sauce mix. (There is 2 versions) one for springroll and one as a dip. Proof with steak

  • tran truong

    tran truong

    2 个月 前

    Prohok n steak google! Love your show! I watch pretty all of them! I went as far back as to watch the originals!

  • tran truong

    tran truong

    2 个月 前


  • Fog smog
    Fog smog2 个月 前

    Saw this, I’m glad I have 8 more videos of this

  • NoMoreBadgers
    NoMoreBadgers2 个月 前

    You need to make another episode where a chef and normal have too cook with these products :D

  • Brett Ellison
    Brett Ellison2 个月 前

    Go back to the fridge cam damnit

  • Joseph Reilly
    Joseph Reilly2 个月 前

    Index finger rings. Good job Baz! LOL

  • KaynadianGinger
    KaynadianGinger2 个月 前

    I totally think the truffle salt is pretentious!!! 😁

  • Dr. Kellogg
    Dr. Kellogg2 个月 前

    I love how Ebbers just threw DOWN on that pesto :)

  • Magdolin ElNabaoui
    Magdolin ElNabaoui2 个月 前

    Please make a pass it on with all of these pretentious ingredients!

  • Nat
    Nat2 个月 前

    I have custard on its own it's great.

  • Raz Amos
    Raz Amos2 个月 前

    It's interesting that they called Gu a normal brand, whereas most people I know would consider it a pretentious one.

  • Jelly
    Jelly2 个月 前

    I think it’s unfair to label the pesto as pretentious because as a vegetarian, I can’t have Parmesan cheese and therefore I can’t have pesto. So... there is a pesto I can have? I’ll gladly pay a few more dollars if they found a way to mimic the taste without the Parmesan. Not pretentious!

  • D J
    D J2 个月 前

    I'll say it: Ben looks sex af with (and without) chocolate sauce on his juicy lips. Is it me or is he getting hotter?

  • Tammz J Elsh
    Tammz J Elsh2 个月 前

    I absolutely love all sorted videos but recently they’re music has been slightly louder than People’s voices

  • KaedeLanyo
    KaedeLanyo2 个月 前

    That salt is one of the least pretentious uses of truffles i've seen, that's neat. Still have yet to taste truffle at all, i am very curious.

  • CJ Matty
    CJ Matty2 个月 前

    Sour would be great

  • David Martin
    David Martin2 个月 前

    Whould be great to see a coffee episode

  • wearjacks
    wearjacks2 个月 前

    how bout a cooking challenge where you atempt to make something from the rich history of british royalty pretentious dishes?

  • chris adams
    chris adams2 个月 前

    I want to use that with a good quality salted caramel

  • RuRu 86
    RuRu 862 个月 前

    Since when is Gü chocolate spread 'normal?!

  • David Torres
    David Torres2 个月 前

    ... I was so proud having this sea salt ...now that I see this video and dammm I feel so pretentious!! 😂😂

  • SlyTQ
    SlyTQ2 个月 前

    please do something with celiac and vegetarian diets, please. our lives are so hard and it would be awesome to see something really different we could eat.

  • lync452
    lync4522 个月 前

    I am loving Ben's slight dusting of grey hair on his temples. He looks sooooo good! Barry looks like he just shaved off his grey... lol

  • josh G
    josh G2 个月 前

    I think this may be the first time that someone has pointed out there is a difference between pretentious and overpriced. Something can be overpriced and yet not be pretentious and vice versa (reasonably priced yet pretentious).

  • Laura Jones
    Laura Jones2 个月 前

    I read an article about edible lichen and kelp jerky, both of which sound like contenders for this series 😆.

  • 1kreature
    1kreature2 个月 前

    I wish I could taste umame. To me black trufle tastes like sick. And yes, salt infused with anything is pretentious!

  • Jessica Ratcliffe
    Jessica Ratcliffe2 个月 前

    I'd love to have the normals rate chef techniques to say whether they're pretentious or not. I personally don't understand why in high end restaurants they're obsessed with doing "whipped" veggies, as in areosol can whipped cream style. Or calling a cheese sauce a "cheese custard". It's a cheese sauce sod off

  • su C
    su C2 个月 前

    The episodes are highly entertaining and educational in cooking jargon. Would you guys consider doing an episode of growing herbs over the window sill or mushrooms under the kitchen sink? Just a thought. Enjoyed watching the episodes on subscriptions and "DIY kits"!

  • micheal staniland
    micheal staniland2 个月 前

    Firstly why does Barry butter his bread when he's having chcoclate spread? And secondly I don't think gu is a standard chocolate spread I would say Nutella but maybe not gu

  • David Mclennan
    David Mclennan2 个月 前

    Suggestion... A Pass it on.. mystery can... each person has to use an unlabeled can in the dish.. (Maybe give them a little extra time just in case it doesn't fit the main.) order? pick a card highest to lowest.

