Taste Testing The Latest Food Trend Products Vol. 6

DIY 和生活百科

More than ever before, people are tuned into immune-boosting, brain-enhancing drinks which claim to improve digestion, memory, concentration and more. In this episode, we’re going to taste and review a selection of trending drink products to see if they’re a notable craze... or just a phase!
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You can find out more about the ingredients we reviewed in the links below. Just so you know, some of these may be affiliate links, which means if you buy something from the store after clicking on them, the store will pay us a percentage of your basket... This doesn't cost or change anything else for you!
Blue Spirulina: bit.ly/3cpztHj
Sav Winery Sparkling Birch Sap Wine: www.savwinery.com/
Villaolivio Gazpacho Soup: amzn.to/2FWktVl
Real Kombucha: amzn.to/3mLUYGY
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  • Prajwal Vinod
    Prajwal Vinod5 小时 前

    Am I the only one who noticed "Drinks Addition" instead of "Drinks Edition" in the intro. Or is that a joke I don't know ?

  • Elleari
    Elleari天 前

    Birch juice is very good. I like it very fresh (not as sweet) but the fermented version is good. I think I’ve seen birch wine before.

  • Eglah Georgina
    Eglah Georgina2 天 前

    Please do the pass it on more

  • SORTEDfood


    天 前

    Some more in the pipeline - filmed and ready to be edited!

  • Greg Older
    Greg Older6 天 前

    here in Canada there are a number of small soda makers who make soft drinks out of birch and ceder sap

  • Vegan ForADamnGoodReason
    Vegan ForADamnGoodReason7 天 前

    Lol If you were more aware and connected you would stop abusing animals for taste...

  • Tyro
    Tyro8 天 前

    You guys should show how to make that gazpacho stuff, if it doesn't even need cooking, then you could make a huge batch of it, put it in the fridge/freezer and then pack it for lunch at your desk/office or even just put it on the side of something simple like a steak.

  • Iam Asian
    Iam Asian8 天 前

    Is spirulina a type of bacteria or algae?? I'm pretty sure they are not the same

  • Raagavi Manivannan
    Raagavi Manivannan10 天 前

    Is it quid or is it pounds?????😕

  • Aqsa Nadeem

    Aqsa Nadeem

    9 天 前

    Pounds is what it actually is but quid is slang

  • Megan Behrmann
    Megan Behrmann10 天 前

    Do a Sorted-packs-in-action series! Show us examples of using the packs app? Show how the meals use shared ingredients or build on each other. Thanks!

  • Kyle Imough
    Kyle Imough10 天 前

    Ebbers: "On the Continent" everyone else: Europe?

  • carlamgraca
    carlamgraca11 天 前

    4£ for a gazpacho??? Make it yourself and take it on a Tupperware or isothermic bottle. There's literally hundreds recipes for it in CNboth and in the Internet in general 😂😂😂. Gazpacho is my favourite summer food, is delicious! Try with some orégano if you like it 😉

  • Moira Nash
    Moira Nash12 天 前

    This channel is sooooooo much better than bon appetit

  • VitaMita
    VitaMita13 天 前

    Ebbers Special of course!

  • MaZEEZaM
    MaZEEZaM13 天 前

    Am I the only one who is put off by any foods that have that false Blue colour? Also, no way I would buy it when the drink only contains a tiny fraction of whats recommended to give you any benefit.

  • TheAngryDanishViking
    TheAngryDanishViking13 天 前

    "Natural"..... such an overused word that tries to convince us all it's GOOD. I mean Plutonium is also all natural.... but a fraction of a tiny amount of it inside the body and you're gonna die very painfully.

  • Baranduin Brewster
    Baranduin Brewster14 天 前

    Kombucha is disgusting .

  • Dougal McTavish
    Dougal McTavish15 天 前

    I think we need some new head to head to head battles, seems like the lads have learned a fair bit since the last ones. As for themes; most pretentious dish? Best cafe lunch? Most hipster recipe? Environmentally sustainable ultimate battle? Most expensive recipe? Exotic food? Modern fine dining? Pack lunch battle? I miss the battles and the banter, and sure I’m not the only one.

  • Jeff
    Jeff15 天 前

    "It's not not tasty"

  • Mick Denny
    Mick Denny15 天 前

    Birch sap wine has been home made in the UK for years

  • Justin White
    Justin White15 天 前

    Did they ever taste the kombuchs they bought? They pivoted quite quickly to ben's.

