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We love putting our ‘Normals’ under pressure and throwing them into an Ultimate Battle. In this episode, we put them to the test by challenging them to create a fusion dish from two cuisines to see if their cooking can create the perfect marriage of flavours. Have a watch to see if they managed to pull it off!
Get the recipes here...
Mike's Roast Dinner: bit.ly/3cKQN9m
Barry's Beef Stifado Bunny Chow: bit.ly/3aMCn71
Jamie's Creole Katsu: bit.ly/3cPbPna
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  • gunna2cool
    gunna2cool2 天 前

    I am sooo lus for a damned bunny chow right now! 🤤

  • Catherine Reed
    Catherine Reed6 天 前

    The real loser was the scale after eating all that food!

  • Tyler J
    Tyler J12 天 前

    Can we for real do this again? It doesn’t even need any changes, like same format and rules and it’d be great.

  • ImLovingThis One
    ImLovingThis One16 天 前

    I knew Mike was the winner because of the click bait

  • Andy Fountain
    Andy Fountain17 天 前

    It's a miracle Barry had any chips left to serve :P

  • Cecily G
    Cecily G个月 前

    Jamie!!! Gumbo sushi!! C'monnn...

  • Nicole M
    Nicole M个月 前

    Jamie is one of the funniest people I’ve ever wanted!🤣🤣

  • yungwiz
    yungwiz个月 前

    Mike should have kept the vegetables with tahini

  • Marcus Estacio
    Marcus Estacio个月 前

    They treat Barry like he’s the youngest sibling out of a household of brothers

  • AdraicStarks
    AdraicStarks个月 前

    I wouldn't really call any of these "fusion dishes." They're all just dishes from one country presented in the style of another rather than a combination of the flavours from each cuisine. Mike's is a Morrocan dish presented in the style of Britain, Barry's is a Greek dish presented in the style of South Africa, Jaime's is a Creole dish presented in the style of Japan. The chef's fusion battle dishes were more actual fusion.

  • LeahInTheRye
    LeahInTheRye个月 前

    Barry made something closer to a Gatsby which is still south african (I think) But yeah, awesome to see a bunny chow to get some recognition!

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    Never heard of Gatsby. Had to have a google. Thanks for sharing with us!

  • Seamus Mac
    Seamus Mac个月 前

    Mike at the start - "not luch muck"

  • siusi
    siusi个月 前

    Want to try and make allll of that ~~ looks amazingly delicious!

  • SORTEDfood


    个月 前

    You should! :D

  • Li Lin
    Li Lin个月 前

    ... why don't you guys ever use a rice cooker? xD that's like a staple in every asian household and it makes cooking rice the easiest thing ever.

  • Gunjan Sangwan
    Gunjan Sangwan个月 前

    Your videos have been such a breath of fresh air in the midst of this crisis. Thank you for all the laughs! Love from India ❤️

  • Txomin Abel
    Txomin Abel个月 前

    Curveball idea They each can choose to get help from one of the chefs but if they do so 5min taken away from their time

  • Vagabond Wastrel
    Vagabond Wastrel2 个月 前

    Creole + japanese. Obviously a lobster boil ramen.

  • Kari N
    Kari N2 个月 前

    All the food looked amazing!!! But now I've got a craving 4 fries 😅

  • Damien Gero
    Damien Gero2 个月 前

    Jaime didn't make the "garlic is the pope" joke. Not creole anymore, im afraid. Must revoke the licensing.

  • Remy Girl
    Remy Girl2 个月 前

    I liked Mike's first and Jamie's second. Barry's didn't look visually as good, and it was hard to tell his two cuisines types from his finished dish.

  • Sean Stanford
    Sean Stanford2 个月 前


  • MaZen Rizvi
    MaZen Rizvi2 个月 前

    Barry won the battle... presentation wise....nt sure abt taste

  • Stalwart Shinobi
    Stalwart Shinobi2 个月 前

    Mikes looked the best, i was dying inside when they didnt try his meat first :(

  • hotelmario510
    hotelmario5102 个月 前

    I love Jamie but ooh I wanted to punch him every time he ate one of Barry's chips!

