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Stop what you’re doing because this episode is an Ultimate Fusion Chef Battle! Drawn at random, our Chefs were given two cuisines that they must fuse together in a cooking battle. Ben was given German and Vietnamese, while James was given Peruvian and Filipino. Sounds easy, right...?
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Apologies for lack of recipes at this time... whilst we aim to get them up... perhaps these similar flavours and ideas will inspire:-
Adobo Chicken: bit.ly/2wru1D2
Quinoa Salad: bit.ly/3abPjn0
Vietnamese noodle salad: bit.ly/2WxL6Gc
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  • David Monk Adventures
    David Monk Adventures7 小时 前

    Thank you James for cooking Our countries favorite Filipino Adobo " Great Job!"

  • Heather Willis-Kershner
    Heather Willis-Kershner2 天 前

    Am i the only one who immediately thought--- "Gal en gal? Ooo ben know about galengal! Thats real indonesian ingredient- not many white people know about galengal." - uncle roger

  • Roxy Alberto
    Roxy Alberto5 天 前

    As a Filipina, who lives in the philippines, I'm proud that James is trying hard to put some filipino cuisine this video ❤ Philippines is a mix of things, AND THAT'S what makes us Pilipino! ❤❤❤

  • Nadhirah Nazri
    Nadhirah Nazri10 天 前

    Everyone’s so brutal to ben this episode 😂

  • Zoe Summers
    Zoe Summers11 天 前

    James was quite rude during this.

  • Zoe Summers
    Zoe Summers11 天 前

    Not to not-pick but you meant BST not GMT. ;)

  • Nor Vincent Balba
    Nor Vincent Balba15 天 前

    You just CANNOT go wrong with ADOBO.

  • charles curry
    charles curry19 天 前

    I'm sorry, am I dumb or are Ben and Mike dating?

  • otto villarreal
    otto villarreal20 天 前

    Poor J, but I will ask this just once, why in the be of hell you would put rice on a burrito? We don't put rice either, that's an USA thing, more specifically Taco bell thing, please stop putting rice on a burrito, that's not mexican

  • Katie Morrill
    Katie Morrill26 天 前

    I'm biased, I always want Ben to win!

  • olavrell
    olavrell27 天 前

    Lye is also used for one of Norway's traditional christmas-dinners, Lutefisk.

  • Project F.H
    Project F.H27 天 前

    I would have picked Peruvian-nikkei fusion food

  • Cady 0wen
    Cady 0wen个月 前

    *Dagonropa Flashbacks with title*

  • chen Wang
    chen Wang个月 前

    1:58, thats not how the planet works.....

  • chen Wang

    chen Wang

    个月 前

    @SORTEDfood yes technically peru and indionesia are just on opposite sides of the pacific, if you go off a flat map u gotta go round 3/4 of the planet

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    You mean it's not a flat map?

  • Lei Knudsen
    Lei Knudsen个月 前

    Everyone needs to be nicer to Ben, he is a delight

  • Eoghain Whyte
    Eoghain Whyte个月 前

    8:15 did James just... Glitch?

  • Jen Kingsley
    Jen Kingsley个月 前

    I liked Ben's better just my choice

  • Dominic Crimmings
    Dominic Crimmings2 个月 前

    I loved the way James cooked that chicken - I think I'm going to have to try that, it looked so so yummy. I usually get notified of new vids, this one must have slipped through the net as only found today - but given I'm still in lockdown in Kildare in Ireland, I'll have plenty of time to give it a go or two. Cheers lads, hope you're all still safe & well (and everybody else watching out there of course) in these rather strange times. New cooking ideas is something that really helps to focus the mind, forget about what's going on in the world for a few hours and learn something new - it's a win win win :-) Must love & respect from a currently very rainy Ireland

  • Wyatt Schechter
    Wyatt Schechter2 个月 前

    Barry James Taylor is an adult male in his thirties that resorted to tickling Benjamin "Tyrone's Father" Ebbers to try to take abowl of pretzels away.

  • Oneofdazzz
    Oneofdazzz2 个月 前

    I'd gladly pay $20+ for that chicken adobo dish. I looks amazing!!

