THIS is how a Chef makes the PERFECT Omelette...

DIY 和生活百科

Omelettes are the perfect staple meal to rustle up when you’re short on time and ingredients. In this episode, our resident chef, Ben, talks us through two different omelette recipes that are packed full of hacks, tips and cheats to level up your omelette game forevermore.
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  • Kevin Sanders
    Kevin Sanders天 前

    Love this channel, but... It drove me crazy watching your "attempt" at "teaching" people how to make an omelette. Never crack an egg on a sharp surface, otherwise you end up with little bits of eggshell in your egg mixture, just like you did. You burned your butter. And I've never seen anyone cook their egg mixture in the skillet the way you did. Watch Bobby Flay, Chef Ann, Gordon Ramsey, etc.. This was a fail! Do over!

  • Riley Austin
    Riley Austin12 天 前

    Eggs should not have colour

  • tony78211
    tony7821112 天 前

    i got seasick watching this video

  • Draw_Artist
    Draw_Artist12 天 前

    I get mark down in culinary school if my eggs r brown tho lol... those eggs have to be real yellow, brown means over cooked.

  • MrWubzHD
    MrWubzHD13 天 前

    i like to put a tablespoon of black truffle hot sauce by Truff in my eggs when I mix them but it does make the omelet orange which i know some people dont like

  • Dougal McTavish
    Dougal McTavish16 天 前

    I think we need some new head to head to head battles, seems like the lads have learned a fair bit since the last ones. As for themes; most pretentious dish? Best cafe lunch? Most hipster recipe? Environmentally sustainable ultimate battle? Most expensive recipe? Exotic food? Modern fine dining? Pack lunch battle? I miss the battles and the banter, and sure I’m not the only one.

  • macbaar
    macbaar18 天 前

    Is Ben starting a solo career?

  • SORTEDfood


    18 天 前

    Haha - nope - just here to help with some simple ideas that you can try in your kitchen tonight.

  • Divya Shah
    Divya Shah18 天 前

    The way we make omelette at home is simple and yet so different, we use oil, mostly sunflower or mixed grain, don't put anything except salt, though there is occasional diced onions/tomatoes and we flip the omelette so they are equally cooked on both sides.....I do want to try the variety of cooking in the video sometime

  • Jono Attwood
    Jono Attwood19 天 前

    Can you guys do more of these please!! Any recipe. Hell I’d love a tutorial for some of the winning battle recipes!!

  • Robert Murphy
    Robert Murphy21 天 前

    About cracking that egg on a sharp edge or by bashing a knife through the shell... nope! Any contamination on that shell is then driven into the egg and the risk of getting small bits of shell into the bowl is high which is annoying. The round egg is best cracked on a flat surface like your cutting board or counter which does a fine job of gentle shell breakage without driving shell or naughty bits into the raw egg. Once cracked simply apply pressure to the crack zone to open the egg into the bowl. This also almost always gets you about equal half shells if you tapped it at the mid point so separating white from yolk is tidy and you never need to fish shell bits out of your bowl ever again.

  • Daniel Sampiero
    Daniel Sampiero21 天 前

    Overcooked your eggs Ebbers...

  • Nessevi
    Nessevi23 天 前

    Best way to crack an egg is to crack it against another egg. Only one egg will ever crack, because science. Plus you get to play a little egg king of the hill deathmatch in the process. (Obviously don't slam them both against each other at full swing speed or they'll both blow up, duh)

  • Selina Snowdon
    Selina Snowdon23 天 前

    Stop with the smoked haddock, been in Canada nearly 6 years and haven’t found it yet 😢

  • TheTorqueMusic
    TheTorqueMusic23 天 前

    Cracking the eggs on a flat surface minimizes chances of shells in the bowl :-)

  • Shari Herding
    Shari Herding25 天 前

    Loving the Friday videos new subscriber here and I have binge watched probably 60 percent of videos 😍

  • Jessica Randazzo
    Jessica Randazzo25 天 前

    Would love to see more of these types of videos!

  • John Vittie
    John Vittie26 天 前

    Job well done! You make it look so easy and looks fantastic! Another winner video!

