The Ultimate TOMAHAWK STEAK Sauce?

DIY 和生活百科

It’s no secret that chimichurri sauce is an iconic hit of flavour that becomes the perfect sidekick for all kinds of dishes. After asking you all about it on Instagram, we put your knowledge and ideas to work by trying to create a chimichurri sauce that’s worthy of a big, delicious, TOMAHAWK STEAK. But did we succeed?! Have a watch to see how we got on!
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  • Lon Holmberg
    Lon Holmberg9 天 前

    Would love to see how Worcester sauce can be used to make all sorts of other sauces, glazes, and marinades.. I use it on almost everything, mixing with mustard and honey for a ham dish, or with tomato sauce and herbs for a type of bq sauce.... Just would enjoy these guy's take on it...:)

  • Steven Pope
    Steven Pope14 天 前

    Spicy tomato chutney?

  • Steven Pope
    Steven Pope14 天 前

    Now those are some SERIOUS "sexy"s!

  • Birdie Kay
    Birdie Kay18 天 前

    I know this is old but does anyone know if the shallots at 10:04 were blanched?

  • MechaEmperor7000
    MechaEmperor7000个月 前

    All jokes aside, I made this tonight. Absolute banger. Will definitely do it again.

  • Dolphinman 300
    Dolphinman 300个月 前

    My moms chimichurri uses cilantro rather than parsley

  • Matthew Williams
    Matthew Williams个月 前

    Although I enjoy a good chimichurri, my own “best steak sauce” is a homemade blend of blue cheese and barbecue sauce. But that salad tho! I’m inspired to substitute crumbled blue cheese for the feta, and sage for the mint, and maybe grilling some onion to better pair with my own sauce.

  • MechaEmperor7000
    MechaEmperor7000个月 前

    This channel is like a great Mozart play: High class setup and ingredients 50/50 chance it's either the opera of our age, or a pub song about farting in people's faces. Either way, 100% awesome.

  • Steve Voelker
    Steve Voelker个月 前

    Steak aerobics are rather amusing

  • Usama Chaudhri
    Usama Chaudhri个月 前

    Oh for the love of God get a exhaust hood so my anxiety isn’t going crazy lol

  • xx21beastmode88
    xx21beastmode88个月 前

    All you need is ketchup like Patrick Mahomes.

  • ArsArma
    ArsArma个月 前

    Jamie gets a steaks. "Oh cool music this time? Maybe it won't go bad?" Fire starts. Funny music play. "Oh dear."

  • ArsArma


    个月 前

    @SORTEDfood Hey at least it worked out in the end, despite a tad bit of panic. :)

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Haha - helps tell the story and set the mood!

  • Rotten In Denmark
    Rotten In Denmark个月 前

    Why would you muck up a perfectly nice steak with that crap?

  • Ash
    Ash个月 前

    Im sorry. Garlic adds HEAT?

  • Christine Tuttle
    Christine Tuttle个月 前

    Baz, try orange slices in place of pineapple.

  • Arief Nuryanto
    Arief Nuryanto个月 前

    14:01 can I suck the bone? Uhh you what mate?

  • cutus88
    cutus88个月 前

    Im rewatching this .. still drooled the entire time 🤤🤤🤤

  • Mike
    Mike个月 前

    Do pepper sauce next. And what does that go with. Ummmmm. STEAK!!!!

  • Juliana Moragues
    Juliana Moragues个月 前

    Great video, that’s not chimi, but you guys are great😂

  • Harsh Gudipudi
    Harsh Gudipudi个月 前

    Yorkshire pudding with an elevated gravy sauce

  • Cari Glanville
    Cari Glanville个月 前

    The editing in this video is PHENOMENAL, guys!

  • khuang96
    khuang96个月 前

    Jamie at the very end 😄

  • Jack Le
    Jack Le2 个月 前

    I've always wondered what happened to Sortedfood brazil? I've been with this channel for a long time, and all of a sudden they just stopped uploading.

  • mark viszlay
    mark viszlay2 个月 前

    Hmmm argentina olive fields :)

  • Rebecca Henney
    Rebecca Henney2 个月 前

    You guys have opened up my mind to cooking

  • Elizabeth Posivio
    Elizabeth Posivio2 个月 前

    Did you know you can grill peaches for Barry so he doesn’t miss out on that angle

  • James Green
    James Green2 个月 前

    Could you put the measurements or ingredients in it if you are showing us something

  • Jim Turnage
    Jim Turnage2 个月 前

    I've always had it with cilantro too.