  • Irian Greenleaf
    Irian Greenleaf2 个月 前

    You should totally review Brussels Sprout Dust (I kid you not) www.rossandrossgifts.co.uk/product/brussel-sprout-dust/

  • Tom Halsted
    Tom Halsted2 个月 前

    When are we doing pretentious kitchen equipment

  • josh greg
    josh greg2 个月 前

    The definition if pretentious is making something more big and more important then it actually is one of those being advertizers making it look like its worth more then it is. So when he said its not pretentious its just more expensive even after he had said it was the same that was litterally the definition

  • Laura Gentcheff
    Laura Gentcheff2 个月 前

    just got my cba2 book! i love it so much, already made some recipes in it and it is fantastic! well done guys x

  • Chef Irv Food Reviews
    Chef Irv Food Reviews2 个月 前

    Quality content.

  • Jackos Allotment
    Jackos Allotment2 个月 前

    Well that’s another happy couple knackered by a pretentious ingredient lol 😂

  • Jillian Mitchell
    Jillian Mitchell2 个月 前

    They should make their own pretentious product and sell it. Wet tongue and cheek

  • TinkieWinkie
    TinkieWinkie2 个月 前

    You called Barry 'normal' yet he put butter on his bread before putting the chocolate spread on

  • Kayla Capasso
    Kayla Capasso2 个月 前

    Is it just me who isn’t having any of their videos pop up in subscriptions? I don’t seem to see them unless I physically go to the account and check.

  • V C
    V C2 个月 前


  • Michael Berryman
    Michael Berryman2 个月 前

    Himalayan Salt, or Caviar

  • Jacob Rogers
    Jacob Rogers2 个月 前

    Are salmon skin chips/crisps a big thing?

  • Jin Wei
    Jin Wei2 个月 前

    Wait Gu is the Normal brand for chocolate spread? Isn’t it supposed to be Nutella?

  • Sandra Harris
    Sandra Harris2 个月 前

    I miss the level up videos.... Just know that I leveled up my packaged ramen thinking about that episode.

  • Rayn Turner
    Rayn Turner2 个月 前

    Can we do an episode where we raid berry's pantry and the chefs have to cook with what hes got?!?!

  • Lizzy Seay
    Lizzy Seay2 个月 前

    Test this gadget: Joseph Joseph handi-grate! You mentioned that you can grate garlic with the ‘husk’ on- this gadget does that AND has a finger protector!!!

  • Chronicles of Bap
    Chronicles of Bap2 个月 前

    Barry isn't nomal. He has a chunky ring on his index finger, which makes him a bit of a twat.

  • Gabriel Bilodeau
    Gabriel Bilodeau2 个月 前

    Can you please do a head to head to head canadian food battle please would love to see that

  • Mads Kamp
    Mads Kamp2 个月 前

    Try: date sirup Or maybe: garum (traditional Roman fish sauce)

  • ptrinch
    ptrinch2 个月 前

    My $0.02 Gianduja spread.... Just get Nutella Kale Pesto.... Oh the humanity!!!! Vanilla Paste.... Just get the pods. Spare the filler ingredients Vinegar spray.... Looks interesting, but I prefer traditional aged IGP balsamic vinegar. Truffle salt.... May just have to get myself some.

  • pooja shah
    pooja shah2 个月 前

    Random note: pesto made with fresh parsley and roasted cashews tastes fantastic. Especially as a base of a naan pizza.

  • e s
    e s2 个月 前

    ”i feel like we usually do yes or nos” 🤣🤣🤣 succinctly funny

  • Maria Wahlund
    Maria Wahlund2 个月 前

    I found SORTEDfood during the during the summer holiday that due to the current situation in the world was a lot less eventfull compared to all other summer holidays. I like the way food is made more fun and all the tips you get! Love Ben`s reaction to the spritz!

  • Anthony Disson
    Anthony Disson2 个月 前

    Make a skyrim challenge .. please bake a sweet roll !!!!

  • chromeaces
    chromeaces2 个月 前

    ‘How is that so cheap?’ Well someone’s obviously getting fucked down the production line.

  • toouncreativ foraname
    toouncreativ foraname2 个月 前

    New idea for a series: Cheap vs expensive (I don't have a creative name yet sorry) Take the same ingredients at different price ranges and let a chef or a normal try them without knowing what is what and see if there is a significant quality difference in taste.

  • Julie Golick
    Julie Golick2 个月 前

    Oof. I really shouldn't have converted the amounts to Canadian dollars. Because now all I can think is, "WHO WOULD BUY THIS AT THAT PRICE?!"

  • inezketchup


    2 个月 前

    Yeah the UK is so expensive :(

  • Zeussat
    Zeussat2 个月 前

    Responsibly sourced = expensive. The amount of people who can afford to be picky about their ingredients is not very high.

  • endlessvagabond666
    endlessvagabond6662 个月 前

    Hello - Kitchen Gadgets video - sometimes you guys review devices and admit they're maybe not for you - here's one specifically that I originally saw tested on emmymadeinjapan : www.amazon.com/Etac-Deluxe-One-Handed-Paring-Board/dp/B07CFS3NX8

  • Benjamin Ward
    Benjamin Ward2 个月 前

    I miss your tour videos of certain locations. With international travel restricted you should do UK region tours.

  • DAD in Canadian Kitchen
    DAD in Canadian Kitchen2 个月 前

    Great going Cook healthy Eat healthy Stay safe n happy