  • Knutt
    Knutt28 天 前

    I had one lonely Roma tomato, plus some spinach and Swiss cheese in the fridge, so I just attempted the first one. It came out pretty good, except I think my pan was actually a little too hot. I preheated it while I prepared everything else, and I guess I took too long. 😅

  • Kennie Frog
    Kennie Frog28 天 前

    Oh I do love me a good omelette. I make a style of one that I have named "The one eyed omelette" (it an open omelette or frittata, that has all the goodies mixed in and has a separated egg yolk placed in just off centre = the one eye). My nieces and nephew love it. I created it in hopes to get the fussy eaters to eat. It worked.😄

  • Jayme McCann Nuttall
    Jayme McCann Nuttall29 天 前

    1 tip I have is i have always been told to crack an egg on a flat surface because your less likely to get broken shell 🤞 I love omelette but I hate it when the egg is still sticky so I need to cook mine longer and i just fill one side a flop it over and hope the cheese sticks it together 🤣 plus get more filling in that way 🐷

  • AJ
    AJ个月 前

    He really chose flavors for the frittata so they would all start with p 😂

  • Caleb Harris
    Caleb Harris个月 前

    It’s so strange seeing Ebbers be so professional and cheffy ( we apposed to getting rinsed and making innuendos) I love it lol

  • rikouile
    rikouile个月 前

    Awful, please check Jacques Pepin for PERFECT omelette !

  • Faiq Ashraf
    Faiq Ashraf个月 前

    where can I find the recipe for this?

  • aSKchef
    aSKchef个月 前

    All great, but the burnt pine nuts in the end...

  • Lilli Edwards
    Lilli Edwards个月 前

    Noooo Ben! As a chef I am so upset that you've just taught thousands of normals how to crack an egg WRONG!!!!

  • Walkinthevoid
    Walkinthevoid个月 前

    I've been trying to make a proper omelette for YEARS, and I finally got it right this time! Thanks guys :)

  • Jen T
    Jen T个月 前

    Ben, you are a wonderful teacher. This isn't just a comment on this video, but the sum total of my watching of all the videos on Sorted...I love the channel, I love all the guys, but if there is one thing that ties it all together is that Ben, you have a real gift as a teacher!! That's no small thing.

  • Sophia Petersen
    Sophia Petersen个月 前

    very cool

  • R. O.
    R. O.个月 前

    I was always taught that if an omelette is brown, it was burnt. There should be no brown on it at all. Is this now a change in how omelettes are cooked?

  • DavidDubzone
    DavidDubzone个月 前

    Why is it when I put my butter in my pan it catches fire 😂

  • peaceful Fury
    peaceful Fury个月 前

    Is there a kosher version?

  • Hannah Costello
    Hannah Costello个月 前

    I made an omelette and it hasn't failed miserably! THANK YOU!!

  • Gadget Tube
    Gadget Tube个月 前

    Thought I had my flat omelettes perfected, only had ham cheese and eggs in so tried the folded one and got compliments on the best omelette I've ever made!

  • menno duk
    menno duk个月 前

    Since seeing this video I've made this omelet queen vegetables three times already. My son loves it and steels mine 😉

  • Paul j
    Paul j个月 前

    1:26 Are there small pieces of shell in the bowl? I was taught that you crack an egg on a flat surface to avoid this.

  • Sean R
    Sean R个月 前

    That omelette is way overcooked...

  • Alexandrea Cook
    Alexandrea Cook个月 前

    I like the challenges and the pass it on stuff, it's all good and entertaining to watch. But I have to admit, I just love this down to the bones cooking advice. Might not make a flashy title, or hit you a million views, but it keeps this long time fan watching

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    There more for function! We've seen more people cooking pancakes, omelettes and pizza this month than anything else! One more launching today!

  • Jigokuro
    Jigokuro个月 前

    Holy shit git a gimbal, or at least have Mike stop swaying like he's three sheets to the wind. The camera sway made this *unwatchable* and I mean that literally. I was becoming nauseous.

  • BunnyChanX
    BunnyChanX个月 前

    I would love to see more recreations of old videos!

  • Sarah Byrd
    Sarah Byrd个月 前

    I realize I've managed to go my whole life without eating an omelet. That will change soon after this video

  • lorin1228
    lorin1228个月 前

    Favourite omelette filling: fresh asparagus (in season, uk only!!!) with hollandaise and crumbled crunchy streaky bacon. I know, I know, it's egg with egg, but it WORKS.

  • Stephen Gheen
    Stephen Gheen个月 前

    I love sprouts in my omelet

  • Thebular
    Thebular个月 前

    Well, I just tried the fritatta for breakfast. Holy cow that is delicious! Great video guys!

  • YouMakeMeSmile
    YouMakeMeSmile个月 前

    I always crack the egg on a flat surface, so I don't risk breaking the yolk

  • Sara Igefjord
    Sara Igefjord个月 前

    Tried this immediately! Turned out great, thanks!

  • Julia Janosa
    Julia Janosa个月 前

    Please please more vegan videos! Or just a couple vegan options when you’re testing kit...?