  • Metalhammer1993
    Metalhammer19932 个月 前

    Ben. Bavaria is not all there is to Germany. They don't even want to be part of it and tbh we could do without them too. That was a mix of vietnamese and Bavarian more than vietnamese and German. Snd as Bavarian is just that much closer to Austrian than German I'd actually say, you failed the challenge. Or at least lost it by going for stereotypes

  • Hayden Doglione
    Hayden Doglione2 个月 前

    Ben wins by default because James committed the cardinal sin of using white meat for adobo.

  • Nakedkeepo -
    Nakedkeepo -2 个月 前

    I havnt gone to the comments ever in a SORTED video, but I gotto say I love Ben. I enjoy watching him a lot more than the other guys! But feels like he's getting a lot of hate :(

  • Cynical Citizen
    Cynical Citizen2 个月 前

    Jamie, you can take those threats in stride and continue on the path of fusion

  • Brandon Popson
    Brandon Popson2 个月 前

    I'm surprised any food came out tasting good with all that salt flying around the kitchen.

  • mtktm
    mtktm2 个月 前

    Banana ketchup, doesn't necessarily need to be made from bananas, it gets its name because it's used to put on bananas

  • lizzy stiers
    lizzy stiers2 个月 前

    14:00 Jamie having a hard time pretending to discuss the winning dish 😆

  • Ilona L
    Ilona L3 个月 前

    9:15 There always seems to be this one boss who's always on to you and this one time you get him...Ouch! Really felt there for James 😘 Glad his dish won! How about making competing in the Masterchef the ultimate chef's battle?😅

  • Silmaníre
    Silmaníre3 个月 前

    oh wow, sauerkraut and pretzels... :/ I cannot even remember the last time I ate Sauerkraut and I live in Germany.... why does noone ever mention for example Maultaschen - they are most ingenious

  • THETowandAA
    THETowandAA3 个月 前

    2:01 when the editing person doesn't know that earth is round.

  • elena_plazl
    elena_plazl3 个月 前

    Coconut vinegar and banana ketchup is so Filipino.. love it!

  • Highlandgirl224
    Highlandgirl2243 个月 前

    Philippins and Peru are quite close together... yup bound by Spanish colonialism 🙈

  • MsDuststorm
    MsDuststorm3 个月 前

    Every time James says Ketsup I grin like an idiot. It's so adorable!

  • h
    h3 个月 前

    I love watching Ben cook in particular, he's quick and collected and thinks through absolutely everything and has such a brilliant mind, he comes up with some of the most interesting ideas and watching him cook is absolutely FASCINATING. Also, I want to hear the fun facts and the nonsense about where the word catsup comes from! Let him speak!

  • Ben
    Ben3 个月 前

    Ben's pork looked dry AF... Pass

  • Desiree Ochoa
    Desiree Ochoa3 个月 前

    James talks about making "Chee-ka-ron-ayes". I wonder what the hell he's talking about while i continue making Chicharrones (chi-chuh-rron-ez) en Salsa Verde.

  • Jen Jones
    Jen Jones3 个月 前

    I've been following this channel for so long and absolutely love it. But I've never been more disappointed then when Ben presented his German influences. That was just lazy German research and really sad to watch, especially as asian influences are so regularly found all over the channel and many middle European dishes are just completely overlooked

  • Varghese Antony
    Varghese Antony3 个月 前

    James, it is pronounced, "chee-cha-RON-es," and when you say it, try to roll the "r" sound. I hope this helps you.

  • dizzygunner
    dizzygunner3 个月 前

    James: catsup is just another name for ketchup. my brain mr burns: ketchup? catsup? ketchup? catsup? ketchup? catsup?

  • zicada
    zicada4 个月 前

    Wouldnt the sauages need a casing ? More like elongated meatballs.

  • Madalina Ioana Raileanu
    Madalina Ioana Raileanu4 个月 前

    Are they ever going to use that creme de menthé?

  • Angel Rodríguez de Luna
    Angel Rodríguez de Luna4 个月 前

    All your videos have helped me survive this boring Quarintine!!! I love your videos! I watch them while I eat with my family! Your videos are awesome! Keep them like that! Greetings from Mexico!