  • Justin White
    Justin White15 天 前

    I knew what ghazpacho (sp?) because the first ever cookbook I ever had when I was 16 had it and I tried it once. It was kinda bad (but that could be due to my lack of culinary skill at the time) I got it right away when Mike said 'cold tomato soup'. As a drink? I mean on Canada we have V8 that basically serves this purpose. V8 is basically a caeser without the alcholol.

  • Justin White
    Justin White15 天 前

    @6:56 as a Canadian - this s where my mind immediately went when he said it was a tree sap.

  • L
    L15 天 前

    So you make kombucha the same way vinegar is made

  • John Drinks
    John Drinks15 天 前

    I live the Dom Perignon glaring at the fizzy tree juice.

  • traveller28
    traveller2815 天 前

    Guys, can you do a supermarket vs posh tomato juice taste test, please? (also, best condiments to use with it them)

  • Sofia Sierra Lord
    Sofia Sierra Lord15 天 前

    4 pounds for gazpacho?!?! I live in Spain and you can get a 1L bottle gazpacho for sometimes less than half the price in the supermarket 😅 It's super easy to make at home, just blend up the ingredients and drink it on the same day! It's tastes best cold so you can keep it in a thermo bottle if you're on the go

  • princessrose17
    princessrose1715 天 前

    The is the gazpacho is interesting but what are the macros? I don't care about the calories, I care about the carbohydrates, the proteins, and the fats.

  • Rick Hunter
    Rick Hunter16 天 前

    Cyanobacteria mate

  • littleowleyes
    littleowleyes16 天 前

    Favorite I want to try? The SAV. Favorite I want to investigate more? The Aglae! That's a crazy nutritional bomb in pure form... would it be worth the fish-food taste? I genuinely wonder...

  • Elizabeth Major
    Elizabeth Major16 天 前

    That press stuff looks kind of neat! Kombucha is amazing. Some of the breweries here do their own!

  • SORTEDfood


    16 天 前

    Homemade kombucha can be awesome!

  • Victor Ossian McGregor
    Victor Ossian McGregor17 天 前

    I live in Norway and i have tried drinking straight birch sap and its really tasty!!

  • Lana
    Lana17 天 前


  • Shawtyyy
    Shawtyyy17 天 前

    You guys should try Sotal! It's so versatile and can be used as a tequila or basically a whiskey and supposedly you are unable to get a hangover if you drink large quantities!

  • Kurla Plenti
    Kurla Plenti17 天 前

    I've learn so much of your guys, and man, I would LOVE some Ebers especial 😏

  • landis skipper
    landis skipper17 天 前


  • R3dM3g
    R3dM3g17 天 前

    no way am i ever drinking kombucha

  • datatulip
    datatulip17 天 前

    Maple wine actually exists! And it's lovely and sweet.

  • sheina edeline
    sheina edeline17 天 前

    If Ben does sell the kombucha, we would all love to try I bet XD

  • Jessica Sng
    Jessica Sng18 天 前

    It's "drinks edition" guys. Not "addition."

  • Ellen Strom
    Ellen Strom18 天 前

    If you want to be the person people hate at a party with the sap from Sweden, call it saav, not sav. Its a long A sound.

  • Water Under The Bridge
    Water Under The Bridge18 天 前

    Apparently there’s maple sap wine already (with instructions on CNboth even)

  • Jelleybean18
    Jelleybean1818 天 前

    I tried a kombucha from my local store and it was DISGUSTING. Maybe I'll try other brands because you guys make it sound quite tasty! Also - gotta find myself some spirulina!

  • Joy Johnson
    Joy Johnson18 天 前

    I have 3 of those. Don't have the soup.

  • aytelio
    aytelio19 天 前

    Am I the only one that saw the Spanish Gazpacho and thought, "I wonder if that would work for a bloody mary?"

  • silver clovd
    silver clovd19 天 前

    Mmm... Maple wine, pancakes (^_^)

  • albasapri
    albasapri19 天 前

    I can't believe GAZPACHO made it on the show xD

  • albasapri


    19 天 前

    Wait how is that little bottle worth £4?! I understand it won't be as cheap as it is here in Spain but still... 3€ for a liter of good quality stuff is the most I'd pay in a supermarket. Just make it yourself if you have a blender :)

  • L. Dougherty
    L. Dougherty19 天 前

    Where can we find the GLASSES in which you served the gazpacho?💖🤗

  • Chronically Wolfy
    Chronically Wolfy20 天 前

    is it strange that i actually want to see ebbers release a drink like that, cause lemon and mint actually sounds really good right now.