  • Bertie Woodward
    Bertie Woodward个月 前

    When ben said you could put any meat in the omelette the roast beef omlette from Gavin and Stacey went through my head. Not all meat ...

  • Andy Parker
    Andy Parker个月 前

    Mint = Thumbs Down

  • CMDR Kyzrath
    CMDR Kyzrath个月 前

    Okay, have to say. Every single time I see Ebbers crack an egg with a knife, or any of the Normals crack one with the edge of a bowl, I want to scream. Physics-nerd Ebbers should know you don't need much force to crack an egg! You can use the flat part of your counter and NEVER risk any egg shell bits!

  • Rusty Shacklefurd
    Rusty Shacklefurd个月 前

    Could I add ham to this?

  • Brett Tryda
    Brett Tryda个月 前

    I just watched a video on PBS here in the states where Jaques Pepin was adamant that you always crack an egg on a flat surface so as to (1) limit chances of pieces of shell from breaking into (2) introducing bacteria into egg (3) prevent breaking yolk if wanted whole yolk. I don't want to cause a beef between chefs, but I've only seen other chefs swear by Pepin's way. They also never brown eggs... but I grew up with more well done eggs myself as well. Ben just caught me off guard with cracking technique that has been shown to be the wrong example by every other chef I've seen. Love these bonus shows with Ben. Maybe Mike can engage more with him and make it more conversational as well? Dig it either way, always a great view.

  • john hudson
    john hudson个月 前

    Ben, what if instead of putting color on the eggs, If you want some yummy maillard in an omelette, put a layer of shredded cheddar and grated parm onto the pan in the butter first before you pour in the eggs?

  • john hudson

    john hudson

    个月 前

    SORTEDfood absolutely will be trying this. Also, have it on good authority some mayo with the harissa is 👌🏻

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Cool idea! No idea if it would work - you'd need to rely on a really good non-stick pan and go for the under the grill method so as not to agitate the cheese. But try it!

  • A McConnell
    A McConnell个月 前

    Couple of ways to crack an egg ... and both are wrong. :) Cracking your eggs on a sharp surface (knife blade/ bowl edge) forces the shell into the egg, risking a broken yolk and introducing bacteria into the egg. Crack your eggs on a flat surface for a much lower chance or either of those problems. A techinique favoured by Jacques Pepin. :)

  • A McConnell
    A McConnell个月 前

    Chef makes PERFECT omlette ... 0:41 .. It's just a vehicle for whatever you've got left in the fridge ... ??

  • A McConnell

    A McConnell

    个月 前

    @SORTEDfood Yes, that makes a nice omlette.... but is an omelette "made from any old thing" the PERFECT omelette?

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Would you not agree? What's more perfect than a cheap, speedy, easy, tasty and nutritious meal using up what's left for both convenience and to avoid unnecessary food waste?

  • Jani Andsten
    Jani Andsten个月 前

    Test Ooni Pizza Oven! It heats up to 500C and makes pizza in a minute! Perfect to try with your pizza dough recipe! 🍕😍

  • Jani Andsten

    Jani Andsten

    个月 前

    @SORTEDfood Sorry for the spam 😬 glad to hear that! :)

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Thanks for your many suggestions across many videos! Fear not - we always try to read all comments!

  • Joe Ees
    Joe Ees个月 前

    Every other cooking channel/show "never crack an egg on the edge of a bowl". Everyone knows the perfect omelette is a French omelette devoid of any browning (slightly sarcastic).

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Devoid being the optimal word there... sad eggs.

  • Honah Lee
    Honah Lee个月 前

    With all due respect, a few revisions (coming from someone who’s cooked thousands of omelettes in multiple restaurants): -Some people might like their omelette like this, but generally this would be considered a VERY well-done omelette. If I’d been caught cooking an omelette this dark in any job I’ve had, I probably would have lost that job. Again, some people like a well-done omelette, but traditionally a proper omelette is expected to have no browning. -If you’re using butter, use clarified butter, or else the heat required for the omelet will burn the milk solids. -Crack your eggs by tapping them on the counter, rather than the bowl, to avoid getting tiny bits of eggshell in your eggs. -Season your eggs the second you put them into the pan rather than in the bowl, to ensure even seasoning. -Sprinkle your cheese all over the omelette and then put your fillings in a line that is PERPENDICULAR to the pan’s handle. Fold the side closest to the pan handle over the fillings. Then grab the pan handle with your non-dominant hand, palm-up. Use the spatula in your dominant hand to coax the omelette onto the plate, unfolded side first, folding the omelette over on top of the unfolded side as it hits the plate. You can see that Ben struggled to fold and plate the omelette-this will make it much easier. Love the stuff you guys do! Just couldn’t let this one go, haha.