  • Irene Ocampo
    Irene Ocampo4 个月 前

    James, that was a great pronunciation, just pronounce the second ch like you pronounced the first (like a sh) and you are spot on!

  • Ashley Jones
    Ashley Jones4 个月 前

    Love that when they drew the line for James' countries they went across africa, and the whole world. But if you just went left it's literally a straight line across the Pacific Ocean, lol.

  • Farinah Mama
    Farinah Mama4 个月 前

    I really love James' plating..how do you learn that?

  • Ching Dee
    Ching Dee4 个月 前

    “You are judging it, though. So it doesn’t mean anything in the general context of life.” 😂 James’ level of sass is out of control!

  • Ching Dee
    Ching Dee4 个月 前

    James making adobo is something I need in my home every day. ♥️ from the 🇵🇭!

  • Mr. Smiled
    Mr. Smiled4 个月 前

    Ben if you would serve beer in germany (especially bavaria) how you did there... a lot of people would be very very VERY upset.

  • Coach Wheeler
    Coach Wheeler4 个月 前

    German + Vietnamese, immediate thought Schnitzel Bahn Mi

  • John Philip Gica
    John Philip Gica4 个月 前

    Chi Cha - Cha-cha Ron - rondy

  • lumos
    lumos4 个月 前

    11:17-11:29 is like a perfect summary of this channel

  • diana padilla
    diana padilla4 个月 前

    It's pronounced as chi-cha-ron 😂😂😂 anyway, nice one James! Im a filipino fan of Sorted since 2015!!! Hope you're all safe xx

  • adamtilbury99
    adamtilbury994 个月 前

    im interested in the adobo

  • Joanna Simmonds
    Joanna Simmonds4 个月 前

    OMG!!!! I love Cao Lau. It should be celebrated more often

  • XilverXoul
    XilverXoul4 个月 前

    What kind of fusion food do you enjoy making? I personally am a big fan of a bacon cheeseburger wonton recipe I came up with and serve with a garlic aeoli. I was thinking of even doing a mushroom and swiss burger that leans a bit more into the oriental side by using shitaki mushrooms. :)

  • DomoDMD
    DomoDMD5 个月 前

    Everyone loves Filipino food.

  • Zi Ruini
    Zi Ruini5 个月 前

    3:02 lol guys all it would take is like 10 seconds on google translate

  • iS2usa
    iS2usa5 个月 前

    Catching up on the past few weeks of sorted I haven't watched and was dreading the moment the pandemic hit here. Happy to see them explaining why they have a good amount of content to post. Watching the rest with a heavy heart wishing for the best for all. Stay safe.

  • ichwillnurkommentierennixweiter
    ichwillnurkommentierennixweiter5 个月 前

    I guess im not the first comment on this toppic, but please: german food is more than a bavarian oktoberfest. I would love to see you pic up styles from different parts of germany, they differ :)

  • justanothergladys
    justanothergladys5 个月 前

    as a filipino, i have no idea why adobo and catsup (pronounced ketchup) are in the same sentence

  • killerpeaches7
    killerpeaches76 个月 前

    I think Ben's dish should have swapped peanuts for the pretzels. Just my 2 cts.

  • Vagabond Wastrel
    Vagabond Wastrel6 个月 前

    I refuse to use instagram.

  • tya04
    tya046 个月 前

    Sorted crew: "Remember, chefs, we want to see some hustle to keep up the excitement level for the viewers." Ben: "Let me tell you the etymology of ketchup."

  • Catherine Reed
    Catherine Reed6 个月 前

    Skip the fusion, that is as common as missing socks on laundry day! Try something historical (pre 1492) or somewhat original (that I haven't seen on 2 other cooking channels when you are 1 of 3 I watch). Yes, only you, Townsends, and Bon Apetit. There are a couple other channels that show cooking, like Souped Up Recipes that I recently discovered, but I have watched you for YEARS! You are not impressing me any more. You started all these weird "competitions" that the majority egged on, but I was never a fan. I have to look up the recipes on other sites now that you have your "club". Keep lowering your boundaries, and I will give up. You won't miss me, you get plenty of praise from people with very low expectations. Again, you won't miss me, but I will miss the old you, when you were still fun. I don't think I will make it past June 2020 if you keep putting money over quality. Mostly, I will miss Ben and Mike, because I really liked them. I learned to like Jamie, James, and Barry later, and will miss them, too, but mostly Mike and Ben. Maybe wish me a silent "good luck" when you next make a video for profit and not for education/fun. That will be my "good bye" and I wish you all well, but you are now too much about money for me to afford.