  • danteelite
    danteelite2 个月 前

    Why does this feel like watching dad letting the kids cook when mom isn't home.. James is absolutely the dad with his feet up looking over top his newspaper occasionally to say "Uh huh... you got this. Just don't ruin it, or we'll all starve to death. No pressure." but he isn't actually reading, he's secretly paying very close attention and ready to step in if they ask or if things go tits up. He knows they can do it, they just need to figure ouOh god! Baz has chopped his finger off and Jamie is on fire! Oh no... momma Ben is gonna flip when they get back from Mikeys footy practice! What have I done!? Ben, although absent; is totally the mom who says she'll let the kids help, and then slowly takes over until the kids are sitting at the kitchen table all grumpy because they aren't allowed to touch anything, but they can't leave because they still need to pay attention dang it! Maybe if they payed more attention last time they'd be allowed to cook this time! Stop sulking and come give it a taste, and suddenly they feel _all_ better because it's delicious and everyone is happy when it's done. Mom was right..

  • Johannah Bagaoisan
    Johannah Bagaoisan2 个月 前

    the sexies in this video and that slowmo of the steak in the pan *chef's kiss*

  • devon burrell
    devon burrell2 个月 前

    I will never understand why they decided to get their information from people making comments instead of actually doing some research 😂

  • TheWigleFamily
    TheWigleFamily2 个月 前

    American classic: Salisbury steak with brown mushroom gravy!

  • stormbob
    stormbob2 个月 前

    Brazilians will be surprised to learn that they are "very Spanish." You'll have to tell them in Portuguese, though.

  • Fiderman
    Fiderman2 个月 前

    Why not grab a garlic press? You can grate it, but I've taken my fingertips too many times trying to grate tiny things

  • Sarah Donaghey
    Sarah Donaghey2 个月 前

    Watching Jamie ooze confidence while cooking meat makes me want to try chimichurri.

  • Joe
    Joe2 个月 前

    0:42 my dude are you the guy from the chainsmoker?

  • chuchuchuchia
    chuchuchuchia2 个月 前

    Barry with surprisingly solid knife skills

  • E Lo
    E Lo2 个月 前

    This was the most dramatic plating ever xD looks sooooo good though!~

  • roxycandigit
    roxycandigit2 个月 前

    Is there a recipe that documents everything they did in the episode? I can't find anything like this on their website

  • Bard
    Bard2 个月 前

    I'd take lime over vinegar any day

  • Megan H
    Megan H2 个月 前

    What about the Finnish "fruit soup"? Often done with stone fruit or even dried fruits and served over risipuuro, but there are variations on both the soup and the risipuuro so I'm curious what you guys would so with it!

  • Ich1GoTgl
    Ich1GoTgl2 个月 前

    So far, for my best Chimichurri to date I haven't used a blender nor chopped the herbs but used a mortar and pestle. (Quite a workout I might add)

  • missmmoonie
    missmmoonie2 个月 前

    Was that a Meater at 8:39?

  • empressmarowynn
    empressmarowynn2 个月 前

    If I were Barry I'd honestly think my mates were trying to kill me. Especially James.

  • Kevin Swenson
    Kevin Swenson2 个月 前

    Do a chip shop curry sauce

  • Erin O'Donnell
    Erin O'Donnell2 个月 前

    Chicken paprikash. The paprikash sauce is absolutely divine.

  • Doug Cole
    Doug Cole2 个月 前

    You got to try an authentic Thai dipping sauce on this bad boy (normally served with kor moo yang), it will change your life!!

  • vocalistofthe4rum
    vocalistofthe4rum2 个月 前

    "Can I suck the bone?" "what?" best blooper ever, but seriously, did Jamie get to suck the bone?

  • mitchyuk
    mitchyuk2 个月 前

    Please please please PLEASE can you tone down the background music? Why does everyone on CNboth think they need background music when the presenters are talking? Music should only be there when there's no conversation.

  • bobby barnes
    bobby barnes2 个月 前

    This may be the best video out there at the moment, thanks mates.............

  • Camilla Malandri
    Camilla Malandri2 个月 前

    Raise your hand if you're sad James got a haircut! I loved the quarantine look

  • InCon
    InCon2 个月 前

    OMG this is the most pornfood ive watched latlely, that shot of the meat being cut and the sauce puring.... im hungry now

  • stillearning
    stillearning2 个月 前

    Reverse sear that steak...Low temp in the oven to bring the internal temp up and then sear at the end for the caramelization. The steak look a little "charred" :(

  • SirJMDDK
    SirJMDDK2 个月 前

    How can you still not have an exhaust fan in the kitchen?! Even just a cheap one with an activated carbon filter would do...