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Your explanation of omelette origami is genius! Thanks

  • Katya Allnutt
    Katya Allnutt个月 前

    I never used to eat or cook much with eggs outside of baking, but I'm exploring more of what to do with them and I'm finding I like them a lot more than I thought. I like all things spicy and using leftovers with eggs. I'm always finding ways to use leftovers. Salmon and spinach are popular requests when I cook for others.

  • Emma Jackson
    Emma Jackson个月 前

    That frittata looks amazing

  • MrGreenYeti
    MrGreenYeti个月 前

    What's your opinion on putting milk in the egg mix? I don't know where I picked it up but I've always done it and it make it extra creamy and fluffy.

  • Rebecca R
    Rebecca R个月 前

    Occasionally I will wake up with an intense craving for an omelette, and the only omelette that satisfies the craving is with broccoli, mushrooms, some sort of deli meat (usually turkey or ham), and cheddar cheese. :D Serve with cinnamon coffee

  • shuyin1111
    shuyin1111个月 前

    could you do a video on the different ways to cook eggs? such as boiled, poached, coddled, etc.

  • vampjoseph11
    vampjoseph11个月 前

    eggs are just so versatile you could do literally anything with them and it will turn out amazing! I'll be trying some of the flavors the next time I make scrambled eggs!

  • Bigtime Sucks
    Bigtime Sucks个月 前

    I would love to see Sorted take on the omelette Alex French Guy Cooking has made videos about and review the differences. One seems like a gastro omelette and the other one like your mom did it.

  • Richard Bull
    Richard Bull个月 前

    I feel as if the "Normal" guys are definitely above the standard of the average home cook. Not that I mind, but I think there should be a little more diversity in cooking, some of the dishes between the professionals and "normals" Some of us can burn water.........

  • reyals474
    reyals474个月 前

    I love these dirty ben videos

  • Alcadeias90
    Alcadeias90个月 前

    I loved the idea so i wanted to try it out. It almost worked, but the rolling gave me a bit of trouble and as a result, i kept it in the pan for a little too long. Still tasted good though. Shredded mozarella, chopped tomatoes and a bit of barely stir fried chopped onions.

  • Mari Anna
    Mari Anna个月 前

    I prefer to tap an egg on the counter so there's no risk of eggshells. But you do need to be careful not to smash it too hard lol

  • Rainmaker
    Rainmaker个月 前

    Please never crack your eggs like he shows. Always crack them against a flat surface. The reason for this is that unless you wash your eggs, you could have Salmonella on the outside that cracking against a sharp edge could push into the yolk/egg. This isn't much of a problem if you buy high quality eggs but generic supermarket eggs, yeahhh no.

  • Xenia Monsterbacke
    Xenia Monsterbacke个月 前

    Could you make the japanese omlette next? And where are the mushroom lovers? 😍

  • Phillip Millington
    Phillip Millington个月 前

    Loving these more focussed vids. Friendly tutorials giving subjective and objective cooking options. Mega. Keep this up... But don't give up the sorted food day job 😜.

  • Phillip Millington

    Phillip Millington

    个月 前

    Sorted food meets clever food...

  • obaroya
    obaroya个月 前

    Love omelettes and I love frittatas! I usually don't order them in restaurants because they are so easy to make! If you want it a little fluffy, add a little water into your bowl of eggs before whisking. If you want them a little creamy, add a little milk before whisking.

  • Mira Figueira
    Mira Figueira个月 前

    Just made my first omelette after watching this video and it turned out amazing. Make more videos were Ben shows us how to make things like shrimp scampi, baby lamp chops, steak and potatoes. Ben explains cooking well, and makes it look easy.

    JRBDBC个月 前

    in culinary school we are taught to never crack eggs on the edge of things but to do so on flat surfaces as to not push the egg shell and things that are on the egg shell into the egg.

  • Petronella Wessman
    Petronella Wessman个月 前

    Literally, like, a teaspoon and a half of light soy sauce per egg you're using (and no need for salt) and ta-daa! You've got Asian vibes going on. It's what I stick in a pan on late nights when I just need my protein and my veggies.

  • M G
    M G个月 前

    prior to cracking your eggs on the edge of your bowl and further breaking them by pushing your thumbs in you really need to ensure that your eggs are perfectly sanitized. because even if you are super lucky to not get any shells in (which you are full on pushing into your egg twice using that method) you still increased the odds of salmonella...