  • Amy Heather
    Amy Heather20 天 前

    Kombucha is amazing glad they agree

  • rascalk1ng
    rascalk1ng20 天 前

    Oooof that “like and subscribe” is on the heavy side. Also Pret have done Gazpacho for years...

  • ida svehla
    ida svehla20 天 前

    Great video guys, but i have to know, WHAT KINDS OF PLANTS ARE STANDING IN THE BACKGROUND??!!

  • Mark Rudholm
    Mark Rudholm20 天 前

    Was Mike taking the piss or do brits really pronounce agave "a gov"?

  • Janette B
    Janette B20 天 前

    As much as I would like to try the Ebbers Special (wink wink nudge nudge) nothing can convince me that kombucha isn’t disgusting garbage water.

  • Yan Bolduc
    Yan Bolduc20 天 前

    I don't know if it would be considered as a food trend but SodaStream do seem to become more and more popular recently. I would love to see Ben and James create homemade syrups!

  • ProxUrAimz
    ProxUrAimz20 天 前

    We have drinkable yogurt in bottles, so why not do a gazpacho it's basically a smoothie

  • jonathon martin
    jonathon martin20 天 前

    That Kombucha made me miss the fermentation station 😢

  • Mezhona
    Mezhona20 天 前

    the editing coming in to ask for likes and subscribes etc.. it's annoying... I've unsubscribed because of that.. I'm watching the videos that appear in my home screen, but I've completely stopped watching regularly....

  • Mackenzie Reeves
    Mackenzie Reeves20 天 前

    I genuinely want to try all of these just out of curiosity.

  • Emily Acevedo
    Emily Acevedo20 天 前

    Our favorite kombucha flavoring is just ginger and it’s almost floral, very nice. Also adding tea in the second ferment is fun, last year’s favorite was blueberry and red raspberry leaf tea. Happy brewing!

  • ricardonunes41
    ricardonunes4121 天 前

    In Spain you can find perfectly good Gazpacho at 1.50€/l in any supermarket, specially at summer. Soo totally normal drink here

  • catgal222
    catgal22221 天 前

    Would love to see you guys try kin or one of the other extremely expensive nonalcoholic “spirits”

  • Izzy
    Izzy21 天 前

    Here's a big brain drink trend for you: Just drink water. From the tap. It's healthy, it's so much cheaper than anything else and it rehydrates you soooo well!!!

  • Tightrope
    Tightrope21 天 前

    I would love the Gazpacho

  • Plural Paul
    Plural Paul21 天 前

    Is "Drinks Addition" intended to be a pun at 0:25? Love the Sav and the Ebbers Special

  • Beverley Nunes
    Beverley Nunes21 天 前

    You can get gazpacho at Waitrose and Sainsbury's in the UK for £4 for 1 litres, which is about 4 servings and it's delicious! It's in a carton.

  • es
    es21 天 前

    Spirulina doesn't contain B12, and in nutrional yest, some brands are fortified with B12, not all.

  • TheKing
    TheKing21 天 前

    my sister once tried to make gazpacho and it looked like what would appear if you drank normal gazpacho and then threw it up and served it in a jug.

  • Crazy Freeze
    Crazy Freeze21 天 前

    I was drinking a smoothie with spirulina at the exact moment when they talked about it😂😂

  • Nuglar
    Nuglar21 天 前

    Liking and commenting for Ebber's Special just "for that reaction"!

  • bobbler42
    bobbler4221 天 前

    Gazpacho yes. Cold soup made with the watery nonsense sold as tomatoes for most of the year? Not so much.

  • ThunderCookie
    ThunderCookie21 天 前

    During a particularly nasty heatwave 3 or so years ago, I made a bell pepper watermelon gazpacho for a 3-day convention. It was intended as a refreshing appetizer for the bbq on day 1, but turned out to be a great way for people to get in hydration and nutrition at the same time. We had been dreading a lot of heat strokes, but our guests loved the gazpacho so much they kept coming back for more. The initial portion was 60 servings, and we ended up making another two batches for days 2 and 3 because people were struggling with eating warm foods and other menu items that had been planned long before the event (and the arrival of the heatwave). If you are having trouble eating regularly during extreme heats, I can only recommend gazpacho! It is easy to make, keeps well in the fridge and is ever so delicious. :)

  • Fighter Lm
    Fighter Lm21 天 前


  • Sub Ripper
    Sub Ripper21 天 前

    Gazpacho is literally just a V8, and they're not $7 a can 😂 that's obscene, I can get actual food for less.