  • Emma Harper
    Emma Harper2 个月 前

    Its ok Jamie yours looked the best to me

  • Axiom Steel26
    Axiom Steel262 个月 前

    The Normals being good at cooking is skinda throwing me.

  • Frida Edbom
    Frida Edbom2 个月 前

    I so want à second part of this 😍🥰

  • Richard Allsebrook
    Richard Allsebrook2 个月 前

    Yorkshireman watching here... "Standard Yorkshire pudding batter..." I've informed the authorities - please stand by for extraction to a re-education facility.

  • Violet None Of Your Business
    Violet None Of Your Business2 个月 前

    Mike's did look the best but to be fair he had a bit of an advantage with British food. It's much easier to take your own cuisine and add flavour to it in a new and innovative way than to combine two foreign foods.

  • Denise Zimba
    Denise Zimba2 个月 前

    The bunnychow is a bunnychow 😊😊 well done!

  • gregory carter
    gregory carter2 个月 前

    love Barry's Dad joke and Mike's reaction... nice after Mike won the challenge.

  • Ilona L
    Ilona L3 个月 前

    The blooper was the best one I've seen so far 😂🤭😂 Sometimes Barry just comes up with total gold, on the spot. I could never do that. Amazing!!🏅

  • SteamTitan
    SteamTitan3 个月 前

    they always talk bout Jamie's pickles and I want them to do an episode where they make pickles

  • R
    R3 个月 前

    I tried watching without eating and i regret it

  • Ennarcia
    Ennarcia3 个月 前

    Mike says Jamie is really good at pickling things and now I want a vid about pickles

  • stapuft
    stapuft3 个月 前

    how exactly does one pickle boots? spat=boot

  • stapuft
    stapuft3 个月 前

    A chip is a thin flake. those were fries.

  • Quynhtje Mai
    Quynhtje Mai3 个月 前

    Miss these battles so much!!!! Please bring them back

  • Melissia Blackheart
    Melissia Blackheart3 个月 前

    I mean, not surprised, but the british people picked the british dish as their favorite.

  • Thanmayee Anu
    Thanmayee Anu3 个月 前

    i just got this channel as a suggestion! and glad i clicked it.....love that you guys have fun and cook and learn at the same time!!!

  • ExtraTerrestrialDust
    ExtraTerrestrialDust3 个月 前

    Could Jamie do a video on pickling things?

  • Takis Haralabidis
    Takis Haralabidis3 个月 前

    The Greek bread you are thinking is probably lagana.

  • moonsmadeofcheese
    moonsmadeofcheese3 个月 前

    Does anyone know what the music is at -13.46 (when they're talking about how unconfident and anxious they are) is? Driving me insane trying to find it 😂

  • nan xian
    nan xian4 个月 前

    “Beef is gooood” - James the Chef

  • D J
    D J4 个月 前

    Yes, James is hot af but the other things I love about this show: 1. Mike and Baz's interactions 2. Mike giving Jaime sh!t----Mike seems like the only one who's willing to do it 3. Ben's sarcasm/humor---he's the funniest to me 4. When during a Battle, any two Normals gang up on the third one. LOL! 5. The first season when Ben's lips were literally half his body weight. Full "Ben-gelina Jolie"!

  • Chris Bailey
    Chris Bailey4 个月 前

    Even though it didn't matter, it really is a dick move in a food competition (even between friends) to constantly take away apart of someone else dish, when they consistently say to stop.

  • Forever
    Forever4 个月 前

    Shuuutttt uuppppp

  • Love Olsson
    Love Olsson4 个月 前

    This concept would make a killer full-length TV series. Contestants spend half the episodes researching their assigned food traditions with chefs and experts, and the other half making their fusion dishes.

  • Eidenhoek
    Eidenhoek4 个月 前

    Bunny Chow sounds AWESOME! It's like a bowl of soup except curry!