  • gorilla glue
    gorilla glue个月 前

    I'm picturing some guy standing in his kitchen, staring at an egg in his hand going "how do I get into this thing?!"

  • RuffledFox
    RuffledFox个月 前

    In my case because I have time I make the most cumbersome omelette ever by adding onion that have cooked until golden brown for an hour completely ruins the principle of quick...but i just love it, usually with a bit of diced potatoes that have been precooked too. Sometimes I also add a little bit of spice mix that I do that is similar to curry, it works very well.

  • Sync
    Sync个月 前

    I like when it cut to the shot of the camera they're using to film this video, I just wish they then cut to the camera filming the camera filming the camera they using to film this video.

  • Sync
    Sync个月 前

    Omelette du fromage. 👓🧪

  • Rob Negus
    Rob Negus个月 前

    How do make an omelette in the jungle.. put it under the gorilla #dadjokeoftheweek ?

  • Gadi Welfeld
    Gadi Welfeld个月 前

    Can I add my fillings in while the egg is still raw? It looks like you did but it makes me nervous, and I read somewhere that you should wait till the top of it has cooked before adding your fillings? I just feel like my omelettes come out really dry, and I'm scared of not cooking it enough and getting sick. Thanks in advance😁

  • Ma tt
    Ma tt个月 前

    Seriously, you want to make an omelette like a chef? When NO chef cracks an egg on the side of a bowl and less than no chef ever has used the back of a knife to crack an egg.

  • teriyakipuppy
    teriyakipuppy个月 前

    I don't wanna sound mean. I love you guys. But the eggs looked overcooked. I guess I enjoy French style.

  • Judy Herman
    Judy Herman个月 前

    I make the rolled one with grilled peppers,onions,cheese,or whatever I have i do like the grilled tostada way that would be fun .

  • e21big
    e21big个月 前

    here we have an even more simple recipe, just put egg on a pan, no fold, no oven, and when the bottom is done you serve it while the top remains running

  • Mighty PandaCat
    Mighty PandaCat个月 前

    Tried this one this morning. Spinach and mozzarella. Best omelette I’ve had in a long time since my uncle passed away.

  • Rinie LYH
    Rinie LYH个月 前

    Try basque burnt cheesecake ❤️

  • shit lista
    shit lista个月 前

    Not on the side of the bowl, because the shell might get in because it's pointy and not flat like a table!

  • Stefan de Jong
    Stefan de Jong个月 前

    Just made this recipe but made 1 big mistake: I used frozen Spinach a la crème. Ended up getting the omelette too wet..

  • BigMikeMelk
    BigMikeMelk个月 前

    air fryer battle. emergency food episode "what to have at home that have a long shelflife and things to make it special. normals vs behind the scen crew battle.

  • Jonathan Regan
    Jonathan Regan个月 前

    Omurice please(James should try chef Kichi omurice version)

  • Wolly Wood
    Wolly Wood个月 前

    I would love to watch you guys make som traditional danish dishes and try to pronounce some danish words and dishes. Much love to you guys keep op the good work

  • James Laing
    James Laing个月 前

    Sorted Food, I generally have a new years resolution, I think this year it was to be healthier and do more exercise. After the Covid scenario it was to be a better cook - Subscribed as I find it a distraction from real life and your videos are informative and have enjoyable results. Ty for helping us be a little bit better in difficult times.

  • Missmethinksalot1
    Missmethinksalot1个月 前

    Watching this as i eat my Sunday morning omelette. I have a very busy worklife with a rare Sunday off, so when I do get one, I make a fully loaded omelette: chicken, cheese, peppers, onion, tomatoes, herbs, maybe even diced potatoes. Love your content variety, keep going you guys!

  • Oliver NP
    Oliver NP个月 前

    You can actually go sweet, and whisk up some cinamon and sugar into the egg, then cook over a low heat to avoid browning, and fill with toppings (I fill it with banana and raisins). Then sprinkle cinamon on top.

  • Tamalan
    Tamalan个月 前

    Ok I have to ask this because I have heard it so many times. I have been told you should never crack an egg with a knife or on the side of the bowl as it can push parts of the egg shell into the egg. This leaves you will pieces of shell and any of the dirt and other things on the outside of the shell in your eggs. Can you comment on why you think this is not an issue?

  • Tausendfüssler, hochbegabt
    Tausendfüssler, hochbegabt个月 前

    Thanks for the egg cracking tutorial! Have been using an axe, but now I know how to open my eggs properly!

  • Brendan Dever
    Brendan Dever个月 前

    Ben might be a chef but he does not seem to know a lot about food science of today...