  • Allison Merz
    Allison Merz21 天 前

    Ben and Mike the two halves of my heart

  • Jack Brag
    Jack Brag21 天 前

    "Ahh, maple wine. Pancakes..." *Jamies face*

  • jumpingantelope
    jumpingantelope21 天 前

    That was the perfect way to end my day! So many full out loud laughs!!! Starting with Lizzo and ending with an Ebbers Special!

  • Lord Lump
    Lord Lump22 天 前

    Here´s an idea why dont you guys try to make Glögg, a swedish mulled whine, or glühwein. combine your own flavor profiles, and try to make a christmas must have on the table ready for chrismas? :)

  • Edward Tan
    Edward Tan22 天 前

    The gazpacho is missing some clam juice

  • jake smallwood
    jake smallwood22 天 前

    We love you, please bring back Janice 😁🙏❤️

  • teverde
    teverde22 天 前

    Greetings from Spain. That is a very expensive Gazpacho. Premade gazpacho goes for maybe 3€ per liter in supermarkets. And that is the posh ones.

  • Jason Underwood
    Jason Underwood22 天 前

    right, but what does the Ebbers special cost per bottle?

  • Caio Westlund
    Caio Westlund22 天 前

    Please do a Latin food competition

  • Gabriel Nichols
    Gabriel Nichols22 天 前

    So on the Birch wine the environment impacts aren't quite as good as the company is pitching 1 - Birch sap is 1% sugar when it comes out of the tree, to make a fermentable syrup it needs to be boiled to a syrup with ~a 60% sugar concentration. This boiling consumes a lot of energy 2 - Birch trees are less tolerant of being drilled then maple trees. most trees suffer discoloration around the tapping holes and a significant percentage of tapped trees (~25-50% depending on the species of birch) will end up with infections around the hole. This is counterbalanced by birches being very fast growing so it is entirely possible that depending on their rotation strategy overall the forest isn't badly impacted

  • Jayblaster
    Jayblaster22 天 前

    i'd love to see a whole episode on kombucha where you all make a bunch of different flavors and try to find the best tasting flavor

  • Anissa Alexander
    Anissa Alexander22 天 前

    Is anyone going to tell them that I can't press the bell because the content is for children (at least on mobile)?

  • 25Tranquility
    25Tranquility22 天 前

    Mmm Maple Wine and pancakes!!! I will purchase tons. Now I have to go make some pancakes.

  • handmadedisaster
    handmadedisaster22 天 前

    Maybe Ebbers wants to try Water-Kefir next? It works kind of kombucha-like, but you don't need tea and you can also eat the Kefir bits(looks like white crystals)

  • Indra Schrage
    Indra Schrage22 天 前

    I already love kombucha, but I would love to try the Birk sparkling wine as a sommelier :)

  • Robert Pedersen
    Robert Pedersen22 天 前

    What a ripe off for the gazpacho, Spain you can get 1 litre for less than 2 euro lol

  • Evaline Nguyen
    Evaline Nguyen22 天 前

    drinks addition

  • stapuft
    stapuft22 天 前

    that's just it, if you have to LEARN to like something, YOU DON'T ACTUALLY LIKE IT!

  • jellojello17
    jellojello1722 天 前

    I love the ebbers labels!

  • lliisann
    lliisann22 天 前

    Fun fact: "sav" in Swedish means tree sap/tree juice. YOU'RE WELCOME

  • Dede Yusuf
    Dede Yusuf22 天 前

    I always want to make my own drinks

  • gold punks
    gold punks22 天 前

    Maple wine is exactly as good as you think!!

  • e21big
    e21big22 天 前

    me look at the blue akgae every Southeast Asian: but my butterflypea...

  • Erik Janes
    Erik Janes22 天 前

    SORTEDFood did you even realize that the lemonade was BLUE. Can Jamie even see it?

  • N beezy
    N beezy22 天 前

    Good ad tho for blue Walter

  • Cesar Joughin
    Cesar Joughin22 天 前

    £4 gaspacho!! That's some mad London prices

  • Kate Wood
    Kate Wood22 天 前

    As an American, I found the birch sap wine kind of interesting. Here in America, Birch Beer is a soda that's commonly found in the Northeastern part of the country, where I grew up. I wonder if the taste is similar.