  • Zyler
    Zyler2 个月 前

    That plating!!!!

  • just a thought
    just a thought2 个月 前

    A good saucier can make a cheap meat taste expensive .

  • Ellie Barker
    Ellie Barker2 个月 前

    Poor Baz looked so pained while Jaime explained how the pineapple tasted. Amazing boys, can't wait to try it!

  • Olivia
    Olivia2 个月 前

    I'd love to see you guys recreate Chinese chili oil! You could pair it with something like wontons and make the classic Sichuan dish of spicy wontons in chili oil, "紅油抄手" (hóng yóu chāo shǒu).

  • lynndec22
    lynndec222 个月 前

    I love chimichurri on a nice slice of crusty bread.

  • Sam Butler
    Sam Butler2 个月 前

    Wait what are the quantities? Like the oil and vinegar "they're weighed out", but how much?

  • Bethany Davis
    Bethany Davis2 个月 前

    You boys forgot the lime zesty and juice!

  • MisterD90 Gaming
    MisterD90 Gaming2 个月 前

    Don't worry lads, if I win Euromillions tonight I'll send ya to South America :D

  • Iara H
    Iara H2 个月 前

    Nice pronunciation! Congrats! Now please work on saying dulSSSe de leche instead of dulCHE de leche :))

  • Christopher K
    Christopher K2 个月 前

    As the saucier for a large hotel, I've got to say this is perfect.

  • diceman199
    diceman1992 个月 前

    For me it’s my black garlic and porcini mushroom sauce to go with a nice ribeye

  • Wadzanayi Dangirwa
    Wadzanayi Dangirwa2 个月 前

    That plating 🔥🔥

  • Mel Walmsley
    Mel Walmsley2 个月 前

    Do more sauce videos!

  • Serge David
    Serge David2 个月 前

    Since I'm eating it right now, how about sweet and sour sauce for your next saucy video?

  • Ryan
    Ryan2 个月 前

    I'm lazy and blended my chimichurri a little while ago and it was amazing, so *shrug* :P

  • TheSphinnxx
    TheSphinnxx2 个月 前

    How about grilling a pear instead of pineapple, some species of pears are sweet and a little tangy like pineapple

  • Olivia Howell
    Olivia Howell2 个月 前

    I’ve never been more jealous of a Sorted video in my life. We need a national anthem dedicated to you guys🙌🏻 Yes the boys! 🙌🏻🔥

  • Melissa Jennings
    Melissa Jennings2 个月 前

    If they had pickled the shallots I bet that would have been 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  • Carla Barber
    Carla Barber2 个月 前

    There's some intense sexies!!! Love it!

  • Clairee DeBoise
    Clairee DeBoise2 个月 前

    The name may be a variant of Spanish chirriburri 'hubbub', ultimately perhaps from Basque zurrumurru 'noise, rumor'. Another theory connects it to Basque tximitxurri 'hodgepodge', 'mixture of several things in no particular order'; many Basques settled in Argentina in the 19th century. Various, almost certainly false etymologies, purport to explain the name as a corruption of English words, most commonly the name "Jimmy Curry", "Jimmy McCurry", or "give me curry", but no contemporary documentation of any of these stories has been found. Wikipedia baby

  • ClaireK115
    ClaireK1152 个月 前

    I've never been so upset about being allergic to pineapple 😭😭😭

  • Kimmy Chuang
    Kimmy Chuang2 个月 前

    Super excited for this Sauce series!!

  • Nuglar
    Nuglar2 个月 前

    White sauce. It's so simple, once you know how to do it. But I want to see how to a chef can make it better! My hack is to add white quinoa (cooked with the pasta I am adding the sauce into) to get a bit of extra goodness into what is otherwise quite a bland sauce.

  • wolfie Butler
    wolfie Butler2 个月 前

    Someone was having way too much fun editing

  • Katya Allnutt
    Katya Allnutt2 个月 前

    I love these videos. As someone who loves steak, sauces, and pineapple, this video made me very happy.