  • Gabriel Diez
    Gabriel Diez6 个月 前


  • Viet Anh Tran
    Viet Anh Tran6 个月 前

    Vietnamese and german? This is me hahaj

  • Cliqboom
    Cliqboom6 个月 前

    Would really like to try James' dish

  • TheMghtyOffbeats
    TheMghtyOffbeats6 个月 前

    Cant lie, Ben's pork looked rather dry.

  • Poncho -
    Poncho -6 个月 前

    Swooning over James' pronunciation of "Adobo". It makes our representative dish feel so ~fancy~

  • Poncho -

    Poncho -

    6 个月 前

    As well as the chicharonnes! (chi-cha-ron.. well that's how we say it here. Anywho, it's the flavor that counts. Haha!) Chi-ka-ro-nes. So posh. I've enjoyed every bit of this video!

  • Igor Yugure
    Igor Yugure6 个月 前

    That paella shit that happened was such bullshit. Like grow some tougher skin, Spain. -.-.ll.

  • Joan April Penano
    Joan April Penano6 个月 前

    You are judging it, so it doesn't mean anything in the general context of life.. BURN!!!! Triple kill!!!! Hahahaha..

  • Isabela Carneiro
    Isabela Carneiro6 个月 前

    I never get tired to whatch you guys battle! So much fun! Always challenging your selves. It inspired me to do the same, so thanks!

  • quackDquack
    quackDquack6 个月 前

    Came late to the party, but as a Filipino well-versed in the traditional cuisines in the provinces, James did an absolutely bangin' job (did I get that right? hahaha) on that chicken adobo. Most people would argue that term adobo has Hispanic origins, but the practice of cooking in vinegar is actually already common in pre-colonial Philippines, for it is shown to preserve shelf-life of cooked food. The use of soy sauce has been introduced by the Chinese traders before the Spanish era. On their arrival, the term adobar was coined because of the similarity of the marinade used by the colonizers, which eventualy stuck and thus the name of the dish today . As James pointed out, what he did to cooking the chicken was untraditional, but not uncommon at all in Ph. It is well realized here that adobo can be cooked is as many different ways as there are households, each having their own version of cooking. What you can try is to cook the chicken in low heat in the braising liquid until dry so to infuse all the liquid flavors to the meat. The frying though was a wonderful idea to add that crispy texture to the skin, a part of the chicken a lot of Filipinos love. The way he described chicharrones, what we know here in Ph is "chicharon", the most widely available is with the pork rind version. The usual procedure done here is to season pork skin in salt then dry them out in the sun for a couple of days, then fry them in hot oil which will result to a puffy and very crispy state. Very good but very unhealthy snack usually eaten with a spiced vinegar condiment and with beer.

  • Raniel Sy
    Raniel Sy6 个月 前

    I’m Filipino and never have i thought to combine adobo with banana ketchup… bold move James

  • Donna Tsundoku
    Donna Tsundoku6 个月 前

    Filipino spicy banana ketchup is BOOOOMMBBB!!! 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  • Heather Stock
    Heather Stock6 个月 前

    Poor Ben! That was such a difficult draw!

  • Daniel Hinder
    Daniel Hinder6 个月 前

    I would love to see more of these fusion battles

  • thinkingprole1
    thinkingprole16 个月 前

    Thanks guys. Good video again.