  • Keshav Jamnasingh
    Keshav Jamnasingh4 个月 前

    Yoooo creole! I’m from Mauritius!!!

  • What Standard.
    What Standard.4 个月 前

    Beef is good

  • Ranak Jagdale
    Ranak Jagdale4 个月 前

    What the shit just because Mike got British cousine you gave him the win

  • Eleni Tarusha
    Eleni Tarusha4 个月 前

    They ain't normal by any means lol

  • Amy Merritt
    Amy Merritt4 个月 前

    I was making my morning oatmeal and did a casual "heh" at the dad joke. Then I was like "Oh my guhhh! They did it! They did it! A successful dad joke!"

  • Callie Johnston
    Callie Johnston4 个月 前

    I did wonder about the tahini veg when Mike first introduced them...

  • LednacekZ
    LednacekZ4 个月 前

    How could it be incredibly close? you praised all the flavours of Mike's dich and you praised Barry for herbs and sour cream.

  • Simon James Carter
    Simon James Carter4 个月 前

    As a South African living in London I was so nervous when Barry said he was going to fuse a bunnychow with anything other than what it’s supposed to be. But he smashed that. I’d order that of a restaurant menu!

  • arjun v
    arjun v4 个月 前

    Who else thinks the normies can no longer be called normies anymore?

  • 100 Days MIC
    100 Days MIC4 个月 前

    Great way to amp up a relatively mundane roast beef dinner. Easy to do, but sounds delish. I want to try that. Like the idea of the cumin Yorkshire puddings.

  • Penny J
    Penny J4 个月 前

    As a greek, stafado is one of my favorite comfort meals 😋

  • Dillan Moss
    Dillan Moss4 个月 前

    This video is fanservice for the Mike Baz shippers lol

  • tkburn1439
    tkburn14394 个月 前

    theres is nothing 'bunny chow' about that !

  • Emily Vass
    Emily Vass4 个月 前

    I failed to see Mike "whip it out" once. And trust me, I looked /really/ hard.

  • Kishore Shenoy
    Kishore Shenoy5 个月 前

    In case anybody was curious, a greek Focaccia is a Ladenia

  • Sam P
    Sam P5 个月 前

    South Africans unite! 🇿🇦

    TOUNSI NOUR5 个月 前

    Harissa is Tunisian tho

  • Don Vaz
    Don Vaz5 个月 前

    What happened to Mike's tahini (instead of harisa) coated veg? No-one commented on them.

  • Gigadowns
    Gigadowns5 个月 前

    You know the night time menu at Jack in the Box with all the fusion meals and junk? This reminds me so much of that right now

  • Sunny Lyndis
    Sunny Lyndis5 个月 前

    So has anyone else ever thought about the time of day they cook at? Like do they plan these battles so they are eating lunch? Or do they have a few bites and go home with leftovers and keep some in the fridge for a snack the next day?

  • Jac B
    Jac B5 个月 前

    Just amazing... Not sure you guys are as 'normal' in the kitchen as the rest of us 'normals' anymore. 👍🙂

  • Jonah Romig
    Jonah Romig6 个月 前

    I agree Mike’s was the best

  • Rachel Reed
    Rachel Reed6 个月 前

    Lost it with the blooper at the end - crying with laughter!

  • Hans Kruse
    Hans Kruse6 个月 前

    Makes me think about cook books by Tessa Kiros. Really beautiful desigs. Worth to own and review.

  • K Wick
    K Wick6 个月 前

    It's official you can't be "normals" any more

  • AdraicStarks
    AdraicStarks6 个月 前

    Is it just me, or are these some of the best looking dishes they've made yet?

  • Cassie Schiffhauer
    Cassie Schiffhauer6 个月 前

    They have dignity in their cooking now and the sabotage factor has become less threatening

  • Sam Page
    Sam Page6 个月 前

    So much better when u are all together

  • Audrey Stielstra
    Audrey Stielstra6 个月 前

    Curve ball suggestion, every time they sabotage each other (for example, stealing all of Barry's chips, each chip counts as a separate sabotage), they lose an ingredient from the final dish. Not sure how to enforce this, basically, just punish them for sabotaging each other.