  • Robert Kennedy
    Robert Kennedy2 个月 前

    A “grate” tip

  • blatinobear
    blatinobear2 个月 前

    In Argentina they simply don’t put chimichurri on steak, we find it offensive because we know our grass fed beef is too good to spoil it with a sauce. You have obviously been reading Brazilian comments, because they’re the ones who first bastardized this sauce and put it on their lousy beef. Los Argentinos no tenemos que disfrazar nuestra carne, we let it speak for itself

  • Sam C
    Sam C2 个月 前

    Haha, I knew the second I saw that Tomahawk that the Meater was gonna come out to play! Also, props to whoever did the sexies editing, that's some top-notch work! Love it! :D

  • Fats McBustagut
    Fats McBustagut2 个月 前

    Don't bruise the herbs? Why not? My Argentine neighbor makes her chimichurri in a mortar and pestle, same way Italians make pesto. Makes sense, since there are quite a few Italians in Argentina, and she has an Italian last name. I'm sure cooking techniques have become kind of blended over the last century.

  • Tiffany Hunsicker
    Tiffany Hunsicker2 个月 前

    I cannot wait to make the pineapple dish, it looks really good.

  • Bethan Mills
    Bethan Mills2 个月 前

    LOVED this return to the classic Sorted "here's how to cook this thing". I've been watching you guys since I was a teenager, and really enjoyed this video! I'm more into burgers than steaks, but this looked delicious. One thing that did confuse me slightly was presenting the various different etymologies via comments, I get wanting to interact with the community, but it felt to me like just accepting opinions as interesting and equally valid and throwing one's hands up in the air and saying "who knows!". After googling I learnt that there is conflicting opinion about the origin of the sauce but I think I would have preferred presenting that information in a different way, whereas here it felt like part of the opinions = facts movement of the 21st century. I'd love to hear if others felt differently about that though, I appreciate my opinion might be way off.

  • Bethan Mills

    Bethan Mills

    2 个月 前

    Also, I just wanted to say I love the way that there is a balance of making stuff available for everyone via CNboth but also a more curated, exclusive experience via the apps and stuff, it seems like a really good idea to me. I also really appreciate the cheeky reminder in videos to like etc., that it states that does help you guys out, I think that's a helpful reminder for me that this is part of your jobs and livelihoods. My only concern is that I felt like I've learnt so much from watching Sorted for 7+ years that I feel I don't need the meal pack or apps because I feel.... sorted! (Also I have had three large glasses of wine and am feeling very analytical so apologies all.)

  • Khairul Fadzly A. Karim
    Khairul Fadzly A. Karim2 个月 前

    I'll usually don't like sauce with my steak but that looks delicious.

  • Zurgalon
    Zurgalon2 个月 前

    Where can I get that thermometer, that they put into the meat?

  • Sunniva Fossen
    Sunniva Fossen2 个月 前

    OK, all the plating shots in this video... holy hell!! That was really taking the sexies to a whole nother level!

  • Lanka Cajan
    Lanka Cajan2 个月 前

    Why do they keep using green pineapples. Let them ripen to yellow~slight brown and they'll be sweeter and cook faster. Even canned pineapple is better for cooking than a damn green one..

  • Berivan Özkoçak
    Berivan Özkoçak2 个月 前

    That editing though. Respect!

  • randyroo2
    randyroo22 个月 前

    Do a sauce just for Barry which contains pineapple. i've seen it in hot sauces and its quite common in sweet and sour.

  • Sonja
    Sonja2 个月 前

    But why can't you blend it? What's the difference?

  • morech11
    morech112 个月 前

    how about you made "svíčková" - it is staple of bohemian cuisine and very popular across center/eastern europe. and why not making more center/eastern european dishes? :) we have some really yummy things here as well :)

  • Ruthie
    Ruthie2 个月 前

    I don’t know what’s better, Jamie’s dance or the music they play to accompany his dance.

  • isa
    isa2 个月 前

    you should try pork with mole from mexico. add chocolate if possible :)

  • Kriti Goel
    Kriti Goel2 个月 前

    The camera work on the final dish presentation seems to have elevated to a different level 🔥

  • Pierre Mikhael
    Pierre Mikhael2 个月 前

    Hollandaise with egg benedict i am ready for happy ben and some giggles and let mike poach eggs that will be fun

  • Edward McCabe
    Edward McCabe2 个月 前

    Going to Manchester next week, any good recommendations for restaurants would be a massive help! :)

  • Luis Rivero
    Luis Rivero2 个月 前

    You should do something like a pork belly and turning the drippings into a gravy or some form of BBQ

  • Samantha Irving
    Samantha Irving2 个月 前

    The plating segment music, and flaky salt. It got me all kinds of hype 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Brilliant job editor