  • enrico paul
    enrico paul6 个月 前

    Nice and interesting fusion of Filipino and Peruvian but as a Filipino myself, I have seen and tasted already a couple of different versions of adobo and my suggestion is that James could use sugar cane vinegar or just a regular vinegar and use it just to balance out the saltiness of the soy sauce. The sourness should not be overpowering and that every flavor/taste should be tasted. The sourness, the saltiness and a little kick from the spices. Also, a cup of red rice on the side wouldn't hurt coz a Filipino meal should have rice 😊👌🏻. Lastly, about the Banana "Catsup" thing, it's still pronounced as Ketchup guys 😅 we just spelled it differently just for "fun" 😂 anyway, good job guys and good job James! Hope that all of the Sorted Food Family and Team are all safe and sound. Take care guys! Much love all the way from the Philippines! 🇵🇭💗

  • Dayneee
    Dayneee6 个月 前

    James, As a Filipina, I wanted to say thank you for letting our Adobo shine. You butchered the way you pronounced Catsup (It should be pronounced the same as Ketchup) But other that that I love it

  • Serena Bilich
    Serena Bilich6 个月 前

    I love learning new food facts...

  • Sydney Weaver
    Sydney Weaver6 个月 前

    New drinking game: drink anytime ben references the time he went to Vietnam or says a fancy Vietnamese ingredient or dish...

  • Aqsa Munir
    Aqsa Munir6 个月 前

    Indo-chinese any day!

  • Andy Warwick
    Andy Warwick6 个月 前

    Chef vs. chef Moroccan Recipes

  • Luke Mico
    Luke Mico6 个月 前

    I like how James choose the chicken adobo since I'm a Filipino

  • Rob Briggs
    Rob Briggs6 个月 前

    Anything else we should know about making that banana ketchup. It’s intriguing. Also a lot of food we eat is rhubarb is poisonous. Nutmeg in learn quantities is as well. But if you’re going to promote lye, why on earth would you start with a century egg?

  • Angel V. Garrett
    Angel V. Garrett6 个月 前

    BTW As Both a home cook and a SOAP MAKER Lye is not Poisonous. It Is on the other hand Basic and therefor Caustic in high concentrations. I use Food Grade Lye, Both in Cooking for bagels pretzels etc and in Soapmaking!

  • LetTheBodyFall
    LetTheBodyFall6 个月 前

    I'm so happy that James did the banana catsup, because whenever I tell my Western friends about using bananas in ketchup, I'm usually faced with either laughter or "wtf you shouldn't put bananas in ketchup." But it's honestly really nice, sort of sweeter than regular tomato ketchup and a bit milder. It's not as sour, too. Also imo, a lot of Filipino snacking food benefit more from banana catsup than tomato ketchup, like lumpia and other fried snacks.

  • ChibiYui 0.0
    ChibiYui 0.07 个月 前

    Every filipino mothers and grandmothers are judging jamies adobo xD still love the idea of it

  • eddebrock
    eddebrock7 个月 前

    Wouldn't Peru and the Philippines connect the other way around?

  • XOXheartAmy
    XOXheartAmy7 个月 前

    James' dish is the one I'd rather eat (not big on alchohol flavours, sorry Ben - I recently had peking-style ribs that were meant to have just a _hint_ of shaoxing wine in the flavour but all I could taste was booze) and I definitely want to try doing pork like that but I have to admit that Ben's sausages sounded amazing

  • Carl Brutananadilewski
    Carl Brutananadilewski7 个月 前

    Should have done German Japanese Italian fusion

  • Sadie C
    Sadie C7 个月 前

    Sometimes I feel really bad for Ebbers. How he’s treated in this video is a prime example. I love all you guys, but jeez.

  • Depressie Spaghetti
    Depressie Spaghetti7 个月 前

    It’s pronounced more like Chi-Cha-Ron

  • Marksman303
    Marksman3037 个月 前

    Thanks for the backfill content boys. It's nice to see new videos while on lock down. Cheers.

  • QB Livingstone
    QB Livingstone7 个月 前

    I'd love to see a true normal pantry raid dish. Either snack or easy meal.

  • audilia k
    audilia k7 个月 前

    sorted never fails to make me smile, i swear

  • Casper b
    Casper b7 个月 前

    Oeh maybe next time do another fusion battle only have them pick one from European cuisine versus Asian cuisine so more fixed. The dish Ben made sounds really interesting!

  • kemalasari dina
    kemalasari dina7 个月 前

    honrstly though, how many country has ben visited? 😂

  • Super Bright
    Super Bright7 个月 前

    You guys should do a meat pie battle. There's not enough savoury pie content on Sorted!