  • Jonathan Moore
    Jonathan Moore6 个月 前

    Gordon Ramsey master class ad in the middle and your food looks so much better

  • Xihe
    Xihe6 个月 前

    My goodness that food looks great! These are the normals?!

  • Frooty Lachica
    Frooty Lachica6 个月 前

    I always doubt jamie when there's no beef in his dish.

  • thepartnerincrime
    thepartnerincrime6 个月 前

    I’d love to see another fusion battle where everyone can pick their cuisines rather than leaving it up to fate

  • JessicaHartmann
    JessicaHartmann6 个月 前

    I'm very disappointed that the "bunny chow" had almost nothing to do with South African cuisine. The concept of serving food in bread is not unique to South Africa - where was the actual fusion of flavours? Putting stew in bread and saying that's a bunny chow is really not on. Jamie should've come in second because there was an actual attempt to combine flavours from those two cuisines...

  • Karl Mckinney
    Karl Mckinney6 个月 前

    Jamie the Holy Trinity refers to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. In cooking, those three vegetables are just called the trinity.

  • Morayo Adedapo
    Morayo Adedapo7 个月 前

    i'd pick jamie's cuz i like asian food, but Barry's looked the best to me

  • Steven York
    Steven York7 个月 前

    please do a Duck Ultimate battle

  • Steph
    Steph7 个月 前

    Jamie was my winner! That plate looked brilliant!

  • Marksman303
    Marksman3037 个月 前

    Why don't you boys get a couple of hotplates to space out the cooks? I'm told they make very good induction burners.

  • Austin Blackman
    Austin Blackman7 个月 前

    What I love about the cast of Sorted is that they terrorize each other during the cooking, but when it comes to the tasting and winner, everyone is supportive and humble. A great example.

  • Shante Singh
    Shante Singh7 个月 前

    As a South African, I would like to see you guys try to make milktart! .... that bunny chow was quite interesting lol it should definitely have been eaten with your hands though hehe

  • Voodoo Punchie
    Voodoo Punchie7 个月 前

    I shouldn't watch this stuff in the middle of the night when I can't decide between raiding the fridge or going to bed!

  • wasdbob3
    wasdbob37 个月 前

    As an idea maybe you guys could try like making British snacks but a gourmet version which I know is a direct rip off of the Ba show but it would be interesting to get an inside view of the difference between British and American snacks or candy etc or even fast food like chains or smth ;)

  • Cindy
    Cindy7 个月 前

    The way Barry and Mike match. Adorable.

  • mgb961
    mgb9617 个月 前

    what about a potato only dish...or as many great potato sides as can be made!

  • Liz Kerr
    Liz Kerr7 个月 前

    I think one of my favorite parts is how much y’all rib each other but then when the food is done there is nothing but love and support for each other!!! 😍

  • padkos _
    padkos _7 个月 前

    So the South African part is a name of a dish. Very disappointing. 99% Greek food, 1% South African name. Fusion at it best.

  • Sandra Lane
    Sandra Lane7 个月 前

    Thank you for keeping me busy

  • Tacobell1384
    Tacobell13847 个月 前

    I have a dad joke for you. A mom comes home from the grocery store, her son walks up to the bag and takes out a box of animal crackers. He looks at the box the proceeds to take each animal cracker out of the box, inspect it, and put it on the table. "What are you doing," the mom asks. Son: "Well the box says, 'Don't eat if seal is broken."

  • ᴋʀʙɴ ʟɢᴍɴ
    ᴋʀʙɴ ʟɢᴍɴ7 个月 前

    do a cook book review of "You Suck at Cooking: The Absurdly Practical Guide to Sucking Slightly Less at Making Food"

  • ProfessionalFlasher
    ProfessionalFlasher7 个月 前

    I. Love. Food. Battles.